FLORIDA: Trump Visits Golf Course For 19th Time, Secret Service Pays Him $35K For Golf Cart Rentals

The Washington Examiner reports:

President Trump is back at his golf course in West Palm, Fla. The president, who is spending Easter Weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort in nearby Palm Springs, traveled to Trump International Golf Club on Saturday morning, according to press pool reports. It is his 19th trip to a golf course since taking office on Jan. 20. Trump also visited the golf course on Friday.

And from CBS News:

One purchase order reviewed by CBS News shows the US Secret Service has spent $35,185 on golf cart rentals “for POTUS visit” in Palm Beach County, Florida since the President’s inauguration. Another purchase order showed a charge of $64,000 for “Elevator services- Trump Tower” in December 2016. A Secret Service official told CBS News that “elevator inspection is one of many protective operational measures utilized by the Secret Service.”

With Eric Trump’s trip to the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland this week, the international hotel and car rental costs for the Secret Service agents who protect him and his brother Donald Trump Jr. have topped $190,000 since January 1st, according to a review of purchasing orders by CBS News. All of those bills are paid by taxpayers. Documents for Eric Trump’s trip this week to Dublin show that $4,029.85 was spent on limousines for his visit and $11,261 to cover the hotel costs of the Secret Service agents who protect him.

  • bkmn
    • Todd20036

      Really? I just wank

      • FAEN

        At least twice a day.

    • Sissy Spacedout

      A good walk; spoiled.

  • DaddyRay

    What about the White House Easter Egg Roll

  • Henry Auvil

    West Palm, Fla and nearby Palm Springs? Does the Washington Examiner need a fact checker or a copy editor most?

    • Lars Littlefield

      They just need writers with at least and 8th grade education.

  • DaddyRay

    Trump Tower gets Elevator inspection and Ben Carson ends up getting trapped in an elevator for 2 hours at a HUD housing project

    • Todd20036

      I’m ok with that.

      • FAEN

        Did they have to rescue him?

    • TheManicMechanic

      Sounds perfect.

  • Max_1
    • David Walker

      Jared wanted to join them, but he was forced to go to another prison because of possible overcrowding of white inmates.

    • MonochromeMouse

      Then they each took turns holding him down and beating the shit out of him screaming “YOU PUT US IN HERE!”, the guards made popcorn and watched.

  • xersnoyl

    A thug and a thief. At least when he’s on the golf course he isn’t blowing-up the world!

    • olandp

      You just know that he cheats at golf too.

      • John

        He’d have to cheat. Every pic I’ve seen of him, he’s up to his ample ass in grass. It looks like he spends most of his time in the rough, i.e. he can’t hit the damned ball worth a damn. Why doesn’t THAT surprise me? But I’ll bet he’s the best golfer in flori-duh…bigly…all the richest…uhhhh…best, yeah that’s it…best… people say so.

    • FAEN

      For now.

      • xersnoyl

        He probably carries the codes in his golf bag!

    • William

      That happens during dinner.

  • olandp

    Don the Con said he would be the first candidate to turn a profit from the campaign. I’ll bet he never dreamed how much he would rake in if he won.

  • Gustav2

    Anyone else remember all the crap that was written about Billy Beer? He was an amateur.

    • Sissy Spacedout

      I remember reading Mad Magazines about that. 🙂

      I was too young to drink back then.

      • Gustav2

        You young whippersnapper!

      • McSwagg

        You’re never too young to drink. My grandfather was giving me beer when I was about three. I liked it because it tickled my nose. Was it “legal”? Probably not.

    • Bj Lincoln

      Billy was a huge embarrassment then. Drumpf makes Billy look good. My mom still has a full 6 pack of Billy Beer.

  • FAEN

    Why isn’t this point being hammered every day? Why??

    • BearEyes

      just like the nightly body count on the evening news during Vietnam. It hammered home the pointlessness and horribleness of it all.
      Publish the self dealing numbers every day!

      • Bj Lincoln

        That was the hardest part of the day. Every night they would give the names of all those who died.

        • BearEyes

          It motivated me to go out and protest.
          That’s why we need to educate people for how much tRump is enriching himself. The die-hard trumpanzees won’t care, but with enough education, rational people will.

