Family Research Council Celebrates “Good News” That SCOTUS Declined To Hear Transgender Rights Case

Via press release:

This morning, Family Research Council (FRC) welcomed the U.S. Supreme Court’s announcement that the court is vacating and remanding the case of Gloucester County School Board v. G.G to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. The announcement came after the Justice Department and Department of Education issued new guidance rescinding an Obama administration edict to force schools to allow biological males to use girls’ showers, locker rooms, and restrooms, and vice versa.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement: “The Supreme Court has provided good news to parents and students concerned about privacy and safety in school showers, locker rooms and bathrooms.

“In light of the Obama edict being withdrawn and this case now remanded, we are cautiously optimistic that the Fourth Circuit Court of appeals will reverse itself. As the Fourth Circuit stated in its earlier opinion, it would ‘leave policy formulation to the political branches,’ for ‘the weighing of privacy interests or safety concerns’ was not to be left ‘to the courts.’

“We are encouraged that policymakers and the Supreme Court are increasingly skeptical of the federal government forcing boys and girls to shower together, room together on school trips, and use the same locker rooms and bathrooms.

“The American people have shown at the ballot box that they want to get away from Washington bureaucrats imposing a one-size fits all policy. State and local officials working together with parents are best equipped to design policies that respect the dignity, privacy, and safety concerns of all students,” concluded Perkins.

  • fuzzybits

    Oh just fuck off you racist homophobe!!!

    • fuzzybits

      And I should say transphobe.

      • vorpal

        He’s just a well-rounded renaissance fuckwad.

        • clay

          “Confederate” seems to capture it.

  • April

    To: Tony Perkins

    Two words brought to you by us Transfolks.


    • Todd20036

      And from the allies of the transgendered, too

      • April


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    • T-Batwoman

      With a saguaro cactus!

    • Skokieguy [Larry]

      All decent people join in – FUCK YOU TONNETTE.

      My god is there anyone who thinks more about genitalia than fundies?

    • April

      Excuse my language but I’m getting fed up with these so-called moral people and their gleefulness to restrict my rights.

    • JCF

      Sideways, w/ something rusty.

  • crewman

    If he it as good news that SCOTUS didn’t take this up, that is an indication he thought they’d lose.

  • M Jackson


  • Gustav2

    “The American people have shown at the ballot box that they want to get away from Washington bureaucrats imposing a one-size fits all policy.”

    Isn’t amazing there are special snowflakes in some parts of the country? They are soooooo different than the rest of us mere citizens.

    • clay

      How many states rights, nullification, secession votes is he counting, ‘cuz the last US general election he lost by nearly 3 million votes.

    • JWC

      the difference is that they are vocal

  • vorpal

    Evangelical Christian love:
    “Let’s celebrate the perpetuation of the psychological suffering of children whose lives are already excruciatingly difficult!”

  • Ray Page

    Tony Perkins: the herpes of humanity.

  • Robincho

    cheeses priced…

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Christians, they just can’t help fucking kids, either through courts or otherwise. Repulsive.

  • JustDucky
    • The_Wretched

      Reality based governance would be shocking at this point.

    • Treant

      True, but eh. Neither is a politician and neither have any political experience. It certainly couldn’t be worse than now, but it’s also unlikely to be terribly much better.

      Plus a lot of political decisions are made on limited data–and areas where the data is, by necessity, limited–and need to be made fast. A scientist is not the best person to do that as logic does not necessarily apply…and even where it does, I don’t necessarily want my politicians to follow it.

      • JustDucky

        Then you are welcome to have a different fantasy ticket.

        I do want a president who consistently makes logical decisions based on the data available. And, more importantly, I want a president who understands the full scope of the damage caused across the board by anti-science policies.

        • Treant

          Lordy, I don’t. I’d rather have one with some empathy and the inclination to exercise it.

          Sheer logic tends to lead to things like social Darwinism.

          • JustDucky

            So are you claiming that intelligent people lack empathy or that people with careers in STEM fields lack empathy? And do you recognize that either of those claims is asinine?

            Look at this another way: if you don’t base your decisions on evidence, what are you basing them on?

          • Treant

            You did state that you wanted evidence-based decisions…so actually, you made that statement. If you meant “evidence-primary decisions with a heavy dose of empathy,” say so.

            ‘Cause no, the strictly logical aren’t going to be good in government, nor those without the ability to empathically project. Scientists are great at science, but keep Tyson far, far away from government given some of his totally inept statements.

