American Family Association: Trump Should Project “Merry Christmas” Onto The White House [VIDEO]

The American Family Association thinks it would be wonderful if Trump would project the words “Merry Christmas” onto the front of the White House. Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch:

After a short discussion in which [AFA president Tim] Wildmon asserted that “progressives” should really be referred to as “God haters” who have nothing but disdain for conservatives and Christians, whom they treat with open hostility and as if they were “subhuman,” the program switched gears to cover Trump’s recent victory lap rally in Wisconsin where he bragged that when he becomes president, “we are going to say Merry Christmas again.”

“Good for Donald Trump! Go, Donald, go!” Wildmon cheered as he clapped delightedly at the idea that liberals were probably “seething” because “Trump was there, sort of in your face [saying,] ‘Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas.’” Eventually, AFR news director Fred Jackson piped up to fantasize about how wonderful it would be if President Trump “put ‘Merry Christmas’ on the White House like Obama put the rainbow colors on the White House. Wouldn’t you love to see that?”

  • Gustav2

    Some liberals and progressives do go to church…just not your brand.

    • bmoore4026

      Oh, they’ll be coming for you, too.

  • DaddyRay

    More fake War on Christmas BS

    • Gustav2

      And even the godless gays decorate for the holidays…it’s genetic!

      • DaddyRay

        We did all of the classy decorations – we had nothing to do with the tacky ones

        • Bob Conti

          “We did all of the classy decorations …” uhmmm, still looking, little help here?

        • Gustav2

          This was by a gay couple on The Great American Light Fight

          • DaddyRay

            Really amazing work but I have to say I am glad they are not my neighbors

          • Fatimacchidester

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          • Dazzer

            Two Grinchy points:

            i) I hope they’re using hydro-electric, solar, ind or geo-thermic surces to power that display – otherwise it’s just gratuitous

            ii) If you launched a drone strike on that house, it’d still take half a day before people realised it wasn’t part of the production.

            Bah humbug!

          • David L. Caster

            Led lights throughout I think. Much lower energy usage. And I’d imagine the show isn’t on long into the night.

          • Oscarlating Wildely

            At 2:50, complete with Santa twerking to the porn version of Sugar Plum Fairies. That part I love. Twerk on, Santa.

          • Anastasia Beaverhousen

            While they were robbed not winning amongst this program dedicated to the gaudiest, ugliest decorations, it is still tacky and in my opinion has nothing to do with the holiday season. I would be fuming living next to this. We have a lot of lights on our home and have been in numerous magazines, but I want to revoke these guys gay card. Now get me a drink please. I need to black out after seeing that.

        • Homo Erectus

          All decorations are classy at christmas. Jan 15th – not so much.

        • Gianni

          Does that picture display what is called ‘decorating’?

          • vorpal

            If you smoke a pound of meth beforehand, I would imagine, then yes.

        • bmoore4026

          Now that’s a Christmas display I can get behind.

        • chris james

          Sorry, is there a nativity scene in this photo? These must not be good Christians. I know good Christians don’t believe in Santa, or Christmas trees…no wait…they do.

    • Homo Erectus

      Because there aren’t any real problems to solve.

    • Christopher
      • bmoore4026

        I can haz tinsel

  • S1AMER

    Re Rainbow White House — Think we’ll ever see that again? It was such a beautiful sight!

    I noticed the DNC Store is selling a tee shirt with the image. Grab it while you can — and keep the tee in memory of hard-fought rights at least some of which will be brutally snatched away over the next few years.

    • Lazycrockett

      Not for a long time a very long dark depressing time.

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen

        “Before the dark times. Before the Empire.”

  • Clive Johnson

    How about a rainbow/leather manger scene?

  • KQCA

    Typical, AFA sitting around trying to figure out new ways to demean and hurt others.

    Their support of a White supremacist nationalist administration stripped them of any lingering vestige of morality. They are indeed nothing more than a hate group.

  • Jmdintpa

    ohh i like that, now im a god hater.. now if i can get them to combine sodomite with god hater ill be sooo happy. YOU GOD HATER SODOMITE… just typing it gives me goosebumps.

    • TexasBoy


      We need to put the Pagan back in Yuletide!

