REPORT: Caitlyn Jenner To Attend Inauguration

US Weekly reports:

Caitlyn Jenner has accepted an invitation to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20, a source confirms to Us Weekly. The transgender star, who is a conservative Republican and was vocal about her dislike of Hillary Clinton on her E! show I Am Cait, has in the past said she wants to use her celebrity to benefit the LGBTQ community.

Jenner, who previously declared she would like to serve as a “trans ambassador” during the 2016 election, has praised the president-elect in the past, stating that the controversial businessman seems “good for women” and “very much behind the LGBT community” during a June 2016 interview with STAT.

Trump’s vice president–elect, Mike Pence, has been strongly criticized for aggressively pursuing an anti-LGBTQ agenda throughout his political career. Jenner will be one of the few celebrity guests in attendance. As previously reported, the former Apprentice host has had trouble securing a celebrity to perform at his inauguration.

  • Treant

    Whatever. I am so over her it’s ridiculous.

    • Todd20036

      Agreed. Any good she could have done was wasted.

      In fact, the candidate she endorsed will try taking away the rights of LBGTs.
      Not that Caitlyn cares. She’s wealthy enough to “buy” her civil rights, including living in a safe area – with a democratic congressman.

      I put her in the same league as Milo.

      • Mike__in_Houston

        God, and I thought that *I* had a low opinion of Milo…

      • Ninja0980

        She is more damaging then Milo due to her high profile.

      • Blake Jordan

        How long until LGBTQ+s are not allowed to be wealthy…

  • PickyPecker
  • Kelly Lape

    Not exactly news.

  • Gustav2

    I hear she will do a interpretive dance routine with golf clubs. /s

    • Snarkaholic

      I’d like to see the Jenner Jerk his some balls with golf clubs up on that stage!

  • justmeeeee

    Here’s hoping Cait and Mikey can have a nice cheek to cheek dance for the cameras.

  • Someone hasn’t had enough media attention lately.

    • tonyg

      Apparently “soft sensuality” means “fame whore.”

      • The_Wretched

        and the gentle sounds of tinkling

  • Allan_in_SF

    Great! Maybe Kaitlynn Kardashian can lip-sync along with the Reagan-era cover band.

  • safari

    Because of course she will.

    • JR

      Yup. There will be TV cameras there.

  • lenvus

    Three words: FUCK THAT BITCH.
    I would use a stronger word, but Kellanne Conway is deserving of that word, so…

    • Jon Doh

      I believe that’s just what she needs.

  • AJ Drew

    Caitlyn, there are literally a gazillion other ways for you to “benefit the LGBTQ community.” This is not it.

  • GayOldLady

    So, what’s Jenner going to do at the inauguration, run the 100 meter dash or throw the Javelin? That’s her only talent.

    • AJ Drew

      My true hope is that she’ll turn her back to DT, but that sadly seems unlikely.

      • GayOldLady

        Not gonna happen. He’s her hero.

        • Rex

          Attention whores can relate to each other.

        • AJ Drew


    • Rex

      In heels, please.
      She’ll be lucky if she’s allowed to use the ladies room.

      • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

        Now there’s some potential for a little guerrilla theater right there!

      • GayOldLady

        I would suggest she wear a depends.

    • geoffalnutt

      Running the 100 meter in heels could be harrowing.

      • Todd20036

        Not as hard as you think. Ever been to the High Heel Race in DC?

        Occurs before Halloween every year

    • Mihangel apYrs

      being cynical, “token LGBTQI+” to show how inclusive the POTUS-E and the GOP are

      • GayOldLady

        That and the fact that she has been hyping tRump for months. She admires him and tRump will, at some appropriate moment, point to her attendance as an example of how inclusive he was. So you’re correct.

    • KCMC

      is tucking a talent?

  • Dreaming Vertebrate

    Oh just FML already.
    (I’m gonna hibernate for 4 years now.)

  • Bill #drain that swamp?

    Caity… put in a good word for me. I’ll see you later in the gulag. I’ll keep the bunk warm.

    • Snarkaholic

      The Response: Ooh! I love gulag! It’s my favorite Hungarian dish!!!

  • j.martindale

    Never heard of her.

  • geoffalnutt

    Jenner had one brain cell, but it was run over by a bus – several times….in the rain…in the dark. The End.

  • olandp

    “The transgender star, who is a conservative Republican and was vocal about her dislike of Hillary Clinton on her E! show I Am Cait, has in the past said she wants to use her celebrity to benefit only herself.”


