NORTH CAROLINA: Roy Cooper Sworn In As McCrory Blames Media And HB2 For His Loss [VIDEO]

The Associated Press reports:

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper took his oath of office minutes after midnight Sunday morning, getting an early start on his duties amid bitter partisan politics in the state but saying he believed there is a way forward.

Joined by a small group of family, friends and colleagues, the Democrat was sworn inside the old House chamber of the 1840 Capitol building nearly a week before his public inauguration.

A Cooper aide has said the state’s 75th governor wanted to get started on gubernatorial duties following a transition period shortened by a protracted debate over vote-counting in his close race with outgoing Republican Gov. Pat McCrory.

“I’m aware of the solemn responsibility that I’ve been given and the duty that I have to uphold the Constitution,” Cooper said shortly after state Chief Justice Mark Martin administered the oath to Cooper during the 15-minute ceremony. “I cannot wait to get started.”

The Raleigh News & Observer reports:

Gov. Pat McCrory wrapped up his 4-year term Saturday with a 15-minute video message in which he touted his administration’s accomplishments and slammed House Bill 2 opponents, the ACC’s boycott of North Carolina and the news media.

Saturday was McCrory’s final day in office after losing his re-election bid to Democrat Roy Cooper. Cooper was sworn in shortly after the new year begins at midnight – the earliest time he can legally take the oath of office.

On Saturday morning, he posted a YouTube video in which he boasted that his “accomplishments are greater than any administration during the past 25 years, and it wasn’t because of me, it was because of the team I put together around me.”

But McCrory also took parting shots at his critics, particularly those who opposed him over House Bill 2, the controversial LGBT law that struck down local nondiscrimination ordinances and requires transgender people in government facilities to use the bathroom that corresponds to the gender on their birth certificates.

He said HB2 likely played a major role in his election defeat, and he blamed the Charlotte City Council – which passed a nondiscrimination ordinance that prompted HB2 – as well as the LGBT advocacy groups that backed economic boycotts of the state. He called it a “manufactured crisis.”

“I wish I would have been successful in convincing Charlotte not to start this masquerade of an issue, that no doubt had an impact on my future election and on North Carolina in a very unfair way,” he says in the video, adding that he was “unsuccessful in convincing the legislature maybe not to overreact.”

  • Do Something Nice

    Buh bye, bigot.

  • MΩebym

    Congratulations, Governor Cooper!

  • dcurlee

    No one twisted your arm to sign it….you did it, now own it

    • Chris H.

      Not only did no one twist his arm, they deceptively rammed HB2 through under the cover of night in a special session.

      • Stephen Elliot Phillips

        Exactly the way they passed the bill and pat signed into a law gutting the new governors powers

        • kevin vincent

          Which has been suspended it’s Already backfiring

          • Stephen Elliot Phillips

            when trump packs those courts it will be upheld.

          • Todd20036

            that could happen

          • Nowhereman

            Especially since Trump’s stated favorite Supreme Court Justice is Antonin Scalia.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Hey McCrory, how’s about you take some of that “personal responsibility” you republicans love spouting off on. You did this. Not Cooper, not the media, certainly not us LGBT’s…OK, yeah, we fucked you up; but that’s still on you. Deal with it.

    • Nasty Girl Brianna

      Republicans never take personal responsibility. They just expect it of everyone else.

      • Steverino

        It’s part and parcel of projection. Seeing one’s own sins writ large in others.

      • “it’s not fair. It was rigged. Blame Obama. Blame Clinton. Blame the Media. Blame LGBTI. Blame the Liberals.” However, don’t take any responsibility for any of your stupidity!”

    • j.martindale

      I take great pride in the fact that the repukes in this state can no longer count on gays as their personal whipping boys designed to inspire the bigot vote. The days of Jesse Helms (may his stinking corpse rot forever) are behind us.

  • Sam_Handwich
  • Max_1

    Dear Pat,
    Think of it as a time out to ponder: What Would Jesus Do… Blame the Jews?

    • another_steve

      We Jews get blamed for everything. For killing God. For controlling the banks and the Press. For eating goyishe chazerai.

      My mother always blamed me for eating goyishe chazerai.

      My mother, c. 1958:

      “Stevie dear, you need that treif? What good could it do you? Don’t buy it, sweetheart. Don’t eat it.

      It’s not for us.”

      • Oscarlating Wildely

        “Oh, the Protestants hate the Catholics,
        And the Catholics hate the Protestants,
        And the Hindus hate the Moslems,
        And everybody hates the Jews.”
        T. Lehrer, “National Brotherhood Week”

        • another_steve

          Lol. So true.

          To my queer Jewish sisters and brothers reading here (religious or cultural-only) of my generation (post-age 60), homophobia is a quaint and mildly amusing reflection of Jewphobia.

  • clay

    ” . . . and I’d still BE Governor if it weren’t for that gaw-durned 14th Amendment!”

    • Todd20036

      that meddling 14th Amendment….

  • Nasty Girl Brianna

    Wow. He still really does not get it, does he?

    Look in the mirror Pat. What you see in the reflection is the ONLY reason for your loss.

  • Friday

    Heh, it was a ‘crisis’ of his own manufacture, broad-based denial of civil rights and local control and even labor laws, all over their trumped-up ‘bathroom boogeymen’ scare about nothing, and stubbornly clung to, despite massive popular disapproval and blatant Unconstitutionality, plus hundreds of millions in costs to the taxpayers trying to spread hate and fear and defend the indefensible… ….but it’s ‘the media’s fault’ for not making all that sound like a good thing?

