White House Floats Massive Cuts To HIV/AIDS Programs

Bloomberg reports:

President Donald Trump’s administration has proposed cutting $1.23 billion this fiscal year from research funded by the National Institutes of Health, according to a White House document sent to congressional appropriators.

The reduction is part of $18 billion in cuts that the administration wants in fiscal 2017, which ends in October. Most of the proposed reductions at NIH would come from research grants, with $50 million specifically taken from a program meant to support biomedical research in states that typically get less agency money.

A worldwide initiative to help people with HIV and AIDS, known as PEPFAR and heavily focused on patient treatment in Africa, would be slashed by almost $300 million under the plan. The savings would be found by slowing the rate of new patients put on treatment and reducing support to “low-performing countries.” States also would face a $50 million cut that would target “less effective HIV research and prevention activities.”

U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price is scheduled to appear before the House Committee on Appropriations on Wednesday to talk about the budget proposal for his department, which NIH and and some of the PEPFAR cuts fall under.

  • Judas Peckerwood

    Next time somebody tells you that the Hitler comparisons are inappropriate…

  • PickyPecker
    • Todd20036

      I had a coworker who once asked why as a gay man I didn’t vote for Trump.
      Make no mistake. He wants us dead. Imagine if someone suggested we cut funding to heart research, colon cancer.
      No. He wants to cut funding for HIV. The gay plague.
      Why? Because in America, that hurts gay people. In Africa, it hurts black people.

      • I don’t believe Trump cares enough about the LGBT community to actively hurt, he’s just following advice from everyone else. Of course, the flip side that that he also doesn’t care enough to actually help the LGBT community.

        • JWC

          See if Ivanka chimes in

          • Paula

            She’s the one that makes him do the right thing.

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          • Rick Hammond

            Iskanka is just a complicit bystander.

        • RoFaWh

          He cares about only two things: his ego (was it stroked sufficiently today?) and his bank balance.

        • Goodboy

          Anyone who put price in to head the NIH doesn’t give one rats ass. Price is also an hiv denier too.

        • mtwezmun3

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      • JWC

        ya Reagan just ignored us

      • tiabgood

        Oh, it hurts black people here as well. Either way, populations that the government cares less and less about.

    • Silver Badger

      You always have just the right thing to say PP!

    • AtticusP
  • watchthewingnuts
    • djcoastermark

      To death that is.

  • PickyPecker
    • The only advantage of being on the GOP/Trump’s beg-for-money mailing list is being able to send those emails back with images like this attached.

  • Taylor

    Just when you think he can’t do anything worse…he does. Pure evil, the lot of them.

  • Mark

    It is our best chance.

    • pch1013

      … which just happens to have one of the worst rates of HIV prevalence of any non-African country, but of course the Putin régime is too busy attacking Ukraine and sabotaging Western elections to care.

      • BobSF_94117

        I think the Russians really view HIV as a way to rid the country of undesirable people.

        • clay

          unemployed drug addicts (ignoring that it’s communicable)
          There’s a reason why some of us are called “trash”; others want us to be disposable.

  • sfjohn

    Act UP!!! FIGHT BACK!!

  • Proud MOFO Beaner (bkb)
  • thom

    FUCK all the queer ppl who voted for Trump, or Stein, or Johnson, or wrote in Harambe, or Bernie or Manning

    • Doggidaddi

      Make sure you include all those who didn’t vote. I bet that number is as high , if not higher, than all those who voted against their own interest combined.

      • Goodboy

        I’d say that’s where most of the blame should go. How many times have we heard they’re all the same?

    • Ninja0980

      Yup, they just doomed us all.

  • teeveedub

    Anyone who still says Trump was better on LGBTQ issues is now hereby invited to go fuck yourself. (But use a condom.)

  • PickyPecker
  • Sam_Handwich

    o/t curious to see if this is the start of a trend.


    • j.martindale

      Freedom Fries Jones has always been a bit of a fringes Rethug.

  • another_steve

    So during these times of crisis, we must remain activist and vigilant but we must not lose our sense of humor. Our divine LGBT sense of humor.


    “Sadie, my son wants to marry his boyfriend. What shall I say?”

    “So ask him what’s appropriate these days for a balabusta to wear to a gay wedding, better.”


  • safari


  • bkmn

    Not surprising, but shortsighted, which seems to be Trump’s trademark.