      • gaymex1

        Not to worry. Those fiscally responsible republicans will be all over this. I’m sure we’ll hear the impatient tapping of their little cha cha heels as they rush to the microphones to complain loudly—-right after their meeting on defunding meals on wheels.

        • McSwagg

          It’ll have to wait until Monday. I hear there’s an Easter Foam Party to make an appearance at.

          • gaymex1


      • FAEN

        Thank you for that.

        • Bettymtuttle

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      • And I would add that in adding to the commercial nature of Mar-a-Lago — which, in addition to boosting membership fees, also entails government payments to the club for the Secret Service as well as the members of Trump’s Administration and Cabinet that travels down there, too, and has to pay for rooms — there’s also the cost to the government of security in Trump Tower New York while the president and his family are there, much of which is also pocketed by Trump. And while it’s normal for Secret Service to rent a portion of the president’s home property when the president is there, it’s not normal for the president’s wife and minor child to live there fulltime.

    • kirby7771

      Well it is, at least in my newsfeed. But I’ve yet to hear anything from the national broadcast media. These amounts really are a disgrace. If Obama had tried to pull off this kind of moneygrab, he’d have been impeached for sure, and rightly so.

      • FAEN

        Right? If President Obama had pulled a 1/10 of the BS Cheeto is up to we would never ever hear the end of it from the GOTP.

        • -M-

          If Obama had pulled a 1/10th of this garbage the Democrats would have impeached him. But anything goes for a Republican traitor.

    • Paul David


      So silly you are!

      Scandals do not happen to Republicans! Only to Democrats!

      Didn’t you get the memo?

    • Carl

      Because our media does not like to talk about white privilege. And Donald is the poster boy for white privilege.

    • Robincho

      Emoluments. They are the life-force of this so-called “First Family”, and yet I betcha one year ago, not one person in a thousand had ever even heard the word pronounced, let alone known its meaning.

      They’re unconstitutional, and even a single example constitutes prima facie evidence for immediate impeachment and conviction…

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
  • But hey, he’s going to bring down the National Debt. Or is it that he’s going to bring down the Nation? — I keep confusing those two.

  • Natty Enquirer

    Outrageous self-dealing. But we turn a blind eye because we’re thankful he hasn’t dropped a nuke yet?

    • safari


  • David Walker

    Do we know his handicap? Yes, of course, his brain. I was asking about his golf handicap.

    • Sissy Spacedout

      He doesn’t have a golfing handicap. Everyone who plays him has an extra thousand strokes added to their card before the game though.

    • Halou

      He’s jealous of deceased former dictator of North Korea Kim Jong Il who, during his first ever game of golf, scored 18 holes in one. While you and I know that’s bullshit ‘fake news’, Trump is not so enlightened.

  • Jeffrey

    How are people not revolting over this?! Do not let this become normalized!

    • Natty Enquirer

      It’s what the people who voted for Trump wanted. They admire his avarice and churlishness.

    • Sissy Spacedout



    • Halou

      Her emails!!!

    • E.J.

      Trump is already revolting.

  • Sam_Handwich
    • That_Looks_Delicious


      • Treant

        She spread her legs for Oliver, why should I have to pay for it?

  • Octoberfurst

    Remember how the Right used to rant and rave when Obama took an occasional golf trip or vacation? They said he was “lazy” and needed to stop wasting tax-payer’s money. But now President Cheeto goes golfing at his fancy resort every weekend costing the tax-payers millions and not a peep out of the Right. Funny huh?

    • CanuckDon

      The Right knows how to rile their base. They are conniving professionals at knowing everything that continually pisses off their supporters and are always in hot pursuit to find small news items involving the Left that will get under their skin. I’m learning that they truly have no solutions in life but enjoy sabatoging any attempts of those who do.

  • David

    Must be all Obama’s fault.

  • Todd20036

    Remember when the Trumpanzees made fun of the fact that Obama took roughly 1 day in 10 off?

    • William

      Made fun? It was more of a potential stroke inducing tantrum.

    • FAEN

      Remember IOKIYAR.

