Trump Continues Rant Against “Low-Life Leakers”

The Hill reports:

President Trump on Thursday called for The New York Times and other publications to apologize after reporting leaked information, saying the spotlight is on “low-life leakers.” In a subsequent tweet, the president said those who leaked information will be caught.

The president, who praised WikiLeaks during the campaign, has been going after the intelligence community recently and accusing officials of leaking information since the resignation of his national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

On Tuesday, The New York Times cited four unidentified U.S. officials in a report that said Trump campaign staffers had “repeated contacts” with Russian officials during the election. Trump on Wednesday accused the intelligence community of giving out leaks “like candy.”

  • Mark

    It’s just so horrible when that ugly shoe jumps to the other foot….
    Nasty break, cheeto.

  • Homo Erectus

    Some think Donald Trump will die in prison. Lock him up!

    • Joe in PA

      But only the best people think that.

      • Bluto

        Some of us lowlives think that too.

      • GayOldLady

        I’m not saying that myself, but other people are saying it.

    • Frostbite

      I read on the internet that Donald Trump will die in prison. Everyone is talking about it. “Donald Trump will die in prison.” people are saying. The best people. Why are people talking about Donald Trump dying in prison?

  • Other than the dumbest of the dumb, is anyone buying this crap anymore?

    • Gustav2

      Trump still maintains about a 40% approval rating. It is historically low this early in a presidency, but there are true believers.

  • BostonBud

    Karma’s a bitch.

  • Boreal
    • Stellaclovett

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  • ByronK
    • Gustav2

      And there is this:

      “Russians Lament anti-Trump Purge”

      “Quite an astounding article published this afternoon in The Financial Times.

      Russian government officials say President Trump is the target of an information war and a purge of pro-Russian officials on a part with the Great Terror of the 1930s when Stalin purged vast numbers of party officials and military officers. No, I’m not kidding.”

  • ChrisMorley

    Joe – Heading- Low Life Leaders, but you mean Leakers

    • Mark

      Rince Penis ‘thinks’ he’s a leader….but he is just a leaker.

  • Kevin Perez

    (Typo in the headline, JMG. “Leakers” is what I think you’re going for there)

  • Mark

    that orange mother fucker is the biggest and lowest leak this country has ever known.

    • BudClark

      Drip, drip, drip … he needs his Depends changed more often.

  • Paul David

    Trump: “Only complete deference to me will be sufficient to contain my rage! And then, once I have sated my need for social dominance, you will be subject to my capriciousness! Thus it will always be!”

    America: “Meh. Sorry, I don’t think so.”

    Trump: “Arrrrrrrggghhhhhh!!!!!!! Defer or I will THROW A VOLCANIC TANTRUM!!!!!!!!!!”

    America: “Meh. Go ahead.”

  • greenmanTN

    Pond scum would be an improvement.

  • T-Batwoman

    I thought he was a WikiLeaks fanboy?!?

    • Joe in PA

      Only if it benefits him.

    • Dramphooey

      LickyWeaks is defending Trump! Look at their latest tweets.

  • robirob

    When did we, as a society, decide that it’s a virtue to flaunt one’s hypocrisy and refuse to take any responsibility for one’s action? I mean this just can’t be a GOP trait where it goes on without really being challenged, right?

    • Todd20036

      On the GOP side, it’s a requirement. I’m just pissed that democrats are awfully slow to acknowledge this

    • sadoldguy

      Since reality TV?

    • Frostbite

      Who’s going to challenge it? The Democrats? Maybe, once they find their balls and put them on.

    • olandp

      The first time the country elected Ronald Reagan.

  • Todd20036

    “Low Life Leaders”. This is about as close to self reflection Trump is capable of.

    • Kieron

      Yeah, it may be a Freudian on Joe’s part. 🙂

  • JT

    Trump Continues Rant Against “Low-Life Leakers”

    Drumpf prefers high level Kremlin leakers. For him, there’s nothing better than being pissed on by Putin.

  • liondon#iamnotatraitor

    To be honest, Obama was no friend to whistle blowers either…. But The Donald is just deflecting.

    • MBear

      I’m no friend to Taco Bell but I know what I prefer to eat if I’m there.

  • SoCalGal20

    I love that he doesn’t deny what is being leaked just that it’s being leaked.

  • MBear

    There there, little snowflake: precedency isn’t what you thought it would be. There there.

  • Michael R

    Who is the worst president of ALL TIME Donnie ?

  • barrixines

    I sweat to dog the bastard makes me leak.

    Here’s a Russian puppet.

    • Stogiebear

      Tiny hands. Orange complexion. Bad hair. Yep!

  • Tomcat

    Trump plan, stop all leaks except the ones he wants leaked.
    This way the public does not know enough to stop his bad deeds before he does them.

  • Michael R

    Presidency not best place for ignorant narcissistic Russian puppet .

  • j.martindale
  • DaddyRay
    • sadoldguy

      Oh the ironing, he sets the president that proofs the hiccupcy

    • Treant

      On the up side, you can see the physical deterioration he’s undergone in just four months.

      • Lantor

        I was thinking the exact same thing

      • Charlie3

        Yeah! He looks bloated and drugged.

        • Dawngwills

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  • billbear1961

    You will not SILENCE the TRUTH, you low-life BASTARD!!

    You and your henchmen are the ones who will be backed into a corner like the goddamned RATS you are and CAUGHT!!

  • Rex

    Get a blow job – IMPEACH!
    In bed with Putin – shrug.

    • Frostbite

      More like get in bed with Putin, get radioactive herpes.