  • AW

    Caitlyn Jenner… I hate her so much. She’s a blight on the LGBTQ community.

    • Guest

      LGBTQ’s have equal rights to be assholes; Caitlyn is taking 100% advantage of that premise.

    • another_steve

      And for some reason, Chelsea Manning is also said, by some, to be a hero of our community.

      Go figure…

      • Todd20036

        What did she do anyway?

        • another_steve

          She was convicted by court-martial of violations of the Espionage Act and other offenses, after disclosing to WikiLeaks tons of classified or unclassified but sensitive military and diplomatic documents.

          A real hero, right? 😉

      • JCF

        I really hope Obama pardons—well, at least commutes the sentence of—Manning. She’s not well, and considering the mentally unhealthy context in which she committed her crime, I believe she’s suffered enough.

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    She does have a lot of “golden” medals.

  • Max_1
    • Treant

      Nice drum. It looks like he’s enjoying beating it.

    • another_steve

      Old queer here.

      Someone please explain the visual to me.

      • That_Looks_Delicious

        It’s a young man playing a drum.

        “What’s all this I hear about sax and violins on television? How are the little children supposed to learn about music?”
        —– Emily Litella

        • another_steve

          Based on the responses from the helpful perverts who responded to my call for help, I now understand the image.

          I would however very much like to see the full undoctored image of the young man jerking off.

      • PickyPecker

        Look again at the image. There are two distinct and different graphics which have been joined. Left hand side (with face) is obviously some guy jacking in the shower. Right side with drum is lower half of another guy beating drum.

        • another_steve

          Thank you, PP.

          You’ve come to my rescue many times, when it comes to this stuff.

          • PickyPecker

            Watch the clip that AcronymJim posted for more insight.

          • Joe in PA

            Hmmm, @another_steve:disqus is complimenting you on your, shall I say, “expertise” in this area. Interesting. Very interesting. 🙂

          • PickyPecker
      • Max_1

        The upper is a porn flick… the lower is from a music video.
        Mish – mash he was taking a bath…
        … Just watch out for the splash.

        • another_steve

          I tend to be a literalist and believe whatever I see.

          Thanks for the clarification. 😉

          • TheManicMechanic

            That explains some things…

        • Todd20036

          Happened to me once. And yeah, it sure does.

          • Ragnar Lothbrok

            Once ? Yeah, right

      • MB

        The boy is spanking his monkey……err…drum, playing his instrument….

        • b

          I believe Mr. PickyPecker now calls it, “whacking my brain”

      • Acronym Jim

        I believe it’s a screen grab from this Aikiu music video.

        • PickyPecker

          YES! I was wracking my brain trying to remember the name.

        • Todd20036

          I find this video strangely homoerotic, even though I don’t think it is meant to be.

          • Acronym Jim

            I know, it’s just a bunch of band members playing their instruments.

            Weird, huh?

          • KCMC

            strangely homoerotic? Blatantly. Delicious.

        • another_steve

          Thanks, Jim.

          The line between sexual and musical ecstasy is sometimes thin, yes.

          • KCMC

            hear music sometimes.

        • Ragnar Lothbrok

          Get a lot of snow A J ?

          • Acronym Jim

            Well over a foot. I’m in North Portland which saw the second heaviest snowfall (after the West Hills). The dog is having problems finding a place to squat. My twelve foot Arborvitae (which were about four feet tall when I moved in) are now weighed down to the point where they are just over five feet tall.

            No traffic though, so I shall be able to gird my loins sufficiently enough to make the 7 block trek to the local Freddies for a five liter box of Merlot to get me through the week. Apparently we should expect another five inches or more.

          • Ragnar Lothbrok

            Amazing. The arbs will be fine by the way.

            Thanks for the remind, I need to go to the store for the same 🙂

        • KCMC

          grab, indeed.

    • Joe in PA

      Hmmm, I would say “Bang the Drum Slowly”, but I think this one needs to speed that “banging” up a bit.

      • clay

        Not all of us prefer jack-rabbit speed.

        • Joe in PA

          I wanna see smoke coming offa that thang! Ahem.

    • perversatile
      • JCF

        {notices Russian caption on right}

        Careful, someone’s about to run afoul of the Russian “Anti-LGBT Propaganda” Law…

  • Chris H.


  • boobert

    Benefit ? If anything it will set it us back 20 years !

