FLORIDA: Recount Lawsuit Claims Hillary Won State

Law Newz reports:

Three voters in Florida filed a lawsuit in state court seeking a recount of the votes in November’s presidential election. The voters claim that Hillary Clinton really won Florida, but problems including hacking, faulty voting machines, and voters being turned away from the polls led to a Trump victory. They sued Governor Rick Scott, Donald Trump, State Attorney General Pamela Bondi, and 29 Republican presidential electors in the state.

The lawsuit, filed by law firm Clint Curtis & Associates, demands a hand recount of every paper ballot in the state. In a press release, the firm said that in addition to the voting problems mentioned above, the disparity between pre-election polling numbers and the vote totals “cast suspicion” on the results.

The complaint also alleges that “tens of thousands of illegal votes were improperly counted,” and that there were tens of thousands of “legal votes cast throughout the state of Florida that were improperly rejected.” The lawsuit claims that had the votes in Florida been counted properly, Clinton would have won.

  • justmeeeee


  • but but tRump won fair and square…

  • mikeinrkfd

    Suing Rick Scott, Trump and Pan Biondi? Trifecta!

    • Mark

      I hear it pays 10 to 1 …but Trump is holding back 15% for the ugly blond.

    • Pam Bondi is a cross between a Barbie doll and Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS – but more vapid. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/22c20e835395071aadfe09de7a0a396014470c306e49191caa8165ca40782758.jpg

      • agcons

        The best resemblance I’ve seen is between Pam and Polly Urethane, the best inflatable friend ever.

      • Flanders

        Here’s what we know for sure about a Trump victory: say goodbye to inclusiveness, kindness, acceptance, and human decency. Say hello to oppression, divisiveness and crassness. All in the name of making America great again. I’m sad to live in a country that I thought had progressed beyond the type of extreme sexism and racism we’ve seen put on display in this election.

        Apparently Obama’a success in office wasn’t good enough for the majority of this country. RECORD unemployment numbers, legalized gay marriage, 5% growth, best year for jobs since 1999, consumer confidence up, deficit down 60% in 2014, gas prices low, health insurance cheaper than ever ($85/month), car insurance cheaper than ever ($25/month from Insurance Panda), the 1% starting to be taxed more and more.

        RepubliCONS want to cut education, want to crush healthcare, SS, and Medicare. If you aren’t a white male, you are certainly not equal. These from their own mouths. Sad day for America. Ignorance prevails from the uneducated, slave electorate who want to be amoral like Trump.

        • John Mayor

          It’s not, “Make America Great Again”!… it’s, “Make America Grope Again”! Geez!
          Please!… no emails!

        • Donnarblackman

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        • Marti386

          “Say hello to oppression, divisiveness and crassness. All in the name of making America great again.”

          Oh, and “free speech”. Don’t forget free speech. Because our forefathers fought so that trolls can call people “faggots” on Twitter.

          • greenmanTN

            And in real life. So far there have been at least two people, three if you count the Pizzagate event, acting like total shit heads and their excuse seems to be “I voted for Trump so I can say and do anything I want!”

        • Elena Boughey

          like any liberal has been kind, inclusive or accepting of me not to mention the total lack of human decency they have shown to anyone who is conversative. It’s kind of ironic that a liberal would fight for decency and be totally hateful and belligerant to someone because they don’t agree with their view…

        • Elena Boughey

          One thing I don’t understand. I respect many of the views of Democrats but NEVER have I met even one, including my mother, who has been as open minded as I am and respected MY views. Most republicans are center right and aren’t racist, sexist or whatever else we are called these days. There are definite jerks out there (on both sides), but I am attacked in droves if I say anything positive about Trump. The disrespect I see in youth today has shown me that there is no such thing as decency in this day and age. Too much anger and hate

    • Westcoast88

      Taking a page from the Trump playbook: if you aren’t happy, sue them

  • Lazycrockett

    and the local officials will shut it down in 3….2……1. Who wants transparency in voting.

  • Leo

    Jesus Fucking Christ. Not this fucking state again.


    • Jamie


      • another_steve
        • Oh man I had one in the kitchen last week they are huge and disgusting. They fly in when you leave the door open. Like huge flying roaches the size of rats. Seriously gross.

