United Nations Rejects Another Attempt To Abolish LGBT Rights Watchdog Post Despite Vatican Pressure

Via press release from OutRight Action International:

Today in the United Nations General Assembly, a cross-regional group of states affirmed the principles of universal human rights by blocking a hostile attempt to prevent the work established by the UN Human Rights Council of the Independent Expert on Discrimination and Violence based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

A small group of States attempted to stop the United Nation’s first ever Independent Expert on the “protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.” The Independent Expert role was created through United Nations Human Rights Council resolution A/HRC/RES/32/2 in June of this year and is held by Vitit Muntarbhorn, a Thai human rights expert.

Reaffirming the November 21st victory in the 3rd Committee of the UN General Assembly, member States today voted 84 against to the hostile amendment, 77 voted in favor with 16 abstentions. The SOGI Independent Expert will continue his work to document LGBT human rights violations globally.

Despite ample jurisprudence defining sexual orientation and gender identity in international human rights law, those who brought the hostile amendment contested the legal principles underpinning the mandate, arguing that sexual orientation and gender identity are not universally recognized as human rights concepts and are not codified in international law.

This is the second hostile undertaking to block the Independent Expert from carrying out his mandate, following a failed attempt in the United Nations Third Committee in November. Leveraging the argument that the tight vote in the 3rd Committee shows a divided stance on issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity within the UN, a group of States led by Burkina Faso presented an amended resolution during the General Assembly Plenary today. The amendment served to reinsert language to defer action on the SOGI Independent Expert, ‘in order to allow time for further consultations to determine the legal basis upon which the mandate of the Expert is defined.’

The African Group has claimed that all of its member countries are against the mandate and against the rights of LGBT persons, but the voting results reveal a different story and include support of the Expert by key African States such South Africa and Cape Verde.

In advance of the vote some UN Member States, organizations opposed to the recognition of diverse families, and the Holy See heavily pressured States to vote against the mandate. Yet, in Asia and the Pacific Islands, these tactics were largely rebuffed.  Pacific Island states like Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and Tonga that were heavily lobbied with a right-wing agenda held their abstentions or did not vote.  There was also good news from Nepal, a state that moved from an abstention to voting against the attack on universal human rights.

  • Captain Jack

    Religion, the root of all evil…

  • safari

    At this point let’s just declare ourselves a religion so the Pope will try to form an alliance with us rather than fight us.

  • Mark

    How ’bout we stick that steeple up your ass, popey?

    • Frostbite

      That pretty much sums it up.

  • Oikos
    • 2patricius2

      Of course, since Jesus was a Jew, not a Catholic…..

      By the way, if the reports of the Gospels are true, he condemned the religious leaders of his own day.

      • another_steve

        To a Jewish observer of Jesus’s day, any suggestion — subtle or otherwise — that his mother was merely an unknowing or unwilling vehicle for his birth would have been very very offensive.

        As a Jew with a a Jewish mother, I can assure all readers here that Mary Mother of God would have fuckin’ scratched the eyes out of anyone who accused her of being an unknowing or unwilling vehicle for anything.

        • Adam Black

          what does the Talmud saY?

          • another_steve

            The Talmud says not to eat chazerai goyim food.

      • Bad Tom

        He would certainly condemn the religious leaders of this day. They do not follow the teachings of Jesus.

        Donald Trump is the antithesis of Jesus. Avarice write large.

        For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

        1 Timothy 6:10
        In every translation of the Bible that exists.

        • another_steve

          The essence of the biblical Jesus is the rejection of worldliness and the embracing of holiness — holiness understood to be the sacrifice of the self for others.

          Christ’s death on the cross — understood metaphorically — can be understood as a sacrifice of the self for others.

          • Bad Tom

            And of the lower self for the higher.

          • Roxannejchampion

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          • Gracecrichards

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          • ChrisMorley

            FLAGGED and REPORTED

      • Guest

        The UN should say if the Vatican does not back down the UN will appoint a watchdog for the Catholic priest child rapists. That will cause the Vatican to cry and back down.

        Let them actually feel some heat instead of that claimed persecution to get their get out of hell card. They want that card so badly he Islam superpower may be not to do an image of the profit (spelled that way on purpose) Mohammed, but the Christian superpower is the always be persecuted. With their card, they can go do the hate they want.

    • Ernest Endevor

      Brilliant! Your friend the Holy Ghost.

      • Bad Tom

        Someone got that lady pregnant.
        Spiritual or otherwise.

        • another_steve

          They were hard times. Everyone feelin’ poorly and lookin’ for a savior to rescue them.

          Perhaps Joseph schtupped Mary. I don’t know. I wasn’t invited to that party.

          All I know is that if you were a Jewish mama and you gave birth to the Messiah, you won.

          • Bad Tom

            They were hard times. Everyone feelin’ poorly and lookin’ for a savior to rescue them.

            Scarily reminiscent of our current situation.

            Is Trump Herod?

          • Bad Tom

            Is Trump Herod?