  • Oikos
  • ETownCanuck

    “Jenner will be one of the few celebrity guests in attendance.”
    Don’t they mean “the ONLY celebrity guest in attendance”? And even that description is tenuous at best.

    • Rex

      Celebrity is being very generous.
      More like Attention Whore.

      • Bomer

        She’ll fit right in then.

        • JCF

          …in the First Family.

    • Nowhereman

      She’s a celebrity? Who knew!

    • Todd20036

      At this point, she’s famous for being famous, like the Kardashians

      • NO MORE GOP!

        Oh, come on! Who could forget her dramatic turn in Can’t Stop The Music?

  • Guest

    Maybe she’ll sing a few numbers, that would be nice…………………….

  • Lazycrockett


  • Homo Erectus

    D’ya think they’ll let her sit next to Pat McCrory?

    • boobert

      Pat on one side and perkins on the other!

      • Homo Erectus

        Josh Duggar might grab her pussy.

      • Gustav2

        Oh, her dance card will be sooooo full at the inaugural ball!

        • JCF

          Something’ll be full if they don’t let her use the bathroom…

    • stevenj

      She should sit in his lap.

      • Snarkaholic

        You forgot the ‘h’.

    • BobSF_94117

      At intermission, I hope she asks Jeff Sessions where the ladies room is.

    • KCMC


  • Butch

    Because of course she will. But I don’t think Cait is exactly A list, either. “Course, they do (or did) both have “reality” shows.

    • Tor

      What do the neo-Nazis think?

  • John Calendo

    Oh great, here comes CLASS.

  • Tom G

    And she is………….?

  • T-Batwoman

    Vapid attention whore rattling the tree once more, by the way how is her show doing? 😉

    • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

      What show? South Park? /s

      • clay

        Celebrity Apprentice.

  • That_Looks_Delicious
    • Joe in PA

      Ahhh, good times. Remember when we winced a teeny bit at that but thought “you’ve got this Hillary”. Dang, now I’m depressed again. 🙁

      • my lover awoke me at 4am, that day, to tell me the bad news.

        but the thing is? i’m still having that nightmare. none of this is real and it’s not happening.

        because i demand it. yes, i’ve already found the entry into the alternate universe where i will be living from now on. if you’re nice to me i’ll take you with me when i go. which will be Soon.

        “Soon, Ira. Soon.”

  • another_steve

    “This is the way the world ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper.”

    ― T.S. Eliot

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      or a tinkle, as the case may be.

  • Mike C

    Is this why all the dress shops are sold out? Or have they just closed?

  • Taylor

    Will Caitlyn be allowed to use the women’s restroom, or will she make use of a catheter with a collection bag strapped to her thigh??

    • RJ Bone


    • Colonel Panic.

      Or she could piss on Trump – improve her numbers in Moscow

      • DaveMiller135

        Her numbers wouldn’t go down in New York.

    • Paula

      She could present the bag to Trump afterwards. I think he would appreciate it.

    • teeveedub

      Yes, but it’ll be a Chanel collection bag.

  • Nowhereman

    Don’t go away mad, Cait–just go the hell away.

  • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

    Well, that should be…interesting.

  • DaddyRay

    Of course she will – eye roll

  • i keep deleting comments. it’s been that kind of day.

    Cate, honey… just go away. i think that’s the nicest thing i can say.

  • Jim

    Well, if she has to go, she better sit beside Mike Pence.

  • Max_1
    • PickyPecker
    • Mike__in_Houston

      Poor dog. It seems to know what the sign says…

      Actually, a couple of years ago I knew a dog who did that. It turned out that he was real sick and died not long afterwards. I warned the owners when it became no longer able to eat the chew bone I would give him from time to time, and they didn’t pay me any heed. So if the owner of the dog is on this blog, I hope he/she will get it checked.

      • JCF

        Yeah, they really don’t. Dogs understand “shaming” videos (well, understand “shame”).

        They just respond to the pack leader’s tone. They could have won a Best in Show award, but if the pack leader gives them “Bad dog!”, then they’ll respond w/ the hang-dog look (it probably evolved because hang-dog THEN tends to prompt an “Aw, I still love you, Poop-Eater!” reaction. 😉 )

    • greenmanTN

      My sister’s dog seems to think the cat box is full of crunch coated bon-bons.

      I try to keep it clean, but he’s Johnny on the spot for it.

      Then he wants to lick you. “Not with that mouth, you turd afficionado!”

      • ScubaBearLA


        • greenmanTN

          As in Karaoke?