  • Bj Lincoln

    Why haven’t the Deems proposed a bill to cap travel expenses? I do NOT want to keep paying for golf outings. If this was a Dem spending money like this, the bill would be a law by now! If this was a Dem, Drumpf would be tweeting his fingers off yelling about the waste and question why the President is golfing when NK is threatening us! F××K!

    • Halou

      Such a law should make it clear that the American Royal Family can continue with their extravagant lifestyle but only at Russia’s their own personal expense

    • ohbear1957

      Bj, your post inspired me to contact my US Senators. I asked them to co-sponsor a bill that caps the lavish lifestyle of the Drumpf family. You (and Joe) have been duly cited in my emails. Thank you!
      Hugs and a basketful of Easter treats to you.

  • Halou

    $35,185 every three months.
    In other words, by forcing the Secret Service to rent golf carts from the President himself, the President will be receiving $562,960 of taxpayer money. The reason why he takes so many ‘holidays’ is because not doing his job is such a lucrative job for him.

  • billbear1961

    We could soon be at WAR with North Korea, and this JACKASS is golfing in Florida!

    Yes, I’m so SHOCKED the grifter continues to ENRICH himself at the country’s expense!

    What is ERIC Trump doing in the British Isles?

    • DaddyRay

      If he was stuck in DC he would be going to war sooner – keep him busy maybe he will get distracted by something else

      • Halou

        Let him eat cake.

    • Sissy Spacedout

      Maybe not. NK claims they canceled their test. Or…

      The test failed, and they now want to play it as if the thing never happened.


      This was a test to see how Trump would react to an international crisis? Would he hole up in a bunker at the White House with his advisors to plan a logical response; or would he go golfing.

  • KaBoomBOX

    “But he’s not taking a salary!”

    As the Grifter in Chief, the salary is chump change.

    • Joe in PA

      I think the jury is still out on that one as well..wasn’t there some sort of dust up about his salary going to a charity but not really? It is hard to keep up with the grifting. 🙁

      • yeah, he claimed it was all going to go to some vets org, but i have yet to read of any veterans group proudly announcing their first checks from him.

        • Bj Lincoln

          He cut out millions from a military something then gave them a check for 70 grand he makes per year as POTUS. It was not to a charity but a charitable donation to people he cut off.

          • -M-

            It may have been the national parks he eventually gave his first quarterly stipend to. But yes, cut their budget by millions, then make an empty gesture, which I remind you is mainly intended as an rationalization for not releasing his tax returns while in office.

    • -M-

      We should at least subtract everything that the government is spending at Trump businesses from his salary.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    OT- That giraffe finally gave birth.
    = 6 more weeks of winter=


    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      If she could have held off a few more weeks, April’s baby could have been called May.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        I’m partial to June.
        Giraffes are selfish.

      • Joe in PA

        Don’t quit your day job Dino. 🙂


    • billbear1961
  • Pete

    RE: picture – What a bod that guy has!

  • DaddyRay

    19 times in 4 months – when do we find out the reason he goes to Mara-Lago is to meet with his Russian handler

    • Halou

      When he is forced to release his visitor logs. They’re right behind his tax returns, and his immaculate plan to defeat ISIS within 30 days of taking office.

    • William

      Where is the Russian “Fertilizer King’s” airplane today?

      • DaddyRay

        That may be a way to track that – get the airport flight logs

    • John

      Handler or whore? Or are they one in the same?

  • William

    Trump comps nothing.

  • Dazzer


    I just had an evil thought.

    I’m going to ask both my local MP and my local London Assembly councillor to raise the question in Parlimanet and the London Assembly whether us British/London taxpayers are having to contribute to the security costs for Eric Trump’s trip to the UK.

    Theoretically, us Brits shouldn’t have to pay even a red cent towards Trump Jr’s security.

    It’d be fun if we could create a minor international scandal over this. 🙂

    • Bj Lincoln

      I think that is a great idea.

    • Gustav2

      You already pay enough for the royal family’s security, you shouldn’t have to pay for our pretenders.

  • Joe in PA

    One of the comments on a similar story on Mediaite: Doesn’t the president have a right to visit his home?


    • BearEyes

      He does – but I shouldn’t be forced to pay for it.

      • -M-

        *pay him for it.