            Yes. The hedonism certainly fits. Leader of a nation-state, check!

            No. Herod was queer. Trump is most definitely double-plus NOT queer.

          • Ernest Endevor

            According to scripture the Holy Ghost impregnated the BVM via her ear. Which is why the ear was a sexual organ and nuns wore wimples. How do you solve a problem like Maria?

          • Lumpy Gaga


          • Bad Tom

            It would mute the Sound of Music, for sure.

          • another_steve

            What an astute comment/question, Tom. Seriously.

            There is in the human psyche the ever-unfulfilled desire for rescue.

            From whatever.

            From whatever we feel we lack at the moment.

          • Lumpy Gaga

            He is daaaaaaangerous…!

          • Bad Tom

            Look Caiphas, they’re right outside our yard!
            Quick Caiphas, go call the Roman guard!

            No, wait.
            We need a more permanent solution to our problem.

            What then to do about Jesus of Nazareth?
            Miracle wonder man, hero of fools
            No riots, no army , no fighting, no slogans
            One thing I’ll say for Him, Jesus is cool.

            We dare not leave Him to his own devices
            His half-witted fans will get out of control
            But how can we stop him? His glamour increases
            By leaps every minute, He’s top of the poll.

            I see bad things arising
            The crowd crown Him king
            Which the Romans would ban
            I see blood and destruction
            Our elimination because of one man
            Blood and destruction because of one man.

            What then to do about this Jesus mania?
            How do we deal with a Carpenter King?
            Where do we start with the man who is bigger
            Than John was when John did His baptism thing?

            Fools! You have no perception!
            The stakes we are gambling are frighteningly high.
            We must crush Him completely
            So like John before him, this Jesus must die.

            For the sake of the nation, this Jesus must die
            Must die, must die, this Jesus must die.
            So like John before Him, that Jesus must die.
            Must die, must die, this Jesus must, Jesus must, Jesus must die.

          • Librarykid

            Is this like a contrast and compare essay question?

          • clay

            In this mirror world:
            “Woman says she sells positive pregnancy tests”

          • this is what i can never understand about so many “liberal” or left leaning or not-whackjob outer spacenut Christians.

            the Virgin Birth: it’s pretty much the defining tenet of your faith. i grok cherry-picking later, medieval, and modern conventions which are historically demonstrable as post-“life of Christ” and otherwise made up ‘traditions of the faith’ made by later living men. we have, if not a lot, a goodly amount of what Christians in late Early Christianity were writing, saying, arguing about…

            but these days, most of the important bits are supposedly settled. one of them, esp for Catholic Christians, is that Mary was a virgin mother. the ultimate in mythical dualism. not and yet also. whatever. a lot of ink, and blood, has been spilled to make that among the top claims of this religion.

            so it confuses me when modern Christians, however nice and intelligent they may be, fail to see how cherry picking is an intellectual sin… no matter how dark and sweet the berry.

            tl;dr: there’s no effective difference b/w saying “I don’t think we should pay attention to the parts of the buybull that say gays are going to heyall.” and “I don’t think I can say for a fact that Jeebus was born of a virgin.”

            if you don’t believe what your holy texts claim in plain, um, languages, i just cannot understand how you call yourselves believing members of the faith associated with it/them. it’s not like they aren’t clear: believe all of this, or suffer. passage after passage makes total commitment to any claim handed down by the elders ‘law.’ even as the official opinions of those elders change every three generations or so.

            meh, it’s all a fairy tale, Steve. you’re an intelligent person. let it all go. Jeebus is as real as Mithras, Ishtar, and Ganesh. you’re an atheist just like me: except you cling to a few out of thousands of other gods we both reject.

          • NancyP

            Actually, most people don’t READ their sacred texts in the original languages as understood by the contemporaries of the writers. Certainly there aren’t many Christians, including ministers, who are real scholars of Hebrew and Greek in the context of contemporaneous non-scriptural sources. Even the relatively rigorous education of “mainstream” Protestant seminaries only provides minimal linguistic competency, in theory to be improved over the post-graduate lifetime of the minister graduates.

          • JCF

            “the Virgin Birth: it’s pretty much the defining tenet of your faith”


            The defining tenet of MY faith? I believe in Love, Alfie.


          • Librarykid

            What first born sons in Jewish families are not princes, if not messiahs?

        • David L. Caster
        • Librarykid

          Impregnation of virgins is rampant in the mythology of the area and era. This detail of Jesus’ conception was meant to give him status in the pantheon of deities of the time and place. If Jesus ever existed, it was not to start a new religion or be a Moshiach for the Jews. All of that was cooked up long after Jesus, if he existed, lived and died.

          • Jerry

            Yep…at the same time, two of the gospels then go to great pains to show how Jesus was descended, through his father Joseph, from David and Solomon.

          • Bad Tom


          • karmanot

            Then there is the Ascension into Heaven by the Holy Mutha. As I understand it, there is a secret file in which John Glen claims to have seen a corpse in a blue veil caught in the orbit of Pluto.

