NEW CONFEDERACY: NAACP Calls For Nationwide Boycott Of North Carolina After Failure To Repeal HB2

Raleigh’s NBC affiliate reports:

The executive committee of the state NAACP will ask the national leaders of the civil rights group for a nationwide economic boycott of North Carolina to protest the actions of the General Assembly, state NAACP President Rev. William Barber said Thursday.

“This legislature is trying to raise a new Confederacy in policy,” Barber said at a news conference. “This group doesn’t respect the Constitution. They do not respect the voices of the people. They do not respect the will of the people. They do not respect the vote, and it seems in some ways they do not respect just a little bit of money being removed from the state.”

Barber said the state NAACP takes issue with more than the legislature’s failure Wednesday to repeal House Bill 2, which he called “an anti-worker, anti-civil rights, anti-LGBT bill” because it prevents cities and counties from raising the minimum wage or enacting anti-discrimination protections. That was merely the final straw, he said, noting Republican lawmakers last week stripped incoming Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper of various powers and set set up partisan elections for the state’s highest court.

  • bkmn

    Rev. Barber is one of the few clergy I have respect for. The man is the best. Give em hell!

    • another_steve

      So, American Humanist Association — when a person of faith says and does something good and enlightened, it’s still okay to mock her/him? To condemn her/his faith?


      That’s some sick shit you got goin’ there, AHA friends.

      • teeveedub

        THAT is your takeaway from this meme? WTF?

        • another_steve

          “Good without a God”

          • Exatron


          • TuuxKabin


          • BobSF_94117

            Humanists, whether believers or not, don’t believe that having a god is necessary to do or achieve good.

            That’s hardly an insult. It’s the belief of quite a few Catholic theologians, among other folks.

          • Randy Ellicott

            I think its one of the main components of free will in Catholicism, your are not supposed to do good to avoid hell or get into heaven but for its own rewards…. (note that its not one they particularly advertise, just something i remember from Sunday school)

          • another_steve

            Please, Bob. The clear message there, in that poster, is: “Rev. Tutu, you don’t need your god.” That’s a very insulting and demeaning thing to say to a good and honorable person of faith.

            Anyone who can’t grok that is lacking, big time, in compassion.

          • Do Something Nice

            Lay off the gin, sister. It is really making you look stupid.

          • BobSF_94117

            The clear message is people working together for good, regardless of their differing or non-existent religious beliefs.

            Hey, if you want to talk compassion, how about nagging at the fundies who insist the rest of humanity is going to hell.

            It’s a motto, not a moral philosophy that excludes 75% of humanity from salvation or something…

      • BobSF_94117

        Uh… agreeing with is not mocking.

        Humanist != atheist

        • another_steve

          Bob — “Good without a God”

          • BobSF_94117

            In a world in which several major religions have a core belief that anyone who isn’t a member in good standing is going to eternal hell and damnation, is that really such an offensive motto?

          • another_steve

            Lots and lots of folks in churches, synagogues, mosques and temples don’t believe that shit, Bob. Don’t believe that everyone else is damned.

            Do you believe everything — absolutely everything — that our LGBT leaders say you should believe?

            Broad-brush stereotyping on your part, Bob.

          • BobSF_94117

            Those are precisely the people — with religious beliefs — who would can be called humanists.

            You’re really hung up on a three-word motto. How bout “good, god optional”?

          • another_steve

            I’m not a theist. I don’t believe in a god or gods.

            That said, I believe that “Good, god optional” — directed to a person of faith — is insulting and demeaning.

            When directed to someone of the caliber and insight of Desmond Tutu, it’s morally vacant and obscene.

          • BobSF_94117

            Sheesh. It’s their logo and their motto.

            Being the “One true Catholic and Apostolic Faith” is pretty off-putting, too, if you stop and think about it for a minute…

          • Do Something Nice

            It’s ok for religions to be dismissive and disrespectful of people who don’t share their faith/beliefs.

            But if a non-religious group does it, the ‘faithful’ and their supporters go into deep butthurt mode, because they were brainwashed into thinking that ANYTHING that isn’t a glowing compliment makes them victims.

            That logo is victimizing another_steve.

          • TuuxKabin

            Awww, poor victimized sloshed another_steve. Too bad. So sad.

        • Robincho

          Desmond is Tutu much for some…

      • NancyP

        They are saying that Tutu agrees with them. He is highly respected. If anything, this is a tip of the hat to the good religionists.

        • another_steve

          Nancy — “Good without a god.”

