Alex Jones: The CIA’s Plan To Assassinate Trump Is Already On Obama’s Desk Awaiting Approval [VIDEO]

Brian Tashman reports at Right Wing Watch:

In a broadcast posted online yesterday, notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones said that the intelligence community’s findings that Russia interfered in the presidential election in order to help Donald Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton amount to nothing but a baseless conspiracy theory.

The CIA, according to Jones, plans to use the pretext of Russian interference in the election to justify an assassination attempt against Trump, a plan that Jones said is currently on the desk of President Obama and waiting for his approval.

Jones said that just as he figured out that the U.S. government was behind the September 11, 2001, attacks and tried to “blame it on their asset bin Laden,” he now sees the emerging anti-Trump plot by government agents who are “pissed that America’s coming back.”

  • Michael R

    ” The CIA’s Plan To Assassinate Trump Is Already
    On Obama’s Desk Awaiting Approval ”

    Finally , some good news.

  • BearEyes

    And stick us with Pence?
    No thanks!

    • Ron

      Maybe they will do a twofer

    • Michael R

      Is Trump going to get the people he wants in place then stick us with Pence and getting back to making billions with no conscience ? Stay tuned !

      • Librarykid

        Actually Pence is said to have had a lot of influence on the boogers Trump has picked.

    • Joe in PA

      Ya know, I think I’d take my chances with Pence if I could see trump and ivanka in JAIL!

      • boatboy_srq

        Ask someone from IN if they agree. I’m thinking the answer would be “oh HELL no.” The one thing that saved that state was that Pence isn’t especially bright: otherwise he’s just as nasty, spiteful and unpleasant as Brownback, Abbott, LePage or Scott.

        • Ray Taylor

          Oh HELL NO!

      • Michael R

        Why am I picturing them in the same cell with this playing all the time …

        • Joe in PA

          LOL. (ewww, but LOL) 🙂

    • AJ Drew

      Tough call, yes, but at least we’d know what Pence is about (xtian Dominionism) but DT… wtf knows?

      • Jeffrey

        Trump is about Trumpism and anything that makes him a billionaire again.

        • Exatron

          Or, rather, a billionaire for the first time.

      • Exatron

        The trupster fire is all about profit, for himself, of course.

  • Sam_Handwich

    Finally an optimistic message from Alex Jones!

    • Michael R

      .. just in time for the holidays !

      • Butch

        All I want for Christmas is…..

      • zhera

        The best christmas ever? We can only hope.

        As for Aleex Jones calling it a conspiracy and then using that as a base for his own conspiracy theory, that’s some high level inception, right there!

    • Stogiebear

      Thanks, Obama!!!

      • KCMC

        and so many asking what he’s doing right now…

        • As I learned from watching the TV series, Designated Survivor, it’s like taking out a termite colony, or getting rid of weed roots. You have to dig deep and think way beyond Trump and Pence. In the series, a bomb takes out everyone but a couple of congress people (spoiler)–one of whom helped plant the bomb. The one who ends up as President is the HUD Secretary, so you’d need to take out Dr. Stabby as well and see who’s next on the designated survivor list….

      • Gerry Fisher

        Hasn’t gotten old, yet. [grin]

        • Sophiamfuller

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    • PickyPecker
    • Bomer

      Someone found my letter to Santa.

      • AJ Drew

        aHa! Alex Jones is, um, that red-caped guy, increasing coal production!

    • Jeffrey

      If only Obama werent so backed up on paperwork he could have signed this two months ago.

    • Jerry

      I’ve just been hoping that the years of fast food and being overweight will have its effect…Alex Jones too.

    • juanjo54

      Only if they take out Pence and Ryan at the same time!

      • Librarykid

        They are going to have to mine a lot of shit to find a diamond in that capitol.

  • marshlc

    Well, if anyone could spot a ‘baseless conspiracy theory’, it’s Alex Jones….

  • Oikos

    If only.