        • Ernest Endevor

          The Holy Ghost. Through her ear.

          • Bad Tom

            Not through her whatever?

          • Ernest Endevor

            Because whispering sweet nothings.

        • witch

          To keep from being stoned to death, she had to come with a good story

    • safari

      So, they like life unless it is deliberate?

    • Dale Snyder

      I’m so glad you posted this. She was one funny lady back in the 80s.

    • Librarykid

      Gotta love Elayne!

  • clay

    Observor status, not “Lobbyist” status, Mr. Pope.

  • Halou

    Is it another child-free weekend at the Vatican?

  • ByronK

    I’m really not feeling very warm and fuzzy with the Church today…

  • Oikos
  • Rebecca Gardner
    • Halou

      Well Russia did win the election more than anyone else, so why not actually recognize that fact?

      Just like how the KKK spent the last 8 years deliberately raising their US flags upside down, we should all sarcastically raise the Russian flag after Trump’s inauguration. I would too if I was a US citizen.

      • Jerry

        For the inaugural parade, our military units should learn to goose step.

    • Paula

      I want to see pictures of people burning russian flags posted online.

  • Natty Enquirer

    Repel the Kloset Kweens with Krosses!

    • Snarkaholic

      Also known as the Kook Kucks Kan’t.

  • Strepsi

    The Catholic Church: on the immoral side of every moral issue for nearly 2000 years!

    • BobSF_94117

      Now, now, they’re against capital punishment (possibly more a case of rejection after overindulging, like when you eat too many bonbons and can’t stomach the things for a decade).

  • kaydenpat

    Some good news today.

  • Ninja0980

    That would be the Vatican run by the Advocate’s man of the year, Pope Francis, who is still singing the same bigoted tune the people before him did.
    Too bad people refuse to hear that.

    • Carl

      Facts are dead. Logic is dead. Cults of personality rule the world.

    • BearEyes

      this one understands marketing and “branding” better than the others. It’s all how you make people “feel”

  • 2patricius2

    Utterly revolting. But not at all surprising. The Vatican – Unholy See. Riddled with closeted self-hating homosexuals – attacks any recognition or protections of the basic human rights of LGBT people. Inhumane.

  • BearEyes

    religion continues to poison everything.

  • j.martindale

    A bunch of crackpot “supposedly” virginal priests in a one mile island in Italy want to rule the sex live of goddam everybody! Christ, fools, get counseling!

  • TheSeer

    This is great news. Historical.

  • Oikos
  • Canadian Observer

    It is way past time to put an end to the farce that the Vatican is a state (even a mini-state). Vatican Nuncios (their term for “ambassador”) should be invited in for a meeting with the head of state of whichever country is hosting and they should be politely told their services no longer are needed. Then strip Observer status from the organization as a whole from the UN and other international bodies. It is not like the Chief Rabbi of Israel gets special recognition, nor any Council of Imams, Mullahs or whatever.

    • coram nobis

      The Vatican state was a creation of the 1929 Lateran Treaty between the Pope and Mussolini. Way past time to undo something signed by two organizations that tended to wear black shirts.

    • another_steve

      The merging of institutional religion and of state has been a terrible plague upon humankind. The origin and source of terrible horrors, past and present.

      Give it another 1,000 years of human evolutionary growth, I say.

      A thousand years from now, religion will exist and state will exist — but the idea that the two were once merged as one — anywhere on the planet — will seem unbelievable.

      • safari

        All it takes is a hard speed bump to set that back another 1000 years.

      • DaveW

        Only if we keep up the inbreeding. If we try to survive as a race and succeed many things will come of it. Lower birth rates, less devolution caused by the rampant inbreeding in poor communities (not just within families, within a small gene pool). And, loss of religion. In 10000 years this will happen
        or we could be gone. Today only the stupid and very selfish cling to religion and both causes are solvable.

  • Oscarlating Wildely
    • Scott Fitler

      He’d better sissy that walk!

      Oh wait, he already is…

      • JCF


    • Michael R

      She’s a mess .

      • Snarkaholic

        White shoes after Labor Day!!!

      • Sam_Handwich

        in a dress in distress

    • coram nobis

      So that’s what happened to Mom’s tea-table doily and red Christmas tablecloth!

      Dammit, and I’m expecting guests this Christmas.

    • Sam_Handwich

      bet she’s wearing leopard spot panties

      • Oscarlating Wildely

        with sewn in dildos.

      • clay

        (made from real leopards)

    • MB

      What acolyte wears a powder-blue alb underneath his white see-through layered laced surplice ??? Thank God we Episcopalians dress properly.

      • JCF

        OK, to be fair (said the Episcopalian): it’s a gray Franciscan habit.

        • MB

          Franciscans in New Mexico wear uncomfortable brown, a simple corded cincture and sandals. These must be citified Franciscans with lace.

    • bsinps

      He wares more lace than Elizabeth I evre did!!!

    • NancyP

      Oh, him. Sorry we couldn’t send him back to Lacrosse, Wisconsin (or whereever in WI) rather than forward to DC then Rome. Now there was one of St. Louis’s least favorite clergy.

