Mexican Archdiocese Declares That Any Mexican Company That Helps Build Trump’s Wall Are Traitors

Reuters reports:

Mexicans who help build U.S. President Donald Trump’s planned border wall would be acting immorally and should be deemed traitors, the Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico said on Sunday, turning up the heat on a simmering dispute over the project.

In a provocative editorial, the country’s biggest Archdiocese sought to increase pressure on the government to take a tougher line on companies aiming to profit from the wall, which has strained relations between Trump and the Mexican government.

“Any company intending to invest in the wall of the fanatic Trump would be immoral, but above all, its shareholders and owners should be considered traitors to the homeland,” said the editorial in Desde la fe, the Archdiocese’s weekly publication.

On Tuesday, Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo warned firms it would not be in their “interests” to participate in the wall. But the editorial accused the government of responding “tepidly” to those eyeing the project for business.

A handful of major Mexican construction companies have reportedly “signaled” their willingness to work on Trump’s wall.

RELATED: The Mexican Archdiocese was last in the news here on JMG when they joined a recently formed anti-LGBT hate group to deliver 500,000 petitions against same-sex marriage, which is recognized nationwide even though marriages are currently being conducted in only ten out of 31 states.

  • djcoastermark

    Note to Mexican companies wanting to help build “the wall”. Do you really think that when all is said and done, you are going to be getting any paycheck from the orange one? Donnie is looking for free labor.

    • Alexander Stallwitz

      Theres a reason i call him Deadbeat Donald

  • bkmn

    Making enemies with the RCC should help Trump with his Teavangelical base.

    • safari

      And the alternative is worshiping an avowed power-hungry narcissist for eternity.

    • LovesIrony

      A love so big it lets babies die

    • Uncle Mark

      Time for a Holy War…and this one doesn’t even need to include the “Satan-loving Turk.” I guess the Americas need to learn the lesson the Europeans did centuries ago. If only they actually taught history in the States, so we wouldn’t keep repeating it.

  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    Nathan Lane is aging well.

    • kcken

      HA.. I lol’d 😀 This article needs more dancing and Songs though.. 😀

    • Reality.Bites

      Lane as Pepper Salzman on Modern Family: “Somebody dim those lights. These are NOT young men!”

  • Lumpy Gaga

    Shorter archdiocese:

    “Boys’ balls, not build walls!”

  • Natty Enquirer

    Why do we keep talking like this wall is a real thing?

    • kaydenpat

      Most of us aren’t.

    • kcken

      it’s symbolic. Like his love for _____ European wife #______

    • Lumpy Gaga

      The eminent domain is real. The wall is fake.

  • kcken
  • Halou

    I wouldn’t have thought that Catholics were the sort to have a nationalist streak running through them, since their whole deal is many otherwise sovereign nations under the authority of the Vatican.

    • Tomcat

      However Catholics have a long history of giving refuge to people that are in trouble.

      • Goodboy

        Yep. Like helping Nazi’s escape after WW2.

      • Tawreos

        Like priests that diddled the kiddies.

    • andrew

      I don’t know about Mexican Catholics but IMO American Catholics are very patriotic and nationalistic.

  • Max_1

    Jesus was a carpenter…
    Just saying.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      I thought he played the flute

      • Max_1

        That was one of his followers…
        … Saint Peter the Piper.

    • Tawreos

      So you’re saying he knew how to handle the wood.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        2 kinds of wood:
        Soft wood you can whittle
        Hard wood is for pounding.

  • PickyPecker
    • Treant

      But hey, free pinata!

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  • Tomcat

    trump would hire every one of them if he could get away with it.

  • Statistics Palin
  • MikeBx2

    The great negotiator couldn’t even get repeal and replace passed. There’s zero chance he can convince Congress to authorize a bazillion dollars for a wall.

  • looking past this bullshit wall issue…isn’t (wasn’t) Mexico an ally?

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      Was/ were/ no mas

      • TuuxKabin

        basta ya es basta ya.

    • richardgrabman

      Uh, of the country that invaded us three times, took half our territory, and has been interfering in our elections since 1828?

  • Tomcat

    Wouldn’t it be smarter and cheaper to send people down to Mexico to show them how to create the businesses needed to keep their people home? All they need is some assistance and they would have capability to create more jobs than we can since they have lower wages.

    • Boreal

      Net immigration has been zero for almost a decade.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        But there are still brown people about !! OMG!!!

    • canoebum

      From all I’ve seen, Mexicans in general are very enterprising and willing to do the work necessary to take care of their families. We don’t need to teach them much(there’s a lot we could learn from them). Some micro-financing to enable small start up businesses would be helpful, but much of what is holding them back is their moribund political system, and an over large gap between the very wealthy and the poor. Kind of like here.

