Ellen DeGeneres Disinvites Homophobic Gospel Singer

Deadline reports:

Ellen DeGeneres announced via Twitter that she has uninvited gospel singer Kim Burrell from performing on her daytime talk show after video began circulating online of an anti-gay sermon Burrell delivered at a Houston TX church. Burrell had been scheduled to sing the soundtrack song “I See A Victory” with Pharrell Williams, on DeGeneres show this Thursday; Williams instead will perform solo.

In a recent sermon at Liberty Fellowship Church International, Burrell, who is a pastor there, said that “perverted homosexual spirit, and the spirit of delusion and confusion, it has deceived many men and women.” Video of the sermon also triggered quick response from Williams, who said, via Instagram: “I condemn hate speech of any kind. There is no room in this world for any kind of prejudice. My greatest hope is for inclusion and love for all humanity in 2017 and beyond.”

The song Burrell was to perform is from the movie Hidden Figures and two of its stars, Janelle Monae and Octavia Spencer, have also denounced Burrell.

  • Oikos

    Thank you Ellen. At least you have the good judgment not to grant legitimacy to pigs.

    • lenvus

      One one hand I completely agree with this. Ellen would never grant legitimacy to this hatred. On the other side, I wish she *would have* kept the invitation. Miss thang would be required to answer before Ellen, the audience, and the American people for her hateful opinion. Ellen would not let her hide behind her last bullshit Instagram comment stating she “condemn[s] hate speech of any kind. There is no room in this world for any kind of prejudice. My greatest hope is for inclusion and love for all humanity in 2017 and beyond.” Ellen would have ripped that bullshit a new asshole. And I, for one, would have loved to see it.

      • rogerogreen

        Would calling Kim Burrell out on air change her POV? I think not. and Ellen is an UP show, not Jerry Springer or Dr. Phil.

        • RemusL

          It would also make her a martyr to the homophobes. They would accuse Ellen of bullying her and being intolerant of her religious beliefs. Shunning and ignoring her are the best options in this case, I think.

        • lenvus

          Point well taken. And appreciated. (Question for you, though. What do you mean by an “UP” show? Is that an abbreviation for something, or do you mean an uplifting show? It certainly is an uplifting show, of course. 🙂 )

      • j.martindale

        Do not promote haters.

        • cleos_mom

          Burrell would likely have followed the common pattern of insisting that she and her god love and want the best for everybody — followed by various overworked metaphors about sin, rescuing people from burning buildings and suchlike.

      • polyincorrectsynic

        Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper show just high tailed it to the Emergency Exit for the “Peace and Love” hjway.” “We love everybody and just want love in the world”. why do they preach certain things and why do people go to these churches where they are preached.
        We dont hate fat people – we hate that they eat too much. To be in our church you have to stop eating!!!

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  • Blackfork

    I love balls and Ellen’s slingin’ hers right here at the beginning of 2017! I also love to see the backsliding hypocrisy these assholes spew when they get caught saying stupid shit. Burrell just wanted to sing at Trump’s inaugural shitshow and thought she play both sides of the fence.

  • DumbHairyApe

    And now she’ll likely be offered a walk-on performance at the Trump inauguration.
    Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate…

  • Treant

    Yeah! And that exposure would have really helped her career!

    She can now sing at an Inauguration nobody watches and slide off into irrelevancy.

    • Stogiebear

      It’s never too soon to start getting some experience as a warmup act for an obscure 1980s cover band.

      • Treant

        Hey, don’t dis my favorite hair bands. 🙂

      • LovesIrony

        michelle shocked

    • kelven

      What was she thinking? Oh, I know. Christianist privilege. I can say any stupid hateful thing I want as long as it’s from “the bible” and no one can call me out on it because its “God’s” word.

      • Snarkaholic

        So…she’d be okay if a bigoted redneck pointed out that the Bible also condones slavery (among other horrors)?

      • Uncle Mark

        What that crazy bitch was babbling about was not to be found in the bible, and the bible alleges that God curses those who add or subtract from it…so gurrrrl you in trouble.

        And if that’s the way you feel, unless you are a two-faced bitch, why would you want to be promoting yourself on some “perverted homosexual spirit’s” show? Wouldn’t you only be seen as endorsing someone, who’s lifestyle you just condemned after all?

        Burn, you ignorant, bigoted hypocrite !!

      • Uncle Mark

        I’m sure she’ll be claiming soon enough that Ellen is denying her religious freedom. Who knew that sweet, gentle & kind Ellen could be so oppressive? /s

  • Rick

    Shorter version: “Later, hater.”

  • MythicalBeast

    I’ve already seen online trolls calling Ellen “racist” for the cancellation.

    • Goodboy

      Ah the standard play the minorities against each other or conquer NOM tried to use.

    • Robert Conner

      So is Christianity now a “race” like Islam?

      • No, but they would have us believe bigotry is.

        I also just love how the most bigoted, fundamentalist reactionary Christians pretend like their narrow-minded, hate-fueled beliefs are the only legitimate practice of it. Which is something they share in common with the most bigoted, fundamentalist reactionary types that exist in every religion. And even though “judge not” was one of their Savior’s supposedly most important lessons.

    • Bared Bear

      I like the ones screaming that Ellen is just another liberal against free speech, too. Like we just have to lie down and let the bigots steam roll on top of us everytime they open their mouth flaps.

      • Hue-Man

        There’s a reason they’re referred to as “guests”, especially on Ellen’s show where you’re made to feel at home.