        It’s one thing if the President (assuming we still had a real President who did their job) or the President’s family go golfing or something, it’s another if as a result the Secret Service have to pay businesses that benefit the President or their family.

    • Halou

      The President’s official residence is the White House.
      The President’s official ‘holiday home’ is Camp David. ffs.

      • OdieDenCO

        but donny can make a profit from the those places. It’s all about the profit with donny. s/ Doesn’t donny have a right to make a profit off of the office of the president? /s

      • Gustav2

        Now, now, his official hotel room is at Mar-a-Lago.

    • Blake J Butler

      I hate to sound like a right-winger, but it’s not his home, its OURS, we all pay for it so he and his family theoretically can live there.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    • Joe in PA
      • That_Looks_Delicious

        Stop. Citrus fruits are one of the few things I still feel positive about.

      • Dreaming Vertebrate

        Ack!! That palate cleanser looks just like Dumpf!!
        Could I have a second barf bag please??!!

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      Such a misogynist pig!

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      That’s Marla (#2), isn’t it?

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Yup. But what do you think of that wallpaper ?

        • Joe in PA

          I bet it doesn’t match the drapes…or something.

          BTW, I think that is actually a rug hanging on a wall.

          • Dreaming Vertebrate

            There are several “rugs” hidden in that image. Can you spot them all?

    • Bj Lincoln

      That’s disgusting.

    • coram nobis

      How about a nice round of golf?

      While tearing off a game of golf
      I may make a play for the caddy
      But when I do, I don’t follow through
      Cause my heart belongs to Daddy

    • MonochromeMouse

      Obama looks like a human being.
      trump looks like someone glued a weirdly painted Michael Meyers mask stuffed with newspaper onto a jellybean with arms.

      • prixator

        Obama looks like he’s in a fashion ad.

        Dump looks like the “before” picture for a Weight Watchers’ ad.

  • totally OT, but April the giraffe finally has had what looks to be a healthy baby, just a few minutes ago. the little sucker is trying to get up right now, for the first time.

    it’s one of those live cam things: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dz_errIBq3Y

    • houstonray

      Been watching since 7:30 this morning, have so much to do today but just can’t look away. After all the crap in the world, I just need these few hours of beauty. 🙂

      • BearEyes

        I’ve been watching the live stream as well – good way to start the day.

      • Gustav2

        Hubby has been watching TV, and the feed on the iPad

        • houstonray

          That’s me here, have it streaming on the big screen while sitting on the couch watching (and reading twitter) on my laptop.

        • Bj Lincoln

          The wife is killing zombies and I am here.

    • easygoingmister

      I wonder who the pacer is in the other stall?

      • houstonray

        That would be the baby-daddy, ha.

  • Lars Littlefield

    How much for chocolate cake?

  • Richard B

    To think how the Orange Hypocrite used to excoriate President Obama for his comparatively modest vacations… He has been pretending of having virtues, principles, or beliefs that one in fact does not have. Trump’s brand is a fraud and brings to mind the following: pretentiousness, sanctimoniousness, self-righteousness, self-satisfaction; duplicity, fakery, falseness, shamming; artificiality, glibness, and oiliness.

  • Blake J Butler

    Careful dearie, if anyone wanted to plan an assassination plot, you wouldn’t be the hardest person to find, with his habits setting in as usual with golf on every weekend.

    A psycho with a sniper rifle, or a terrorist madman guiding a missile at his beloved Mar-a-lago, god that is a stupid name for a resort to remember.

    I remember the Bush Jr. years when i was little and dumbass would always seem to be camped out at his ranch. I remember hurricane Katrina, and neither Bush, Cheney, or Condoleezza Rice could have been found to give a statement on the disaster. Bush was at his ranch, Cheney was hunting in the woods, and Rice was shopping for expensive shoes, i forget the designer name.

    Now its very much reminiscent of those days, he doesn’t care only thing he wants to do is play golf, fuck mistresses, being told what a good big boy he is, remember being in the drivers seat of a big rig ? And we couldn’t have had Hillary because of her emails and the claim she would start WWIII, well we’re almost a hundred days into the new administration and guess what, thats already starting to happen.

    • Nasty Girl Brianna

      Jimmy Choo.