    • RoFaWh

      Why shouldn’t the orange asshole be short sighted in such matters? He’s goddamn seventy and if he’s got any sense he’s doing end-of-life planning already. He’s only got another 10–15 years of life left, at best.

      • Adam King

        Or at worst.

      • bkmn

        If he is lucky. He seems to have a penchant for fast (and cheap) food and overcooked red meat smothered in catsup. He hates stairs and will not climb a flight of stairs unless he gets paid to do it. He can sit his fat ass on a golf cart so he can be driven from hole to hole, but don’t expect much more from him after that.

        • RoFaWh

          The food thing is just another orange-asshole characteristic that’s a holdover from childhood.

          The stairs thing may be due to knees ruined by carrying 350-400 lbs of lard.

      • Cattleya1

        Bite your tongue!

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    It’s a good thing we have the Clinton Foundation, the Gates Foundation and AmFAR, among other groups. Trump can’t touch that money although I’m sure he’d try if he thought he could.

  • Dramphooey

    “A worldwide initiative to help people with HIV and AIDS, known as PEPFAR and heavily focused on patient treatment in Africa, would be slashed by almost $300 million under the plan.”

    With people like Sessions and Bannon in charge we’re back to this being a disease that attacks groups they don’t want around, anyhow.

  • safari

    Just a reminder: it’s not just the product of the research that gets lost here. It is also a generation of researchers who have their early careers cut short if grants are significantly cut. This leads to brain drain for the country, like 45 is trying to do with climate scientists.

    • bkmn

      Exactly, I heard someone on NPR yesterday saying that the problem is that the best minds in research will wind up leaving places like the NIH and it will take decades to restaff with people of similar quality.

      • safari

        The NIH is one of the two major science funding agencies for university researchers; the other is the NSF. It really hits graduate students and post-docs hard if they can’t get funded.

        • CB

          Speaking of job creation… /s

        • BobSF_94117

          Well, if they’d dedicated their lives to finding useful things to do with coal, they wouldn’t find themselves facing a problem, now would they???

          • Lars Littlefield

            You can make nylon from coal. Does that help? /s

      • JamesInCA

        It’s not just those at the NIH. These grants support research at universities around the country.

        • bkmn

          It will do the opposite of Making America Great Again.

          • RoFaWh

            The orange asshole does NOT care.

      • Skokieguy [Larry]

        And the next generation of best minds aren’t coming to American for their education or to start their careers. What sane international student would consider the US anymore? The AMA effectively caps how many doctors graduate in the US (got to preserve that monopoly) so without foreign students and doctors, we are going to have a massive crisis of no one to provide healthcare. The VA waiting list scandal x 1000.

    • Ninja0980

      Republicans don’t care, as waging war on science is another long term goal of theirs.

    • Cattleya1

      They do not value knowledge. They think it cannot happen to them so they can despise people who need the research and have no clue that the lessons learned will cure other diseases as well… They are willfully, evilly ignorant and plan to stay that way.

  • safari

    Party of death.

    • Dramphooey

      The cabinet is a death panel.

  • JWC

    thank christ Canada still does stellar research in this area

    • Hue-Man

      Canada is joining the Netherlands and others to replace U.S. government funds stopped by Trump for reproductive health services. Will the same group of countries not step up to replace the PEPFAR funding cuts?

      Not all provinces are tackling HIV/AIDS (looking at you Saskatchewan). B.C. has invested heavily in (free) treatment, outreach, and research through the B.C. Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. The home page of their website has this announcement from earlier in March:

      The largest bio-behavioural Canadian study of gay, bi and queer men (including trans men) has just launched from three major cities: Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. The Engage Study will help create a clearer picture of the evolving epidemic among this at-risk group to inform more effective prevention programs.

      A team of leaders in HIV prevention from across the country is behind the Engage Study, including more than 40 researchers, community members and partners from gay, bi and queer men’s community groups. While in some populations new HIV infections are declining, rates remain disproportionately high among gay, bi, queer and other men who have sex with men (GBM), who account for 57% of all new HIV infections in Canada.


  • Rex

    Once Hurricane Donald is finished there will be nothing left.

  • Jay George
    • PickyPecker

      Don’t, dear Jay. That is exactly what president Bannon wants from all of us. Hang in there……we’ll make it. XO

  • KarmaKunt

    May each and every one of their grandchildren be infected and uninsured.

  • That_Looks_Delicious
    • atchitamo

      Well I knew it wasn’t Trump, because the hands are too big.

