Journalist Jeremy Scahill Cancels Appearance On Bill Maher After “Hateful” Homocon Milo Also Booked

Deadline reports:

Journalist Jeremy Scahill, a frequent guest of Real Time with Bill Maher, has canceled his appearance set for this Friday in protest of the show’s booking of Milo Yiannopoulos, the controversial Breitbart News editor who Scahill says will use the HBO platform to “legitimize his hateful agenda.”

Real Time has replaced Scahill with Malcolm Nance, author of The Plot to Hack America: How Putin’s Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Election. Yiannopoulos is set to appear as the top-of-show guest, a one-on-one segment with Maher, and so won’t share the stage or debate with other guests.

Scahill, who founded the self-described adversarial journalism site The Intercept, announced his exit via social media this afternoon. Scahill charges that Yiannopoulos’ appearance could “incite violence against immigrants, transgender people, and others.

UPDATE: JMG reader TJ tips us to Maher’s response.

“My comments on Islam have never veered into vitriol. Liberals will continue to lose elections as long as they follow the example of people like Mr. Scahill who’s views veer into fantasy and away from bedrock liberal principles like equality of women, respect for minorities, separation of religion and state, and free speech. If Mr. Yiannopoulos is indeed the monster Scahill claims – and he might be – nothing could serve the liberal cause better than having him exposed on Friday night.”

  • Todd20036

    Seriously Maher, gas chambers and bigotry made constitutional, are NOT opposing views.
    That’s like saying KKK people who lynch blacks are merely expressing their views.

    I really respected you once.

    • Boreal

      but, but, both sides………………………………….

      • Todd20036

        I like that last comment by Maher. Milo is ALREADY exposed as a house fag. A quisling. A gay man who’d beat up other gays to show he’s “not like them”. He’s also an attention whore who is going to use Maher to justify and normalize his viewpoints.

        Maher is supposed to be intelligent and savvy. I stand corrected

        • medaka

          I’ve never understood Bill Maher’s appeal. I know, pot. But the pacing of his obvious one-liners, his roundtable of yes-folks and dum-dums, the lazy, slow punchlines, the slow laughter. I know he’s mostly with us, but his shtick is just so fucking cringe-worthy. Sorry, /rant.

        • MonochromeMouse

          He’s not even a “house fag”, it’s obvious that milo is only pretending to be gay. He’s playing a character so that when he is called a bigot he can argue that he’s totally a minority too so he can’t be hateful, that’s why he acts exactly like an average mean gay stereotype, he’s exactly what the far right anti-gay bigots expect a gay person to act like but conservative.

          • Stellaclovett

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          • SFHarry

            That is ridiculous. We have shitty people on our side too who must be stood up to. Sucking a dick and having one doesn’t make you politically aware or evolved.

          • MonochromeMouse

            I’m not saying he’s not gay because he is a conservative, I’m saying he’s not gay because everything about him is clearly an act and everything about his sexuality is over the top and exactly what a gay conservative in a cartoon would be like, his whole identity is as face as his blonde hair. He’s a neo-nazi/fascist/white supremacist/all of the above who is desperate for attention and thinks they have enough influence to make their bigoted views the new normal and will do anything to get that attention.

        • bambinoitaliano

          This is how every homocon came out to joint the gravy train the way Bill Maher is following in the foot steps. Milo turd is too shinny of an object to pass up for the rating, just as every news outlet who can’t resist giving Trump the attention he did not deserved when he first announced his candidacy.

          • Ninja0980

            Tammy Bruce, Chad Moorewick etc. are all homocons cashing in on the gravy train of right wing hate.

        • Maher believes free speech should be totally without consequences even boycotts and that’s where I part ways with him.

          • narutomania

            And they are exercising their own rights to free speech.

          • Kali

            Pointing out, credit for the words here goes to Randall Munroe of the comic xkcd (stolen without attribution by whoever created this meme).
            I also love the alt text on that particular comic: “I can’t remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you’re saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it’s not literally illegal to express.”

          • Dawngwills

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      • JCF

        But, but, ratings….

  • JustDucky

    Thank you for your integrity, Mr. Scahill.

    • Ribb Rotgut

      You misspelled “cowardice.”

      • MonochromeMouse

        No, there’s no reason for someone to give milo a platform to spout his neo-nazi bullshit, unless they invited him on so they could beat his nazi ass on television.

        • Ribb Rotgut

          Keep it up. Keep calling everyone a Nazi and denying them a platform to speak. I’m sure that strategy won’t backfire at all.

          • MonochromeMouse

            Milo is an actual neo-nazi. There’s nothing wrong calling actual nazis “nazis”, and giving nazis a platform to speak is dangerous. They need their asses kicked on a regular basis, not a place to spread their bullshit.

          • Ribb Rotgut

            Antifas tried that strategy at Berkeley and look what’s happened. Milo is crying all the way to the bank. Millions more people now know of him, that he was suppressed and that his ideas are “dangerous.” They are learning about him on Youtube and are being converted to his side. Better believe this is happening. His book is not even out yet and it’s already #1.

          • OhNo,Sweetie

            so lets just let them run roughshod all over us then, right? Fuck your handwringing.

          • Ribb Rotgut

            Lol I’m not handwringing in the slightest. In fact, I’ve got popcorn.

          • OhNo,Sweetie

            probably eating it from the safety of your house, amused by the show, right?

          • Ribb Rotgut


          • Gerry Fisher

            Your cynical detachment isn’t helping.

          • Ribb Rotgut

            It’s not cynical detachment either. I agree with Milo 75% and support his right to speak 100%.

            Read my comment history to get a full sense if you like.

          • MonochromeMouse

            Getting a book to #1 is not difficult, most of the time what really happens is the publisher or the author’s publicist orders hundreds of copies to fluff up the numbers. And the antifas at Berkeley were 100% successful, the rally was shut down and several fascists got their asses handed to them, it needs to start happening every time that little nazi punk shows his face in public.