    • another_steve

      His greatest accomplishment was sending out the message — very graphically — to other governors: “You want to discriminate? Fine. But you’ll be kicked out of office and your state will suffer financially.”

      A very important message for all the other monsters to hear.

      McCrory’s only lasting contribution, perhaps.

      • kevin vincent

        Yeah It has FRIEKEN TEXAS hesitanting Indiana was evidence and NC was Re enforcement of how unpopular those laws are

      • Guest

        Unfortunately that is not the case in every state. Some states have nothing to losr, like Louisiana or Kansas. Both for example have little business or sports that can be affected.

        I also wonder if all of that would have happened if Trump had been president. Would his people, religious haters, have gone after those companies.

        We have so much to guard against and fight in the weeks and months and years to come.

        • another_steve

          Every state — Louisiana and Kansas included — has Starbucks and Targets and other retail outlets with a history of being LGBT-supportive. In the years ahead we’ll have to make them prove their supportiveness if they want to continue raking in our LGBT dollars. If a state discriminates, don’t do business in it.

          There’s been discussion of this in other JMG comment threads. The days of “gentle persuasion” are over. Rabid homophobes, in 2017, are beyond reach through logic and compassion.

          Hit them in the pocketbook.

          That, they understand.

          • Guest

            That is a false comparison. Those individual stores are not the same as NC being hit will pulled championships and loss of all of that convention business.

            The pain potential on NC and Indiana, are far greater than Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, etc.

            We can hit, but I wonder if it will work.

            Holding companies to their stated beliefs is a good yheing, but if a company sees equal dollars from haters on the line, do not hold your breath.

            NC and to a lesser extent Indiana, may just be perfect storms. And funny, this blog featured an article mid year last year with similar points.

          • another_steve

            I’m a believer in the perfect wisdom of American Capitalism. Why? Because it nearly perfectly reflects human nature in all its glory and in all its horror.

            The young ones today demand their Starbucks. Don’t get in the way of their Starbucks.

            We make Starbucks say, “Hell no; we won’t do business in a state that discriminates against LGBT people,” and watch the ripple effect.

          • Guest

            You will never get companies like Starbucks to pull individual stores. Again, very different from an organization pulling games as one event.

            And American capitalism is a lie. All companies started as charter companies. It was not until the civil war that companies gained some rights. And yes, that is a simplified version.

            You also would bring harm to all of those workers at, say Starbucks. That example you gave would also not be the same as what happened in NC.

          • another_steve

            Please. I’ve made the point ad nauseum here on JMG: American Capitalism is amoral.

            If Starbucks’ CFO said to its management team, “The queers are going to boycott us if we continue doing business in this homophobic state,” they’d close their outlets in those states in a New York minute.

            The way of things, in 2017.

          • Guest

            This is fun. I have seen enough of your posts that you must have the last word.

            You are a mini Bill Perdue.

            And you are wrong. It is a balance of money, and we, at 3 to 5% of the population do not carry that weight. We carried weight only when allies came to our side. The single most important call to action was Milk and his “come out” call. So, here it would boils down to how many allies would join, and how the employees would handle a boycott. There are a lot of us who work there. Many would not give up jobs for that.

            And your response is an old man yelling at a cloud. I never said anything about capitalism being a moral force. There is one of your traditional strawman posting styles. Lol. Oh, and capitalization can be used for good and bad.

            I guess I will be proven right this year, when the right continues and a state with no real business does it with no affect by boycotts. Oh, and that was a position held by many here in a thread about states like Louisiana having nothing to lose

          • another_steve

            If you think we are only 3 to 5% of the population, you’re a fool who has bought into Donald Trump’s America.

            Good riddance to you, friend.

          • Guest

            The percentage has nothing to do with Trump. Those are the best, latest numbers of our community. Dan savage has covered it, JMG has covered it during the year of marriage equality, and university studies get us to those numbers. We are not 10%.

            First, a percentage does not matter when it is about rights. A single person ND not even a percentage point, still has a right to their rights.

            Second, the percentage counts only with regard to how effective we can be at a boycott without our allies.

            And you make an accusation with no proof. There is nothing in my words that would lead a reasonable person to assume I have bought into anything about Trump. That is just you, getting “old man angry”(TM) because others correct or disagree or prove you wrong there,initial Bill Perdue. Lol

          • Mark

            Instead of a shotgun divorce…why not focus our efforts in creating a matrix of businesses based on the financial holdings of trump’s appointees? We are not alone in our denouncements of trump – and just as we saw in NC – it takes all of us to effect change.

            I still will not buy anything for my business coming out of NC.

    • Snarkaholic

      “Hey, everyone (except rich people), congratulations on getting stuck making poverty wages…just think of the countless thousands of income tax dollars you won’t have to pay!!!”

  • Vodka is a food group

    Patsy…………….here’s your parting gift ……………………Bye Felicia!

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      …Remember box of dicks bald militia dude? Wonder how he’s doing these days. Also wonder what he did with the dicks….

      • Todd20036

        You’re thinking of the terrorist who took over a government building in Oregon claiming to want to be a free nation (because a black man was President) and asked all free thinkers to send him supplies so he and his cohorts could live off the grid for free (kind of like welfare)

        So people sent him dildos

    • another_steve

      Are they gummy babies? I love my gummy babies.

      Over the holidays, my great-nephew presented me with dinosaur gummy babies.

      I ate them with gusto.

  • Taylor

    You screwed up, McCrory. There is no one to blame but yourself for signing a bill into law that you knew was discriminatory!

    What you’re whining about now, is called “just desserts”. Take a big bite!

  • LovesIrony

    Its another not my fault, personal responsibility guy

  • Silver Badger

    McCrory lost because he was exposed as the bigoted asshole he is. This is a good thing and must be repeated nationwide.