          My singing voice sounds like an owl being eaten alive by boll weevils, so while I know what karaoke is I have no first hand knowledge, for which the universe gives thanks.

          • Kristen InaTavia Solindas

            Thank you for making me laugh so hard I spewed my drink! The imagery is visceral.

          • greenmanTN

            I’m glad you liked it. My sense of humor can be an acquired taste…

          • greenmanTN

            Truly terrible singing voice though.

            When I was about 16, I was wearing big-ass headphones and listening to music. I thought I was humming along quietly with the song. Then I turned around to find my entire family nearly in convulsions from laughter because of how bad it sounded.

            Before that, I was put on stage, “skating” in my sock-feet, pretending to be IN a winter wonderland instead of singing about one, because my singing voice apparently sounds like a chipmunk in a blender.

  • Oikos

    Will she let trump grab her by the pussy?

    • Natty Enquirer

      I hear it’s got a handle.

      • Paula

        Is she pre-operative?

        • BobSF_94117

          Pretty sure she announced she’s not intending to get that surgery.

          • Paula

            Oh… did not know that.

        • Lars Littlefield


  • The Professor

    Traitorous fame whore.

  • 2amor

    I am sorry, who is it that finds Jenner to be a celebrity?

  • Paula

    That’s it, Caitlyn! You’re dead to me! Dead, I tell you! Dea….. oh wait never mind.. you were nothing before and even more of nothing now. Enjoy you Repub friends and see how they treat you.

    • perversatile

      What happened Cait? You use to be cool…

      • KCMC


      • Todd20036

        Once upon a time, he wasn’t such a famewhore who didn’t sell his soul for a few extra kopeks.

        • perversatile

          Cait may be deplorable but lets get her pronouns right -xoxo

          • JCF

            She’s TRULY a bitch now!

  • charemor

    And we should care because?????

  • Cuberly

    I stopped taking Jenner seriously a long long time ago.

    • LOL. “Check his ass” “He’s one of them!”

    • greenmanTN

      That was terrible!

      I love it.

  • fastlanestranger


  • jsmukg

    Has anyone noticed that one would only need to change the middle two letters in the four-letter word ‘Cait’ in order to have a perfect description of Jenner?

  • TKW

    Can we just all agree to forget about her? The only thing thing she is ambassador for is her own narcissism.

  • Cackalaquiano

    If Trump still needs performers, maybe Caitlyn can perform a decathlon?

    • Paula

      A surprise strip tease? Even repubs are bound to notice something.

      • KCMC

        Surprise! Still Bruce, down there.

  • Paula

    Maybe Trump will ask you to pee on him. 😳😳😳💩💩💩

  • The Milkman

    Bye girl. You’re done.

  • The_Wretched

    They can’t hardly find anyone to show up for ‘star power’. And Ms. Jenner hasn’t particularly helped anyone but herself.

  • anne marie in philly

    traitor to her community AND traitor to we the people!

  • Michael Abbett

    I imagine a lot of whores will be there.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    She just doesn’t get it.

    • clay

      and it’s up to all of us to make sure she never gets it ever again.

    • Paula

      She really doesn’t get it, does she? 😖

      • Frostbite

        Has she ever?

    • Ninja0980

      Nor does any LGBT person who is Republican.

  • Mike__in_Houston

    OMG. Caitlyn’s gonna be there? Now I *gotta* find a way to get an invite. /s

  • Rene Salinas

    I hate that fucking bitch.

  • Oikos

    Maybe she can sit with Bryan Fischer and Toni PerKKKins.

  • Snarkaholic

    If anyone here can stomach going over to Shitefart (and the various other bigot sites), it would be interesting to get their opinions of this new development.

    • AJ Drew

      Do you reallllly wanna know?

      • Snarkaholic

        Yes, and I also want to make sure that ALL of them are aware that this trash bag will be present (the more ‘unacceptable’ things that they see Turnip do, the better).

        • AJ Drew

          I support your goal, but… well, here’s the current headlines from over there:

          “CNN’s fake news attack backfires”

          [DT] on offense, “Calls for ‘Honest Reporters’ With ‘Moral Compass'”

          • AJ Drew

            I’ll spare you the comments. I won’t repost them due to potentially giving them more publicity.

            I would love to say that the advertising blackout has affected them, but the comment sections are still going, perhaps “worse” than ever (to my sensibilities, at least.) I want to believe there is a way to use words to make them less antagonistic again, but it’s kinda uglier than ever over there.