          • Ribb Rotgut

            Yeah, so successful they made Milo an oppressed folk hero, who now millions more people have discovered and getting major media attention.

            And those millions of sane people across the country, potential allies for your causes, recoiled in horror at how unhinged your side is becoming.

          • MonochromeMouse

            You have no idea what you’re talking about, Antifa hasn’t hurt anything except neo-nazi’s feelings. Anyone who becomes conservative because they saw a nazi get beat up was really a conservative all along and just pretending to be liberal because it’s more socially acceptable.

          • Gerry Fisher

            >You have no idea what you’re talking about

            Yeah, he does, actually. Read the “I created the Milo trolling playbook” article I posted earlier in this thread. Women’s March protests? Extraordinarily effective. The campus protests against Milo? Milo won.

          • MonochromeMouse

            That would be true for people who are simply promoting themselves as an asshole or reality show villain, but the only thing that stop white supremacists, neo-nazis, and other fascists is fear, they MUST be made afraid to be open about their ideology again, they only start showing their faces proudly in public when they think they won’t face any consequences for their views. Some opinions are not ok to have, and hate speech is not, and must not ever be, considered free speech.

          • Sorena ✪

            Actually Antifa folks burnt a Muslim’s limousine, beat up a lesbian and two Syrian immigrant students. I won’t be surprised if they slaughter all minorities accidentally.

          • MonochromeMouse

            You’re just making shit up now, if any of that shit happened it would have been all over the news, not just reports of mild vandalism and fights.

          • Gerry Fisher

            I agree with you that the raucous protests publicize and help Milo. I’m not sure if this journalist’s actions fall into the same category. (For people who aren’t understanding Ribb Rotgut’s main point, I found this article to be very, VERY illuminating. It’s entitled “I Helped Create the Milo Trolling Playbook. You Should Stop Playing Right Into It.” )

          • Gerry Fisher

            On the one hand, I don’t think that Mr. Scahill is a coward. On the other hand, I don’t know if his strategy is sound. For example, his cancelling led to “news” being posted on this site (in other words, more publicity for Milo). I can’t decide if quietly refusing to share a stage with him is best, or sharing the stage and pretending that he’s irrelevant would be better. You know, giving him bored looks and pretending as if he had never said anything.

          • Ribb Rotgut

            He is a coward though. That is the problem with the sjw left: they know their arguments fail when held up to scrutiny. So they refuse to engage with an opponent.

            Milo is 75% correct on his stuff. The other 25% you can easily challenge him on.

            Like, “Is Islam compatible with Western Civilization?” would be a worthwhile debate to have with him. And a sharp liberal could win that debate if they wanted. But it’s a stigma on the left to even raise these questions with a “fascist” and “Nazi” like Milo.

            You don’t shut down debate with violence or stony silence. You present your argument. Liberals refuse to do this. Really stupid. They better learn quick to step up and engage with people they find “deplorable” or they will lose wins in the court of public opinion and allies. They already are.

          • Tom from Somewhere

            No one owes Milo a speaking platform. That Maher wants to give it to him is as much of a business decision as it is a political one. Calling it a crusade for free speech is ridiculous. Maher is a professional bomb-thrower who enjoys the company of other professional bomb-throwers. Doesn’t matter which side they’re on as long as they make the same kind of noise that he does. I’m not surprised he’s invited Milo on; I’m surprised it took him this long to do it. If what Milo had to say was all that important to Maher, he would have had him on a long time ago. This isn’t about free speech. It’s about opportunism and making things go boom for an audience.

      • joeyj1220

        Milo, go find your own platform

  • the media bubble world is very fascinating to me. as i understand it, BM’s show has had any number of utterly hateful people on for “debates” with progressives and liberals. and mostly the show is about BM, who seems to think he’s really clever and attractive.

    once again, i feel like i should walk up to the store, and maybe take a busride, and just ask my neighbors if they know anything about any of these people. i’m guessing very few of them would. not harshing on Jeremy, i’m sure there are people who follow him and read/listen to him regularly.

    but real action and protest and resistance aren’t going to be about which micro celebrity refuses to be on which show one week. sorry, that’s about as important and effective as putting a “drumpf sucks!” app on your phone.

  • TJay229
  • Rex


    • Ribb Rotgut


  • popebuck1

    He goes around to campuses to train brownshirts on how to harass and terrorize the minority populations. Appearing on Maher’s show is just what he needs to fulfill his goal of making him the “hip” face of Nazism. Way to go, Bill.

    • Rambie

      On the bright side, getting the fascists to step out of the shadows is they’ll be exposed and easier to fight. They’ve been growing in the dark for decades but I’m still convinced there are fewer of them then there are of us.

      • CanuckDon

        Definitely some wisdom in your comment. Physical exposure of this type of vermin helps to lessen their impact…actually humbles them as they try really hard to look sane. I think of how un-threatening that Shoebat idiot is when we see his videos of him spewing his verbal garbage in his unkempt bedroom.

      • Uncle Mark

        I agreee that sunlight is the best disinfectant, but just like Yalma_Cuder_Zicci said (above), when was the last time Bill Maher had a guest on for the opening interview, and really ripped them a new one? Ann Coulter is one such frequent guest, and has said and written a plethora of horrible mendacities, and he barely touches on any of those. If Milo was part of the panel, at least the panel would have at him (like Jeffries did with Piers Morgan last week.)

        Bill might confront Milo if he starts spouting his Nazi bullshit, but the effect of the one-on-one interview at the beginning tends to give the guest a platform to express their views and to humanize them. Milo is a provocateur, an attention-whore, and a Nazi. What he has done to others and said should not have a platform, nor should be treated as intellectual debate. Most civilized men come from a place of shared standards of humanity, decency, and civility. Nazis & attention-whoring provocateurs have little to no shared standards with decen people. BIll risks making Milo and his “morality & politics” look normal at best, and at worst gives Milo a platform to express hateful views while putting on a circus act.