    • Chucktech

      Remember, though, he lost by by the slimmest of margins while everything else remained pretty much unchanged. That really speaks to the voters of NC.

      • kevin vincent

        Actually he lost DESPITE massive voter suppression and gerrymandering remember NC os less Democratic than CUBA

      • Silver Badger

        Yes, yes it does.

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    The world has seen the dark underbelly of North Carolina. That vision now is forever seared in our senses.

    • Silver Badger

      Not just North Carolina. The dark nether regions of the entire country have been exposed to the world. First a total asshole is elected president with a hemorrhoid as his vice president. The alt-right and their white supremacist friends can certainly be described as that embarrassing drip you have to see the doctor to get rid of. Except of course the white nationalist’s didn’t and now have stage 4 VD.

  • Oscarlating Wildely
  • Mark

    2017 bait.

  • Ninja0980

    Oh fuck off Pat.
    And take your Republican buddies with you.

  • SunsetGay

    Governor Roy Cooper…

    I like those words!

  • grada3784

    Roy Cooper Sworn In As McCrory Blames Media And HB2 For His Loss

    Nope. It was the Russians. /s

  • Treant
  • David L. Caster

    Another fine example of that personal responsibility thing Republicans are known for.

  • TominDC

    Wasn’t he “definitely going to be taken care of” by getting a job in Cheeto Jesus’ administration?

    I hope the locals continue to shun him and his wife.

    • Silver Badger

      Let’s hope it becomes a national trend.

  • Joe in PA

    I love the irony of McRory calling the good people of Charlotte the perpetrators of this “manufactured crisis”.

    SMFH (again)

    • Cackalaquiano

      I’m struck by him saying he was “unsuccessful in convincing the legislature maybe not to overreact.” He sure wasted no time signing that damn bill into law.

  • Mark

    Ok…how many did NOT watch the video?

    • TuuxKabin

      I d’int, neither did el HubCap.

      • Mark

        to start the year….i just adore that ‘el HubCap’ term of endearment…

        • TuuxKabin

          Thank you! He keeps my wheels spinning! Was el Husbian earlier in the year, briefly el Husbetarian, el HubCap centers it. Happy New Year!

    • Joe in PA

      Are you kidding…I’m still a little queazy from last night. 🙂

    • DumbHairyApe

      I did not watch it. As much as I wanted to see him flailing and being an ass, I couldn’t.

    • Andymac3

      The picture is gut churning enough, no need to play the damn thing. I’d rather pick up my dogs poop in a bag that it barely fits.

    • billbear1961

      I almost never listen to the vile bastards–reading about their bullshit is ordeal enough.

  • PickyPecker
  • LesbianTippingHabits

    Well, at least North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper (D) knows how to tip – generously, that is, for good service.

    Just like Vice President Joe Biden (D). See para 23 here:

    Remember, tips are good karma. And karma never lies.

    And only the wait staff knows for sure. Happy New Year 2017!

  • Stev84

    There is that famed Republican personal responsibility again

  • tcinsf

    He doesn’t get it. HB2 and the media probably were responsible for his loss, AND THAT’S A GOOD THING.
    HB2 is a shitty piece of reactionary bigoted litigation, and the media drew attention to how horrible and discriminatory it was, and the voters of his state decided that this legislation AND THE GOVERNOR’S REACTION TO IT meant that he didn’t deserve a second term.

    • Cackalaquiano

      I’m really afraid we haven’t seen the last of these types of bills. I suspect in the coming year a whole lot will be introduced in other states and signed into law. And I’m really concerned that our transgender folks are going to be in the crosshairs more than anyone.

      • djcoastermark

        As a start.

      • greenmanTN

        Oh we are going to see a shit-ton of this stuff all under the umbrella of religion and “family values.”

        Make no mistake, some of these people would happily stick the knife in and twist it, fully believing they are doing it for their religion or “the children.” Never mind that If anyone is molesting their kids it’s likely within their own home, neighborhood, or church.

      • Jerry

        I’m afraid NC’s bill will become moot because they will pass a national RFRA law, and make some sort of national bathroom ordinance.

  • RealityBass

    “I wish I would have been successful in convincing Charlotte not to start this masquerade of an issue….”

    Welcome to the masquerade, clown.

  • karmanot


  • Michael R

    You did a really great job McCory except for
    the parts you FAILED MISERABLY AT .

  • greenmanTN

    Once upon a time there was this unprincipled, shameless politician who tried to scapegoat a vulnerable minority for political advantage, despite there being no evidence of any of the crimes he claimed was the concern of that new legislation.

    Then he went down in flames.

    The End

    • PickyPecker
      • Lars Littlefield

        Tell it again!

        • Michael R
          • another_steve

            I forget… which Teletubbie was supposedly gay? Been a while now.

            Was it the one with the Holocaust triangle on his/her head?

          • Michael R
          • Michael Abbett

            Yes, Tinky Winky was supposedly the gay one according to Jerry Falwell. For years at my last job, just for shits and giggles, I took a small Tinky Winky doll, surrounded him with rainbow colored feathers, and seated him inside one of those Hellraiser movie puzzle boxes on my desk. It looked like some evil gay Jack-In-The Box. Most people thought it was funny but a couple of religious stick up their ass types weren’t amused.

          • Todd20036

            Which was also funny!

          • another_steve

            Lol. Love that, Michael Abbett. 😉

            I was a federal employee during my working career and always very out on the job. I mean, if you saw me you’d understand that I had no choice in the matter.

            During the President Clinton years (before I rose to the executive ranks in my agency) I was routinely harassed by certain fellow employees.

