Trump’s Choice To Replace Flynn Turns Him Down

Mediaite reports:

President Trump has already chosen his replacement for Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor, but his pick has reportedly declined the offer. Trump had settled on Vice Admiral Robert Harward, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, for the position, but according to the Financial Times, Harward has turned down the president’s offer. And CBS News has independently confirmed the news. Earlier today at his major press conference Trump talked up how he found an “outstanding” person for the position.

  • Lazycrockett

    Rejection specially from a fellow dude must really strike his inner child. He’s gonna be angry for a couple of days.

    • canoebum

      Guaranteed, he’s not accustomed to people telling him no.

    • Gay Fordham Prep Grad

      Especially one who is just superior in every way

  • so….about his cabinet taking longer than any other president’s to fill?
    You’re The Fucking Problem.


    • teeveedub

      The longer his shitshow goes on, the more difficult it’ll be to fill these positions with anyone but the most craven ass-kissing ideologues.

      • Jeffrey

        Those people are sitting on ready right now.

        • Xiao Ai

          Failin’ Palin be lickin’ her chops.

    • Sean Williams

      And don’t forget, Republicans delayed the Sessions vote so that Sessions could vote on Devos because they needed the 50-50 split so Pence could break the tie.

  • aar9n

    So much winning

    • Gerry Fisher

      I just don’t know if I can STAND it much longer, we’re winning so much

  • Carl

    President Fuck-up strikes again!

  • Somehow I’m not surprised. Harward seemed both qualified and competent — not to mention not corrupt — which are non-starters for this (mal-)administration.

  • AJA

    Well, as a retired admiral, I would HOPE that he would recognize a sinking ship when he saw one!

    • RyanInIllinois

      I’m going to apologize ahead of time for stealing this from you. 🙂

      • Dawngwills

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    • another_steve

      One has to be entirely intellectually and ethically bankrupt to work as an executive in the sexual predator’s administration.

      There are many who will, but many who will not.

      • pj

        you mean the lying con mans administration

        • SFHarry

          No need to disagree. Can’t he be both!!!

      • Xiao Ai

        Any sane, intelligent, person won’t ever hitch themself to this anchor.

    • greenmanTN

      But he could rearrange the deck chairs! /s

    • 2patricius2

      Well they do say “Loose lips sink ships.” And 45’s loose lips seem to be ropping big holes in the ship of state. The only question now is whether his administration or our country will sink first. Hopefully it will be his administration.

      • Samantha

        I look at it like trying to convince a child not to touch a hot stove. At some point, you have to let the kid learn the hard way. That’s the republicans right now. They are playing with fire for years now, and Democrats should finally JUST LET THEM. Trying to keep protecting them from themselves is just enabling at this point.
        Yeah it’s going to hurt, and yeah it may hurt the country just as much if not more than the Republican party. But our country will never heal without this hard lesson. Give them everything they want, take a step back and wait until we are needed to rebuild without them.

  • Scott MB

    Get the popcorn and eagerly wait for the next Tantrump.

  • BobSF_94117

    I’m a bit surprised. It’s gotta be quite a tug of war between serving one’s country and being asked to do so by a nutjob.

    • Gay Fordham Prep Grad

      I however would not turn down the opportunity to serve Vice Admiral Hardwood. (Especially when he’s just back from one of his little athletic runs.)

      • AW

        I should say “shameless slut… and I like it”

        • David L. Caster

          In light of recent events, I find the honesty refreshing.

      • Dagoril

        He can be my Rear Admiral any time he wants to 😉

  • AtticusP

    Not to worry: the orchestra hasn’t played “Nearer My God to Thee” just yet.

    But it’s not far down the playlist.

  • Sam_Handwich

    i was wondering earlier…

    Acosta wasn’t even present for his White House roll out this afternoon. Did he release a statement? Does he even know he was nominated?

    what a shitshow

    • ByronK

      Maybe he was and snuck out the back door in embarrassment.

      • -M-

        ¯_(ツ)_/¯ That wouldn’t be an unreasonable reaction.

