Pulse Victims Honored With Rose Parade Float [VIDEO]

The Advocate reports:

Survivors of the Pulse massacre took center stage at the 128th Rose Parade. Victor Baez Febo and Isaiah Henderson waved to the cheering crowd Monday at the annual New Years Day celebration in Pasadena, Calif. They rode on a float commissioned by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and Impulse Group United, which honored the 49 victims and dozens of survivors of last year’s shooting at the Pulse Nightclub.

Survivor Jahqui Sevilla and Pulse’s owner Barbara Poma were also on the float, according to a press release from AHF. Other riders — who had aided in Orlando’s healing and recovery — included Patty Sheehan, an out city commissioner of the Florida city, case worker and HIV counselor Joel Morales, and Impulse Group Orlando’s president Corey Lyons and vice president Gustavo Marrero.

Twice during the parade 49 live doves were released from the float, which won the 2017 award for “most beautiful non-commercial” entry.

  • djcoastermark

    A very nice tribute.

  • SelectFromWhere

    A nice tribute, but, not to get all PETA or anything, releasing live doves for a memorial or celebration is cruel to the doves. Most have no idea how to live in the wild and in California, a great many are eaten by falcons and hawks almost as soon as they’re in the sky.

    • Palmer

      These are homing birds, who will return to their cote after being released.

      • Silver Badger

        Unless they get eaten. All part of the great cycle of life.

      • Frostbite

        If they aren’t eaten by falcons or hawks on the way.

        • Palmer

          Doves and pigeons are just winged rats, let the falcons and hawks eat their fill.

        • Todd20036

          Falcons are birds too! They need to eat.

      • Guest

        Pigeons are able to return he are you sure about doves?

        • Palmer

          Yes, they’re damn near the same bird.

    • Guest

      Google the Catholic Church Francis releasing dove. Those pictures are graphic. It was about 2012. A crow got one and a seagull got another right in front of the Pope.

      These doves were not bred to survive for even short periods of time in the wild.

      I believe the church stopped releasing them after that.

      Look for the British article. That one dove has a look of let it be over fast as the crow grabs for it.

    • Nic Peterson

      As if we needed anything else wrong with the float? Wild doves don’t fare very well when falcons and hawks are present, yet they seem to endure.

    • greenmanTN

      So falcons and hawks don’t need to eat?

      Tennyson said that nature is bloody in tooth and claw. (Admittedly, I have a problem with domesticated birds. Why would you put something that can fly into a cage?) And their scaly feet creep me out a bit. I have no problem believing they are the end result of dinosaur evolution. (Maybe I watched The Birds too many times as a child.)

    • Gerry Fisher

      mmmmmm! Tasty, tasty hawk snacks!

  • Sam_Handwich

    nice float. remember and honor the victims. don’t harm other creatures in the process

    The “dove release” business perpetuates the idea that white birds can be “set free” and they will just fly away and live happily ever after. Even under the best of circumstances, trained “wedding doves” are hurt, lost and killed trying to get home. It’s even worse when do-it-yourselfers mistakenly buy white Ringneck Doves and King Pigeons to release. Nearly all of them will die.


  • JWC

    A beautiful tribute Still brings tears

  • Joe in PA

    The sadz will be delicious.

  • JellyDonut

    ahhh my heart swells!!!

  • Todd20036

    AHF Honoring dead gays.

    Not wanting to help living ones.


    • Max_1

      and discussions around gun control begin in… never.

      I remember a Congress that said they would not go on spring break until they had a bill. They even live streamed since the Republicans turned the lights and camera off. For a whole 25 hours they kept it up. Then the charade was over… they had a break to take, guys. So all in all, we got no bill… they got their break AND admonishment from the light and camera keepers.

      When will Democrats stop allowing their Party to exist without a backbone?

      Parades, like prayer, will not stop the dead from dying… but legislation can prevent unwanted gun assaults.

    • gothambear

      More of Michael Weinstein wanting to grand stand and use any event, tragic or not, to gain notoriety and make him look noble…

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        • ChrisMorley

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      • Sarachall

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    • Nic Peterson

      That would be bad for business. The dream of an HIV-AIDS free generation is not necessarily shared by all.

      Why is an HIV-AIDS 501C-3 organization sponsoring this float? What’s next? Cocktail parties?

  • Max_1

    Parades, like prayer can make you “feel” better, and like prayer, parades will not stop the next unnecessary gun desth… only comprehensive gun control legislation can.