      • Snarkaholic

        Yes…I do. Nothing they say about the Jenner Jerk will bother me.

  • Andymac3

    Caitlyn likes a good multiple person pile up, just as long as she gets to play the celebrity card and get away with no consequences.

    • Snarkaholic

      When the Jenner Jerk approaches the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, I’ll bet they all shriek, pick up their skirts, and run!

      • Nonsense. They will all want her as a parent, one of their multiple wives, or as a fellow wife. Who would not want Caitlynn as one of the immediate family?

  • Frostbite

    She’s hoping to be grabbed in the pussy.

    • bambinoitaliano

      She’s hoping to be grab anything. Her relevance in the media is getting obscure by the minute.

      • Frostbite

        She had relevance?

        • bambinoitaliano

          Unfortunately by today media standard, yes.

        • Lars Littlefield

          I’m surprised that there are no solo masturbation videos of Caitlyn whacking away in front of her laptop. She still has “little Bruce” attached to the place her “where ever” is supposed to be.

          • JCF

            Let’s not go there. In every sense of the phrase.

    • Jay George

      Maybe she’ll remember to bring it with her.

      • Frostbite

        It’s in her pocket.

    • Todd20036

      Does she actually have one?

  • Larry Lautzenheiser

    Celebrity? Only if Hair Furor grabs her by her pussy….oh wait.

    • JWC

      surprises all around

      • Lars Littlefield


  • JWC

    I believe the Jenner/Khardashian Tribehave had their time in the sun Time to take that car wreck of a family off the road

  • Lars Littlefield

    Gosh. I hope she’s been able to find a fun posh frock for the event. I hear inaugural formal dresses are in short supply. Maybe she’ll appear in a loose formal romper.

  • Frostbite

    “Caitlyn represents me.” –said by no one ever

  • Ragnar Lothbrok


  • 41pc


  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    I can hear Don the Con now, serenading her with “You don’t bring me golden showers….”

    With apologies to Babs and Neil.

  • Strepsi

    Silly bint.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
    • Treant

      That’s a pisser.

      • Robincho

        The Golden Arches of air travel and perfect for Rump Force Dump…

        • Treant

          Not that I object to kinky shit–I do a lot of kinky shit–but I don’t do it in public and it’s never made the news.

          • paganguy

            And you’re probably not a hypocrite about it. I couldn’t care less if he’s into watersports. (Though I think the parts of middle America that aren’t in denial will have a problem with it.) I only care because he and the other GOP run on such a platform of fake moral outrage, and this puts him in Putin’s pocket – as much as, or even more than, all the money ties.

    • 2patricius2

      Is that a gift from his master, Vladimir?

    • Cuberly

      Maybe TMI but I know a few guys that would really really like that.

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        No worries, so do we.

    • karmanot

      Pee Pee POTUS

  • HeyBudBoston

    Jenner has a new TV show and a nude photo spread coming out in 2017 i.e. new product/content… So therefore she has a publicist again and that’s why she’s all of a sudden appearing in public and appearing in your Facebook feed.

    • Paula

      Really? That is not helping our side. I guess she is on her own side, anyway. 🙄

  • Gerry Fisher

    Caitlyn who?

  • Bob Lees

    Whew, that was close… Finally the A lister they’ve been praying for. At least Scott Baio won’t have to sit by himself in the VIP section.

  • Lars Littlefield

    Marie Osmond is still waiting for Trump’s team to call her.

    • edrex

      and they will, now that she has not so subtly made her availability known.

  • Orly

    Caitlyn who?

  • Vodka is a food group

    The irrelevant fame whore will drag along kim and yeezy to the shit show

  • Jack

    A pox on her.

    • Schlukitz

      I would like to kick her in her newly created c__t!

      • KCMC

        doesn’t have one?

  • JT

    Caitlyn Jenner To Attend Inauguration

    It will be the Decathlon of Golden Showers.

  • Tiger Quinn

    Oh Caitlyn. I don’t give a single fuck WHAT you do, ma’am.

  • LesbianTippingHabits

    Of course, the real question re Caitlyn Jenner is, how does she tip? Thank you.

  • caphillprof

    Will she be attending the Women’s March on Saturday?

    • JCF

      She’d be welcome to—but I find it highly unlikely.

  • BearEyes

    no A-list again

  • David

    Caitlyn made such monumental changes in her life and then ended up just another out-of-touch rich old white lady.