        • Rambie

          I’d hope that Maher will pin him down and expose him as a fascist but we’ll have to see.

          • Uncle Mark

            I can’t recall him doing anything substantial like that, except maybe when he had Julian Assange on the show last year.

          • Rambie

            I haven’t had HBO for years, but back in the late GWB years he usually was pretty pointed.

        • Uncle Mark

          Example: “My…such a nice looking young man. Doesn’t he have a lovely voice?”

  • Pluto Animus

    I respect Scahill’s action.

    But I wonder how the late Christopher Hitchens would have reacted, had he been in the same position.

    It’s easy to imagine Hitchens eagerly anticipating the chance to humiliate Milo in front of a large studio audience on live television. Yes, one can see him practically salivating at the opportunity to put that little creep in his place.

    • Mike Rasor

      The issue is Scahill wouldn’t actually be appearing with Milo. Milo is getting the opening interview segment where it’s him and Maher in a one on one. The question isn’t can Scahill put Milo in his place. It’s whether Maher can do it.

      • Rambie

        Maher can be very good at pinning down people in interviews when he wants to.

        • Mike Rasor

          Does he want to? Maher has some ideas about free speech and Islam that are right up Milo’s alley. I’m somewhat skeptical Maher is really going to confront him. On that front, Scahill pulling out makes it more likely Maher won’t be able to give Milo an easy pass.

          • Rambie

            That’s the key question. I’d hope that Maher will pin him down and expose him as a fascist but we’ll have to see.

      • Ribb Rotgut

        Guarantee, they will be discussing free speech and agreeing with each other.

        • Mike Rasor

          Probably, I just wanted to point out that Scahill isn’t making a choice between confronting Milo or not appearing on the show. It’s a choice between helping legitimize an interview over which he has no participation nor control, or cancelling his appearance.

        • Acronym Jim

          On that prediction, we are in complete agreement.

  • kaydenpat

    I skip Maher when he has odious mouth breathers like Coulter, Piers Morgan, etc., on his show. Good for Scahill. Milo has nothing to say and is just a provocateur. I know that Maher is a free speech absolutist but if he’s going to have Milo on, why not David Duke or some other KKK leader?

    • POTUStweets

      Oh I love it when he has those fanatics on, it’s great seeing them being ripped apart in front of a studio audience.

      Yiannopoulos is an entirely different creature, though.

      I’m a pacifist, I believe that peaceful protest is vitally important and debate is absolutely necessary, until it comes to truly evil people like Yiannopoulos.

      If Yiannopoulos were a Muslim saying the same things about Christians as he does about others, he would be in a cell already. We all know this. But, somehow far-right extremism is considered “freedom of speech”.

      • Todd20036

        I seriously doubt Maher would have Milo on the air if he were talking about any other minority, blacks, Latinos, Mexicans, etc.

        But LBGTs are ok to bash.

        • Ribb Rotgut

          Lol you clearly have never seen Milo’s talks.

        • Millstone

          I think you have Milo confused with someone else. Remember Leslie Jones? HIs “jokes” about Mexicans?

          Know your enemy.

      • Daveed_WOW

        I don’t agree. The combat is exactly what they want. Do you think Coulter’s appearances hurt her book sales? I think not. The problem is that Maher chooses to legitimate them by giving them airtime.

    • Acronym Jim

      I don’t give Milo the respect of calling him a provocateur. Yellownipples, Colter and others of their ilk are just shit flingers. When I want to see that, I’ll visit the monkey house at the zoo.

  • Frostbite

    I’d do him.

  • POTUStweets

    I enjoy Maher from time to time, I appreciate the fact that he is honest and doesn’t shy away from genuine good debate. It’s passionate, it’s funny, and even if I don’t agree on many of his opinions I appreciate the diversity of his show and humor.
    But, Scahill is entirely right.

    It’s one thing to debate passionately against conservative views, it’s en entirely different thing to even attempt to debate against an outright fascist, a man who wouldn’t think twice about mass murder for political hegemony.

    Yiannopoulos is not “just” a political ranter with controversial views. He’s a fascist. There should be ABSOLUTELY NO debating with fascists.

    When you give these disgusting people a platform you are assisting them, and you deserve all the condemnation you get for doing so.

    • Ribb Rotgut

      “outright fascist, a man who wouldn’t think twice about mass murder for political hegemony.”

      Why do you lie? This is why the left is losing and will continue to lose big this year if y’all keep up this cowardly no-platforming and calling everyone a fascist and Nazi.

      Like Obi-Wan Kenobi, if you continue with these tactics, he will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. If you want to combat speech you hate, you confront it in the open. Not attempt to suppress it with violence or demand it gets no platform. But you won’t learn. And so you’ll watch in horror as Milo becomes a mega anti-sjw supervillain this year.

      • Bj Lincoln

        I can understand what you are saying but a hater is a hater. White supremacists and known Nazi groups have crawled out of their holes and think they have a foothold thanks to Drumpf and company. We can NOT allow these people to spread their shit. We can NOT give them a platform of any kind. I don’t blame this guy or anyone else for dropping out of Bill’s show or any show that will have WS and Nazi’s on. If Bill want this EXTREMELY hateful creature on his show, fine but he can’t expect others to participate or be in the building at the same time. If we don’t call these people out as the haters they are, we would be condoning their views. We also need to stop using kinder words for what these people are. They ARE Nazi’s and WS.

        • Ribb Rotgut

          More lies. He’s not a white supremacist nor a Nazi. If you refuse to confront and engage your enemies, they will win. You sjw’s are going berzerk, and you will lose. Big league.

          • Bj Lincoln

            Piss off troll.

          • Ribb Rotgut

            *shrug* I tried to warn you. Your salty tears will flow like a river this year over Milo.