  • canoebum

    He probably said he’d take the job if Bannon left. Otheriwse, forget it.

  • hee. rats, sinking ships, etc.

  • Gerry Fisher

    Not only a hot man, but a *smart* man, as well. (Shouldn’t you be sure that someone will accept the position before you go saying that you “have someone”?)

    • Todd20036

      You answered your own question.

      Trump isn’t a smart man

      • Gerry Fisher

        I shoulda added “rhetorical.”

      • Menergy

        yeah, how dare the nominee do anything but accept the ‘selection honor”???? /s

    • Kim K’s Kute Koochy✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Papa PizzaGate is hot too, much more so than Jr. I hope Flynn drops the soap often in the federal penitentiary.

      • William

        His kind of crazy might be catching.

      • ray butlers

        Yes I seedy. Right wing hate fuck.

    • Sean Williams

      And am I wrong, but isn’t he also a single man? Yes, I am that person that looked to see, because I have loose morals.

      • bzrd

        eeeuuuuw, that bitter, dried raisin mouth and nasty scowl????
        just gag

  • Tiger Quinn

    A hot Navy Seal smart enough to avoid this crap? WOOOF.


    ‘Finely tuned machine’… corrosive and breaking down after 3 weeks…

  • Do Something Nice

    Just wondering – is speaking Russian and having Putin on speed-dial a requirement for the job?

  • Mark

    “Specifically, Mr. Trump told Deputy National Security Adviser K. T.
    McFarland that she could retain her post, even after the ouster of
    National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Harward refused to keep
    McFarland as his deputy, and after a day of negotiations over this and
    other staffing matters, Harward declined to serve as Flynn’s

    Hmmmm…..he turns down the position because of one woman? or maybe she’s just a wee bit too much trump toxic….

    “Nobody has called foreign policy right more than President-elect Trump, and he gets no credit for it. I’m honored and humbled that he has asked me to be part of his team,” she said in the statement.

    • David L. Caster

      Perhaps it was actually a quality as apposed to a gender thing. Hard to say with that crowd.

      • ChrisMorley

        Maybe her being a homophobic bitch doesn’t help endear her to him:
        [she] had two brothers, Tom and Michael. Michael died of an AIDS-related illness on June 8, 1995. Prior to his death, McFarland outed her brother as gay, blaming his homosexuality on family abuse.
        “If I had one word to describe my sister, it would be ‘evil'”, her living brother Tom Troia told The New York Post in 2006 defending their father.

        • David L. Caster

          I guess it was quality, as in a lack thereof, after all.

    • Gustav2

      Harward wants only his own staff. Yesterday I saw somewhere else he would be adamant on this point.

    • -M-

      She crazy. No wonder he doesn’t want to work with her.

  • mjcc1987

    There’s, you know, Sarah?

    • William

      I nominate the Rhubarb Lady.

      • mjcc1987

        That’s f^%%$ funny.

        • LesbianTippingHabits

          Not re tipping, but You Must Watch This. Perfect!

      • Bluto

        She would make a fine replacement for sean spicer.

  • Blake J Butler
  • bkmn

    The stench of failure emanating from Trump is too great. I have a feeling Trump will have problems getting more people to join his circle of failure.


    • Adam King

      Where are the armpit-scratching yahoos when you need them?

  • kcken

    Can you blame him ? There are certain risks with war, and civil unrest, but those pale in comparison to the certain death your life-long career would suffer if you joined this shit show. Also, possibly jail time.


  • Paul David

    How long does everyone think this administration will last?

    I mean, this press conference today! It was worse than a disaster, it was really something we’ve never, ever seen in a president.

    Look at what Vox just posted:

    These quotes are not just un-presidential, they’re something even a college sophomore would be embarrassed to utter.

    And this is come from the Potus? SMDH.

    Then Trump’s pick to replace Flynn turns him down?

    Likely, this is an indication that the bottom is falling out of the administration, as it becomes toxic to the point where literally no one will touch it….



    How long can this administration last? Can this ship right itself?

    My view: Not much longer, and “no.”

    • David L. Caster

      Given recent history, anything is possible. My guess is it will last much longer than it should.

