ARKANSAS: Duggar-Affiliated Church Goes Door To Door With Flyers Claiming Gay People Don’t Exist

Fayetteville’s NBC affiliate reports:

A Fayetteville Baptist Church is attaching controversial pamphlets to people’s homes, voicing their opinions on homosexuality. “I was just offended that they would be going door-to-door in this community with that information. I think most neighbors were pretty offended,” Fayetteville Resident, Joanna McCusker said.

Some Fayetteville residents up in arms as flyers addressing the topic of homosexuality are attached to doors in the Historic District neighborhood. “I’ve had religious pamphlets dropped off, but nothing like that,” Fayetteville resident, Joan Sirlin, said.

The pamphlet asks the question, “Does God love Homosexuals?” The answer given says, “This is a flawed question, there are no such things as Homosexuals.” Residents tells us a large group, including children, from the Lighthouse Baptist Church are behind the message. “There was a young boy who was attaching some sort of literature to our door. It’s very sad that they’re using children to promote their message,” McCusker said.

More from AOL News:

Last week, Joseph Duggar revealed he’s courting Kendra Caldwell. It only took days for controversy to follow. 22-year-old Joseph and 18-year-old Kendra met through church, and the Duggars famously lean quite conservative. But even by far-right standards, Kendra’s family’s stance on homosexuality is a bit shocking.

Kendra’s father, Paul Caldwell, is a pastor at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas. According to local reports, his parish is responsible for distributing controversial pamphlets door-to-door around the community.

Paul Caldwell reportedly declined to respond in person, but responded to media via text with a decidedly mixed message. “Our church loves the LGBT community, hence the reason we have decided since Spring 2014 to reach out to them. This is just another avenue we are trying,” he wrote. “To them it is simply a reminder that God loves them, and if I were to truly love them then I must tell them the truth.”

Local resident Joanna McCusker countered, “If you read their literature you’ll see that they don’t actually believe that there are such thing as gay people — it’s almost a science-fiction idea that they have.”

Hit the first link for a video report.

RELATED: Last month the Arkansas Supreme Court struck down Fayetteville’s LGBT rights ordinance, saying it was in violation of a statewide ban on pro-LGBT laws. Two years ago opposition to the ordinance was spearheaded by former Family Research Council director Josh Duggar, who was later exposed as a “porn-addicted” incestuous child molester.

  • Tiger Quinn

    Why do we need judicial activists in the first place? Because christianists tried to say we didn’t exist and were nothing more than a psychiatric disorder. Saying a culture doesn’t exist is the first step in eradicating it. (Consider this when the response to Black Lives Matter is Nuh Uh ALL lives matter)

    • vee

      Those “All Lives Matter!!!” nutjobs piss me right the hell off.
      These are the same people who blither, “Where is our STRAIGHT pride parade???”

      These are also the freaks who chant that “men cannot become women” while believing that bread turns into Jesus flesh.

      • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

        Every day is a ‘straight pride parade.’
        It gets purty ugly down around Walmart…

  • Michael R

    They are going to be so surprised on judgement day

  • Snarkaholic

    Rachel and Luce seem to be very good friends.

  • Treant

    They seem nice.

  • Mike C

    This is how they spent their Sunday? I mean, are there no hungry people in Fayetteville? No sick or ill who could maybe use a hand? THIS. This is how their church spends it’s Sunday?

    • vee

      Happy gay people with equal rights are clearly a far greater threat to society than starvation and disease.

      Because buttsex.

    • Ian

      Hatin’ t3h g4yz brings in the $$$. Hungry and homeless are just not as sexxxy.

      • Steverino

        And “love your neighbor as yourself” is icky.

        • Tread

          You mean that stupid fat bit… Shh… here she comes.

    • Goodboy

      How about affordable insurance? Oh that’s right. The guy they’re in love with is trying to take it away.

      Fucking frauds. Every single one of these evil mother fuckers. Too bad I don’t believe in hell because I’m sure they’d have a special place reserved.

    • olandp

      Hungry, sick and ill people have enough problems without this bunch descending on them!

  • bkmn

    There is a problem when you have to build your own alternate reality. Eventually the real reality will come crashing through.

