Trump Administration Drops Travel Ban Appeals Court Battle, Promises New Immigration Order For Next Week

The Associated Press reports:

President Donald Trump’s administration said in court documents on Thursday it does not want a larger appellate panel to review a ruling keeping its travel ban on hold and will instead replace the ban. “In so doing, the president will clear the way for immediately protecting the country rather than pursuing further, potentially time-consuming litigation,” the administration said in the filing.

A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit last week refused to block a lower-court decision that suspended the ban. The judges rejected the Trump administration’s claim of presidential authority and questioned its motives. The administration attacked the decision in Thursday’s court filing, saying the three-judge panel misunderstood the scope of the order.

The decision came in a lawsuit brought by the states of Washington and Minnesota, which said the ban unconstitutionally blocked entry on the basis of religion and harmed their residents, universities and sales tax revenue. Eighteen other states, including California and New York, supported the challenge. The appeals court had asked the Trump administration and Washington and Minnesota to file arguments by Thursday on whether more judges should hear the case.

  • PickyPecker
    • Lazycrockett


  • TampaDink

    Wasn’t that his plan last week for announcing his new approach this week?

    • Stogiebear

      It’s hard to get anything done when his Mar-a-Lago Conference only gets to be held on weekends.

      • Boreal
        • bkmn

          The DNC should be running ads right now –

          The Republicans control the White House, House and Senate. The newly elected President appears not to be stable yet they are doing nothing about it – putting party ahead of country.

          Remember this the next time you vote.

          • Boreal

            Agreed. Massive buys of ad time to point out every fuck up and incompetence of the repigs.

          • david fairfield

            My background noise right now is MSNBC, and there are ads running practically at every break that are geared toward convincing us that the SC nominee is a good guy….”I would feel confident having him on the SCOTUS” type of crap. I’m not sure that I recall hearing pleas on the tv endorsing the cabinet of the president or Supreme Court, but there you have it. So, to your point, the Dems better start running ads NOW. Yesterday. But….I don’t have any hope for them doing anything. The only hope I have is that I’m wrong.

          • david fairfield

            Agreed. Now, who are the DNC exactly? Are they the one’s fighting vigorously for us? Pelosi: I’m praying. Schumer: We’ve got something up our sleeve, just you wait. All the rest: Wait. Stop. You can’t do this. Oh no. Gee, that’s mean.

        • Lars Littlefield

          Thanks. I needed that.

        • Wear it like a badge of honor, fellow Liberals!

      • TampaDink

        True….I wonder if he’s already headed south….since this is Presidents’ Day weekend.

        • TuuxKabin

          Dead Presidents’ Holiday.

          • TampaDink

            I genuinely look forward to being able to remember #45 on that holiday asap.

        • chris james

          Oh yeah, Trump is heading to Orlando for his first re-election campaign rally….and WTF you say? Yup, he’s running for the 2020 election. Gotta have those adoring crowds to make him forget the screw up he left in Washington. This gets more and more pathetic by the day..

          • TampaDink

            3 consecutive weekends out of the 4 weekends since he “took” office is a clear pattern. I keep waiting to her republicans complaining about all of his travel expenses. I’m guessing that there will never be any outcry about that.

    • david fairfield

      That’s what I thought, what’s the big deal? This is a non story cover up for something else deceitful they are doing at this very moment.

      • TampaDink

        Up to something else deceitful is bound to be the case. I doubt that there have been many moments in his life when this was not the case.

  • T-Batwoman

    If mom says no ask dad…..real third grade shit we got going here.

  • Paula

    What could possibly go wrong? πŸ˜ΊπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  • geoffalnutt

    Get ready to demonstrate…hard.

  • Lazycrockett

    Is He Winning yet?

    • Gay Fordham Prep Grad

      I know I have gotten so tired of winning.

  • Pollos Hermanos

    Great! A fresh round of protests coming your way!

  • Paula

    Where can I get an application to be a paid protester for George Soros?

    • Boreal

      Let me know when you find out.

    • saucetin

      Do they consider canvassers who register voters protesters?

      • Lars Littlefield

        You bet the do. Yesh!

