The Liberal Redneck Thanks President Obama [VIDEO]

Comedian Trae Crowder has gone viral with his message of appreciation to President Obama – “the unparalleled expert in pissing off shitty white people.” This clip below has made it onto YouTube’s trending list, so of course Trump fans are pouring into the comments to spew abuse. Watch below.

  • Jeffrey

    Thank you Trae, yes he did a great job. And now stand by as we decimate all those accomplishments in the first 100 days of the Trumpocracy.

    • That is the shame…every 4 years a new President can come in and undo GOOD THINGS…this is a fucked system of government here in America…some things simply should be untouchable…

      • David Walker

        Some things are, though. The Electoral College for one, apparently.

  • bkmn

    I wonder how many of the haterz will go so far as to boycott Fux since they just gave Trae a nice contract.

  • Elagabalus

    “…especially compared to the sentient tire fires that bookended Obama’s presidency.”

    Trae is such a hoot. I just love the guy.

    • Evajhart

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  • Paula

    Love it! Trump’s election will give Trae a source of material for at least 4 years.

    • Joseph Miceli purged all their Bush material. The site had been archived. I think they are getting ready for some serious Trump bashing.

    • JWC

      if Trump doesn’t have him blacklisted (bush =dixey chicks

      • David Walker

        It looks like he’s going the Nixon direction and compiling a list of enemies.

    • Jeffrey

      I love Trae, but I wish we lived in a time where he had to struggle to find material. It will be an embarrassment of riches for comedians, for sure.

      • Whicker Park

        Been watching The Tonight Show and listening to the pummel of Trumpie jokes. I hope Jimmy Fallon continues this trend.

  • another_steve


    “Ya get run over by a turd truck, that’s how this feels.”

    • BobSF_94117

      Probably a repurposed taco truck, to add insult to injury.

    • JWC

      good morning just luv Trae Crowder a comedian I know but speaks to theheart of the matter GOP never liked a Black president especially one that ran circles around anyyhing they had He was not perfect , never claimed to be, but damned good, you bet The innauguration should have a minute of silence for his leaving office

    • JWC

      well been on here for 3 hours ENUFF I am depressed off to watch porn or something more entertaining

      • another_steve

        It’s snowing here, so my choices are: (1) watching Czech twinks fornicate with big burly guys, (2) checking in on JMG from time to time, or (3) cleaning the house.


        Tossup between (1) and (2).

  • Gustav2

    After a thoughtful, gentlemanly Black man, of course angry rural white folks would go for the complete opposite.

    • David Walker

      The drumpf and his family give white trash a bad name.

  • Mike in Texas

    This must be he best one yet.

  • ByronK

    For a man, it’s ‘Bravo!’. For a woman, it’s ‘Brava!’. Maybe for a redneck it should be ‘Bravoooeeee!’.

  • Michael R

    Unfortunately Obama’s ability to piss off shitty white people
    is part of how we ended up with Trump

  • I am tired of this “two party system”…it routinely throws out the baby with the bath water

    A coalition government is a cabinet of a parliamentary government in which several political parties cooperate, reducing the dominance of any one party within that coalition. The usual reason given for this arrangement is that no party on its own can achieve a majority in the parliament.

    • Steverino

      And for now, we effectively have a one party system, which the minority party, the GOP, has gamed to perfection. The stuff of authoritarianism and totalitarianism.

  • JWC

    That happens frequently in Canada We have a 3 party system (major) The Conservatives (GOP) the Liberals (DNC) and the NDP (Social) At any given election there is a good chance that we can end up with a minority government That means that the winning party has more votes than the other 2 but not enuff to swing a majority This tones down the winning party and require co operation with the other 2 to pass a bill Not necessarily an effective system but it keeps everything in balance. In your country, Trump wants to destroy everything Obama and that isn’t good either

    • Nasty Girl Brianna

      And yet that fascist Stephen Harper went far too long unopposed because neither the NDP nor the Liberals could field an effective leader. Once Jack Layton died, it was all over for the NDP.

      • JWC

        agreed no one liked Harper but he pesisted Like in the states altho easier in Canada the NDP alway are a distant third Laytons personal popularity was huge and NDP won a lot of seats He died but that split the vote and Harper lost to Trudeau

  • JWC

    for those of interest set your DVR’s to HBO this evening for”Bright Lights”

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Canada loves them some Liberal Redneck…Skeeewwww