Bill O’Reilly Goes Full White Supremacist [VIDEO]

Mic.com reports:

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly went on a white supremacism-laden rant Tuesday night, saying that the effort to abolish the Electoral College is an attempt by “the left” to take away power from the “white establishment.” O’Reilly went on to denounce Democrats for being “reliant on the minority vote and female voters” in their electoral coalition.

“The left wants power taken away from the white establishment and they want a profound change in the way America is run,” he said on his show, the O’Reilly Factor. “Taking voting power away from the white precincts is the quickest way to do that.” Throughout his rant, O’Reilly discounted the notion that “so-called white privilege” even exists, and said the left’s focus on race and diversity is why “white men have largely abandoned the Democrats.”

More from Vox.com:

On Tuesday night, Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly held a segment on his show that came off as a little … white supremacist. Along the way, you might expect some sort of “to be sure” paragraph to clarify that of course O’Reilly believes the votes of minority voters in California are equal to white rural voters in the Midwest. But it never comes. He instead mocked the idea of fighting against white privilege.

The segment ends with O’Reilly’s message loud and clear: White privilege and the white establishment are fine, and it’s good that our Electoral College props up white rural voters over minority voters in urban centers. As it turns out, O’Reilly does have a point that the Electoral College is a tool for maintaining a white-dominated status quo. But that he apparently sees that as an argument for keeping the Electoral College is terrifying.

  • bkmn

    Please tell me that no one is surprised by this.

    • another_steve

      Trump’s campaign and election have empowered them to speak like this.

      The media, generally, didn’t “punish” commentators who spoke racist shit during the primary and the general campaign. By not doing so, they helped normalize it.

      And here we are.

      • KarenAtFOH

        Their continued silence will only make it worse.

        • Falconlights

          And the cowards don’t want to lose their jobs or precious access.

    • kaydenpat

      Only anyone who hadn’t paid attention to Fox News dogma.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      No one is surprised by this.

      • Gustav2

        Especially those of us who live or travel in the more rural parts of the Midwest…

        remember Democrats, it was all about their economic situation, not their racism. So drop the ‘identity politics’ of the left and just give the buggers jobs.

        • Ernest Endevor

          I understand that. Heard JD Vance talking on the subject the other day. Boy, he’s a smart and interesting man. Have you heard of this?


          I want to read it, if I ever finish the history of the years leading up to the outbreak of WWI, which at this point seems doubtful.

          • Gustav2

            Yes, his book inspired a great deal of woeful coverage from east coast liberals on TV and is the reason MSNBC stayed in the Youngstown OH area when reporting on white folks. The thing is the nice union guys they all interviewed make more than the average Ohioan, and are racist as shit when you turn the cameras off. It skewed the election in the Midwest because the coverage of Ohio was appalling. We only were shown these semi-rural $70,000 a year union folks, the extremely poor in the ghettos or what we used to call Yuppies/Preppies. The regular folks of all the races in larger cities were ignored and later didn’t come out to vote.

            I screamed at the TV when JD Vance is on and he doesn’t describe how the US has been trying to improve the lives of ‘hillbillies’ since the Depression, but they will not move or retrain/get any education. They are defensive if you try to explain the simple computer skills I use here.

            YOU might read the book, they won’t.

          • NancyP

            Many can’t afford to move or get an education now. The days of cheap public education are gone. The classic “hillbilly” path to education is the Armed Services, and the hope of getting college support after 6 years, or however long the service must be to get that benefit.

          • NancyP

            I might add, it is harder to get that benefit now than it was when my father got his education.

          • Gustav2

            In Ohio, we have 2 year remedial satellite OSU campuses and community colleges that can be used as a way into the 4 year schools. then tech programs all over the state. One of the reasons my husband left the rural county social work is he couldn’t get folks to use what was in their own county or in the next county.

            If you direct them to more, often nearly free, education they think you are calling them stupid. Frustrated doesn’t adequately describe his feelings at the time.

