TRAILER: The Justice League

USA Today recaps:

DC’s big-ticket supergroup unites in the Justice League trailer that debuted Saturday, though director Zack Snyder has been working on forming this heroic team for much longer. “The thing that’s awesome about these icons is that a lot of them we haven’t seen in the movies before on the big screen,” Snyder says of the newer superheroes in Justice League (in theaters Nov. 17) such as seafaring warrior Aquaman (Jason Momoa), cybernetic newcomer Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and the super-speedy Flash (Ezra Miller).

  • TheManicMechanic

    More superheros! While it’s fun and all, I would rather have a steady stream of real life, non-fantasy heros to read about and watch. Mind you, I’m just as much a comic-oriented dork as the next guy, but at some time, reailty comes to take me away from fantasies and fiction. I need more heros and good guys and gals in that realm too.

    • clay

      [Washington,] DC’s big-ticket supergroup unites in the Justice League:
      Lieu, Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, and Booker.

      • KarenAtFOH

        Kick ass!! Oh wait, they’re in the minority. Not enough votes…

      • That_Looks_Delicious

        The Joker is surrounded.

    • fuzzybits

      It’s usually about appealing to a certain segment of the population while ignoring good human stories.

    • JerryRich

      There are plenty of such movies. We just had the Oscar nominated Hacksaw Ridge about the real-life Desmond Doss. We live in an age where movie genres of all types exist in theatres and cable/rental/streaming.

    • SoCalGal20

      Hidden Figures! Unsung women of the early space program and women of color, at that. Without them the Mercury missions (and later Apollo missions) wouldn’t have gotten off the ground!

      • TheManicMechanic

        This one is on my short list! Exactly what I was talking about.

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      I don’t think they can stop in time. Switching gears in Hollywood seems to be like trying to steer a big ocean liner. A handful of comic-book based movies do really well, so they program 40 more superhero movies, and even after some start really stinking the place up (like the last Fantastic 4 or Green Lantern or Suicide Squad) and they just can’t turn it around in time. It reminds me of how Hollywood kept making westerns and monster movies when I was a kid long, long after people stopped watching westerns and monster movies, and they would go straight to drive-in double features. That was the equivalent at the time of today’s “straight to video”. Right now, I think they’re even a little further down the spiral with the sparkly vampire “teenage paranormal romance” genre than they are with comic books. And then 20 years later, somebody creative will re-invent the genre and the cycle starts all over again.

  • bkmn

    There they go again, spending too much money on the mens’ costumes.

  • another_steve

    Please show me some love if, as you were growing up, this was your superhero.

    • fuzzybits

      Who’s that? 😬

      • another_steve

        George Reeves is a tragic figure — dead at age 45 from a gunshot wound. The exact nature of the incident is still debated.

        Those reading here may remember him as one of Scarlett O’Hara’s suitors in 1939’s “Gone with the Wind.”

        • JerryRich

          He was also in From Here to Eternity (1953). The rumor was that his role was trimmed because of his recognizability as Superman, but this has been disputed. I am a huge Superman fan and was devastated when Reeves died.

          • another_steve

            The days, Jerry, before CGI and the Hollywood “wow ’em and dazzle ’em into numbness” mentality.

            The days when plot and camerawork and script and performance mattered.

        • JWC

          one of the red headed twins

          • another_steve


            A brief role, but I always grieve a bit when I see it.

          • Mikey

            while Superman was one of his briefs roles?

          • another_steve

            Lol. I bet those tight-fitting briefs gave some of the censors back then some pause.

    • Todd20036

      I remember that show. I think it was in reruns when I saw it in the 70s

      • Christopher

        Me too!

      • Gerry Fisher

        This was my experience of it, too.

    • Adam King

      I always had the child-hots for Jimmy Olsen.

      • another_steve

        What queerling of the 1950s didn’t.

    • JerryRich

      I still get excited when I hear the the show’s opening music and narration.

    • JWC

      ah George Reeves and he died a mysterious death

      • Adam King

        Turned out bullets didn’t bounce off him.

        • JWC

          must have been an “OFF” day

      • Dazzer

        Strangely enough, Ben Affleck played George Reeves in the excellent and generally underrated Hollywoodland. He put on weight to play the part and these days in Batman parts, he looks just like he did when he was playing the older Reeves more than a decade ago.

        • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

          That was a surprisingly good film! It’s one of the few times I didn’t actively hate Ben Affleck in a movie.

    • Christian1234567

      Wonder Woman was my hero and my first crush. I was really little. LOL

    • damn you’re Old, aren’t you?

      for me, it was Red Sonia. i grew up in a tiny hick fishing town. we had one grocery store. it had a little kiosk of comix, and every week when my drunk ass dad sent me in with a note, cause he was too drunk to drive or walk himself, that said “please let my daghtr buy thre cans of beere” and a $10, i would linger next to it. it was right by the checkout. if i had enough change left, She came home with me. my favorite was the Unicorn cover. i bet that’s worth some money now.