    • Blake Mason
    • Bluto

      That’s how teabagistan rolls. It’s free speech beyond reproach to be bigoted/racist/misogynistic but anyone who dares call it out is the bigoted/racist/misogynistic one.

      • safari

        And boycotts are economic terrorism when progressives use them.

    • Snarkaholic

      Yes, that pesky Ellen has NEVER had a single POC on as a guest!:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fd4HpglNjQc

  • The Sentinel

    Heavens forbid Pharrell Williams call out the hateful Kim Burrell by name. What a pussy.

    • Helen Damnation 🍑™

      Mr. Icon of Peace and Love needs to step up.

  • JoeMyGod

    Burrell hasn’t yet responded on Twitter.

    • Blake Mason

      There is nothing wrong with wanting to achieve goals. She asked in her “apology” vids(that have been taken down from FB).. “Y’all say you support me? Why haven’t I sold 1 million records? Where is my Grammy?” …. Why she worrying about the things of this earth? That is what irritated me further.

      • geoffalnutt

        This girl needs some Raptureizationism.

  • fuzzybits

    Matt Staver will be calling soon.

    • Snarkaholic

      Have they set up her GoFuckMe page yet?
      She’ll need at least $1.7 million to do enough shopping/gourmet dining to dull the pain of the eleventy million bitch slaps teh evil gheys have bestowed upon her stupid face.

  • Frostbite

    Well there goes her career.

    • Lars Littlefield

      I agree. I doubt Ellen will ever work again after this.

      • Frostbite

        Uh no. I was referring to “what’s her name?”

        • Lars Littlefield

          Why do you hate Ellen? 😉

          • Frostbite

            Oh, whatever troll, welcome to my block list.

      • CCleverly

        Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

  • Achilles Tsakiridis

    Homosexuality is not one of the 7 Deadly Sins … but Gluttony is . #itscalledsalad #sweepupyourbackyard #elephantinthelivingroom

  • james1200
  • Pollos Hermanos
  • Robert Conner
  • Robert Adams

    “perverted homosexual spirit, and the spirit of delusion and confusion”,

    Worst euphemism for “hatred and bigotry” we’ve seen in awhile.

  • geoffalnutt

    Religion is hate.

    • Bared Bear


    • Religion is a justification for hate. Religion itself is a mental illness.

      • Religion can be easily twisted into a justification for hate.

        FIFBOY (fixed it for both of you ;-).

      • geoffalnutt

        Religion deliberately separates people from the get go – us vs them, That is hateful.

        • That ain’t a core Wicca belief, friend.

          • geoffalnutt

            Wicca’s totally cool because there’s no proselytizing. Is there an evangelical Wicca? Does it make threats? No.
            There’s the inherent “or else” in the 3 main Abrahamic cults of which I was actually speaking. Sorry. I don’t do well with “or else”.

          • JCF

            Episcopalians don’t do “or else” (unless the exhortation is “use the correct fork!” ;-p)

          • cleos_mom

            But you didn’t refer to religions that proselytize or make threats. You just said “religion.”

  • Michael R

    ” Is this the Cocksucker residence? ”
    Kim Burrell : ” God damn you! Stop calling here ! ”


    • Jeffrey


  • zhera

    It’s amazing how these bigots think they still can spout their hate one place, and pretend it never happened another place. With camera phones everywhere you can be sure of one thing: It will get out. And the internet never forgets.

    Kim Burrell will hopefully learn a valuable lesson. Hopefully, but doubtfully. Wait for her to climp the cross, wailing all the way.

    • In general, when faced with a choice between continuing hate and bigotry versus changing and embracing love and acceptance instead, my experience has been they nearly always choose to stay as they are, because hate is easier and doesn’t require any thinking.

  • MarkBuster

    No one in that sermon spoke up until now. Remind me to give a crap the next time a church gets burned down.

  • Pat

    So gays and lesbians are possessed by a perverted homosexual spirit but this a-hole preacher woman would hold her nose and appear on Ellen’s show? Geez, did Webster remove the word hypocrite from these danged evangelist fundie’s dictionaries? Good for Ellen! No amount of little pine tree air fresheners would ever remove the stench of that old trout from the green room.

    • Gigi

      Guess she missed the passages that condemn gluttony in her rush to find the ones the haters use to condemn us.

      • Pat

        Funny how that happens isn’t it? Always room for a cheeseburger and a milkshake or a pork chop or two.

        • m_lp_ql_m

          Or some Chik-fil-A

  • another_steve

    Uh oh, Girlfriend Kim… the bigotry cost you some money there. 😉

    Better have another chat with your deity.

    • boatboy_srq

      One time the Prosperity Gospel worked as theorized: be a hateful bigot, lose some talents.

      Pith that’s an exception and not the norm.

  • Ninja0980

    Good for Ellen.
    Kim Burrell has the right to spew homophobic crap if she wants and Ellen has the right to not have her on her show.

  • Bared Bear

    I would bake that Miss Christian lady who hates me a cake, but it’s against my perverted homosexual religion(s).

    • Todd20036

      I’ll have that cake and eat it too!
      What? I love cake!

    • frogview

      a chocolate pie, perhaps?

      • grada3784

        We are in the age of Trump. Pumpkin pie is mandatory.

  • The Sentinel

    Check out her lyin’ bullshit “apology” video.


    • Michael R
      • I always thought it really weird and twisted that Charlie the Tuna’s fondest wish was to be caught and chopped up into cans of Starkist tuna. Remember once even asking my mother if Charlie was sad, since he obviously wanted to die.

