Sean Spicer: Trump Believes That Transgender Student Rights Should Be Left Up To The States [VIDEO]

Politico reports:

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Tuesday that the Trump administration will be issuing “further guidance” on a former Obama directive aimed at protecting the rights of transgender students. “The president has maintained for a long time that this is a states’ rights issue and not one for the federal government,” Spicer said. “So while we have further guidance coming out on this, I think that all you have to do is look at what the president’s view has been for a long time, that this is not something the federal government should be involved in, that this is a states’ rights issue.”

RELATED: The question came from Washington Blade reporter Chris Johnson and I point him out with that arrow because to my knowledge he’s the only White House reporter from an LGBT outlet. Standing to Johnson’s right is repulsive Breitbart reporter Matthew Boyle, who today asked Spicer about Trump’s position on the dissolution of the European Union. Because of course.

  • Boreal
    • Lumpy Gaga

      “Jockey Boy Restaurant”?

    • Todd20036

      Love the “BFD” on the jackets. Very appropriate, if unintentional

    • effing jerks. Wanna protect kids?REALLY? Don’t make em bleed out on bathroom floor

    • customartist

      A picture says a thousand words

  • They believe the same thing about LGB civil rights: That it ought to be up to the states…unless a state wants to grant broad civil right protections, then these wheezing goons want the feds to step in to stop it.

    Remember: Their first impulse when Massachusetts enacted same-sex marriage was to push for DOMA and a Constitutional amendment banning it nationally.

    • Ninja0980

      DOMA was after Hawaii’s Supreme Court legalized (for a time) same sex marriage.
      The FMA was after Massachusetts.

      • You’re right.

        • Ninja0980

          In both cases though, as you pointed out, conservatives were fine and dandy with letting the federal government impose its will on states.

  • clay

    The 14th Amendment is not state-by-state, idiot.

    • Gustav2

      C’mon, you really don’t think any of this crew has read the document.

      • Daveed_WOW

        Of course they have. They are violating it, aren’t they? How can you violate the Constitution if you haven’t read it?

      • teeveedub

        They get as far as “We the People,” and then they stop reading.

    • Rambie

      “States rights” is nothing but red meat catch phrase.

      • and during the election Trump said whatsherface Jenner could use any lavatory she chose.
        sure he justifies it.
        Lying pig

        • Rambie

          That was lie #8000901 he said during the campaign.

  • SLK in SF

    They want states’ rights when it will hurt LGBT people*, but federal control when that will hurt LGBT people more.

    *and women, and POC, etc.

    • safari

      And they want local rights until it helps LGBT people.

      • Bad Tom

        Then local rights get BANNED.
        Heads they win, tails we lose.
        Not this time, motherfuckers.

    • Daveed_WOW

      That’s the Right in essence. They don’t just want to be left alone. They want to hurt the “Other”. That is, cause actual deadly harm.

    • Blake Jordan

      They want the level of government best suited to harm LGBTQ+s!!!

  • S1AMER

    In other words, boys and girls, don’t make the mistake of being born and reared in a particularly backwards state!

    • JCF

      Well, Drumpf could have told you don’t make the mistake of being born by parents who are NOT multi-millionaires!

      • Todd20036

        He did. And he charged for it Ask his former “students”

  • Ninja0980

    Considering NY can’t even pass statewide protection laws for transgender students, what chance does someone born in TX or OK have?

  • AtticusP

    So the basic human dignity of many of our fellow Americans is subject to the whims of a group of Bible-toting hypocrites?

    I want my country back.

  • JCF
  • Lars Littlefield

    “Sean Spicer: Trump Believes That Rights For Colored and BlackPeople Should Be Left Up To The States”

    There. Fixed the headline for you. You’re welcome.

  • glass

    If we continue to allow States to overreach their legal authorities, we will end up having to show our US passports to travel from State to State.
    I’m not interested in going back to a country where non-white people are the property of white bigots, or a nation where women cannot vote.
    Remember only 27% of America voted for tram & co, the rest of us are going to fight back!