          • Garth

            You’re not selling us on the state….

          • The_Wretched

            If I had a lot of money, I’d buy land in the areas that the Floridians are most likely to move to as the ocean covers the Okefenokee swamp and 2/3rds of the State.

          • The requirements are 1. Good Chinese Restaurants 2. Upscale Outlet Malls with real outlet merchandise from places like Sachs and Bloomies and not rip-off fakes 3. Italian Bakeries since they do the best carbohydrates. If you can think of a place with all three that does not require snow shoveling ever, you could make a fortune.

          • another_steve

            Of course.

            The good Chinese restaurants.

            I left New York City for this gentile nightmare called “Maryland” and by doing so left behind the best Chinese restaurants.

            Try and find here, in suburban Maryland, anything even remotely rising to the heights of the worst NYC Chinese restaurant.

          • Oscarlating Wildely

            I was in Annapolis, the land of white bread Navy boys who may be nice to look at, but try to find a decent Chinese restaurant there.
            Having noted, the sailing, crabs, and views were quite fine. But yea, it doesn’t beat NYC.

          • another_steve

            Astute and 100 percent accurate, OW.

            We have here excellent crabs and (to the queer intelligentsia) a subliminally perverse subculture.

            We brought you John Waters, dammit.

          • Yes but you have Ledos Pizza! Yum!

          • another_steve

            Ohmigod you know from Ledos Pizza, Eddi. I love you for that. 😉

            I did not know from flat pizza until Maryland.

            In Brooklyn NY — in the 50s, 60s, and 70s — we just didn’t do those.

          • Vancouver.

          • another_steve

            Love to you for your honesty, hon. 😉

            My first 26 years of life were spent in New York City — Cockroach Capitol of the World. My mama would be preparing a kugel and there on the stove would be a family of cockroaches assembled and awaiting the crumbs.

            Mama would call the exterminator frequently.

            He no doubt thought to himself, “Oy, her again.”

          • That is why New York Grandma would never cook with black raisins and only golden raisins. Black raisins in the Challah dough had a way of walking away before the challah was put in the oven.

          • another_steve

            I don’t think the goyim know from golden raisins… do you?

          • Hey–I’m an American Indian who has written a cookbook. Golden raisins i know but I haven’t used any since the time i used to bake fruitcakes in my 20s. That’s about when i gave up carbs…

          • btw, I’m considered a Goyim, right? With Mormons, I’m labeled as a Lamanite, along with Polynesians–we’re supposed to be one of the Lost Tribes of Israel, which might mess up the Goyim stuff…

          • another_steve

            Look…if you would come to a Passover Seder, we love you.

          • (((GC)))

            “Let all who are hungry come and eat”…

          • i’ve even been to a Bar Mitzvah! i’ve also done a Seder in Seattle and NYC 😉 oy!

          • another_steve

            You sound like a Righteous Gentile, Ty.

            We heebs love us our Righteous Gentiles. 😉

          • And I have done Mormon boys AND Polynesian boys and am in appreciation of both! And a very hot and slutty friend insists that Brigham Young University Hawaii has the hottest student boy of any college in the world. The look on his face as he reminisces is priceless.

          • another_steve

            In Jewish circles, the golden raisins are a nice thing.

            I cook with them.

            I feel for them — neglected, as they are, on the supermarket shelves.

          • Now you make me want to use them. As i recall, I’m supposed to soak them in rum to use in a fruitcake. Great excuse to buy some rum…

          • Derrick Johns

            One third boric acid, two thirds sugar. My grand-daddy used it in our old house in North Philly. The roaches were gone in a couple of weeks. Haven’t been back in 20 years. Now me what to do about mice.
            Almost importantly, what if the votes in Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan & Wisconsin were overturned? What if Hillary actually won the Electoral College? What could be done two weeks into December?
            My head is starting to hurt again.

          • another_steve

            A respectable Jewish person over the age of 65 does not handle acids, babe.

            For my mama, it was not a possibility.

          • But you do take Mylanta, right? For when have too much acid?