        • another_steve

          Becca, take some solace in this, dear friend:

          No greater love hath a tuna than to surrender his life to become a nice tuna salad sandwich.

          ~~ The Book of Fishes, Chapter 3, Verse 5

        • Bad Tom

          I thought the same thing!
          Years later, at a McDonalds I saw an ad for Chicken McNuggets which showed a chicken with a McNugget in her beak.

          NOOOOOOOOO!!! Soylent Green is People!!! Uh, I mean, Chicken McNuggets is chicken. Allegedly.

          I decided on a salad that night.

      • TuuxKabin

        medaka! swim away!!!

    • The Milkman

      Isn’t it amazing how people who aren’t really sorry can spend so much time and so many words making a faux apology?

      • Schlukitz

        You caught that too, eh? LOL

    • Kelly Lape

      Bitch! Who are you to say what God wants for me? Who are you to say what spirit GOD inspired in me for me to live my life in honesty? Who are YOU to define sin in others Bitch?

      • Schlukitz


        Bitch Burrell.

        It has a nice ring to it.

    • The_Wretched

      Her ‘apology’ shows exactly why “s. i. n.” is an immoral concept. Rather than look to see who she’s hurting, she hides behind the abstract category shield of ‘sin’. That’s wrongful.

      • CJAS

        It’s fundamentally dishonest.

        • The_Wretched

          I like how she tagged on ‘satan’s out to get me’ christian false victim narrative.

        • MBear

          Never accuse the religious of intellect

    • another_steve

      Please allow me to capsulize her statement, for people who don’t have six minutes to spare on it.

      OH MY FUCKIN’ LORD… I screwed up. My big fuckin’ mouth again. Shit! I’ll lose income. The bitch lesbo Ellen will cancel my appearance. I won’t be able to afford cocaine anymore.

      I’m fucked.

      I’m really fucked.

      • Todd20036

        Somehow, I doubt she gets fucked that often

        • Schlukitz

          That wasn’t the kinda gettin’ fucked that another_steve be talkin’ ’bout! 😉

        • Bad Tom

          That’s why the blow is so important.

    • CJAS

      It’s interesting how someone who uses the word love repeatedly
      can sound full of rage.

    • Mike in Texas

      And leave a JMG-style zinger in the comments too.

    • Schlukitz


      I couldn’t get past the halfway mark.

  • Mark

    That was a fast 15 minutes.

  • Gigi

    The Talibangelists who continue to support Kim Burrell must have known this would happen. They’ve been saying on her fb page that she shouldn’t go on the Ellen show because she doesn’t have to expain herself. “She answers to God, not a lesbian.” Guess they got their wish.

    • Bared Bear

      They don’t know that God IS a Lesbian?

  • dcurlee

    Let Ms Minnie bake her a pie

  • WNY

    She is getting blasted in the comments on all her posts on both Facebook and Twitter

    • John30013

      Replies to Ellen’s tweet appear to be mostly supportive. Of course there are the usual trolls, haters and false-equivalency idiots (“why can’t you tolerate my intolerance” types), but they’re being quickly and efficiently dealt with by other commenters.

  • Oscarlating Wildely
    • Bared Bear

      In the shower with Satan and Buddha and Hanuman… think lotus blossom position.

  • zhera

    I can’t stand reading about tRump and his evil posse anymore. So I won’t be commenting as much as usual. It’s just self-care, as I can be quite fragile at times. I guess it’s been building up since the election and now that we’ve reached January it’s too real, too scary.

    I don’t know how you do it, Joe. ♥

    • It’s why I’m not around much either, Zhera, and was gone entirely for weeks. This right now is my daily tiny ration of anything online or news-related.

      • Ninja0980

        I understand completely.
        It’s going to get ugly for us… very very ugly.

        • Schlukitz

          I fear that you are right. ;-(

          • Ninja0980

            Schumer is already being an idiot so I’m not holding my breath.

      • Ross


        You are an informed, inspiring light here.

        Please never disappear entirely.

      • jixter

        Don’t disappear, BeccaM. Have you tried “Make America Kittens Again”? I’m testing it out now. You can also use it to block Pence, as well as several others. This is a time for all of us to stand our ground and be strong, vigilant and merciless in the face of those who seek to do us harm. We will all be tested now. Kittens can help.

      • RoverSerton

        I can only imagine Rachel on TRMS. It is going to be a long long 4 years for her.

      • Schlukitz

        Ditto what you said.

    • Mike in Texas

      The same has happened with me, Zhera. Usually whatever I can think of to say has already been said by someone else anyway.

    • Hue-Man

      I’ve taken it to the next level – I don’t click ANY TrumpNews (I’ll make an exception for his arrest and resignation). I’m sure I’m missing some excellent, inspiring comments but my mental well-being is more important.

      • zhera

        Yup. Mental health is priority 1.

        What I hate about it is that they’re wearing me down. It’s ‘news’ overload, and it’s obviously part of the strategy to make people stop caring about what tRump and GOPutin do.

        But I’m not strong, I can’t stand on the barricades with the heroes.

        • Dazzer

          You don’t have to get in a major fight to be a hero or ‘strong’.

          Your wit, insight and compassion – not just about politics, but also about what othr people are going through are major personal strengths.

          And they’re all appreciated. I know I’ve appreciated many of your comments – so please don’t stay away too long.

          We’re a community as well as people who read the news together.

          • zhera

            ♥ Thank you!

            I’m still here, just not so much in the tRump articles.

    • Ross

      I have stopped reading all news save JMG.

      And I stay here mostly because of the commenters.

      Still, even here, I ignore most of the Orange Fucker posts.