            I was the first person in my agency to file a complaint under President Clinton’s Executive Order forbidding anti-LGBT harassment in the federal workplace.

            And I won. 😉

          • Michael Abbett

            That is fantastic! Good for you on that win. When one of us wins it’s a victory for us all. I’ve been pretty much out since high school and chose my workplaces pretty carefully along the way, i.e. liberal places like libraries, but still ran into some soft core discrimination from time to time. The trick is to just keep going and not give in to their BS. Fight back and never let them affect who you are.

  • Ben in Oakland

    HB2 was indeed a manufactured Crisis.
    you manufactured it, asshole. no one else.
    Karma is a bitch, ain’t it?

  • bkmn

    Good bye Pat. Do one thing for us, never show your face again.

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      Can we make it two, that being “and please fuck off”?

  • Baltimatt

    I mean, McCrory could have vetoed a bill pushed through in a day. He’s not kidding anyone.

    Also, while McCrory lost, isn’t the legislature pretty much the same? How did that happen???

    • Chucktech

      McCrory’s loss was razor thin. That’s essentially the only change. Thank the “good people” of North Carolina.

    • Friday

      North Carolina’s massive and blatant gerrymandering and voter suppression.

      That’s why Republicans want all the power at the state level, not local or Federal: they want the power where such measures like that can give them complete control.

  • Michael R

    If you could comment more quietly that would be great

  • Max_1
  • djcoastermark

    Bye patty. Don’t forget to kiss the dog goodbye on your way out the door.

  • MBear

    So what you did as gov and people talking about what you did as gov is why you’re not gov.

  • rayy

    “masquerade of an issue”!!–isn’t he The One Who Made It An Issue?!

    • BobSF_94117

      And the GOP is the side that hid all sorts of other things in HB2 that had nothing to do with Charlotte’s ordinance, an ordinance which had no hidden agenda.

  • DumbHairyApe

    I hope Cooper is swift and thorough in firing all that he can and getting good people in those positions.

    Obama made a HUGE miscalculation in thinking that the GOP would place the country’s and the people’s needs above their own party’s. He thought he could reach compromises with these people He was wrong. Had he taken the same non-compromising position they had against him, we might be in a totally different state of affairs than we are now.

    • billbear1961

      You speak nothing but the unvarnished TRUTH!!

  • andrew

    Congratulations to Roy Cooper and to the people of North Carolina.

  • Blake J Butler

    Why is it always the tacky background of a chair and a fireplace with a politician being interviewed, or they do a campaign commercial ?

  • BobSF_94117

    Apparently, the only function self-reflection has for Republicans is finding faults to project onto other people.

  • itsjoe618

    He’s such a crybaby. A perfect example of the party of so called “personal responsibility.” -Snark.-

  • anne marie in philly

    FUCK YOU, MCCRORY! you were defeated due to your ignorance and hatred. may you never find another job ANYWHERE!

    • Todd20036

      ,,, except maybe within the Drumpf regime.

  • mikeinrkfd

    Whining is not becoming.

    • JWC

      its a trait of a Republican they leanded from donny Stump

      • mikeinrkfd

        Yes 2016 was the year of the whine. It was not a good year.

        • djcoastermark

          A large, cheap bottle of sour whine at that.

          • mikeinrkfd

            Should have left the cork in it.

        • JWC

          nope mostly thin skins and pith

  • billbear1961

    I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and to the fundamental principle—the EQUAL Protection of the Laws for ALL—without which democracy is a LIE.

    I kneel at the altar of JUSTICE—Perpetual Light—Defender of Truth and Liberty—Sole and Supreme DEITY—Sublime SOVEREIGN of the Universe—and vow defiance of ANY who strive, in their abject perversion of authority, to thwart Her ABSOLUTE Majesty.

    O JUSTICE, All-Highest and most beloved Immortal, radiant in Your Splendour, Fount of AWE, strengthen the hearts of your children for the battles ahead!

    • pj


      • billbear1961

        Trying to muster the courage necessary to face the dark times coming under the fascist DEGENERATE and his gang of fellow thugs, bigots and TRAITORS.

      • billbear1961

        I forgot thieves, thugs, bigots, traitors and THIEVES.

        • pj

          thought you were going to turn into cher there for a minute

    • PickyPecker

      Happy New Year, 2017, dearest Bear!! XO

      • billbear1961

        Happy New Year, sweetheart, although I fear it’s going to be a very dark time.

        We’ll need all the determination we can muster to defeat what’s coming.


        • canoebum

          Der Herr is busy, oh so busy, digging his own hole. Soon, his opponents (some who recently called themselves supporters), will start shoveling the dirt back on top of him.

          • billbear1961

            I hope so!

            I pray to the goddess JUSTICE that he and his regime will go down in FLAMES!

          • TrollopeReader

            Happy New Year, BillBear!! We’ll get through this — we will!


          • billbear1961

            Happy New Year, sweetie!


    • another_steve

      Billbear, are you familiar with the music of “Anonymous 4”? There’s a ton of their stuff on YouTube.

      I’m sensing you’d like them.

      • Jwmvh

        I love Anonymous 4. I have five of their CDs.

        • another_steve

          Me too. 😉

          Entire albums of theirs are on YouTube, should you get the urge to listen while you’re online.

      • billbear1961

        Thank you, Steve!

  • Blake J Butler

    You signed it into law, you wrapped yourself in it, along with the rest of the NC GOP. Fuck you governor…. former governor McPotty. Welcome Cooper.

    Kiss my ass.

    • Todd20036


  • John

    At Last! The toilet has been flushed!

