Alex Jones: Quebec Attack Was A False Flag Organized By George Soros To Inflame Trump Haters [VIDEO]

Brian Tashman reports at Right Wing Watch:

Yesterday, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones suggested that the deadly attack on the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City was a false flag, which doesn’t come as a surprise as Jones has also claimed that tragedies like 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing and mass shootings in Newtown, Connecticut and Charleston, South Carolina were also false flag operations.

While speaking with right-wing author Matt Bracken, Jones seized on early reports naming Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed el Khadir as suspects in the attack that left six dead. The police have since said that Khadir was actually a witness, and named Bissonnette, who was known for having far-right views, as the sole suspect. Conservative media outlets and the Trump administration, however, seized on the early and since retracted reports to stoke anti-Muslim sentiment.

As you’ll see in the clip, Jones goes on to declare that wingnut boogeyman George Soros probably had a hand in planning the attack. The killer, as the rest of us know, is a white supremacist fan of Donald Trump and French fascist leader Marine Le Pen.

  • Lazycrockett

    Man George has a lot of money and a lot of influence and yet Hillary still lost amazing.

    • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

      Proof that money isn’t everything…

  • Boreal
    • That_Looks_Delicious

      Facts are so 2015. We’re living in the post-truth world now. There’s no point in even arguing with them.

      • Todd20036

        I was going to say. This is Nazism. No one cares about facts. They care about how they feel. The attack was a false flag. It was a Muslim attacking other Muslims. It was to make Trump look bad.

        It was ANYTHING except another white, Christian, tiny dicked man going after Muslims for no other reason than the fact that they were Muslim.

        • Catherinefdavis

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    • Kim K’s Kute Koochy✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      bahahahh, I should’ve registered the term “Trumpanzee”

      • Nowhereman

        I’ve been calling them Trumpansies lately.

    • agcons

      And a Le Pen Pal. (It’s the best I can do on short notice).

  • TKW

    If Soros had planned it, wouldn’t he have made sure a muslim did the shooting. Kind of sloppy of Soros, no?

    • Boreal

      Still waiting for that deadbeat Soros to send me my check for protesting.

      • Stephen Elliot Phillips

        I know while all those macedonians made a killing being paid by trumputin for their false flag internet info; we liberals are still waiting for our checks! sad

  • Mr. M

    Not so long ago, spring of 2015, I remember when the likes of Milo and this nut were contained to the fringes of society. Now, they’re mainstream. I am very concerned about the state of the country.

    • David Walker

      I’m giving some thought to hiding under the rocks out from which they came…from…under…

  • Max_1

    It’s called INFO WARS because Jones wages war on fact based reality…

  • geoffalnutt

    More clumsy ‘fake news’. Give it up, Alex. Besides, Bannon will show no mercy for you, either.

  • What would Jones do if he ever found himself in his perfect world? What kind of conspiracies would he invent to cream over under his crusty bed covers?

  • Michael R

    Every time i see someone commenting on ” Soros ” I know I’m dealing with an idiot,
    they seem to think he’s in control of all liberals , it makes no sense .

    • Mike C

      Republicans have sleepovers and all they take turns trying to say “George Soros” five times in the bathroom mirror.

      • Stephen Elliot Phillips

        omg last year I had a bathroom remodeled and the white tile guy kept on and on about soros. I asked him if he’d ever heard of the koch bros. He said “who’s that?”
        Somedays I just dont want to get out of bed

        • Mike C

          If he was in the same room with George Soros he probably wouldn’t even know it. It’s one of those spooooky sounding names they like to throw around like “Alinsky”.

        • Nowhereman

          I probably would have gotten another tile guy.

          • Stephen Elliot Phillips

            Our house is in BFE california going toward vegas. Hubby and i live in LA. Used to live out there when we first moved to CA.
            I couldve found a tile installer in that area but i wanted a specific type of foundation for the tile. Its called a floated cement underlayment. Thats how they used to install the tile. Now they scrimp and use backer board.
            Anyway this guy is down in san bernardino and hes the only one i could find who knew the method and would travel.

      • Nowhereman

        And then they go out in the yard and pee on the shrubbery like they do at the big GOPTP retreats.

