Howard Dean Endorses Breitbart Boycott

Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean last night tweeted his approval of a New York Times opinion piece on the continuing advertiser boycott of Breitbart. From the article:

In mid-November, a Twitter group called Sleeping Giants became the hub of the new movement. The Giants and their followers have communicated with more than 1,000 companies and nonprofit groups whose ads appeared on Breitbart, and about 400 of those organizations have promised to remove the site from future ad buys.

“We’re focused on Breitbart News right now because they’re the biggest fish,” a founder of Sleeping Giants told me. (He requested anonymity because some members of the group work in the digital-media industry.) Eventually, Sleeping Giants would like to broaden its campaign to take on a menagerie of bad actors, but that would require a much bigger army of Giants, and “it has only been a month since we started doing this,” he told me when I talked to him in December. Then he added, “This has been the longest month of my life.”

“We are trying to stop racist websites by stopping their ad dollars,” reads the Sleeping Giants profile. “Many companies don’t even know it’s happening. It’s time to tell them.” They say it’s not about taking away Breitbart’s right to free speech, but about giving consumers and advertisers control over where their money goes. The group’s Twitter page offers a simple set of instructions to anyone who wants to follow suit. Step 1: “Go to Breitbart and take a screenshot of an ad next to some of their content.” Step 2: “Tweet the screenshot to the company with a polite, nonoffensive note.”

The activists’ back-and-forth with companies reveals a fog of confusion surrounding online advertising. Many organizations have no idea that their ads may end up next to content they find abhorrent. You might blame this — in part — on robots. According to the research firm eMarketer, American companies are now spending more than $22 billion a year on “programmatic ads,” the kind of advertising that is bought with little human oversight.

At this writing not one ad appears on Breitbart, which is ever so pissed at the “fascist” New York Times. Heh.bbfake

  • i can’t even spell it, i already don’t read it that much. who? there are a lot of websites i think should be banned. would you like my list?

    anyway, this is for another poster at another blog where i’ve been banned. dick sux makes it possible to follow people, i guess. i just pressed that button. what does it really mean/do? i see that a lot of people are using it.

    “the Hyperloop vs Shelbyville” meme has been born, said the Lictor of Thranx.

    • The_Wretched

      While I enjoyed reading this comment. I’m not sure it’s coherent.

      • james1200

        That’s why I enjoyed it.

      • the pelagic argosy sights land.

        • BudClark

          New Sun: “The pelagic argosy sights land”

          I’ve just finished Chapter XX (“Pictures”) of Claw
          [pages 329-334 of the Orb edition, also see page 335], the one where
          Severian meets the person he thinks of as the proprietor of the House
          Azure, and who will much later be revealed to be the Autarch, in the
          room that is disguised as a painting. Severian asks for directions to
          the garden:

          “Then you can show me where the garden is.”

          sensed at once that he had been caught off guard, possibly for the
          first time in many years. There was pain in his eyes, and his left hand
          moved (though only slightly) toward the vial at his throat. “So you have
          heard of that . . .” he said. “Even supposing that I knew the way, why
          should I reveal it to you? Many will seek to flee by that road if the
          pelagic argosy sights land.”

          The “pelagic argosy”
          line is the code phrase Vodalus has told Severian to expect. And we
          learn later that Vodalus is actually working for the Autarch, and the
          vial is involved in the autarchial succession. Presumably Vodalus is
          involved in the hunt for the Autarch’s successor. But what’s the
          significance of the garden? I think I recall a garden being involved in
          the events of Urth of the New Sun. But what would cause the
          Autarch to think that Severian was referring to that, rather than to
          the (relatively) ordinary garden above the House Absolute?

          (These are mostly rhetorical questions. I’m posting them here to as memos, for reference as I get further into the series.)

          Tags: books, gene wolfe, sf

  • Treant

    No Dean Scream? Disappointing, I liked that.

    But yeah…could somebody else go to Whitebart and record the advertisers? I refuse to give them the click.

    • David L. Caster

      Strange how even the faux outrage that scream elicited seems to pale in ironic contrast with the turn of recent events.