    • Gianni

      I would prefer one word: Sodo-godo-hatermite — Sodogodohatermite. We should be calling them Godomites, just because they screw with God’s infallible word, as written in the Bible, every damned chance they get (which to my mind is like screwing God). Usually done with a vengeance when trying to convince others that gay people really don’t deserve to live among them.

      • bmoore4026

        There already is a term for the AFA – zealot.

    • Stephen Elliot Phillips

      Im not sure how i can hate something i dont believe in…..??
      I mean i dont hate santa. And i dont believe in santa.
      BUT I sure dislike quite strongly a lot of religious folk

  • Todd Allis

    Trump’s presence makes me seethe, but it’s nothing to do with him saying “Merry Christmas.” That’s possibly the least-offensive thing he’s done.

    • Gianni

      Good point. Actually, it’s about the only non-offensive thing he’s said. Problem is that he made it sound like he has a plan to get all of us to only use that greeting and no other just so good Christians can sleep better at night.

  • bkmn

    That will show us….something…or not.

  • PickyPecker
  • DaddyRay
    • HZ81

      OMG, I need that on everything.

      • Octoberfurst

        Me too!

    • Jerry

      …and he does not share power.

      • DaddyRay

        Hmmm Santa’s skin does look a bit orange – may be that is what Donald’s hair looks like not combed over

    • Dwight Williamson

      I hope he is gonna put that pillow “under ” baby jeebus head!

    • 2patricius2

      Is that Drumpf in a Santa mask?

  • HZ81

    Oh, yes How brave!

  • Homo Erectus
  • Octoberfurst

    As a progressive atheist it is so nice to hear that my views are not progressive and in fact are evidence that I am a “God hater” and just plain evil. I just want universal health care for all, good wages for workers, the right to choose for women, gays given the same rights as everyone else and I am anti-war. Oh my God I am such a FIEND!! Jeebus wouldn’t approve!
    Oh and I don’t give a rat’s ass if you say “Merry Christmas” to me. To hear these idiots talk hearing “Merry Christmas” sends people like me over the edge into a frothing rage. Nope. Sorry. Don’t care. I just don’t want fundies to give me shit for saying “Happy Holidays”. THEY are the ones that get foaming at the mouth over stuff like this.

    • Gustav2

      And you don’t hate ‘gawd’ you just don’t care.

  • JDS

    This is Not a xtian nation.

  • Max_1
    • Dazzer

      That is simply excellent.

    • McSwagg

      It’s missing Rudeness, the Orange Nosed Rantdeer to lead the way.

  • Sam_Handwich

    no one gives two shits if you say “merry xmas”

  • Lazycrockett

    Can’t wait for the white house to be lit up all white with a shadow of a hood projected on it.

    • Dazzer

      Are you sure it won’t be the Eye of Sauron

      • McSwagg

        No, That is on the Kremlin. The TrumpTower is the abode of Sauron’s puppet, Saruman.

  • geoffalnutt

    It’s just fucking amazing that these creatures think Christianity is the only religion. Fuck them.

    • IamM

      They think their tiny, bigoted version of Christianity is the only religion.

  • Homo Erectus
    • Todd20036

      He should hold the mistletoe a little lower.

  • Mark

    UH…WTF?..Trump ain’t de (p)resident yet.
    maybe next year………maybe

  • shivadog

    Not Merry Christmas, whatever will we do? Oh yea, not give a fuck. These people get worked up about the weirdest shit.

  • FAEN

    Yes let’s not focus on hunger or hacking-the ‘war’on Christmas is SO much more important 🙄.

    Who cares if people say ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Merry Christmas’. If someone takes the time to wish you just be grateful and accept their courtesy and kindness.

    I’m so so so sick of faux Christians.

    • The_Wretched

      Everything and anything except real issues. It’s FUD.

  • dcurlee

    I’m ok with that as long as they do that but add kwanza, huannaka, and all others to be shown as well. Show them in unison. Of course that will piss Perkins and the others off

  • bobbyjoe

    Why don’t they just project the word “CHRIST!” on the front of Trump’s White House? Think about it– this could satisfy everybody:

    Religious nuts could take it literally, and the rest of us could take it as an expression of exactly how we feel that Trump won the election:


    • Gianni

      By the next day, we’d see a federal lawsuit filed against the government for violating the First Amendment to the Constitution. When it comes to religion, the government cannot play favorites. Either they all get the same treatment or none of them get any government consideration/recognition.