          • Millstone

            You know I love you, but the guy’s not a troll. I skimmed his comment history. He’s no Milo fan and he calls Trump “Orange Caligula.” He comes off as a jerk sometimes, yes.

            As someone who’s been called troll, homocon and quisling here (and only here) for challenging a accepted narrative, I bristle at how quickly LBGTs with different views are burned at the stake at JMG.

          • Ribb Rotgut

            In fairness, I’m 75% a fan of Milo’s. The other 25% is…well I delineated that recently in my comment history.

            And yeah, 100% NOT a fan of King Joffrey. He is a gd menace.

          • Ribb Rotgut

            As a final note, this is why many people who were firmly on the left (like myself until a year ago) have moved to the center or even to the right because of the insane grip that identity politics has on the left. There is no deviation from leftist/liberal dogma allowed without being demonized and called names. And more and more people are tired of it. Like Dave Rubin. Among other sound reasons to leave the left.

          • MonochromeMouse

            I think Ribb is either milo or his publicist, he’s doing way too many backflips to try and paint that little bleached shitstain as a normal human being to not be getting something out of it.

          • Ribb Rotgut

            Read my comment history where I was simultaneously arguing with conservatives at Mediaite about Milo’s infallibility in their eyes.

            I’m a left-leaning moderate who’s been really enjoying this brouhaha over Milo and free speech.

            Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.

          • MonochromeMouse

            Oh ok, so you’re just a troll who likes to get into and instigate arguments.

          • Ribb Rotgut

            Sure. I mean, that’s one of the best things the internet is for. Besides porn, of course.

        • sword

          I would like to be in Maher’s studio and yell “FIRE!”…you know expressing my Constitutional freedom of speech. Oh! that’s right…not allowed.

    • cleos_mom

      I’ve grown more than a little wary of being asked to respect oral dufussae on the grounds of being “honest.”

  • greenmanTN

    I’m not sure his decision is right. Make no mistake, Milo Y is a horrific person, but by skipping it doesn’t that cede the the argument to them?

    • Chris

      As stated in the piece, Milo is a one on one and will not be on the panel, so there is no argument to cede, as no one will have the opportunity to confront him.

  • JDS

    Bill Maher is nobody’s friend. He is nothing but a self-loving twit.

    • Skip Intro

      Yes, Mayer’s smug and smarmy yet I will watch Real Time every Friday night. His standup routine is notoriously clumsy and he laughs at his own jokes. He’s an “Israel is above reproach” guy. His gay jokes have been stale for years. That said, his show is essential television for the resistance.

      • Skip Intro

        … and that was autocorrect insisting he is “Mayer,” not Maher, dammit.

  • Frederick

    They’re just rude obnoxious assholes…

    Milo and others of his ilk like to think of themselves as the vanguard of the anti-politically correct movement.

  • Tawreos

    I don’t see the problem with Milo being on the show. Yes he has hateful views on some topics, but what better place to let him air them than with someone that will, most likely, mock them.

    • Chris

      Well, firstly he won’t “mock him”. Milo is not on the panel and will not be confronted. It will be the opening segment and will be about “free speech” and they will agree, while obviously misunderstanding the concept that freedom of speech does not guarantee a venue. Secondly, saying he has “hateful views on some topics” is like saying Voldemort kinda didn’t like Harry Potter. And finally, the only way to defeat someone like Milo is to ignore him, he thrives on the protests and riots, the only thing he can’t tolerate is being ignored, not watching Friday night will be a good start.

    • Garrett Sparks

      The problem is, especially in the one-on-one segments, is that Bill rarely challenges that guest and allows them to promote their agenda. I like Bill Maher mostly, but he can be very unpredictable about when he’s going to stand up to someone and it usually isn’t that segment.

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    When is the last time Maher had a provocateur, or anyone controversial on for the opening interview, and then exposed them? I seriously want to know, because I don’t remember. He repeatedly brings Coulter on and treats her with kid gloves, admonishes the audience for a negative reaction, and refers to her as his friend.

    • cleos_mom

      Maybe he’s angling for an NPR gig.

      • TuuxKabin

        National Petroleum Radio?

        • cleos_mom

          National Pablum Radio has been my preferred nickname lately.

          • TuuxKabin

            I remember when they were Nancy Pelosi Radio. Ah, the transmutations. Some for the good, some, not so much.

        • Oh’behr

          Well, he could go on Voice of America, now that it’s beamed into the USA and had temporarily two Trump campaign managers looking into VOA back in January.

    • June Gordon

      He allowed grifter Mike Huckabee to punish his brand in a softball interview.

  • narutomania

    Mr Yiannopolous clearly suffers from some kind of psychological complex whereby the afflicted individual so longs to be accepted into what s/he perceives to be the dominant social sphere (in this case, “conservatism”) that he is willing to embrace — publicly — those points of view that, if actually allowed to succeed on a wholesale level, would make his participation in society at any level a crime. The very same people that he is now claiming, along with other “homocons”, to befriend or to be “one of” would make everything about his life illegal. They would legally bar him from voting, from owning property, from holding a job, from renting anywhere, or even from being a patron in any business.

    What possible reason could there be for Maher to have this human turd as a guest on his show? Debate? Questions? Answers? There will be none. You will merely have some delusional person and his nonsensical ravings.

    No thank you.

    • Bj Lincoln


      • narutomania

        Thank you, Bj. Much appreciated.

    • Walter Maerlyn

      Your comment is eloquent both in its logic and its execution.

      • narutomania

        Thank you, Walter Maerlyn. Thank you very much.

  • barrixines
  • Ernest Endevor

    This is the same Bill Maher who signed off on a puff piece on Assange during the recent election by calling him “My brother”? That Bill Maher?

  • Gigi

    Two peas in a pod. Both Bill and Milo are ratings whores.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    The article is misleading. The top of the hour guest always comes back at the end.