      • Friday

        Especially since it turned out it only even sounded funny on TV cause of the broadcast mix with the sound. People in the room had no idea there was even a thing about that.

        • David L. Caster

          But the damage was done in spite of the facts in the matter. Sound familiar?

      • Steverino

        Typical GOP non-issue, and typical GOP hyperbolic hypocrisy.

        • BudClark

          I wonder how far I could stuff a hyperbowling ball up *dt’s fat ass, sans lube.

    • KCMC
    • MichaelJ

      Last February there were various news media stories about how the Dean Scream did not quite happen as it appeared to happen on the TV recording. It had to do with where the recording microphones were placed, in a way that did not pick up how loud the election night crowd was. What sounded like Dean screaming out of no where was actually him trying to be heard above all the noise.

      • David L. Caster

        Those facts were reported shortly after the incident in question. Nobody noticed the truth then either.

        • baby, a lot of us did. you know who we are? people who don’t get “facts” from TV stations. over 700 times in a single weekend. that is the number of TV moments dedicated to “the scream” on TV. can you think of anything else other than 9/11 that got that much coverage? that’s why people like you didn’t know what it was while it was happening. they made it a “real” “problem.”

      • olandp

        I still would have voted for him if I had the chance.

    • The_Wretched

      I was more than a little upset at the media for the “Dean Scream” coverage. It was much less manic in context and take a look at what Trump’s gotten away with in comparison.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    Don’t forget the Sleeping Giants list of companies that have pulled advertising.

    • Steverino

      I’m hoping those same sleeping giants will have our backs for further attempts at RFA bullshit and any attempts to reverse Obergefell and Windsor.

  • Marides48

    Let’s hope they’re better at this than the Million moms?

    • Acronym Jim

      There are almost certainly more of them.

  • Tiger Quinn

    They’re crowing like crazy that the libtards heads must be exploding because they just announced they’re the 45th most visited site of the year, AHEAD of HuffPo! Oh my god! lol, those dipshits.

  • james1200

    We liberals and others who go to Breitbart to gawk in horror need to STOP going there immediately, as well. We have to stop contributing to their page views. The claim 40 million unique visitors per month, which is bullshit but if it’s even half that then it matches Huff Po and it’s still shockingly high and we liberals are contributing to it.

    • bill weber

      Why would you ever go there? Fond of wasting time?

      • james1200

        To troll, why else? I’ve been banned, anyway.

    • Marides48

      We can draw straws to see which one of us will go to not so Beibart to check it out.

    • David L. Caster

      At least use a browser in stealth or “incognito” mode.

      • m_lp_ql_m

        I may be wrong, but I think that still contributes to their page view count. All incognito mode does is hide the page view on your end.

        • Rambie

          You’re right, it still counts as a page hit, but it doesn’t let the site leave cookies on your computer.

          • Jamie_Johnson

            Which may actually contribute to their “millions” of unique pageviews, as it’s the cookie that can tell the server if the viewer is new or a return. What we need is sort of like reverse-VPN, where a single server/IP address can aggregate pageviews, anonymizing and storing the cookie so that it appears that a single visitor is making (many) multiple visits. Breitfart will have a hard time selling an advertiser on a single viewer pageview, even if that single user visited a million times.

          • m_lp_ql_m

            Or something like a ‘current’ The Internet Archive Wayback Machine seems to save copies of Brietbart every hour or so.

          • Rambie

            I leave it up to Joe and other brave souls to go to those sites. 😉

        • MonochromeMouse

          You’re right, all “incognito” or “private browsing” mode does is not allow the website to store cookies on your computer and keep your browser from storing/caching data from the website, on the webserver and isp end it’s no different than regular browsing, but there are ways to avoid contributing to a website’s page view count. donotlink used to work but it’s been taken offline for some reason.

    • james1200

      *sigh* I just looked it up. They’re ranked #167 in the U.S., which would make them the top political website. It’s dispiriting.

      • David L. Caster

        And temporary.

    • fastlanestranger

      I’ve never gone. I’d never go.

      • Snarkaholic


        • Patriciashamilton

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      • JCF

        Nothing noble about it, for me—I just wouldn’t put my blood-pressure through that shit!

