TRAILER: Beauty And The Beast

TIME recaps:

The forthcoming live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast is already one of the most talked-about movies of 2017, and rightfully so: the sweeping film, which stars Emma Watson as Belle, appears to do justice to the original movie’s twinkling score and magical story.

We’ve only had glimpses of it so far, but that changed on Monday night, when Disney released the film’s final trailer. It’s a tight encapsulation of the full story: the tale of the intrepid, clever Belle as she is taken prisoner in the castle of the Beast, whose noble heart β€” and enchanted staff β€” she ultimately comes to love.

  • disqus_Qm7Y1t9k8U

    Seems like a really nice escapism.

  • Roger

    Fabulous. DisneyΒ΄s art direction is really a thing of beauty.

  • GayOldLady

    OT….but needed to Share. Ellen is too wonderful for words and nails the problem with DJT.

    • ggg

      That was good! Thanks.

  • lymis

    It looks brilliantly done. Personally, I prefer it when the live action new versions take things in some new twist – I was very impressed with Maleficent for that reason – but in this case, I don’t have a problem with what pretty much looks like a scene-for-scene retelling of the animated version.

    This looks like a delightful wallowing in “Wow, they pulled that off, too!” I can live with that.

  • JT

    The Beast we’re dealing with in reality has no redeeming qualities.

    • He’s more like Gaston, except without the looks.

    • Prixator

      He definitely puts the UGH in “ugly” – every molecule of him is ugly.

  • joeyj1220
  • John Calendo

    The Cocteau version with the Phillip Glass opera dub is beyond beautiful, and the French look of the actors and rustic scenery is very magical fairytale. It will be hard to come up to that level, tho I admit, the Disney score is very infectious, particularly the opening song, “Belle.”

    • Ernest Endevor

      Didn’t know of that. I’ll look it up. Was anyone ever as handsome as Jean Marais? Remind me, do they tell the story properly? Does Belle’s father send her to the Beat to gain his own freedom? That’s how the story has it. The merchant has three daughters. Belle is his youngest (shade of King Lear?) and it’s she the Beast wants. Of course, built into the story is the colossal disappointment when the interesting Beast turns into just another prince. I’ll skip this version on account of the ghastly singing. BTW, have you seen Peau d’Ane? Jaques Demy’s vastly witty retelling of the old folk tale with Catherine Deneuve, a score by Michel Legrande, and Delphine SΓ©rig as the chicest fairy godmother ever. Oh, and Jean Marais.

      • John Calendo

        Will look into P d’A, thanks. The Cocteau version is full of Cocteau’s sense of haute coutour glamor (circa mid-40s), poetic gestures, the magic of mirrors, the studly Marais as both braggart and Beast, and the oddly cold, distant princess-quality of the main actress. Throughout there is a meditation on beauty, with, always in Cocteau, beauty and death perfectly matched against one another. Be sure to get the version that is dubbed with the Phillip Glass opera.

        • Ernest Endevor

          I will get it. You’ll be amused in P d’A to see the extent of the references to Cocteau’s work. All swirled into a work as magical in its own right.

  • Steve

    Come on…the version we really want to see is Dan Stevens as the Beauty and Luke Evans as the Beast.
    On a side note, Emma Watson was originally slated to be Mia in La La Land with Miles Teller (yuck).

    • bambinoitaliano

      They prefer the Emma with yuuuuuge eyes.

  • Treant

    Just once, I want the Beast to end up with a castle guest named Dale who ultimately requests he stay hairy and rough.

    • barrixines

      Fruity and the Greased.

      • David Milley

        I think I may have that movie in my collection somewhere … πŸ˜‰

        • Catherinefdavis

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    • B Snow

      It’s down the list of my stories to write, but it’s there. πŸ™‚

  • Dk6

    Nicely done but the animated version was a classic & rightly nominated for a Best Pic Oscar, back when it mattered…

  • Snownova

    Hermione finally gets her own spinoff.

  • ColdCountry

    When will there be a fairy tale where the handsome man comes to love the ugly woman for her heart and her soul? And that certainly would be a fairy tale.

  • penpal
    • joeyj1220

      and every last inch of him’s covered in hair

  • octobercountry

    I’m really looking forward to this, though I’ve been quite disappointed with the song fragments I’ve heard so far. It would appear that Emma Watson isn’t a strong singer, and her vocals have been excessively auto-tuned.

  • Marti386

    The original animated version is what made me want to become an animator. It’s my all time favorite Disney animated film (with Little Mermaid running close second).

    I really REALLY want this to be good. So far, I’m cautiously optimistic. πŸ™‚

  • Duh-David

    Never saw the Disney animated remake, so when we saw the Broadway musical remake of that, it made no sense whatsoever. House staff dancing about the stage with his hands on fire – no explanation. A boyless head on the table and his partly paralyzed mother – no explanation.

  • The “original movie”? From 1905? The 1946 Jean Cocteau classic? Or the 1934, 1982, or 1987 film?

  • EqualityForAll

    I was rather disappointed when the beast turned into the handsome prince in the movie. I did, however, always have a thing for Gaston. Mmmm!

  • I.Smith

    I never knew it was that sort of adult film, one where belle loves the beasts enchanted staff.

  • greenmanTN

    Movie nerd moment: If you have never seen it, Jean Cocteau’s La Belle Et Le Bete is well worth a look. It’s magical, but uses only the simplest of camera effects (slow motion, reverse) to achieve it.

    Though the beast as a Prince is a bit of a let-down. “Sooooo, Prince, you wouldn’t happen to have any of that fur-suit hanging around wouldja? A friend wants to know.”