  • Carl

    I’m going kick the next person who tells how lucky I am to have this pope as a friend.

    • another_steve

      Tied into the network of progressive Catholics — gay and straight — as I am through marriage, I can assure you that none of them view this current Pope as an “enlightened man.” Rather, they view him as an improvement over the last Pope — in tone and in content.

      So, to be a successful person of faith in our day — any faith — you must be an incrementalist.

      A person who believes in the slow — the very slow — evolution of human consciousness and understanding.

      • Carl

        You give cover to your persecutors Stop kidding yourself.

      • The_Wretched

        Pope Palpatine was about as evil as the same named movie character. It’s a low bar.

        • another_steve

          This current Pope Francis is actually a pretty dramatic improvement over the last Pope. Careful observers — Catholic or otherwise — note that.

          This one doesn’t devote his Sunday homilies to insulting and demonizing queer people, as his predecessor did. This one doesn’t routinely use the horrid vocabulary that his predecessor did, when referring to our community.

          Non-incrementalists — people who demand change now and without delay — won’t be satisfied by any of that.

          Me, I’m an incrementalist — so I take some solace there.

          • Bryan

            This equals truth. By our progressive standards he’s still deplorable, but in comparison with Pope Sideous he actually looks really….Popey. In a good way, like a holy man would ideally look. Like you said, baby steps. Changing hearts and minds takes a fucking long time.

  • Mike Knife

    The Evil Emperor Pope and the Evil Lord Trump Vader along with the dark side are working to take over planet earth.

  • another_steve

    Not to get too psychological here… but Vatican closet cases must embrace their inner Czech twink.


    • coram nobis

      Holy See!

      • another_steve

        This is Lukas Ridgeston (his porn name), possibly the most beautiful white boy ever to have walked the surface of the planet.

        His eyes were described by commenters of the day as “wolf-like.”

        Now in his 40s, he is still among the most beautiful men to have ever lived.

        • Ninja0980

          He was one of my first porn crushes and has only gotten better with age.

          • another_steve

            Well hon, what gay man of his age didn’t accept him as God?

            What I hate the most about him is that not only does he look like that, but he’s intelligent as well. He has a brain.

            I want — I demand — that the objects of my basest sexual carnal lusts be brainless. Without intellect or soul.

            Ridgeston fucks us my entire paradigm in this realm.

          • Ninja0980

            Besides me, he’s also the only man that can make my bisexual hubby get a boner.
            That’s when you know you have power and when you have brains to go with it…drool.

          • Bryan

            So sex for you doesn’t involve sacrifices to Science while the two of you read from the Necronomicon in Latin…backwards? lesigh, the brainless ones are fun precisely up to the point you realize they’re brainless…five seconds after the afterglow. Of course then the problem is that the combination of smart and pretty induces spontaneous combustion. With asswipe coming into office I can’t afford another body suit, insurance isn’t going to cover them each time I explode. Do you know what the cost of a full human dermis is?! Wtf is a lizard alien supposed to do aroun…….nevermind, forget I said anything. There’s no such thing as exoskeletal replacement……You should keep buying Leopard Geckos as pets….

            Edit: Adding him to the smexylist under Cillian Murphy -shudders-

          • another_steve

            I’m a total non-romantic when it comes to sex.

            Love can indeed enhance the sexual experience just like love can enhance the taste of a wonderful chocolate cake when a loved one bakes it for you. But the cake will taste just as good, regardless of whether your loved one baked it or your worst enemy baked it.

            The “associating” of sex with love and affection — the mandating of that association — is a controlling scam of some (not all) institutional religion. Control the human body and its urges and you control the person. Control the person and you can amass enormous power and wealth.

            (Not sure whether the above has any relevance to your comment; I just felt like saying it 😉

          • Bryan

            My comment was entirely snark descending into randomness, your response was relevant. And admittedly I’m shallow as fuck if said pretty person has an accent. “Okay we can bump uglies but just don’t speak u.u” “But I’m Irish!” “……..okay, you may speak as often as you want, in fact don’t shut up”

          • another_steve

            I’m a sucker for most British accents. The sound of a good one excites me.

            And oddly, I like a good deep southern American drawl. Not exactly sure why, but it may have something to do with the fact that I grew up in New York City and find those southern accents rather exotic.

    • safari

      Didn’t we learn he looks better now that he’s older?

  • Eric Snodgrass

    Sadly, it’s just a matter of time before the UN will be used to persecute the gays worldwide. Things like an “LGBT watchdog” will seem like a quaint notion from a distant past. I am buying weapons.

  • thom

    Evan McMullin (who seems to get under Trumps skin more than most) on the news that Trump is still using his own private security. ..
    “Trump’s use of a private security force is something to watch closely-especially if it continues after inauguration.
    If it continues, Trump may use the force to create distance between his activities & government security services accountable to Congress.
    A predictable move for a kleptocratic authoritarian who wants to operate outside the bounds of law and basic ethical standards.”