      • Paul David

        I guess.

        But the GOP bet that Trump would make a bunch if noise, but would sign all their little pet policies into law.

        But he’s starting to be too much of a liability.

        • David L. Caster

          The GOP needs a good reason to push him out. It’s now a balancing act: is he more of a liability in than out?

          • Paul David

            I agree.

            And I am arguing he’s becoming too toxic. They would, after all, rather have Pence.

          • David L. Caster

            Well yes, but there are formalities involved. Being merely obnoxious is not necessarily an impeachable offense. If the IC can dig up some particularly damning dirt on the POTUS, then the GOP would have some cover.

            As it is, there are a lot of Trump supporters and there are the midterms to consider, possibly putting the House into play by creating a stir around even crazier candidates that will be rejected by the non-trumpanzees. Add to that a thin majority in the GOP controlled Senate (it would be the Senate that would have to pull the plug on Trump) and GOP hesitancy to act makes a bit more sense.

          • Adam King

            Pence is too stupid to do any better, so they’ll have to get him out too. Then they get Ryan. Oops.

          • David L. Caster

            Pence is not Trump and far from the kind of nutcase Trump obviously is. He would at least be controllable. Pence is a bible-thumper and would pander to that crowd, but he is not nearly as insecure and unwilling to at least play the part of an adult.

      • lymis

        Well, that’s a sucker’s bet. It’s ALREADY lasted much longer than it should.

        • Paul David

          Not true.

          • David L. Caster

            Go on…

          • Paul David

            It hasn’t lasted much longer than it should, in fact it’s imploding much, much faster than I think anyone thought it would.

            Everyone, even the GOP or perhaps esp. the GOP, knew the Trump administration was going to be a shitshow. But they thought it would largely be contained, and for the most part be a sort of “domesticated” chaos/nincompoopery that they’d be able to leverage to get the legislation they wanted enacted.

            The speed with which this shitshow is hitting the rails is alarming even the GOP in Congress.

            The speed at which an administration “should” hit the rails is usually measured in years, or in a speedy case months, here it’s been a little over three weeks…it’s insane.

          • David L. Caster

            I think we are on the same page, or at least in the same box at the ballpark.

        • David L. Caster

          Well, there’s that. OTOH, the burden of proof required to remove the POTUS falls most heavily on the Senate. Turtle is slow.

          • Paul David


    • Sam_Handwich

      trump knows he’s in deep shit, which is the only reason he did his surprise news conference today

      yeah, it was all horseshit. but i give him credit for calling on normal reporters and hanging in there for an hour or so

      but it was a desperate move.

      • Paul David

        I guess…

      • Carl

        Or he’s too stupid to know when to lay low.

        • Adam King

          That’s why he’s holding a campaign rally this weekend. It’s the only way he’s ever gotten affirmation recently, and he’s addicted.

          • melllt

            I’ve got my tickets. I’m gonna try really hard to show up, but I probably won’t. Oops empty seat.

    • BobSF_94117

      I made the mistake of flipping on the TV and walking away before all the gizmos got going and started blasting. Happened to be in the middle of one of the nightly “news” broadcasts. And you-know-who was talking. I started screaming at the TV to shut up, shut up, SHUT UP. And a few other choice things, anything to keep from hearing what he was saying.

      The dogs think I’m crazy. One went under the couch.

      • Adam King

        Is there room under your couch for the rest of us?

    • ClevelandJim

      Thanks for that vox link. After reading it all I can think is, “Well, it all probably made perfect sense to Sarah Palin,” but to me, he didn’t say or answer ANYthing.

      • Paul David

        He’s very hard to understand since he just free associates.

    • “I’m not ranting and I’m not raving.”

      Words he actually said, as he ranted and raved about the press & media being mean to him.

      He’s mad. Genuinely mad. And he needs to be removed from office ASAP.

      • Paul David


    • coram nobis

      TRUMP: Go ahead. Go ahead. You’ve been waiting.

      QUESTION: As far as we understand, the intelligence community…

      TRUMP: Stand up.