          • (((GC)))

            What if the electors actually reject the man who’s dangerously unfit for office?


          • AGGGG!!! flashback of getting my undergrad degree in Florida. You can’t say often enough it’s a giant roach that can FLY!!!!!! oh, god, i need a valium…

          • stuckinthewoods

            I inherited some land in Hawaii. We considered it for a while. It was probably the description of a 4 inch flying cockroach carrying a baby lizard whut done that in.

        • Oscarlating Wildely

          …..and…. back in therapy by the weekend.

          • I haven’t been in therapy much. Only when health insurance pays for it. But this is a true story. During the last session with a gay psychiatrist in San Francisco one of the last things I remember him saying to me was “Can you tell me one more time about that night you spent with the blonde and the sailor at the Hotel Mark Twain in San Francisco?”.

    • Nic Peterson

      Just one of many reasons I chose to escape.

    • Blackfork

      Bugs Bunny is my spirit animal.

      • Todd20036

        Mine is Slappy Squirrel. The cynical, sarcastic character from the Animaniacs show

        Her cartoons were the only ones on that show I found genuinely funny

        • Loved Slappy Squirrel! Also a fan of Pinky and the Brain, with Pinky being my favorite…..Point!

      • greenmanTN

        Mine is Daffy Duck. His impotent rages, all sound and fury signifying nothing, are one thing helps me keep my temper in check. Whenever I lose my temper there is part of me that’s sitting back and observing, thinking “You do realize you look like an idiot at the moment, right?”


    • Marides48

      You’re wasting your time Bugs. In 20 years most of Florida will be under water due to the “Jina” climate change.

    • John Mayor

      Please!… leave Christ!… and Bugs!… out of it! Indeed!… Bugs Bunny… and Daffy Duck!… are supporters of the Democratic Party!
      And!… Bugs once ran for Public Office!… and has attempted to pacify Trump!
      And re the Florida thing… Bugs was simply having a bad day!

  • Mark

    Hmmmm….seems to be a bit of steam building-up in them rollers….

  • SoCalGal20

    YES! Anything to shine a light on these assholes.

  • Miji

    Sounds like their complaint quotes Trump himself, must be true.

  • Luis De California

    Is the State Supreme Court stacked? Would federal court be better?

  • Blake J Butler

    I’m not going to build myself up and then set myself up for disappointment, just fight all the way and make them go all the way through the voting re-count.

    But they really do not want us to go through successfully with a recount in the swing states, and that does make me question that was there an arrangement to interfere with our elections, to make pussygrab win, and did pussygrab have direct involvement in making sure he won.

  • SoCalGal20
    • HZ81

      I miss the huge pieces of rather affordable artwork I had on my walls growing up. I don’t miss me wanting to cry when I scratched my Eurythmics album for the third time. 😉

      • SoCalGal20

        Even though this story is regarding UK sales, vinyl is also making a comeback in the U.S. I love it! There’s just something about having the vinyl. Also the cool album art and liner notes that CDs and digital just didn’t really bother with.

        • vorpal

          As much as I did enjoy the tail end of vinyl as a kid, give me my sexy Grado SR 80 headphones and awesome, creative YouTube videos on demand with just a couple clicks. Technology is fantastic :-).

          This is easily one of my favourite videos of all time:

          • greenmanTN

            LOVE that song. It’s on my Mp3 player and I’m always happy when it comes up on shuffle.

            i don’t know why I associate the two, but https://youtu.be/iDud1qTLiGA

          • vorpal

            I’ve never seen that one before, but just watched it and loved loved it! Thank you so much for sharing it with me!

            Our exchanges here over the last week or so have been awesome. I would love to chat more if you’re inclined… feel free to hit me up over email: [email protected]
            (I use that as my public account… will give you my gmail address from there.)

            Here’s another one that I really love. (And haha yes, I listen to more than just deadmau5):


          • greenmanTN

            I really like Andrew Bird. About two years ago I was living in Asheville NC and I saw where he had played at a small venue there and I was like, “I missed it? Motherfuck!”


            (I did send an email to you without much content,)

          • Ragnar Lothbrok

            Do be careful.