            Also if they go to any higher education they will have to mingle with “the other” and will be brainwashed into becoming a liberal.

          • McSwagg

            Also, the Armed Services no longer accept High School dropouts. You must have at least a High School Diploma to enlist. If you can’t enlist, you are blocked from those educational benefits.

          • Ernest Endevor

            I come from a coal-mining family in Scotland. All those jobs have long since gone. A couple of my cousins work in the oil fields but most have moved on to other lines of work. Almost all evidence of the mines has been put back underground and the landscape restored to an amazing extent. In Lancashire and Yorkshire it seems like 3 generations of men were put out of work. (Full Monty anyone?) That’s where the pro-Brexit vote came from. I don’t know why Scotland handled the end of heavy industry more successfully.

            I’ve worked in Cincinnati and Cleveland so my view of Ohio is parochial by definition. This is the best explanation of the recent election that I’ve come across. An interview with Allan Lichtman who called it months ahead of time. I find it almost impossible to accept but he is entirely persuasive. If you haven’t heard it this is worth a listen. BTW, he’s the person who persuaded Bill Clinton to run at a time when no big-name Democrats wanted to take on G W Bush. Lichtman said he would lose.


          • Gustav2

            I guess I am tired of hearing it after 30 years of my in-laws and their friends complaining how the n-word and immigrants are getting everything they themselves deserve.


          • Falconlights

            My birth family is from KY and TN and I imagine a lot of them voted for Trump believing he could (or would) get them their jobs back. They are about to get a huge surprise.

        • Ninja0980

          We have that here in NY as well.
          Trump didn’t connect with certain parts of NY because he spoke of their plight.
          He did well because he connected with their resentment of living in a state where groups such as blacks and gays and lesbians aren’t treated as second class citizens.

          • Gustav2

            Trump and O’Reilly know their audience.

          • MichaelJ

            …which is why I think people who say that Trump is stupid are missing the point. Trump is shrewd at using the media to get attention and knowing what his audience wants to hear. He also clever enough to stiff others (business partners, lenders, workers, contractors, etc.) for his business failings and knowing how to use the legal systems to escape any responsibility for and personal and/or financial consequences of his actions, no matter how deceitful and malicious they may be. Sure, he is ignorant — willfully so, not knowing or caring much about facts and not wanting to have anything but the simplest understand of anything beyond how it serves his interests and need to feed his ego. But this sort of ignorance is not born out of stupidity.

          • Bomer

            Yeah I heard some of my old neighbors talking before the election here in Southern Arizona and it was all how Drumpf was going to get rid of those people and the fucking wall. They were so brave too since every time a door opened (was an apartment complex) they would drop their voice just in case it might have been one of their many Hispanic neighbors coming outside.

        • OdieDenCO

          problem is they blame their economic situation on those people

        • AW

          Are you being sarcastic? Because I feel like you are but I also feel like maybe you aren’t…

          • Gustav2

            I am being sarcastic about the current liberal guilt about white folk.

          • AW

            Thank jebus. This whole “identity politics” thing is bullshit to me.

          • Gustav2

            When it was White Christianist (but not church going) Identity Politics that won the election.

          • Falconlights

            I don’t have a bit of guilt. You can be poor and rural and not be some right-wing jackass.

        • The_Wretched

          the racist whites who voted en bloc for Trump do blame the Dems for their economic hardships brought on by Republican policy.

          • Gustav2


    • Todd Allis

      We always knew he had it in him. Perfect time for him to put it so clearly.

    • Falconlights

      Not really, but it’s chipped away any illusions I might have had about the assholes.

    • Marti386

      Nah. 😛

  • Lazycrockett

    Tune in next week when Bill starts wearing white robes on air.

    • DaddyRay

      In Bill’s case green robes would be acceptable so he could completely disappear on green screen

  • AtticusP

    Nice country we have here.

    Shame what’s happening to it, though.

  • Chuck in NYC

    The other argument, Bill, is that TRUMP LOST BY ALMOST 3 MILLION VOTES.