      QUESTION: From BBC news. Ian Pannell from BBC news.

      TRUMP: BBC news. That’s another beauty.

      QUESTION: Thank you. Thank you.

      As far as we understand it, the intelligence community are still looking at these allegations, this false news, as you describe it. If they come back with any kind of conclusion that any of it stands up, that any of it is true, will you consider your position…

      TRUMP: There’s nothing they could come back with.

      QUESTION: Can you…

      TRUMP: Go ahead.

      QUESTION: (inaudible) published fake news and all the problems that we’ve seen throughout the media over the course of the election, what reforms do you recommend for this industry here?

      TRUMP: Well, I don’t recommend reforms. I recommend people that are — that have some moral compass. You know, I’ve been hearing more and more about a thing called fake news and they’re talking about people that go and say all sorts of things. But I will tell you, some of the media outlets that I deal with are fake news more so than anybody. I could name them, but I won’t bother, but you have a few sitting right in front of us. They’re very, very dishonest people, but I think it’s just something we’re going to have to live with.

      • (((GC)))

        fake news… you have a few sitting right in front of us.

        Starting with the Republican behind the podium.

      • Cattleya1

        I’m pretty sure the BBC is not about fake news. Perhaps the Donald should get out more.

    • Good article there.

      1. The leaks are real, but the news is fake: To be clear, he even reiterates that the leaks are “absolutely real.” Real = true? I guess, because a leak of false information isn’t a leak at all but simply disinformation. But somehow news reports that do nothing more than let us know what was leaked are “fake.” Because Donald has to feel victimized on both ends of what happened: The leaking of real information and the “fake” news reporting on those leaks.

      2. That time when Donald asked an African American journalist if she could set up a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus, because he assumed all black people know each other. HELLOOOO, abject racist on line one. (It’s also, in my mind, a possible symptom of dementia, being unable to tell people apart.)

      3. Donald basically trying to lecture CNN into being nice to him, because then he says he’ll watch them again. But repeatedly he’s complained about the negative coverage and stories he supposedly never watches. (Hint: WH staffers report just about every TV in the building is set to CNN.)

      4. Promises to be unpredictable in whether he commits the country to war in Syria or not. Meaning he’s not going to ask Congressional permission before he does it.

      5. More lecturing the press to try to get them to be nice to him.

      6. But complains he won’t get favorable coverage and insists he’s not ranting and raving. Repeats this four times in two different formulations.

      7. When asked a question about Russia, he diverted to whining about the election some more and about Clinton.

      8. When asked about Russian military provocations around the world, he changed the subject to nuclear annihilation. WTF?!

      9. At one weird point, as always, Donald claimed he could do other people’s jobs and be “pretty good” at it. (No, Donald. You’d be the shittiest journalist ever because (1) you have no idea what facts and truth are and (2) you appear to be incapable of talking about anyone but yourself and (3) you have the language skills and vocabulary of a D+ grade schooler.)

    • ultragreen

      I think the Trump administration will drag on and on. We might as well get used to having a 21st century version of Caligula in charge of the country.

      • Paul David

        David Brooks–of all people–said it right when he stated that he “doesn’t see how this administration can last, but also can’t imagine how it will end.”

  • Tomcat

    He said no, actually HELL NO.

  • Oh, and I wanted to add again: Donald’s press conference this morning was at Hieronymus Bosch level of hellish nightmare insanity.

    I mean, how the hell does one parse this:

    NBC reporter Peter Alexander: “You said today that you had the biggest electoral margin since Ronald Reagan – 304, 306 electoral votes. In fact, President Obama got 365 in 2008.”
    Donald: “Well, I’m talking about Republicans.”
    Alexander: “President Obama 333, George H.W. Bush 426 when he won. So why should Americans trust…”
    Donald: “I was given that information, I was just given it. We had a very big margin.”
    Alexander: “I guess the question is: Why should Americans trust you when you accuse the information they receive as being fake, when you’re providing information that is not accurate?”
    Donald: “Well, I was given that information. I was, actually, I’ve seen that information around. But it was a very substantial victory. Do you agree with that?”
    Alexander: “You’re the president.”