  • Moebym, Resistance Pilot

    He believes tinfoil hat theories like this that have no evidence to back them up, but the Russian hacking that has (circumstantial) evidence to back it up is a tinfoil hat theory.

    He’s a fraud.

    • Adam Schmidt

      I’m surprised he didn’t say that Hillary is the one that will personally assassinate Trump because after all, she’s so far killed what, 70 or so people with her bare hands and not been caught yet?

      • boatboy_srq

        Would have been too obvious, and doesn’t employ Reichwing boogeyman du jour.

  • boatboy_srq

    Out of curiosity, how many Conservatist regimes has the CIA been involved in destabilizing? Mossadegh in Iran, Allende in Chile, Sandinistas in Nicaragua, all were Leftist. I don’t recall a single Rightwing dictator, junta or other government the CIA hasn’t ignored if not found useful.

    Jones isn’t just projecting here: he’s fantasizing about a CIA that’s an amoral, rudderless agency of chaos.

  • Reality.Bites

    This is absurd.

    They take their orders from Hillary.

  • perversatile

    Will it be televised? Can I help? I wonder what The Real First Lady will be wearing to the celebration cotillion

    • madknits

      Something low cut between the breasts and high cut from the hem to her waist, no doubt. All white, of course, to show her virginity.

      • perversatile

        Ummmm… No,

        It’s au courant,
        just what you want
        Hermes, Versace,
        Saint Laurent

        Please give me more
        of Michael Kors
        Gucci, Pucci, Miss Dior

        Louis Vuitton
        just gets me gone
        Ferra, Dolce, turn me on
        Halston, Calvin, hip hooray
        Herve Leger and Gaultier

        Give me Ralph or give me Donna
        Valentino, yes, I wanna
        Lagerfeld, and in all candor
        Balenciaga and Jill Sander

        Armani, please, you know I gotta
        And Missoni, Boss and Prada
        Badgley Mischka,
        Courreges, Cardin
        Can I keep going?

        Yes, I can
        De la Renta and Kamali
        Lecroix, Bill Blass,
        bravo, Cavalli

        Betsey Johnson, Anna Sui
        I see me in a Givency
        Von Furstenburg and Perry Ellis
        Please, Mark Jacobs,
        don’t be jealous

        -Marci X

  • William

    Yippee! I hope it involves being sodomized by animals on the endangered species list.

    • Todd20036

      That’s just the panda love….

    • Jerry

      Inside an elephant would be poetic justice…

      • …don’t you mean inside an “elephnat”?

        • Jerry

          I imagine the eleph-gnats could also deliver some justice.

      • William

        Thank you. My screams frightened the cats.

        • Jerry

          You’re welcome. I really don’t like most movie comedies…they aren’t really very funny. But “The Brothers Grimsby” did have that LOL moment.

  • AJ Drew

    Umm. but us “libtards” actually can think a few minutes ahead… Pence? No thanks. Plus, the whole assuming us calling for eliminating another human, no. We libtards don’t do that.

    • boatboy_srq

      Besides, WHY would the Left want to assassinate tRump? He’s the best advertising the Left could wish for, and his replacements (Pence, Ryan, Hatch) are arguably worse.

      • AJ Drew

        Well, to overstate the obvious based on a recent commenter, “we” (cucks/libtards, apparently,) seek legal and democratic means of ousting someone.

        • boatboy_srq

          Which – again – is why Jones is so laughable here. The Dems/Greens are working for the ’18 and ’20 elections. It’s the CONSERVSTISTS that are reaching for the guns and IEDs and masturbating over “unanticipated vacancies” in the tRump maladministration.

    • BobSF_94117

      We’re not libtards anymore. Now we’re libcucktards. Get with the program!

      • AJ Drew

        Just cucks, apparently, no matter our, um, demographic… just cucks if we are anti-DT. ?

      • Robincho

        I’m a dyslectic cucksocker…

        • Paula

          I just a bitch.