  • Sabazinus

    Meh. Just not feeling it. Cyborg’s armor is just way too complicated looking. And overall…meh.

    • Adam King

      And the Flash’s armor makes him look like a bug or a marionette. Way, way too complicated.

      • grimnebulin2

        Maybe the design is inspired by this classic story?
        While I’ve known about this cover for years, I picked up a copy for myself only recently, and found that Flash ultimately beats Abra Kadabra in a way that’s more bonkers than anything I could ever imagine. One of the weirdest Silver Age stories I’ve ever read, and that’s saying something.

        • Adam King

          Wow! I haven’t seen that since I was a kid. It scared the bejeezus out of me. But yeah–check out the shoulders on that puppet and compare it to the movie Flash’s armor.

        • astroworf

          I had this one as a kid–I had a subscription to the Flash. BTW: Abra Kadabra is going to show up on the TV show soon.

    • SilverWoof

      So for you, he’s SIGH-Borg 🙂

      • Sabazinus


    • Chuck in NYC

      Thank you. I’m increasingly underwhelmed at this apparent “need” to update their costumes.

  • TJay229

    It don’t make no sense how fine Jason Momoa is.

    • Aye. Sploosh.

    • Cuberly

      ….you said a mouthful. Oy, he’s…..(fans self)

  • Lars Littlefield

    Sorry, not a fan.

  • Adam King

    Too. Fucking. Dark. Why does DC insist on making movies that are dim, shadowy and ugly to look at? I’d love to see a bright, sunny, colorful DC movie. The only color in this trailer is the artificial, mechanical techno-light coming from Cyborg’s eye. There is no nature except for dark blue snow and black water in their entire world. So ugly.

    • Canadian Observer

      Yep, it is an extremely tiresome aesthetic they seem to be chained to. Was interesting the first couple of times it was used, but it has passed its best by date. Turn up the bloody lights.

    • pablo

      It’s Zack Snyder’s war on color. I’m looking forward to his Grey Lantern movie.

      • Adam King

        I hear they learned their lesson and assigned another director to make Khaki Lantern. A real step up.

      • fastlanestranger

        LOL the Sepia Lantern

    • Bj Lincoln

      That’s why I don’t like the Batman movies.

      • Adam King

        I didn’t mind it for Batman, but when they delivered Man of Steel in dark grey and black I was over it.

  • jimbo65

    Meh here. DC has gotten it right for the most part with their TV franchises, but are so behind the 8 ball with the movies. Nolan’s Dark Knight movies notwithstanding.

    • Adam King

      The trouble is they thought they had to stick to dark-and-gritty after the Dark Knight. What worked for Batman does not work at all for the other super-heroes. Really shortsighted.

      • MBear

        Because the decisions are made by people who think in terms of money making formulas and they are not “fans”…?

        • Adam King

          It’s even more clueless than that: Marvel has been making $ hand over fist with bright, fun superhero movies. The decision-makers might have gone to see one instead of re-hiring Snyder, who’s been turning in turkey after turkey for years. They should be able to figure that much out, fans or not.

    • MBear

      Nolans Dark Knight possibly best of all of them IMO despite Bale’s lackluster performance. Great writing, editing, directing, acting (from the nonBales), etc

      So much of “these” are so lazy in the storytelling department. Such fail IMO – because the storytelling is why we read the comics (I’d suggest).

  • Christopher

    Why no Supes in the trailer?

    This has GOT to be better than Batman Vs. Superman. That movie was just god-awful. And yes, I own it, but I’ve only watched it twice.

    But if this, or Wonder Woman, suck I won’t bother going to see any of them in the theatre.

    DVD’s exist for a reason. I’ve got a huge TV and a killer sound system, and there isn’t some asshole with a cellphone or fucking screaming kids to ruin my viewing experience.

    What’s really odd, is that their animated films are pretty spectacular. They’re well written, well voiced, and fantastically animated. Why can’t the live action films deliver like that?

    • Adam King

      They’re saving the Superman resurrection for a “surprise” at the end of the movie. There’s also speculation that a Green Lantern is going to show up. Given their track record, though, they’ll spill all and any secrets in future trailers.

  • KP

    They should call it Living in Marvel’s Shadow League. They can not put over Wonder Woman; that character is too hokey/camp to translate to the big screen.

    • Christopher
    • but a guy in a rubber bat suit is not?

      give me a break, nerd. love your favs all you want, but don’t argue that any of them are more “Serious” than any of the rest of them. they are comix for children, and adults who want to pretend to be children. all of them.

      • Mikey

        yup. thumbs up!

        I’m tired of the “can’t they stop making superhero (or fill in any other type of fantasy) movies in Hollywood” brigade.

        I’m slowly dying, my body is falling apart and I’m in constant pain. The LAST thing I want to see is “reality” on screen. I want something that’s going to awaken my imagination, that will stimulate me, remind me that I’m still alive, not something that will rub the pain in my face.