    • clay

      Yesterday afternoon, I spotted a klanish meth-head carrying a loudspeaker attached to a walk-man blaring unintelligible bargle, while wearing a “George Soros financed 9/11” sandwich-board in Center City, Philly.

      • TuuxKabin

        I wondered where that dude went.

  • Michael R

    Cancel all executive orders and appointments until
    we deal with the Donald Trump problem .

  • another_steve

    I think I know how Steve Bannon thinks. All Steves, including me, are capable of devious thought.

    He’s praying for a massive terrorist attack on U.S. soil. 9/11-size.

    That would make much if not most of the current objections to a Muslim ban go away, overnight.

    • Ross

      You wrote: “He’s praying for a massive terrorist attack on U.S. soil. 9/11-size.”

      You must not be a REALLY devious Steve.

      Because a REALLY devious Steve would think:

      He’s planning a massive terrorist attack on U.S. soil. 9/11-size x 4.

      • MBear

        Considering how “in” he is with the christian terrorists, wouldn’t be surprised

      • NancyP

        Yes. Putin’s pals blew up a few apartment buildings killing about 250 people – blamed on the Chechens.

        Every day in every way we need to shout Conservatives are Cowards.

    • DoctorDJ

      Hmmm. Fire attack on the Reichstag? in 3,2,….

  • Lazycrockett

    MSNBC’s Katie Hunt is throwing some epic shade.

  • AtticusP
  • PickyPecker
    • another_steve

      The children reading here don’t know from The Three Stooges, PP. The Three Stooges were quite the thing in the 1950s.

      When my mother couldn’t take any more of me and my sister, she’d give us a dollar and send us off to the local movie theater to see that afternoon’s matinee showing of the latest Three Stooges movie.

      Got us out of her hair for a couple of hours.

      • Todd20036

        They were reruns, but I saw a lot of 3 stooges as a kid in the 70s.

        They were mostly slapstick, but if you looked closely, you noticed that they were pretty much a live and let live as far as different peoples went

  • FAEN

    Racist In Chief says what?

  • Rebecca Gardner

    This is enjoyable.

    New York attorney general reviewing request to bring action to dissolve Trump Organization
    An alternate legal route, when impeachment isn’t possible.

    • Nychta

      Enjoyable and creative. Since Congress will never make a move, no matter how egregious 45 is, other avenues will have to be pursued.

      • Dawngwills

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        • FAEN


  • saucetin

    I’ll see you in my delusions and hallucinations!

  • liondon#iamnotatraitor

    … Didn’t want to release the racist emails and remove all doubt.

  • Lazycrockett
  • HZ81

    “And this time, we had actual lawyers read it. Lawyers!”

  • Tomcat

    I hope ALL the news outlets refuse to cover his REELECTION RALLY SAT.

    For America’s sake, there needs to be some downtime before campaigning again.

    • Lars Littlefield

      There needs to be a big mirror brought forth to see if he really does have a reflection.

  • clay

    “We’re appealing.”
    “We’re reviewing.”
    “I’ll see you in court.”
    “We’re reviewing.”
    “We’re not appealing.”

    And through all that, they claim it’s Reince’s fault for screwing up the roll out?
    Donnie, you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing.

    • Lars Littlefield

      Yeah. Blame it on Reince. He’s not good for anything else, so why not? πŸ™‚

      • Earl

        I read a claim that he’s the man who’s keeping the shit sandwich going.

        Awesome call. πŸ™‚

    • Lantor

      Reince, without a doubt, will be fired–probably on special Sunday night news conference.

  • Treant
  • danolgb

    Watch the replacement be the exact same thing.

    • Tomcat

      With the caveat of, if white Christian you can apply differently for entry.

  • Tomcat

    Running like a fine tuned machine alright,,, the death star.

    • trouble94114

      Except the vent is significantly larger on this version of the Death Star


    You should listen to the video at the link: Trump, “We had a bad court. We had a bad decision.”

    Seriously. He has no effing clue. Or else he’s incredibly smart (which I don’t believe) and is just spewing garbage to feed his base. Either way: HaHaHaHa

    ACLU: “We’ll see you in court”

    • clay

      They had a bad court, in at least four different courts, making five different decisions (Wash, Minn, 9th, NYC, and now, VA).

