Univision Plans Pulse Massacre Reenactment

NBC News reports:

The owner of the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando has slammed Univision for planning to air a detailed reenactment of the shooting massacre at the club that left 49 people dead and more than 50 injured last June. The episode titled “Baño De Sangre,” or “Blood Bath,” is set to run on the broadcast network’s weekly news show “Crónicas De Sábado.” The show uses actors and special effects to depict the massacre in gory detail. The episode will also feature interviews with survivors.

Univision had posted a trailer on social media, though it has since been taken down. In a statement posted on Twitter Thursday night, “Crónicas De Sábado” defended the show. “Univision has set out to create a report that is deeply respectful of the many people whose lives were impacted by this tragedy, and, at the same time, is faithful to the facts underlying this horrible crime,” the statement reads.

Members of the Orlando LGBT community took to social media to express their rage at the network, which they said was carelessly re-traumatizing people affected by the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history. Barbara Poma, the owner of the Pulse gay nightclub where the largely LGBT and Latino victims were attacked, posted on the “Crónicas De Sábado” Facebook page that the “lack of respect for these grieving families” was “incomprehensible.”

Lots of people weren’t crazy about all the 9/11 movies, either. Patriots Day, the Boston Marathon Bombing movie which drew similar criticism, has grossed $31M since its late December release. It should be noted, however, that those movies largely focused on the heroism of first responders.

  • Rick

    Help me understand how this is not glorifying violence.

    • another_steve

      Of course it does, but violence sells.

      • MonochromeMouse

        Everyone’s heard the old tv news saying “If it bleeds, it leads”

        • TampaDink
          • another_steve

            Wow. Almost 43 years ago. I’m also reminded of 1976’s “Network.”

            What a prescient piece of cinema that was.

          • TampaDink

            Yes indeed. Interestingly enough there have been 2 films about her (Chubbuck) released in recent months.
            From Wikipedia:
            n 2016, two films about Chubbuck played at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. The first, Christine, was directed by Antonio Campos, and starred Rebecca Hall as Christine Chubbuck and Michael C. Hall as George Peter Ryan.[29] The second was the documentary Kate Plays Christine[30] which depicts actress Kate Lyn Sheil’s preparation for the part of Chubbuck.[31]

        • another_steve

          I refuse to watch the local news here. Too depressing.

          The rape, the car accident, the fire, the water main break.

          Always in that order.

          • MonochromeMouse

            Sounds about right.

          • Tiger Quinn

            Move to Palm Springs. Our news has been “it rained last night!” for about a month now. And Obama stopped by for a couple of days.

          • Todd20036

            Ah, but what is someone was being raped in a moving car, causing it to crash into a hydrant and catch fire?
            Would you watch that?

          • another_steve

            Only if it’s later disclosed that there was an unharmed baby tucked away in the car’s trunk, that three different men are claiming paternity, and that they’ll all be on Maury at noon.


    • Todd20036

      In your dreams.
      It glorifies killing gay latinos.

  • AtticusP

    Boy, if there were ever a tragedy for which the words “too soon” were appropriate, this is it.

    • Butch

      No, if we’re talking about a reenactment I think the word is “never,” not “too soon.”

      • AtticusP

        I disagree. There are several reenactments of 9/11, and they help to shed light on things that I didn’t understand before. I think that if we are enough years removed from this, a reenactment probably wouldn’t be out of the question. But right now? Far too soon.

        • Tiger Quinn

          I think you can piece together why this political climate is the grossest possible time to show a shooting gallery of gay and trans people.

          • David Walker

            And so it follows like night the day that it’s prime time to do something as grossly inhumane as this.

          • AtticusP

            Agreed. But, supposing that Donald Trump hasn’t destroyed the world by then, in two decades who knows what the political climate will be?

            I agree that Univision is making a mistake producing and airing this program at this time. Things are volatile enough already without adding fuel to the fire.