  • another_steve

    My man watched the parade live on HGTV (I didn’t) and tells me there was zero mention by the TV narrators of the fact that the dove release was related to Pulse. Also, no visuals in the TV coverage of the name “Pulse.”

    Curious to learn whether others who watched the live coverage noted the same.

    • DumbHairyApe

      I did not have any clue as to the nature of purpose of the float. They said nothing about the Pulse, the symbolism or anything about the float when I was watching it.

  • greenmanTN

    Wonderful. I’m glad to see evidence that no matter how trying the next few years are the genie isn’t going back into the bottle.

  • danolgb

    Sorry.. it’s AHF. This is more about promoting AHF and Weinstein’s ego than it is about honoring anyone. They spend about half a million dollars on these floats. That money would be better spent helping the people they claim to serve.

    • Todd20036

      AHF spends money trying to convince people that PrEP, which is LOTS better at stopping HIV than condoms is, is a bad idea.

      • Grumpy Old Man

        I see posters on the bus about PrEP and the controversy – I do not understand what AHF’s stance is or even what the controversy is. Can you point me to information?

      • danolgb

        Not to mention the amount of money they spend on going after porn and fighting development because it will block the view from Weinstein’s window.

      • TimCA

        And spends a hell of a lot on overhead and other completely none HIV related activities. The AHF got involved in land use regulation (ie lobbying against zoning changes in the City of Los Angeles …things completely unrelated to their mission)

        Weinstein’s annual salary is over 400,000 plus retirement and other benefits last I saw.

        Here’s some (but not nearly all) of the many egregious activities that many HIV activists take exception to regarding Weinstein and his AHF


    • fastlanestranger

      Spot on. The tribute was beautiful, but coming from AHF it just feels like opportunism from Weinstein. I’m so jaded. 🙁

  • Homo Erectus


    • Silver Badger

      Thank you for posting this.

    • Grumpy Old Man

      The sads come back

      and the tears

      thank you for posting

    • djcoastermark

      tough to watch, but so good to see again. thanks.

  • Superman

    It was a feel good moment of flowers and doves, both of which will soon die, yes, but it did nothing to stop the next filthy, murdering ideologue from killing us in the name of religious prophets. We were the victims of an enormous mass murder, a prolonged, torturous slaughter. What lessons have we learned that we bring with us into 2017?

  • Henry Auvil

    Back to the barricades, brothers and sisters. It feels like 1968 again, but that shouldn’t stop us. The fashions were fabulous, and we kicked ass.

    • Lars Littlefield

      Hip hugger bell bottoms? In white and purple vertical stripes?

  • david fairfield

    I’m jaded. This symbolism doesn’t matter in the least to the people for which this symbolism is intended…those who might re-think their hatred of the lgbt community. Who will be the first right wing wacko to say how disgusting it is to flaunt rainbows and gays on a long held traditional parade that the children watch…? Calling Ten Moms…

    • djcoastermark

      I’m sure we are going to read about some outraged group like nom or liberty going on about it tomorrow morning.

  • LesbianTippingHabits

    Not re tipping, but that was beautiful. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    • Beagle

      Nobody says you have to limit yourself to comments about tipping, any more than I have to limit myself to comments about dogs or Peanuts.

  • i once watched a docu show about how really nice floats are made. as someone who really loves flowers, i felt a bit moved. so much effort and detail! and some are really funny, or pretty, or clever, etc.

    but it seems i don’t have enough info on the people behind this one, or how they should be spending their money. that’s part of the poignancy of a float: they are so much work, yet it’s all over after just one day of actual use. and then there’s the money. zillions of near perfect flowers aren’t cheap.

    it’s an argument i use a lot on myself, and i advocate both sides. what is the better use of limited effort and money? this is the most watched parade in america, or at least in the top three. did this float change any minds? and then there’s every dollar spent on this float, every hour of volunteer time… how many lives could those have made better in fact, right now? i just don’t know the answer to either point of view on which is more valuable.

    • TimCA

      “but it seems i don’t have enough info on the people behind this one, or how they should be spending their money.”

      See my post above. Weinstein and his AHF really is not the most reputable of organizations.

  • Lazycrockett

    Well not in Shocking news, on the eve of the new congress taking over the GOP has dismantled the Ethics committee.

    • Sam_Handwich

      my understanding is that the measure goes to the floor tomorrow

      i’ll be watching

    • Sam_Handwich
      • DaddyRay

        What could possibly go wrong

        • djcoastermark

          Given the new circumstances, nothing we will ever hear of or know.