  • Mike C

    We must live in a pretty safe world if all these things are just false flag attacks. I guess we don’t need to hold legal permanent residents in airport jails or build any walls. Your president can resign now, Alex.

    • Friday

      We need to ban anybody that looks like a right-wing white Christian until we figure ot what the Hel is goin on with all these ‘false flags.’

      • Nowhereman

        I agree! It’s the right wing christians who are attacking mosques and muslims, black churches, LGBT people, women’s health clinics and so on. Why isn’t that considered to be terrorism?

  • Hue-Man

    So much for the theory that it’s always easy to tell the good guys with guns from the bad guys with guns!

    The second individual, whom Quebec media identified as Mohamed
    Belkhadir, was arrested amid the confusion at the mosque, after he fled
    at the sight of what he thought was a gunman. Belkhadir was reportedly
    helping a wounded friend after the shooting when he mistook an armed
    police officer for a shooter, and took off running. Police gave chase
    and apprehended him, but later determined that he was a witness.

    • OdieDenCO

      good thing he wasn’t in America where it’s shoot first ask questions later.

  • Max_1
  • Boreal
    • Clive Johnson


    • Friday

      The Right are evolution deniers cause they think that’ll stop anyone noticing the resemblance. 🙂

    • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

      Or rip off your face, genitals, and bite off all your fingers…

  • That_Looks_Delicious
    • Ernest Endevor

      I like the woman wearing the ‘pussy ears’ version.

  • Tomcat

    Shouldn’t George Soros be able to sue this guy for defamation?

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Hell, if Soros is as powerful as Jones thinks, why hasn’t he just disappeared him already? A girl can dream.

      • Tomcat

        People like Jones respond best to taking their money away.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Feces flinging feces flinger flings feces.

  • zhera

    Yes, all shootings by white christians are false flag. Of course. Sure.

    • Strepsi

      George f***Ing Soros?! The only time i HEAR that name is by right-wing extremist nutbags. He’s not in Canada. George Soros n’existe pas içi.
      George Soros?

      • zhera

        Honestly, I don’t know who he is. But I’m a forriner.

        • Boreal

          He’s the bogeyman most conservatives love to hate.

        • David Walker

          Nor do I. From what I can piece together, he’s some rich white guy Democrat who seems to have more money than god, and certainly richer than the douchebag-in-chief, and he seems to be able to hire thousands, even millions, of people to embarrass the banana republican’ts. Even worse, as I gather, is that he then does pay the people who did that for him. More power to him.

        • MonochromeMouse

          Some government guy I think, we don’t even really know who he is he’s just the far-right’s favorite supervillian.

      • Ernest Endevor

        He’s an enormously influential philanthropist, genuine billionaire, and economist. He finances various progressive causes in particular the Open Society Foundation. He’s a modest hero who does very good work globally.

        • pch1013

          … who caused 9/11 and assassinated Kennedy and got the McRib banned in seven Southern states and is basically responsible for everything bad that has ever happened in THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF EVER.

          Plus, he’s a Jooooo.

          • Capritaur

            I’m saying this without irony.

            Anyone who bans McRib is pure concentrated evil.

          • Bluto
          • Nowhereman

            Do those come with an assortment of dipping sauces?…

          • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

            Wait, what?


          • ericpayne

            So many people love the McRib, so few like Scrapple.

          • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

            Scrapple…is there any kid in the US who hasn’t snickered over that name?

          • Nowhereman

            Oh no! Not the infamous McRib banning! That’s unconstitutional!

        • JT

          If he’s so rich and is already thought by wingnuts to be financing so many liberal causes, perhaps it’s time for him to play that role and do something to combat and overcome the malign influence of the Kochs and the rest of their ilk.

          • Ernest Endevor
          • JT

            While there are admirable causes mentioned there, I see nothing similar to direct political advocacy of the sort the Kochs engage in on the wingnut side.

          • Ernest Endevor

            Exactly, and there is nothing to compare. Because the Kochs tie in with other aggrieved billionaires who don’t pay taxes and see no need for people to have food stamps, and such as. And also, Soros is a distinguished, cultured man not some provincial hick who pays to have his name put on theatres.

          • JT

            That’s as it may be. However, he could be the foil to the Kochs, and there is nothing shoddy about that. Quite the contrary.