  • james1200

    Of course gay people don’t exist, per se. We take corporeal form to critique straight people’s clothes and judge their life choices then we disappear again.

    • Uncle Mark

      We’re just glitter & glow sticks taking human form

      • james1200

        Not just glitter & glow sticks, I also haunt dildos.

        • Oh, the slings and and arrows of a lucky fortune….or something.

  • Gustav2

    How can you reach out to people you say don’t exist?

    • Tor

      Leap of faith? Cognitive dissonance? Assholism?

    • vee

      LOL the funniest part about these people is that they believe:
      1. Gay people supposedly don’t exist, but you can find us everywhere.
      2. Their god supposedly does exist, but you can’t find him anywhere.

      Stupidity of this level doesn’t need our help to mock it.

      • Ah Huh!

      • ChrisInKansas

        It doesn’t, but it’s so much fun.

      • Chuck in NYC

        Yup. And why shouldn’t we believe people with this level of stupidity — but still clearly with the ability to put pen to paper — are not responsible for many if not most parts of the Bible?

        • Muddy Water

          I guess i need to call my daughter and let her know she andd her wonderful partner dont exist

      • kareemachan

        Also, 3. Gays are SO powerful that they do all these things to other people, to the weather, to churches, to the American way of life…

        • Uncle Mark

          Plus we nonexistent things somehow keep making their god angrier & angier, that he can’t even aim straight when sending the tornadoes, floods, and tremors.

          • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

            Hey, YOU try smiting something through the heliosphere! It’s like trying to shoot something under water, it messes with your aim. (Of course, if it wanted to, their god could snap whatever it uses for fingers and make that pesky old heliosphere take a hike, right? Omnipotent and all that…)

      • Todd20036

        I think the idea is that we aren’t gay. We are merely straight people who fuck men because it’s easier to get laid that way.

        Heck, that’s how my own father felt.

        Of course, that would mean there are a lot of overweight men who fuck other men for desperate reasons.

        And all rugged, handsome men are never gay because they can get any woman they want.

        And lesbians are lesbian until they can wrap their lips around a “chubbie”.

        Yes, it’s stupid, and it’s religious, and it’s a big reason why the anti gay groups embraced “conversion therapy” since that showed people being able to get over gay sex.

        Note that no one seems to admit that even the founders of such movements were able to change their orientation, but why quibble?

        • Mark

          Damn! Easier??? I can’t remember the last time….

          • Emma Page

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          • Princess Lardass

            What is the point of posting a scam on a website with a heavily LGBT audience when LGBTs clearly dont’ exist?

          • Mark

            fuck you bitch – get a real job!

          • fritzrth

            “I can’t remember the last time….”

            I can. Fourth of July weekend 1993. Sheesh B-(

          • Mark

            I think mine was around that time – not sure though

        • Robin

          I don’t exist? Damn. I guess I better call in sick to work tomorrow.

          • Jeff D

            You can’t be sick if you don’t exist.
            Better call in “imaginary.”

        • Women hit on me more than me do. (I think that’s probably mostly because what you can’t have is always more appealing.) But still. Women are constantly flirting with me so the idea that I like men because they are easier to get is bullshit. Although I have to admit that gps technology has made getting laid easier than ordering pizza.

        • Jerry

          Their bottom line: “It’s just a lifestyle choice”.

      • Goodboy

        Funny how God always seems to agree with them no matter how hypocritical. Hmmm…How convenient.

        Same shit. Next month it will be another version of their love. Of coarse on Gods behalf.

        • McSwagg

          That’s “almost” a bingo card. You could invent a new game based on their hate.

      • Steverino

        I think you are onto something here. Right-wingers always project psychologically, so maybe they are signaling their own doubts about the existence of God, but dressing it up in homosexual drag.

      • Orly

        Agreed. It is appalling however, that they are using children and “teaching” them this nonsense. It should be considered child abuse.

    • clay

      I thought there’d at least be a quote from the pamphlet about God not mentioning us, but then, God/Bible doesn’t mention Arkansas, either.