    • Lazycrockett

      Can we say Brown Shirts boys and girls?

      • thom

        more from Evan…
        “Even more troubling, he may use the force’s lack of government oversight & presidential veneer to carry-out extralegal acts of force.
        Amazing how closely @realDonaldTrump follows the authoritarian playbook. It’s almost like he has a mentor in Moscow or something. 🤔

        • pj

          nah….that would be too crazy.

      • Todd20036

        More like: Red Caps

        • Bad Tom

          The die is cast.

          • NowAnAgnostic

            “Alia Jacta est” or “Alea jacta est”

          • Librarykid

            The neat thing about the word jacta is that is the basis for the word ejaculate.

        • safari

          At least they are easy to spot, I guess…

    • boobert

      It also means we will have a ‘precedent ‘ that doesn’t trust the secret service. lol

    • William

      Leibstandarte SS Donald Trump. Personal guard.

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      I wonder what’s in it for Evan to continue this. I mean I enjoy it but you know . . .

      • Moebym of the Resistance

        Primarying Trump?

      • thom

        I think he sees a future for himself and his brand of conservatism. especially as a voice against authoritarianism during the trump year..
        and i think as a career member of the intelligence community he is genuinely worried about trump fucking us over on the world stage

        • Skeptical_Inquirer

          He may be sincere in his patriotism but he’s got to take off the blinders and know that the GOP is rotten to the core and he’s not going to be able to take it back, especially not by himself.

          • thom

            I agree. i think he’ll be most successful in leaving the GOP behind. i see room for a conservative movement that isn’t afraid of facts or reality. I would probably vote against them but wouldn’t be terrified of them. and I think it’s good for the country to have two sane parties
            so, to that end, I wish him success

    • Librarykid

      Then NYC should immediately suspend all the security that is costing the city so much money with just enough presence to make sure that Trump’s security is not more abusive than the local law enforcement officers.

    • NancyP

      Yes, this is extremely worrying. We ought to call them the Palace Guard, Praetorian Guard (of the Emperor), or whatever the term is for the Mafioso enforcers.

      • McSwagg

        I think the term you are looking for is GOONS.

  • bkmn

    The Catholic Church is not a pillar of morality, no matter how hard they try to pretend they are.

    • another_steve

      Progressive Catholics (I’m married to one) will agree with that.

  • fuzzybits
    • Oscarlating Wildely

      Incidentally, just to be clear, the first part of this image is one of the most contested and totally nonsensical parts of Catholicism (and oh! there are many, nay, a sheer potpourri from which to select).
      It’s a take off on “hoc est corpus meum” (This is my body) uttered at the moment that the bread and wine magically become the body and blood of Christ– and then they get up and dance the hora to a early Barbara Streisand tune. It’s the basis of the phrase “hocus pocus” with one of the few instances where the word hoc is pronounced correctly. It’s hoc as in to “poke an altar boy” instead of hock as in ‘to “hock a loogie on the pope.” It is a part of the time honored principle of the Catholic Church to make absolutely fuck all sense to anyone, anywhere at anytime.

      • fuzzybits

        Glad I never had to worry about it in my personal life. Wasn’t in the cult.

        • Oscarlating Wildely

          I got stuck with it– and then got to be divested, which is the new, less hate filled word for ex-communicated. And I didn’t even get a proper ceremony OR a toaster oven out of the deal; cheap ass church. Having noted, I think I qualify now for being a heretic, which may mean I might have enough pagan points for a Cuisinart– either that or a blowjob from the pope. I can’t quite remember.

          • Ernest Endevor

            Darling, it’s ‘Barbra”.

          • Oscarlating Wildely

            Ooops, card confiscated. Exile to a state fair to eat the deep fried stick of butter with Ladybird Bachman.

          • grada3784

            Watch out for DLC models of Cuisinart Food Processors. The cutting blade has been recalled on some of them. The 4 rivet ones.

            And Papas don’t give BJs. More often they get them.

          • clay

            “divested”– at least they’re no longer claiming that it’s you who left, at least they’re explicit about thinking of you as investment property.

      • perversatile
  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • T-Batwoman

    I don’t understand how a handful of we queers who want peace and to be left alone are a threat, it is really mind boggling. The only thing I can rationalize is that they don’t really care about us one way or another they just use us to strike fear into the hearts of the bottom dwellers as a method to control them….at least that i can understand.

    • ByronK

      Two thoughts – we represent many of the things that they spend an inordinate amount of time trying to suppress and deny – celibacy for any cause is wrong since we are essentially sexual beings . Secondly, in the pyramid scheme of religion, for the most part we are dead end customers. No generational loyalty even though they probably see us as disposable income goldmine. It’s just that thing about them really treating us like shit, unless we’re in their bed. Whoops.