        • fastlanestranger

          Thank you. I’m in that same boat.

    • olandp

      Which is why never go there.

    • AtticusP

      I agree. I stopped going over there after Black Tuesday, a.k.a. election day.

      The people who comment over there are for the most part horribly deranged and/or damaged in some way, and I feel like I’m better off not knowing what they have to say. I often find it so depressing that so many people are that stupid and/or filled with hate.

      And I also agree: I don’t want to be one of their “unique visitors”.

      I am hoping that they make like Gawker and die.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      I can totally do that without any effort whatsoever.

      • vorpal

        I stopped. It was easier than quitting smoking, and I think much better for my overall health.

    • I don’t go to them. They do come after us though.

    • TuuxKabin

      never been there in my life. don’t plan on changing that. the only place I go is here, theguardian, theatlantic, and bbc, a few sources for gifs, memes and that’s ’bout it. youse guys keep me informed.

    • Steverino

      Joe does, so we don’t have to.

      As for myself, it’s like going down the stony end, I never wanted to go.

    • NIFP

      I’ve often wondered about the value of knowing the enemy vs. contributing to their page views, all though of course such sites are probably lying about page views. I would bet it’s not good for our mental health, either. I feel sorry for people like Joe who pretty much have to check out such sites as a reporter. I would imagine it takes quite a psychic toll.

      • BudClark


    • Frostbite

      They don’t care if they only get 40 hits a month, they’ll still lie.

    • Dead Giveaway

      Embrace your echo chamber.

  • bill weber

    Stupid priorities, Howie.

  • bmoore4026

    I’d vote for Howard Dean

    • Bared Bear

      I’ve vote for Howard the Duck over any republican.

      • Paula

        I’d vote for Satan over a republican.

        • olandp

          I’d bet that Satan is a Republican.

          • Steverino

            Tee-hee! Hubby caused a stir on Facepalm yesterday when he posted “Satan doesn’t believe in science. Neither do Republicans. Is there a connection there?”

          • see, now that’s just silly. or naive. of course satan believes in nuclear weapons, environmental toxins, bioterrorism, weaponized medicine aka torture, the list goes on and on. only rubes honestly believe the answer to anything is gawddiddit.

          • Bared Bear

            I don’t know. Satan does at least have some self-respect.

      • Mark

        hell I’d vote for myself over any republican. I don’t have all that hate to fuck it up as much as they do.

      • bobbyjoe

        But Howard Dean once let out a weird yelp at a rally. In the USA, this disqualifies you from the presidency, unlike sexual harassment, racism, business corruption, general ineptitude and lack of knowledge about pretty much anything other than your own ego, and traitorous connections to foreign governments.

      • bmoore4026

        I wrote in Bugs Bunny, personally.

    • i worked my feet off for Dean. i brought new lesbians into the fold of politically active people. i spent money and time on Dean. i wanted him to walk away from it all, in the end, just b/c i wanted him to remain that pure. impossible, obviously, but oh, i remember those days. those heady, fabulous days when I Still Believed. Luna, i’m looking at *you* babe. /smiles

      • NeverEverNever

        Wait. You mean once upon a time….there were lesbians who were NOT politically active?!?!?!? I find that hard to believe!!!!

    • NeverEverNever

      I’d fuck him in the ass (raw) and breed him deep, but I’d never vote for him.

      Jus’ sayin’….

  • Butch

    Slightly OT but related. I’ve been seeing advertisement for Sandals resorts on this site. Doesn’t Sandals still bar same-sex couples? And I’m wondering why the “liberal” MSNBC accepts ads from Sandals when it clearly discriminates?

    • Rebecca Gardner

      They stopped doing that in 2004. The UK banned all their advertising because of the discriminatory practice and that is Sandal’s 2nd biggest market. Hit them in the wallet.

      • Butch

        I was wondering. I couldn’t find anything on the website that indicated a change. I stand corrected.

      • BobSF_94117

        While they did open Sandals to all couples, they also quietly opened a straights-only resort chain called Crocs…

      • ChrisMorley

        They changed their advertising only because they were prosecuted by the UK equality authorities for their anti-gay discrimination.