  • Cuberly

    So in talibangelistan projecting Merry Christmas on the WH would totes make the queers seethe in bilious anger.

    Uh huh. Yeah, you go on thinking that. Yeaaaah…

  • dcurlee

    I’m sure though once Trump is in the White House there will be plenty of crosses on the property

    • BudClark

      With queers nailed to them, no doubt.

      • dcurlee

        I hear ya

      • Gianni

        Mike Pence is probably laying in a small supply of nails now. He can snooker Trump by telling him they’re for a living play for Easter. They’ll need practice in order to get the Crucifixion scene just right.

  • BobSF_94117

    We don’t look at them like they have three heads, we look at them like they have no head…

    More seriously, though not by much, I think “Merry Christmas” should become the go-to response to the coming catastrophes. Every time Trump breaks a campaign promise or takes away a previously held right or entitlement, we should phone up our Trump acquaintances and say, “Merry Christmas!”.

  • NancyP

    There’s a WH Christmas Tree. There are carol singers singing traditional songs about Jesus, Mary, Three Kings, etc. What more do you want?

    • Sam_Handwich


      • PeterC

        There are 15 Holidays during this period. So they are ignoring the other 14 Holidays too. My my, how snooty they are.

    • TexasBoy

      What more do they want….need you ask?

      1) Muslims banned.
      2) Evangelical Christian Church attendance required
      3) Sodomy outlawed, again, with the only legal sex male/female missionary position between a one man/one woman married couple.
      4) Atheism made illegal
      5) America made White, again, just like White Jesus would want.
      6) Blasphemy punishable by imprisonment for life or the death penalty.
      7) Minimum wage sales clerk, bank tellers, and all business interaction must end with a wish of Merry Christmas in November and December, and a wish of Happy Easter in March and continuing until the first Sunday after the first full moon following the Spring equinox.
      8) Ban all birth control.

      These are just to start.

  • Frederick

    It’s called projection…

    …and this is what it sounds like.

  • When did saying ‘Merry Christmas” to gays become akin to brandishing a cross at a vampire? Am I suppose to cover my ears, and weakly shirk back into my demi monde closet?

  • Cuberly

    OT: So again the NCgop stuck it to the tax payers. Lawsuits will have to address the blatant power grab.

    • Gianni

      Certain factions/elements of the Republican party have become so underhanded and over-the-top. It appears that they are trying ever more devious and shocking things, knowing that the courts will most likely shoot them down, but continue on the premise of “What have we got to lose”? The crazy thing just might sneak by and get a court’s approval. Then we’re off to the races hoping that an Appeals court or, eventually, the Supreme Court will cut them off at the knees. Such an attitude is certainly no stranger to Republican politics anymore.

  • safari

    Treating as subhuman. I see more projection.

  • BudClark

    The Strumpet needs to be reminded that he was elected President of ALL Americans, NOT just KKKonservative KKKristianist KKKultist SCUM!

    There are something like 200 religions represented in the Greater Los Angeles area ALONE!

    • Homo Erectus

      There are more than 40,000 different christian denominations in the US.

  • Tiger Quinn

    That is hilarious. Look, it’s NOT AN INCANTATION. You can scream Merry Christmas all you want and Actual Jesus will not appear. I don’t care what you believe in. You just won’t legislate on your beliefs.

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      Yeah, they think this shit will magically make everybody bow down to their Abrahamic God. If anything, it’ll make the next generation feel more contempt for this.

  • TuuxKabin
  • ByronK

    I think I’m more than fine with a god-hating holiday. I’m going to put out pot cookies and scotch.

    • TexasBoy

      I hope you make enough for everybody 😉

  • Gaymurcan

    Just one clip of “family assn.” heads spinning round while projectile-vomiting pea soup, would bring so much seasonal joy.

  • Cackalaquiano

    Fine. If we put “Merry Christmas” on the White House, then is America great again? And can we move on from Trump?

  • Friday

    Seems these Christian Righties have still got themselves convinced anyone *else* confuses them for their God.