          • JustDucky

            In no way does basing decisions on evidence preclude someone from having empathy. Full stop.

            A person can have empathy for the suffering of others and also look at the data available to attempt to decide which changes would alleviate the suffering of the largest number of people or, alternatively, which changes would alleviate the suffering of the people who are suffering the most. Resource allocation is not a diagnostic criterion of sociopathy.

            Additionally, a person can have empathy for the suffering of others and also look at the data available to decide which course of action would be likeliest to actually alleviate that suffering. Evidence-based problem solving is not a diagnostic criterion of sociopathy.

            What do you think evidence-based policies would actually look like? Why is the idea so distasteful to you?

          • Treant

            Oh, forget it. Yes, yes, it would be the bestest thing to ever happen to the United States of America and nothing could ever be bestest-er. Because evidence can never be fabricated, scientific studies are never faked, and officials can never be fed bad data intentionally.

            You’re really not seeing the issues with attempting to rule a non-scientific and outright illogical humanity with actual logic? Things like “allergy exceptions only for vaccinations” make logical and scientific sense…and are going to get you booted from office in jig time. Enjoy.

          • JustDucky

            Studies that have been faked get debunked when they can’t be replicated. Officials already get fed bad information only right now the people feeding it to them are usually lobbyists.

            But you’re absolutely right, “allergy exemptions only for vaccines” would make people freak. (Tangent: I wonder if that would be ruled unconstitutional?) Our populace isn’t great about believing scientists. But it’s not because people are stupid. Churches have been fighting against science for pretty much as long as we have had both churches and science; for them, science is bad for business. The Republican party’s War on Education also isn’t exactly a secret. And look where that’s led: a Trump presidency and national news outlets discussing “alternative facts.”

            So yeah. Evidence-based policies wouldn’t be perfect. But nothing is. And the alternative seems to rely on an awful lot of “thoughts and prayers.”

      • Beagle

        If they’re intelligent enough to know that they don’t know everything, and wise enough to take advice from the people that know the things they don’t know, they should be okay. Not great, but okay. Which is far, far better than what we have now.

        • Treant

          Toddlers would be far, far better than we have now. And unfortunately, at this point we’re going to need “great” to rescue the situation.

    • ETownCanuck

      It’ll never happen, stupidity is worn like a badge of honour in the U.S.

    • Richard, another Canuck
      • kaydenpat

        Love it!!! Just perfect.

  • Rex

    Don’t think this is where it ends, Tony.

    • kaydenpat

      Thankfully no.

  • edrex

    Prick. You’d better pray that the hell you claim to believe in does not exist.

  • HZ81

    “The American people have shown at the ballot box that they want to get away from Washington bureaucrats imposing a one-size fits all policy. ”

    But us Jesus freaks imposing our mental illness is 100% a-ok.

    Fucking hating this country more and more by the second.

  • Mark

    so the feds can’t do ‘one size fits all’ – but the states can? Which size are they gonna fit? I ask as we all know queen size is the best….

    • Tawreos

      The states can do it only when you disagree with the federal government. If you agree with the federal government then the states have to follow that policy. Trans folk need to rely on state to state laws, while marijuana needs to follow federal guidelines. See it makes perfect sense.

      • Gustav2

        And when it comes to health insurance, cancer is different in every state, right?

    • McSwagg

      The “small minded” size seems to be their preferred choice.

  • FAEN


    Go fuck yourself

  • Tawreos

    I am sure all of the trans-kids are just pretending to be trans so they can shower with the opposite sex. They love putting up with the prejudice, fear, hatred and possible violence whipped up by others so they can see parts of the anatomy that are so difficult to see online. Bravo, Mr Perkins for figuring it all out here is a gold star to put on your fridge.

    • kaydenpat

      Transwomen are women. Transmen are men. Perkins needs to get educated about human sexuality. Maybe then he wouldn’t be quite so dumb.

      • Tawreos

        If he was educated he wouldn’t have a job

      • “Transwomen are women. Transmen are men. ”

        Yes and no. If trans women believed they were “sufficiently” women merely by virtue of their psychological identity, they wouldn’t bother with the expense and risk of surgery and hormones. But most of them do. Why? Who is the surgery for? Not the rest of the world. It’s for them.

        The gender of their body is in conflict with the gender of their mind. But both matter. It’s not one or the other.