    Yes, I’m resorting to yelling.

    • Lakeview Bob

      I feel your pain Chuck. I have not been visiting here much lately. I just cannot take it.

      • AJ Drew

        Joe, himself, has been quiet, but the posts keep piling in, and I thank him for that. Yeah, do what ya gotta do to retain your sanity, but check back in to see what’s going on… (Joe has an odd habit of posting news stories before more “major” news site do…)

        • another_steve

          I’ve commented on that in the past, AJ. It’s eerie the way Joe reports on stories before they widely “get out there.” I check Google News during the day, and more than not Joe has picked up on a story before it has hit that site.

          He’s a faster news aggregator, in my experience, than Google News and all its fancy algorithms.

          • AJ Drew

            Yup, whatever he’s doing or how he does it (news headlines before other “major” sources post it,) I thank him. I even forgive him for taking a break on weekends, sometimes, though I sometimes hate the lack of new posts.

          • OdieDenCO

            hehehe. I’m right there too. I’m up by 5:30am daily. waiting for the first post of the day can be excruciating.

          • Bad Tom

            I find myself ahead of the news curve by reading JMG.

        • Lakeview Bob

          I do check in to read the headlines but I am not reading a lot of what is behind the headlines, I will always be faithful to our friends here. But the hate is hard to deal with right now.

          • AJ Drew

            That’s fair… take a break, it’s ok, and necessary! If there is a future fight to be fought, or snark to be hurled, we need you full-rested and ready to go for it… so, sleep well and rest. “We” (maybe me, maybe not, who knows,) will still be here.

          • PickyPecker

            Hang in there, Bob. We’re all in this together. :-)

      • another_steve

        It’s not good to allow pain to bubble within with no escape valve. Not healthy.

        JMG’s comment threads are a good place to vent.

        • AJ Drew

          sometimes taking a break from “it all” is also a good way to maintain sanity…

          • Todd20036

            I don’t even bother reading the WaPo comments anymore.

            Too many trolls that basically deny every truth about Trump and accept any lie about Clinton as gospel, and ignore all the good Obama did.

            Barney Frank was right, arguing with these people is as useless as arguing with a dining room table.

            In JMG forums, the trolls are few and far between, and can be blocked and occasionally banned.

          • Jay George

            And I block the hell out of ’em too. There are too many fun people on here to talk to without wasting typing energy on aholes.

          • Randy Ellicott

            I try not to block them without some pushback, just in case a new visitor comes on and sees something they say as un-answered…

          • AJ Drew

            Absolutely. If they seem willing to debate, sure, why not reply. But if they’re just trolling, uh-uh, just block/ignore.

          • AJ Drew

            I understand that and agree. This faceless realm is tricky sometimes… our “conversational” text is not always received as intended. Especially if our posts are about a difference of opinion.

          • AJ Drew

            Agreed! A small democracy, of sorts, here, that works. Reply if they seem willing to debate, ignore/block if they’re just trolls.

          • PickyPecker

            As soon as anyone delves into personal insults…..that’s an immediate block in my book. Whether it is directed at me or anyone else.

          • AJ Drew

            I am a bit more forgiving of hurled-insults in this not face-to-face realm, but only IF there had been a previous back-and-forth that had some substance. Otherwise, yes, I’m with you. “Bye Felicia.” (*Those* folks, not you… lolz.)

          • Jay George

            If you deprive a troll of the attention he or she so desperately desires, they will wither and die… and find another board to haunt. :)

          • Falconlights

            Isn’t that the truth!

          • another_steve

            Remarkably few (what I consider to be) trolls on this blog. (People who express unpopular/heinous views but don’t personally attack other commenters aren’t “trolls” imo.)

            I don’t know how Joe so effectively keeps the vicious haters off this site.

            Really, quite a remarkable feat.

          • AJ Drew

            It’s “us” truly. He used to called us “flying monkeys” but, thankfully (to me), not so much any more. But it IS “us” who monitor and downvote (or just ignore rather than engaging) trolls and yet, it is amazing that it works here, isn’t it? It is!