  • joe ho

    Especially humiliating for him. Even with all the voter suppression and GOP dirty tricks in NC he still lost.

  • Yes, how dare the media report what was happening. Oh, and HB2 was his own doing so that’s on him. The voters and the public at large rejected him. Look for more HB2s around the country though as the bigots have been emboldened by Trump’s win.

    • david fairfield

      I thought so at first, but we have corporations on our side, and now sportsball people too. Other states that are steeped in hate rejected the same type of laws because of what happened in Indiana and North Carolina. They love the money enough to ‘curb’ their hatred. Now of course we know that the politics in NC are so corrupt that it evidently wouldn’t matter if the whole population left and nobody was left but McCrory and his good ol’ boys, but they operate pretty much out of the pockets of Duke and Koch…
      I think we won’t see so much of this beyond Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas…

      • You make good points. I think at the legislative level you are right. There will be enough Republicans from the suburbs to defeat these measures in most, but not all states. That won’t do anything for us with the ballot initiatives though. Also, I still live in Texas. Trying to get out (hopefully this summer but I don’t have a job yet to relocate to and a lot of places aren’t any better…fingers crossed).

        • david fairfield

          Come to Los Angeles. It’s’ just as hot, there are always jobs to be had, and we don’t have state leaders who are determined to undermine minority groups. Rent is high, but with some effort you can find affordable housing…

  • Andymac3

    Just in case I don’t get another chance to say it, Pat McCrory is a lying piece of shit and he will forever be associated with sneaking into public toilets.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    What our new governor needs to do is go after all those voter suppression crap.

    Also it needs to emphasized how much of the bill was a poison pill against ALL workers and the big money behind it.

    It’s like what a Koch brother said. He once stated he hated going public because that’s like a whale surfacing and all the harpoons start getting thrown. We need to force these whales to the surface. What we somehow need to do is link ratings with getting those fucking whales harpooned.

    I think that too many of these rich people get away with having a quiet life. Perhaps we should protest them directly, at least remind them in a way that annoys the hell out of them.

    • Talisman

      The only thing they understand is money. Hit them where it hurts, and refuse to line their pockets.

  • Whicker Park

    And as Trumpettes are SOOO fond of saying, “YOU LOST! GET OVER IT!!”

  • Gianni

    You could have vetoed the bill. No one forced you to sign it. You liked it and you’re a Republican and you’ve earned your beating.

  • Adonisus

    You have no idea how badly I want heads to roll in NC. I hope Cooper purges THE FUCK out of the NC state government.

  • bkmn

    I hope Cooper does something about Art Pope, the billionaire that wants to keep NC a cesspool. Dear NC, stop electing Republicans and experience what the good life is about.

  • Max_1

    Donald Trump is such a baby…
    … He makes baby New Years look old.

  • TrollopeReader

    Buh-bye, Gov. (retired) McBigot. Buh-bye, bye!

  • Stephen Elliot Phillips

    I love how he sits there beside that cozy fire in all of his corporate, duke energy, white privilege while the quality of democracy in his state has been deemed to be somewhere between iran and cuba on the scale of legitimacy.
    If you look at the states in this country that have been taken over completely by the right. They really arent democracies anymore. Theyre plutocratic fiefdoms whose politicians answer to multinational corporations.

    • billbear1961

      Which is EXACTLY what the Orange LIAR and CHEAT, the FASCIST Predator-in-chief–Mr. Three-MILLION-short–and his gang of fellow thugs, bigots, thieves and TRAITORS have in mind for the ENTIRE nation!

      Watch and listen as MILLIONS betray their republic and support–or make LAME excuses for–the INFAMY that is coming!!

      • Stephen Elliot Phillips

        your 3 million short analogy goes for his bank account too. The best financial decision that orange traitor ever made was to run for president. Maybe russia will give him better interest rates now

      • Homo Erectus

        Happy New Year, BB! I can hear the band playing in my head “Hail to the Thief”.

        • billbear1961

          Happy New Year, sweet lover of butterflies!


          • bzrd

            Mr. Bear,
            so happy you’re here, missed you, again. Had a 5 mile walk and returned to your selection of Magnificat in E flat major. Would that it was with me as I walked in the clear sky along the bay

          • billbear1961


    • clay

      “God damn it, Toto, we’re back in fucking sepia Kansas.”

  • GayOldLady

    You lost the popular vote McCrory. You should have had your crazy ass legislature change the election rules to electoral votes by county giving the red counties an oversized proportion of the vote. That’s how tRump won, right?

    • david fairfield

      They tried, they did what they could even after being told to knock it off. But by then even McCrory supporters saw the harm he was doing while the state hemorhaged money and he did nothing but insult the businesses who decided to do business in a state where their employees could get equal protection.

  • (((dagobarbz)))

    Calls a reaction to an absurd potty law ‘manufactured crisis?’
    Yeah. YOU manufactured it, and lost business, concerts and sporting events because of it.

    You made this, and that’s why you lost. Also probably because Roy Cooper is hella cute.

    • Paul

      He’s got that good old Southern boy look. The fact that he’s a daddy makes it better.

  • Sam_Handwich


    look where Joe is this afternoon!

    • TuuxKabin

      WOOF! Joe, you gets better looking every year. Hunka bunka hugs! To Shelly as well.

    • PickyPecker

      They did a segment about the line opening on the Today show. The stations look amazing. They showed several of the mosaics including the one behind Joe. On NATIONAL TELEVISION (faints).

      • The Return of Traxley

        Cue OMM’s boycott of Manhattan.

        They’re perfectly content with their pathetic little lives in West Cootchgrab, Mississippi.