    • Chris

      So you have information that the Deadline writers and Mr. Scahill don’t? Are you certain that the “always” come back and never ever has an arrangement been made like the one described has occurred on this show?

    • BostonBud

      no, the person he does the “one on one” with do not come back. He has another guest that joins the panel at the end of the show but it isn’t the same person.

      • Raising_Rlyeh

        It’s been a while since I watched Maher, but I thought that the interviewer at the beginning comes back at the end of the show for overtime.

        • kareemachan

          You thought poorly.

          • Tiger Quinn

            Thank god there are no shortage of assholes here to be helpful about things like that.

  • billbear1961

    I’m SICK of this twisted, sophistic notion that tolerance means we must tolerate everything and anything, no matter how EVIL, views that we KNOW are based on LIES and bigoted HATRED; views that, if they spread and “catch on,” could result in MILLIONS losing their CIVIL RIGHTS, ultimately their freedom or even their LIVES; views that, if they become widespread, could DESTROY the very tolerance that makes a diverse, modern democracy possible in the FIRST PLACE.

    Everyone has the right to free speech, but that does NOT mean that the speaker has a RIGHT to express himself (or herself) in any particular FORUM, that ugly, hateful BIGOTED views–which the speaker cannot back up with sound reasons and FACTS which could justify them to a RATIONAL, fair-minded listener–somehow DESERVE a hearing in a respectable setting where serious issues are debated in GOOD FAITH by people who have accepted certain standards, arrived at over a LONG period of time, a consensus of what constitutes the NORMS of a civilized, modern, enlightened society.

    Let hateful, cynical bigots–who are out to build nothing constructive but whose sole goal is to DESTROY civil society with the hope of becoming the absolute MASTERS of all those they hate and whom they irrationally and arbitrarily deem to be their INFERIORS–express themselves on the street corner, wearing a sandwich sign, like other demented FANATICS.

    What next, Maher? Will you, in the interests of “free speech,” invite Nazis on to explain why Jews should be exterminated?? Will you ask members of ISIS to explain why women should be stoned to death if they appear in public with their faces uncovered??

    Of course, you won’t, HYPOCRITE!!

    Or will you, with the desire to perpetuate the vile but lucrative CIRCUS cultivated by today’s grossly irresponsible media, the same media that made Trump’s victory possible?!

  • worstcultever

    Good on Scahill, who is the real deal both as a fearless journalist and free speech champion.

    Talking to Yannprick is the equivalent of talking to an unapologetic rapist. What’s there to say?

    Maher has always pissed me off with his Coulter bullshit, and this pisses me off enough to maybe dump him for good.

    • Ribb Rotgut

      You can’t advocate for no-platforming and be a “free speech champion.” The two are incompatible.

      • Tiger Quinn

        Only if you think that free speech means that ALL ideas get to live.

        • Ribb Rotgut

          That’s right. All ideas get to live…and die on their own merits.

      • Mike Rasor

        Free speech is about governmental interference in speech. It relys on private individuals participating in a market place of ideas. Scahill is putting free speech into action. Maher made a decision to book Milo. Scahill did not want to send a message of approval by appearing on the show (associative expression) and withdrew. He then made it clear why he withdrew. All parties were legally permitted to make their own decisions about the messages they wanted to communicate and have communicated said messages. That’s free speech.

        • Ribb Rotgut

          In a constitutional sense, It’s about freedom from government interference. But in a broader sense, it’s about respecting someone else’s right to have a platform to speak.

          Scahill has every right to retreat from the forum, that’s not in question. But he can’t be a free speech champion and advocate no-platforming.

          • CanuckDon

            What do you mean? His decision to not be on the show isn’t in any way limiting the freedom of speech. Milo is still going on the show and Scahill isn’t putting any stop to it. I know you’re enjoying the fun of trying to show the hypocrisy of the Left but you’re definitely wrong with your criticism of Scahill.

          • Ribb Rotgut

            No I’m not. Scahill’s stance, like most sjw’s, is that Milo doesn’t deserve a platform for debate. That’s no-platforming and it’s antithetical to the principles of free speech, where a platform to present ideas to an audience is understood as a right.

          • CanuckDon

            Sounds like you’re being more of a “sjw” than Scahill.

          • Ribb Rotgut

            Lol if you say so.

          • Mike Rasor

            Actually it’s not. Saying someone shouldn’t have a platform is itself speech. True free speech requires it applies to all parties. You can disagree with that position on the merits of each position, but you cannot reduce it to a free speech issue to avoid engaging with the substance of Milo’s speech. Free speech means you have a right to speak. It does not mean others have to agree with you. It does not mean you are free to speak free of criticism. It does not mean others even have to listen to you. It most certainly does not mean you have a right to make a monetary profit off your speech.

            If private actors dislike speech enough to call for no-platforming, it is incumbant on critics of that position to make an argument that the speech in question provides some value and not merely rely on vague notions of free speech to claim that the speaker has a right to a platform regardless of what they say.

            For example, if I wanted to go on Maher’s show and read the phonebook for 7 minutes, he could deny me a platform because he found my content to provide no value. If he still planned to put me on the air and viewers found out, they could call the show and object to my booking. Other guests could decide they didn’t want to appear on an episode that would be obviously boring. HBO could step in and refuse to air the episode because no one would watch. In no way did my free speech rights ever give me a right to a platform.

          • Ribb Rotgut

            That’s an absurd example. We’re not talking about reading phone books. We’re talking about ideas.

          • Mike Rasor

            But it’s all communicative. I use the phonebook as an example because it overtly demonstrates speech with little value. It’s meant to be absurd because the idea that freedom of speech requires private actors to give all speech a platform is an absurd idea.

            Maher runs a TV show it is a money making operation. If he finds more value in booking Milo than not, it’s his perogative to book him, and no one has stopped him from doing so. However, everyone who find Milo’s speech of no value has the right to make their displeasure known, and to boycott the show if they so please. The producers of the show have to decide if they’re getting more out having Milo on the show despite the headaches they will endure from viewers. That’s judgment on the value which he brings to the table and that takes us out of the realm of free speech.

