UTAH: GOP Senator Intros Repeal Of “No Promo Homo” Law Banning Schools From Mentioning LGBT Issues

Ben Winslow reports at the Salt Lake Tribune:

A bill introduced in the Utah State Legislature may help get the state out of a lawsuit over a law that forbids discussion of anything construed as “promotion” of homosexuality. Senate Bill 196, sponsored by Senate Majority Whip Stuart Adams, R-Layton, “repeals language prohibiting the advocacy of homosexuality in health instruction.” “It actually removes it so they can discuss abstinence and fidelity. That’s all we allowed anyway,” Sen. Adams told reporters on Tuesday. Theoretically, that would include discussing same-sex marriage.

The LGBTQ rights groups Equality Utah and the National Center for Lesbian Rights are suing the state on behalf of three children over the law which gay rights activists have nicknamed “No Promo Homo.” They claim the law has furthered discrimination of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender children in schools by forbidding discussion of anyone and anything that could be construed as “promotion” of homosexuality.

The Utah Attorney General’s office maintains that the law is not anti-gay. Yup.

  • Thorn Spike

    How are abstinence and fidelity incompatible with homosexuality?

    • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

      That was the first thing that came to my mind as well.

    • Leo

      It gets into that whole “be gay but don’t act on it” trope that dominates the discussions around this kind of legislation in the theocracy-leaning states.

    • David Raymore

      Even though students who have signed the abstinence pact, the pregnancy rate went up because they were not educated on sex. Another stupid bill for the Christian haters against LGBTQ.

      • Todd20036

        Or it was: But he loves me and we will get married….
        Yeah, sure. At least gay men admit openly we are pigs.

        • Statistics Palin

          I prefer the Betty Bowers version, “save the front hole for marriage.”

      • Steverino

        And some of them think if they do it up the butt, it’s not sex.


        • Todd20036

          That’s a real thing, isn’t it? Anal sex isn’t really breaking the cherry.

          • stuckinthewoods

            A school teacher told me her female students don’t consider oral to be sex either.

          • safari

            Then I’m an extra-virgin.

          • Ginatkrebs

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            I haven’t found a cherry, yet.

          • Ragnar Lothbrok

            Just the tip

          • Erinjdelarosa

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        • Shy Guy
    • vorpal

      Because to them, homosexuality isn’t a state of being. They reduce us to a sex act.

      It’s insane. I tell them I was just as gay when I was a horny little pervy 17 year old virgin finding creative uses for fruits and vegetables to relieve myself as I was when I was 18 and had my first boyfriend.

      In their world, am I even gay if I’m not actively engaged in the buttsexes?
      I guess unless I’m simultaneously getting laid by my husband while I eat my bacon and eggs in the morning, it’s a heterosexual breakfast.

    • Rick Zajac

      Probably because they think we’re all raving sex maniacs lurking in parks and restrooms.

  • Do Something Nice

    I think Utah needs a NO VOTO for DODOs law, to prevent these idiots from winning elections.

    • Jamie_Johnson

      If we prohibited Dodos from voting, Utah would revert to the Ute Indians.

  • Gustav2

    We will see a flurry of activity in state legislatures because they think the Supremes will be majority conservative by the time these laws work their way through the court system.

    • Todd20036

      Except Kennedy is pretty good about LBGT issues.
      So even if a SCOTUS justice who is conservative is confirmed, it won’t help the haters

      • Steverino

        For now…

      • Jamie_Johnson

        Until RBG quits or more likely, dies, and then we’re done, SCOTUS gone for at least a generation. (I know we’ve hashed it over and over, but this was *the* issue throughout the election that got short-shrift). Oh, how I wish more liberals had paid attention, particularly the 53% of white women who voted orange, and not incidentally, for them to lose control of their bodies.

    • Ninja0980

      Indeed, that is the whole point of challenging marriage equality etc.
      The bigots hope to stick it to us and if Trump can stack the courts, he will.

  • Rex

    It’s just anti-free speech, that’s not so bad.

    • Oh’behr

      IOKIYAR. Free speech for Republicans. Not for other people.

  • vorpal

    Like in Russia, I’m sure that people declaring anti-gay messages will, however, not be punished.