    Yaknow, while they project some notion anyone ever *stopped* them from saying ‘Merry Christmas’ while they spent years being nasty and trying to stop anyone from saying anything *else* for holiday greetings.

    • Gianni

      The fact that Christians are free to say ‘Merry Christmas’, if they prefer that greeting, isn’t the point for them. They want all the businesses and public places to be festooned with ‘Merry Christmas’ signs. Better yet, put the wording in big type at the top of a display of the Nativity scene. They really want the whole world around them to respect and obey their wishes and use the only greeting of which they approve. I say, “Fuck Off!” I’ll use whatever friendly greeting for the season I want to say. They really feel that the world and most especially here in the USA, has succeeded in removing Christ from Christmas and this is their way of making the rest of us put Christ back into Christmas. So, ever since one of their mouthpieces dreamt that up, we get to look forward to the current battle of ‘THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS’ each and every year. Personally, I know what they want and why, but can’t comprehend why they feel the because this is how they view the holiday that everyone else should be mirror images of them and their beliefs and practices.

  • Gianni

    Projecting ‘Merry Christmas’ on the White House will have to wait until 20 Jan 2017. Just a bit late for this Christmas. But would that matter to Trump and the worshipers? Now that Trump has proclaimed that, “We will say Merry Christmas” again, I will deliberately not say it for his entire term in office. That would seem like submitting to the king.

  • Bill_Perdue

    Religion is bunkum.

    • lymis

      Really? Still saying that, huh?

    • Gianni

      What do you mean – ALWAYS lose? President Obama, a Democrat, is just finishing his SECOND term in office. Before Dubbya’s 8 years, Bill Clinton, a Democrat, served TWO terms.

      • Bill_Perdue

        You lost the House, then the Senate and now the WH and all for the same reason – you’re indistinguishable from your Republican siblings.

        • Gianni

          I didn’t lose anything. And you can’t admit when you’re wrong.

          • Bill_Perdue

            Learn to read. You and your fellow Democrats are losers – big time.

          • FAEN

            Really? Who did you vote for again?

          • Gianni

            You are an agitator, Bill. You are probably like that in every aspect of your life. If someone says white, you have to say black. If people call it sun, you’ll call it moon. You love to throw out these blanket put-downs like “You Democrats and Republicans are ALL alike!” That has to be said with a sneer in the voice because even that comes through in your remarks. ALL – each and everyone of us – ALL the same. Learn to read? 🙂 Bill, it isn’t difficult for me to see that I can read better than you and have a much better command of the English language than you ever will.

          • Bill_Perdue

            Psychobabble is no excuse for your ignorance about politics and class politics.

          • Gianni

            Psychobabble – now where did you learn that word? Heard it on some talk show did you? You aren’t the one to point a finger at anyone else for ignorance of politics and class politics, whatever your definition of that is. Well, anyway, I’m done Bill. I have too much respect for my own intelligence to continue locking horns with someone who loves to agitate and isn’t the least bit interested in joining a conversation or having a respectful discussion even though parties disagree.

          • Bill_Perdue

            I learned it from reading your silliness.

        • FAEN

          If you can’t tell them apart you aren’t paying attention.

  • Taylor

    Wildmon can call me a “god hater” all he wants. I can’t imagine I’d ever get upset by someone telling me I hate something I don’t actually believes exist. He can call me a Satan hater too, if he wants. Or a unicorn hater…or maybe, a leviathan hater…makes no difference to me.

    • Friday

      That’s directed at their followers to make sure the haters think they’re justified in treating everyone else as ‘threats’ and ‘enemies.’ It’s not actually for our ‘benefit.’ Just demonizing others, in the name of ‘religiously-correct holiday cheer.’ Go figure.

      Really it’s about making their followers fear and feel threatened into radicalizing more.

  • Clive Johnson

    “You’re going to say Merry Fucking Christmas!! Got that liberals!? Merry… Motherfucking…Christmas! Repeat after me!”

  • Richard Rush

    If Trump were to project something onto the White House to express what he genuinely feels, I think it would be “Fuck the Constitution.”

  • Before going out to play a round of “Boot the Christian” it is worth recalling that the LGBT community does have Christian allies who aren’t hopelessly annoying dipwads.