            Free speech arguments are about the right to say things, and not the right to have others to subsidize your speech by providing you a platform. Milo is out in the market place of ideas. If he wrote a shitty book no one was going to read, no publisher would be obligated to buy it from him and spend their company’s money printing, promoting, and distributing the book. In that instance, he has been denied a platform because the publisher has decided the content of his speech would not turn a profit. That is not a free speech issue. Whether that judgment is made on the fact the content is boring or offensive, in no way changes that equation. People are denied platforms all the time by the private actors who control said platforms.

            You can disagree with “no platforming” on the basis of its ineffectiveness, or immaturity. That’s substantive criticism. You can defend the value of Milo’s ideas if you want. You can’t just hide behind the idea of free speech to justify saying everyone deserves a platform regardless of the value of their ideas.

    • Beagle

      I don’t see the free speech issue. Scahill didn’t demand that Real Time cancel Yannawhosis’s appearance, or that either the government or HBO take Real Time off the air. He merely said that he would not appear on the show with Yannawhosis.
      If you want to argue a Constitutional issue, it would be Scahill exercising his right to freedom of association. Or freedom to choose not to associate, if you want to get technical.

  • dcurlee

    Please, Maher knows exactly what milos character is…..I’m sure that is why he booked him.

  • cleos_mom

    Maher doesn’t even know how to use apostrophes.

  • Boy Elvis

    I don’t mind Maher booking Milo, but I will mind a lot of he softballs the interview. If he roasts the shit out of Milo and makes him look foolish I will be content.

    That is in no way likely to happen, but we’ll see.

  • Texndoc

    I noticed on Amazon that Milo’s book release has been pushed back to June 2017 from March 2017. I’d bet the book hasn’t even been written. He plays the media beautifully – end your tour at Berkeley. Get on Bill Maher and have others talk about you being there and publicize your appearance by refusing to come. Get a book deal. Have it go to Number 1 pre-orders. Damn! Have to write it now! Milo’s so used to not having to lift a finger and have the left do it for him.

    • Tiger Quinn

      Don’t blame us for that asshole. We’re hardly doing “his work” for him.

      • Texndoc

        Really? I don’t think he posted a word about a Bill Maher appearance. Don’t tell me the left hasn’t elevated him to extreme popularity to where even Tom Brokaw calls him by his first name only and defends him. (On “Today” about his “right to speak at Berkeley after being invited”)

      • Ribb Rotgut

        With every squeal of outrage and attempt at de-legitimizing and punch thrown and fire started, you absolutely are. Y’all are his best publicists for his book title: “Dangerous”

  • canoebum

    The Intercept gained a new reader this morning. I like Bill Mahar, but much of the bickering that is supposed to pass for debate on his show is unwatchable. He is a smart man, and at times very funny, no doubt. He also owns more than his share of the smarmy gene and could spend a little more time considering the effect of hosting actual hatemongers on his program. Allowing others to espouse hate and divisiveness is not a public service, nor does it advance the cause of free speech. These days, I mostly only tune in for the New Rules section, and leave the rest.

    • Millstone

      I’ve never thought of Maher as particularly “smart” or funny, and that’s reinforced whenever he veers off into bullshit (like his anti-vax beliefs).

      Real Time employs THIRTEEN writers to help give Maher things to read off his Teleprompter.

  • joe ho

    Maher and Dave Rubin–what disappointments. They act as if overly zealous college-age SJWs are the most pressing problem the country is facing now. They feed the alt-right narrative of persecution by liberals.

    • Mike Rasor

      Maher has had a twisted sense of free speech ever since politically incorrect got cancelled. He sees advertisers pulling their money from the show after his on-air 9/11 comments as a violation of free speech rights. He doesn’t seem to understand free speech works on a market place of ideas where private actors get to decide what they want to hear or support. No one has a right to have a TV show. Maher has monetized his speech and that makes him subject to market forces.

  • Michael R
  • As Dawkins said so eloquently:

    I have consistently refused, in the spirit, if not the letter, of a famous retort by the then president of the Royal Society: “That would look great on your CV, not so good on mine”.

    • Robert Anthony

      There’s merit in that. For sure.

      There’s also the question of if/when someone’s groundswell needs to be given it’s true fifteen minutes to expose how vile and flawed it is.

  • Halou

    “Liberals will continue to lose elections as long as…”
    Hillary won the popular vote by nearly three million, Mr Maher, that’s a majority nearly six times larger than what Al Gore got in 2000. Three. Million. Votes.

    • Ross

      And nothing ill ever convince me that Trumpy “won” the Electoral vote.




      • Treant

        One each for PA, WI, and MI, I see. And yes, I doubt Don the Con won the EVs there as well.

    • Reasonoverhate

      Yet she still lost the election. Dems can have all the good intentions and moral high ground in the world and it doesn’t mean shit when we lose!

    • Soren456

      But liberals DID lose elections.

      Aside from Clinton, we have a very republican Senate and House due to lost elections. And in state and locals, liberals were often trounced.

      At the moment, government in this country is quite red—because liberals lost elections.

  • Tiger Quinn

    From a really great blog (You Are Dumb) at

    “Memo to “honest, open debaters”: NOPE.

    We have apparently reached such a nadir in political argument that free speech absolutism now means having to listen to Milo Nanopenis in order to be a good person. Well, feel free to go fuck yourselves.

    We all know who Milo Nanopenis is. We all know what he is. Yet, for some reason, we have to be OK with him speaking at colleges and OK inviting him on Real Time with Bill Maher in order to be true to some bullshit ideal? Well, guess what. There’s a time when idealism runs up against hard, practical reality, and in this case, that practical reality is the existence of irredeemable fuckholery.