    He doesn’t even care that what he believes isn’t true, even when faced directly with the facts.

    • Also, there’s a pathology in this statement of his, in which he apparently cannot bring himself to admit Flynn lied about the campaign and later pre-inauguration admin contacts with Russia:

      “The thing is, he didn’t tell our vice president properly, and then he said he didn’t remember … that just wasn’t acceptable to me.”

      • That_Looks_Delicious

        That last part was Trump explaining it to himself as a way of explaining it to the reporter. He only sees/understands the world in terms of “me, myself and I.” He cannot comprehend (or even be interested in) actions being objectively inappropriate or illegal.

        • Yep, exactly. Plus the pathology angle as I noted was that he could not admit being lied to, not by someone he considers to be a close and trusted associate.

        • -M-

          Oh. He doesn’t think it was illegal. He said Flynn was doing his job by calling other countries’ ambassadors on behalf of the president-elect’s team and (pay attention now, that was the relatively tame part) he said he didn’t tell Flynn to do it, but he would have told him to if he had thought he wasn’t.

          Mind you it was illegal and Flynn was supposed to be a national security person not a diplomat and the big problem is discussing removing sanctions behind President Obama’s back and I haven’t heard of him exchanging holiday pleasantries with ambassadors for countries that aren’t Russia.

    • Tomcat

      Alt-facts ARE real facts to the moron.

      • Let’s call this what it is: Deeply psychotic delusions.

        • Tomcat


    • another_steve

      I was eating lunch while watching and listening to that exchange.

      I literally choked on my tuna sandwich.

    • RyanInIllinois

      Winston: “How can I help seeing what is in front of my eyes? Two and two are four.”

      O’Brien: “Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane.”

      You may say, “Hey, that’s from 1984 by Orwell. I read it in high school,” but basically that’s the exchange that took place between Trump and that reporter. I mean, who is to say whether 306 is less than 365 or less than 332 or less than 426? Maybe it’s more! Maybe it’s the most!

      • JT

        Drumpf: I have the best numbers.

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      EVERYBODY is going to town on that press conference. Now I wish I had watched it.

      The NY Times and Slate are just laying out verbatim transcripts of the conference because, I guess, you have to see it to believe it.

      • -M-

        I’ve only seen bits and quotes and even that’s too much crazy to know where to start.

      • I’m sure there are videos available. I’m on the fence as to whether I want to subject myself to it again. One time was already horrific and terrifying, in the sense that it is clear he’s completely unhinged and divorced from reality itself.

        • That_Looks_Delicious

          I’ve been reading the transcripts and I have to admit Trump did say one thing that was true.

          “I don’t think there’s ever been a president elected who in this short period of time has done what we’ve done.”

          That is a true statement.

        • That_Looks_Delicious

          Also, I feel sorry for whoever it was that had to put in the punctuation on the transcripts. It is really hard to tell what constitutes a sentence with Trump before he veers off to another topic. I would’ve given up and just written down the words in sequential order and let the readers try to guess for themselves.

      • Nychta

        Everybody except NPR. On “All Things Considered” today a correspondent praised 45 for standing upright for over an hour. I’m so disappointed in NPR. At first I thought they might be holding back on 45 due to funding, then found out that most of their funding comes from corporations, individuals, colleges & universities, and foundations. Only 16% comes from government or other public broadcasting entities.

        • sword

          At least Donald didn’t vomit on someone, yet.

    • greenmanTN

      At this point it seems like what we need most is for someone to hold our hair back while we vomit.

    • Stogiebear

      Since he obviously had captured the Preznit’s tiny attention, he should have ended that little back and forth with “You’re the president, and it’s time for you to resign.” I hope to hell one of the Press grows that particular hair on their newly grown nutsack!

    • ultragreen

      That’s what happens when you spend too much time in a right-wing bubble. You assume the lies are true.