    These people want to create their LGBT hate paradise where they can spread misconceptions and lies demonizing gay people and remain unchallenged to “protect children”, while being completely oblivious that children need protection from them.

    It’s amazing how freaking fragile these people seem to think that heterosexuality is: one non-negative mention of homosexuality will indubitably make a person lose any and all capacity to ever find the opposite sex attractive and go screaming, limp-wristed, into the arms of full on homo-goodness, which can only be “cured” by years and years of excruciating, torturous therapy.

    Then again, they also typically believe there’s a huge war of invisible angels and demons going on around us at all times, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    • Steverino

      Indeed, it all leads to projection.

    • DaveW

      I think a lot of them would be curious and they (and their culty wives) are scared to death they will act on it and jeebus will be watching

      The crazy christers I know are literally scared to death of being judged. Projection, they judge constantly

  • Steverino

    Oh, Betsy DeVos will come to the rescue and advocate for Russian-style no-promo-homo in public schools nationwide.

  • Michael R

    You don’t have to teach them HOW to do anything


  • Tawreos

    They seem to believe that if you don’t mention sex or homosexuality then no one will ever ever have the urges that lead towards them.

    • Todd20036

      Right? That would make logical sense only if homosexuality was some sort of new phenomenon.

  • Paula

    Sure fuckhead, right after you pass a law banning all mention of gawd, jeebus,momornism, x-tianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, prayer of any kind, any object that might be considered remotely religious, including magic underwear, and missionaries. Then we’ll talk!

    • T-Batwoman

      I’m very anti-religion but I tend to cut peaceful religions a ton of slack, although they are few and far between.

      • jonfromcalifornia

        Actually, I don’t know any religions that are “peaceful”. Look at Buddhism and its long war on the Hindu (Tamil) minority in Sri Lanka and its war on Muslims in Burma.

  • Todd20036

    LBGT exist! Shocking.
    Actually, many haters don’t even acknowledge lesbians exist. Maybe they think that lesbians still secretly crave the penis.

    • Tomcat

      Lesbians crave the same penis that republican wives do.
      Big, rubbery and battery operated.

    • Oh’behr

      Only as there were enough Mormons there. That’s the way it also felt in Montana. Lesbians are okay and not invisible. Somehow lesbians will come around …
      Yet gay men, better be invisible and not be seen, if otherwise, eek, lock up the kids and be hostile because, well, men having sex with other men, it’s unnatural and needs laws banning it. Bigger government and all that stuff. Men craving penis is not good.

    • Lars Littlefield

      I know I do. 😛

  • Edmund Allin

    I’ve just realised that the UK is ahead of the US in *something*.

    All these laws being introduced (and this one in particular) remind me of Thatcher’s Section 28, introduced in 1988.

  • bkmn

    They really don’t like the First Amendment.

    • Todd20036

      No. They hate the idea of separation of church and state, and they think only “good” people have a right to say whatever they want.
      “Good” = Nazis.

    • Steverino

      If they think exercising their freedoms under the First Amendment requires victims, they are not exercising those freedoms correctly.

    • BearEyes

      they hate the 14th as well

    • Michael White

      but they worship part of the 2nd. It is the phallic symbol: long and hard

  • Tomcat

    Next they will ban homogenized milk, thinking it might be the cause.

  • HZ81

    The only “discussion” about LGBTQ folks allowed in right-winger world is calling us fags, dykes and worse.

  • safari

    The K12 district I attended couldn’t talk about abortion, masturbation, or homosexuality. The health ed teach was a lesbian living with another teacher. Some of my peers and I were gay or bi but heavily closeted because of harassment and fear. Why in the hell would anyone want to keep fear and harassment in schools? Gays/Bis are not going to go away if it isn’t talked about, it just makes them afraid or perceived as “wrong”.

    • safari

      Also, let’s talk about sex and health!

    • Lars Littlefield


  • Tomcat

    Well bless their shriveled little black hearts.

  • ByronK

    It could be called the “Let’s Not Be Russian Into This” Bill.

  • Paul David

    Yet another reason why the Obama era was disastrous for Democrats and women generally, and gays generally, and minorities generally: we allowed 3/5ths of state legislatures to fall into the hands of regressive conservatives with primitive, backward social mores.