  • another_steve

    Trans people and their rights will be thrown under the bus by this monstrous administration. That’s a given. General public awareness of trans people and their issues is extremely low or practically nonexistent.

    Ask your straight aunt or uncle, and see.

    • Cackalaquiano

      There’s too little desire to try to understand what trans is. We need to speak up for our trans family.
      Edit to add: hell, even without understanding what it means to be trans, one can still, oh, I dunno, just be nice and respect people’s humanity.

      • another_steve

        Yes, but it’ll also require a massive public education campaign. Politicians doing town halls to educate their constituencies. Hollywood stars doing TV ads. That sort of thing.

        Caitlyn Jenner and Chelsea Manning are just about the only thing most people know about trans people, and together they set the cause back, in my opinion, 10 or 15 years.

      • Todd20036

        Glad Joe banned the fucktard who kept claiming that trans people were merely ex-gays who wanted to “fix” themselves.

    • JWC

      but what about sellout Katlin

      • TampaDink

        Special exemption clauses apply to all neo-con LGBT people.

      • Max_1


        • JWC


          • Max_1

            it’s o.k. if you’re republican

          • JWC

            I am live in Canada the last time I respected a Republican was President Eisenhower

      • Todd20036

        Karma. Her friends will eventually ignore her, make fun of her behind her back, or even beat her.

        Actually, I read somewhere that Caitlyn is regretting her transformation.

        • JWC

          Watch carefully to actions of Jeff Sessions in the next 48 hours

    • JWC

      Closely watch the actions of Jeff sessions in th next 48 hours

  • Ninja0980

    Want to know who else thinks that way?
    Neil Gorsuch, whom has three different groups running ads about how he’ll be a fair judge.
    He will be if you are a far right hack.
    If you’re black, LGBT, a women etc. you’re fucked.

    • clay

      Heritage Foundation

    • NancyP

      or even a male poor or middle class white employee or consumer, in other words, in other words, Trump’s target demographic… Gorsuch is quite pro-business, anti-customer, anti-labor.

    • DaveW

      Whom is reserved for objects not subjects

  • Blackfork


  • Rebecca Gardner
    • JCF

      Seriously, Spicer WHINING that Drumpf “not getting credit” for (“so-called”) denunciations of anti-Semitism? Drumpf wants to be believed? SO FIRE BANNON ALREADY!!!!

      • Lumpy Gaga

        “We’d give him a Gold Star, but… AWKWARD!”

      • Kim K’s Kute Koochy✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        President Bannon’s running everything. His orange baboon won’t let go of him. Bannon’s ego is just as big, don’t see how he’ll take a step back.
        I do hope all these things put enough strain on their relationship to break it up

        • D. J.

          They share wardrobes.

      • Chucktech

        That would be like chopping off the rudder of your boat.

        • Walter Maerlyn

          Like chopping the boat off of your boat.

        • Todd20036

          You make it sound like a bris

      • clay

        Trump made one denunciation of it days after being called on it in a press conference.

      • Walter Maerlyn
    • Cuberly

      My Rep! Yay Rep. Lee!

  • BeaverTales

    I’m sure Trump doesn’t care if a trans person uses the restroom. The GOP just needs more pariahs to GOTV. Our community will do just fine as a scapegoat.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      One word: vigilantes

  • SunsetGay

    I can understand why Sean Spicer would have animosity towards trans people after a cross-dressing Melissa McCarthy epically obliterated his entire existence. Twice!

    • Tom Ato

      Except that cross-dressing and being transgender are not the same thing.

      • SunsetGay

        I know that. Tell that to Sean Spicer! He’s the one doing the hating!

      • JCF

        “Transgender” is a spectrum, under which a cross-dressing identity may (MAY) be located.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      Sean should have to show his dick to get in to the briefings.

      • MaryJOGrady

        It would be expensive to install a microscope at the door.

        • Lumpy Gaga

          Extreme Vetting isn’t free.