      • John

        Sure it does. “….and Noah looked from the ark and saw land…” That’s why they are soooo special. ROFL

        • Hayward

          Lol! That’s so good.

        • You beat me too it. An old corny joke from my childhood.

      • Frostbite

        So Arkansas doesn’t exist? I’m fine with that.

    • JT

      It takes an invisible hand.

      • Gustav2

        but..but..but all gays are socialists, not capitalists, right? /s

        • McSwagg

          So, you haven’t met the lazy fairy down in marketing?

    • Ernest Endevor

      If we didn’t exist they’d have had to invent us because fundraising.

      • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

        If gay people were removed from the equation, I’m sure they’d just plug in “uppity women” to replace them.

        Black people and illegal immigration lack the religious bent they can impose on gays and wimmenz.

        • fritzrth

          That hasn’t stopped them from using the buybull to justify their racism. THe biggest supporters of Jim Crow and the KKK were the same religious bigots attacking the LGBT community today, using the same arguments. And they still do.

          As far as they’re concerned, ‘What god has driven asunder (the races) let no man join together.’

    • Ian

      I reach out to the High Elven community and Dothraki-American community….

    • Uncle Mark

      The irony is that they need us to exist to continue their grifting “religious” existence

    • Steverino

      By their logic and theology, divorced people don’t exist, either. Only adulterers.

    • VodkaAndPolitics

      As I always say, if someone is telling you that “Homosexuality is a Choice,” it tells you a lot more about the person speaking than it does about Homosexuals.

    • zhera

      Those people do that all the time. They talk to a god that doesn’t exist. They blabber about a Jesus that didn’t exist. They treat fiction (bible) as true facts.

      • RoFaWh

        And, possibly worst of all, they think prayer is a useful substitute for the hard work of helping others in distress.

      • McSwagg

        If god doesn’t exist, and Jesus doesn’t exist, and LGBT people don’t exist, then they must hold us in really high esteem. God like even.

    • That’s why I get so mad at people like Nick Kristoff. Yeah, HE needs to talk to conservatives and try to understand why they are so mad. Some of us already live in Teabagistan and have known for years. We’re supposed to compromise? How is that supposed to work? Their idea of compromise is for us to all go back into the closet. How could we since all the closets are full of right wing bigots? (see news story from Oklahoma today)

      • Gustav2

        And David Brooks, ARGH!

  • pj

    have children do the work for you. afraid an adult might answer the door and tell you what they think of your hate message.

    • vee

      Answer the door wearing a nice latex suit and gas mask.
      I bet you’ll get removed from their distribution lists.

      • Guest

        Hell, just answer the door butt naked. I did and I haven’t seen a Jehovah’s Witness ever since.

    • McSwagg

      Of course they use children. What else would you use your chattel property for if not to work for you.

  • BlueberriesForMe

    “there are no such things as Homosexuals.”

    When did people become “things”? Oh, that’s right. Jeebus said that in New Testament Book of Christianist Assholes 3:789.

  • coram nobis

    Pamphlets? How quaint in this internet era. It also assumes that people can read.
    – – –
    Oh, and in a breaking story:

    The US has charged two Russian intelligence officers and two hackers in connection with a massive Yahoo data breach.

    The justice department issued an indictment against two Russian spies and two well known for-hire computer hackers on Tuesday in conjunction with the hack of a billion Yahoo accounts …</blockquote.

    • clay

      I guess it would just be too much if any of those indictments were through the Southern District of New York federal attorney.

      • coram nobis

        Accounts are vague as to where the DOJ filed the indictments. Announcement was DOJ Washington. I’m guessing either the DC district court or maybe SF/San Jose (Yahoo HQ is Sunnyvale). FBI office in SF has a presser later today.

        UPDATE: NYT story has the indictment in Northern District of California. Also, JMG has story on the Yahoo breach further up.

  • clay

    Since when the fuck is door-to-door ‘”easier” than mass mailing by zip code?
    Pastor is lying, not only about our existence (I can leave his god’s existence to later), but about his own selected methods. He did it this way to be more difficult, require more (unpaid) labor and be more physically confrontational, requiring more conviction from this flock of children.

