United Nations Experts Denounce Chechnya, Demand Halt To Abductions, Beatings, And Murders Of Gay Men

The New York Times reports:

United Nations experts demanded on Thursday that Chechnya halt the abduction, detention, beating and killing of gay and bisexual men, after weeks of reports about violent repression there.

“These are acts of persecution and violence on an unprecedented scale in the region and constitute serious violations of the obligations of the Russian Federation under international human rights law,” the experts, a panel of five that advises the United Nations Human Rights Council, said in a statement. The experts noted that much of the abuse was reported to have taken place at an unofficial detention center near Argun, a town about 10 miles east of Grozny, the Chechen capital.

“The arrested men are subjected to physical and verbal abuse, torture including with electric shocks, beatings, insults and humiliations,” the experts wrote. “They are forced to give contact details of other gay people and threatened with having their sexual orientation disclosed to their family and community — a move which could put them at risk of ‘honor killings.’”

  • Todd20036

    The UN has always been relevant. Trump, not so much.

    • Jeff Chang

      Until Russia vetos any bill against this practice.

    • Phillip in L.A.

      eh, “international law” doesn’t really mean much when the other guy has tanks and nukes and boots on the ground

  • safari

    Stop it now, while there’s still time.

    • Ninja0980

      Given how they reacted to what was happening to LGBT in other parts of Russia before this, I’m not holding my breath they’ll do anything now.
      I hope I’m proven wrong.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Attention and Eyeballs. Good.

  • Ninja0980

    The attention to this and the outrage is good, especially if this leads to it being stopped.
    It will be even better when it expands to Russia as a a whole, as war against LGBT people living there has been going on for years under Putin.

    • SDG

      And how exactly will it “lead to being stopped”?

      • Gailpgregory

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      • Christinetchan

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  • another_steve

    This is why the empty-headed and manipulable Donald Trump is such a threat to the American LGBT community.

    Were his theofascist base to take control of American government, this is what we’d be dealing with here in the states.

    • Christian1234567

      I am not sure whether Pence would advocate for this to happen here in the U.S., but he certainly hates us enough to do so. Hate groups have too much power in government right now, and when 45 is impeached/resigns, we’ll be stuck with theofacist supremacist Pence.

      • TampaDink

        Not if pence has enough involvement. i.e. Flynn had to step down for lying to pence about his connections with Russia….but that didn’t happen until at least 2 weeks after the v.p. knew he’d been lied to. (IF any of that story is to be believed.)

      • another_steve

        A President Pence would be a far far greater threat to the LGBT community than the idiot con artist President Trump is.

        Pence, as Governor, revealed his stripes.

        He’s 100 percent evil when it comes to our community.

        • Christian1234567

          That’s why I’m scared of Pence. I’m not sure whether he would advocate for concentration camps, but he has no problem with stripping us of all rights, rendering us invisible, and perhaps imprisoning us. I believe he approves of torturing LGBT people through “conversion therapy.”

        • BudClark

          He’s 100% evil, PERIOD!

    • Ninja0980

      All they have to do is take control of SCOTUS.

  • Gustav2

    Bambi is in my back garden eating all the new leaves off the rose bushes. ARGH!

    • safari

      I don’t like deer.

    • another_steve

      When man and I moved to this five-acre heavily-landscaped property, I went crazy putting up deer fencing everywhere.

      The deer boys laughed at it.

      When they’re hungry and nothing else is readily available, the landscaping is history.

      • Gustav2

        Google Whitehall, Ohio…we are in the middle of the city of Columbus lol

      • EdmondWherever

        They’re like cats. The fences do nothing… nothing !

        • another_steve

          I think I read somewhere that for a deer fence to truly be effective, it has to be at least 7-feet tall and incapable of being kicked down by a fully-grown horny and hungry buck.

          Good luck with that…

          • EdmondWherever

            I know a guy who’ll put up the best wall, and he’ll make the deer pay for it! Believe me.

          • Tor

            I’d go for seventeen feet. Don’t pussyfood around.

        • Tor

          Learn and remember.

          • EdmondWherever

            Oh, I learned long ago. I’m a cat lover. They can fly if they want to get over something in their way.

      • Steve Teeter

        My partner told me of someone he knew who lived in the country and put up deer fencing to protect his pot plants. This wasn’t just useless, it was worse than useless. The deer would jump over the fence, eat the plants, and get so stoned they couldn’t get out again. The guy had to let them out in the morning.

        • another_steve

          Lol. That made me laugh, Steve.

          Deer, if hungry enough, will eat just about any plant. A few select plants are highly toxic for them (as I mentioned elsewhere in the thread, pachysandra being a good example), but virtually anything else is fair game.

    • Christian1234567

      Do you ever make deer spray? http://www.deerrepellentpacks.com/homemade-deer-repellent-solutions#.WO_9OIjytEY I use the second recipe, and it keeps away the deer in my yard. It does wash off when it rains, though, so that’s a downside.

    • BearEyes

      they’re eating our irises

    • Canadian Observer

      Skrwrls are bad enough, I would hate to try gardening in Bambi country.
      Have you tried something like this?

  • Paula

    This didn’t happen without Vlad’s approval.

  • AdamTh

    Donnie should send in Special Agent Jared. He’ll fix it…

    • TampaDink

      He went to Jared!

  • Lazycrockett
  • safari

    O/T: Does anyone believe he forgot everything?

    When Stephanopoulos asked whether Page suggested in any of his conversations that Trump would be open to easing sanctions on Russia, Page initially responded, “I never offered that,” but then said, “I don’t recall every single word.”

    Stephanopoulos pressed, “It sounds like, from what you’re saying, it’s possible you may have discussed the easing of sanctions.”

    “Something may have come up in a conversation,” Page replied. “I have no recollection, and there’s nothing specifically that I would have done that would have given people that impression.”


    • TampaDink

      Reminds me of when a week or two back Nigel Farage was asked about why he’d visited the Ecuadorian Embassy in London AS he was exiting the building & him telling reporters that he didn’t know why he had visited.

    • BearEyes

      “I never offered that,”
      Paging Dr. Freud, paging Dr. Freud, please pick up the white courtesy phone. Your slip is on the line.

  • Phillip in L.A.

    While everyone is so busy chittering on about 45, brave gay women and men are being murdered by their government in Chechnya (and many other places around the world)

    • Francisco

      everyone huh?

  • SDG

    Where in which they will do SHIT about it, cause it’s the UN. I am surprised the “Human Rights Council” didn’t blame Israel for it.