          • Acronym Jim

            On one of my favorite history blogs, a commenter recently posted a “satirical” Trump Christmas video. I was heartened to see that he had received the most downvotes in the history of the blog.

          • AJ Drew

            I kinda miss NPR’s comment section, but I understand why they 86’d it. It did get ugly sometimes, but the “real” posts there were often very thoughtful and challenged my own opinions, so I miss it.

          • Bad Tom

            And we are GOOD as harassing them.

        • Lakeview Bob

          You are right Steve. Thanks.

      • Pierre

        I’m glad I’m not the only one! Since the election I can barely watch any news or read any blogs. I have just been in a huge funk. What’s happening to this country is so terrifying I can’t take it, and am seriously considering leaving if any of our worst fears start happening for real. Which I suspect they might.

        • Lakeview Bob

          I rarely even watch Rachel anymore. That is how bad it has been for me. Giving you a virtual hug Pierre!

          • tcinsf

            I’m watching Rachel because I need an intelligent discussion of what’s going on. She does have an annoying habit of beating her argument or point like its a dead horse … but at least she backs her shit up.

          • Pierre

            I used to like Rachel and a number of other news shows. But the fact that they were SO wrong leading up to the election and ignored all the lies Trump and his minions were spreading, just infuriated me so much I cannot lend them any credence anymore. It’s just for ratings and ad revenue now. I just can’t watch anymore.

          • Ernest Endevor

            So far as I’m concerned the only upside to this election is that the hubby has stopped watching Hardball so I no longer have to listen to Chris Matthews ranting and interrupting everyone as he sprays spittle about.

          • Pierre

            I even used to watch Morning Joe, but since Trump won it is intolerable and Mika just sits there speechless while all the other blowhards bloviate.

        • Falconlights

          I’ve decided that as soon as we can, wife and I are going to CA, probably Palm Springs.

    • CharlestonDave

      Drudge just announced that Trump won by 3 million votes. If you just don’t count California and New York.

      Prominently featured on drudgereport.com, which links to this Daily Mail article:

      • Lumpy Gaga

        Figures you people would count CA and NY.

        • Lazycrockett

          and Hillary would have won if we bombed the midwest.

          • JCF

            Not to mention the everything South of Virginia.

      • Ernest Endevor

        The comments there are disgusting.

        • Todd20036

          I’ll bet, which is why I won’t bother reading them.

    • The_Wretched

      More than 2% of the votes as well. It wasn’t close.

    • Prixator

      A different way of expressing that is that Clinton won [the presidential vote] by a margin greater than the population of any U.S. city, except for N.Y. and L.A.

  • AJ Drew

    uff… I SO wanted to believe Joe was on a rant, but I followed the links… OReilly did really say “white establishment” and… uff. No excuse for that, ever. How ugly does this have to get? [shudder]

  • Lakeview Bob

    Oh No. Bill O is not a racist. Just ask him.

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      But don’t ask the wife we dragged down the staircase by her neck.
      She might beg to differ.

      • Todd20036

        She deserved it. She was getting too uppity.

        • Dreaming Vertebrate

          Well, … at least he grabbed her by the neck and not the p***y.

    • kaydenpat

      He must have at least one Negro friend (or servant).

      • Todd20036

        Ben Carson would satisfy that requirement.

        • kaydenpat

          Either way. Lol.

    • AJ Drew

      His statement of “white establishment” pretty much nails it.

  • Ben in Oakland

    So, billy, are you really saying that abolishing the electoral college will result in a true democracy, and that that must be resisted.

    • Chris Baker

      Ha, yes! Ironically, it was only a while ago when Trump was saying the Electoral College was a bad idea. We all know that if the shoe were on the other foot — if Trump won the popular vote but lost the EC — he and his defenders would be saying that the EC was a relic of the elitists who wanted to wield their power over the common folk.

      • Ben in Oakland

        As they say, it all depends upon whose bush is getting gored.