    • Treant

      Plus cheaper. I’m betting the church doesn’t even have the few bucks to pony up for the mass mailing rate.

      Tons of local businesses advertise around here by flier. It’s cheap, and requires only the owner or employees’ time. Usually the owner.

    • vee

      I’m just impressed that people this backwards have graduated to paper from clay tablets.

      • rusty57

        I’m impressed that many are literate.

        • vee

          …for some very loose definitions of “literate.”

        • Steven Jaeger

          Who says they CAN read? Doesn’t take any edjeecatun to stick papers in doors.

      • RoFaWh

        There is an intermediate stage involving palm leaves.

      • Stogiebear

        No need to be all that impressed — it was forced upon them by another Marxist Kenyan Muslin Alt-Left Liebrul: OrooseveltPaper.

  • another_steve

    I most certainly do exist. And I am lovely.

    Resplendent, actually.

    • Todd20036

      I’m a disgusting pig. And if I told some of my sexual adventures some of the people even on this forum would run screaming from the room like little girls.

      And I’m perfectly fine with that.


        I’m sure I won’t blush, come sit with me…

      • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

        When I hear ‘disgusting pig,’ a picture of that Bannon guy comes to mind.

      • MT YVR

        There are a few of us here, trust me.

      • another_steve

        I was fairly promiscuous in my day. It was fun, and thank Zeus I’m still here to talk about it.

        Today, I’ve slowed down.

        All things change.

  • TK

    Fucking Baptists… some of the worst self-righteous “Christian” idiots in the world. Hate ’em all.

  • SunsetGay

    “Gay people don’t exist” is what the Duggars tell their neighbors in order to help them forget that their Republican/fascist politicians believe that poor people don’t exist.

  • vee

    Homosexuals don’t exist?

    If they saw a video of what my husband and I did just 20 minutes ago, I’m pretty sure that they MIGHT consider changing their mind on that.

    • Tor

      I might be interested in seeing your proof.

    • another_steve

      You do it this early in the day?

      • vee

        1:30 PM here now.
        If hubby thinks I’m coming home for lunch and not getting a quickie, he’s in for a spank.

        • another_steve

          Noon here, and I’m still wiping up cat vomit in the living room.

          • vee

            LOL and you only have one, don’t you?
            Fortunately, of our four, only two of them are regurgitators.

          • another_steve

            Maine Coon, babe.

            Her tail has more fur on it than all your four combined.

          • safari

            But she’s a pretty kitty

          • Mike_in_the_Tundra

            Maine Coons are magnificent. So is my Bombay, but apparently her fur just passes through her.

          • Kittahs make the worst voyeurs!

          • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

            What in the world were you doing to make your cat vomit???

        • clay

          so . . . foreplay

      • Mike_in_the_Tundra

        Mornings are the absolute best.

    • ChrisInKansas

      So…..there’s a video?

  • The_Wretched

    I’m pretty sure actual christians don’t exist either and these are just assholes who like making life difficult for LGBT folks.

  • Gene Perry

    Seriously, I can’t wait until one of those younger Dugger boys hits his teen years & comes screaming out of the closet!

  • BlueberriesForMe

    “Pastor” Paul Caldwell:

    “…if I were to truly love them then I must tell them the truth.”

    Here’s the truth, you stupid, fucking, bigoted, asshole. You hate everyone who doesn’t conform to your “belief system” and if were able, you would stop at nothing in killing anyone who doesn’t conform.

  • ChrisInKansas

    But apparently run-on sentences do exist, and they’re just fine with that.

  • Jacob

    Here in Arkansas lots of crazy anti-LGBT shit is happening. The legislature is attempting to forcibly defund Arkansas Tech University’s Department of Diversity and Inclusion. Other universities are scared they could be targeted too.

  • Wha, I can testify before the Lawrd that Jeebus saved me good one weekend last Summer! Hallelujah

    • ChrisInKansas

      I will never tire of this Jesus.

      • another_steve

        I would convert for him.

        • ChrisInKansas

          “Please! Teach me your ways!!”

          • another_steve

            Consider those pecs: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

          • works for me!

        • Ah huh!