            ( Don’t tell Vorpal I warned you )

          • greenmanTN

            Is there something i should know?

          • Ragnar Lothbrok

            YES !!!

          • vorpal

            LOL Ragnar is such a big bitch.
            A big, sexy, fun bitch.
            I am MOSTLY harmless.
            I mean, he survived my in-person visit in September / October :-).

          • greenmanTN

            You might not see this response, but so be it. If I have a current musical taste it’s alt-mellow. I still listen to older, harder edged things i liked in the past but now I take a Geritol (kidding) and listen to more soothing music, to me at least.


            This is a guy who is a member of the bluegrass band Red Clay Ramblers (the gay guy in the group) but I liked his music so much I even forgave him for hitting on my then BF so hard. HUSSY! 😉


          • vorpal

            I did see this (albeit just now), and will watch a little bit later, but I’m excited!

            And I still owe you a reply… got a big backlogged on emails this week. Grah. Hope you are having a good day so far!

          • Tech is fantastic in that no matter where you are, your music and reading libraries come with you. Add in your photos into one small device it sure makes whiling the time away while traveling more enjoyable and lighter!

          • greenmanTN

            I never thought I’d be an e-book fan, but in the old days (now I sound like grandpappy) whenever I went on vacation I’d take 3 or 4 books with me then inevitably buy a few more while I was there, then I’d be hunched over like I was the bell-ringer for Notre Dame carrying them all. Then everytime I moved there were heavy boxes and boxes of them that had to be hauled around.

            Now all I need to have is my iPad and I’m good to go. (I still have a lot of books though, but older ones I just can’t let go of.)

          • My first iPad was so liberating! No matter where I went, as long as I had battery power I could read, read, read. I also looked like the Notre Dame bell-ringer when traveling from all the books I lugged along. But now my library slips in a pocket of my messenger bag adding only a few ounces. I also have loads of print books, older ones and still borrow print books from the library, but when I buy a book I mostly buy digital.

          • greenmanTN

            I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but there is a site/service called Bookbub that sends you an email every day with book offers that range from free to $2.99. At the beginning you narrow down the genres/subjects you like so you only get offered those.

            Yesterday I bought a Chinese cookbook for .99 despite there being a snowball’s chance in hell of me ever using it given my current attitude, though I do like to cook.

            I’m kind of an indiscriminate reader, so I’ve found myself reading a gay male werewolf romance written by a straight woman. Why is that a thing? There are straight women writing and reading gay romances? Eh, it wasn’t bad and it killed a few hours.

          • I’m not sure what the thing is with straight women writing and reading gay romance. One of the popular authors of m/m romance was “outed” a while back and she was shocked, shocked that there was major blow back. She wrote under a male name, Josh Lanyon. Which now that I know, explains why one of her male leads were always weak and helpless.

            I’ll give that Bookhub a try, thanks! So why won’t you cook Chinese but yet still bought a chinese cookbook? Not picking just extremely curious.

          • greenmanTN

            I have just gotten out of the habit of cooking, though it is something I enjoy but it’s something I like share. When you’re cooking just for yourself mainly it’s like, oh screw it, what microwave food do I have in the freezer? Plus though I like to cook I really hate cleaning dishes, even though most of it goes in the dishwasher. But the pots and pans? I keep hoping elves will drop by overnight and do them but the little bastards are avoiding me for some reason. 😉

          • I also despise and loathe doing dishes, but I like to eat tasty food. So, I compromise and make a lot of food at once and freeze it, homemade tv dinners if you will. One clean up for 4 or more meals, winner winner! If you like curry of the Japanese sort, not hot but layers of flavors try this recipe, and it freezes like a dream! I make a ton of rice, portion it into freezer baggies to serve with the curry.


          • zhera

            Oh, you sweet summer child. If you want to know about straight women writing and reading m/m, look up Archive Of our Own. All popular movies and series are slashed endlessly.

          • greenmanTN

            I kinda get it in a way, because a lot of the conlicts that fueled “regular” romances, class, station, race, whatever, had kind of played out, but I still find it a little… odd there are straight women writing and reading gay male romance novels and thinking “Fuck him, fuck him good!” (Though y’all seem to phrase it a bit more romantically.)