  • disqus_Qm7Y1t9k8U

    January 20, 2021. Get ready, Bill.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Hell, this is so not surprising that even Aaron wasn’t ‘schocked’

  • Jay George
  • kaydenpat

    Goes? When wasn’t he?

  • Dreaming Vertebrate

    Trump has brought all these creepy old crackers and white supremacists out of the woodwork. They feel completely free and uninhibited to spout their bigoted hate. Thanks Donnie!
    #Not MyPresident !

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
    • kaydenpat

      Don’t give him any ideas.

    • Pollos Hermanos

      Unfortunately even Edith Piaf refuses to play.

    • Bad Tom

      Looks like they have open carry.

  • Oikos
    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      Kills me that in 2016 they still say ” Whelp, they had a roof over their head didnt they !? “

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        * Heads.
        Disqust wont let me fix typos – Sad !!

        • Falconlights

          They should. When you’re done and have posted, doesn’t “edit” come up under your published post?

          • Ragnar Lothbrok

            It does. But after I corrected typos and hit submit, it reverted to original script. At least that is what happened that day.

    • Jay George

      This is so true. Back in the 60s the crackers down here blamed racial unrest on outside agitators because “our negroes are happy and well cared for.”

      • GayOldLady

        But the truth was that the South of the 60’s kept African Americans isolated in pockets of housing and segregated in black only schools. They had no power except their meager power of the purse which they basically had to spend at white owned businesses. I was grown before the “Whites Only” signs came down from, restaurants, bathrooms, water fountains and dressing rooms.


        • Jay George

          Oh I know. There are parts of Alabama and Mississippi now that are as third world as you wanna get. Those poverty pockets still exist. I imagine they’re in other states too, but these I’ve seen with my own eyes. People who are dirt poor, living in shacks without electricity and running water and have to farm to get enough to eat. Yep. Happy negroes. :p I lived down in south Alabama for a time and it was awful. However these may be the people who survive if the bottom drops out from under everyone else.

          • Mistymriggio

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        • edrex

          I love that the sign actually says “WHITE” Only. Maybe it was just an attire request for the months between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

          • Just Noh

            my husband remembers “whites only” signs at the laundromat. he thought it was about separating your clothes before washing.

          • Jerry

            Not knowing any better, my father, while visiting relatives, used a “colored” restroom in VA in the late 1940s (he was grade-school age). The real danger would have been if some of the local whites saw him do it.

          • Falconlights

            Crap, yeah. He would have gotten pegged as a you-know-what lover. I remember that era very clearly.

          • Annekfreeman

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        • Falconlights

          Me, too, GayOldLady. I remember riding through the South with my family and seeing those kind of signs. I thought that was all gone. Now they’re trying to make this bullshit legal (or at least acceptable again. Damn!

    • NancyP

      fine photoshoppery

  • pj

    no need to pretend bill. you and fox have been all about the white ruling class since the start. go ahead. tell us how its going to be.

  • Acronym Jim

    But I want to hear about how polite those people in the black restaurant were for not loudly demanding their lemonade.

  • Brian in Valdosta

    Let’s just assume that his statement is true that the Democratic Party is “reliant” on the votes of minorities and women. How exactly is that supposed to be bad?

    Because if it is true, then the converse is also true: that the Republican Party is NOT reliant on the votes of minorities or women. Which only leaves ONE GROUP that they represent: WHITE MEN.

    I would even add the following: white christianist racist misogynist anti-science male assholes.

  • SFBruce

    As bad as O’Reilly’s racist rhetoric is, his white-explaining how to fix face issues to Juan Williams is worse.

  • ByronK

    Bill, a racist?!!! Well, slap me with a falafel and call me stunned!

    • TrollopeReader

      i don’t think Bill would like falafel …too “ethnic” …..

      • Bad Tom

        Ideal choice of weapon, then.

    • Todd20036

      Hey whatever turns you on. I don’t judge.

    • Kevin Perez

      By the way, you have spectacular breasts.