  • CB

    This is worse than Reagan. That was denial. This is a full-on attack.

    • Jay George

      You know you are probably right, though the denial by the Reagan WH amounted to mass murder with a huge, victim shaming cherry on top. 🙁

      • CPT_Doom

        You can at least argue Reagan, et. al., were ignorant as to the full extent of the HIV challenge, which added to the negative impact of the existing bigotry against gay people. Now we know the seriousness of HIV, and have a GOP president who claimed to care about our lives, so they’re infinitely worse.

        • Todd20036

          Not to mention the minor detail that straight people still catch HIV, and even children can be born with it.
          And remember kids, Trump wants to sabotage Obamacare.

      • NowAnAgnostic

        I believe it is in this 2006 PBS Frontline film that HHS Secretary Margaret Heckler says they have plenty of money and Anthony Faucci says they had to scrounge for microscopes for AIDS research.
        1 Hour 54 Minutes

  • clay

    Cuts this steep won’t just limit grants in the future, this will, as intended, rescind grants already distributed. Research that was already going on won’t be completed, won’t be published, won’t build knowledge (or business).

  • Tawreos

    How much extra is the defense department getting again?

  • David Walker

    I can understand the cuts in funding for the US because that ensures there will always be a good, ongoing market for Tom Price and his pill-pushing friends. Aside from them being not-white people, I don’t understand the slash in funds to Africa. Or is this figuring on cutting back now for more pill profits in the future when a human president is sworn in?

    • JamesInCA

      Nobody in the US is making money on cut-rate HIV drugs being sold in Africa.

      • canoebum

        The GOP attitude is they’re all going to die from war or famine anyway, so why waste the money over there in Africa when we could pocket it for ourselves. Time to roll out the Guillotine.

  • Do Something Nice

    Based upon one Republican’s response, I don’t think this is going to happen. Tom Cole isn’t at all a friend of LGBTs but he was pretty clear about this – see below. Also, moderates like Susan Collins are not going to get with this.

    “Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), a top Republican who sits on the House Appropriations and Budget Committees, on Friday morning signaled he was not on board with all of President Donald Trump’s proposed cuts in his budget blueprint.

    The blueprint would slash funding for the National Institutes of Health and shift funding for the Centers for Disease Control to states, which Cole said would be a mistake.

    “I don’t favor cutting NIH or Centers for Disease Control. You’re much more likely to die in a pandemic than a terrorist attack, and so that’s part of the defense of the country as well,” Cole said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

    The Republican congressman said that the CDC protects Americans from
    diseases like Ebola and that the NIH does crucial research on cancer and
    Alzheimer’s Disease.”

    “So these in my view are cuts that are very short-sighted. These are investments the country ought to be making,” he said, adding that funding for health research is as important as defense spending.”


    • safari

      But why float them at all?

      • scottrose

        Because Toxic Donald is a fucking moron and it’s easier to write $0 than to think about what amount the line time should receive.

        • edrex

          and it get’s us talking abt something other than russia.

    • William

      Texas officials showed how not to act during an Ebola outbreak.

  • ralphb

    Suddenly that 30th Anniversary ACT-UP rally at the AIDS Memorial here in NYC this Thursday looks like perfect timing. Bring your whistles.

  • Boreal
  • Hue-Man

    Just a reminder of who will be worst-affected by the PEPFAR cuts – it shouldn’t be invisible to legislators since it’s the 2017 ANNUAL REPORT TO CONGRESS. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/04a1f34de758f76b0ccf310b564e51faa2665f48d430bd1caeccc9b07ffa7e73.jpg

    • Adam King

      Trump looks at that and he’s like the robot lady in Westworld–those people are entirely invisible and that poster is a blank.

  • NZArtist

    Make no mistake – this is about making GOP cronies rich. This is about taking funding from programs that aren’t associated with companies invested in by Republicans, and funnelling it into companies that are (Haliburton, anyone?)
    What you are witnessing is evil rich fuckers finding ways to take *YOUR* money and pour it into *THEIR* companies.

    • Lars Littlefield

      It’s much more than that. They want us to die as fast as possible as to quell the fight against them.

      • Silver Badger

        It didn’t work last time and it won’t this time!

      • clay

        They want EVERYONE to die fast, that way they won’t have to answer for Medicare. or their war debt.