            I just think it’s an interesting phenomenon, straight women writing gay male romance and/or porn.

          • greenmanTN

            Here’s my take. I read a lot of fiction, much of it never destined to be on a Greatest Book list, but that’s OK because I knew that going in, just wanted a story to entertain me for a while. It’s one ear and out out the other but if it’s an actual physical book I then have to shelve it and later decide if I want to keep it and make it part of my “stuff” or to sell it off to a used bookstore for pennies compared to what I paid for it.

            And I say that as a former used/rare bookseller, though the idea of people competing for computer file First Editions is rather entertaining.

          • greenmanTN

            My first job was in a record store just as CDs were starting to become common. Then I worked at Blockbuster Video as a clerk and later a store manager. Then I went back to school and worked part-time in bookstores. Then I later owned a used/rare bookstore myself.

            So I’m pretty much a historian of all the dead media that has been replaced by digital files. It shouldn’t be forgotten that entire industries that existed to produce those physical objects, print the packaging etc, and ship them to stores is now mostly gone, along with all the jobs that required.

            The computer revolution has been every bit as transformative as the industrial revolution and we haven’t found our footing yet.

          • Wow! You really did have your hands on every form of mostly dead media! Wonder if printed books will go completely out of fashion?

          • greenmanTN

            In a general way I think so, yes. Not immediately, but eventually.

            I think books will continue to be printed, but almost as “artisanal” fetish objects, which as an artist I don’t necessarily think is a bad thing. Lovingly produced in limited editions so they become objects, works of art, not books, sold, bid upon, and treated as prized posessions.

            As an example, several years ago I bought a limited edition copy of Ray Bradbury’s “Dark Carnival,” his first collection of “horror” stories from the age of pulp magazines. It came in a slipcase, was signed both by Bradbury and Clive Barker, who wrote the introduction.

            I love that I have it, and I have read it, but it is less a book than a THING I own. The same stories are available elsewhere so the binding, illustrations, etc but I wanted it for the beauty of it as an object. (FYI, most of the stories in Dark Carnival are in The October Country, easily and cheaply available.)

            In some ways this e-book revolution is a very good thing. It allows new authors to put their work out without approval from a major publisher and there is a lot of good stuff out there. Some of it is clumsy though, due to misspelling, homophones, etc. and could use an editor and a proofreader.

          • I can see that happening, where physical books morph into a piece of art that can be read. Actually, it will bring physical books full circle from their beginnings, when books were hand made, and highly expensive. Publisher houses have to be cautious about their bottom line, but ebooks and Amazon’s print on demand services has shaken up who can be an author.

          • greenmanTN

            I read a LOT. I watch videos online of course, but I think the last time I turned my TV on was about 3 months ago, when I cut the cable.

            I signed up for the Amazon Unlimited service for about 10 bucks a month, which allows you to download 10 books at a time. If you want another title you have to “return” one, so it’s like a library. And with the Overlook app you can download books from your local or state library for free.

            There are both “officially” published books there and self-published books.

            I’m finding that I often like the self-published books because they don’t fit cookie cutter narratives. Apparently, according to something I read, the authors are paid by the number of downloads and if you actually read it. (They can tell if you “sent it back” without scrolling through it.

            So I’m a big book geek.

          • I love to read, and always have several books on the nightstand. I volunteer at our local library and have given up for the most part actually going into the stacks to browse. I just pay attention to what I’m checking in, and check out those that look good. I agree with the self published books, they are often written from a completely different point of view. Have you read “Wool” by Hugh Howey? It was originally a self published book from Amazon which he later was paid 500,000 for a print deal.

            I do watch tv, but honestly only Netflix and Amazon firetv. Hubby has cable cause he loves sports and Encore Western.

          • greenmanTN

            I haven’t read Wool but I will look it up.

            Another self-published book that ended up with a publisher, then was made into a movie, is “John Dies At The End,” where the spoiler alert is the title. Maybe not your cup of tea, but it’s a fun read.


            I don’t blame anyone for watching TV, it isn’t some kind of snobbert thing, I just… don’t.