      • Jay George

        The Make America Kittens app that works some times and some times it doesn’t, cracked me up today. I had to google Melania for a picture and I sat there and watched all the t Rump pictures turn into kitties one at a time. It was hilarious.

        • Nowhereman

          I’m guessing it’s good for the blood pressure, too.

      • Millstone

        Relying on this or any other blog as a sole source for “news” leaves one woefully uninformed. How do you get any perspective if you spend all your time in a circle jerk?

        $20 a month for the NYTimes is a bargain.

        • Ross

          You mean the same NYT that kept printing false article after false article about Hillary during the election?

          • Millstone

            So you’ve made the decision to become willfully ignorant, just 180 degrees from a Breitbarter. I encounter people like you, on the right and the left, fairly often and frankly it’s impossible to have real conversation with someone who refuses to consider opinions that don’t echo their own. It makes one a bore, frankly.

            And your comment on the Times is exactly the kind of BS a Trump supporter says. It’s nonsense.

          • Ross


            What kind of bubble are YOU living in?

            The NYT infamously did repeated stories which they had to walk back.

            Moroever, I have not made a decision to become willfully ignorant. I have made a decision to step back for awhile due to the depression/anger I am experiencing since 11/8.

            My decision is one of self-protection.

            You also ignored the latter part of my original comment. I remain here largely because of the commenters. A more informed group is not easily found anywhere.

            You wrote: “it’s impossible to have real conversation with someone who refuses to consider opinions that don’t echo their own.” Yes, I know just what you mean.

          • Millstone

            No offense to you, but I find most of the commenters here to be a cliquish, vapid, catty pack of mean girls.

            And if you’re experiencing crippling depression and anger post 11/8, consider that these lovely people may be part of what’s feeding it.

            I fucking despise Trump and his entire family. I hope he clutches his chest and dies at his inauguration, but then, well, Mike Pence. See? We’re mostly on the same page.

            Cheers to you and best wishes for a better year ahead. I mean that.

          • zhera

            I for one just love it when someone comes here to tell us how awful we are, and then expects us to be polite in return. Looooove it!

          • Millstone

            I can’t imagine why you think I have expectations of you. And you illustrate my point: you make it sound as though you’re all part of some organism (“us”), without independent opinions or the ability to think critically. Just block anyone who challenges you! (Or with whom you don’t agree 100%)

            You don’t even get it.

          • cleos_mom

            “Comments 37. Joined Dec 14, 2016”

          • Nowhereman

            Buh bye–and I mean that.

          • Smiley456

            If the NYT walked back any stories it was due to their journalist integrity.

          • Ross

            No, it is because they got slammed for it.

          • zhera

            Another way to take care of yourself is to block certain commenters…
            You don’t owe anyone any reply. 🙂

          • Nowhereman

            Hear hear. One of the biggest problems we have is that there is so much misinformation out there. I don’t see any reason to give lies the same weight and consideration as facts.

          • Nowhereman

            No, a lot of us have just decided to avoid places we know to be unreliable and/or purposefully misleading. I don’t bother with Drudge, Breitbart or Infowars, either. I hear enough about them through other sources. I don’t have to read it firsthand.

      • WretchedMouse

        My husband has a ban on anything political now. I try to talk to him about what’s going on and he cuts me off saying it stressing him out. I read all I can about the shit show going on. He finds it amazing I can read what I do and not freak out.

      • DonnaLee

        I have to get my news somewhere. I refuse to be like the toxic orange asshat followers who blindly followed their leader into the swamp.

    • CottonBlimp

      I understand that your mental health comes first, but you should know that I enjoy your comments, as I’m sure a lot of people here do, and they help, at least some tiny bit, dealing with the reality of the Trump cabal that we can’t turn off.

    • Pat

      This should give everyone a little glimmer of hope. Yesterday the Rethugs attempted to scale back their own ethics rule under cover of night. As a consequence, today the House phones rang off the hook with outraged citizens complaining. The news tried to give the credit to Plumpkin who tweeted some nonsense about this not being the right time which fooled no one. Everyone knows it was the outrage and Plumpky just rode the wave. So, maybe people are finally fired up and not willing to let him or the snakes in congress get away with the usual.Let’s hope, and keep these numbers on speed call. They deserve everything they get. And of course, self care first!

      • Mike in Texas

        Maybe we should all do a phone call a day to keep the monsters away.

    • jsmukg

      Your comments are wonderful, zhera, as is your perspective from the beautiful far north. Please continue as often as you can.

    • Jeffrey

      I’ve been feeling the same way lately. Mainly commenting on the more frivolous stuff. Hot boys and dumb celebs. That’s what I want to read about for a few weeks.

    • TuuxKabin

      As Jeffrey comments below, I’ve avoided most threads except the more frivolous stuff. For distraction I’ve been going to “I Can Has Cheezburger”.


      It’s improved my self care and humor, and opportunity to spread some gifs and memes here and there.

      Thank you for introducing yourself to me by calling me out on a comment I made a long, long time ago. I’ve enjoyed and constantly upvoted your comments.

      • zhera

        Thank you for being so gracious about being called out! I hope to follow your example when people call ME out.
        I’m enjoying your comments as well. 🙂 There are so many great people here, I will NOT disappear completely. Y’all are the bestest.

        • TuuxKabin

          Sampler from I Can Has Cheezeburger:


          • Mike_in_the_Tundra

            I certainly agree with making declawing illegal. My husband and I once had a discussion concerning cats flying. One thing we agreed on was it being bad news for birds.