    • BobSF_94117

      Six “bad decisions” at last count. Eight if you consider appeals. Someone deserves an egg roll.

  • bkmn

    Translation – the lawyers said there was no way they could win their challenge. Expect a repeat in a few weeks after the new order.

  • JT

    β€œIn so doing, the president will clear the way for immediately
    protecting the country rather than pursuing further, potentially
    time-consuming litigation,”

    Clear the way until the next stay?

    • Nychta

      He’ll just keep issuing executive orders till one of them sticks.

  • Tomcat

    But isn’t he afraid they are rushing in before he can write another travesty of justice.

    • clay

      He’s not that consistent.

  • PickyPecker
    • Treant

      My D is easiest when it’s at its hardest.

  • Tomcat

    Nothing said by him about Venezuela recently giving fake passports to terrorist.
    Guess they can come in through there. The government took CNN off the air there for exposing the fake passports

  • Treant

    It’s too bad the courts can’t issue a pre-stay.

    It’s the stay they would issue when they know the upcoming EO will be so bad they’re going to stay it as soon as it’s challenged. πŸ™‚

    • coram nobis

      The action might be in a different Federal District and a different circuit, depending on the new Plaintiffs. My guess is, TDOJ is forum-shopping.

      • Treant

        Prolly. It’s too bad that most courts pay attention to what the other courts have already said on the same subject. Hell, they couldn’t even get the conservative judges on-board with this EO, I don’t expect the next will be any better. This admin has stated in public that they’re discriminating intentionally.

        • coram nobis

          That’s right, and the Washington rulings at district and 9th Circuit level will be a matter of record. F.Supp. and all that. Question is whether TDOJ is arrogant enough to assert, again, that executive branch actions are “unreviewable” by the judiciary.

          • Treant

            I hope so, that pisses them off. Also, they’re more than happy to point out how wrong TDOJ is at every available opportunity.

  • Sam_Handwich
    • clay

      I’m thinking that eventually she’ll need rat and skunk puppets, too.

  • Thorn Spike

    Presidenting is hard! Maybe he should have apprenticed first. lol

  • coram nobis

    ” … rather than pursuing further, potentially time-consuming litigation.”

    The next EO will guarantee more litigation; the ACLU wasn’t kidding about “we’ll see you in court.” The only question is which Plaintiffs in which Federal District on what grounds. Jurisdiction in personam and all that.

    Even if plaintiff’s complaint reveals a prima facie recital of the infringement of the civil rights of a citizen of the United States, the Court has serious doubts that the complaint reveals a cause of action upon which relief can be granted by the court. We question whether plaintiff may obtain personal jurisdiction over the defendant in this judicial district. The complaint contains no allegation of [Defendant’s] residence in this district …
    — UNITED STATES ex rel. Gerald MAYO v. SATAN AND HIS STAFF, 54 F.R.D. 282 (W. Dist. Penna., 1971)

  • Stogiebear
  • Carl

    Let’s see what President fuck-up has cooked for up for us next week!

  • The_Wretched

    Defendants don’t get to choose to end a case. They are begging to not get a final decision on the merits since that vid be used to defeat the later filed action. I expect they’ll file in 4th or DC circuit.

  • BobSF_94117

    The bad thing is, that with several weeks to get help from brighter minds, it’ll probably be legal. The president has, rightly, broad authority over immigration. On the other hand, he doesn’t really have the budget, though I’m sure they can blow most of the annual budget in a few spectacular months.

    • There are due process issues here, as well, which he can’t just ignore — people holding green cards, i.e., legal residents, are under U.S. jurisdiction and entitled to full constitutionally guaranteed rights.

      • BobSF_94117

        Of course. To me, that was the most egregious violation.

  • lymis

    “β€œIn so doing, the president will clear the way for immediately protecting the country rather than pursuing further, potentially time-consuming litigation,”

    He’s resigning?

    • -M-


  • Max_1

    When Alt-POTUS gives a press conference and calls it a ban, use this evidence in the next court case. His intent needs to be called into question…

  • MonochromeMouse

    His handlers are trying to keep him as far away from court as possible. They know that if he tells one lie or “forgets” something under oath, no matter how small, that it’s perjury and grounds for impeachment with pretty much no defense against it.