    • Andymac3

      She really could have been someone of historic importance but she turned out to be a shitty old republican fame whore.

      • Max_1

        Goes to show everyone that you can put a dress on a Republican and they’re just as horrid…

      • Schlukitz

        Just amazing, Andy and David, that a transgendered person would wind-up kissing the asses of the very Republicans who despise her because of who and what she is.

    • Todd20036

      … like Michael Jackson

    • That was probably all she wanted. Along with as much camera attention as she can get.

      Just like there are conservative lesbians & gays (Hey, Milo!) & bisexuals…there are conservative trans people, too. I really dislike that about her, along with her self-centered-ness, but I’ve also seen first hand conservative parents of trans kids who have an easier time accepting their kid b/c she exists as a role model along with Martine Rothblatt & Jennifer Pritzker.

      I just wish she’d stop spouting her BS about how the GOP may suddenly become inclusive.

  • bear on the peaks

    I always suspected that Caitlyn was a friend of Putin’s. Now I know she is. How long before our country is invaded by Russian troops? I even read today that Trump has already started a LGBT registry.

    • KnownDonorDad

      Where is the information about an LGBT registry? Meanwhile, if there are Russian troops….WOLVERINES!

    • Schlukitz

      I despise Trump as much as the next Democrat and I read on the Internet that he has proposed a Muslim Registry.

      That said, and not that I would doubt for a moment that Trump might entertain such a preposterous idea, a Google search revealed no information about an LGBT Registry.

      Could you please provide the link to that information?

    • Johnny Wyeknot

      The Russians will come through Palin’s back door.

  • Max_1

    It boggles one’s mind why you would be supportive on a man who thinks you’re after little girl kitty cat parts all the while insisting that you risk your life in the men’s room.

  • IamM

    Nice photo choice Joe. Really captures the *derp*.

    • jefe5084

      I thought so too. I thought she was doing a carp imitation at first.

    • Ever see a pic of her and one of Melanoma, or say, the wives of Texas Republican Politicians side by side? That *is* the conservative woman “look”.

  • TheManicMechanic

    I’m going back to calling him Bruce, as s/he is a disgrace to so many courageous trans folk the world over.

    • beariac

      Yes, but… doesn’t that do trans people as a whole a disservice? That (AFAIK) is like the worst insult (denying them) and a bad precedent to set. I doubt even trans folk would do such a thing. Please consider just sticking with ‘bitch’ or other pejoratives.

      • TheManicMechanic

        I should be able to single out the members of our community that are doing more harm than good. Someone making the decision to live a trans life often is taking their life into their own hands, not to mention their family life, career and safety. It’s a titanic undertaking that deserves respect and protection. Jenner only had her ratings and fortune in mind. True, it was a big leap for her, and I can only imagine how she feels playing in the bullies’ sand box, but I can see Jenner creating a backlash of awareness to “reular” trans folk. I’m sure there are plenty people on her greener side of the fence that love and respect what she has been through, but that doesn’t automatically translate into compassion for trans people as a whole.

        • beariac

          Sorry to have made this into a mini-issue, but I get bummed by supposedly liberal people on other blogs dead-naming her (it took me a while to remember that term), or any other trans person. It’s equivalent imo to using the n-word and trans people haaate it, unless respectfully used in context with FKA. I never said we shouldn’t criticize community members when it’s due, and I have no idea as to what goes on in her head. Either way and despite ALL her faults, I like to hope that her recognition has had a net positive effect for trans people as a group in society. All I wanted was to make you think a bit more, as I often do as well. Nobody is perfect, and thanks for reading. 🙂

          • TheManicMechanic

            I understand, and my point was simply to reserve the ability to cast certain members of our “community” out on their asses when they are becoming a liability, if not an outright danger. This is not something that has to be done while considering their feelings on the matter. It needs to be blunt. I don’t consider this a strike on those in the community as a whole. Cast out the undesirables, and treat them as they treat us. It’s the only thing they can understand, unfortunately.

    • rusty57

      Has Caitlyn had her penectomy yet? I don’t pay much attention to her sordid, sad life, but I thought she was still into chicks and had yet to do the full reassignment.

      • JCF

        OK, it’s Trans 101 time. MTF gender reassignment surgery (some prefer “gender confirmation surgery”) is NOT a “penectomy”. Just about every last bit of the penis remains attached—it’s just reconfigured (from out to in, w/ the glans moved up to form the new clitoris).