      • i disagree that celibacy is always wrong. i went thru an almost 2 year period of self-imposed celibacy in my 20s. it was not based in self-hatred, confusion, religion, or anger. i just knew i needed to reduce the amount of chaos some of my behaviors were creating in my life. i’ve also met some pretty awesome religious people (yes, me, i’m saying that!) who have shared with me the joy and value that celibacy really does bring to their lives, and the clarity.

        go on and laugh, but i’m thinking of the newer star wars movie, the second one. where he explains to her about how jedis have no attachments, but are trained to feel endless compassion for all. something similar can be behind the good sort of celibacy. it’s not for everyone, of course, and i certainly oppose the bad kinds that are the result of a desire to control (women, sexual minorities, racial groups, etc).

        • ByronK

          But it was only 2 years CD. And I don’t mean to make a blanket statement although that is hard not to do, but I do realize there are exceptions to the rule but I stand by my statement that we are inherently sexual beings and to deny that is to deny part of our humanity. Like moving your pie around the Trivial Pursuit game always missing a piece. You never quite get to the centre of the board. It is also the downfall and torment of many because it’s so powerful. But ideally, it should be integrated as a just a part of the whole. Some may be able to channel the energy elsewhere and I don’t doubt their positive intentions and perhaps the result, but I still question it. What I don know is that the enforcement of it in religion has been so destructive and ruined countless lives. It leaves people with a gap they are willing to do anything to fill. And that does not always mean sexually. One of the best columns I read years ago was on the Catholic child abuse scandal. The premise was that this was not a sexual issue, nor a homosexual issue, it was an issue of power. Domination. The abuse of the weaker to make the perpetrators feel stronger and more in control of themselves, and this is me here, perhaps their control over everything they had to sublimate. Didn’t mean to go on and on, but just my thoughts on the matter. And I’m not even on my pain killers anymore. LOL

          • NancyP

            Yes, there are asexuals, maybe 1% of the population. Many engage in sex to please a partner, but wouldn’t initiate sex. There are also a larger number of people for whom sex is a distraction or nuisance or not worth pursuing at certain times – due to overwork, say.

            There is surprisingly little correlation between asexuality and religious celibacy.

    • grada3784

      We are a serious temptation to the ultra-straitlaced. For more info, check out 1984 and the Junior Anti-Sex League.

    • Homo Erectus

      We are the “other”.

    • McSwagg

      Fundamentally, the religious oligarchs fear loss of control over society. If the majority of people see through our example that anyone can live a productive and happy life without their mythology, then what do they have left? Nothing! So they have to suppress us in the same way they attempted to suppress science, the renaissance, and the protestant reformation. Each of those movements represent the idea that people can think for themselves and make their own decisions about their lives. That is the reason that the war against science and the religious wars were so brutally bloody.

  • Silver Badger

    Never underestimate the power of hate. Especially from hate based religion.

    • safari

      They call it love. It’s the primal example of post-truth.

      • ByronK

        The age-old parental perversion of “I’m beating you so hard because I love you so much!!”

      • zhera

        Religion: The hipsters of post-truth.

      • rusty57

        Religion was post-truth before it was fashionable.

    • Andymac3

      Religion: We hate you because we love you, so you must love us for it or you are condemned to hell, no backsies.

  • Lazycrockett

    Well looks like pretty much ever person who works for the NSC is looking for a new job before Drumpf’s administration takes over. That’s not good.

    • McSwagg

      No one wants to stay behind and be the scapegoat when the inevitable happens because dRumpf is more interested in his FSB and KGB briefings than he is in American intelligence.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    This is how the actual vote went. I have to say it’s really a convoluted stretch to look at this and then come up with Joe’s narrative of how it went down.


    • johncAtl

      That’s not Joe’s narrative. He’s just posting part of the press release from OutRight Action International. But yeah, the statement about ‘a small group of states’ is a little off.

      • Lumpy Gaga

        You could take all those “IN FAVOUR” votes and drop them into maybe three to five buckets, each a different flavor of “Oh, that explains that.”

        The graphic is a nice diagram of a small group of blocs/agendas, and few surprises.

      • Homo Erectus

        Maybe ‘a group of small states (plus China)’

      • canoebum

        The article says that a ‘small group of states’ introduced an amendment. The graphic shows the result of the the General Assembly vote on that amendment.

    • BobSF_94117

      Some very disappointing abstentions.

      • That_Looks_Delicious

        Some of the abstentions were actually surprisingly helpful. I was surprised that India abstained, because the way that India has been going lately, I expected them to vote for it. Also, I was surprised that Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan abstained. When you look at the list of countries that either didn’t vote or abstained, it’s clear that this could have very easily gone the other way.

        Thank you, Samantha Powers. You will be missed.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    OT: I’m sorry I keep harping on this but this is another reason why I loathe all the normalization and Kumbaya garbage. Also, goddamn but Germans have the best words to describe horrible things.


    “The word Gleichshaltung is often translated from the German as “coordination”
    and refers to the process of ― politically speaking ― getting in line. It often appears in books about the Nazi era. German Jewish philologist Victor Klemperer and German journalist Joachim Fest wrote about the personal cost of coordinating in their respective memoirs. German author Sebastian Haffner and Americans including journalist William Shirer wrote about the propaganda and politics of coordination.