      • NZArtist

        It’s not personal though – the cronies in power literally don’t give a shit about whether you exist or not. But because you’re a convenient rallying point for their crazy voters, they target you.
        I strongly doubt they give the tiniest thought about whether you live or die, like they don’t care whether flat-worms live or die. But you’re a means to an end – you’re a convenient tool they can use to enrich themselves.
        All this is just about funnelling taxes into their own investments, and fuck the rest of us all.

    • RoFaWh

      If you were able to fully follow the money, you’d find that this change has the effect of increasing the amount flowing into the orange asshole’s bank accounts.

      • NZArtist

        That somewhat. But he’s just a tool as well. Reality TV is what stupid people watch, so to get stupid people to vote, you put up a reality TV star.
        No-one votes for Republicans based on policy – let’s face it the only Republican policy is “Steal your money while fucking you over.”
        So Donald Trump is also just a convenient means to an end. That DT gets rich out of it is incidental to the real power mongers. They had to offer him something to run.

  • Lars Littlefield

    Riddle me this. Yes, the most heavily impacted will be the poor in third world countries where the epidemic has yet to be abated. But cutting funding is effectively the same as just killing millions of people. And many people will be affected here in the USA, the bestest country on God’s earth. Now, I hear all the time how it’s wrong to threaten people with violence and death when we disagree with them. But here we have a classic example of white corporate America, along with the Republicans, insisting that we suffer physical harm and death. So, at this juncture what is so wrong about calling for the deaths of “morally right” white christian politicians, including the pseudopresident, to shake them up a little and take notice? I fail to see a distinction except we’re supposed to always lie down and die.

    • Daveed_WOW

      That’s the point. Deliberate harm. It’s not an accident. It goes back to the old Puritan/Calvinist value system (the agnostic version came from Ayn Rand) that says people get what they deserve. Sometimes they deserve suffering because they were not chosen by fate or luck. Monstrous.

      • safari

        Except the Calvanists in my family can do no wrong. Or say thank you.

        • Silver Badger

          Yes, but they’re still compassion free!

        • Daveed_WOW

          Sounds pernicious…er…I mean familiar. I’ve got Lutherans. The tuna casserole doesn’t quite make up for it.

      • PBGVNinja

        The Catholics weren’t much better. In fact, the Roman Church over history has been much worse. 1492 – Spanish Inquisition, expulsion of Jews and Muslims from Spain, seizure and burning of many of those who didn’t leave Spain when ordered to and tried to “blend in” by converting. The process involved a Church trial in which the accused was allowed the opportunity to “confess” (under torture, usually); then a decision. In most cases even with a confession the accused was pronounced guilty, the person’s property was seized and redistributed (by the Crown) and the person was turned over to the Crown for execution by burning them alive. In the Plaza Mayor in Madrid there are pillars which show how heretics were treated.
        1515-1530 – 30 Years War – after Luther nailed the 95 Theses on the door of the Castle Church at Wittenburg, and the northern and eastern German states and most of the Czech Republic decided to throw off the authority of the RCC. Half the male population of Czech/Bohemia were slaughtered due to the Counter Reformation because of the Austrian/Holy Roman Empire Alliance (it would have gone Protestant otherwise). The Austrians and HRE did not take prisoners, they exterminated them by burning, hanging, and breaking them on the wheel. They were especially hard on the Czechs because the Protestant movement had actually started there with Jan Huss about 100 years prior to Luther – starting with delatinization – Czech translations of the liturgy, writing of Czech hymns, and rebellions against the RC hierarchy, including throwing papal representatives out of windows on the Charles Bridge in Prague on more than one occasion.
        The Dutch (Calvinists) and the Belgians (very questioning Catholics at the time) suffered mass stake burnings too, under the guise of the fight against heresy and with the Spanish army doing the killing at the behest of the RC Church.
        Scalia was a hard line conservative Catholic. Not much compassion there.
        Tolerance of diversity of belief has not generally been a Roman Church virtue.

        • Daveed_WOW

          So, basically religion is heinous.

    • Silver Badger

      Absolutely nothing. An eye for an eye as it were. Of course most of us, having the moral high ground, are better than that.

      • Sissy Spacedout

        Moral high ground’s going to get us six feet of ground.

        I understand what you’re saying, but non-violence only works if there’s an underlying threat that if…

        • Silver Badger

          You’re preachin to the Choir, Reverend. As the late great Robert Heinlein once said: “The meek shall inherit the earth, in 3 X 6 plots.”

          • grada3784

            Or in the Broadway version of Camelot: It’s not the earth the meek inherit; it’s the dirt.

