Daily Stormer: Trump’s Omission Of Jews From His Holocaust Statement Was A “Subtle Nod” To Us Nazis

From the literally Nazi site The Daily Stormer:

We previously reported that the White House released a statement on holohoax remembrance day that failed to mention Jews or anti-Semitism. There is no way this was accidental, but all in all it was basically a subtle nod to us. But something much more incredible is now happening; the White House staff, under attack by the Jews, are doubling down and saying it was completely intentional, and don’t regret it. Now, this is straight up trolling. Can you imagine how butthurt the Jews must be right now? I would say that this whole episode is designed to make Jews flip out. Trump knows that they are the only strong organized force against him, and if he wants to implement his agenda, he needs to keep them off-balance. He definitely knows how to push their buttons.

Their post is illustrated with various styles of lampshades.