      • DesertSun59

        Correct. The ONLY time I ever see that name in print ANYWHERE is when Righties reference him.

      • Nowhereman

        I know, right? Like Saul Alinsky. Beats the hell out of me. I never heard of either one of them except for the right wing nut jobs.

    • Sashineb

      Yeah, just ask Dylann Roof.

    • Judas Peckerwood

      Hitler and the Third Reich? Total false-flag operation organized by the Jooz and teh gheyz.

      • zhera

        The nazis do call it the holohoax, so yes, Alex Jones would agree with that.

  • Clive Johnson

    To Alex Jones, reality itself is a false flag.

    Quick, Trump and Bannon, give White House press passes to Jones and all the brain damaged loons on the right. MAGA!

  • Kim K’s Kute Koochy✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    This isn’t Alex Jones. It’s some lizard alien wearing Alex’ body suit fooling people.

  • Tomcat

    Trump said today drug prices are astronomical. Well yes they are but have you seem food, drink and room prices in his hotels?

  • andrew

    Alex Jones is an even bigger liar than Trump and that is one really high bar.

  • Lazycrockett
    • The_Wretched

      The republicans keep working to stack the deck. DEMS need to fight this tooth and nail.

  • Cuberly
  • Henry

    Câlice de tabarnak !!!

  • Bill

    He’s right, guys. And later he’ll sit down with terrorism expert Amanda Bynes to explain it all to us. Be sure to tune in.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
  • Cuberly

    OT: My favorite type of activism.

    “Breitbart still hasn’t launched in France, and an activist has bought its URLs”

    • Boreal

      They need money to expand and most of their advertisers have bolted.

      • Cuberly

        They’re still getting Mercer money for now. Though there was an article posted last week stating the Mercer’s haven’t been happy with the direction BB has taken. Lord knows what supposedly torqued them off.

        • David Walker

          Doesn’t that Soros guy have lots of money to throw around? Perhaps the besotted bannon could put in a good word.

        • Nowhereman

          That rag should have died with it’s namesake.

          • Cuberly

            Or, they should re-brand it for what it advocates “BanNon-Wites”

  • Kruhn

    Look you bloated, raspy, wannabe DJ whose only skill is to grift on those gullible enough to swallow your bullshit wholesale, shut the fuck up! Every time a white person commits a terrorist act, it is a false flag event.

    Had the attacker been “Mooslim” or “Heespanic” you’d be screaming and shouting on why we need to seal the border and round up every member of those groups and throw them out of the country.

    Had the attacker been black, you’d been screaming and shouting that Black Lives Matter are terrorists and the heirs of the Black Panthers and that we should make sentences harsher and build more jails.

    But noooooooooooooo!!!!! The attacker is a patsy white punk ass motherfucking terrorist (goddammit with dreamy eyes–shut up, Id) and you cannot believe he did the exact same thing you decry the “Mooslims” do to innocent, upstanding Christians!

    Shut up, you bloviating piece of shit! Better yet, why don’t you lose your voice, Alex? The world would be a better place.

  • JoyZeeBoy

    How is this man running around loose?

    • David Walker

      Primarily thanks to Reagan (who, fortunately, is still dead) who closed mental hospitals right and left which saved the government soooooo much money, and the effects of which continue to trickle down.

      • The_Wretched

        Some absurd percentage of them wound up in the ‘criminal justice’ system very shortly thereafter or living on the streets and dying. I’m not saying mental hospitals were great (they weren’t) but it was a more humane and efficient system than streets / jail.

  • AtticusP

    I hear that Ted Cruz’s father was spotted leaving the mosque.

    Somebody call Alex Jones.

  • JaniceInToronto

    We just can’t build that northern wall fast enough to suit me.

    Your country has gone completely ’round the bend.

    Sorry for your loss.

    • pch1013

      OTOH, the guy who shot up that mosque was, you know, Canadian.

      • JaniceInToronto

        Yep. He was radicalized by Americans.

        • agcons

          I think the election of Trump and the fallout from that just popped the lid off. If not for that it would have been something else at some other time.

          • JaniceInToronto

            Who can tell. The only seriously dangerous radicals who got to him seems to be American organizations. Dunno how much he was radicalized by the French nazis…

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    OT- lolzzz

    The ACLU has received over $24M in donations. That’s $1 for everyone who attended Trump’s inauguration. & then 23.7 million more dollars.