        And Please! “Still into chicks”?! Sexual orientation and gender identity are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, and unrelated. While SOME Transpeople experience a sexual orientation change with transition (most often, probably uni-sexual, straight or gay, to bi), most don’t. There’s no routine progression for MTFs, from “into chicks” to “into guys”.

        And every Trans person’s transition is different. There’s no universal scale of “partial to full”. And it’s impolite to speculate on what aspects of transition—out of sight—a Transperson can or will seek out. If they want you to know, they’ll tell you.

        Let me be clear: Caitlyn is a Rethug bitch. But I insist we treat the terminology of Caitlyn’s transition correctly, because if we get it right for this POS, we’ll get it right for every other Trans person!

        • rusty57

          You are right JCF. In my haste to post I grabbed the first term that came to mind, was wrong, should have known better, and for that I’m sorry.
          I understand the difference between identity and orientation. By “still into chicks” I meant that Jenner’s self declared erotic preference was still towards women. Which is, I’m sure, an honest expression of her sexual and romantic desire. I was expressing my disdain for her as a an utterly self absorbed human being and, upon reflection, any woman interested in Caitlyn who doesn’t see her for who she is.
          And, in the “I should have known better because” department (and in the interest of full disclosure)…
          I have a cousin who is transgendered. Carlie’s journey has been a little over 40 years in the making. She is still married to the woman she dated in high school and together they care for their disabled son. Carlie had her gender confirmation (she prefers ‘confirmation’ to ‘reassignment’) surgery almost 20 years ago. Shortly thereafter, she came out to our extended family at a reunion. That was an eyeopening afternoon.
          Later (I assume as I was the only other sexual minority most of the family knew which meant of course I would know about these things) I was asked “How could he?” “Why would he?” and “I don’t understand!”
          I had no answer for the first two. My reply to the third was “You don’t have to understand, you only have to be understanding.”
          Please feel free JCF to offer any other comments or ask any questions. I am happy to continue this conversation if it broadens my understanding of the transgender community.

          • JCF

            Pax back atcha, rusty. We’re good. Love to your cousin!

    • So is Milo just “confused” about his sexuality then, since he is such a disgrace too?

      We can’t start doing this to them, or each other; innocent people will get hit in the crossfire.

      • TheManicMechanic

        No, Milo just needs a case of AIDS. I’m done being nice with people who are unfortunately members of our group, yet do so much damage to the group as a whole. Jenner is a reality show fame whore making a mockery of being trans. She doesn’t have the worries that 99 percent of others in the trans community have. Oozing sense of entitlement, more money than common sense, and the fact she tread on the backs of so many courageous people fighting for their rights and dying in the attempts only to make nearly a mockery of that fight. I had been an advocate for Jenner, but she is more than just disappointing. She’s a liability.

        • Ahhhhhh! Thank you! 🙂

        • TimCA

          Unfortunately Milo’s a British citizen. His HIV drug needs will be met.

  • dcurlee

    Just another washed up nobody that will be there….big whoop

    • Homo Erectus

      She coulda been somebody – she coulda been a contender.

  • margaretpoa

    You’re not MY ambassador, you self loathing bitch. You’re not qualified to speak for me, nor am I willing to allow you to.

  • Ninja0980

    In Caitlyn’s case, the T in LGBT community stands for TRAITOR.

  • Dot Beech

    One over-flowing toilet after another with this one.

  • Guido Miller

    Jenner and Trump are a perfect combination of brain-less and brain-dead!

  • DanimalChgo

    Hasn’t had any headline attention in a while, I guess. Had to do something.

  • Gianni

    Thank goodness! Caitlyn has been out of the news for way too long.

  • Smartypants


  • Log Cabin Repugs must be SHUNNED from civilized society.

    Like the Vichy French, they are traitors and collaborators.

  • Djurisk

    Trump says she’s going to do an old burlesque number, with tassel pasties. I saw it on Facebook so I know it’s true.

  • Tallulah

    Will he grab her by the…whatever?

    • Marti386

      (In best Groucho Marx impression) I soitenly hope so. 😛

    • KCMC

      still has boy junk?

  • 2patricius2

    I think she wants to try to regain some credibility with right wingers who don’t want her in their bathrooms. Ain’t gonna work.

  • The Return of Traxley

    And the Evangeliban will go along with this…. how?

  • Henry Auvil

    Finally! Trump found a true A-list star to attend his inauguration.