    I don’t have to have an honest debate with an irredeemable fuckhole. I don’t have to try to understand the point of view of an irredeemable fuckhole. I don’t have to grant, for one single goddamned second, that the views of an irredeemable fuckhole might have a smidge of validity, or that they could somehow be defeated by giving them a platform to reveal how irredeemable a fuckhole they are. You can’t make me listen. You can’t shame me into listening.

    I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but a bunch of cockthumping neo-Nazis got their views exposed, got listened to, got involved in honest debate. And now the only thing that’s stopping them from turning the country they GOT VOTED INTO FUCKING CHARGE OF into the Fourth Reich is that they’re shitty neo-Nazis who can barely manage to tie their shoes. Like Milo Nanopenis.

    Everyone has the right to speak. Not everyone deserves an audience. And yes, I’m comfortable denying that audience to an irredeemable fuckhole, and no, I’m not worried about some abstract bullshit false equivalency that to Milo Nanopenis, maybe I’m an irredeemable fuckhole and maybe he can stop me from speaking at a college. Eat abstract shit. Nobody’s inviting me to speak at colleges anyway. If Milo thinks his words are so precious, he can pay for hosting and put them out there like me.

    Giving this crap credibility out of free speech idealism is how these views become part of the mainstream and moves the spectrum of acceptability so far to the right that you people are actually arguing whether it’s OK for an irredeemable fuckhole to be given ten minutes on HBO. It’s not. Nothing good will come of it, unless he drives off a cliff on the way to the studio. We listened to Ann Coulter for nearly two decades, and where has that gotten us?

    This isn’t fear of his views, it’s revulsion at them. This isn’t intolerance towards who he is, it’s intolerance towards what he says and does, which is still perfectly acceptable. I’ll sleep easy not enabling irredeemable fuckholes.”


    Tell Bill I won’t be watching this particular train wreck.

  • Halou

    The time we spend refuting what Milo and the others say is time we spend not addressing the real issues of the day.

    How can we work out ways to let gay couples spend their lives together in peace if we’re spending all our time deciding, again, that gay people should not be electrocuted over and over again until they learn to be straight?
    How can we address the issue of police brutality against racial minorities if we’re always caught up debating whether or not black people should even be allowed political representation and the right to vote?
    How can we combat terrorism if every time the question comes up we have to go off the rails to refute the fringe crowd that claims *all* Muslims are necessarily terrorists because they don’t pray to Jesus?

    • Ribb Rotgut

      Lotta strawmen in there.

    • James

      Unfortunately the world is not so neat and tidy. Everything has to be countered at once.

  • Barry William Teske

    Let us talk about back doors Milo…oops, I mean Bill.

  • Gerry Fisher

    >If Mr. Yiannopoulos is indeed the monster Scahill claims – and he might
    be – nothing could serve the liberal cause better than having him
    exposed on Friday night.

    Exposing him expands his base and puts money into his pocket. It doesn’t matter if 90% of the viewers hate him and repudiate what he says. If some folks in the remaining 10% hear about him for the first time, buy his book, and become fans, then his appearance on the show was a success.

  • bkmn

    Nothing good comes from giving Milo yet another platform.

  • HZ81

    I respect Scahill greatly. He’s been in countries I’d be afraid to fly over, let alone land in. I don’t agree with him here, as this thing called the interwebs the kids are raging about these days is all a loser needs to build a following, be it a hateful one or otherwise.

    I will say that we had a shot at electing a real bulwark against racism and fascism last November, but his Intercept would have none of that, preferring to float Wiki conspiracies and Julian Assange fanboy bullshit instead.

    The “real progressives,” who proudly left the top of the ballot empty like the true fucking idiots they are, forwarded me Intercept nonsense all summer and into the fall knowing Orange Julius could win.

    Just saying.

  • Lakeview Bob

    I am kind of interested in seeing how the audience responds to this turd. It should be a real hoot and I expect Bill is going to regret this.

  • Goggles

    Maher wants ratings, he’s arguing disingenuously here and he knows it. Milo Whatever is not there to put his views up on the marketplace of ideas. He’s there to expand his platform to incite violence against already vulnerable people. It doesn’t matter if he gets booed off, it doesn’t really matter if Maher cancels now, this scum is already legitimized a little bit more.

    Maher was already terrible, but there are a bunch of other nominally-liberal media types that do this shit too, like Sam Bee with Glenn Beck and Noah Trevor with Tomi Lahren. Aaron Sorkin shows turned their brains to mush and they think they will engage fascists in discourse and somehow fix the situation.

  • pablo

    “Scahill charges that Yiannopoulos’ appearance could “incite violence against immigrants, transgender people, and others.”
    This guy and most people here give Milo WAY too much credit.

  • Ninja0980

    What has angered me about Maher is how he how he rightfully points out that there ARE Islamic extremists out there and countries with fucked up theocracies.
    If folks want to point that out, that is fine.
    But when we point out the bigotry of other groups such as “Christians”, he immediately goes to the you’re not being murdered line as a reason why we should accept other forms of discrimination.
    Sorry Maher, I’m not going to take being treated like dirt as some kind of prize for being “allowed” to live, not how it works.

    • Lori

      The other problem is that there are people being murdered by “Christians.” Maher’s unwillingness to deal with that does not do him any credit.

      • Ninja0980

        Indeed, the attack in CO he won’t mention at all.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Although I can understand Scahill’s objection, I still feel that Milo needs to be exposed. The question for me is this: will Maher be brutal (as he can be at times) and eviscerate Milo or will he soft-ball it? If the former, then he’s done a service, but if it’s the latter, he gives Milo a platform. That’s what it will come down to, which of them will walk away more bruised by the encounter. My hopes are on Bill. I may disagree with him on a few issues, but at least he doesn’t hide who he is and that’s something many interviewers can’t claim. So yes, we’ll be watching, probably with a nice bottle of scotch and plastic cups….just in case we need to throw something at the screen.