    • McSwagg

      I remember the night a couple of days after Katrina when the city of Houston sent a fleet of school buses to rescue the residents of New Orleans and bring them to Houston because FEMA wasn’t doing anything. When a reporter asked the Mayor of Houston how he was going to pay for the rescue, he said he wasn’t worried about that just then. The people of New Orleans need our help now. We’ll bill the Federal Government later.

  • Blake J Butler

    I forget how adorable he is, and how obvious that he’s gay and takes it in stride.


    • Bj Lincoln

      Cool! I never saw him before. I will be watching more soon. Thanks.

    • -M-

      Oh, that is good. 👍👍


    • andrew

      Let him stay in office until the 2018 mid-term elections are over. The disaster that is the Trump Administration may give the Democrats a chance of retaking control of the Senate and even a slim chance of taking the House.

      • FAEN

        Only if we can keep the rage up. The board is not in our favor but if we can at least come close or take one chamber we’ll hopefully be able to block him from further destroying our country.

      • McSwagg

        And Pence will end up as a damaged lame duck with no hope of running or winning in 2020.

  • SFBruce

    It’s bad enough that taxpayers are having to foot these bills, but just to make it especially disgusting, many of these funds go directly into Trump coffers. If this isn’t an impeachable offense, it should be.

    • Bj Lincoln

      Yup. We are paying him to golf. That would have gotten Obama hung.

    • coram nobis

      The golf carts are the least of it. There’s also the rent the Secret Service pays to keep rooms at the Trump Tower, to look after our First Lady in exile.

  • coram nobis

    The President shall, at stated times, receive for his services, a compensation, which shall neither be increased nor diminished during the period for which he shall have been elected, and he shall not receive within that period any other emolument from the United States, or any of them.
    — Art. II, Sec. I, U.S. Const.

  • coram nobis

    Speaking of Eric and Mordred, Jr. — were those trips to Dublin business trips? And are they going to report that as taxable income? Seems like the public is subsidizing their business dealing as well in this manner, so if it is a family business it’s doubly self-dealing.

    • Tor

      I’m shocked!

    • Lars Littlefield

      It’s obvious this Trump thing is the most corrupt presidency in the history of the country. Yes. There have been corrupt presidents in the past. But no other president has been quite as openly flamboyant about thumbing his nose at rules and laws preventing him and his family from raping the US Treasury . . . . not that the Treasury has any real money with any worth. Still, this guy needs to be removed from the White House and put behind bars. ASAP!

  • Carl

    Forget Russiagate. There has to be something impeachable about constantly golfing while we inch closer to war.

    • He certainly seems ‘incapable of carrying out his powers and duties as president’, as required by the 25th Amendment.

      I guarantee that any objective test of his memory, cognition, and emotional affect would find he is profoundly mentally defective at this point.

  • seant426

    Look, it’s plainly obvious this guy doesn’t give a shit other than using the position as a money-maker. He signs EO’s as an afterthought. Impeach his fat ass, already.

  • ceeenbee

    Not to jump on the obvious hypocrisy by the tiny fingered, cheeto-faced, ferret wearing shitgibbon.

    President Obama should have gone to Louisiana days ago, instead of golfing. Too little, too late!
    11:15 AM – 23 Aug 2916

    While our wonderful president was out playing golf all day, the TSA is falling apart, just like our government! Airports a total disaster!
    5:56 AM – 21 May 2016

    Can U trick Obama into appearing on @ApprenticeNBC by telling him Golf is involved so you can do Country a favor& FIRE HIM!
    9:33 PM – 5 Jan 2015

    “@mooovin_on: No Bush, no Clinton, no RINOs, no golfing, no more handouts!! It’s got to be @realDonaldTrump. Time for #Trump2016”
    4:09 PM – 24 Dec 2014

    Obama has admitted that he spends his mornings watching @ESPN. Then he plays golf, fundraises & grants amnesty to illegals.
    3:03 PM – 16 Dec 2014

    President Obama has a major meeting on the N.Y.C. Ebola outbreak, with people flying in from all over the country, but decided to play golf!
    10:45 PM – 23 Oct 2014

    “@nikkio: DonaldTrump: Only way to get Obama to do right for our Marine would be for every country club across USA to deny him golf access.
    9:02 PM – 20 Oct 2014