    • BobSF_94117

      Two words. Not “too soon”. More like “not ever”.

  • bkmn

    JFC, Univision, why?

  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    Why? Why not reenact Sandy Hook too?

    How many right wing fundies and freaks will be applauding watching homos being killed? This is religious porn for far too many.

    • MonochromeMouse

      School shootings by crazy white people are old news and boring now, all the gratuitous Columbine movies of the early 00s saw to that. Now it’s all about that redneck money that the “radical moose lamb” movies will bring in.

    • TampaDink

      Because that never happened…according to the likes of Alex Jones & his gay frogs.

    • T-Batwoman

      Right wing masturbation fantasy.

    • Do Something Nice

      I agree that it shouldn’t be made. However, it could help create greater acceptance in the Latino community, something good.

  • ByronK

    This is little more than tragedy porn.

    • David Walker

      I think it crosses over into hate porn. Tragedy porn might have a little redeeming value; hate porn is more like a “how to.”

  • seant426

    Exploitative. Anything for a buck.

  • TheManicMechanic

    Were it not Spanish language , this movie would be Repug hate porn.

    • Todd20036

      It still is.

    • Blake Jordan

      Surely there will be a subtitled/dubbed version too…

      Or the bigots will just include their own soundtrack to the violent images…

  • Rebecca Gardner


    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      30 pieces of silver.

  • Secure

    This sounds gruesome & foul. What next? A reenactment of Sandy Hook? Disgusting. One psychopath slaughtered 49 innocent people with a gun. There’s nothing else to learn.

  • Rex

    There are a multitude of positive things that could be done to memorialize the victims.
    This is sounds more like a grab for ratings and money.

  • Blake Jordan

    Have they done shit like this before, e.g. a graphic reenactment of Sandy Hook, or is just because the victims are LGBTQ+, so why not…

    • Lazycrockett

      I did a little you tube search and they seem to have a lot of violent shows, granted I didn’t have time to look at them, but the images suggest its a common theme.

  • Blackfork

    Well, Univision, let’s say there was absolutely no money whatsoever to be made by doing this ‘reenactment’. Would you do it then?

  • Tiger Quinn

    Oh good, let’s wallow in it. Because we’re not flooded with alt right types who’d just LOVE to jack off to a re-enactment of a bunch of queers being slaughtered. What the fuck.

  • BearEyes

    and the point of doing this is …?

    • The_Wretched

      Control of the media. Say things they don’t like, you stand outside. Next step is some sort of license scheme or frivolous lawsuits for the ‘bad’ outlets.

  • MB
  • Boreal

    Other than ratings, what is the point of this idiocy?

    • Todd20036

      Profit, and making non LBGTs feel good about killing dirty faggots.

  • Javier Barrero

    Just another reason, why I watch Telemundo and not Univision.

    • Bj Lincoln

      I’m a BBC fan myself.

  • Lazycrockett
    • Lazycrockett
    • Sam_Handwich

      is it happening now? i dont see it on c-span schedule

    • David Walker

      From the Encyclopedia posted by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum:

      “The Propaganda Ministry, through its Reich Press Chamber, assumed control over the Reich Association of the German Press, the guild which regulated entry into the profession. Under the new Editors Law of October 4, 1933, the association kept registries of ‘racially pure’ editors and journalists, and excluded Jews and those married to Jews from the profession. Propaganda Ministry officials expected editors and journalists, who had to register with the Reich Press Chamber to work in the field, to follow the mandates and instructions handed down by the ministry. In paragraph 14 of the law, the regime required editors to omit anything ‘calculated to weaken the strength of the Reich abroad or at home.’

      “The Propaganda Ministry aimed further to control the content of news and editorial pages through directives distributed in daily conferences in Berlin and transmitted via the Party propaganda offices to regional or local papers. Detailed guidelines stated what stories could or could not be reported and how to report the news. Journalists or editors who failed to follow these instructions could be fired or, if believed to be acting with intent to harm Germany, sent to a concentration camp. Rather than suppressing news, the Nazi propaganda apparatus instead sought to tightly control its flow and interpretation and to deny access to alternative sources of news.”