    • Max_1
      • SunsetGay

        Brilliant! This will be all of us on the day this Republican nightmare is a thing of the past.

        • Max_1

          Victor Victoria…

  • JCF

    Gawd, here comes Chuck Toad blowing Drumpf again… {Click!}

  • Westcoast88

    Trump doesn’t believe anything about this. He is being told what to believe.

  • Max_1

    Obviously Trump’s promise to keep ALL Americans safe doesn’t include LGBTQI Americans…

    • Joe in PA

      But but…they are throwing gays from rooftops! Kill the ISIS!

      • Max_1

        The kinder, gentler hate…
        Kompassionate Konservative Khristians

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    Why didn’t Chris get a second question like everyone else?

    • JCF

      Yalma, to ask is to answer.

  • FAEN

    ‘Separate But Equal’ has never worked and never will.

  • Joe in PA

    the president’s view has been for a long time, that this is not something the federal government should be involved in, that this is a states’ rights issue.

    You lying POS. Trump has absolutely no thoughts on this until he was spoon fed the talking points (from Fox News no doubt).

    This “states rights” bullshit is the most cowardly way out.

    • Mike_in_the_Tundra

      If state’s rights is so important, I’m certain all of the federal government will ignore the states’ marijuana laws.

      • Bad Tom

        Excellent point.
        They can’t have it both ways.

  • david fairfield

    If we can depend on corporations and sportsball to continue to support us, this could dissuade all but the most bigoted states, where undoubtedly it will be argued for the final time with SCOTUS. Maybe not such a bad idea…I think at this point, with the tremendous support out there, this could backfire on those states and we can ultimately share the same rights as everyone else. Otherwise, I’m still waitnig for someone to sue the government over this nonsense based on discriminatory actions to TAX PAYING citizens. Why it hasn’t happened yet is baffling to me….

  • If your parents birthed you in a red state then it just sucks to be you!

  • billbear1961

    With liberty and justice for all.

    CHOKE on your goddamned HYPOCRISY!!

  • M Jackson
    • PickyPecker

      Uncle Leo?

    • JCF

      “Eat Mor Kow”

  • Blake J Butler

    Resistance is beautiful, make those fuckers toss and turn in their sleep.

    • Cackalaquiano

      She’s absolutely vile

  • Tulle Christensen

    States do not have rights, they have powers, limited by the state and fed constitutions. People have rights, Just ask our founding fathers if you do not believe me

  • safari

    I have no doubt that transrights will be in all states eventually. Like LGB rights, it’ll just move at a snails pace until a centerist federal government is in charge.

    • Lazycrockett

      Well the right has to have something to hate to preach bout and make money.

  • billbear1961

    The dictates of an illegitimate FASCIST regime installed by a hostile foreign power are of NO INTEREST to TRUE citizens of a DEMOCRATIC republic.

    You useless, cringing, ass-sucking WHORES, so-called “journalists,” where are your questions about this grifting traitor’s TAX RETURNS and his RUSSIAN connections?!

  • -M-

    Liberals: There are fundamental rights that all citizens have.

    Conservatives: People who aren’t me only have the rights I agree to let the government give them.

    • Walter Maerlyn

      it is interesting to note how the word ‘rights’ makes sense in only one of those scenarios.

  • Dazzer

    This is O/T – but it’s a refreshing palate-cleanser after all of today’s frenetic news.

    It’s Cate Blanchett doing drag at Stonewalls.

    • TonberryPi

      Dazzer, I just sent this to Joe with the same phrasing! Great minds? 🙂

      • Dazzer


    • another_steve

      I love good drag. Drag done by professionals. The more gender-stereotypical, the better.

      Good drag is a fine art and a lasting contribution to world culture.

      I hope the PC-elite out there keep their hands off it in the decades to come.

    • Joe in PA

      Thank you for posting. That was great.

  • JaniceInToronto

    Either you can crawl under the bus or be thrown there. Freedom to choose, right?