          • DaddyRay

            I’ve heard it is bliss

      • TimCA

        Looks like it’s now officially begun. The Trump era of brazen, public corruption is upon us. 🙁

  • Nychta

    Sorry about the OT, but just as I was heading for bed….

    More foxes in the hen house.


  • DaddyRay

    OT: Ethics, who needs Ethics

    Well, tonight in a sort of kick off to the Trump Era, the House GOP Caucus voted to put the OCE back under the authority of the Ethics Committee, which of course has a GOP Chair. Basically that means abolishing the OCE since the whole point of the OCE is that it’s independent of the Committee. One of the sales’ points for this new set up is that it “provide[s] protection [for Members of Congress] against disclosures to the public or other government entities” of the results of any investigations. In other words, if wrongdoing is found the newly-neutered OCE can’t tell anyone. Awesome. They can’t have a press person, issue reports, do anything without the say of the Ethics Committee. In other words, the whole thing is a joke, both the new version of the OCE (now the ““Office of Congressional Complaint Review”) and this whole move. But it’s the Trump Era. Members want to get down to business, get their piece of the action and not have anyone giving them any crap. Just like the big cheese down Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s the Trump Era.


    • JCF

      “And So It Begins…”

    • boobert

      I guess the house feels that if the president elect has no ethics , why should they ?

      • DaddyRay

        If they are going to do Trump’s bidding they don’t want to be held accountable nor miss out on getting rich having to worry about pesky ethics

        • They aren’t going to be doing his bidding – he is their bright, shiny object to distract the rubes.

  • DumbHairyApe

    As I get older I’m put off more and more by the symbols of war and the numbing effect normalizing guns and violence and war have on us as a society.

    I was bothered by a instrument of mass destruction and war flying over the parade route to mark the opening of the event. I was even bothered by the color guards and the marking bands twirling fake guns in the band…it’s no wonder this society has violence every day. We glorify the instruments that kill others so easily.

    • Sam_Handwich

      we boys were all given toy cap guns to “shoot” each other with. it was play. good wholesome fun!

      went to my brother’s for Christmas – he gave his two girls (8 and 10) some sort of electronic gun set to run around and shoot each other with.

      i’ve never been a parent, but i think i’d do better than the straights.

      • Nychta

        Anecdote: I was a girl in 1950s Chicago, and I was a cowboy. I owned a pair of toy six-shooters and practiced twirling a lariat, itching to hog-tie something. Around age nine I felt moved to give up my guns. I marched to the apartment of a neighbor, Mrs. Stanley, and presented my guns to her and asked her to give them to her son Chuckie. “Are you sure?” Mrs. Stanley asked. (I guess I had a rep for being attached to my weapons.) I told her I was sure, and she accepted my offer. No gun ownership since.

      • Natty Enquirer

        For all of my mother’s faults, she was adamant that I never have guns or war toys to play with.

    • Natty Enquirer

      I feel the same way about the annual Fleet Week in San Francisco. It’s a hugely popular event, but I find nothing charming about war planes buzzing overhead.

      • peterparker

        I lived in SF for 10 years, and I *hated* Fleet Week because the Blue Angels were so. damn. annoying.

  • SoCalGal20

    Rep. Bob Goodlatte (VA-06), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and the one who proposed gutting the Office of Congressional Ethics posted the following bullshit on twitter. And Twiiter is having NONE of it.


    Anybody here in VA-06 may want to give his office a call tomorrow so you can express your feelings on the matter.

  • Michael McReavy
    • DaddyRay

      They put the crooks in charge, then they fire the cops.

      • kevin vincent

        This will be a VERY leaky ship I think

  • Lazycrockett
    • OdieDenCO

      aw, they forgot to add the action:
      no, I do
      stroke, stroke, moan…

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  • Cuberly

    OT: Sanity fucking break!

    Bootlegged SWs with bad bad dubbing.

    “You are already at full cock now.”



  • Max_1

    This year, I’m going with…

    P resident
    R eject
    O f
    T he
    E lectorate
    S tanding
    T ogether

  • Max_1

    I got to thinking about how the GOP are nurturing the man/boy crush between the Trump/Putin budding romance and have taken the position of the…

    G uardians
    O f
    P utin

  • kareemachan

    I periodically turned the Parade on, but didn’t see that one. Sweet.

  • sword

    Last such float allowed…Pence’s LIberty Police will make sure, from now on, that only approved public expressions will be allowed.

  • JoyZeeBoy

    I thought the floats placement, right after the Salvation Army unit, was interesting.

  • Matt Foreman

    AHF is deplorable and spending taxpayer money to aggrandize Weinstein makes them even worse.