      • perversatile

        What do you want to be when you grow up?
        A race car driver or a libertine.
        -me age 7

  • Pollos Hermanos
    • Martin

      LSD is a hell of a drug.

      • kareemachan

        We could send him some Flint water to wash the LSD down with…

    • William

      walk like an Egyptian….

  • we’re still here

    We need a secret meeting with our lizard overlords to get this approved urgently. Suggestions for the assasin include Carly Fiorina, Kanye West and my personal choice…. Tiffany Trump.

  • MBear

    Good thing he’s against fake news

  • barrixines as aladdin, nightly
    • crewman

      Rage Clown

    • William

      Somebody forgot to take his Thorazine.

    • TuuxKabin

      Titties en un alboroto.

      • Paula

        Es la verdad! EWWWWW!

        • TuuxKabin

          One of grandma’s favorite expressions.

          • Paula

            Ah, the wisdom our our Grandmas.

    • Todd20036

      Does he really think he’s pretty enough to be seen with his shirt off? Really?

      • KCMC

        hot mocha bf in background seems delighted.

    • GayOldLady

      What is that? A walking STROKE commercial?

    • zhera

      Poor little man, so threatened by a strong woman.

  • olandp

    Who was President two months before 9/11?

    • Bill Post

      Ronald Raygun

    • GayOldLady

      The same man who was president on 9/11. That doesn’t matter to Jones. He thinks the U.S. is controlled by the Bilderburgs and that off camera all former American presidents are really Lizard people. The man is totally nutz.

  • Bill Post

    ….you mean Mike Pence’s desk.

    • boatboy_srq

      They never do see the threat right alongside them, do they? Yet it’s far more real. The US would need a Lenin, Marat or Robespierre for this kind of fear mongering to be at all reasonable.

  • Todd

    Your tin hat is crooked, Alex

  • The_Wretched

    The CIA wouldn’t need or want a presidential order. They’ll do it on their own.

  • Ta-er al-Asfer

    I hope Alex is right, for once.

  • Cosmo Tupper


  • Marti386

    “Alex Jones: The CIA’s Plan To Assassinate Trump Is Already On Obama’s Desk Awaiting Approval”

    If that were true, Alex, he would have given his approval already.

    And probably approval for yours too. 😛

    • boatboy_srq

      Assuming this were accurate, wouldn’t that plan have been approved and acted on months ago? Imagine what the ’16 election would look like with tRump and the other GOTea potentials in closed caskets: zero opposition for Clinton and the largest electoral victory in US history. Instead, we have today.

      The world is a scary place. Fear of nonexistent threats, however, seems a particularly Deplorable conditon.

      • Marti386

        “Assuming this were accurate, wouldn’t that plan have been approved and acted on months ago?”

        Yeah, like BEFORE Trump was elected? 😛

  • Martin

    In obviously fake news…

  • TuuxKabin
  • MonochromeMouse

    Trump has committed multiple counts of treason, if Obama wanted him dead all he would need to do is have the DOJ bring him up on charges.

    • boatboy_srq

      Coronary before arraignment? Assumes tRump has a heart, let alone one prone to infarction.

    • zhera

      Performing at the crowning, obviously.

  • Don’t be silly, Alex Jones. Elmer Fudd never really does get the wabbit.

    That’s Chuck Jones? Oh, Nevermind . . .

  • Paula

    If we pay them extra will they take out Alex Jones, too?

    • perversatile

      The first hit is always free.

      • Paula

        So, it will be 2 fer 1? Nice!

        • Librarykid

          I would be satisfied with three large meteorites: one for Mecca, one for the Vatican and one that splits in two with half for Salt Lake City and half for Washington, DC. I would ask for the first two to fall a little ahead of the third for purely selfish reasons.

    • Uncle Mark

      Shouldn’t the CIA take out Jones automatically, since he was somehow able to acquire this top secret information and then broadcast it to the public?

      • David Walker

        Do the Glenn Beck “they’re going to kill me” bit. That’s chilled him out somewhat. Maybe the same sort of thing would work on this idiot.