    -Chelsea Handler

  • penpal

    He really needs to get into rehab to get off his coke addiction.

  • Boreal
    • No More GOP.

      Just one?

      • Nowhereman

        It will be a syndrome. Lots of angles in this willful idiot’s brain.

    • OdieDenCO

      why not? they have already named a sub-species after him: the deplorables

  • Capritaur

    Anything that challenges your world view is a false flag or fake news. And if you believe that, you should also buy my snake oil supplements.

  • ETownCanuck

    If were done to make Trump look bad, although I’m not sure how anyone could make him look worse, wouldn’t they have done it in the U.S. instead of Canada?

    • MBear


    • David Walker

      Well, there was also the mosque in Dallas. It burned to the ground and not only are there no suspects, the fire guys don’t know how. Yeah, right.

  • bambinoitaliano

    If there is a reality show titled The Ugly Duckling as oppose to The Swan, Alex Jones is the result when contestant Glenn Beck emerged from an ugly make over. Physical tributes and all.

  • Uncle Mark

    Wouldn’t a false flag be more effective here…in the United States? Plus there are more guns here, and more hateful Trumpanzees ready to be duped into shooting up a mosque for god & country. Pretty sad false flag, if you ask me. It wouldn’t even end up on Sheldon’s “Fun with Flags.”

  • Outlaw Woman

    If Alex Jones were to vanish tomorrow, any one who has seen him even a couple times could take his place.
    The fat man is so formulaic and predictable as to be boring.

  • Friday

    Since wingnuts always project, isn’t it funny how they are always saying ‘False Flag’ when anyone acts on what they are constantly screaming for? If they’re thinking ‘false flags’ you know they’ll be inclined to keep trying that.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    OT, except everything now is really about the same orange topic:
    Ooowheee, Jerry Brown and California are really not in any mood to cooperate with Twitler. I am so proud right now of my governor and state officials.

    Can you hear the enormous ‘FUCK YOU, TRUMP’ coming from the west coast, Donald?

    • The_Wretched

      That’s the kind of spine I like to see in elected Democrats.

  • Uncle Mark

    These people with their…
    False flags
    False fags (Milo)
    Fake news
    Fake facts
    And false prophets (Drumpf)

    ….This is all filling me with some REAL anger

  • pch1013

    What Loony McSlander here fails to recognize is that all this “false flag” nonsense can and will be turned against him and the rest of the Trump régime when the inevitable happens.

    Two words: Reichstag Fire.

  • John Kusters

    Did he miss the memo? It’s “FAKE NEWS!!!1!” now, not “false flag”. That’s so last year!

  • JT
  • Frostbite

    I’d like to say Alex Jones is an idiot who spews shit to inflame anyone with an IQ over 20.

  • AtticusP

    I still can’t decide whether Alex Jones is a very good actor and doesn’t believe a word of the shit he spews, or if he’s just some asshole whose meds are seriously in need of adjustment.

  • Jeffg166

    Donald is doing a stellar at job of insighting Trump hatred all by himself.

  • liondon#pay4dawall

    Reality? We don’t need no stinken reality! We make our own.

  • Friday

    All these ‘false flags,’ …we’d better ban anyone that seems right-wing until we figure out what the Hel is going on. 🙂

  • Sam_Handwich

    that’s nonsense. soros is too busy controlling the weather

    • PickyPecker

      This could be an opportunity for you to compose a new opera, Candidate Handwich.

      • MB

        or finish his organ and chorale: Handwich Motets.

  • WretchedMouse

    Oh FFS this toad again!?! I like how it’s always a false flag…unless you know it was one to “those” people.

  • Paula

    He has White House press credentials!

  • Talisman

    There isn’t a need for any false flags – the dumpster is doing enough all by himself to enrage his “haters” (or, in other words, the Americans that gave Hillary almost 3 million more votes, but who had their votes invalidated by an archaic electoral system).

  • JR

    Anyone who gives any credence to anything Alex Jones says should have their own head examined.

    There are any number of crackpots in the world. Why give them “air time” here?

  • barrixines

    False flag, false flag, false flag!

    Give the dollop a cracker.

  • billbear1961

    So, when does THIS demented DRUNK get a permanent seat on the NSC, right next to Bannon?

