PERU: Court Recognizes Foreign Same-Sex Marriages

The Associated Press reports:

Peru has taken a small step toward recognizing same-sex marriage with a court’s recognition of the Mexican marriage between two men. Peruvian gay rights activist Oscar Ugarteche tried to register his marriage to his Mexican partner shortly after the two were wed in Mexico City in 2010 so that he could change his marital status on his passport. When his request was denied, he sued. Monday’s ruling is historic in the staunchly Roman Catholic nation, but only pertains to marriages performed outside its borders. Peru lags many of its Latin American neighbors in recognizing same-sex marriages. The government agency charged with registering marriages says it will appeal.

  • Bared Bear

    It’s a step forward at least. A Trump’s tiny hand-sized step.

  • Todd20036

    Good to know in case we have to run

    • Bared Bear

      Yeah. I’ve been to Peru. It is an awesome place, but there are more same-sex friendly places in South America. I’ve been eyeing Uruguay since it already has had same-sex marriage for awhile now.

      • canoebum

        Colombia is my first choice. I haven’t been to Uruguay, but I want to visit as soon as possible.

      • Jerry

        I’ve been looking at Panama (central) and Ecuador…exploring different locales in Mexico.

        • Bared Bear

          Hubby and I did look at Ecuador as a place to retire and live comfortably and relatively cheaply and in case we really do have to flee the U.S., but I personally would feel more comfortable in a country that has same-sex marriage established so we wouldn’t have issues.

          But it looks like both Panama and Ecuador would be excellent options for single or opposite-gender couples… health care and infrastructure and established expat communities there look excellent… and Ecuador uses U.S. currency… plus it looks so beautiful there.

          • Jerry

            Regarding not knowing the language (yet), I was joking a few weeks ago that I had already learned the two essential phrases I needed to survive: “Otro vodka y tonico por favor”, and “Follame mas fuerte”.

            I’m only in the investigative stage, and making sure the passport’s in order.

          • Strepsi

            How about Chile?

          • Bared Bear

            Chile?… sure! Hell, I’m even looking at Iceland. Beautiful. But coooold.

      • Strepsi

        Montevideo is amazing, so colonially gorgeous and modern, but Uruguay is no Peru. It’s as expensive as North America with a fraction of the infrastructure.

        Now Peru has even less infrastructure, but it’s PERU. Past Lima, it’s the Andes, Incan cities and terraced mountains, delicious rich Malbec everywhere, beautiful people, alpaca wool, and alpacas!

        • Soniacmazzone

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        • Bared Bear

          Oh, thanks for that. I only know about Uruguay from internet searches… definitely no substitute for actual first-hand knowledge.

          I was trying to balance out finding a gay-friendly place with the ease of setting up a second (or permanent) residency (in case we’re harried refugees from Trumpland) plus good healthcare at a relatively (to the U.S.) low cost… good/improving infrastructure et al…. not an easy juggling endeavor.

    • Do Something Nice

      Come to Spain. It’s even becoming a good place for Jews.

  • Cackalaquiano

    We’ll see if those same 100,000 Peruvian antigay prayer warriors come out for this too.

  • agcons

    Peru: now a focus country for NOM et al. if it’s not already. Send lots of money.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    ¡Enhorabuena, Perú!

    Also, a great excuse to post this photo I just came across.

  • billbear1961
  • JCF