TRAILER: The Little Mermaid

Deadline reports:

The first trailer for the live-action version of The Little Mermaid from Conglomerate Media and Kingsway Productions has just been released. This is not Disney’s film, but is based on the famed fairy tale from Hans Christian Andersen and stars a solid cast: Shirley MacLaine, Downton Abbey‘s Poppy Drayton, William Moseley (The Chronicles of Narnia), Loreto Peralta (Instructions Not Included) and Gina Gershon (Empire). The film is being planned for release this year. This take on the 1837 classic centers on a young girl (Peralta) and her older brother (Moseley), a reporter, who travels to a small town in Mississippi to find a woman believed to be the real Little Mermaid. The film is directed by Blake Harris and Chris Bouchard from a screenplay by Harris. The executive producer is Jessica Steinbrenner.

  • ElenorRigby

    That looks like a bad direct-to-video movie that cost $80,000 to make on a government grant.

    • Blake Mason

      And the director’s mom made the costumes.

      • Francesmnelson

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  • bkmn

    Needs more male nudity.

    • John

      With the exception of the White House and Congress, what doesn’t?

      • Silver Badger

        Now, there are a few in congress that could pass the nudity test, they are the exception rather than the rule.

      • bella petrova

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      • TominDC

        The 700 Club.

        ::passes the brain bleach::

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      They don’t have anything but scales from the waist down. I don’t know about you, but this just isn’t working out for me.

      • JR

        It totally works for me. I’m too embarrassed to admit how many times I’ve watched Eric Ducharme’s videos on YouTube

      • Kevin Perez

        Why do Merfolk always have knees?

        • WitlessProtection

          And why do they feel the need to shave their armpits?

          • Ernest Endevor

            The question of the day.

    • Waarki
  • Mlawrence

    Is there going to be a gay character so the Christianists can soil themselves?

  • ggg

    LOL, I’m in!

  • Ray Taylor
  • Blake Mason

    I does not look good at all.

  • Joe in PA

    Poppy Drayton in Downton Abbey? I must have been asleep during that part. 🙂

    • Mikey

      difficult to confuse Downton Abbey with The Shannara Chronicles.. but I guess it happens! LOL

      • barracks9

        Now, all I can think about is the long list of unspeakable things I’d like to do with and to Manu Bennett. Damn!

    • robirob

      Apparently it was a guest spot for one episode. Yeah, I think she’s more known for her Shannara Chronicles role.

      • Joe in PA

        🙂 I found her on IMDB and saw the Downton picture…I have to say I BARELY remember her. 🙂

  • Nick Stadler

    People give Disney flak for taking liberties with the original fairy tales, but this seemingly has literally nothing in common with the Hans Christian Andersen story outside of having a mermaid in it.

    Either change the title or watch it bomb.

  • Mikey

    So there’s room for a whole kingdom at the bottom of some river in Mississippi?
    I don’t know, this MIGHT be enjoyable, but it’s hard to see it as a potential box-office monster.
    Also, it may not be Disney, but it sure is following the new Disney trend of gender reversal of story heroes… here the younger sister, rather than the guy.

  • Duh-David

    Another mockbuster from The Asylum??

  • If Shirley wasn’t isn’t I would have assumed this was a SyFy Channel Original. Mermasaurus vs Gatoroid

  • madknits

    I wonder if they’ll be true to Anderson’s story: In the end, she doesn’t get the guy. She doesn’t live happily ever after. She eventually dies and turns to sea foam for 300 years (the life span of a mermaid) and then gets a soul and goes to Heaven, which, for a Victorian, was a happy ending. I guess.

    • Acronym Jim

      Spoilers dammit!

      • madknits

        The Little Mermaid was published in April 1837. I hardly think you can call out spoilers for a book that was published 180 years ago.

        • WitlessProtection

          Hey some of us haven’t gotten around to reading it YET!

    • “After three hundred years, thus shall we float into the kingdom of heaven,” said she. “And we may even get there sooner,” whispered one of her companions. “Unseen we can enter the houses of men, where there are children, and for every day on which we find a good child, who is the joy of his parents and deserves their love, our time of probation is shortened. The child does not know, when we fly through the room, that we smile with joy at his good conduct, for we can count one year less of our three hundred years. But when we see a naughty or a wicked child, we shed tears of sorrow, and for every tear a day is added to our time of trial!”

      • Lars Littlefield

        Blech. I’ll pass.

    • Ernest Endevor

      Neither did Andersen – get the guy, I mean. When he told his closest friend of many years that he was in love with him, said friend wouldn’t speak to him again. i don’t know about the sea-foam aspect, but I do know where he learned to dance.

      • Dickens invited Anderson to stay for a short visit. Anderson even wrote in a letter, “I shall not inconvenience you too much.”


        After Anderson FINALLY left, Dickens scrawled on the mirror in the guest room: “Hans Andersen slept in this room for five weeks – which seemed to the family AGES!”

  • JWC

    wonder what 10 moms will think of this

  • DaveW

    Confused. We now here films are live action. But they are filmed and edited. They are not animated? Silly word

  • TJay229

    No “Poor Unfortunate Soul’s”….?
    (which was the best Disney song ever)

    Not… Interested.

  • Lars Littlefield

    Tangentially related, because of McClain who was on Downton Abbey and played the grandmother of Lady Mary Crawley (played by Michelle Dockery) we have just discovered Good Behavior on the TNT network. Anyone else seen it? Dockery does a great job playing a southern girl who is a drug addict/kleptomaniac with a son from a previous liaison with a black porn star. Dishy stuff. There’s all these great side stories, such as her mother’s husband who, despite having a perfectly respectable larger than average penis, has had augmentation and likes to show everyone.

  • TKW

    With an Aussie accent in the Mississippi?

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Ok, just once, is it too much to ask that a story claiming to be based on a book, actually take place where and when the book did. I do love my American cousins, but not every story on planet earth happens in the U.S. While I’m at it, will this film, at the very least, stick to the heart wrenching storyline, doubtful. Apologies for being a bit curmudgeonly, but Mississippi?? Really???

    • Miji

      There must be Mormons involved. They even rewrote the creation story to put the Garden of Eden in Missouri.

  • Frank Conway

    I think this looks pretty fascinating but i agree it should have a different title.

  • joeyj1220

    looks like one of those horrible Hallmark movies

  • greenmanTN

    Strange but true, my one and only “wet dream” was about mermen. Not to be confused with Merman, who is a real boner killer.