Actual Breitbart Headline

The advertiser boycott of Breitbart really has them losing their shit. They write:

An anonymous group of left-wing Twitter trolls has convinced the New York State Department of Health to withdraw ads promoting colorectal cancer screening from Breitbart News. The public service announcement, which ran in an advertising space on read: “We got screened for colon cancer when we turned 50 and we’re so glad. Click here to find out why.”

Twitter user “@nastiestwoman” took a screen grab of the ad, and tweeted at the official New York State Department of Health on Dec. 29, urging it to withdraw the ad. The department responded the next day, indicating that it had “removed” advertising from Breitbart, without explanation.

Breitbart News reached out to the New York State Department of Health for comment: “On Dec. 30, your Twitter account indicated that you had withdrawn advertising for colon cancer screening that appeared on via a third party. On what basis did you do so? Is it your scientific view that colon cancer does not affect conservatives?”

The department responded: “By protocol and practice, DOH reviews all advertising placements with the intention of reaching a wide audience. However, this ad’s proximity to an offensive and objectionable discussion necessitated immediate removal.”

Sample comment from the link above: “Good, I hope all liberals get colon cancer to go with their feminism. Conservatives don’t need an ad to tell them to see a doctor.”