        • Friday

          Yeah, I used to be into art films, when there was a really great little cinema for that in town, and my lady and I were both interested, …nowadays, yaknow, you’re too likely to miss stuff if you can’t keep your eyes glued to subtitles or necessarily concentrate that long. Usually if I’m going to a movie at all these days, it’s for the big sci fi or Harry Potter or X-Men, but I’ve been missing even my favorites the past few years. Partly for budget.

          I suppose some people are perceiving there may be a lack of new ‘classics’ coming out, these days, which may or may not be true, I dunno.

  • easygoingmister

    I cannot wait – any chance to see this new Wonder Woman is good for me – all the rest are supporting actors from my point of view.

    Also, how about some new stories about real people in contemporary times? At this point (probably with certain exclusions), I want to see a remake of something from the past as much as I want to see another production of Annie (so, not, I mean if I even hear about another production of Annie I might just give up and move to a cave).

  • Jean-Marc in Canada


    that is all.

  • “i’m Rich.”

    yeah, that about sums it up, these days. meh. i’ll get to this sometime. roomie just installed a big TV. no need to waste 20$ and a long drive to the megaplex to see yet another cartoon character movie. they’re all the same, mostly.

  • ElenorRigby

    You’re all crazy, this looks great.

    Yes… BvS was terrible, but that was 4 hours of story jammed into 2 ½ hours AND they cast all the wrong people… Lex Luthor was so horrible that he ruined pretty much everything. Not like there was much that could save it… the story was absurd and the only thing worth seeing was Wonder Woman… Hopefully they learned their lessons.

    Aquaman is my favorite.

  • Michael

    Wow this looks really really bad, why in the f#ck did they let Snyder do this? He must suck some really good dick.

  • Ernest Endevor

    Is it just me or does all this superhero schtick seem kinda, I dunno, fascist?

  • Skip Intro

    While the other boys were reading Batman and Silver Surfer, I preferred the antics of Richie Rich and Little Lulu. Sad.

    • SilverWoof

      Loved Richie Rich. His car had a giant wind-up key.

    • marshlc

      Casper, Wendy, Little Audrey, Little Dot, Little Lotta (wow, lot of littles….) Baby Huey, Sad Sack….. I loved those Harvey comics. Can’t really figure out why, now….

      • Skip Intro

        Yeah, those Harvey comics were just my speed but, In retrospect, they were pretty disturbing. Richie was all about conspicuous consumption and class warfare. Little Dot was not unlike the artist Yayoi Kusama — obsessed with dots. Little Lotta was just a voracious obese girl who was fat shamed for cheap laughs. Then there was that little devil, too … Hot Stuff? One of the best things about those old comic books for me were the bodybuilding ads. They gave me “stirrings.”

  • SoCalGal20

    I haven’t watched the trailer yet. But, I am looking forward to Wonder Woman and Aquaman so that will probably be enough for me to watch it. I like the tv version of The Flash so I don’t really care so much about the movie version.

  • Barry William Teske

    “What is your super power again?”
    “I’m rich.”

    So bits of candy here.
    Sour candy.
    The same kind they have being buying us off with for how long now?

    I loved the JL comics when I was a bullied and dehumanized kid.
    Forever to be pounded or hidden.
    They were of a needed solace.

    I’ve grown a lot, because these days, bullies give me a wide berth.
    My super power?
    That being real is more than just useful.
    It is life persevering, and that has been enough for me.

  • BeaverTales

    Thanks, DC for finally getting your act together. Dont blow it on another crappy script, like you did on Superman, the first few Batmans, and Green Lantern..

  • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

    They had me at Jason Momoa.

    Ever seen him throw an axe and drink a beer at the same time? That’s two of my top-tier requirements right there.

  • That_Looks_Delicious
  • Mikey

    I’ll bet Batman is a Republican.

    • Log Cabin variety. Lives with much younger man.

  • slathudroc

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  • JCF

    Heh-heh, Joy Reid reviewed this at the end of her show—her ovaries clearly endorsing Jason Momoa! 😉

    • Cuberly

      heh….I for one don’t blame her. (blush)

  • Cuberly

    Can I sign up for a fan edit where they remove Affleck & punch up the Aquaman and Wonder Woman scenes?

    Yes, if I had a scintilla of being a stalker in my genes I’d be camped out in front of Jason Momoa’s home.

    • MBear

      Im totes torn: Gadot & Momoa – hawt. But our home is an affleck free sanctuary.

  • jo gerardo

    Watching Saturday morning cartoons, in my underwear and eating cereal. I walk up to my older sister and ask, “Why does my peepee get hard when I watch Mighty Mouse?” She tells me to put my pants on.

  • No More GOP.

    I don’t care that other people think these are ridiculous or bad movie making or whatever…. they’re FUN!

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  • Marti386

    I’ll admit this looks a lot better than Superman v Batman, but then so does the contents of my cat’s litter box.