  • bambinoitaliano

    I am still waiting for this moment to happen to this old angry white man. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1063f786aa88c1ae8fb079970eadcabee329a378e49129b25cbb59c25c64ccda.gif

  • Texndoc

    “Tide goes in, tide goes out. No one can explain this” sort of knocked “The Paris Business Journal” off the top spot didn’t it. For those who don’t know the story, once upon a time “The Factor” had a France boycott going and it was PBJ that wrote how OReilly had impacted France’s economy. Problem was : PBJ doesn’t exist and no one knew what the hell he was blubbering about.

    • Jay George

      If PBJ doesn’t exist, there goes lunch for millions of school children. :(

      • Texndoc

        That’s who told him! Word was any mention of Paris Business Journal after that one episode ended up cut from the show and if you mentioned it somewhere else you were disinvited on his show.

      • TuuxKabin

        Me too.

  • FAEN

    Enjoy it while it lasts Bill’O. The tide will turn probably faster than you realize you racist POS.

  • HZ81

    Serial liar, sexual harasser, abuser of women, racist, um… fucking stupid. That’s our Bill.

    Missing anything? Oh, that patch of hair looks like a Davy Crockett racoon-skin cap sliding off his head. Or Adibisi’s hat from OZ.

    • Todd20036

      Still better looking than Trump’s rag, though.

    • ByronK
      • CottonBlimp

        Bill O’Reilly has represented the heart of the GOP for me since the Bush years – bigoted, smugly ignorant, homophobic, hypocritical, amoral, fascist-prone and of course a sleazy fucking pervert creep.

        People like this want to say I’m a pervert just for sucking cock and eating ass – what could be more natural than that? – while this sick fuck goes to work with a vibrating buttplug and gets off on raping women with falafels.

      • Falconlights

        Ewww. What a POS!

  • Waarki

    Obviously gerrymandering is the answer

  • IamM

    Minorities: Bad.

    Women (51% of the population): Also bad.

    Angry ignorant old white men who consider themselves entitled to special privileges: ☑️

  • BudClark

    And there you have it … the howls of dying White Privilege.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      White Privilege doesn’t even look sick from here.

  • Mark Neé Fuzz

    Perhaps Mr. O’Reilly has forgotten the EC was meant to keep country bumpkins from electing an unsuitable candidate, not ensure they do.

  • Max_1

    Things Bill O’Reilly can’t explain:
    – Tides – they go in and they go out
    – hoods – they go on and they come off

  • Let’s just wait and see what happens when Ryan and McConnell start doing the bidding of their ultra-rich masters and start legislating the destruction of Social Security and Medicare. The payoff will be reductions in top tax rates and corporate income rip-offs. And guess which age group will suffer the most — not only seniors, but those expecting retirement from age 45 – 65. And, if you check your polling numbers, people over age 45 gave Trump his highest voting margins and put him in the White House. Let’s wait and see just how Republican the “white working class voter” outside of the deep south is going to be in 2018 when staying out of abject starvation poverty in their declining senior years is what the Republicans are offering as an lifestyle alternative.

  • Ninja0980

    He and other Republicans were always racist.
    They just decided to finally quit using the dog whistles they were using now that Trump has given them permission to do so.

  • Interesting how letting every vote across the country count equally amounts to “neutralizing white rural areas in the midwest and south”. Interesting how keeping the electoral college isn’t considered neutralizing millions and millions of votes. 2.8 million this time, to be exact. Interesting how it is so important to boost the votes of a few and ignore the votes of many. What’s wrong with living in a country where the candidate with the most votes takes office? If not, who decides which groups get special power?

    • leastyebejudged

      Things would be so much better under continual popular majority rule, right ?

      Clearly you’ve thought this through, right ?

    • Moebym of the Resistance

      Come to think of it, a system like the EC is ripe for abuse. The idea that a group of elites will always have the nation’s best interests in mind in selecting a president doesn’t take into account the fact that all humans are deeply flawed, and subject to the same frailties (almost typed “failties”) as the rest of us. As we’d seen on Monday, these so-called “elites” tasked with checking the people’s power acted largely in their own self-interest, or the interest of their parties, and not the nation.