  • William

    I will watch the first episode of ‘Designated Survivor’ with glee.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    OT but Kayne and Trump Tower are both trending on Twitter right now because Kayne has arrived at Trump Tower. What’s his job gonna be? Press Secretary?

  • Moebym, Resistance Pilot

    OT: Young man from Louisiana opens Ivy League school acceptance email with family and friends at his side. Happy chaos ensues.

    • Treant

      Oh, that’s awesome and he’ll love it. I interviewed with Cornell and it’s really nice.

    • TuuxKabin

      Maybe he went there to buy shit.

  • justme

    Poor Alex
    If only his sponsors would pull the plug on his life support..
    I’m sure the warmth of his next existence would be more beneficial to himm

  • Kevin Perez

    You don’t need a conspiracy theory. Any looney that can fly a jet out of Teterboro has almost instant access to destroy the gilded apartment at Trump Tower. I’m sure the Secret Service has thought of this already and has planned for it but I don’t see how they get der Pumpkinfuhrer out of the building fast enough once a threat is identified. They’ll have like 3 minutes max. If that happens, will Alex Jones call it a false flag, blame the CIA, Mexico, all of the above?

    • Oikos

      It will of course be blamed on Obama.

    • canoebum

      Of course, the answer is simple: shut down Teterboro airport anytime Der Herr is in town. After all, it’s in Jersey, so who cares?

  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    Alex, why don’t YOU run for President. Trump is too sane.

  • Martin
    • Oikos

      Two raging assholes rimming each other.

    • TuuxKabin

      I thought Tin Kanye bleached his hair after getting outta the looney bin and back into Kim’s? Musta not liked it. Dyed it back. And don’t they look like a happy pair of good friends.

  • ColoMtnWoman


  • Robert Adams

    The last agency I would ever want to piss off is the CIA. Just sayin’…..

  • kareemachan


  • canoebum

    The more likely scenario is Trump is shot by one of his own deluded followers, one who’s job didn’t come back, whose mother had to move in with him because her Social Security was cut, and who’s kid died from a lack of medical attention after the GOP gutted the Children’s Health Insurance Program. The weapon, an AR-15, will have been easily available thanks to the NRA.

    • Like Garfield, who was shot by one of his deranged supporters after he didn’t get a civil service job (back when the spoils system allowed for the new Administration to dole out all federal jobs, something Trump has publicly declared he wants to bring back).

  • Kelly Lape

    Please CIA let this be true, and don’t wimp out. You (the CIA) did in JFK so we know you can do it.

  • NancyP

    The CIA doesn’t need any stinkin’ OK from a President! /s, if you couldn’t tell. That being said, it Trump continues to piss off the intelligence people, he’s likely to see an impeachment-ready dossier being distributed to 100 senators soon.

  • Dammit! Jones is onto us! We must liquidate our American assets and transfer the funds to our Muslim Brotherhood/Gay Agenda/Illuminati bank accounts in Switzerland! Our brothers in the Jewish-controlled media will cover our tracks! We must find some other way to bring down the Satan America! Gay marriage, fracking-induced earthquakes and reality television aren’t working fast enough!

    Curse you, Alex Jones!! Curse you and your not-at-all-insane program of quality journalism!!

  • IDavid

    Lovely, then Pence would be president. Do you really want Pence for your president?

    • Treant

      He pretty much is anyway. And certifiably religinuts is certainly better than an open traitor.

      Always assuming he’s not so tarnished by the mess that he resigns.

    • Dirk Prophet

      Better than Trump.

  • 2patricius2

    And Alex Jones’ brain is already speeding past Pluto and on to the outer reaches of the solar system.

  • OdieDenCO

    donny should fear assassination from putin not the CIA.

    • Friday

      More like the Christian Right intends to use him to do as much damage as possible, then blame him and drive him out, buy him off, or let some extremist make a martyr of him. The effects of what they plan to do will require a scapegoat. And you know they have no intention of giving up any *power or money.*

  • JaniceInToronto

    Wow. Alex Jones is SO smart. He figures -everything- out!