          • zhera

            I do go on YouTube every now and then to watch cat videos. It’s better than pills!

          • TuuxKabin

            G’day zhera, another site you may use for distraction, tho a bit on the dark side of fantasy, underground, psychedelic, cinema and art . . . dangerous minds.


      • Falconlights

        I like Ceiling Cat!

        • TuuxKabin

          Me too! I behave because of ceiling cat!

    • perversatile

      “Go ahead Malynne slaphur!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03BPiyoab10

  • The Milkman

    This is a great example of how people have the right to hold bigoted opinions, but don’t have the right to express them without being criticized for them. That rule is increasingly being applied to religious bigotry, which drives christian supremacists crazy. They’re used to being able to cite biblical references as a way to deflect criticism. Not anymore. No matter who (or what) takes office this month, we have worked for decades to make anti-gay bigotry something that is not socially acceptable in our culture. There is no putting that toothpaste back into the tube, despite the devout wishes of a subset of American bigots.

    • Robert Conner

      Consequences rock.

  • Did nobody tell this bigoted, homophobic woman she was going to be performing on a lesbian’s TV show? Or is it okay to exploit a gay person’s generosity for one’s own self-interest, while still calling them perverts and monsters, and expect them not to be the least bit offended?

    I must have missed that particular psalm or parable because my copy of the Bible definitely frowns on the whole hating and hypocrisy stuff. At least in the later parts where that bearded hippy dude gets to tell his side of things and says to love everybody and not to judge.

    • IamM

      Hypocrites 1:1 Whatever I do is okay, even if I criticize you for doing the same thing.

      • Bizarro Jenisis 1:1: “And lo, deeply ignorant men made a supreme, all-powerful, all-knowing mega-deity in their own image, so as to have an easy and totally irrefutable justification for hating those they already hated, and for fearing to the point of excusing murder and violence towards anyone different from themselves. Thus it was spoken, so it came to pass.”

        • Bad Tom

          Forever and forever so long as time itself shall last.
          Or unless those in power, in the fullness of time, find it in their benevolent interest to change it.

    • MBear

      But it’s her jeebis that doesn’t like perverts, right? LOL

      • Bared Bear

        For somebody who can supposedly walk on water, that Jesus sure does stumble over a lot of real life stuff.

        • MBear

          Pro tip: that derivative Harry Potter crap is more believable

          • Stogiebear

            And the movies are a hell of a lot more entertaining to watch!

      • Like I keep saying, it’s amazing how many people’s chosen deity just happens to hate the same people they already do.

    • Schlukitz

      There was absolutely no way that Kim Burrell could not have known that Ellen is a lesbian. What lonely planet is she living on, I ask?

      Perhaps this homophobic woman knew exactly what she was doing and planned it that way so that she could then convolute the situation by pointing out to her followers what meanies, brutes and anti-Christians all LGBT folks are as Eric Erickson just did.

      they get so much more mileage out of their being persecuted than she could ever have scored by debating Ellen openly on TV. Ellen’s audience would have hissed Burrell off the stage.

  • Cuberly

    She went on a purposely graphic rant to shock the shit out of her parishioners. And now she wants a hug.

    STFU about your lovey dovey christianist bullcrap. We’re not new to this horse race. We’ve seen it a million times and we’ll see it a million times more.

    • Nowhereman

      I’ve been on the receiving end of their christian love enough times now to last me the rest of my life.

      • Falconlights

        Me, too. I understand that we have freedom of speech and all that, but I’m tired of that lot and their carrying on about “sin” and all and discussing “the lifestyle” as if they actually know something about it. I guess they haven’t figured out that just as heterosexuals have many different lifestyles, LGBT people are no different. Some are good. others are bad and still others are “meh”.

        And I think you’re right, Cuberly. She went out her way not only to shock her parishioners, she also wanted to incite them. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing. Then, she gave a half-assed “apology” and said she never said “LGBT”. She didn’t have to. From her sermon, it was clear to anyone with a functioning brain who she was talking about. It was a “dog whistle” to the homophobes among her parishioners–and from their response it sounded like most of them. So she isn’t getting a medal, a gold star, or a hug from me or a lot of other people.

        I’m glad Ellen disinvited her to the show. I don’t know that she would have anything positive to contribute to the discussion and Pharrell is more than capable of singing the song by himself. I actually like the song and hope someday someone who isn’t a homophobe will record a cover of “Victory” (Pharrell, I’m looking at you lol). Her presence would have been a slap in the face of every LGBT person on the planet.

        I don’t see why Kim is so bent out of shape about LGBT people (and by extension same-sex marriage. Neither of them harm her anyone else. She needs to mind her own business and worrying about her own soul–that should keep her quite busy.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    I love Ellen!

  • Blake J Butler
    • Bared Bear

      Well. That got my attention.

      • clay

        over and over again.

      • Ben in Oakland

        I can see why. He’s so overdressed for the occasion.

        • Bad Tom

          Please turn to your left. Thanks!

          • Ben in Oakland

            I think he should pick up the Indian head nickel he dropped, myself.

          • Bad Tom

            Either way. Or he could turn to his right.
            He could fold laundry and I’d watch.

          • Ben in Oakland

            On my back.

    • The Sentinel

      What is this from and is there a Blu-ray box set?

    • Todd20036

      “Ellen” sure has a beautiful ass!

    • another_steve

      There’s more muscle in the left cheek of his buttocks than there is in my entire body.

      • Todd20036

        This is why I still hit the gym 4x a week even as I’m cascading towards 49

        • another_steve

          I admire your verve and your energy, babe.