    • Ninja0980

      If they all dropped dead tomorrow, the world would be a better place.

      • Goodboy

        You mean if someone actually drained the swamp permanently.

  • The_Wretched

    Every day a new sorrow out of the Orange ShitGibbon.

  • BlindBill

    $350million – how many fake presidential golf weekend excursions is that? … or how long can the fake president’s 3rd wife keep living apart from him for that amount? ….

    • David L. Caster

      Trump, if he lasts 4 years, will burn through at least 156 million for travel and security. I suspect it will be closer to 200 million.

  • RoFaWh

    What’s that? We’re spending money on fags? Gotta stop that right now!

    quoth the orange asshole.

    • Daveed_WOW

      I’ll make your skin crawl more: This funding also helps very poor minorities who have little access to good medical care and who are ravaged by a multitude of problems that make health care an even bigger challenge. Horrible.

      And for extra added atrocity, this is a major source of funding for African health care.

      So….he’s hurting as many minorities as possible in one fell swoop.

  • Tiger Quinn

    This fucking monster. We remember Reagan, you piece of shit. We’ll remember you too.

  • andrew

    Anything that does not benefit the super rich, the Trump Administration of billionaires is opposed too. Are you paying attention 2016 non voters, Trump voters and those who voted for someone other than Hillary, the only viable alternative to Trump?

    • -M-

      And it generally has to benefit them in the most direct and obvious way to get their support.

  • safari
  • easygoingmister

    Tom Fucking Price. I can’t even.

  • Paula

    “less effective HIV research and prevention activities.”
    In other words, anything that might help minorities of color or the Gayz!
    AIDS medicines, condoms, prevention education, actually treating AIDS patients, etc.

    • safari

      Also the poor. And rural areas. Access problems make treatment much harder.

      • Paula

        Things might change if all of these legislators were exposed to HIV within a short period of time. I’m just sayin’.

        • safari

          Rural white heroin-related outbreaks will change their minds. It’s already brought needle exchange programs to rural white areas because suddenly HIV is a problem.

  • Ninja0980

    Next time anyone brings up the Muslims are throwing us off rooftops deflection bullshit, merely cite these actions.
    This WILL lead to the deaths of millions, only the methods of doing it will be slower and much more painful.

  • PickyPecker

    Be sure to ‘FLAG AS INAPPROPRIATE,’ ‘DOWNVOTE’ then use killfile on this troll.

    • Guest

      Not liking a comment when the owner has stated he has an open commenting policy, just because you do not like the comment just means you think you get to decide. As ND just because you do not like a post does not mean he is a troll. Being a regular here does not mean you have ownership rights. If you want that, start your own blog and not try to chase away those you disagree with, when Chris you often do.

      Besides, the poster has a fair point about who brings harm to our community too. Harm can come from outside and from within too.

      • Goodboy

        Go fuck yerself troll. Ya one track lying POS.

        • Guest

          Show me one lie I stated. You will not because you cannot.

        • Guest

          And I remind you that he has boasted many times of lying when asked because he does not like the question and he has further boasted many times he pressures others into no condom or risky s x because he find more pleasure that way. Facts are facts.

    • Goodboy

      This is the weirdest most insane troll I’ve ever encountered. It’s the same damn thing over and over for years whenever a hiv post comes up.

  • bsinps

    People’s life’s to pay for his wall!!!

  • Silver Badger

    This is what I have expected from day one. I’m only surprised it took him so long.

  • sam

    OK….I do believe everyone and or most of JMG readers believe that this administration has more than 1001 loose screws running around, with the constant stream of lies, smoke screens and whatever else their “think tank” can divert the public at large with.
    Cutting the many social budgets and $50 million for Research and Development, ****OH HECK YES**** there will be a government SHUT DOWN, most certainly.
    If I re-call reading a story on JMG of a person that had an inoperable brain tumor, but the Nero-surgeon, did an “Oh heck with it”, and tried an experimental HIV medication, that was either put on the shelf, or still in the trial stages. He inserted the drug, hit the tumor and it dissolved. Patient totally cured and WHY, because of Research and Development.
    It did not work for HIV but it certainly saved another patients life. “Sometimes” Dr.’s do speak to each other about their testing and results…………
    I might dare I say this administration does the same. No, I cannot be bothered, let them eat and devour each other along with the voters that put them there.

    • NowAnAgnostic

      I remember reading somewhere that a cure for AIDS could lead to a cure for cancer.