    It is becoming increasingly impossible not to DESPISE a nation that allows itself to be dragged into the fucking GUTTER by these fascist JACKASSES.

    A nation with NO pride, NO self-respect, no GUTS!!

    I’m so DISGUSTED!!

  • Sam_Handwich

    sean sphincter doing some fancy footwork right now lol

    • Bryan


  • Halou

    Is there anything George Soros doesn’t have a hand in? I can’t imagine how he finds the time.

    • Bluto

      He’s Democratic Santa.

    • And so powerful that Democrats control all three branches of government.

    • Gianni

      I’m going to have to read up on George Soros. I know nothing about him except that he is incredibly rich and extremely powerful. He buys whole movements of people left and right and seems to be at the heart of every liberal conspiracy. If he’s that powerful, could he please pull the rug out from under the whackjob who’s in the WH right now?

  • Lazycrockett

    Today’s Press Conference is theater in absurdity.

  • Lazycrockett
    • That_Looks_Delicious

      Ha! Out of the mouth of lying spice every now and then comes the truth, reading between the lines.

  • Gene Perry

    Alex needs to visit a friendly pharmacist.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    This is the shooter, Alexandre Bissonnette, as a kid. I’m always so sad when I see these photos, because you can already tell there’s something wrong, something icy and rigid and hateful, and yet (at the time the photo was taken) he’s just a kid. It makes you wish there was some way to go back in the past and intervene somehow.

  • Once again, Jones proves he’s nothing but a shit-monger.

    • BudClark


      Shit eater.

      Fixed it.

  • TampaDink

    How does he do it? Seriously, how can George Soros manage to organize this “false flag” while he’s still personally paying everyone who protested in the D.C. Womens March?

  • Mark

    Bwahahahaa –trust me asshole, we’re already “inflamed” enough the way it is.

  • Oh my fucking God with the George Soros bullshit. He’s got a fraction of the wealth of the Koch brothers — not to mention th Walton family, Sheldon Adelson, and numerous other wealthy conservatives. He donates to charity but his donations to actual political causes is infinitesimal compared to what the Koch brothers and their cronies marshall every year.

  • Earl

    The President of the USA listens to that man.


  • Superman

    What an idiot Alex Jones is.

  • Ben in Oakland

    We don’t need to be inflamed, alexdear, We are already.

  • Patrick

    Again and again You have NO proof!

  • Stogiebear

    Every time he comes out with this kind of crap he should be taken out in public, have his pants and panties pulled down, and spanked bare butt until he cries like a baby. And video of it run 12 times a day for a month.

    • BudClark

      + 1,000

  • DesertSun59

    According to Alex Jones, there has never been an attack of any kind that wasn’t a false flag attack.

  • Tom (wpg)

    “Trump-haters” do not need to be inflamed. the Orangutan, Trump, provides enough fuel for the fire. Sorry, orangutans, I really believe that you’re more intelligent than this dumb-ass.

  • Andymac3

    Who are they going to blame when George Soros is dead? Bloomberg? Steyer?

  • wds

    George Soros must have a h**l of a lot more money than we know … I mean, according to the trumpaloompas, he’s paid for the protests, the signs and now a false flag. Sadly, Hair Furor probably believes this because President Bannon told him it was true.

  • Richard, another Canuck

    Hey is it time to expose to the world who this creep’s advertisers are and just what they are paying for? Is Breitbart hurting? This site should go the way of the dodo.

  • Nowhereman

    Would somebody please shove a false flag up this idiot’s butt? I can’t reach him from here. I hear that Trump is eyeing Jones to head the ministry of propaganda. My favorite Alex Jones appearance was when he got called a blooming idiot on British TV. Classic. Worth a look.

  • BudClark

    Alex Jones is the crud workers have to scrape off the bottom of abandoned septic tanks.

  • greenmanTN

    You know what would be kinda fun? Sneak anti-depression and anxiety meds into Alex Jones’ water supply and listen to him say things like, “I’m pretty sure I had a point here, but I can’t seem to remember it.”

  • Piona O.

    This ghastly human being is either the most cynical human being in the world, trying to bend every incident in the news into some sort of paranoid story for his stupid followers…or…he’s just out of his mind….which is it?