Tony Perkins Has The Chelsea Manning Sadz

Via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

As one of his final acts, President Obama has chosen to cap off eight years of national security failures by pardoning one of the worst traitors in modern American history: Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning. The Army private, who was charged with 22 different crimes related to espionage, pled or was convicted on almost every charge except aiding the enemy.

As a result, Manning was sentenced to 35-years in prison for leaking more than 750,000 classified documents. Yesterday, he got word he would soon be free after President Obama cut his sentence 28 years short — putting an exclamation point on two terms of President Obama’s anti-American policies.

And anyone who suggests that Manning’s sexuality had nothing to do with the decision hasn’t been paying attention. If it didn’t, the president would have commuted the sentences of others. After all, there’s Robert Hannsen, who’s serving 15 life terms without the possibility of parole for selling secrets to the Soviets. So is Aldrich Ames. And what about Jonathan Pollard, who served 28 years for giving helpful information to Israel, a U.S. ally?

Maybe if they suffered from gender confusion, their sentences would have been commuted too! In the end, this is nothing but Barack Obama solidifying his legacy as the most LGBT-obsessed administration in U.S. history. Even halfway out the door, he’s determined to give trans-activists another victory at the expense of American credibility and security.

  • xersnoyl

    Oh shut the fuck up!

  • Bared Bear

    Many people are saying that Tony Perkins screws raw, dead turkeys before baking them for church dinners.

    • Oh’behr

      I’ll believe that … I just read it on the Internet.

      • Bared Bear

        Omg, so did I!

      • Rex

        I just read that, it has to be true!

    • Frostbite

      Wow. Many people are talking about how Tony Perkins has sex with dead poultry. These are the best people discussing the important topics. Why doesn’t Tony provide proof he doesn’t do such things? Why won’t he deny it? Obviously these people know the truth is out.

      • Steverino

        “Tony Perkins has sex with dead poultry.”

        A perfect way to describe Tonette choking the chicken.

        • Jeffg166

          Snapping the carrot, jerking the gherkin…

    • WitlessProtection

      Is that TurDickIn?

    • David Walker

      It’s his secret ingredient. Some of the best people are saying that. Actually, Tone thought of it after reading about Starbucks’ satanic semen-laced lattes, tried one, and loved it. So now he’s bottling his interns’ jizz and selling it as turkey or chicken or pork seasoning. It doesn’t work on beef so much.

  • Butch

    Manning was not “pardoned.” Her sentence was commuted on the grounds that she had already served long enough. The difference is significant, but it’s too much for a moron like Tony to understand.

    • David Walker

      The lovely Tony PerKKKins knows. He also knows that his group of credit card using, check writing, easily duped bible thumpers don’t have a clue. The difference is in the amount of income the despicable PerKKKins can make.

      • zhera

        Tony never cares about the little details such as fact, logic, and historical truth.

        • David Walker

          Yeah. Mere details. By the way, in one of Rebecca Gardner’s comments, I added that President Obama, as one of his last acts as commander-in-chief, has sent troops to Norway at your government’s request. Poland, also. True? I ask because, except for Rachel Maddow’s report last night, I haven’t heard anything about it.

          • zhera

            Yes, they arrived the other day. Putin is NOT happy, and Russian diplomats are ranting and raving about it.

            This tells me it’s the right thing to do. Of course, with a trumPee administration, those soldiers won’t do much good against Putin. They’ll be pulled out again unless the GOPhers have had enough of the Russian meddling.

          • David Walker

            And I’m sure that’ll happen. Yeah, right. Obviously, the situation is dire. I hope that none of the orange shitheads know about it and the troops will stay there for a while. I haven’t visited news sites since this morning, but I really concerned that none of them carried anything about it. And it also shows just what we’re going to miss…little things like integrity, honor, commitment, understanding…starting at noon tomorrow.

          • zhera

            The official line is that they’re in Norway to train for winter activities. The Middle East missions don’t really have that much snow…

            But I do think the timing is important here. Russia is looking greedily at its neighbors and NATO is so very, very fucked. If (or should I say when?) there’s a conflict in the northern territories then Norway will become extremely essential.