          When you’re in your mid-60s like me, any day that doesn’t require you to have a tooth extraction is a good day.

          • jixter

            Exactly, another_steve. 40 was weird for about 10 minutes; 50 for about 5 and 60 came and went without noticing, pretty much. It’s all relative. Todd20036 hasn’t ever been 49 before, so it seems strange to him in the same way that when he was in the 7th grade, being a Senior in High School was almost unimaginable. Then you make it into your Senior year and shrug your shoulders.

          • another_steve

            All ages are beautiful, wondrous.

            Oh as I was young and easy in the mercy of his means,
            Time held me green and dying
            Though I sang in my chains like the sea.

            ~ Dylan Thomas, “Fern Hill”

          • coram nobis

            Yes, my guard stood hard when abstract threats too noble to neglect
            Deceived me into thinking I had something to protect
            Good and bad, I define these terms quite clear, no doubt, somehow
            Ah, but I was so much older then
            I’m younger than that now.
            — Bob Dylan, “My Back Pages”

          • WretchedMouse

            I agree. Everyone has beauty. Well those who aren’t hateful. 🙂

            But “the tragedy of old age is not that one is old, but that one is young.”
            ~ Oscar Wilde

          • another_steve

            Young inside, certainly.

            A mixed blessing.

            To remain internally young but to age externally.

          • WretchedMouse

            It is. I’m 34 but look younger than my years, it’s good and bad. I love it my immaturity keeps me young and supple. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. 🙂

          • another_steve

            Thirty-four is a perfect age. Not too young, not too old. Just right.

            Enjoy these, your golden years. 😉

          • WretchedMouse


            Speaking of! 🙂

            I’m Blanche Devereaux. I’m beautiful, men find me desirable, and people want to be my friend.

            I’m enjoying everday, well as much as my brain lets me.

          • another_steve

            Ohmigod…you’re a youthful-looking 34 year old who knows from “The Golden Girls” ?!?

            Are you available this coming Saturday night?

          • WretchedMouse

            Oh yes I have all seven seasons to bring over. 😉 I was raised on them girls. Dorothy on the streets but Blanche in the sheets.

            My hubby is from Maryland I’m sure I can swing by on our next visit to the in-laws.

          • another_steve

            Oh. Married. Bummer.

            Me too.

            Well, maybe in our next lives. 😉

          • WretchedMouse

            :p well like I tell the hubby. My heart is married but my eyes aren’t. 😉 long as I don’t touch anything can happen before my beautiful greens. Just saying.

          • WretchedMouse
          • another_steve

            Okay, I’m game. We can have a blogosphere tryst.

            I’m old enough to be your father, though.

            Are you into daddies?

          • WretchedMouse

            Hehe for the most part yes. I know they have been into me from time to time…heyo!

          • WretchedMouse

            DAMN! I missed a coming joke and how I don’t have to wait till Saturday. 😉

          • Bad Tom

            And now it’s hard to imagine ever having been so young as to be a Senior in High School.

          • Bad Tom

            Any day not spent in the Emergency Department is a good day.

          • another_steve

            Word, Tom.

            Man and I recently spent six hours in the emergency room. He got up complaining of chest pains. So at his age (early 70s), you don’t dawdle. Off to the emergency room we went.

            The pains went away. Everything checked out fine.

            We think it was the prior evening’s shrimp salad.

        • Mike_in_the_Tundra

          Gee, the only way I’ll ever hit 49 is to back into it.

          • Mark

            it’d be a long back for me – –

        • Mark

          whipper snapper! lol

      • Bared Bear

        I think that that statement would definitely require scientific measurements to back it up… you know… for statistical purposes and something something theorems along the algorithmics of the gluteus maximuses and square roots of penii. Math stuff.

        • another_steve

          Can I just bite his ass and give you my assessment?

          • Bared Bear

            I think ass biting in this situation would be a definite part of any scientists’ methods of procedure. For hypothesis building, of course.

      • Brian Burleson

        One of your better observations of the last 48 hours anyway.

    • JT

      Where is that gym? I feel like a workout.

    • Carl

      If I wasn’t awake before, I am now.

    • Mike_in_the_Tundra

      I forgot how to breath for several seconds. I have to share this film clip with my husband.

    • Andymac3

      Ellens got butch. Her ass looks good in a jock.


    Good. Why in the world would you want to give that woman a platform or be seen as supporting her in any way?

  • Mike in Texas

    I love it when karma is swift with hateful homophobes.

  • GayOldLady

    Now here this…..Now here this. Henceforth and forevermore, there will be no shitting on the LGBT community and getting away with it. Now go sing to jeezuz.

    • Andymac3

      Heyalp me jeezuz, the gays won’t touch my hair no more, called it a kitchen-ass wig.

  • Do Something Nice

    Ellen cares about her fans. Clinton not so much.

    • Ross

      Yes, dear.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Look at you, getting all conflating; how very Kellyanne Conway of you.

      • Bared Bear

        Yeah. I really… really don’t get the hate against Hillary.

        On this side of the aisle you have an intelligent woman who is a politician but she’s pretty damn brilliant and passionate and compassionate… your other choice is…

        a feces throwing baboon who wants to nuke somebody and thinks his turds are rose petals to anybody beneath him (which is everybody)…

        choose the best one for president.

    • Bad Tom


  • BeanToes

    I almost wish Ellen would have kept the invitation and raked the singer & her bigoted views over the coals.

    • Bad Tom

      It would have been epic, a TV show for the records. Tense, explosive, etched into our memories. Pivotal, even.