    • Todd20036

      Good. We may need them for the underground railroad to Canada


    As long as they also project ‘Happy Hannukah’, etc. including greetings for Satanic holidays.

    • Homo Erectus

      Happy Saturnalia!

  • Terrie_S

    As long as he doesn’t do it starting before Thanksgiving, I don’t give a fuck.

  • ErikDC

    “We are going to say Merry Christmas again.” Trump proclaimed.

    “And on day one of my Administration I will sign an executive order guaranteeing your right to freely grab women by the pussy under the mistletoe again.”

    • Todd20036

      Ya know, that wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Nic Peterson

    He should also hang one of those Santa things off the side of the WH because without that there really isn’t an Xmas.

  • Robert Conner

    Dear AFA,

    It’s December 16, 2016 and the Good News is that Jesus Didn’t Come Back today, just like the other 730,000 days (more or less) that he Didn’t Come Back, won’t came back, isn’t ever coming back.

  • boobert

    No one was forced to say happy holidays , and no one should be forced to say merry christmas !

  • IamM

    The only problem anyone has with “Merry Christmas” is all the right-wing nuts like them coopting it as a political statement. 🎄

  • It always amuses me that the Christianists demand that everyone wish everyone else “Merry Christmas”. After all, to say someone is merry is a polite way of saying that he/she has had a bit too much to drink at a party, which is a rather, um, worldly way to express devotion to the new-born Saviour.

    If they can’t simply wish people the happiness that JC promised by saying “Happy Christmas”, why don’t they drop the euphemisms and wish everyone “Drunken Christmas”?

    • Natty Enquirer

      That usage of “merry” is a euphemism, not a definition. I can be quite merry (if not Mary) without a drop of ethanol. Anyway, I do believe the Christers should be plugging for “Holy Christmas” since it is a sacred day which they wish to impose on everyone.

      • I’m inclined to agree with you — euphemism aside,”Merry Christmas” is already a secular greeting for what has long since become a secular holiday — but “Holy Christmas” sounds mealy-mouthed and wowserish coming from a stranger — and I’d be inclined to respond with nothing more than a polite “Thank you.”

  • AtticusP

    Jesus would be so proud.

    • Gianni

      How can that be? Pride is one of dem der sins.

  • Meh. If you’re offended by someone saying “Merry Christmas” OR “Happy Holidays”, I’d say you’re too easily offended.

    Better that than “Fuck you, asshole!”

  • CCleverly

    Mary Xmas

  • GeoffreyPS

    I’m not a god hater. I can’t hate something that doesn’t exist. I am an ignorance hater and an anti-science hater. I’m also a bigot hater, a misogyny hater, and a hipocrisy hater.

    On the positive side, I’m a mind your own business lover and a quit pretending that you are martyrs lover. I’m also a love who you want to love lover and a choose your own path lover.

  • Acronym Jim

    Just to fuck with the AFA, the Obamas should project “Happy Holidays” on the White House.

    • I think “Hail Satan” would be funnier.

      • coram nobis

        I think Merry Pastafamas would be better. And the FSM already flies and won’t need this Rudolph magi to guide his floury sleigh. In the name of the pasta, the sauce and the Holy Garlic, aflredomen.

  • fuzzybits

    Merry syphilis and a clappy new year!!!

  • fuzzybits
    • Christopher

      Oh, you can guarantee that at my house!

  • Veylon

    I’m sure Trump would happy to make this empty gesture on their behalf.

  • KQCA

    You can bet this is not the only kind of circle jerk these idiots engage in.

  • Vista-Cruiser

    At this point I don’t care about symbols. What I care about is all of the laws and regulations, and possibly constitutional provisions, that they will change.

  • Todd

    That will look so dumb when Trump takes office on January. 21′ 2017

    Deplorable and stupid

  • AtticusP

    I wonder how much it would cost to project the image of a gigantic middle finger on Trump Tower in New York City.

    I would gladly chip in to the cost of that.