    • Beagle

      …whether it’s real or not. That’s the really amazing part!

  • mikeinrkfd

    What’s he waiting for?

  • CJAS

    If only.

  • KQCA
  • lattebud

    of course the White House would have a physical sign off to kill an opponent. Come on Alex….. I thought the approval would be if Michele wore a belt.

  • Dirk Prophet

    When the government says there is a Russian conspiracy, that is a government conspiracy!

  • Crow on a Top Hat

    Does this mean we’re calling off the attack pussy and going with viagra OD?

  • Gerry Fisher

    Note to wingnut America: Haven’t you noticed, yet, that none of these predictions–NONE OF THEM–ever come true?!

    • David Walker

      But they’re so plausible.

      There was a sketch in “Beyond the Fringe” in which Peter Cook is the prophet leading an end of the world cult. It’s today and at this time. After they do the countdown and nothing happens, he ends the sketch by saying, “Never mind, lads. Same time tomorrow. We must hit a winner one day.”

      Kinda like that.

    • William

      Obama still has time to declare martial law.

  • Friday

    So…. Seventeen separate agencies conspired to ‘false flag’ Russian cyberattacks, make Trump ask for more of them by some means in a debate right to America’s faces, then after Comey’s malfeasance in the FBI trying to make Hillary look *bad*…. Have decided to make a big show of justifying a covert assassination? How does that even compute?

    • Bad Tom

      All after frantically scrubbing his site of any mention of the “pizzagate” conspiracy theory he originated.

  • Silver Badger

    That’s right Alex President Obama is going to assassinate trump. You’re next, you know too much. Say your goodbyes.

  • Acronym Jim

    Is it bad that I want to send Jones ransom-style letter that says “prepare to be abducted and anally probed with a cattle prod. Sincerely, Reptilius Maximus, Chief Grand Lizard of Illuminati, LLC”?

    • kareemachan

      DO IT!!!1!


    • KarenAtFOH

      The LLC would give it away. Grand Lizards aren’t persons, so there is no need to be a corporation.

      • Acronym Jim

        That was just what Agents Roberts, Scalia, Alito, and Thomas were told to say.

        Agent Scalia reports that he is happy to be back in the hive after shedding that horrible skin.

        • KarenAtFOH

          Ding dong, the meat sack’s gone!

    • William

      Do you need any extra magazines to find appropriate letters?

      • Acronym Jim

        I almost have enough. Do you have an extra issue of the Squamata Business Journal?

  • thatotherjean

    Alex, Alex, Alex, you dummy. Do you really think that the CIA, if they were planning to assassinate Donald Trump, would leave a paper trail leading back to the President? You do? Really? Good thing most of them are smarter than you.

    • Maggie 4NoH8

      Esp a paper trail Alex could find.

  • TallBearNC

    If The government really didn’t want Trump as president, they would most likely influence the electoral college, rig an election, versus assassination

    • KarenAtFOH

      There’s still time.

      • TallBearNC

        I can only hope. But slim chance of it happening

  • karmanot

    Seriously? Wouldn’t be kidding now? Works for me.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Alex, seriously, go clean your gun and have an accident while you’re at it. Thanks.

  • Bj Lincoln

    Would this shit be considered Fake News and shut down? Any conspiracy theories should be considered Fake News. This would change or shut down shows like this and Rush.

  • KarenAtFOH

    It would be rather satisfying watching Trump Tower crumble to dust on live TV as the planted demolition charges go off floor by floor.

  • AaronD12

    The CIA knows better than to assassinate Donald Trump. Then we will have Mike Pence as President, who is FAR worse than The Donald.

  • Charlie

    oh Mommy, there is a Santie Claus!!!!!!

  • Palmer

    This man is a danger to society.

  • Rick Jackson

    I can dream can’t I?

  • Reid

    Don’t give trolls like Alex Jones PR!