      I could see Jack Paar doing that.
      How is the cloning of humans going?

  • Ray Muñez

    Good. She is probably shocked that there was such a reaction. These amateur Pentecostal pastors are used to talking crap about LGB people on a routine basis. We’re considered an easy target, a guaranteed applause line. Maybe not so much any more.

  • TJay229
  • JT

    Maybe she can get a gig doing ads for the Harlem Hate Minister’s semen flavored lattes.

  • BeaverTales

    A gospel singer who would rather offend a group that never did anything to her, than be focused on her music and promote her own career. She doesn’t deserve any publicity outside of her church.

  • MBear

    Cue martyrdom

    • Schlukitz

      She is already wailing the Persecution Blues.

      It’s amazing how people like this can trample LGBT folks…and then turn around and complain that we muddied their boots.

      • Ninja0980

        They are supposed to be able to spew any garbage about us that they want with us simply rolling over and taking it.

  • Carl

    Good. I’m so sick of apology tours where I’m apparently supposed to feel real bad for you because you got caught. I don’t want to hear some bullshit cry about how the things you say and do don’t reflect who you really are.

    Just show her the door.

  • MB
    • Bared Bear

      i don’t like menz no mo (except between the hourz of nowz and tomorrowz)

      • MB

        It’s the same whacked homophobic Church of God in Christ. Hers is the Love and Liberty Fellowship Int’l Pentecostal Overcoming (Church of God in Christ) which she started in 2010.
        She is the Eldress-Overseer-Bishop..
        Hoooooooowwwww. Convenient.
        (She has NO college education and NO theological training.)

        • Bared Bear

          No education/no training makes her an expert in Trumpland USA. Stupidity is next to godliness.

          Semen latte?

        • Ben in Oakland

          And apparently doesn’t read the Bible about women speaking up in church.

  • Maine_Skeptic

    And she’s working at a college with a racist president who endorsed alt-right candidate tRump.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Thank you Ellen for not giving Burrell a pass. It’s time to stand up and be counted. We taught the straight, Christian haters a lesson once before and we shall do so again. This isn’t the 20th century bitches, we’re not hiding anymore.

  • JDS

    I was worried that Ellen wouldn’t do this, considering some of the people she has had on her show.

  • JellyDonut

    keep her fat homophobic but at home

  • Gerry Fisher

    O/T: Van Jones is forwarding on Facebook this excellent guide to dealing with folks with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. http://imgur.com/gallery/1rMMu

    You folks will like this one:

    6) It’s very, very confusing for non-disordered people to experience a disordered person with NPD.

    While often intelligent, charismatic and charming, they do not reliably observe social conventions or demonstrate basic human empathy. It’s very common for non-disordered people to lower their own expectations and try to normalize the behavior. DO NOT DO THIS AND DO NOT ALLOW OTHERS, ESPECIALLY THE MEDIA, TO DO THIS. If you start to feel foggy or unclear about this, step away until you recalibrate.

    • Natty Enquirer

      I recommend The Narcissist You Know by Joseph Burgo. You will recognize Trump several times throughout the book.

  • greenmanTN

    I imagine I would be quite broken up by this if I had the slightest fucking clue who she is and actually gave a fuck about her opinions one way or the other.

    • Natty Enquirer

      Burrell is a big fish in her little church pond who thought no one would notice if she kept up the religious homophobe act. She is also a gospel singer who had a potentially big break with this movie and she blew it.

      • greenmanTN

        Oh, so not worth the oxygen she uses in other words. Gotcha.

  • The Return of Traxley
  • bambinoitaliano
    • greenmanTN

      Good for her. An excellent statement BTW.

      “I shouldn’t even have to post this as you guys should already know where I stand but If you do not pls know I unequivocally repudiate ANY AND ALL hateful comments against the LGBTQ community. Actually I’m tired of that label. We all belong to the same community, a shared community called humanity.”

  • bambinoitaliano
  • karmanot

    Bitch be GONE!

  • bkmn

    I saw this earlier today. She wanted the exposure and to stand in her church and be all holier than thou. Glad she didn’t get both.

  • barrixines as aladdin, nightly

    Surely not another obese Christian pointing a chubby finger? Poor love must have got gravy stains on the thirty-odd condemnations of gluttony in the Bible or she’d know her god hates the fatties just as much as he does the queers.

    “And put a knife to your throat if you are given to appetite” says Proverbs. That’s a knife to the throat, hon, not another forkful in your mouth.

    • Ben in Oakland

      But it would give her an extra hole to fill with food, food, glorious food!

  • Andymac3

    Her homophobic shit throwing sermon wasn’t a one off. Other posters on twitter were saying that she has been spewing the same hate for over 15 years. Wonder if her church will survive her homogedon.

    Bye Felicia

    • KarenAtFOH

      They will love on her or being persecuted by them godless liberals.

  • Paula

    Burrell is allowed to say what she wants. As we are free to react to what she says.

    • Robert Conner

      Consequences rock!

  • Fair enough. Why have someone on your show who doesn’t even respect you? Mind you, it might also have been productive to keep the invitation and the challenge the bigotry live on air.

    • Cunning Linguist

      Chapeau, Derek. Uninviting her at first glance seems to be the obvious choice. Having her fess up on TV in public to what she said is what she deserves, and in days like these would have had an even more profound effect on the public than just “ignoring” her and letting her know wanted. Makes her the victim once again, instead of those she condemns.