            I’m terrified, David.

          • David Walker

            Wow. And I thought we had it bad with drumpf. You certainly flashed into my mind last night when Rachel told us about it. I had absolutely no idea, and I’m fairly well-informed, thanks largely to the BBC. So when she started, all I could think was “Holy fuck! Zhera!” She also implied that the US troops are kind of hush-hush SO President Obama could set things in motion before noon tomorrow.

            This is the hard part of having good friends thousands of miles away. Good god, I’d be terrified, too. I feel so fucking helpless, zhera. I seriously do wish I could be there with you. Even better, I wish you could be here with all of us. It doesn’t help, but I offer you every hug I can muster and all the love I can give. Be safe. Please take good care.

          • zhera

            David, you are the sweetest ever! Consider yourself hugged back!

            I guess, with the world being as it is now, there’s no place that is really safe. If a world war breaks out we’re all doomed. I’m guessing that the USA would be hit by more bombs than Norway, but then there’s that pesky radiation fallout. Norway had (and might still have) problems with too much radiation in wildlife (as in: not safe to eat) in certain areas because of Chernobyl.

            Well, I’m just all kinds of fluffy sunshine today! I think I’ll go to bed now. Night night, sweet David. ♥ We’ll talk tomorrow (and weep for liberty and democracy).

  • Rebecca Gardner

    “As one of his final acts, President Obama has chosen to cap off eight years of national security failures”

    What the fuck is he talking about?

    • Snarkaholic

      Probably failure to keep all of ‘those people’ rounded up in camps.

      • Steverino

        If Pence has his way, Chelsea will be back in prison soon, along with the rest of us.

        • Snarkaholic

          I refuse to go to any prison/camp…I’ll act so thoroughly physically obnoxious that they’ll be forced to shoot me right there in the street…which would be far preferable to being gassed/burnt/buried alive (after being tortured extensively).

    • Earl

      The race of the President. What else would the ghoulish wizard wannabe be talking about?

    • David Walker

      Another of President Obama’s “national security failures” is sending troops to Norway and Poland because those countries asked HIM to do that as a NATO partner. They asked because they have genuine concerns about Russian troop movement near their shared borders. Other NATO countries have asked if we would get some troops to their shared borders before noon tomorrow. This sounds like governments who are concerned about Russian invasion or encroachment and are now believing that the next president is a fucking piece of shit who cannot be depended on for anything, let alone honoring decades’-old commitments. Yeah.

    • zhera

      Ending DADT, definitely. Benghazi, of course. Not kissing Israel’s ass. Probably other stuff as well. Syria is Obama’s fault, right?

      • Chucktech

        My dear, that is HARDLY a comprehensive list for all the good christian sheep who hate that colored guy who’s finally leaving the White House.

  • another_steve

    Manning requires medical attention she’s been unable to obtain in prison and on that basis her release from prison is justifiable.

    But make no mistake about it: an American hero she’s not.

    • Octoberfurst

      I disagree. Manning showed the world how we were massacring civilians in Iraq. As I understand it no one up the chain of command cared so he leaked the information.

      • another_steve

        You and Donald Trump, then, are on the same page on this:

        The U.S. Intelligence Community — which concluded that Manning’s actions jeopardized American national security — is full of shit.



        • Earl

          If you’re going to claim that the USA didn’t massacre civilians in Iraq, I’m going to look up the stories that proved you did do that. And it wasn’t just the massacres, was it? There was also torture involved. As well as a distinct lack of the WMDs that were supposedly ready to kill billions.

          That’s what jeopardized American national security. The crimes of war did that, not their exposure.

          • another_steve

            Iraq, with Vietnam, will surely go down in the history books as two of the most unjust and criminal wars in American history. But that’s not the point here.

            You don’t reveal classified information that could jeopardize national security.

            In a civilized society, you just don’t do that.

          • Earl

            When you find yourself in possession of documents that expose war crimes, to suppress them is to become a participant in those crimes.

            Daniel Ellsburg did the same thing that Manning did. Only one of them went to prison. Neither should have.