    • Do Something Nice

      Notice how the NAACP – with a charter (and name) that focuses on the lives of African Americans – is advocating for the rights of all. Contrast that with the Human Rights Campaign – with a name that would seem to advocate for all human rights, but only focuses on LGB and sometimes T rights. The difference is stinging.

      And William Barber is so inspiring.

      • Do Something Nice

        And just in case anyone forgot about Barber, watch this:

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      • Tom

        HRC has been working hand in hand with the NC chapter of the NAACP on repealing HB2 in its entirety and instrumental in advocating a boycott of NC as well as defeating McCorry.
        They also have strong effective ties to the broader civil rights movement nationally.
        Actually in the past they have gotten more push back from the LGB community saying …”what’s this got to do with gay rights” I know HRC is a fav punching bag here and you have your opinion but your comment is divisive, and not helpful.

    • JCF

      Sounds like Jesus.

  • Sam_Handwich

    go Rev Barber!!

  • geoffalnutt

    Who needs money when you’ve got Jeebee!!! Wait. Jeebee, that’s who.

  • Robert Anthony


  • edrex

    now that’s some Christian action I can believe in.

  • Dagoril

    You know, I would have expected this level of stupid from states like Alabama, Mississippi, or South Carolina. North Carolina always seemed so much more moderate, even forward-looking.

    Oh well. Perhaps Sherman had the right idea. Burn the entire retrograde South to the ground.

    • Ninja0980

      They were until 2010 when Republicans took over.
      Now they are in a race to make it worse then any of the states you mentioned.

    • fuzzybits

      Poor Ashville.

    • Megrim Twist

      NC Repubs are a special kind of evil.

  • fuzzybits

    May Rev. Barber stay strong and healthy.

  • Kim K’s Kute Koochy✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    can’t wait ’till the Benham twin selling their muscular blond asses online LOL

  • greenmanTN

    Thank you, Rev Barber.

    It’s good to have allies, and you have allies in most of us too. And we’re both gonna need them.

  • Oikos

    Fake news Checker.

    • fuzzybits

      Damn,there’s a lot of unreliable news services.

      • Oikos

        The Advocate is among them.

        • fuzzybits

          Truly sad.

          • Oikos

            They also list Democratic Underground which posts links to all its stories and itsvisits were down after the election because they were hacked by dump supporters.

    • zeddy303

      All news is fake until they learn how to fact check. But they would rather SELL “news” so F*** them.

    • Grumpy Old Man

      They are interesting, I checked their rating of Alternet and agree with them; I checked their reporting on Rawstory – mostly correct bit when you drill down into some of the ‘hinky’ stories – they are decidedly anti-liberal. I don’t know if that is policy or just random linking.

      All-in-all, thanks for then link!!!

    • JCF

      Wait a second: WTF is this site? Speaking of fake…

  • Guest

    Rev. Barber is truly a man who could get me back to church (!). He not only talks the talk but walks the walk. And to have such an outspoken ally in the clergy is a rarity; most others are timid, or don’t have a voice that is recognized.

    And of course there are all the other kinds who are contemptible shits.

    • Jay George

      I don’t think you could get me back to church without holding a gun on me, but I love Rev. Barber.

      • Paula

        Yeah, same here. You’d have to hold me at gunpoint. Even then, you’d better not take your eyes off me for a second.

        • canoebum

          I’d consider showing up at a church picnic if it was a lobster boil in Bar Harbour. Short of that, not much chance.

      • TuuxKabin

        I love the good Rev. Barber and support his call. But to get me back into church, I’d be all, like:

        • Jay George

          That poor kitty! She does not want to go in there! <3

          • TuuxKabin

            The look on her face says it all, doesn’t it!?

    • joe ho

      There’s always the little problem, though, that there’s no credible evidence for any of Christianity’s central truth claims about reality.

  • D. J.

    The University of NC system will NOT be receiving their usual annual gift from a family’s foundation. It is sizeable and is used by them to underwrite a fairly prestigious and well known program. The Auntie was matriarch and chair of the foundation, but died, leaving her favourite gay nephew in charge of financial distributions. Fuck You North Carolina. There are other University systems out there that just love getting donations.

    • BobSF_94117

      You’re punishing liberals. How about giving the money with gay-strings attached?

      • D. J.

        They were warned.

        • BobSF_94117

          “They” probably couldn’t do anything about it, if you mean the university officials.

          • zeddy303

            Universities are HUGE businesses. Of course they could have done something about it.

          • D. J.

            The State legislators were included.