        They’d be even happier if their husbands didn’t shower and put on cologne and those fancy underpants they bought off the computer every time they went to the hardware store for three hours, five times a week.

        • Librarykid

          Manhattan should be so lucky as to be boycotted by one miserable mutt.

    • Cuberly

      Handsome Joe 😉

    • Homo Erectus

      Reminded me of this (96 years ago);

  • DuaneBidoux

    Well he has half of the equation right: it was definitely HB2.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    I think Art Pope should have been a bigger issue in this election. The billionaires need to be called out a lot more and begin to suffer some social backlash on this. If McRory and wife can bitch and whine about being pariahs then Art Pope needs to find it harder for him to go without being noticed. (Financial backlash is better but I’m for both)

    Most of these type of guys still want to be seen as a good person which is why they fund philanthropic foundations with their names all over.

    The people mock the hell out of the Kardashians is because their face is all over the place. Mind you, they got out of their way to make it that way. But the Kardashians are just annoying and trashy for the most part, they’re not trying to strip rights from people. If only people could hate and mock Art Pope at full blast.

    I’d even take a tabloid constantly going on and on about these kind of people. Because even low-info voters will flip through tabloids at the grocery store.

  • SoCalGal20

    I hope everybody is having a lovely first day of the new year!

    Any of you in the San Diego area or who may be coming to the San Diego area at some point, I can definitely recommend a visit to Liberty Station and the Liberty Public Market. It used to be the Naval Traing Center but when it was decommissioned they turned all the buidings into art galleries, museums restaurants, and so forth. Because the buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places, they’re all preserved. Today is the first time I’ve visited and I love it!

  • JT

    OT: Came across this clip while watching That’s Entertainment recently. A fourteen-year-old Judy Garland singing a love song to Clark Gable.

    • another_steve

      Just last night, man and I re-watched 1961’s “Judgment at Nuremberg.” (Yes, when you get old you do odd things on New Year’s Eve.)

      The movie featured a relatively young Judy Garland in a minor role.

      So talented, she was.

      So stunning.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    OT – Starting 2017 off rather shitty. Things will probably just keep getting worse.

    Federal Judge Halts Obamacare Transgender, Abortion-Related Protections Nationwide

    • JT

      Texas troglodytes feel empowered by Traitor Drumpf.

    • another_steve

      In order to get their support during the campaign, the Sexual Predator-Elect no doubt promised the theofascists (Graham, Perkins and Co.) that he’d appoint theofascist judges to the Federal bench. He’s already on record re what kind of Supreme Court justice he’ll appoint to replace the maggot-infested and rotting in hell Scalia.

    • stevenj

      JMG posted this same link yesterday –
      Several states have trans protections as part of state healthcare laws including Covered California in Calif. Not sure what the effect will be in those few states.

  • kareemachan

    Wow, that’s pretty damned self-delusional.

  • justmeeeee

    Yes, it’s true! Thanks, Media and HB2!

  • Homo Erectus

    “I can’t believe I signed the whole thing”
    “You signed it, Pat”

  • stevenj

    He called it a “manufactured crisis.”

    A “manufactured crisis” that wiped out LGBT protections in 8 cities. Right.

    • another_steve

      My husband and I have queer married friends who recently moved out of North Carolina — hate-state that it’s become. In their holiday card to us, they confided that they just couldn’t justify paying taxes to a state that wishes harm to them and their relationship.

      We’ll see what transpires in the coming months — but all queer N.C. brethren reading here must consider whether they wish to continue funding a governmental entity that wishes them harm.

      • stevenj

        I think your friends made a very good choice.

    • david fairfield

      He’s not even convincing himself the ridiculous words he’s saying. There’s no way he doesn’t realize how much he is despised. And, well by gub it’s those pesky democrats in Charlottes fault, givin’ equal pertections n’ all, that ain’t how we good ol’ white christian when it’s convenient boys do it…

  • Sydney

    YEA!!! YEA!!! YEA!!! YEA!!!

    Good riddance, MCrooky.

  • ceeenbee

    I really wish pat a heartfelt bless your heart and fuck your asshole.

  • JT
  • Dale Mulkey

    good bye to trash

  • TimJ

    McCrory wearing a sweater in front of a fireplace. In North Carolina. Don’t they have central heating in the governor’s house?

    • edrex

      it’s an old house.

  • Nowhereman

    The only manufactured crisis is in the heads of conservatives. They focus on the most ridiculous issues while their fellow citizens starve and go homeless. Transgender women are women. Transgender men are men. Get over it. Let them pee.

  • Cuberly

    OT: Joe and Mika partied at Mar a Lago last night. And they’re getting reamed for it. As they should. And, of course thin-skinned-Joe is freaking out. If interested read the thread, rather entertaining.

    • Michael R

      Joe Scarborough is just a parasite , I can’t believe anyone quotes him .

      • Skeptical_Inquirer

        I find it hilarious nobody so far has a positive response to this on his tweet thread. Everybody is basically mocking him.

        • Cuberly

          Scar is freaking out. Now saying he was there with Mika for a scheduled meeting before the party.

          • Skeptical_Inquirer

            I wish someone would ask him if his Lord and League Trump grabbed anything of his.

          • Cuberly

            Heh, I think the both of them were on their knees shoring up their access.

          • billbear1961

            “Oh, mein Führer! You are a GENIUS!”

          • Bryan

            The Republic of Underland approves.

          • billbear1961

            I’m sure everything of his is available to any FASCIST interested.

          • Michael R

            Who kidnapped them ?
            Did they report it to the police ?

          • billbear1961

            Should they ever be kidnapped, do NOT pay the goddamned ransom.