      No, it’s not exactly the same, then and now, but why the fuck can’t people see the similarities and stop this shit now?

      • Bj Lincoln

        It’s step 3 after 1. Making fun of them during the campaign and 2. By creating the whole ‘Fake News’ problem by planting stories and hooking up with people who gladly spread fake news. They will make it a ‘normal’ thing to stop different news outlets at the door until some are permanent. They will keep Spicer because he confuses people with his false info so they have control of the fake narrative they are creating. Next will be another step closer to what the Nazis did.

  • Kelly Lape

    It’s bad enough the victims were targets of a homophobic homicidal maniac, but to subsequently make their families targets of insensitive and greedy corporate profit mongers is equally unspeakable.

    Do we advocate for curtailment of the 1st amendment? I don’t think so. Rather we need to hurt these monsters where it hurts most, their advertising dollars. Strategic boycotts are effective, this seems like a proper response. Time to boycott all of Univision’s advertisers.

  • Rex

    Can’t imagine being a survivor or a friend/family member of a victim. It would be impossible to escape the memory for even a day, and then to have things like this come up. My heart goes out to them, knowing I will never know their pain.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Re-victimizing the victims for profit. Trump’s America, where profit comes before all things. How utterly predictable, yet completely enraging.

  • Lars Littlefield

    Univision is a Spanish language network. Anyone who has had the opportunity to travel outside of the USA and read/watch Spanish language news in Mexico to Chile/Argentina as well as in Spain knows full well that reenactments of blood bath crimes is part of the culture in the media. Look on the back page of most Mexican and Central American newspapers and you’ll see graphic photos of dismembered bodies from car accidents, murders, airplane and train accidents. No faces are blurred out. The tradition of not showing the reality in a photo is unique to the USA, Canada, Great Britain and most of Europe. No big whoop. If yer white and ‘Merican, sure you would take offense. But Univision’s audience in not predominantly white. Different cultural values. In Oaxaca they show photos of your mother’s head resting in the gutter from her car accident. In the USA you relentlessly relive and go over the murder of Jon Bene Ramsey. Yeah. White ‘Merican culture is so much more sensitive and civilized.

    • Mr. M

      What a ridiculous justification. Tell that to the parents of the poor kids who lost their lives: “If you’re upset, it’s probably because of WHITE ‘MERICAN culture”.

      • Lars Littlefield

        Whether you approve of what I wrote or not, it is the truth. Deal with it.

        • Bj Lincoln

          You make a great point. Americans have always stressed over sex, violence and bloody imagery. Our news images have never been the hard reality of war. We were not permitted to see even the caskets coming home until Obama lifted the ban on images. Our movies are full of warnings that are useless. Different cultures do and see life differently from us uptight Americans. I can see clearly why Univision would want to do this and why they may be surprised at our reaction. As an uptight American, I can see why the bar owners and others are upset. The bar does not have to oblige them if they are that upset. As for the rest of the whiners, screw them. They don’t have to watch. I know I won’t be.

          • Mr. M

            Those “whiners” like victims families? What a POS you are.

        • Mr. M

          No. I won’t “deal with it”.

          • Lars Littlefield

            Then you might as well know there is no Santa Clause or Easter Bunny. Don’t deal with that as well.

  • Jeffg166

    Heather Trump says no news for you.

  • charemor

    Sick, this is just fucking sick.

  • rednekokie

    Yep — the Spanish language channels seem to revel in guts and gore.
    I’m not surprised — most of their programs here are just that sort.

  • TuuxKabin

    Not surprising. But totally opportunistic to make a buck and be used as a training tool. Fuck you Univision. I’d like to know if Jorge Ramos has any thing to say about this.

  • Six Pins Delores

    Univision sick disgusting profiteering