    German-born Jewish political theorist Hannah Arendt, in one of her last interviews, explains it best.

    “The problem, the personal problem, was not what our enemies did, but what our friends did. Friends ‘coordinated’ or got in line.” And this coordination was not necessarily due to the “pressure of terror,” said Arendt, who escaped Germany in 1933. Intellectuals were particularly vulnerable to this wave of coordination. “The essence of being an intellectual is that one fabricates ideas about everything,” and many intellectuals of her time were “trapped by their own ideas.”

    People rejected the uglier aspects of Nazism but gave ground in ways that ultimately made it successful. They conceded premises to faulty arguments. They rejected the “facts” of propaganda, but not the impressions of it. The new paradigm of authoritarianism was so disorienting that they simply could not see it
    for what it was, let alone confront it.”

    • another_steve

      There is no escaping the phenomenon, S_I. We humans crave the easy answer. The messiah who will save us.

      Our natures are neither good nor bad, I think.

      Merely the Way of Things.

      • safari

        Like many things, gravity rolling a ball down a hill.

      • Arrowhead74

        Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, 2 twin beds but only 1 of em’ must!

    • Stev84

      “Getting in line” is only a colloquial meaning. The term specifically refers to how the Nazis controlled all organizations in the country and eventually all aspects of society. Very soon after they took power they either took over or abolished all kinds of organizations (political, cultural, media, etc.) and if necessary created new party controlled ones to take their place. Or how all leadership positions were filled with people loyal to the party. Or also how membership in youth organizations was mandatory.

    • Ernest Endevor

      We saw that happen here already. In the McCarthy years. In later years, some people would leave a room if Elia Kazan or Jerry Robbins entered. Not having lived through that time I didn’t understand. Now I do.

      • Skeptical_Inquirer

        I wish that people would react like that already with the GOP elite. Instead of politely lecturing them a la Hamilton, they need to be scorned hotly like a flamethrower now.

        • Ernest Endevor

          Couldn’t agree more. But those reactions happened mostly in retrospect. The received opinion was to go along with the committee. What did it matter if you named names? They have the names already. They just want you to clear your own name by naming others they already know. What’s the big deal? Even Clifford Odets, the author of Awake and Sing! went along with it. Our TV culture of ‘outrageous’ opinion like poor Samantha Bee doesn’t stand a chance. They’re only on air to sell boner pills. Apart from Paul Krugman and a few others no one yet seems to grasp the scale of the disaster that has fallen upon us. No one is speaking the truth that all of us know. Jokes and musicals only serve to humanize him.

          He is insane and he is chaos. Soon, like Kali, he will be the bringer of death.

    • Beagle

      Side note re Victor Klemperer — his diary of the Nazi era, I Shall Bear Witness, is a very worthwhile read. (Klemperer survived the Nazis because his wife was a Gentile, and the War ended just before the Nazis got to him.)
      Also, virtually useless trivia — Werner Klemperer (Col. Klink of Hogan’s Heroes) was Victor’s second cousin. Werner reportedly agreed to play Col. Klink on condition that Hogan always win.

      • NancyP

        And more importantly, the famous Otto Klemperer, conductor, was a cousin. Victor seemed to have an inferiority complex concerning his very accomplished father, brothers (physicians and surgeons), and cousins. I second the comment – the Klemperer diaries (1933-1945, and a post 1945 diary and a linguistics text on Third Reich German) are well worth reading – essential for historians of the period.

  • tamiasmin

    I never expected to read the words ”a group of states led by Burkina Faso.”

  • Barry William Teske

    So the Vatican has confirmed which many suspect.
    It is a human rights violator living off the misery of others.
    In simpler terms.
    International criminals living off the avails of human rights crimes.

    • another_steve

      The Vatican represents the worst of institutional religion. The thing that has brought unspeakable horror and suffering to the world, over the many centuries.

      Not to be confused with religious/spiritual insight — which many in the pews possess.

    • Stev84

      Any other country behaving like them would long ago have been invaded

  • Dale Snyder

    The Vatican opposes efforts to stop the execution of folks who just so happen to love folks of the same gender.

    I assume it made this quite clear while its members were fucking little alter boys.

  • greenmanTN

    Writer Lotte Eisner coined the term “the banality of evil” to describe the Third Reich’s workers, who could go to their 9 to 5 job, participating in or even committing the murder of people like it was any other desk job, then go home to the wife and kids like it was any typical work day. And it was. Go to work, arrange the death of thousands, then go home, play with the kids a while, then have a sound night’s sleep.

    That’s what these people are like. Slap on your priestly dog collar, go do your best to irreparably damage the lives of untold thousands, even get them killed, then pat yourself on the back for being so holy and doing god’s work.

    These people are monsters and they don’t even know it, believe themselves to be just and kind.

    • ByronK

      Last year I read Martin Amis’ The Zone of Interest. Great read and very provocative.