  • Tomcat

    Didn’t he say when DNC stuff was leaked,,, hey look at all the good stuff we learned from the leaks. Come on Donnie, we got some real good stuff from these leaks also.

  • Frostbite

    Awww. It’s ok when someone leaks from Obama or hacks Hillary but not Idiot-In-Chief? Too bad. Can’t take the heat? Quit.

    • time for him to take that stroll down Washout Lane.

      • OdieDenCO

        the long green mile would be more appropriate for donny. he is a traitor to his country.

    • netman extraordinaire

      Apparently, he doesn’t have the STAM-ina.

  • billbear1961
  • TexasBoy

    Trump only need to look into the mirror to shine light on low-lifes.

  • TexasBoy

    This from the man who asked Russia and Wikileaks to hack and release private emails from Hillary.

  • kaydenpat

    Unfortunately, Trump appears to be successfully shifting the argument away from Russian interference in our politics to leakers are bad. The media needs to keep focus on Russian ties to this administration. Leakers are good if they save this country from Putin’s Puppet.

    • pj

      last night local news was trump trump trump but not a word about this. very disturbing.

  • GayOldLady

    “they will be caught”……. Uh, maybe you need to reorient yourself don-don. The reality is “The spotlight” has been put on the low-life that you are and the low-life you surround yourself with. YOU have been caught.

  • vernacular100

    RNC double talk for…Voters quickly forget what a man says. Richard M. Nixon

    Read more at:

  • Mike in Texas

    Low-life leakers? Are they those women he met in a luxury Russian hotel?

  • OdieDenCO

    more candy please!!!!

  • TuuxKabin

    ” They will be caught!” Projection much, hell beast?

  • Cuberly

    When they finally release Donnie’s hookers & pee tape, I will laugh like ive never laughed before.

  • Mike in NC

    Low life leakers? Isn’t that what they make Depends for?

    • Halou

      He wants high-life leakers. “Billionaires” like himself not the scummy plebs who earn anything less that $5,000 ah hour.

  • Sashineb

    He can rant all he ways about the leaks, but HE is the one who invited Russia to hack Hillary’s emails (and leak the information.)

  • Boy Elvis

    The whole fucking ship is leaking, Trumpy.

  • RRebel

    Reading the great comments here. They are great comments, really great, the greatest. Unfortunately the trumpets are still drinking the Kool Aide and will never get the irony of this. Some people say the trumpets are incapable of recognizing irony. People are saying. Lots of people. Sad, very sad.

  • bambinoitaliano
  • OrangeJesus

    The leaks will soon become a steady stream.

  • Clive Johnson
  • Acronym Jim

    Wasn’t Trump expounding not too long ago on what a horrible presidency Obama’s was because of all the leaks?


  • Earl

    I suppose it would be rude to point out that the man called for people to leak about others, eh? Then again, I’ve heard he likes to watch people leaking on beds…

    I love the line in the url, “rant-low-life-LEADERS”. 🙂

  • Jeffrey

    It was supposed to be Russian-style oligarchy. He had all the billionaires set up in cabinet positions and everything. The best people, the smartest people! But America and the media just wouldn’t fellate him daily as they had while he was running. Because Donnie Von Clownstick is learning something that the rest of the world already knows. The only thing America likes more than building up fake celebrities is destroying fake celebrities. Live by the tabloid, die by the tabloid.

  • BlindBill

    traitor 45 and criminal GOP can dish it out, but can’t take it …. that is the quintessential definition of weakness.

  • Bubba in TX

    So…basically, “Snitches get stitches”?

    He’s like a kid who did something bad, then complained to mommy and daddy that his little sister tattled on him. “SHE SHOULD GET IN TROUBLE FOR TATTLING!!!”

  • Barry William Teske

    Yup, now it all makes sense. The most powerful people in the world brought down by a leak. Yup, makes perfect sense…

  • sword

    Just continuing the America animus against snitches and whistle-blowers. Exposing the crime is always worse than the crime.

  • yes b’y
  • Professor Barnhardt

    Barbra Streisand: I demand that you stop reading this.

  • bkmn

    Leaking was ok when it was Hillary’s campaign emails…..

  • Lars Littlefield

    “I love Wikileaks. Wikileaks is like opening a good present everyday. We love ’em!”
    “I hate the leaks coming out of my office. The leakers can be convicted to serve 10 years in federal prison. It’s hateful!”
    And then the Red Queen of Trump ordered the beheadings of several low-level staffers and stomped off to her throne.

  • Ben in Oakland

    I would council president potty mouth not to go after the intelligence community, because they are the ones with the intelligence. On the other hand, you go Trump

  • safari
  • Mikey

    posted elsewhere (ie: not by me):

    “They told me if I voted for Hillary, I would get an administration that would be criminally negligent.
    Our national security would be at risk because of her appointees and because of how sloppy her team was with her email server.
    Goldman-Sachs people and billionaire friends would “own” cabinet positions.
    And, on a daily basis, she would be telling the most outrageous lies because that’s who she is.
    I voted for Hillary and sure enough, that’s exactly what happened.”

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Oh Donald, you silly boy, you keep forgetting…..the internet, she is forever.

  • ColdCountry

    Things not working out the way you thought they would, Donny? Awwww….

  • witch

    Dear Leakers, keep up the good work and stay safe

  • Charlie3

    Trump is blowing smoke to save his own ass.

  • Cosmo Tupper

    I’m starting to believe he’s a Nazi plant. His demeanor suggests it.

  • JCF