  • Oscarlating Wildely

    Next thing you know, they’re going to do the unmentionable in the never ending attack on Christians and put some slogan in money that intones a relationship with a Supreme Being who we should all trust without any proof to the contrary, and then they’ll insert some slogan into a pledge about where our nation stands, and then, yes, then, they’re going to sign off every single presidential address with something about God’s blessing, and then, wait for it, they’re going to make Christian holidays into national holidays, and then, yes, then, the attacks against Christianity will be complete.

  • Piet

    They’d probably really enjoy it if he put one of those inflatable Santas on top of one of the chimneys, too. The AFA collectively sounds like it has the highly developed taste of Kim Davis. I bet they want Ivanka to redecorate using lots and lots of clashing small floral prints in cheap sateen. As long as the curtain hold-backs are gilded, her daddy won’t care, and if she doesn’t like the effect he can always stiff the decorator like he does all his other contractors.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    So they want people to insist on Jesus yet Trump’s son-in-law and favorite daughter are Jewish. I’d like to see what would happen if they tried to get Trump to convince Jared to get baptized.

  • Fritz Keppler

    In Arabic.

    • Homo Erectus

      Or Farsi.

  • ColoMtnWoman

    Isn’t it fascinating that it’s NOT the liberals who have a problem with anyone saying “Merry Christmas”…It’s the religious wackos who have a problem with anyone that DOESN’T; so they feel they must cram it down everyone’s throat… If ever there was an oxymoron–(emphasis on the “moron”)–it’s the concept of “persecuted Christians.”

  • Charlie

    fer crissakes…go ahead w/ your f’n Merry Christmas…who gives a big fat rat’s ass. But to piss ’em all off, I wish Obama would project the more inclusive “Happy Holidays” on the White House…just as a parting shot…

  • coram nobis

    That’s okay. After Jan. 20 you can project a pukey orange on the TWH. Bigley.

  • EweTaw

    Don Wildma claims, “Progressives have nothing but disdain for conservatives and Christians, whom they treat with open hostility and as if they were “subhuman.” Well, to his credit he got that right.

  • DesertSun59

    They truly live in an opaque bubble of their own making.

  • anne marie in philly


  • WretchedMouse

    I know I am ignorant about some fetishes but I don’t think slowly fapping it while fantasizing about liberals clutching their pearls at the mere mention of Merry Christmas counts as one but… I could be wrong. Call me vanilla but I am happy to just let people be and fap it on cam while getting tips.

    By all means say Merry Christmas and put that big ole evergreen dildo on the White House. I’ll be over here worrying about real problems like children starving or our LGBT brothers and sisters being kicked out, beaten or killed for no other reason than being themselves.

  • Grumpy Old Man
  • Tammy Rainey

    that’s actually Tim, not Don. Personally, I’m glad to see them wasting their political capital on this issue.

    • Tammy Rainey

      what they don’t even realize is how easily they are being manipulated by the con-man-in-chief

  • “whom they treat with open hostility and as if they were “subhuman,””

    Little bit of projection, there.

  • JellyDonut

    maybe lightening will hit the white house and burn it to the ground….the place means nothing once that orange clown arrives

  • BeaverTales

    I lol’d at this. Is nothing sacred to these people?

  • DaveMiller135

    In January? [If at all.]

    Also, if you want to say “Merry Christmas,” who’s stopping you? People say “Happy Holidays” in recognition that other religions exist, and that it is a holiday time of year for everyone, even without any religious trappings. This year, for interesting example, Hanukkah starts on Christmas day. If you really believe in freedom of religion, try not being an asshole.

  • 2patricius2

    Ah, yes. Donald Trump should have a rally and tell all his minions to scream “Merry Christmas!” in public places all over the country. That will really make everybody feel bright and gay.

  • Larry in Oklahoma

    Wouldn’t we be more inclined to shine “Feliz Navidad” on the White House??

  • D. J.

    If there is a dip in spending on gifts this year, Agent Orange and Bill O’Reilly can share the blame this year.

  • chris james

    Trump, who won more than 80% of evangelical voters, told voters that they’d lose their religious freedom if Clinton was elected.
    “The truth is, religious liberty is under tremendous stress. Second Amendment is under stress, if Hillary Clinton gets in you’re not going to have religious liberty,” he told David Brody on the Christian Broadcasting Network.
    Lie in the name of religion, Mr. Trump….you will never be President Trump to me.