          • greenmanTN

            True story. Both my parents were big readers, and especially after my brother and sister went away to college or to be married, my parents and I read at the dinner table.

            There is a protocol to it. First you cut up all the food on your plate into bite-sized pieces. then you trap the right side of the book under your plate to keep it open, so you can eat with your right hand and flip pages with your left.

          • Reading while eating supper is something I don’t enjoy, lunch breakfast ’tis ok, but never supper. I love to taste the food, and really be in the moment, and to me all food tastes better with the spice of conversation. But, I’ve know folks who only read at supper, and I always found that lonely. For a few years when I lived alone while hubby was working else where I began watching tv while I ate, I just couldn’t get used to the quiet.

          • greenmanTN

            I can’t really do the multiple books at one time thing. It’s bad enough when I finish one book and immediately start another, the plots start to bleed together into one big story and I’m thinking “Now wait a minute. This doesn’t make sense because earlier… Oh. Never mind, that was a different book…”

            I’m a book junkie, reduced at times to reading the label on Dr Bronner’s liquid soap in a pinch! 😉

          • I usually read a non-fiction and a fiction book together. And at some point in one of the books ,it will become the “must read” and the other book has to wait. FSM YES! I have been so desperate for something to read I’ve read packets. Thankfully we have the internet now and I’ll never be without something to read again! What is your favorite genre to read? I love sci-fi and non-gory mystery books. Think along the lines of Agatha Christie. Oh and am a huge fan of Charles Dickens.

          • greenmanTN

            When I went back to college in Houston I worked in a mystery-only bookstore, Murder By The Book, so I know a LOT about that genre. I suppose the sub-genre I lke best is psychological thriller, and I don’t mind a bit of gore so long as it isn’t gratuitous. Serial killers and all that hoo-hah. Mo Hayder is an author I like, a British writer who can be creepy as hell.

            One of my favorite books, and probably much more up your alley, is Ruth Rendell’s, writing as Barbara Vine, “A Dark-Adapted Eye.” It’s an inversion of the regular mystery because you know from page one who the killer is, but Rendell skillfully hides who the victim was until the end of the book so it isn’t a whodunnit, but a who-got-did. The way she hides that information and the WWII England world she creates is nothing short of brilliant. If you haven’t read it, I guarantee you would like it.


            I also like the books of Reginald Hill, particularly “Child’s Play,” which is both funny and touching (and not gory), and the Scottish lesbian writer Val McDermid’s Carol Jordan/Tony Hill books, which were made into the British TV series “Wire In The Blood.” Those can be a bit gory, but not too bad.


            Maybe in your wheelhouse is the American writer Sharyn McCrumb, whose books are fairly genteel and often very funny too. Her “ballad” series, starting with “If Ever I Return” is a bit heavier but set in the part of Tennessee where I live and it’s not like a lot of books are set here, so… And they really are very good.

            What I collect is ghost and/or “horror” short story collections, the older the better. Not gory or gruesome stuff mostly, more along the lines of M.R. James, though there are newer things that can be absolutely chilling without a drop of blood being shed. Just as an aside, Poppy Z Brite’s “Drawing Blood” is a decent ghost story but also a very nice romance story between two young men in the south.

            It’s never a good idea to get me started talking about books, as you can see, unless you’re ready for it. I’m much more spotty about the non-fiction books, reading whatever grabs my interest, and a lot of art books. My aunt’s BF asked her if I was Satanist because of books like “The History Of Hell,” which is a rather scholarly examination of the idea of Hell in various cultures and other books about witch-hunts in history, etc.

          • Am headed out for running errands, will comment when I get back! Have a wonderful day, and do what I’m doing, limit your internet time, its just to depressing….sigh

          • greenmanTN

            My mother read all of the Agatha Christie novels at least twice. She used to get so mad because they would change the titles sometimes and she’d buy it thinking it was a book she hadn’t read before then discover it was the same book with a new title.

            One of my Christmas gifts to her was a set of Agatha Christie books based on stage plays she wrote (“Black Coffee” was one) which were never novels. A modern writer took those scripts and wrote them into novels in a similar style to Christie’s. I don’t remember if there were two or three.