  • MaryJOGrady

    The individual states certainly have always done a fine job of protecting the civil rights of their citizens of different races. (/s Do I really have to put that? Better safe than sorry…)

  • Bad Tom

    If some of Mr. Trump’s human rights were revoked as he crossed certain state lines, he would soon believe that human rights should not be put to a vote. Period.

    • Boreal

      #shitgibbonrights #rightsforpumpkins #smallfingeredvulgarianrights.

      • Joe in PA


  • Walter Maerlyn

    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the several states of America, and to the republic for which some of them stand, many nations, under Canada, with liberty and justice in some places.

    • Jay George

      I’m done pledging allegiance and flying the flag. I refuse to honor a country that would allow someone like trump to be in charge.

      • PickyPecker

        I’m with you on that.

      • clay

        It’s against my (former) religion to pledge allegiance to objects.

    • Baltimatt

      Many nations, under Canada (except near Detroit) …

      Detroit’s a top to Windsor’s bottom.

      • Hue-Man

        7 provincial capitals (out of 10) and the national capital in Ottawa are all SOUTH of 49° North parallel.

  • Max_1
  • Wynter Marie Starr

    Sure, why not? What’s a few more dozen dead kids? I dislike the word hate, but I hate this bigoted motherfucker.

    • billbear1961

      There ARE evil things and evil, callous, cruel people who deserve to be HATED.

      • Wynter Marie Starr

        Thank you, Bill. (You know I’m always accused of being too nice) These fuckers deserve all the hatred coming their way.

  • Title IX is an issue of Federal Funding, so how the crap is it a States’ Rights issue? The stupidity is breath taking.

  • Ninja0980

    Where is Caitlyn Jenner to weigh in on this?

    • Cuberly

      She’s a GOPer that lives in CA. She doesn’t give a shit since it wont impact her for the most part….

      Sorry….just felt a need to rant…..

  • she’s Henry’s only Child. the only one. arg.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Trump believe he should grab anyone pussy as he wish, so Spicey why don’t you offer up your wife and two children?

  • Rebecca Gardner

    OT but a cool story.

    A ‘Refugees Welcome’ Banner Hung on the Statue of Liberty Today

  • Jay George

    Jeff Sessions is about to Alabamify the rest of the country. I hope there will be some safe states left.

  • FAEN

    ‘Separate But Equal’ has never worked and never will.

  • anne marie in philly

    NO, sphincter, we NEED a FEDERAL law because the states will NEVER allow trans rights! just like marriage equality – FEDERAL LAW!

  • Mike in Texas

    Haven’t the courts been trending towards including transgender in Title VII sex protections? If that trend continues, “states rights” won’t be much of a rallying cry.

    • billbear1961

      While the Obergefell Five remain on the Court, there is hope.

  • Baltimatt

    Should colored people’s rights also be up to the states?/snark

  • gosh.

    it’s hard to know how to rant about this correctly.


    • Tomcat

      Rant that they are afraid to stand for peoples rights and are throwing it back to the states for them to take the heat on taking peoples rights. Because they are cowards and cater to religious zealots, racist, and bigots.

      • mmm. i will come back later. this is a fun place very late at night (ETZ).

        racism is really starting to bother me.

  • FAEN

    Not a surprise that the GOP want to bring back Jim Crow in 2017.

  • Jay George
  • Tomcat

    Good old republicans,,, pick and choose what they want the states to control and what they want to control. They seem to be throwing denying rights to the states while controlling most everything else themselves. ASSHOLES all of them.

  • KQCA

    tRump is a coward. He’s the schoolyard bully who threatens and harms others only because he has surrounded himself with an unfair advantage in numbers or power. And if someone “grabbed him by the pussy,” they’d get arrested because that would mean they had put their hands on Sean Spicer.

  • billbear1961

    For the REPUBLIC under siege . . .

    We have no leadership–we cannot rely on a truly FREE press–all the forces of Greed and callous, bigoted EVIL are arrayed against us, but WE, the TRUE citizens of this country, WE will not abandon you, LIBERTY!!

