Seth Meyers Goes Off On Trump’s Muslim Ban [VIDEO]

Salon reports:

A day after signing the controversial executive order that barred travelers from Muslim-majority countries, President Donald Trump told a pool of reporters that he thought the execution on the ground, at the airports, “was working out very nicely.” Seth Meyers was having none of that.

The “Late Night” host dedicated his “Closer Look” segment to the apparent Muslim ban and the subsequent protests that arose because of it. Meyers marveled at the immigrants, refugees and green-card holders who were detained for hours, only to voice their praise of America afterwards. He singled out the Iraqi interpreter who was detained due to Trump’s new order.

“He was detained for 18 hours at JFK and he still loves America. If you can spend more than two hours a day at JFK without losing your shit, you should get automatic citizenship,” Meyers said.