    • James

      Either way he gives him a platform. Either way the neo-Nazis will claim it as a win, and more people will be swayed to their side, and people will be less safe as a result. Either way Milo will profit.

  • andrew

    I agree with Maher’s reasoning and think he will make a fool out of Milo.

    • Jukesgrrl

      I hope he does, but I won’t be watching. My only power is to turn off any programs that feature this evil, hateful excuse for a human.

  • jeremyrain98

    I am on the fence on this issue. On one hand, I had to digest my acid and watch a lot of interviews with this POS Milo. Quite frankly, I have never seen anyone who is such a sociopath and willing to say anything to get attention. That turd gets the rise out of pissing off people. His “so-called” charisma is nothing but some nerve gas that gaslight people. He has to babble at a lighting rate because he doesn’t want anyone be able to process his BS and call him out on it. No sensible logic. No facts. No supporting data. None. And that’s gonna bite the bitch herself in the ass, sooner or later. Because don’t be surprise if this low-life will contradict himself.
    So I kinda agree with Maher on this “sunshine is the best disinfection”. But Bill has NO capacity to process the amount of alt-right bullshit that this bitch’s gonna spit on him or his audience. He needs to have an extreme sensible, calm, stoic guest with well-equipped facts and analysis on the other side. Remember how Bill Nye debated with that nut-job Ken Ham? Bill Nye was clearly in control of the room with his calm demeanor and his well-prepared presentation. And that’s what we need to fight back the Alt-Right. We need a Bill Nye of sociology or religion. To deal with the Nazi Devil (literally), we need a Buddha. The bitch is sure gonna crack herself under pressure.

  • boobert

    Hopefully milo will be exposed for the fame whore he is. I believe breitbart is responsible for the violence at his appearances by sending in masked agitators to cause problems. At one, a shooter was proven to be a trump and breitbart supporter. It can’t be any worse than having piers morgan or ann coulter.

  • SFHarry

    One of the major problems I see with this situation is that they are simply giving him a platform but not giving the other guests access to him. If he was part of the panel he would be open to having his views challenged.

  • Ish

    Milo doesn’t need to be challenged in conversation, he needs a brick to the head. There’s really nothing to debate with fascist scum of his ilk, not even with a Stepin Fetchit faggot that far scarier people keep around for their amusement. #NoPlatform

    Also, B ill Maher is a racist asshole.

  • James

    I know nothing else about Scahill, but on this he’s 100% right.

  • CottonBlimp

    nothing could serve the liberal cause better than having him exposed on Friday night.

    Because complex, difficult truths will always prevail over simple, pandering lies among the vapid, uneducated masses.

  • Michael Hampton

    I can’t agree more. Having him on television shows, even if everyone around him shows him to be the shallow vapid attention whore he is, who is willing to LITERALLY beat a transgender person into submission, is just what Milo wants. He needs to be persecuted. He needs to be attacked. Because that is what gets him the attention he so desperately craves. Giving him a platform, even if that platform is meant to expose him, gives his viewpoints legitimacy and gives his “followers” justification for their hatred and vitriol.

  • Jukesgrrl

    When these Fascists who call themselves the alt-right are given a public platform to incite their supporters, violence invariably results. The ones who suffer are always the most marginalized. How many times do these alt-right thugs roam the streets beating up homeless people, intimidating or even attacking gay men as well as women (no matter their orientation), destroying the property of immigrant and LGBT-owned businesses, etc.? It happens every day, but worse after this creep (who isn’t even an American citizen) uses our media to inflame the Fascists. You want to hurt Milo? Boycott his publisher Simon & Schuster. The sooner the media finds out that giving these idiots a platform causes them financial losses the faster he’ll be shut down.

  • JCF

    Good on ya, mate.

  • Chuck in PA

    This morning he was mentioned on The View and they dismissed his reasoning. But, often when they have guests, one or more of the hosts is not part of the conversation. I always figured it was because of some personal conflict. Whoopi wasn’t there when they interviewed Ice Cube, today. If one doesn’t want to be a part of a circus sideshow and maintain some level of integrity, good for them.

  • patrick

    Maher demonstrates the same ego-driven fallacy which is apparently shared by most everyone else in our popular media, it seems. That through perseverance, they will finally “win” an argument with those on the “alt-right”. That they will, at last, “catch” Trump or Milo or Conway and then, instantly, those people will collapse into a pile of dishonest-sand. These media-types refuse to recognize that they have failed, they will continue to fail. Consequently, they should learn from their mistakes and cease to continue to provide a platform for radical-rightists – merely to provide themselves with yet another vain and fruitless opportunity to prevail over their controversial-guests. This crop of politicos are evident liars and provocateurs. Their motives are not secret. They should be shunned – not glorified through obsessive media-coverage.

  • Guest

    The issue with Milo is he is a catch-22 because of the redefinition of “free speech” into saying every (conservative, let’s be honest here) viewpoint deserves every platform and anything against it better be universally pablum; otherwise it will be denounced as anti-“free speech.” Unfortunately, that redefinition has caught on among more liberal people, so people will decry the existence of any type of boycott or denial of platform the second that anyone complains about it even though some would see that as free speech as well.
    Milo either gets to use every microphone to send everyone (and eventually himself (because seriously, to fulfill Godwin, Night of the Long Knives, anyone?)) to the gallows or he gets to use many microphones on the waahmbulance where “free speech” is interpreted so that everyone just jumps on his cock.
    It’s similar to Le Pen cheering for Trump and all of the other nationalists everywhere. All they’re doing is seeing the face of the head of the factions that they will be at war with eventually for the “survival” of their race/nation/et cetera.

    Honestly, we’ve seen the correct method with the punching Nazis method. They have basically said that if it goes back to the way it was before, where their ideas were publicly, socially distrusted and annihilated and they lived in fear of the social contract, then they would have no recourse but to fester silently yet again.