      We really are better off just going with a straight popular vote.

  • Michael White

    This is the new normal and it will only get worse. A year ago we would have been outraged. Now we just oh well proves our point

  • Bluto

    Same bullshit we’ve all heard before. Rights for white hetero xtian men folks is god-given, for everyone else they’re special rights.

  • leastyebejudged

    Well, he’s not wrong…

    • Lakeview Bob

      And is he right that white votes matter more than others?

      • leastyebejudged

        Clearly, to white voters they are !

        • Lakeview Bob

          And does that apply to you as well?

          • leastyebejudged

            I pretty much blame white people for most of the shit that’s fucked up in the world, but that’s just because they’ve had the reigns so long. I’m confident regardless who’s in charge it’s going to be unpleasant and unfair.

          • Todd20036

            So far, we’ve had exactly one non-white president, and he will be remembered as one of the greats.

          • leastyebejudged

            Yeah, thanks for chiming in with your typical irrelevancies, TAWD.

  • Yixing’s Fluffer

    Next, Alexander Hamilton Stephens joins me to explain how the South was redeemed.

  • Gaymurcan

    Or, what happens when a segment of the population continually refuses psychological therapy, choosing instead to take comfort in their amorality and prideful ignorance.

  • TJay229

    He’s been saying this for years… Who’s surprised?

  • tcinsf

    Those would be the white rural voters who have a disproportionate amount of power because the Constitution was written to accommodate slavery?

    Hmm, I wonder if some of these features of the constitution could be challenged as being overturned by the 13th amendment as “badges and incidents” of Slavery….

    • Falconlights

      Interesting line of thought. Might be worth a shot as a case for SCOTUS before Trump fucks that up for the next half-century or so.

  • coram nobis

    Just wait till the #trumptapes outtakes get out. Then we’ll see some 100-proof racism.


  • joe ho

    sad reality. if most minorities actually took the time to vote and were not distracted by protest votes, the white establishment would be easily defeated. lack of discipline means defeat for liberals.

    a young black maintenance man here who didn’t bother to vote because he didn’t llike hillary enough is now freaking out and trying to get a worker’s visa to canada.

  • Natty Enquirer

    Race-baiting is always good for ratings.

  • CraigNJ

    Wait, I thought the trumpsters were against the “establishment”

    • grada3784

      Well, now they are the establishment.

    • Rt1583

      Just like with their religion and “truth”, it depends on their current circumstances and what they can benefit most from in the moment.

  • Mike__in_Houston

    Well, at least nobody can accuse O’Reilly of trying to pretend that he isn’t a racist.

  • The_Wretched

    That didn’t take long. Scratch a misogynist and you’ll find a racist underneath.

  • Jasper
  • Clive Johnson

    So, white privilege doesn’t exist, but a white establishment does. Got it.

  • Brad Simpson

    What. The. Fuck?

  • fuzzybits

    More loofah scrub on the brain for this idiot.

    • Rt1583

      You’ve got access to a never ending loofah?

  • Gates Ortt

    3 million more people voted for Clinton, plain and simple. Twice in the past 16 years Republicans have won the presidency without getting the most votes ( Gore got half a million more than Bush in 2000). The other clear cut electoral win was Harrison over democrat Cleveland (who had 10,000 more votes than Harrison). A government body and voting rules from 3 hundred years ago is unfair and out-dated, it must be abolished or overhauled. No wonder people say why should I vote. my vote doesn’t count anyway.

  • Tammy Rainey

    wait wait…the Democrats are arrogant because they want power…POWER…as contrasted to the Republicans who want….kittens?

    • Rt1583

      REALLY powerful kittens as it were.

  • Falconlights

    Listen, you assclown! I’m mostly white and I want to fight you. All you fools do is to run your mouths and whip up hatred.