        Both sides error in this regard. Some forget that the mind can be wired in a way that more closely reflects that of the opposite biological sex. At the same time, it’s also nonsense to insist that one’s bones, genetics and secondary sex characteristics “don’t matter at all”.

        • McSwagg

          I call bullshit. By your argument no woman would ever get breast augmentation to enhance what she was born with. Men and women both get cosmetic body modification surgery to better align their physical body with their mental self image. Trans people are no different in that regard. Your “logic” is full of holes.

          • Are you a gay male?

            To be consistent, you’d best be open to sexual relationships with a person who has breasts, a vagina and a uterus who nevertheless declared themselves to be a “male”. Otherwise, you’re just a bigot. At least according to your logic: after all, someone who believes they’re a male IS a male.


          • McSwagg

            Actually, I’m asexual. So I’m an equal opportunity bigot according to you. Fuck off.

          • JCF

            McSwagg, above your response I’m seeing the magic words, “This user is blocked”. I highly recommend it!

          • McSwagg

            I blocked her months ago. Didn’t realize she just made a new profile. She’s blocked now. I just irks me when people post blatant lies.

  • bkmn

    Tony PerKKKins – ever a whore at heart.

    • Tawreos

      Please, whores are at least human.

  • Robert Conner

    In related Good News, Jesus still didn’t Return today, like He didn’t return yesterday or the day before or the day before that. Maybe Jesus will Come Back when Trump releases his tax returns.

    • McSwagg

      As long as abortion is legal for poor women, Jeebus’s return will be foiled.

  • PickyPecker
    • grada3784

      Lots. A bowl clog like that takes forever to flush away.

  • Silver Badger

    Lies, Damn lies, Republican lies and Evangelical lies. Perkins has them all covered.

  • JWC
    • kaydenpat

      Hmmm. Didn’t know that Rooney was an atheist. Interesting.

  • Dom Saunders

    I’m really tired of them constantly repeating the “privacy, safety and dignity” line as if they genuinely believe that, when statistically speaking, these kids are more in danger from whoever leads their family church than their next door trans-kid neighbor. Moreover, this really shouldn’t be up for debate. Gender-neutral bathrooms are a thing, and who the hell is still taking showers in schools in 2017 anyway? This isn’t rocket science.

  • Brooklyn Joe

    One size fits all vs separate but equal – right Tony?

  • anne marie in philly

    “the federal government forcing boys and girls to shower together, room together on school trips, and use the same locker rooms and bathrooms.” – NOT WHAT IT MEANS, perkkkins! you are such a GOPrick licker!

  • Robin Bailey
    • JCF

      More like “Dad, send him where the proverbial ‘goats’ go!”

  • RobynWatts

    Words all brought to you by a pedophile supporting Klansman. Now go burn your bedsheet, Tony,….preferably while you’re wearing it.

    • McSwagg

      We should burn his cross next time he climbs up on it.

  • EdA

    Of course notoriously their precious daughters are at much greater risk from the moral degenerate whom these minions of the Antichrist elected as president.

  • Juan_Thompson_Obama

    So scotus agrees lgbt issues are state issues

    • McSwagg

      No, that is not the bottom line of this order. The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals decided this case on the basis of an interpretation of Title IX. When the dRumpf Regime reversed that interpretation, the 4th CCoA ‘s decision lost its firm foundation. The SCOTUS remanded the case back tho the 4th CCoA to be reconsidered to see if a decision could be based on another, firmer foundation. If that can be accomplished, the SCOTUS could potentially still uphold an eventual pro-trans decision.

      • Juan_Thompson_Obama

        Its a loss for you, just like target

        • McSwagg

          You are stupider than a rock. You are really, really bad at this trolling gig. You need to get a new job doing something constructive. What a tragic snowflake you are.

          • Juan_Thompson_Obama

            Hey you shouldnt be worried about bathrooms, gay marriage is gonna be chopped

          • McSwagg

            Lame ass troll is now blocked.

          • Juan_Thompson_Obama


  • RLK2

    TO: Tony Perkins…

    There is a special place in Hell (hotter than the rest of it) waiting just for you. The suffering you caused the LGBT community through attempting to pass discrimination into law will be returned to you a million fold. Sorry, but the pearly gates are closed to you.

  • JCF

    When it comes to PerKKKins, I can feel nonviolent moi coming around to “punch that nazi!” >:-(