    We. Need. To. Take. Back. Our. State. And. Local. Governments.

    • it’ll be a hard slog to do it that way. lots and lots of people will have to swarm their local dem party meetings, and keep going to them, until we’ve primaried out every DINO and put a mess of real reps in state houses.

      i’m not sure Teh Peeple are up for that kind of work.

      • Paul David


        Hell no.

        Liberals think that simply expressing your political preferences will lead to change, the same as expressing your consumer preferences leads to change in the marketplace.

        That’s why we’ve all been congratulating ourselves after the Women’s March, we think we’ve enthusiastically expressed our preferences, and that will lead to change!

        But, politics don’t work that way. As old people and the GOP know: the ONLY thing that matters is voting. And progressives just don’t have time for any of that.

        • yeah, that used to be true.

          what old people DON’T seem to understand is how technology works. and that the russians, or any number of groups with the money and the technicians, can hack our e-voting machines so easily it’s not even funny.

          (if you’ve seen the Animatrix you know the voice i’m using right now)

          Combined with other forms of messing with voting, including making sure that minorities don’t get to vote, that people are thrown off voter rolls, lies that send people to the wrong address to vote, etc., the russians and the machines have hacked this democracy.

          like i keep saying, i’m waiting for people to realize. this is war. it’s “small” and “peaceful,” but it is an attack on everything we’re supposed to hold dear. the people who can do something about it must realize this. i’m not sure how to convince them and i agree with you that marching is a feel good exercise that accomplishes little. this is what really sucks about being smart and informed, but at the same time Little and relatively without financial resources.

          • Paul David

            It’s amazing how Racist Grandma can be so easily misled.


        • Xiao Ai

          I was telling my partner’s nephew this just last evening.

        • Lars Littlefield

          Go preach that shit to those living in states that didn’t vote for Hillary. Even in my county, which is mostly conservative, we turned out the vote for Hillary. Sadly, the majority of the state voted for Trump — and even they didn’t want to. The conservative glue is stronger than you can know. Imagine how thrilled a Democrat who lives in Layton, Utah, feels about hearing that they didn’t do enough to work for change in their state. Us “liberals” do a hell of a lot more than you can imagine. We don’t sit on our butts and enjoy our farts because we think we’re special. I’m so fucking tired of hearing “But the Democrats/liberals were too lazy and didn’t do enough to get out the vote.” What did you do to get out the vote? Did you work phone banks? Did you hold neighborhood meetings at your home? Did you go door to door talking with conservatives in conservative neighborhoods? Did you sponsor any public political discussions or debates in your community, regardless of how small or large? How much money and time did you invest in the Dems and liberals?

          Trying to shame liberals by telling us we didn’t do enough is bull shit and I am calling out anyone who says otherwise on the fucking carpet. I guess we liberals didn’t do enough, so that’s why Hillary won the popular vote by almost three million votes. There were a lot of reasons the last election failed so miserably for the Democrats, but community outreach and working our asses of was not one of them. Find a different excuse, a real one, to complain about.

          • Jamie_Johnson

            Don’t take it personally. We all know lots of Democratic activists who worked their asses off organizing all of the ways you outlined and more, and then Comey stepped in at the last minute and un-did all of that work (although he wasn’t alone, as the constant diatribe of doubt that the media fomented had its intended effect).

            What this highlights is the structural differences between Ds and Rs: the Ds have to work for every single vote every single election, while the Rs only lose the votes when they fuck it up so badly that there’s no choice but to vote them out (and in Utah, you have to wonder exactly what would make a typical Republican cross that line). It wasn’t always this way; there was a time, in what now seems the distant past, that the majority pulled the ‘D’ lever without hesitation. My point is that it can change and it’s efforts like yours that will.

          • Paul David

            I did most of that!

            But I live in Seattle, so it was all for naught….

      • fuzzybits

        The old guard needs to be doing a lot more outreach to the millennials.

      • Friday

        Actually in a whole lot of the country there just isn’t meaningful Dem opposition at all, there’s plenty of places people just need to step up and do it.

    • Ninja0980

      Yup, marches don’t mean a thing if we don’t go to the voting booths.

      • Paul David

        We’re in for a repeat of 2008, when all the liberals in the country said, “we just elected a Black man! We did it! Now let’s go home because we never have to vote again!”