          • david fairfield

            Unless it’s to keep them.

          • Cuberly

            lol….abducting the willing.

          • david fairfield

            Can’t we boycott their asses as well? How do we find out who sposors their hour of ridiculousness?

          • Lumpy Gaga

            With apologies to The Onion:

            “How do I keep ending up at all these Trump parties?”

          • JT

            His attendance was an involuntary reflex, don’t you know.

          • Cuberly

            Ha! Very appropriate post.

          • Bryan

            It was black tie so nothing shady whatsoever could have been going on, because that kind of stuff doesn’t happen at black tie events dontchaknow? Why, put on a black tie and a monocle and you can do most anything, because it’s a black tie event, and black tie events are classy as phoque.

          • Lumpy Gaga

            I thought it meant Quincy Jones was invited.

          • Bryan

            He won’t be attending, he’s busy helping put on a Christmas play for a kid in Chicago.

          • Lumpy Gaga

            Wiggle-room quotes around “partying”

      • Cuberly

        That he is.

      • Cuberly

        BTW-Hope you’re feeling better. 😉

      • billbear1961

        I didn’t know you’d been unwell, MR!

        Hope you’re better!

        • Michael R

          minor so far , I woke up with an eye infection in one eye and sniffles yesterday , will post close – up pictures later .

          • billbear1961

            May it remain minor and leave you soon, Michael!

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      Oh, excellent. Why do media people think they can keep shit like this under wraps? Sometimes, I wonder why they bother to feel shame at all. Now if only it would affect ratings or at least garner some very unwanted attention nationwide. They should do a SNL skit about this.

      • Cuberly

        What I find funny is his over the top reaction. Like he got caught or something. Sort of makes what he and Mika did even more questionable really. Like it hit a nerve or something.

        • Skeptical_Inquirer

          I think it would be funny to ask if he has any Russian connections and whether he’d love to party with Putin.

          • Cuberly

            Lol….he hasn’t really said much about the hacking has he. Imagine that.

          • billbear1961

            Pray let the scandal break!

            May they all be CONSUMED by their own goddamned INFAMY!

          • billbear1961

            Check the fuck’s bank accounts for RUBLES!

            And you know he’s not the ONLY one!!

        • billbear1961

          They know that they are GUILTY.

          So many of them have betrayed and are betraying the republic!

          It is OUR job to make their miserable lives a living HELL!!

          May JUSTICE descend on them like a destroying storm!!

          • Cuberly

            He’s shown himself and his fawning shadow, Mika, to be Trump’s lackys. As much as he tries and fails to convince us otherwise.

            BTW-Happy New Year Mr. Bear!

          • billbear1961

            Happy New Year, dear Cuberly!

          • Cuberly


            Here’s hoping we kick some ass this coming year. Lord knows the GOP provides an abundance of asses worth kicking.

        • Lazycrockett

          His reaction is weird cause MSNBC has a commercial bout how he is the inside man and gets all the scopes from the Drumpf people before any other station. They run the thing ad nauseam.

          • Cuberly

            Ugh. That’s horrible. Now they’re actually promoting their ass-kissing access to access.

            That’s really awful.

      • billbear1961

        It isn’t shame, just annoyance at being found out.

    • billbear1961

      Consorting with fascists!

      Fuck them!

      It is TIME for REAL journalists to hold right-wing propagandists and enablers ACCOUNTABLE, instead of treating the democracy-destroying SCUM like colleagues!

      Had they DONE so for the past quarter of a century–or longer–since the onset of CANCERS like Fox–our republic would not now be on its DEATHBED, God DAMN it!!

      • Michael R

        billbear makes an appearance !

        You may have already seen this , I posted it a couple times because I think it’s relevant , but I thought you might appreciate it if you hadn’t already seen it …

        • billbear1961

          Hear, hear!

          Hello, Michael! I hadn’t seen this post. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I appreciate it VERY much!

        • JT

          TR was the last respectable Republican.

      • david fairfield

        Billbear!! Yes! (and hello)

    • JT

      Joe Scuzzbucket has always been a douche.

    • Ninja0980

      Let us not forget Joe was part of the 94 Republican Revolution that turned D.C. into the cesspool it is now.
      Him doing this shouldn’t shock anyone.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      As one of the twitters asked, of watching their show, “Isn’t life too short?”

  • Dreaming Vertebrate

    Good bye and good riddance, McCocky.
    PS: Please don’t pee/poop in any washroom I might ever use you douchebag! The stench of hypocrisy mixed with bigotry tends to linger long after the bigot has done their business.

  • Acronym Jim

    OT: Cooper’s victory wasn’t the only bright spot in a year of doom and gloom.

    Here are the dogs of 2016,

    Hat tip to misscellania.

  • Spudman
  • RobynWatts

    Bye, McCrory! Make sure your pointy head takes a smack or two, or even ten when you step out the door.

  • Stogiebear

    If McCrory were so concerned about being “unsuccessful in convincing the legislature maybe not to overreact” he could have vetoed the bill and made the legislature vote on it a second time. Any lesser action was collaboration.

  • Joseph Miceli

    “You made me hit you!”
    Right. Fuck you, you lying sack of shit. Enjoy your disgrace. You sure have earned it.

  • Blake J Butler

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! Heres a way to ring in the new year on a light note.

    • Michael R
    • Dazzer

      Thank you for that. Just thank you. The smileon my face is so big at the moment that it’s actually hurting.

      I’ve waited all day to get the first big laugh of 2017 – and you provided it

      Thank you again.

    • JT

      LMAO. “If he’s messing around with white trash, I want to know.” You should already know that he is.