        • Hank

          Why??? To me, he has been a “Good Jewish Boy” who found G-D!!! And, he has SUCH a “schone punim”!!

          • another_steve

            He and I share mothers who think we’re god.

          • TuuxKabin

            Punim of life.

      • stuckinthewoods

        He was an entry in the 2011 Hunky Jesus contest. Not the winner though.

        • another_steve

          Oh my fuckin’ god…

          Who was the winner?

          • clay
          • another_steve

            I want to worship that vein on his lower belly.

          • Mike_in_the_Tundra

            I prefer the hair.

          • clay

            Me, too. I also got a kick out of the “heal thyself” Jesus in a wheelchair.

          • Todd20036

            Dang, the photo is cropped.

          • Jon

            If i remember right, there’s one available without that awful cropping. 😀

          • Steverino

            Either that, or Jesus really was a eunuch.

          • BobSF_94117

            You sure he wasn’t in the Thor-for-a-day competition?

          • Vinnie NYC

            seems to be hairy in the right place at least for this photo

          • Tread

            And this Jesus I will happily get on my knees to worship.

          • stuckinthewoods

            Odd you phrase it that way because the winner styled himself “Jesus Fucking Christ”, dressed in Jesus drag with a bottom Jesus attached in front of him. I’m thinking the contest isn’t about lust, more fun and blasphemy.

    • Frostbite

      Now that’s a deity I can get behind.

    • Tread

      I have to admit, I want to accept Jesus inside of me.

    • Tim

      Reach out and touch faith…all night long.

  • David in Palm Springs

    “Last month the Arkansas Supreme Court struck down Fayetteville’s LGBT rights ordinance, saying it was in violation of a statewide ban on pro-LGBT laws.”

    …and yet the ever-so wise Supreme Court didn’t bother to ask themselves why the state NEEDED to be able to discriminate against their own LGBT citizens in the first place. Apparently, their only qualifications for becoming a judge are being homophobic and an inbred hick. Don’t you ever change, Arkansas! We wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves if you weren’t the most racist and homophobic state in the union. So keep on pretending that it’s still 1967 (without the interracial marriage of course).

    • The hills have Arkansas eyes! Hate fags….Marry your cousins!

      • Stogiebear

        Fingerfuck your pre-K sisters!!! Hallelujah.

  • MT YVR

    Well, if I don’t exist then this frees up a few things. I don’t need to go to work, I don’t need pants. I’m good with this start to my list of things I won’t need to worry about anymore. Woohoo!

    • Uncle Mark

      I’m not paying taxes, since I don’t exist. (Given the outcome of this travesty of an election, I wonder if my vote existed)

  • JT

    Duggarites: Gays don’t exist and Jeebus says sex with youngsters is a way of teaching them to fear god.

  • Tor

    They really do hate us. Call it love…
    Christianist dissonance.

  • david fairfield

    It’s the latest in christian and political rhetoric…wish it away! Either say it a million times until people believe it or pretend it’s not there. Very effective!

  • ChrisInKansas

    How I love good old fashioned Christian home schooling logic. Can we argue that these people don’t exist instead? Please?

  • Let’s see. On the one hand we have a group of humans, in every segment of society, tangible and quantifiable, as real as the laptop I’m using right now. On the other hand, an entity that requires faith, and faith alone, to exist, an existence that can never be proven.

    Which reality should I go with?

    Or, as Douglas Adams put it, “‘I refuse to prove that I
    exist,’ says God, ‘for proof denies faith, and without faith, I am

    • Uncle Mark

      Damn, I miss Douglas Adams

  • Uncle Mark

    Rainbows don’t really exist “either,” but they seem to be plenty upset that “mythological” gay people have stolen it.

  • Tawreos

    The spend an awful lot of time fighting against people they don’t believe exist… Wait, don’t they say that that is what atheists are doing?

    • Ah huh…ever meet a Church organist who wasn’t, you know….non existent?

      • clay

        I’ve met one who was a real bitch. Does that count?

      • RoFaWh

        I think it’s in C. A. Tripp’s “The Homosexual Matrix” where the author points out the oddity that gay men are overrepresented in the ranks of organists — and urologists.