    We pay for Obama’s travel so he can fundraise millions so Democrats can run on lies. Then we pay for his golf.
    2:35 PM – 14 Oct 2014

    Can you believe that,with all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., President Obama spent the day playing golf.Worse than Carter.
    7:03 PM – 13 Oct 2014

    Can you believe we still have not gotten our Marine out of Mexico. He sits in prison while our PRESIDENT plays golf and makes bad decisions!
    5:35 PM – 26 Sep 2014

    “@Kalozap: Obama’s mind, IsIs, ebola, etc…. and then thinking, boy I wish I was on the golf coarse. What should I wear on the Links”
    3:46 AM – 11 Sep 2014

    If Obama resigns from office NOW, thereby doing a great service to the country—I will give him free lifetime golf at any one of my courses!
    4:22 PM – 10 Sep 2014

    “@TheBigJamesG: What kind of president doesn’t get playing golf after a cruel beheading isn’t the thing to do? Detached from reality he is”
    7:25 AM – 9 Sep 2014

    “@__________IAN: “No one respects golf more than me, but there is a time and place for everything”- Mr.Trump hitting the nail on the head!”
    6:41 AM – 8 Sep 2014

    “@BackOnTrackUSA: @realDonaldTrump While Obama vacations,golfs, attends parties & jazz concerts, ISIS is chopping heads off of journalists.”
    9:15 PM – 19 Aug 2014

    “@jeff_smith7: @realDonaldTrump Maybe Perry can put in a 9 hole golf course on the banks of the Rio Grande to lure Obama to see the border?”
    10:10 PM – 10 Jul 2014

    President Obama played golf yesterday???
    6:59 PM – 18 Nov 2013

    “@gretawire: PresObama is not busy talking to Congress about Syria..he is playing golf …go figure”
    11:04 PM – 7 Sep 2013

    My @foxandfriends interview discussing Pres. Obama playing golf w/@TigerWoods, US Airways-American merger & oil.
    11:18 AM – 19 Feb 2013

    Obama should play golf with Republicans & opponents rather than his small group of friends. That way maybe the terrible gridlock would end.
    9:01 AM – 19 Sep 2012

    Too busy playing golf? @BarackObama sends form letters with an electronic signature to the parents of fallen SEALs.
    2:04 PM – 30 Oct 2012

    • Nasty Girl Brianna

      @realDonaldTrump: Now that I’m President I can golf whenever the hell I want, and I WILL! Hahaha SUCKERS!
      5:32AM15 Apr 2017

  • justmeeeee

    It’s Palm Beach, not Palm Springs.

    • Igby

      I always get my Palms confused, but a journalist? Shame, shame.

  • At this point, the USSS really should just buy the carts they need…but be sure to keep them after Donald is impeached and removed from office.

  • witch

    From that picture he needs to lay off that chocolate cake

  • Mark

    And n’ary a Dem standng up to put the fat orange one on a budget. We all have boundaries we have to live within – and he ain’t no fucking different.

  • Steverino

    Major Asshole Golfs Again.

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    Is he actually any good at golf?

    • JWC

      no one has every mentioned his handicap Physical or mental

    • McSwagg

      His personal caddy/scorekeeper was rewarded with an important White House position. That should tell you something.

  • JWC

    He owns the friggin golf course they are protecting himfer Crisse sake comp the fucking Golf carts

    • Lars Littlefield

      He can’t. He wouldn’t make any money.

  • KnownDonorDad

    But he will put Scalia clones on the Supreme Court, so the right wingers who griped constantly about Obama won’t say anything.

  • Max_1
  • Max_1
  • JCF

    Drumpf’s Lard Ass: where boners (and lady-boners) go to die. x_x

  • Gianni

    At this rate, the National Debt will not be going down anytime soon.

  • Robin Bailey

    With an ass that fat, a belly that big, and form that bad, you’d think he’d keep the cameras farther away. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/37040bdf1cf0ddff44ba44d1d0b604d348bf105b523509387ccb3ea6320e298b.jpg

  • Kendall

    Why is it not illegal for the U.S. Government to pay a business owned by the president for anything whatsoever?!

  • SDG

    This just CANNOT be legal.