      “You’re rude and I’m calling the law on you….I am going to call the police and they’ll be out there because you can’t talk to me like that if this is a legitimate business.”

      • Skeptical_Inquirer

        But I’m sure that housewife voted for a President who constantly talks like that.

    • Homo Erectus

      I love white trash!

    • johncAtl

      This is why I love living in Atlanta.

  • Michael

    A study needs to be done on the physical appearance of a guy in ratio to how homophobic he is.

    The cause and effect is the utmost “let me hate you before I have the chance to realize the obvious.” However there is a direct correlation between how inbred a man looks to how much he hates men who find certain other men attractive.

  • olandp

    So, he is proud if lowering the state deficit, and a couple of big bond issues? Paying off debt, and borrowing more. Right…

    • david fairfield

      And don’t forget the people who are drinking toxic water because Duke Energy is in his pocket…and the guy who kept saying the water was unsafe for drinking was fired…I love the way McCrory rolls. He should be locked up with Ken Paxton and a big strapping guy named Brutus.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    OT: Someone hung an anti-ND pipeline banner at a game.

  • Ross
  • djcoastermark

    I hope everyone here has had a happy start to the new year. I know mine has been. I started the day by me letting Hubs have some of my Sweet Buns. Later I let him pull my pork. Now get your minds out of the gutter (and before I get banned) let me explain. I made hubs some of my cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Then I smoked a pork butt, which of course I let him shred up and served it along side some black eyed peas with bacon and spinach, some fresh sliced tomatoes and a glass or two of a nice wine. Life, for but a few moments, is good. Happy New Years to all of you out there in JMG land !

    • Treant

      And here we thought you let him fuck you up the ass while he jerked you off.

      • djcoastermark

        Clutch My Pearls !

        • Treant

          Only if you finish while on your back.

    • Michael R

      Last year I remembered these walnut or pecan cookies from my childhood , and I interrupted a conversation I was having by saying
      ” Excuse me I have to powder my balls ”

  • fuzzybits
  • Tammy Rainey

    that little South Park tear-licking gif is pretty much required every time Pat opens hi mouth for the rest of his life, ain’t it?

  • Franciscan

    It was so utterly unfair of Charlotte to pass a civil rights ordinance which they knew the governor and the state legislature would be forced to repudiate to preserve the second-class citizenship of several classes of people, and that defending the inerrant dictates of Southern Baptist doctrine they would earn the righteous wrath of liberals everywhere and lose the support of their own electorate, resulting in the election of a moderate Democrat to the detriment of those dictates.

    Have I accurately summed up the former governor’s position, fantastic though it is?

  • The Return of Traxley

    McCrory is sitting four feet too far away from that fire.

    Also, if Mr. Rogers had a mean drunk, racist, wilfully ignorant asshole brother, he’s it.


  • Sam_Handwich

    here be this :o)

    happy new year, flying monkeys!

    • medaka

      Yup. A rasher of pork goes well with some eggs Benedict Donald.

      • Bryan

        Can we make this pig fly? Trudeau was a physics teacher wasn’t he? He can help, we’ll build a trebuchet.
        With Rockets
        Into the sun.

  • Richard B

    It is great to hear the awful and clueless Pat McCrory was democratically removed from power by the people of North Carolina and he can no longer marginalize LGBT folks any more. Now we need to work on removed the lasting damage McCrory did to the state …

    • david fairfield

      Which was made as difficult as possible for Cooper by McCrory and his goons with their voter suppression shenanigans…the Cooper win without all their evil doings would have been by a much greater margin…

    • DaddyRay

      I am sure Trump will find a spot for him

  • Cuberly

    McCrory was being groomed for a much larger political career. He was regarded as a rising star. There was an article, can’t remember where I read it, where he supposedly had reservations about signing the hate law. And, apparently the GOP/Christianist legislature strong armed him into signing it. And then he had to go about defending it.

    Apparently when he was Mayor of Charlotte he was regarded as a GOP “moderate”.

    Maybe, just maybe, he should reserve his ire for the GOP nut-jobs in the gerrymandered legislature. Maybe THEY are the ones that sunk his political mobility.

    His signature on that bill was his own. He did so willingly.

    Blaming the “media” is boilerplate GOP. Blaming the hate law that bears his signature is willful ignorance.

    The fact he was so easily manipulated into doing what was unequivocally wrongheaded is a testament to his short-sighted stupidity.

    • johncAtl

      There may be some truth to being moderate. He was elected as mayor of Charlotte seven times. And Charlotte is kind of a murky purple city. It votes mostly blue, but it’s still a pretty conservative city.

      Regardless, he – like Pence, couldn’t sign that bill fast enough. It may have hurt his ego to lose, but as a former exec at Duke Power he probably has enough millions in stock options that his future is going to be very, very nice.

      • Cuberly

        Only repeating what I recall from the article. I wouldn’t give McCrory any benefit of the doubt. He dug his own grave.

        • Lumpy Gaga

          Pat McCrory. The Mariah Carey of governors.

          • Cuberly


  • Lazycrockett

    Like people need to be told this?

    • ByronK

      Please, just put them and their guns in a room, lock the door and get it over with.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer
    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      We’ve watched some people stateside already starting to do just that, so we just post this as our retort….

      …they aren’t happy about it 🙂

    • JT

      Some of them are so fucking stupid, it will take a long time. It’s the same native idiocy that prevents people from seeing that religion is used to take advantage of them

  • JellyDonut

    It will still be a hot mess with the legislature made up of right wing idiots who are up to childish antics and stupidity. NC is pretty much a lost cause at the time being.

  • talldoggy

    If only he had more friends in Russia