  • m_lp_ql_m

    Kaiser here in SF has a pretty pro-active PrEP program, which I’m on. I hate to sound all tin-foil-hatted, but ever since 45 took office, the Kaiser pharmacy has had a ‘shortage’ of Truvada-they’d give me 3 months supply at a time, now they’re giving out only 1 month at a time, 2 if I complain. I ask for an explanation, and it’s always a ‘shortage from the manufacturer.’
    This isn’t life-or-death for me, but I know it could be for some people. Anyone else have similar experiences?

    • Rambie

      I’m about due to call for my refill on Truvada too, last month I got the same spill. -_-

  • TheManicMechanic

    All part of the Nazi plan.

  • William

    So there will be an upside to cyanide in the tap water.

  • pch1013
  • ceeenbee

    So the tiny fingered, cheeto-faced, ferret wearing shitgibbon is going to be the best president for LGBTQs ever. What does the fucking log cabin have to say about this?

    • Sissy Spacedout

      I’ll tell them where they can stick their logs…

  • edrex

    ah. so THAT”S what being Regan-esque looks like.

  • Wade Persnippy

    More important to kill people than save them….

  • Robert Conner

    Yeah, so Tom Price is a doctor who believes in letting people die for lack of healthcare. Is anyone surprised? And they’re just getting started.

  • Ron

    And this news surpries people why?

  • NancyP

    What a fine way to get AIDS into the white heterosexual population! Why don’t you hand out some free heroin but no needles, and watch the white DA population swap viruses along with the needles. Every county can be like that southern Indiana rural county that has the highest per capita incidence of HIV in the country.

    • NancyP

      /s, if you haven’t figured it out already.

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    we have to pay for added security of Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago somehow.

    • William

      And for Uday and Qusay, when they go on safari.

  • Stuart Wyman-Cahall

    “Bernie Or Bust”!! “Anybody But Hillary”!! I know. I know. It’s getting old but I just can’t contain my anger at those political novices. They cared more about their righteous indignation about the process than they did about the issues or the Supreme Court.

  • Piet

    “Less effective” and “low performing” like Meals on Wheels?
    Selfish, mean-spirited sons of shit gibbons mated with asps.

    • CraigNJ

      I’m pretty sure they’re talking about PREP.

    • Low performing means “not profitable enough for investors”. Remember, the Trumps are looking to transform the US government into a corporation with us as the “customers”.

  • bsinps


  • Richard B

    Take a look at this crooked politician, one who makes laws to enrich his personal investments, one who won’t shed a tear for the 24M poor he tried to kicked off the ACA, and now in a time of great prosperity, is ready to severely cut back funding research for terrible diseases that has miserably killed millions, for the sole purpose of tax cuts for the wealthy and I thought to myself, Tom Price is the smug face of evil.

  • Rick

    By the time that fucking wall gets built this country will be such a disaster that nobody in their right mind will want immigrate here anymore.

  • Superman

    We should double the NIH budget, not slash grant funding. Do you remember when we couldn’t find anyone to study hiv? When Reagan wouldn’t provide any money for research? When we were dying in the streets from lack of research funding? Well the NIH does more than provide grants for hiv. Diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, cancer, stroke and arthritis all cost enormous sums and cause incredible suffering. But the promise of breakthrough cures and treatments for these diseases is amazing. President Trump says he wants us to have excellent health care. But how can we truly lead the way by slashing grant monies from the very researchers we need to find the next treatments and cures. Its a terrible time to do this to the NIH budget. Tom Price is a physician for Christ’s sake. He heads the biggest health organization in the world. HHS administers Medicare, Medicaid and so much more. I thought we had the President’s word that hiv research wouldn’t be cut.

  • Another Guest

    So…..should we rethink our bareback parties now, or…..later?

  • JCF
  • mtwezmun3

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    Where the fuck are the Log Cabin and Gay GOP bitches now??????

  • joe ho

    Don’t worry. Susan Sarandon is going to make up for the cuts.

  • I have to wonder what may happen to local ADAPs (AIDS Drug Assistance Programs), which get life-saving meds to people who cannot otherwise afford them.

  • DaveMiller135

    Keeping in mind that all these programs could be fully funded, just by asking the military to be satisfied with 50% of the annual budget. Or getting Trump to weekend at Camp David, and Melania to move into the Lincoln bedroom.

  • Halou

    The most pro-gay presidential candidate ever!!!1! ?