  • karmanot
  • ByronK

    Is this like a groundhog thing? Caitlyn pops out of her hole, sees her shadow, and you know it’s another six weeks of living hell?

    Edit: Ah ha, no I just realized. She’s fulfilling her destiny as an End-Time Handmaiden!

  • beariac

    “Sure, Caitlyn was probably invited because she’s a Trump fangirl and is also sitting at the top of the A-list, but I’m sure she was invited for other reasons too. Trump probably wants to talk to Caitlyn just in case Elaine Chao doesn’t work out and he’ll need to find a new transportation secretary.”
    -MichaelK, dlisted.

  • Like Milo, she will be held up as a prop of how enlightened they are while they proceed to decimate our rights. And like Milo, she’s too rich to be affected or care.

  • houstonray

    You are the very worst kind of self hating person voting against the interests of those you claim to be like. Trust me when I say, they just want your money and then they’ll make fun of you behind your back. You are not helping the Trans cause in any way.

    And if you’re ok with that, well just remember that the rest of us aren’t.

    Oh, and go to Hell Caitlyn.

  • JDS

    Well that is one pussy Trump won’t grab.

    • Homo Erectus

      Don’t bet the farm.

  • RobynWatts

    Damn, and I’m all fresh out of fucks to give about this kapo as well! Hope Caitlyn enjoys her new career as a token, alongside Milo Whatshisname.😠

  • Robert Conner

    “Caitlyn Jenner has accepted an invitation to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration.”

    Will she piss on a prostitute?

  • FAEN

    I’m sure she’s besties with Vichy Kate.

  • fuzzybits
  • Lindoro Almaviva

    Entitled white bitch attends inauguration of a government run to and for entitled white bitches. How surprising.


    Who is she?

  • Slippy_World
  • Happy_Housewife

    What if she has to go to the bathroom at the inauguration?

    • Canadian Observer

      Well she should probably check for cameras… apparently someone is really into that sort of thing…

  • Jukesgrrl

    Oh, yeah, Caitlyn at the inauguration is really going to help the LGBT community. Maybe she’ll take Kanye as her date and he can help Black Lives Matter.

  • Pete

    Caitlyn, why don’t you ask Ann Coulter to the inaugural ball???? You could give Coulter some tips about her adam’s apple !!!!

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    Where will she pee?

    • kmcdevitt

      Thanks for the giggles!

    • William

      Not in Texas.

    • rextrek1

      ON TRUMP!

  • leastyebejudged

    Nice to see the JMG crew supporting trans people !

    • William

      Jenner is in a very special category of her own.

      • leastyebejudged

        I think you’re looking for the word “enigmatic” maybe ?

  • JamesStone

    Dear Lord!! She is another German Jewish person supporting Adolph Hitler!!!
    I just don’t get it?
    Someone out there please help me understand how an LGBT person could support a president-elect and a vice president-elect that have said on record that they would sign the “religious freedom” bill that allows business people to discriminate against you and appoint judges to the Supreme Court that want to take away your marriage rights and “leave it up to the states?” Ugh!

  • ERB.

    “from poland to japan.”

  • kmcdevitt

    Meh. Reality shows often cross over…

  • Steve Edwards

    Fuck this bitch. Please quit reporting on her. I hate her almost as much as I do Kelly Ann Con-way

  • greenmanTN

    Of course she will. After a life of being lauded, first as an athlete, then as a pretty face, marrying into a family whose wealth had fuck-all to do with you, you transition and still mostly get approval.

    i think the phrase is “Fuck you, Jack, I’ve got mine’ so I guess it sucks to be you, huh?”

    My heart just swells at Cait’s empathy for those who didn’t have those same advantages, which leaves out pretty much everbody.

  • Halou

    Something is wrong with her mental state. Didn’t she endorse Ted Cruz once?

  • rextrek1

    Sick of her — WHAT A FN FOOL…… colluding with people who’d LOve to see that she didn’t exist at all……….PATHETIC – Traitor to other trans people

  • Blackfork

    I think Jenner’s surgeons put his dick where her brain ought to be.

  • Dave

    Just one more addition to the D-List of Der Fuhrer’s installation. I’m so sick of this skank. I wish everyone would just stop talking about her.

  • Halloween_Jack

    At what point does she rank the “Quisling” tag?

  • Gene Perry

    Caitlyn Jenner … what a drag.

  • janey

    Caitlyn Jenner may be a woman but she thinks a lot like a man. No woman should support trumpenfurher ever! Unless of course the woman is really a man.