    • Lars Littlefield

      Don’t expect Utah to vote for a Democrat or anything besides a Republican for several decades. The current House, Senate and President can all be convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors and Utah will still vote straight Republican.

      True Story: Not too many years ago I accompanied a neighbor on the long drive up to SLC (Phoenix is closer to where I live) and hold his hand as he showed his prize Charolais bull. I sat drinking several beers watching the volunteers at the Democrat Party information both. The fair was crowded, but no one ever stopped to talk to the Dem volunteers. A few people threw trash at them, but no one ever stopped to chat. Rough crowd.

      • Paul David


        Of course the whole state is run–and was founded by–a “religion” that is more properly described as a “freakish cult.”

  • JT

    Mormonic Utah: trying to get itself beyond the era of Thatcher’s Britain. Just 30 years later.

    • ChrisMorley

      Thatcher history lesson here, kids https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Section_28

      Between 1988 until 2003 local authorities
      “shall not intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with
      the intention of promoting homosexuality” or “promote the teaching in
      any maintained school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship”.

      No prosecutions ever happened, but it had a severely chilling effect on sex and relationships education and publication of information for schools about HIV prevention.

  • liondon#iamnotatraitor

    Because first amendment rights are so 2016.

  • Lars Littlefield

    Whip Stuart Adams, R-Layton, has a burning testimony of the gospel and that the Book of Mormon is the true word of god. Layton is about 30 miles north of SLC and home of Hill Air Force Base. And as Mr. Adams and all of the residents will tell you, there are absolutely no homosexuals in all of the nearby surrounding towns of Clearfield, Riverdale, Roy, Sunset, and Ogden Nash, Utah. Not only are there no homosexuals, there are no LGBT people. Not a one. God has made sure this part of the state is free of sin, because Hill Field is home to the majority of the Air Force’s antique B-52s carrying nuclear weapons. So, you can see how important it is for everyone, especially school teachers, to be legally bound not to talk about the evils of butt sex, vagina slamming and other ungodly behavior. Of course, this doesn’t mean teachers won’t be able to call us faggots, dykes, or trannies. As Joe remarked: yup.

    • safari

      Open up an adult theater with glory holes and we can easily disprove that hypothesis.

      • Lars Littlefield

        Several people have tried. Honest. They have. They were all picketed to death by Mormon housewives with sweet spirits with special personalities who make their own clothes — and can cook.

        • William

          How about a truck stop with an extra large Men’s room? Put glory holes in the last three stalls.

          • Lars Littlefield

            There are plenty of those.

          • William

            Not around here. The last glory hole I encountered in the wild was in Oklahoma, in 1994. It was unmanned.

          • safari

            Gloryholes in the Wild should be a book and adapted film.

          • Lars Littlefield

            LOL! You reminded me of something a friend said to me who lived in SLC. He said that he heard the closest glory hole was at a rest stop just outside Wendover, Utah/Nevada, about 120 miles west of SLC. His observation: “That’s a hell of a long way to go just for a blow job.”

          • William

            Poor guy needed a drill and a hole saw.

        • safari

          They sound like the jealous type.

          • Lars Littlefield

            Some brave people tried operating an adult video/book store in Mesquite, NV, which is 100 miles west of the Utah State border. After two years they finally had to close because all of the mormons who made driving to Mesquite a family road trip to picket and march in front of the store, writing down license plate numbers and yelling at patrons going in and out of that business. It was a sad thing to see happen.

          • safari

            …who does that?

          • Lars Littlefield


      • Lars Littlefield

        The only adult theater to have any success in Utah was the Studio Theater. it was a small cinema that had fallen on hard times, so the owners started showing adult films. When the City finally was able to close down the theater, that wasn’t enough. The building was razed and then blessed by the Mormons to scare off any bad boojoo. True story.

        • safari


    • fuzzybits

      Such a pretty state filled with bigots.

      • Lars Littlefield


    • Ah, all that missionary temptation in Utah— this photo never gets old. No wonder they can’t get their minds out of the gutter. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8975bf17e57c4ef4e7276089850b24bb3e0cee56d48f650737fc6bb9cf9c4187.jpg

      • William

        So firm!