        No one really knows why. Or, I should say, knew , given the book’s age.

  • Sam_Handwich
    • safari

      I don’t want to. I heard it smells like his younger sister.

    • Michael R

      We can smell your whole family from here .

  • Tomcat

    Gay people can be seen everyday, but show me one person that see god or jesus everyday and I will show you another religious lunatic.

  • rusty57

    One wonders how they feel about incest and the molestation of children?

    • The_Wretched

      They all seem have it as a ‘one of the ways that sin happens’.

  • Tomcat

    These people are lowering the bar to make people hate religion, not that it was high in the first place. Every question is answered with YOU HAVE TO HAVE FAITH.

    • Friday

      Frankly, for these extremists, that’s in fact a cult tactic to increase the isolation and dependence and control over their own members. Get them to piss off the outside world and then tell them that people are pissed, not because of their assholish actions, but because of their ‘beliefs.’

      • The_Wretched

        cf high cost social signalling and it’s role in group identity. Fraternity/sorority hazing and other ‘traditions’ serve a similar role. I had the misfortune to attend an Assemblies of God wedding and it was one long ritual humiliation of the couple to be wed.

  • coram nobis

    No such thing as buggery then, only duggary.

    • Steverino

      And if it involved necrophilia, it would be skullduggary.

      • coram nobis

        * snort *

  • Max_1

    Of course we don’t exist… to them. Because we’re real.
    They talk to an imaginary sky fairy who is real to them…

  • I am not a homosexual. Neither was the guy I uh…vacuumed this morning.

    • safari

      It is important to keep tidy?

    • Wayne

      I hope you got it all.

      • Spotless. As always.

        • Wayne

          Mazel tov! I knew you had it in you.

          • Gene

            well…he does now


    • William

      I knew a guy nicknamed Hoover. It wasn’t for his cleaning skills.

    • BlueberriesForMe

      I hope you used the “hardwood” floor setting.


    Good times and bum times, I’ve seen them all, and my dear, I’m still queer

    • safari

      (Especially during bum times) 😛

  • planetwingnuttia

    I guess kid touchers don’t exist named Josh Duggar….cause they still keep trying….

  • safari

    There are at least two gay Duggar children, even if they don’t know it themselves yet.

  • TheManicMechanic

    Leave it to these nuts to concern themselves with things that don’t exist. Just like their so-called God.

  • clay

    Bad reporting about a badly written pamphlet.
    The church’s claim seems to be that we aren’t “created” that way.

  • TuuxKabin

    We don’t exist. Then why bother?

  • Droz

    And yet they’re never willing to prove it by sucking a dick.

  • Robert Anthony

    We’re easier to round up and exterminate when we don’t exist. Hateful motherfuckers.

    • Hue-Man

      Not that we need reminding:

      A nonperson is a citizen or a member of a group who lacks, loses, or is forcibly denied social or legal status, especially basic human rights, or who effectively ceases to have a record of their existence within a society (damnatio memoriae), from a point of view of traceability, documentation, or existence.

  • dafs

    OH NO

    • Jamie_Johnson

      No, hosts… or travelers.

  • That_Looks_Delicious
  • Ben in Oakland

    They are quoting Jeffrey satinover, another notorious exgay quack.

    If they applied the same standards to religion that they applied to homosexuality. They would be forced to conclude that religion doesn’t exist either.

    Meanwhile, I guess there are just not enough starving children or divorced heterosexuals in the world. They need to apply their time energy, and money to this.

    • Jamie_Johnson

      What, and do something useful for a change?

      • Ben in Oakland

        They prefer to do something useless for change– lotsa change.

    • Uncle Mark

      Dammit, that costs. MONEY, real time and other resources…plus it doesn’t allow the parish to look down on others…well not as easily

      • clay

        . . . and you’ve seen how they tip at the dinner after church.

        • Uncle Mark

          Don’t get me started. I used to do some pro-bono work for a group of self-righteous, backstabbing S Baptists (way back in my college days). This poor college kid tipped more for a cup of coffee than any of them tipped for brunch…and one couple tried to take their measley 50 cent tip, because they “claimed” I was paying for them too. Cheap-ass fuckers.

