Shots Fired On Capitol Hill After Driver Attempts To Run Down DC Police, Suspect In Custody [VIDEO]

ABC News reports:

Shots were fired this morning near the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. U.S. Capitol Police responded to the area at Washington Ave and Independence Ave, which is located near the U.S. Botanic Garden and the Rayburn House office building. The suspect apparently struck a Capitol Police cruiser and then tried running over several officers who were on foot, according to Metro DC Police. At one point Capitol Police fired shots, but no one was hit. The suspect was apprehended at 3rd and Independence Ave, and has been taken into custody. No one was hit by the suspect’s car, police said.

  • WitlessProtection

    Taking bets on the fact that he is a white, christianist, extremist, terrorist out for RINO blood…

    • billbear1961

      Which is the main reason he’s still alive.

    • Silver Badger

      I beg to differ. This was obviously a lone wolf with mental issues and a troubled past who only incidentally is a white supremacist evangelical.

      • Bluto

        cuz there’s no such a thing as radical white christian terrorists.

        • Silver Badger

          Not in Merica!

          • Glennacsturdivant

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        • Dejerrity Mycron

          Yes there is, it’s called the Republican Party.

        • Nic Peterson

          IKR! We’ve only had one post today so it can’t be a thing.

      • Derrick Johns

        LOL @ “who only incidentally is a white supremacist evangelical” Other than that he was always a good boy, said his Aunt Theresa May down in Georgia.

    • Bj Lincoln

      Ya know if he is white and christian, he is a sick individual and not a terrorist.

      • david fairfield

        Or transgender.

    • TK

      If he is white it will be out of the news cycle by tomorrow evening.

      • Frostbite

        You’re optimistic it even makes the national news.

      • david fairfield

        You’re too generous. Tomorrow 11am.

    • clay


  • bkmn

    I wonder how long before those pro-gun GOP’ers vote to allow open carry in the White House and Congress. Oh wait…

    • Bj Lincoln

      Really. I thought No Safe Zones were for pussies asking to get killed.

  • david fairfield


  • david fairfield


  • Jeffrey

    Wake me up when they find orange skid marks and a fat lump under the wheels, otherwise I don’t care.

    • Derrick Johns

      I upvoted you, Jeffrey. Maybe we’ll see each other in federal prison. I hope they send a handsome secret service man to interrogate me.

      • Jeffrey

        I’d interrogate him right back! 😉

  • geoffalnutt


  • justme

    But but but
    Just like the 5 year old Resident

    Donnie’s in the Whouse ..
    We won!!!


  • billbear1961
    • greenmanTN

      I love that drawing of Trump- it’s just so… saucy!

  • billbear1961

    We want his TAX RETURNS, Fox!

    And I don’t mean the terrorist’s!

  • Save Yourselves First

    I feel such sorrow that hard-working police officers and Secret Service agents have to put their lives on the line to protect Trump and Tea Party Republicans. Just not worth it. If they fail in their odious, we will understand.

    • billbear1961


    • Beagle

      I doubt Dump was ever in danger. I spent a lunchtime in the Botanic Garden just last week. It isn’t particularly close to the White House.

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    When I listened to the report it said that the suspect failed to stop at a traffic stop. At first I thought it was Nunes trying to get down the White House again.

    • billbear1961


  • Rex

    Ivanka Trump Trunk Sale – get there now!
    Don’t let anything keep you from these unpresidented bargains!

    • david fairfield

      You’re far too elaborate, all they did was pitch a Garage Sale sign on the WH lawn and throw Ivanka’s crap on some old tarps. Nobody showed up but this guy.

      • david fairfield

        And Kellyanne…her first sighting in weeks!

  • Hank

    At one point Capitol Police fired shots, but no one was hit.

    Trust me, the DC police, have to be the dumbest and poorest trained of any major city, that I have lived in!!! However, there happen to be 3-4 other agencies in the District, that also do policing.

  • BuckyB12

    Surprised it wasn’t Sean Spicer – he’s gonna crack any day now.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    Oh, that Sean Spicer! He’ll do anything to change the topic from Russiagate.

  • James

    If only there’d been a good guy there with a car.