        • Natty Enquirer

          Leg lifts.

      • Johnny Wyeknot

        One of my favorite porn movies is Teaching Mormons. Great production values. :-/

  • Michael

    You’d have to wonder how many of them would jump in line to build convection ovens if possible but we already know the answer to that one.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Well, to be fair those promo homo offers are getting kinda out of hand. Last weekend there was a deal of 75 % off all things Homo.
    I can’t go through that again.

    • vorpal

      You say that now.
      I bet you’ll be singing another tune (literally) after your tenth shot of whisky.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        If singing is an euphemism then you’d be right, spanky.

        • Joe in PA

          Is “spanky” a term of endearment? 🙂

        • vorpal

          It both is and it isn’t.
          One word: Whitney.
          I still have the audio recordings and am not afraid to use them unless you keep the payments coming (dollars, rubles, and spanks all accepted).

    • It just reminds me of the old joke.
      Q. Why did God invent heterosexuals?
      A. Someone has to go shopping at KMart.

  • William

    OT – Shitgibbon is live on ABC, in the East Room with Netanyahu. He doesn’t have the usual asshole tone of voice.

    • William

      First question to CBN.

  • fuzzybits

    No matter how many laws you try to pass,we aint going anywhere.

  • Natty Enquirer

    Article 5. Types of information harmful to health and (or) development of children.
    The information banned for dissemination among children includes information [that] denies family values, promotes non-traditional sexual relations and forms a disrespect for parents and (or) other members of the family.

    No, that’s not Utah’s law. That’s the law of the Russian Federation.

  • glass

    Is anyone investigating the connection to the mormon church (cough-cult-cough) and putin’s style of law making? I suspect they are related somehow.

  • Ninja0980

    In other words, we want to be able to demonize LGBT people and not allow them to fight back in any way.

    • Johnny Wyeknot


  • JT
    • Joe in PA

      awww, I miss that.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      Why cant I live in that neighborhood ?

  • fuzzybits
  • DaveW

    Just like their cult is the only thing keeping them from raping, stealing and murdering they seem to need these laws to keep them from the mansex

    These people are sick. Let’s treat the religion disorder, not tolerate it

    Bumper sticker I saw in Charlotte took that one with all the symbols saying coexist and put a red line through all but the cross and overwrote “no exist”

    What an ass. He cut me off in traffic too!

  • Gene Perry

    Don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t teach.

  • Laser sharp focus on jobs, jobs, jobs! Thanks, GOP!

    • Johnny Wyeknot

      Well, first they need to make America great again.

  • OdieDenCO

    too late moron! the russian oligarchic you tried to establish in the white house is going down. this is not russian and speech is still free!

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    If I recall correctly, there was a federal law back in Reagan’s day that forbade public school counselors from addressing homosexuality in a positive light. It did not prohibit them from addressing it in a negative light. To address it in a positive light would cause the school district to lose federal funds.

  • David

    Countdown to Stewart Adams’ “inconvenient” gay sex scandal in 5…4…3…2……..

  • JamesStone

    Maybe he thinks if he creates bills like this those evil “man lust” thoughts inside his head will go away?

  • Dreaming Vertebrate

    Putin is not going to like this attempt to repeal his No-Promo-Homo law in Utah!
    Perhaps someone needs to be warned No-Drinko-Polonium-Tea.

  • Now if we can just get the Mormons to allow discussion of Brigham Young’s 55 wives, including one who was underage.

  • zeddy303

    So in other words, censorship just like Russia. For the children of course. 😕

  • teedofftaxpayer

    This a “Russian style” law. It’s the same thing they have there and we’re going to see more and more of these laws here in the US until Trump and the Republicans are replaced.

  • David

    Dear Mary,
    You are not fooling anyone. You are very, very gay. You can pass all the anti-gay laws you want. That will not change the FACT that you are GAY.

  • andrew

    Utah is a State owned by one of the crazier religions on the planet. A religion invented by a snake oil salesman. Mormonism and Scientology are modern mythologies that are in some ways even more absurd that the Abrahamic religions and that’s not an easy accomplishment.

    • Friday

      Well, it’s still Abrahamic, just a weirder version of it.

  • Gianni

    Are they using Russia as a model?