  • edrex

    yay! god loves me so much i don’t exist. that’s better than UNconditional love, it’s NONconditional love.

    • Gianni

      In an odd way that makes sense: You don’t exist, but I love you anyway. I guess it has a ring to it because religion sort of teaches the same idea. One is told and taught about God but can’t see, feel, hear, or touch Him yet must love Him to receive His love and blessings. It’s a wonder to me.

  • Rex

    I’m calling off work tomorrow with a case of non-existence.

    • Ben in Oakland

      I hope youre not feeling not better.

    • Gianni

      Yeah, but will your boss buy it?

  • SFBruce

    From the NBC’s affiliate’s piece:
    “Pastor Caldwell says these flyers are not mean to convince those who have made their mind up about this issue, but instead for those confused about the Christian response.”

    No confusion here. In fact, the only confusion lies with your cartoonish take on sexual orientation.

    • clay

      also, contradicts himself about the “Christian response” of reaching out to us.

  • Duh-David

    “What do you mean, you “don’t believe in homosexuality?” It’s not like the Easter Bunny, your belief isn’t necessary.” – Lea DeLaria

    • Tom Ato

      I have a similar reaction to people who “don’t understand”. It’s really not a difficult concept; some people are attracted to people of the same gender.

  • KaBoomBOX

    If the community doesn’t exist, then why put forth so much effort?

    • Ben in Oakland

      because they have to fight against their own demons by pretending to fight against mine.

  • Natty Enquirer

    They don’t believe in English punctuation, either.

    • RoFaWh

      They are at best only vaguely aware that other languages than English are spoken in other countries.

      Listen for the various strange sounds that spoken Georgian involves.

      PS: If you watch the entire video, you have taken part in an experiment that divides the non-Georgian speaking population into two groups: those who think it’s funny, even though they don’t understand a word except when Ms. Kvirikashvili calls “Ivano!” The other group scratches their heads and wonders what’s going on.

  • PhillyProfessor

    How could they claim to love people they don’t believe exists? Easy. They also claim to love a God that doesn’t exist either. Not much of a stretch, really….

    • Ben in Oakland

      Therefore, I must be god.
      Actually, that’s the punchline that your handsome fellow there would say.
      Dogs: You love me, feed me, protect me. You must be god.,
      Cats: You love me, feed me, protect me. I must be god.

    • Paula Key

      And the Supreme Court passed Equal Marriage for people that don’t exist?

  • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

    ” “To them it is simply a reminder that God loves them…”

    No, to them it is a statement that you think they don’t exist. I’m positive they do exist, unlike your gods.

  • Friday

    Hate-mongering, hypocritical child-abusing breeding cult says what?

  • Earl

    I have an idea. Reply to the church by using one of these to spread the word of the Lard onto their building

    Yes, that’s a manure spreader.

    • Earl
      • Notice the farmer is sitting in an enclosed cab. Wonder if there is a pine tree air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror?

        • Earl

          I should have looked for one of those side launchers. There are different models, and you can use the ones that fire from the side to cover the homes of people you don’t like. Charges will be filed if you do it, but…

          I remember some French Farmers doing it to a local politician or town council in France. Years ago.

        • Gianni

          And the cab is ahead of the spreader.

  • Clive Johnson

    As long as we’re on the topic of religion and sexuality, here’s today’s youth pastor update:

    Statute of Limitations Runs Out on Youth Pastor That Filmed Girls … 13, 2017
    Summary: A youth pastor secretly filmed four teenage girls showering naked at the church but he will not face any criminal charges since the …

    Former Youth Pastor Arrested in Florida Teen’s 1994 Cold Case … 10, 2017
    Former Youth Pastor Arrested in Florida Teen’s 1994 Cold Case … a 60-year-old counselor and former youth pastor, who was charged in the …

    Shreveport Times
    DeSoto Parish youth pastor, high school student arrested on child …
    KSLA-TV-Mar 3, 2017
    An ArkLaTex youth pastor and North DeSoto High School student have been arrested and charged with pornography involving juveniles, …

    Johnston youth pastor faces sex charge 27, 2017
    Clayton, N.C. — A youth pastor at a Johnston County church was arrested Saturday night and charged with having sex with a teen, authorities …Story image for youth pastor from The National Enquirer

    Torso Murderer Arrested After 23 Years As Youth Pastor
    The National Enquirer-Mar 11, 2017
    There has finally been an arrest in the cold-case murder of a 16-year-old Florida boy — his youth Pastor! Ronnie Leon Hyde — a Jacksonville …

  • Bill

    See that guys. It’s not hate, it’s love. I just feeeeeeels like hate.

