WaPo: Donald Trump’s Many Businesses Set To Be Overseen By Trump Appointees At Federal Agencies

The Washington Post reports:

Airplanes belonging to Donald Trump’s businesses will be inspected over the next four years by employees of the Federal Aviation Administration that he will lead. Disputes over Trump’s trademark registrations could be reviewed by judges appointed by his hand-picked commerce secretary.

His Department of Housing and Urban Development could reverse its past opposition to a potentially lucrative sale of a large subsidized housing complex in New York partly owned by the president-elect. And Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency will have the power to roll back clean-water rules he and other golf course owners have said are harmful to their industry.

When Trump takes office on Friday, he will assume control of a federal bureaucracy with enormous power to bolster nearly every corner of his real estate, licensing and merchandising empire — and enhance his personal fortune.

At a minimum, according to ethics experts, government officials tasked with making decisions affecting Trump businesses could feel pressure to keep the boss happy. At worse, experts say, Trump or his allies could abuse their power to sway decision-makers.

“We are going into an inauguration in a completely unprecedented situation,” said Trevor Potter, who advised several GOP presidential campaigns and served as chair of the Federal Election Commission.

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