NAACP Holds Sit-In At Office Of AG Nominee Jeff Sessions, Won’t Leave Until Arrested Or He Withdraws

The sit-in is being live-streamed on Facebook. reports:

The president of the NAACP and the head of the group’s Mobile branch are occupying the Alabama senator’s Mobile office until he withdraws from consideration as President-elect Donald Trump’s attorney general or the group gets arrested. The protest at Sessions’ Mobile Senate office was among several demonstrations held statewide against Sessions’ nomination.

Sessions was the U.S. attorney in Mobile in the mid-1980s when then-President Ronald Reagan nominated him for a federal judgeship. But the nomination failed amid allegations that Sessions made racist remarks toward a colleague, said the Ku Klux Klan was “O.K.” until he learned that members smoked marijuana and that he called the NAACP and liberal organizations “un-American” and “communist-inspired.”

“As a matter of conscience, the NAACP has chosen not to remain silent on this critical matter,” Birmingham NAACP head Hezekiah Johnson said outside Sessions’ Senate office in Birmingham. “Our main concern is centered around the reality of voter suppression. We have found no evidence of his ability, past or present, to be impartial and unbiased as the chief law enforcement officer of the United States of America, especially in the areas of civil rights, voting rights and equal protection under the law.”

  • Rex


  • kareemachan

    Go for it! Love it! I hope he chokes on his bile.

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      He nearly choked to death on a pretzel. Trying to swallow a Trump presidency might prove fatal!

  • olandp

    Good for them!

  • Clive Johnson

    Some of the best of America facing off against an exemplar of the certified scumbag worst.

    Go NAACP!

  • bkmn

    Gotta love the NAACP!

  • Cousin Bleh

    Saw the picture and thought you were finally getting around to reporting that Leslie Jordan said Will & Grace was coming back.

    • Lazycrockett

      Debra threw cold water on that last night.

  • Oikos

    Resistance will be the ONLY thing that gets us through the next 4 years.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      Our only choice, we must.

  • Bared Bear

    Gah. Sessions looks like Leslie Jordan’s evil twin. Look at those black, soulless eyes. That thin slit frown for a mouth… like a scar from a hatchet wound.

  • Ninja0980

    Good for them in getting the resistance going.

    • billbear1961

      Hear, HEAR!!

  • greenmanTN

    Jeff Sessions: Hey, does anyone to wanna see my cat’s asshole impression?

    You can’t tell it from the real thing!

    • Mike__in_Houston

      I was trying to figure out a way to describe his facial expression. Yours is perfect! Now if somebody with some talent along those lines could photoshop a cat sniffing Sessions’ face…

  • Lazycrockett

    Having participated in a couple of sit ins, a suit and tie is not the way to go no matter how dapper you appear.

    • Kruhn

      Actually, it works because who is holding it and where it was being held!

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    YES!! This is how we do it people.

    • billbear1961

      EXACTLY what I was thinking!

  • Ohh!! Beverly Leslie will be pissed!!!

  • Paula

    Let’s hope they get the opportunity to leave some listening devices behind.
    I hope it pisses him off that he starts running his mouth and says some really heinous things.

    • Craig Howell

      He’s been saying heinous things openly for years. That’s why he’s been nominated for AG.

  • JWC

    I live on the west coast what time( E)does this dog and pony show start in DC on the 20th

    • OdieDenCO

      the swearing in of the president is noon. VP first the President

      • JWC

        ew that is 0900 my time Oh well that will be a weird breakfast I have a funny feeling when they ask him “Do you solemly swear…’ his reesponse will be “we’ll see”

        • Snarkaholic

          Don’t be surprised if he changes the oath, from ‘The Constitution’ to ‘MY Constitution’…or some other B.S.

          • JWC

            his arrogance and stupidity would suggest it

          • JWC

            it will be a debacle he will probably sending tweets

      • LaChatSayWha

        I can’t believe they’re going to let him put his filthy tiny mitts on a bible, micro pocket edition. It’ll probably burst into flames at the lie, “I solemnly swear…”

    • Kruhn

      At noon EST, 9 am your time.

      • JWC

        Hmmm scotch on cornflakes

  • Ninja0980
    O/T but it’s worth a read on retiring Rep. Richard Hanna, who was truly the only Republican ally we had and pretty much the last of the moderate Republicans here in NY.
    Claudia Tenney is a name you will all come to know well and for the all the wrong reasons.
    Rest assured Marsha Blackburn will now have completion for most bigoted blonde in Congress.
    As for the rest of the delegation from NY, let’s just say they are now for the most part no better then ones you’d find in Alabama or Oklahoma.
    Damn shame but even here in NY, the Republican party is now a right wing facist party of hell, and nothing more.

  • John

    Attention everybody. “Act Up! Fight Back!” Way to go NAACP! WAY TO GO!!!! I’m with you!

  • Cuberly
  • Silver Badger

    I hope they have bail money. Sessions won’t withdraw as long as he has breath in his body.

