YouTube Rewinds 2016’s Viral Stars [VIDEO]

Nearly 20 million views already. Fuse recaps:

This year was dominated by YouTube content creators taking their talents from the video-sharing service to various outlets on social media, beauty companies, television and more. So to highlight all of this blossoming buzz, YouTube released their annual YouTube Rewind that references 2016’s biggest memes, trends and videos.

It opens up with the Sexiest Man Alive (a.k.a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) rocking a stylish fanny pack, before sailing into a vibrant world filled with “Damn, Daniel,” Pokémon Go, pandas, the running man challenge, rainbow bagels and other things us millennials can’t get enough of.

See if you can spot Fuse’s own Uproarious show contributors Timothy DeLaGhetto, Liza Koshy and GloZell, as well as YouTube superstars Gigi Gorgeous, Joey Graceffa, Lilly Singh and PewDiePie. Celebrities like James Corden, Trevor Noah, The Chainsmokers, Seth Meyers and Dua Lipa also make appearances.

  • Dramphooey

    20 millions views of sugar coated mindless garbage and oh look Donald Trump is President.

    • tristram

      YouTube is a mirror of the youngish end of our culture – mostly pop, but including a substantial serious element. It has nasty stuff and a whole lot of fluff (i.e. this video – which by intent features the fizz on top of the fluff), but it also nurtures a large community of gay kids and young adults – many of whom are otherwise isolated from any aspect of the gay experience in their everyday lives. Many of the creators of this ‘mindless garbage’ are gay and almost all are gay friendly, and their cumulative influence is major reason that acceptance and normalization of lgbt people increases significantly as you move down the age scale.

      Again, this video is an anthology of froth, but many of these same kids have made videos with clever and sometimes very serious content on issues like social justice, bullying and suicide, inclusivity and the environment. There’s no reason you and I need to like or watch teen pop entertainment, but denigrating our kids and allies doesn’t make anything better.

      • Crazi

        Yeah, I have to agree with you. YouTube is still a powerful social medium, despite all competing platforms. So far, millennials don’t appear apt to shy away from speaking out on social issues (even if it’s got more of a pop sensibility about it), but they’re making it clear that they want to embrace a fun, full life (which can translate as both ignorance and apathy towards political activism). Like every generation, they’re going to grow up and be tested. The main issue here, though, is perspective. The struggles of generations before are black and white memories, cautionary tales, ancient history (anecdotal, but still telling: I had one 20 something ask me without even a hint of irony, a 40 something, what it was like when TV was invented during my childhood. She seemed genuinely puzzled when I burst out laughing).

      • Marymsilva

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  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Sorry, but I can’t bring myself to watch what is probably a collection of vapid talking heads, sarcastic & tired tropes, equally vacuous displays of d’uh and only a small, minute, miniscule helping of somewhat intelligent discourse. I don’t begrudge them their success, but I do lament that this is what passes for valued entertainment; a Trump presidency doesn’t so surprising when you consider this lens upon the American psyche.

  • TuuxKabin
  • Cousin Bleh

    This video does nothing to assuage my belief that 2016 felt like a punch to the dick.

  • Supercubby

    The more I watch youtube, the more I think Millenials will either bring about a renaissance or the end to everything. Regardless, they are mostly chodes.