            In a civilized society one doesn’t launch wars of choice. If you want to claim that you’re a civilized human, you report crimes to the police/superior officers. If they don’t act, it becomes your duty to do so.

            This is a conversation that could get very heated, are you sure you want to continue?

          • another_steve

            We obviously have very different views of what citizen responsibility is all about. One doesn’t do things — take actions — that put others in harm’s way. There are other ways to address and make known the injustices in this world.

            I think we’ve exhausted this subject for now. Thanks for not having gone ad hominem on me. I appreciate that.

        • zhera

          Or was it the military that jeopardized the American national security by shitting on civil rights and rules of war?


    • Cousin Bleh

      It’s amazing how many things you can get wrong in just 2 sentences…

      1. The government could have easily provided Manning the proper medical care she needed, but it refused.
      2. Her release is justified because the time she served did not match the severity of her crimes.
      3. Yes, she is an American hero.
      4. In fact, she’s a global hero.

      • Millstone

        Hero: a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

        Chelsea Manning is not a hero.

        • Cousin Bleh

          There are millions of people who admire and idealize Chelsea Manning’s actions.

          Maybe you don’t. But none of us give a fuck what you think.

          • Millstone

            Millions of people voted for the Orange Menace. Kim Kardashian has, what, a million followers on twitter? Numbers mean nothing.

            As for not giving a fuck about opinions that don’t parrot your own, that just narrows your worldview. (And I didn’t know you were the spokesperson for everyone.) Why so angry?

          • Cousin Bleh

            And to those people, Kim Kardashian is a hero and they don’t give a fuck what I think.

            Also, a reality show carnival barker is being made president tomorrow. If you’re not angry, you’re part of the problem.

          • Millstone

            I’m angry about Trump, yes. You anger is directed towards me because I disagreed with you about Chelsea Manning. Ginsberg was friends with Scalia. Don’t let a simple difference of opinion get under your skin; I challenged your opinion, that’s all. Don’t be such a bitch. ; )

          • Cousin Bleh

            Oh, fine, olive branch accepted. Cocktails?

  • Cousin Bleh

    Actually, Tony, President Obama granted commutations to 209 people and pardoned 64 others Tuesday. Only one of them, Manning, was LGBT as far as anyone knows.

    • Bj Lincoln

      He will defend the guys left behind and slam the one LGBT person let go so he has a reason to bitch and daydream while he wacks off in his office all day.

  • Brad Lathem

    It’s hilarious to hear Perkins describe someone else as “LGBT-obsessed”

    • WitlessProtection

      Damn you beat me to it!

    • Chucktech

      Hey, Toni, project much?

  • Boreal
  • Beagle

    I can only say in my best Keith Olbermann voice, “That man. Is an idiot.”

  • barrixines
    • Rex

      And the fish are scared.

      • Bad Tom

        Quite possibly scarred, too.

  • Frostbite

    Why the heck does FRC even have an opinion on national security issues? Oh yeah, Tony is a busy-body who wants to poke his ass nose in everyone else’s business. Maybe they should lose their tax exempt status.

  • barrixines

    I have no idea what Manning’s sexuality is – has she made a statement?

  • KnownDonorDad

    I admit I don’t have strong feelings about this, but the commutation certainly has angered the right people.

  • NowVoyager

    It’s called deflection. You just know this Perkins freak has kiddy-diddler porn stashed away somewhere hidden in his children’s underwear drawer. The truth will come out eventually. Maybe his greatest wet dream about the Trumpenstein monster inviting him over for a little troll-on-troll action and a warm golden shower afterwards during some post-inaugural afternoon tryst is about to come true. Whatever his “thing” is, as long as warped people like this hate-monger can profit from bigotry he will continued to do so. Amoral reprobates are like that.

    • I have basically given up hope on the human species. It also explains why we have not been—at least openly—visited by any extraterrestrial explorers. I mean, if you looked down on these creatures who can’t even get along with each other, would you want to stop in and say hello? Oh HELL to the no!

