Seth Meyers Goes Off On Trump’s Muslim Ban [VIDEO]

Salon reports:

A day after signing the controversial executive order that barred travelers from Muslim-majority countries, President Donald Trump told a pool of reporters that he thought the execution on the ground, at the airports, “was working out very nicely.” Seth Meyers was having none of that.

The “Late Night” host dedicated his “Closer Look” segment to the apparent Muslim ban and the subsequent protests that arose because of it. Meyers marveled at the immigrants, refugees and green-card holders who were detained for hours, only to voice their praise of America afterwards. He singled out the Iraqi interpreter who was detained due to Trump’s new order.

“He was detained for 18 hours at JFK and he still loves America. If you can spend more than two hours a day at JFK without losing your shit, you should get automatic citizenship,” Meyers said.

  • pj

    somebody needs a time out

    • Gerry Fisher

      Thank you. I needed that chuckle.

    • Catherinefdavis

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  • Sam_Handwich
  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    OT but not really: Sean Hannity went on Twitter with a tin hat and was promptly mocked.

    “Sean Hannity used his Fox News show on Monday night to feed wild conspiracy theories that the protests erupting around the country weren’t a spontaneous display of anger against President Donald Trump. Instead, he implied they were “bankrolled” by shadowy figures.”

    • barrixines

      I notice in the article that Mr Joe was one of the mockers. Shame on Mr Joe!

  • “He was detained for 18 hours at JFK and he still loves America. If you can spend more than two hours a day at JFK without losing your shit, you should get automatic citizenship,” Meyers said.

    I love you, Seth!

  • Octoberfurst

    Someone needs to give Trump some milk and cookies and put him in a room where he can watch endless reruns of “The Apprentice”. It’s the only way to keep him from destroying this country.

  • JR

    Some are calling the Muslim ban a head fake by the Admin to try and wear people out. The thing is, if we don’t protest everything, the “head fake” becomes the actual maneuver.

    • B Snow

      Good point.

  • ColdCountry

    A federal judge put a stay on the order, but the DHS ignored the court order. THAT, is the news, here!

    • Kenster999


  • Gerry Fisher

    The brilliance of Seth is that he’s able to get people to consume this information with a chuckle instead of shrieks of horror. He applies that “spoonful of sugar.”

  • MichaelJ

    Myers and others need to call the ban something more than just “cruel and unnecessary.” What needs to be hammered home by those protesting the cruel, immoral immigration ban — whether in airport terminals, sound bites in press conferences, tweets and tv monologues — is that the ban is making the US and the American people less safe, not more safe. The ban will confirm people’s worst suspicions about American being anti-Islam and well the ranks of young people from Muslim families signing up to fight and die with ISIS and the like.
    As long as the Trump’s claims that the ban makes Americans safer go unchallenged, Trump will have his way because when push comes to shove, all too many Americans will choose their own safety over what others see as immoral and cruel.

  • The_Wretched

    @ 8 minutes – trump has had his neck waddle surgically reduced. You can see the vertical scar clearly.


    Trump reading 7 words from the EO was painful to watch. It’s a guy who is semi-literate trying to fake that he can read.

    • B Snow

      Maybe the wattle surgery is why he didn’t hold any press conferences all those weeks after the election.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    I have to admit, Seth has been consistent with his jabs at Trump, as have Trevor Noah and Bill Maher. Comedians are having a field day, though they admit they wish it wasn’t so much the case. As for SNL, well, we all know that’s the real burr in the side of Trump, especially Alec Baldwin. Can’t wait for the new episodes. #TheResistance

    • Judas Peckerwood

      Fuck Bill Maher, that virulent islamophobe.