    Feel better now?

  • Mike Solo

    Can we attach flyers for Grindr and Scruff to their doors?

  • Kevin Perez

    I need a short clip of Rachel Maddow from last night’s show saying, “Pinch me. I’m real.”

  • JDS

    “it’s almost a science-fiction idea that they have.”
    At the science fiction picture show….

  • Jim Hightower

    Wait until they find out their God doesn’t exist….

  • Mark

    You know there has to be at least one, and probably three gay kids in that klan.

  • Have they not seen any of the gay pride parades over the decades that they have used to demonize us? See the irony in that?

    • No More GOP.

      Although they are not deficient in irony, they are unable to actually detect it.

  • Emma Page

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  • SFHarry

    Maybe an atheist reach out is in order.
    They could pass out a few flyers that explain how ridiculous religion is and that since religion is so preposterous that Christians don’t really exist, just delusional people claiming to follow a made up sky monster.

    • RoFaWh

      Start with a list of the contradictions in the bibblical text, including the two not-the-same recensions of the Ten Commandments.

  • T-Batwoman

    So that adult male c**t will send children to do his dirty work then
    declines to respond in person, spineless fuckwad. Reminds me of using
    children as suicide bombers. Religious people are pathetic.

  • andrew

    LGBT folks are the last group that bible believers can preach against. Most people now believe that the bible was wrong in condemning folks who divorce and remarry. No one still believes that it is okay to stone to death those who work on the Sabbath, commit adultery, curse their parents or worship Gods other than Yahweh. Everyone now knows that the bible’s support of slavery was wrong. Alas the haters only have us LGBT folks left to condemn. These bible believers have no idea how resilient we are. Bring it on haters. We will not only survive. We will thrive.

    • Paula Key

      Divorce people don’t exist!

  • When they knock on your door and tell you that gay people don’t exist, just say, “Then why are you talking to me? You must be nuts!”

    • Gianni

      And then add, “So f..k off!”

      • “So f..k off in the name of Ja-HEEEEEZ-Zuss-ssa!”

        (You gotta add the “Ja-HEEEEEZ-Zuss-ssa” part, and you can’t say it like “Jesus”, because Pentacostals won’t know who you are talking about unless you say it like a psychotic preacher.)

        • Gianni

          😀 You’re right, I actually just said it that way! 🙂

          • Are you sure? I think maybe more Z’s? Like “Ja-HEEEEEZZZZ-ZZZuss-ssa”? And maybe more emphasis on the ending, like “SSSAA!!” Otherwise it doesn’t take your entire body to say it.

          • Paula Key

            Just take the pamphlet and say, “Praise be gay sex and I’m going up stairs to have me some!”

    • Paula Key

      Ask them why they are not spending their time at a food bank, home for street kids?

    • McSwagg

      Turn their gospels back on the and preach about “Doubting Thomas” …

  • Nearly sixty-nine here and almost completely invisible (at least to anyone under 50).

    • Silver Badger

      Their loss. Give me an experienced mature man who knows exactly what he is doing over some inexperienced kid.

    • grada3784

      You can be seen on some websites or Facebook groups, but much more likely if they think you’ve got a thick wallet. 🙁

      I’m invisible for years now and nowadays I prefer it, as far as most people are concerned.

  • JCF

    “No, God makes people holy YoungerSisterDiddlers.” /s

    Should be read in the plural:

  • StudioTodd

    So who is going to tell Joseph Duggar he doesn’t exist?

    What a closet-case. “Saving himself for marriage”–isn’t THAT convenient?

  • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

    So they think LGBT people are unicorns? Okay.