    • Chris Baker

      He is surrounded by sycophants who tell him what he wants to hear, then bases his decisions on what they tell him. “I was told I was the smartest man in the world. That’s what I was told”

      As a business owner and CEO, he was probably never questioned about his ‘facts’ because he was surrounded by his lapdogs. You questioned him or argued against him, you were fired. This is a whole new experience for him–being question and confronted and having to explain himself.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    Gee, I wonder why he didn’t want to jump on all that amazing fabulous pile of winning?

  • Tomcat

    Trump, that sure is one FINE TUNED MACHINE there.

    • Tomcat

      I think one of the strings broke. Or more.

      • David L. Caster

        He forgot to feed the rat.

  • Treant

    Now we get to watch Trump insult Harward and claim he never wanted that sour, rotten meat. Unfortunately, we have to endure another press conference he’ll be late to, incoherent at, and enraged after.

    • Earl

      Then again, the more often he does it, the more likely the Republicans will be forced to deal with the bullshit.

      • Earl

        Man, did I really say that? I must be higher than I thought.

  • Tomcat

    The Fine Tuned Trump Death Star has another occupancy tonight.

  • LesbianTippingHabits

    Not re tipping, but this is an excellent development.

    Private sector types have to learn that, in government and the public eye generally, not everything revolves around them. People have to be treated with respect if they are to respond with loyalty.

    VADM (ret.) Harward is the first to recognize – in a meaningful way – that the President is not acting Presidential. And now the whole country / world knows it.

    Karma is real. And karma never lies. [And tips are good karma, of course.]

    Thank you.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Fucking hilarious

  • Eric Lewis

    Smart. Maybe Capt’n Crunch is available for the job ?

  • Rebecca Gardner

    Vice Admiral Harward is looking at this shit show and must be thinking, “No thanks. I don’t want history to remember me as being involved with you guys.”

    • William

      He didn’t want to be struck in the same room with Bannon.

      • Tomcat

        He would feel it was his SEAL duty to kill him if he was.

        • -M-

          That’s the downside of this refusal.

  • William

    Vice Admiral Harward wanted to clear out some of the people on the National Security Council. His plans were rejected.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Clearly, there are still smart people in DC.

  • Boreal


  • halfwaythere

    I can’t tell you how happy just seeing this headline makes me

  • Christopher
  • Harvey888

    One has to wonder what some of these people like the corporate CEOs, etc on Trump’s bandwagon were thinking. How can they separate their own particular niche from the destruction of the EPA, human rights abuses, the general craziness and lie-spewing antics? The truth is, if you join this administration you are supporting every bit of it.

    • Menergy

      such successful draining of the swamp/bog……..way ta go!

  • coram nobis

    He probably saw the press conference today.

  • PeterC

    I am lost: What does TDOJ mean????

    • coram nobis

      Trump’s “Department” of “Justice”.

      So, Donald Trump and President Morales of Bolivia walk into a bar, and Donald says, “I hear you Bolivarians got a ministry of the navy. What’s a country with no seacoast want with a navy, okay?”

      And Morales says, “Well? Don’t you have a Department of Justice?”

  • boobert

    I guess he really is a smart guy.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    WOW! You know you’re fucking up bad when you’re a Republican and even Fox News doesn’t even like you.

    • WretchedMouse

      Oh it was pretty tasty. I giggled the whole way through clapping like a kid! 😀

  • sword

    VA Harward realized that he would have to wear a clothes pin on his nose for two to four years.

  • Boreal
  • geoffalnutt

    A Republican will look you right in the eye and tell you “everything’s fine, couldn’t be better!” They’ll be screaming it as they search for the nearest fallout shelter. Shame, we don’t really have them any longer.

  • John Masters

    I suspect Trump just assumed, since it’s what he used to, that if he asked the guy would accept. Trump is not a man used to having people tell him no, but he’s not longer the boss he thinks he is.

  • JT

    Fuck you, Drumpf. Seals don’t want you. You’ve already got them killed in Yemen.

    • OdieDenCO

      that had to be a major factor in his decision

  • another_steve

    Oy vey… The sexual predator is receiving no nachas these days.

    I feel for him.

    I really do.

  • That_Looks_Delicious
    • Sam_Handwich

      maybe he’s lost in a mound of foam

    • KCMC

      Amber alert. Rich.