  • Sam_Handwich


    i think this is a reversal of a ruling from Maryland

    • Tomcat

      That will start a second amendment war with the gunnuts for sure.

      • Friday

        We’ll definitely be hearing a lot of the usual quibbles about exactly where the line between an ‘assault weapon’ and anything else is. This is of course a technical discussion which will not be had intelligently by either extreme on this.

        (Personally I think at least the regulations should find where the line is between inconveniencing legit gun owners and what is *only* of interest to those up to no good and people out to just jerk off at the range with moremoremore. Often the problem is that the attempts at regulation tend to seesaw between something like a ten-round magazine limit that puts a lot of people out, and ‘anything goes’ that floods the streets with military and mass-shooting weapons. Yes, there’s some overlap but we wouldn’t have this seesawing if there were some sensible limits, …say, fifteen rounds. Yes, a mass shooter can do a lot of mayhem with a few of those, but just about no one really would feel the need or desire to walk around with spare magazines if you could just have one of around that capacity, so it would simply be a lot easier to pass *any* regulations that way. It’s just a combination of the psychology (argue with that all you want, it’s there) and the practicalities (a double-stack magazine carries the equivalent of one reload of a single-stack magazine: if you make the limit ten, they’re carrying two bulky ones when they could get through just about anything possibly to be worried about with one of thirteen or so.) That would mean a lot of perfectly sane gun owners wouldn’t end up disgruntled/opposed, too, just over having to buy and/or carry around extra stuff. This is one reason it’s often the *NRA*-backed legislators trying to ‘compromise’ regulations in places guaranteed to piss people off: they make money and support off that, while anti-gun people often rather ignorantly think ‘Less is always better…’ It’s regulating equipment, though, it *is* a technical issue, come down to it. )

    • billbear1961

      Oh, Sam, the Republic is not yet dead!!

      But all the forces of evil are arrayed to STRANGLE her!!

    • billbear1961

      I fear the current illegitimate Regime will not enforce court decisions that it disagrees with, and its henchmen in federal agencies will violate them, knowing they won’t be punished for it.

      Customs and Border Patrol are STILL discriminating against Muslims, despite the stays–even people not from the 7 countries on the ban are being abused and turned away. ICE is abusing its authority. These fascists are EAGER to please the tyrant usurper.

      British Muslim teacher denied entry to US on school trip

      Juhel Miah from south Wales was removed from plane in Reykjavik despite suspension of president’s travel ban

      A British Muslim schoolteacher travelling to New York last week as a member of a school party from south Wales was denied entry to the United States.

      Juhel Miah and a group of children and other teachers were about to take off from Iceland on 16 February on their way to the US when he was removed from the plane at Reykjavik. The previous week, on the 10 February, a US appeals court had upheld a decision to suspend Donald Trump’s executive order that temporarily banned entry to the country from seven Muslim-majority countries.

      The trip proceeded as planned but pupils and colleagues from Llangatwg comprehensive in Aberdulais were left shocked and distressed after the maths teacher, who had valid visa documentation, was escorted from the aircraft by security personnel.

      Miah, 25, from Swansea, said he was made to feel like a criminal and was so worried by what happened to him that he did not eat or sleep for two days. He told Wales Online that shortly before the flight was due to leave he was approached by an official who told him he could not board the plane.

      “Everyone was looking at me,” Miah said. “As I was getting my luggage the teachers and kids were confused. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was being escorted out. It made me feel like a criminal. I couldn’t speak, I was lost for words.

      “We got to the airport, and as soon as we got to check in, the lady behind the desk read my passport and then straight away said you’ve been selected for a random security check.

      “She took me to the room, made me stand on a stool, take my shoes off, jacket off, checked under my foot, got a swab to brush over my hand and bag, my clothing and school hoodie. They gave me the all clear and then I went. The search was about five minutes. There were five or six people in the room, two searched me.”

      He was taken to a hotel. “I was waiting for two hours for a room. It was horrendous. There were holes in the sheets, a dirty bag under the bed, the light wasn’t working and only the lamp was working.