      • edrex

        If you’re thinking specifically of UNC (Chapel Hill), then yes. But if it’s the broader UNC system, then I think the state will feel the bite. Of course, it affects those who seek education at all. I like the gay strings attached idea.

        • D. J.

          They will feel it.

          • edrex

            do your worst. tighten the screws.

          • TuuxKabin

            In this case, worst is best.

  • Brian in Valdosta

    I have to say, I am very happy to read that Rev. Barber sees that when you limit the rights of one group, you encroach upon the liberties of everyone. Women’s Rights are Civil Rights. LGBTQ Rights are Civil Rights. Thank you for putting the weight and strength of the NAACP behind this issue.

    • Ninja0980

      Same sex couples were among the first groups that Republicans went after when they took power.
      Women were next and POC (once the VRA was gutted) were last.
      As you said, we are all in this together.

  • dcurlee

    Seriously are republicans so hell bent on breaking their state….what am I saying of course they are

    • edrex

      have you been to Kansas?

      • Ninja0980

        Kansas used to have moderate Republicans who were always in a fight with the crazies.
        Sad to say but the crazies finally won.

        • edrex


    • zeddy303

      “are republicans so hell bent on breaking the country”

      There, fixed it.

  • Treant

    Count me in!

  • Ninja0980

    The hubby and I are in too.
    Won’t give this state a dime until the Republicans in power are gone.

  • Sean Taylor

    too late! I’ve been boycotting the Carolina’s for decades

  • EdA

    Obviously the Charlotte City Counsel repealed its protections prematurely — had they somehow not realized that Republiscum can’t be trusted??

    Is it possible for them to unrepeal their repeal?

    • Stogiebear

      “The council vote contains a provision that should the General Assembly fail to repeal HB2 by December 31, the revised ordinance the council adopted in February would go back into ‘effect’—although it would be strictly symbolic, as the state law supersedes the city ordinance.”

      • EdA

        Thank you, Stogiebear. Even if there might be only symbolic significance to the non-repeal, symbolism is sometimes worth SOMEthing.

  • joe ho

    What we’re going to go through now is like the end of Reconstruction, when most of the civil rights gains made after the Civil War were rolled back or circumvented.

    Far-left icon Chomsky says progressives who were too righteous to vote for Hillary made a very, very bad mistake. They could have held her feet to the fire to enact the progressive platform. Now, nothing. Worse than nothing.

  • FAEN


  • joe ho

    Democrat: I’d like this thing
    Republican: My counteroffer is no, and also i’ll punch you in the dick
    Democrat: You’ve got yourself a deal

  • kaydenpat

    NC needs to feel some pain for its bigotry. This cannot be allowed to stand.

  • Mark

    As the GOP has become the POW (Party of White )…and as the POW legislatures roll back all of the progressive rights and laws… I just wonder how many of the women who voted for the POW will whine about being abused when they see their whole life coming at them in the back hand of their dumb man.

  • EweTaw

    They don’t have to ask me twice. Consider it done and done.

  • Bill_Perdue

    Very good move.

  • Mark
  • Tiger Quinn

    Good for them. We’re ALL going to have to fight, every day, until this is done.

  • Barry William Teske

    Oh look!
    Created by the filthy rich.
    Implied by the filthy rich.
    Backed by religious Neo-Nazi’s…
    All others will wonder what happened as they die in a pool of their own blood.
    Trickle down?

    • TrollopeReader

      “Heritage and History” !!


  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    Sadly he’s a rare bird. Too many preachers just want to mooch off their weekly social club and offer a mixture of reassurance that being an asshole is OK with Jesus and GOP pimping.

  • Max_1

    Finally… A good Christian.

    In truth, he’s not alone… Just a rare breed.

  • JellyDonut

    i am onboard with that

  • Self Betrayal

    With the election of Trump, and his appointment of White Supremacist leaders, the United States of America is more like Argentina during its Dirty War than the Confederacy. He is elevating reactionary ex-military and ex-police officers to positions of authority, and has pledged to appoint aggressively conservative, anti-civil rights judges. To be sure, Cheetolini is taking some cues for Putin, and divvying up the country among the richest. No one can serve in his cabinet unless they have a net worth of at least $1 Billion.

    And the worst part? White Trash America voted this fascist into office. The country decayed from within, and a minority of voters handed this country over to KGB head Putin. America has been betrayed by Americans, not Mexicans or Muslims.

    The question for Decent Humans is: Leave the country, or stay and prepare for a fight to the death?