  • Jeffrey

    He is an outstanding choice for the position. That’s why he declined.

  • DuaneBidoux

    The champagne is still flowing and the band is still playing in the lavishly decorated ballroom of…the Titanic.

  • Michael R

    Trend : Turning down Trump saves your dignity .

    • And career.

    • pj

      turning off trump saves your sanity

  • gaymex1

    I guess he knows a hot mess when he smells it.
    Next: Sarah Palin volunteers.

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      Are we 100% sure we don’t want to threaten Canada with the Palin now?

      • gaymex1

        No. Canada doesn’t deserve her.
        I have been to Alaska a few times and I still don’t know how she got elected in the first place. I never met anyone who either voted for her or would have voted for her.

  • BRLA

    This is funny as hell – what a shitshow!

  • danolgb

    Hey Donald, he’s just not into you.

    • TJay229


  • Dagoril

    OMG. My sides! Oooooooh-HAHA! He was overly qualified for the DrumpfenMenagerie anyway.

    We’re going to need a new German word to describe what I’m feeling. Schadenfreude is not quite it.

  • Jim Gallagher-Barker

    Smart man refusing to board a sinking ship as the rats get ready to flee

  • RoverSerton

    As a veteran, I was always impressed with almost all senior officers. I did know som rinky dink lieutenants. A man of honor would be hard pressed to say “Yes Sir” to Trump.

  • mwest

    It’s a catch 22 because anyone who’s remotely qualified will turn down the position so we’re going to be stuck with an incompetent person as national security adviser.

    • OdieDenCO

      and how is that different than what’s in or nominated for the cabinet now?

  • houstonray

    Ha ha ha, so it’s being reported on CNN that he described the White House as a “shit sandwich”…. maybe people can get #trumpshitsandwich trending on twitter. 😉

    • Lars Littlefield

      They serve the best, best. the biglyest shit sandwiches at the Trump Tower restaurant.

  • I’m going to go extremely un-PC here–

    His are the words of a profoundly retarded child.

    • -M-

      Just for starters, Russia’s nuclear weapons are plutonium just like ours. Sad.

      • Paula

        There won’t be anymore, though. Now that NASA has stopped missions to Pluto, we can’t gather anymore.

        • -M-

          Uh. No. RTGs use a different isotope of Plutonium that doesn’t work for bombs and which we are actually finally starting to produce again (Yay! for deep space probes). The kind of plutonium used in bombs and some reactors is produced by neutron bombardment in nuclear reactors of uranium 238, which makes up ninety some percent of uranium but isn’t fissionable like the uranium 235 isotope. Technically ordinary reactors produce the plutonium 238 that RTGs use too, but it’s mixed with the chemically identical plutonium 239 that A) can be used to make a nuclear bomb and B) doesn’t make a good RTG fuel.

        • ZRAinSWVA

          It’s not even a planet anymore. #sad

    • Paula

      I could not believe that statement, even though, I heard it with my own ears. How stupid is this man? I am so glad that Becca makes such wonderful use of her Twitter account. It gives me some serious happys.

    • boobert

      His stupidity was apparent when describing flynn he said ” he didn’t do anything wrong, but he did something wrong “.

    • AJ Drew

      wait, wait; that stuff isn’t bad, he’s been spraying yellow cake dust on his face, cuz the best people told him that stuff lasts forever.

    • Cattleya1

      Ya got that right!

    • -M-

      You can tell someone tried really hard to explain the basics of uranium, nuclear power, nuclear weapons, other uses of uranium, plus ‘why nuclear war and nuclear proliferation are very bad things Donald’ to him and this is what he can reconstruct.

      And I’d like to suggest again that ‘-trump’ be declared the modern, politically correct replacement for the horribly demeaning and permanently retired ‘-tard’ suffix when constructing insulting terms. E.g. fucktrump, asstrump etc. Thank you.

    • Homo Erectus

      He knows the best words….

  • Ninja0980

    They know the implosion is coming and they don’t want to be anywhere near it.