      “My phone battery was dying so I went to my suitcase, and that’s when I realised the padlock was missing. It had gone. I was so paranoid, I was scared, I didn’t sleep or eat for two days.”

      The school booked him on to a flight back to the UK. The school party was due to return to the UK on 20 February.

      The teacher’s employer, Neath Port Talbot council, has written to the US embassy in London demanding an explanation and the issue is being taken up by Welsh politicians.

      A council spokesman said Miah was left feeling belittled at what it described as “an unjustified act of discrimination”. The council said the teacher is a British citizen and does not have dual nationality.


      “No satisfactory reason has been provided for refusing entry to the United States – either at the airport in Iceland or subsequently at the US embassy in Reykjavik. Mr Miah attempted to visit the embassy but was denied access to the building. Understandably he feels belittled and upset at what appears to be an unjustified act of discrimination.”


      Neath Port Talbot council pointed out that UK government advice states: “We have confirmed with the US government that British passport holders (regardless of country of birth or whether they hold another passport/nationality) aren’t affected by the executive order.”

      It also drew attention to a statement made by the foreign secretary Boris Johnson at the end of last month in the House of Commons, when he said: “We have received assurances from the US embassy that the executive order will make no difference to any British passport holder, irrespective of their country of birth or whether they hold another passport.”

      The council said Miah’s experience casts serious doubts on whether either of the statements could be relied upon.

    • fedupmd

      Everybody in Baltimore must feel safer tonight.

  • Rebecca Gardner
    • Tiger Quinn

      Pisses me off so much. Those firemen know the pressure those hoses carry, and that they’re breaking ribs right there doing that.

      • coram nobis

        I’m sure they knew.

  • Max_1
    • Treant

      Or, why I think he’s on the way out. He’s angered people with actual power and the ability to investigate him.

  • Robert Adams

    The Trump administration idiots are going to regret it when the Liberals turn the “State’s Rights” arguments on their agenda.

  • Gigi

    How about we leave it up to the states whether or not to allow religious persecution. How would they feel about that?

    • -M-

      How about we start passing state by state bans on the members of Putin’s Trump/Pence regime?

    • Friday

      They’ll cheer for it and gleefully persecute minority religions on the levels they can best gerrymander. Call it the ‘popular will.’

      • Gigi

        Sorry…just Talibangelist persecution. All other religions would be exempt.

  • Gerry Fisher

    I know I’ve said this a million times, but part of the problem is that many of our allies or “could be allies” think that we have civil rights already. They don’t understand that our federal civil rights law was never passed.

    • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

      I get astonished looks when I tell them that. They take it for granted.

  • Steve Morrison


    • Paula Key

      The Trump Admin. has no real programs to help “everybody” achieve their dreams as per his promises. Where are the jobs at home – Trump and Ivanka are still having their brands made overseas? So, let’s have the concentration of the masses issues of transgender persons and states rights. We will start taking on homophobic and bigoted states instead of taking on TRUMP. Where is the beginning of building the wall? Where are the coal mining and car assembly jobs?

      • Steve Morrison


  • Clive Johnson
    • Friday

      Spot-on. 🙂

    • coram nobis

      “Next question? Yes, you. Joe Gerbils, People’s Observer.”

      • Friday

        Sounds like our Joe’s campy alias that. 🙂

  • Lamb Urgini

    Should be left up to the state ?

    Because a person in one state is entitled to
    different rights than a person in another state ?

    Constitution says no thank you

    All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

    Fail .

  • Barry William Teske

    Hey USA!
    Your current federal, and quite a few state governments are making a fool of your Constitution.
    At a profit for prophets.
    Where’s the humanity in that?

  • Sam_Handwich
    • Michael R

      Yeah , so ?
      Get the message : People hate you based on your behavior .

    • JCF

      Yeah, liberal activists plan. Koch Rethugs pay. Which is more legit?

      • JCF

        I should add, maybe this is an improvement on Rethugs’ PROJECTION that George freaking Soros was paying us?!

    • BobSF_94117

      Uh… even if it’s true, they’re still constituents.