      • david fairfield

        No, I disagree. She doesn’t deserve any validation, and all y’all who want her called out by Ellen wouldn’t have gotten the drama you were hoping for. She needs to be ignored. I will go a step further and suggest that she be removed from the soundtrack and film…give the whole song to Pharrell. Whatever it costs them to do this, it sends a message. She got paid for the song, but don’t give her one penny of royalties. I hear what you’re saying, but your suggested approach is what has been used over the last two years and it only invites more wackos to jump up on the platform and rile their camps. She should be completely ignored, as if she doesn’t even exist.

      • KarenAtFOH

        She’s abusive, and good on Ellen for denying an abuser the chance to abuse some more on national television.

    • Natty Enquirer

      That’s what I would have looked forward to. Intro the act, let them sing, get them cozy in the chairs and then Ellen casually brings up the penises and breasts.

  • Ore Carmi

    She is brave! This decision reinforces my admiration of Ellen DeGeneres.

  • KnownDonorDad

    Absolutely. Would you have someone who delivered a racist sermon on your show? Of course not. Good on Ellen for not compromising.

  • Tom Kidd

    Thank you, Ellen, and thank you Pharrell Williams, Octavia Spencer & Janelle Monae.

    • greenmanTN

      I’m glad Janelle spoke out. I really like her and it would seriously chap my ass to discover she supported this kind of homophobic language. For a long while I thought she might be lesbian because she often wears suits and some of her lyrics lend themselves to that interpretation.


  • Excellent news!

  • Eduardo Esteban Estes

    This singer told the truth.
    But these are times where people will not hear the truth about their sin.

    The times we live in.

    • KarenAtFOH

      Your “truth” is fake news. Line your birdcage with it and get out.

    • Robert Conner

      Vete a la chingada.

    • Robert Conner
    • KnownDonorDad

      I’m betting you don’t follow Leviticus.

    • WretchedMouse
    • Earl

      Chuck another stone, hypocrite.

      BTW, Evil was defeated when Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort. Everyone knows he’s the real saviour. All hail magic!

      • Eduardo Esteban Estes

        It’s not stoning anyone. It’s the truth. Jesus died to save from sin and redeem all of us. He didn’t die so people could continue to live perverted lifestyles.
        DNA, Nature and human biology all point out the error of the LBGTQ etc lifestyles.

        • Earl

          Jesus is a fictional character. An older one than Potter, but still just as fictional.

          If you want to live your life based on a storybook, do so. If you want to tell me to do the same, I’m going to laugh at you. If you keep insisting, I’ll tell you to fuck off. If you try to legislate your idiotic beliefs in a psychotic fairy story, I’ll slap you silly.

          • Eduardo Esteban Estes

            It’s irrelevant what you believe or think. This was about what this woman believes and the fallout from it.
            I don’t care what you believe about Jesus.

          • Earl

            Yes, her religious bigotry got her kicked off of her show. I hope her make-believe hero is really impressed with her.

            Oh, and with you. For daring to come onto JMG to wrestle with us demons. (I’m still laughing at you, and your silly beliefs.)

            Obviously, you do care what I think about Jesus. I think he’s a fairy tale, you want me, and everyone here, to think otherwise.

          • Eduardo Esteban Estes

            What you think is up to you. However the rest of us in this country are tired of being told we have to accept the absurdity of homosexuality as normal.
            We have 0.3% of the population and their enthralled supporters attempting to bully the rest of us into shutting up.
            Not going to happen cupcake.

            She said what she believed. I support people being able to say what they believe. Even you. No matter how wrong I think you may be I support you getting to say what you think no matter how little time it takes for you to expound on that.

          • Earl

            My, oh my. You do go on with some impressive straw man arguments.

            You might have more fun with yourself on brietbart. You might want to make your comment history private if you want to claim that you’re a Christian.

          • Eduardo Esteban Estes

            I have no issue hiding anything I said anywhere. If I said it I meant it!

    • grada3784

      Just looking at the religious side of the street, there seems to be plenty for you and her to work on before you start worrying about the gays.

      • Eduardo Esteban Estes

        That is irrelevant. We will be judged by God individually.

        • grada3784

          So what Jesus said was irrelevant? You do realize I was paraphrasing from the Gospel, don’t you?

          I guess not.

          You’re one hell of a crap Christian.

        • grada3784

          Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You
          hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will
          see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

  • Brian in Valdosta

    So glad to read this news.

    We love you, Ellen!!!

  • Kick these deplorable bigoted maggots to the filthy gutter where they belong.

  • John Ruff

    Ha ha. Looks like Kim’s career is going to be stuck in the gospel section forever.

  • tommy5677

    Dr. KIng spoke. She did not listen.

  • Jimmy R

    Wonder if anyone else is old enough to remember Anita Bryant, another “Xian” who tried to ride a wave of homophobia to boost her washed up career. Thanks to boycotts of all she was associated with, mainly Florida oranges (for which she was a spokesbitch), she spent the rest of her “career” in deserved oblivion. Kim, you’re about to join her there.

    Thank you, Ellen.

    • Earl

      I still hate oranges. 🙂 Won’t touch them, unless they’re not from Florida.

  • Bj Lincoln

    Good. Ellen’s tweet was a simple statement. She probably won’t say another word. Ellen is a class act.

  • JCF
  • Piona O.

    Kiss your mainstream career goodbye, Kim….you’ll never sing with Pharrell again….and resign yourself to a career hanging around in ratty little fundamentalist Xtian churches spewing your hateful venom

  • cleos_mom

    The word “Liberty” in the church’s name should have tipped her off at Jump Street.