  • Earl

    I loved the term “Shit sandwich.” I hope it serves as the epitaph of Trump’s reign of Boobery.

  • Lars Littlefield

    Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah . . . ad infinitum. Best news of the day!

  • Lily A Jafarian

    Bible bigot Gaffney, who’s a hates people of color Trump cohort, is cheering on another maniac to replace Gen Flynn…that blood lusting predatory holy war freak, Retired Lieutenant General William ‘Jerry’ Boykin.

    • LesbianTippingHabits

      Not re tipping, but Boykin is even more crazy than Flynn, but will probably get along quite well with Bannon.

  • MonochromeMouse

    “A rat always knows when he’s in with weasels
    Here you lose a little every day”

  • thom

    PRIORITIES, Gentlemen!
    First order of business is to find more high res pics of this man!

  • Tor

    He doesn’t want to hitch his wagon to that sinking ship.

  • ultragreen

    Oh well. I’m sure Putin will be happy to assist Trump in finding a replacement for Flynn. Perhaps a hired assassin from Russia.

  • AJ Drew

    Hrmm. Yay for the slap-back by Harward, but who actually would accept at this point? That’s scary to consider.

  • CottonBlimp

    Serious question: what happens if Trump can’t fill his cabinet, because everyone halfway decent turns down the job and everyone who accepts the job gets indicted?

    • LesbianTippingHabits

      Not re tipping, and thank you, and serious answer:

      Every Cabinet-level department has someone running the place. In most cases, this is a Senate-confirmed holdover from the previous Administration, just waiting for a new Senate-confirmed current Administration official to be sworn in and start to work.

      Someone is always minding the store, if only on a caretaker basis.

      But if nobody wants to serve or the Senate keeps saying No, well, we’ll see, won’t we? Thank you again.

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      And some of the non-decent ones drop out because their skin is as thin as Trump’s or they refuse to let go of their accounts to be nommed.

  • narutomania

    This whole bullshit about him claiming either:

    (1) to have read it “somewhere” (oh yeah? well where, muthahfuckah?)

    (2) or “someone” gave it to him (oh yeah? well who, muthafuckah?)


    (3) it was reported on Breitbart. (Jeebuzz fargin’ crackledoodie doo.)

  • DrRobY

    Damn, and I was going to look forward to seeing him on TV in all his bald hotness.

  • DaveW

    Slightly off topic but these two het men with stupid fluffy beards sitting next to me in Charlotte bar are discussing Mar a Lago: “they have good wine, I heard they have their own winery” “my wife likes wine. She knows wine, says trump wine is really good”. “I don’t think you can get a room there” “yeh, normal guys like us have to stay at the motel six down the road” (as if the island has one!!!!!)) then they pulled up google maps “look it has two pools” ” hey here is mike tysons placd around the corner”

    NO FUCKING CLUE. they here he is succesful and think his scam resort is s private mansion or something or it’s a hotel you can book or they serve that crap wine. I know people that winter there and inland at the polo grounds in Wellington. these idiots have no clue what this level of elite is about, that’s why they voted for him. They are STUPID.

  • Steve Heath

    #shitsandwich…Southpark did it first!

  • He lacked the necessary degree in corruption and chaos necessary for working in a Trump administration.

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    Trump couldn’t even play the role of a White House docent, much less a president.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Individuals who work hard their entire life to build a career for themselves will not risk destroying their reputation by working for a corrupted regime. There is a thing call pride and dignity the spineless GOP no longer recognize.

  • SDG

    “I’m sorry, I have a fact allergy”.

  • greenmanTN

    There are some guys who do male pattern baldness justice. He’s one of them.

  • MBear

    Aww…no more shirtless pics of him all sweaty & jogging….?!?

  • DoctorDJ

    This rat wants nothing to do with this sinking ship.

  • Robert Conner

    Ouch! He evidently knows a failed mission when he sees one.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    The GOP should have ran this guy against Trump.

  • Halou

    Looks like it is going to have to be Steve Bannon after all. eh.

  • sword

    Harward declined when he found out how much his private lawyers would cost, once Impeachment proceedings start.