    • Moebym of the Resistance

      It requires a kind of emotional detachment, achieved by thinking of your victims as the “lesser” somehow. Sociopathy helps in eliminating the feeling of guilt.

      • greenmanTN

        Less than human. If you can dismiss a group of people as basically animals, beneath you, then you can do anything you want to them. That is the underlying theme behind racism, anti-semitism, and homophobia.

      • Talisman

        It’s not necessarily sociopathy.

        For nearly 2 millennia, the Catholic Church has taught the great chain of being, a chain that places everything in a hierarchy, from the lowliest insect to the mightiest king. And rich, white Europeans were at the top of that hierarchy, with Kings and Emperors not much below the angels. This is very much manifest in the way that Americans often worship celebrities and the wealthy (like the dumpster), and excuse the failings that would land a “lesser” (poorer) person in jail (affluenza).

        When you’re taught all your life that there’s this natural order, and the order places the poorest white above any one of any other ethnicity, it’s easy to simply ignore the humanity of those “others”. And therefore easy to sign the paperwork and then go home to your kids.

        Today, it manifests itself in the way that Christians do not regard gay people as human, or the way they ignore the suffering of the children starving in Africa (or in Appalachia in the US).

        A century of progress cannot overcome millennia of indoctrination.

    • JCF

      Writer Lotte Eisner coined the term “the banality of evil”

      I thought was Hannah Arendt?

      • greenmanTN

        You know what? You are probably right. That’s what I get for writing things off the top of my head. Jeez, it’s gotten to the point where I have to look everything up!

        But Lotte Eisner said some pretty cool stuff too!

  • Tom Chicago

    The Catholic Church has placed itself on the Dark Side with this.

    • coram nobis

      They’ve been there since at least the Albigensian Crusade.

      • Earl

        Since Constantine, or earlier. 🙂

  • Max_1
  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    OT: Russia needs to worry about itself instead of meddling with other countries’ shit:


    “The death toll from alcohol poisoning in a Siberian city has risen to at least 49 Monday after the victims consumed a counterfeit bath lotion containing deadly methanol.

    Local officials in Irkutsk went house-to-house in search for more victims and introduced a state of emergency Monday, while the Russian government called for tighter regulation of the alcohol market.

    The sale of lotions and tinctures containing alcohol has risen in recent years as Russia has plunged into recession under the impact of Western sanctions and a slide in oil prices. Poisonings caused by cheap surrogate alcohol are a regular occurrence, but the Irkutsk case was unprecedented in its scale.”

    • another_steve

      The capitalizing on human fragility — to the detriment of human beings in intellectual and emotional pain — is perhaps the very worst thing a human being can do. No words can describe how despicable that thing is.

      I recently watched a documentary on James Arthur Ray — a “New Age” American huckster who was imprisoned for a while for causing the deaths of several poor souls who fell under his spell but who today is back on the “inspirational/self-improvement” talk circuit.

      Horrifying. Absolutely horrifying.

      Anyone interested can google for more info.

      • Skeptical_Inquirer

        I heard about those sweat lodge deaths. Why the hell is he not in jail right now?

        • Friday

          Well, because it was essentially ruled a (very damn stupid) accident.

        • another_steve

          Great question. I’ve asked myself that too. Not just on account of those deaths but on account of the millions of dollars he’s cleverly stolen from the wounded and gullible out there.

          He’s free today probably because he’s incredibly charismatic and a con man who has attained the absolute heights of his game. His father was a preacher man. Quite possible that he learned the art and science of it from him.

          His life should be considered a cautionary tale to all.

          A warning re what to look out for.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      tighter regulation of the alcohol market.

      Enforce the laws already on the books!!!

    • Lumpy Gaga

      Na Zdrowie, desperate dead bitchez.

  • SoCalGal20
  • Homo Erectus

    Jesus must be pissed that his people are being told they can’t abuse others. What good is his church if they can’t oppose human rights fer chrissake?

  • Mihangel apYrs

    nice to see Africa still enslaved (not!!)

  • Andymac3

    The pedophiles are revolting.

  • zhera

    Can you imagine the reaction from them if someone tried to block the protection of religious rights in the UN?

  • Ogre Magi

    Yet, so many LGBT people act like the catholics are somehow better than the evangelicals

    • Friday

      Domestically, and in countries like Ireland, the Catholic population is strongly in favor of LGBT rights: it’s basically the Vatican and bishops and various African/some South American countries where most of the Catholic *people* are anti-LGBT too.

      Basically the Catholic Church is against human rights even being *observed* regarding LGBT people, this isn’t necessarily what the Catholics believe about the matter, …when the Catholic Right claims to represent all Catholics as *voters* they’re lying, basically. Or they simply believe Catholic voters (or anyone they claim as baptized as Catholics) should be theirs to command or speak for regardless.

  • Clive Johnson

    Meanwhile, a quick google search turns up the following, which is just the tip of a bishop’s miter:


  • karmanot

    Hey ANONYMOUS are ya listening? Hack the Vatican and turn it over to Wikileaks.

  • James

    Fuck the pope.