        Wikipedia warns “Their current policy is similar to their guest policy on “public displays of affection” and topless women on their beaches: Use discretion.
        If other guests complain, management may request a change in

    • JaniceInToronto

      Why would you go to Sandals when Canada is right on your doorstep? Come visit the beautiful frozen north. Land of caribou and polar bears.
      We even have a real, actual Queen and Princesses.

      Suck it, Sandals…


      • Acronym Jim

        And with global warming, Canada could have some wonderful balmy resorts at Lake Winnipeg, Great Slave Lake and Great Bear Lake.

        • JaniceInToronto

          There now! That’s the spirit!

        • Steverino

          I suspect Trump’s response to global warming will be to create a nuclear winter.

        • canoebum

          The Coppermine Delta Beach Resort.

        • William

          Barefoot Beach Resort Nunavut.

      • Butch

        Canada’s only about an hour’s drive for me. I’m already enjoying the minus 30 wind chills here in the UP.

      • TuuxKabin
      • canoebum

        Why put a “snark” on that comment? Canada is great. I’m trying to jostle my calendar right now to get 4 days in Quebec City for some R and R. I’ve only seen it in the summer months. I’m looking forward to the full icy experience.

        • William

          The moat dragon I encountered at the Montreal airport refused to believe that anyone willingly visited Canada in winter. He sent me to special holding.

        • JaniceInToronto

          Enjoy yourself. Bring your long underwear.

      • ChrisMorley

        Also cute wild Polar Bears

        at Churchill
        Last week the BBC gave us a beautiful documentary about global warming and the threat it poses to the Polar Bears and tourism centred on them in Churchill.

    • John Ruff

      All inclusive resorts are where the deplorables go on vacation. Try the Marriott Frenchman’s reef in St. Thomas USVI. VERY gay friendly and the service was amazing.

  • Mark

    Howard – we NEED you!
    Bust their asses!

  • ian

    You bet. Is there a list of advertisers? I certainly am not going to visit that site. Boycotts do work, and are eminently appropriate means of protesting. Many companies are unaware they may be advertising there and other hate sites as much online advertising is shaped by algorithms created by 3rd parties that track online usage, but there are filters that can be applied to auto-block ad’s from appearing on suspect sites. Those corporations who haven’t begun doing so need to get informed and an economic boycott is one way of bringing that to their attention.

  • LesbianTippingHabits

    Howard Dean is also well known as a generous tipper. Just like Joe Biden.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      Next time someone tells you ” just the tip “, don’t believe them

      • NeverEverNever

        Hey! You’re gonna ruin it for some of us!!!!

        • Ragnar Lothbrok

          Dont worry, I just made that up

    • Steverino

      Then they both deserve an honorary “gay card.”

  • Lars Littlefield

    I’m very fond of Howard Dean. If he’s the type of old guard Democrat the youngin’s are hellbent on complaining about, well . . . fuck them. He’s the real deal. My generation of Democrat. And that’s a good thing. You’re welcome, Martha.

    • Beagle

      He was the chair of the DNC for the elections of ’06 and ’08. He had to have done something right.

  • NeverEverNever

    Thanks for chiming in, Dr. Dean.

    Tell me, how is the weather there in Irrelevantlandia?

    C’mon….make a cute little “ROAR” sound again!!

  • Cosmo Tupper

    I agree. Also, since political correctness (respect) is out the window, lets call “fake news” what it really is………YELLOW JORNALISM!

  • John Ruff

    I’m proud to say that I’ve never been on that site. And I jumped for joy when the founder died from a cocaine overdose a couple of years ago.

  • I just peeked at the site and the only advertisers are obscure shops selling tea-party swag and fake news aggregators. Nothing left to boycott, really.

  • Robert Fenstermaker

    “Breitbart” and “Fox News” are synonymous with me… Whenever I see anything branded with either, I immediately know it has zero credibility and is to be given no attention at all beyond calling it out for the right-wing propagandist misinformation it is.

  • BudClark

    The stench of death and decay hangs over Breitbart AND Fcuks “News.”