  • Guest

    Awesome. Let it be the first of many similar efforts.

  • Bill_Perdue

    Good move but wail until Trump meets BLM at the inaugural and later.

    People are not going to move backwards and if the Republicans and Democrats do they’ll erupt in protest.

    • Paula

      The BLM? The Bureau of Land Management! Why, Bill, I didn’t know you were so concerned about good land stewardship, sustainable crop yields and ecology.

  • Silver Badger

    This is a good start. Now we have to get A LOT of teachers willing to go to jail up next.

  • Dot Beech

    Bless them.

    And fund them. Please.

  • RobynWatts

    Good! Let them not be the last voices of protest, either!

    • JWC

      let Hillary hunker and stalk behind donny

  • billbear1961
  • Lazycrockett


    Dammit always putting country first.

  • Dreaming Vertebrate

    Trump: Look at my African Americans! Aren’t they great!
    KellyAnne: They are protesting your appointments.
    Trump: Oh, that’s sad then, … Lock them up!!!

  • sfjohn

    the Resistance begins……!

  • GayOldLady

    Let the protests begin.

  • Silver Badger

    January 20th should become a national day of mourning. If you aren’t in a position to participate in extreme protests, at the very least wear black.

    • Mike__in_Houston

      You got it! Thank you for the great suggestion!

      • Silver Badger

        Thank billbear. I’m just taking his suggestion and running with it. PickyPecker has a great idea for t-shirts too!

    • JCF

      Fly the flag upside-down.

  • BeaverTales

    Sounds like he plans to go after medical/recreational marijuana users. So much for “states rights”

  • Oscarlating Wildely

    Sit down so we can all stand up.
    Good on you, NAACP. More integrity in that fine group of protesters than in Trump’s kin and cabinet combined.

  • Paula

    That picture of Sessions!!!! What a fucking sourpuss.

    • carrot festival

      From all those special chocolate pies he’s been given over the years.

      • Paula


  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    How noble, wonderful, courageous and sorely needed….

    …how tragic, sad and pathetic, that this action is required once again.

    History on repeat, but this time, bring the haters to their defeat.

  • Mark

    Finally!! Somebody ready and willing to stand up to these assholes! We don’t need to take it to the streets: take it to their front doors!

  • Lars Littlefield

    They should capture, roast and eat him.

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      Gonna take more than some fava beans and a nice Chianti to make that racist old buzzard digestable.

      • agcons

        Two hours in a pressure cooker ought to do it.

  • karen in kalifornia

    Good. Keep this type of protest going. It won’t hold Sessions accountable but will make his lack of worthiness to be AG high profile.

  • FAEN

    My first thought was “how is this asshole still in government?”

    Then my brain flashed ALABAMA-enough said.

  • Kelly Lape

    … and when they’re arrested and dragged bodily from his office, I expect the Log Cabin Republicans to sit in their place… (I’m not going to hold my breath)

    • JWC

      log cabin republics= wet dream republicans an ineffectual splinter

  • Superman

    So the NAACP is the first the openly and actively demonstrate against a Trump appointee. I wonder where our gay community will choose to draw our line in the sand. Are we going to be weak? Or are we going to be loud? Because Mike Pence thinks we’re all going to hell. And the rest of Trump’s illustrious cabinet hates our guts. This belief that marriage equality is “settled” is based on little more than a tweet from Trump. Once he nominates a conservative to the Supreme Court they have the votes to overturn anything they want. We have got to get out of our comfort zone. The 115th Congress is not our friend. Expect anti-gay legislation sooner rather than later. And think about your role in the next big fight.

    • As for SCOTUS votes, Trump will need to name two justices, one of which has to replace one from the liberal wing. And then someone has to file a suit that isn’t completely laughable.

      Ant-gay legislation is already happening, and has been. Ask Mike Pence and Pat McCrory how that worked out on the state level; the federal version can’t get off the ground.

      Which is not to say that we can relax. We have to be prepared to hit and hit hard.

  • AdamTh

    I wonder if he’s tired of people commenting on how he reminds them of Leslie Jordan?

    (I’d bet Leslie is….)

    • Helen Damnation 🍑™

      Aiiee. You gave me an idea for a meme. Watch this space.

    • agcons

      Poor Leslie.

  • Robert Conner
  • JellyDonut

    He will be in fits! Prolly run on and put on his hood and robes just to calm down

  • Tempus Fuggit

    “Empathy for one party is always prejudice against another.”
    – US Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala), 13 July 2009

    • Friday

      Cons just don’t think like regular people, I’m thinking.

  • nocadrummer

    I didn’t realize Leslie Jordan was playing a new role!

  • Silver_Witch

    Ahh brave people. So nice to see real action being taken. Perhaps others will join the cause.

  • WretchedMouse

    -snort- he’s so uptight at work. Should see him cut loose when he goes out. 😉