    • richardgrabman

      No thanks! When the US “shows something” they want something in return. It’s not like our auto, oil, agricultural, mining, manufacturing, and high tech industries (including about half of US medical supplies) can’t be sold elsewhere.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    • Jon Doh

      I would have expected his wife to have at least a serious case of turkey wattle neck.

    • Robincho

      That’s nothing. They busted Drümpf at Andrews Air Force Base with a hundred pounds of crack…

    • Nic Peterson

      Hey now, that Peruvian marching powder doesn’t end up on the coffee tables of the rich all on its own.

    • ChrisMorley

      Dad’s never forgotten to pay the Coastguard again.

  • Tomcat

    Only thing about Mexico I don’t like is their reluctance to fight their drug cartel businesses. If they wanted our help for that I would say we could join forces to help.

    • Sissy Spacedout

      The only way to fight drug cartels is to take the profit out of the crime.

      If the market is legalized and regulated, the violence that comes from the bad business will cease.

      • richardgrabman

        Why do USAnians always bring up those unregulated agricultural products. If you didn’t buy a quarter of the world’s narcotics every year, we wouldn’t be selling it. Take care of you own problems, and don’t tell us how to run our lives! For the record, we’re not much into drugs here (see as tacky, or a decadent gringo habit).

        • Sissy Spacedout

          I’m Canadian, and have opposed the stupid war on some drugs for many years now.

          Most people, even in the USA, don’t do illegal drugs. But everyone pays because of them being illegal.

  • TheManicMechanic

    Huh? I can’t hear you over the screams of the children you’re molesting…

  • Jon Doh
  • Ernest Endevor

    This is helpful.

  • TimCA

    Under various laws here in the United States, fences built between neighbors by one party that are deliberately designed to look pleasing from one side but awful from the other are automatically considered a spite fence. I know this is not legally applicable to this situation but nevertheless, Trump’s wall is nothing short of a spite fence.

    “The north side of wall (i.e. U.S. facing side) shall be aesthetically pleasing in color, anti-climb texture, etc., to be consistent with general surrounding environment,” according to Trump’s proposal.

    • Tomcat

      The Mexicans will paint unflattering pictures of trump on the other side, and our side when they get the opportunity.

      • TimCA

        Good! I’d help!!

      • richardgrabman

        I think we can find something more aesthetically pleasing than pictures of Trump. Not that anyone is realy gonna build any more of that ugly wall.

  • andrew

    As has often been said: Even a broken clock is right twice a day,

  • JuanGalicia

    omg … omg.. NO .. NONONO … I agree with something Norberto Rivera is doing? … FUCK HIIIIM WITH A STICK

  • That’s disgraceful! Look at the way that crucifix is hanging! You’re supposed to hook the chain to the fifth button down on your cassock, your Eminence. That way it stays centered, and the chain forms these darling little inverted arches. And silver? Really? Not gold? Honestly! And what is that bulge? Is that an altar boy under your cassock?!!! I thought you were finished covering up child abuse!!!!!

    • Statistics Palin

      You’re way to Catholic for me, and I had five years of Latin in school.

    • Gay Fordham Prep Grad

      Frank has cut back on the sartorial requirements of the hierarchs. Frank does not wear gold, now neither do any of the papal wannabes. Compared to the drag empress he replaced, Frank dresses very simply.

    • richardgrabman

      Ah well… he turns 75 in July, and there’s every indication the Pope is gonna accept his pro forma offer to retire within seconds of receiving it. He’s despised by the regular clerics, as well as the political elites here in leftist Mexico City, and was openly criticized by the Pope for his failures both to handle clerical sex scandals and launching ridiculous crusades like that joint effort with the Mormons and right-wing Evangelicals on an anti GLBTTi march.

  • Richard

    Mexico should talk with all those contractors that trump has stiffed before agreeing to do any work for him. But I agree with the Archdiocese on this one. Mexican workers and companies should remember how trump characterized their brothers and sisters to win the bigot vote in America.

  • TuuxKabin

    ¡Hacerlo rápido!

  • Piona O.

    Although I agree with the sentiment, the Catholic church doesn’t have the power to deem anybody a “traitor”. Heretic, yes; traitor, no.

  • Lars Littlefield

    About a week ago I accompanied my gentleman friend on a visit to his parents in Guadalajara. Even protected by my own personal Mexican it was a bit scary. They hate us. They hate us with a spite not soon to be forgotten. On the positive side, we didn’t see any American tourists at Orozco’s museum, or Luis Barragáns House and Studio in Mex. D.F., or the Kahlo Museum. That was nice. But trust me . . . they HATE us. And who can blame them? Not a good time to be an American traveling in Mexico.

  • JCF
  • theonlyseven

    What the hell? Is he using shoe polish to color his hair?

  • mtwezmun3

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  • davidhollenshead

    Perhaps the Mexican Cement Suppliers could short the Portland Cement for the mix, so that Führer Trump’s wall lasts a decade tops. Oh wait, the soil conditions and flash floods will do that within a decade.