      • -M-

        I know. Crowds of angry constituents call, write, or go to town hall meetings and these assholes try to pretend that somehow they’re not real.

    • Paula Key

      Donald Trump elected. Sad!

      • selected, not “elected.” like so many other rethug precidents.

        • Paula Key

          Totally agree. I only used ‘elected’ in the sense that this is how he ended up as President – not the people’s choice!

    • CraigNJ

      It’s called ORGANIZING

  • Mark

    We have to insist there be a ‘checker’ appointed and paid by the state to be posted at every bathroom.

    • Oh yeah. Give them what they want bigtime. LMAO.

  • Halou

    I’m left here thinking the Constitution is just a piece of paper, it has no value whatsoever other than that which people attribute to it.

    • edrex

      welcome to law school.

  • Bob Conti

    I’m really hoping the ghost of Helen Thomas still haunts the press room. I so wish she was still in that chair at the end of the row, stage left. She’d have Lyin’ Spice reduced to a puddle of pee in no time.

  • Bj Lincoln

    So our kids better live in a state that lets them pee or what? Move?

  • coram nobis

    “Mr. Spicer? Mr. Spicer, does the president have his own particular views on where we should pee?”

    • Paula Key

      Coram Nobis: Mr. Spice responded to this question. “Each state will issue an urinary bill and it will give instructions as to where and how to urinate. In Southern States there will be a return to separate areas of urination for non-whites. Those people who wish to enforce religious regulations can opt to have toilets according to a) circumcized males indicated by Hebrew and English notices. b) white males and females only c) non-whites and Muslims – with Hebrew, Arabic and English references to the Bible where Abraham’s illegitimate son, Ishmael, was cast out from the clan.

  • coram nobis

    On topic, since it involves water and riparian entertainment.

  • fedupmd

    The tolerant gays, what a joke.

  • Stev84

    Many things are far too important to be left to the states

    • Friday

      You know, like the unalienable human rights of citizens of the USA, little things like that.

  • halfwaythere

    Once again,not enough FUCK YOU for this administration!

  • Jerry Kott

    T45 doesn’t know the difference between governing and ruling.

    This country is called the UNITED States for a reason.

    Fox 29 from Philly did a story on our circumstances. If you choose to see it, please visit The dots are connecting.

  • spicer really doesn’t get that he is already a joke. that in itself is funny. i look forward to more examples of what prime comic material he makes. what an idiot.

  • greenmanTN

    Being transgender isn’t my own experience, but I figured out a long time ago that my complete understanding is not needed or required for something to be real and honest. Things just are and it’s not about me/you. I don’t mean that to be insulting to any trans people here, and if it was I apologize because that is not my intent.

    I saved a photo of a young gender variant boy at his first pride parade because I think it’s such a beautiful image. I look at it and all I see is beauty. Is he trans? That’s up to him. So what’s the problem?

    • JCF

      Child is FIERCE!

  • Franciscan

    And long before Jim Crow, and before the Civil War, there was the federal Fugitive Slave Act, so that slave owners in Southern states could exercise their states’ rights to make Northern states give escaped slaves back despite Northern laws against slavery. So useful, so multifaceted, these laws based on “states’ rights.”

  • Cosmo Tupper

    Oh, OK. I guess we’ll just have to wait to see which states hate and which ones respect then move accordingly? Sean Spicer, you’re an @sshole. #GFY

  • customartist

    Why stop there – with States’ Rights”? Why not leave it to Cities, Counties, neighborhoods, or individual classrooms?? Because of the National, Constitutional guarantee of Equal Protection, that’s why.

    Shall the rights of African Americans, Women, the Disabled, etc. also be “left to the States”? – Of course not!

    There is no justification whatsoever for singling out certain classes of citizens under the Equal Protection of the U.S. Constitution. And those who WOULD single out certain groups for discrimination are THE EXACT REASON that our founding fathers wrote the Equal Protection Clause in the first place. It was needed then, and it is still sorely needed today.