  • Mike Knife

    Radical anti-LGBTQ pastor Kevin Swanson is one of the insane mad men like Scott Lively and Brian Brown and Tony Perkins etc. etc. who need to be locked up. These people are psychotic and push others to kill LGBT people, these ring leaders are the ones who need to be taken out. They stir up other anti-gay Christians to do damage to LGBT people. .

  • Rex

    As one of his last acts, President Obama found a cure for cancer.
    Tony Perkins has the sadz, he’s just hateful and bitter that way.

  • Kruhn

    Look Tonette, first Chelsea’s sentence was a magnitude many times larger than any other comparable sentence on a whistleblower leak. And right now, if you ask in Oslo, Bucharest, Sofia, Riga, Tallinn, Warsaw, Villa, or Berlin, Barack Hussein Obama (the one you’ve spent the past eight years disparaging) is well loved as we’re cleaning up the messes the ass you’re kissing has made before taking over.

    Just because a couple of authoritarian types and a deranged Israeli Prime Minister like The Mangled Apricot Hellbeast, doesn’t mean that the US standing in the world is diminished. In fact, it has been enhanced.

  • Gaymurcan

    Commence the gay-flooding of Tony’s new house as well. Lying little bastard just refuses to learn.

  • TimJ

    I like how he describes Pollard as “giving helpful information to Israel”. Like Israel said “Hey dude, where’s the bathroom?” and Pollard said “Down the hall, to the left”. Israel: “Thanks man, here’s $10k and a diamond ring!”.

  • I’ve finally figured it out — Perkins is suffering from species identity disorder: he thinks he’s a human being.

  • zhera

    1. Pronouns, Tony. They’re not just for liberals. You think you’re so clever by calling Chelsea ‘he’. It’s not clever and neither are you.

    2. Everything that makes you unhappy makes me cheer! So fuck you, Tony. Fuck you with Donnie’s dick.

  • HZ81

    Ha, he talks about Hanssen selling secrets to the Soviets and then Russia, but voted Trump!

    These wingers are just fucking awful idiots.

  • Bj Lincoln

    I was so hoping to see his doors closed for business. That and NOM. If Hillary were President, they would be going out of business. Now they all have Drumpf’s ear and a place at his table. We are so screwed.

    • Chucktech

      Do they “have Trump’s ear?” They have Pence’s ear and probably a couple others. Perhaps, but it depends on whom he spoke to last or what kind of mood he finds himself on any particular day. If it were only Trump’s ear, he tell them to fuck off.

  • Chucktech

    Aw, sweetie, I know it’s a bitter pill for you to swallow that one of the most popular and loved presidents in history is giving a giant “Fuck You” on his way into history to you and all your gawdly triggerable snowflakes…

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • ErikDC

    Trump praises Wikileaks and it’s great! Hell, Sean Hannity can go do a puff piece on Julian Assange while he is hiding out in the Ecuadorian Embassy. But Manning? Who leaked cables to Wikileaks and made it a household name to begin with? He is “one of the worst traitors in modern American history.”

    They have absolutely no moral compass. They only want power to harm those they do not like and will say anything, take any position needed, in order to satisfy those goals.

  • twb6yz

    Seems he doesn’t know the difference between a pardon and commuting a sentence

  • Mark

    Oh Tony. You’re mouth is moving again…

  • Joseph Miceli

    Dearest Tony,
    Obama could have pardoned the killer of Jon Benet Ramsey and as long as it irritated the fuck out of you I wouldn’t mind it. Not at all.
    Now, isn’t it time for you to go home and clean your secret butt plug collection?

  • IamM

    Exposing war crimes vs spying for our enemies or a frenemy. One of those is a little easier to forgive.

  • CatCope

    Every time ‘tone’ & one of his sort gets a “sadz”, I get HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!! I LOVE being HAPPY!
    Thanks President Obama for coming thru for Chelsea! But I knew you would!
    Tissues please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gianni

    Dear Tony, No pardon was involved or given.

  • wds

    Tony is one of the christian (lowercase deliberate) folk who claim to know Jesus and know Him well, but spend their time trying to ignore or deny anything Christ said or did.