            She was much more impressed by the Louis Vuitton handbag my brother gave her. By the time she croaked she had a ton of that stuff!

          • Hey ya! The same thing happened to me, before I finally figured it out. At one point in time the crazy American publishers would for some unknown reason change the titles of most books by UK authors. And then at some point in time, they began showing up here under their original UK titles.

            Oh, so your Mum was a lover of fancy purses, and brother fed that addiction. One of my daughter in law’s has a huge thing for Burberry, and there is no way I can afford to feed her desire for this extreme top end fripperies.

          • greenmanTN

            My brother was a buyer for Nieman Marcus, a store manager for Saks Fifth Ave, and is much more fabulous than I can ever hope to be. He does the A-gay things like vacation on Fire Island, etc. I like his husband though he can be a bit precious at times and I don’t have a lot of patience for precious.

            In comparison I’m the almost Amish brother, very down-scale, with an entriely different ethos. He is not a bad man at all, just a bit more caught up in the trappings and signifiers of wealth than I am.

            Years ago he and his partner were remodeling a house, and I asked hpw the “Barbie Dream House” was coming along and if that lovingly wrought bay window seat was where he planned to write sensitive poetry with a quill pen. He was reallly pissed but we did laugh about it.

            It’s not a good idea to always be sarcastic with your younger brother. They might get better at it than you are. 😉

          • Oh my! Your younger brother does sound a mite A-listy. Your remark about the Barbie Dream House with bay window is a hoot!!! We are meeting with a realtor today, it’s been 8 years since we sold our house. We moved away from the town we raised the boys in, and couldn’t decide where we wanted to live, and have been renting in various places. All but one of the boys and their families live in Alaska, but I just can’t do the dark and cold winters anymore. And, I never was a good “fit” for Alaska, am to liberal and was tired of hiding who I am, we don’t think the boys would react well to knowing their mum is a trans fella. And here I can be me, and while I look the same, my friends know who I am which is very relaxing.

          • greenmanTN

            I’m the younger brother, but potato/potahto. I was the late accident and the youngest of all the children/cousins of my generation. What I meant is that he and my sister were always sarcastic with me, but then I got way better at it than they are after years of their training, kind of like “grasshopper” on Kung Fu ;).

            At least my sister let me use her record player, though she did teach me record care through pain. Drop the needle on the record or scratch it across the grooves and she’d land on me like a plague of locusts! To this day the sound of a record scratching makes me flinch and hunker down.

            I’m not really a great “fit” for East Tennessee, but by this point we’re used to each other and go along and get along. Plus here I’m considered a bit eccentric, which is kind of entertaining, whereas I wouldn’t register at all in a large city. 😉

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3ae646a4bd9d3e7a109442f030f0deae1666cff1b378798ac0fa8fda27bcaace.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b3a778503e92adf715616803874eac1b1d2e32ed9c5df598f6a3b627499d597b.jpg

          • greenmanTN

            I remember when she got that first Vuitton purse. There was card with it that said it was “linen impregnated with vinyl.”

            Please. Bitch, it’s NAUGAHYDE!

          • Ok, wait just a zippy do-dah moment. You are telling me that “THE Vuitton” used Naugahyde? NAUGAHYDE????? That’s cheap imitation stuff, the stuff poor folk buy ’cause they cant afford leather! And they can’t even be truthful about what it is. Damn. What. A. Rip-off.

          • greenmanTN

            The Vuitton handbags, with all the logos, are not made of leather. At least at that time they were described as “linen empregnated with vinyl.” (Oh, linen! how fancy!) AKA, it’s fucking plastic but they charge you out the ass for it!

            Years ago, like 20 years ago, I bought a brown leather backpack from a stall at a craft fair that has a lot of pockets etc. It wasn’t cheap, but whoever made it must have been psychic because one of the pockets is almost tailor-made to fit an iPad, another pocket is perfect suited for a cell phone, etc etc.

            So that’s my “man purse.” I often carry a sketchbook and art supplies with me, though honestly I don’t use them that often, but that back pack is like a clown car! Take it all out and you think “There is no way that all fits in that backpack, but it does.” Plus it really looks pretty butch. 😉

            Just a sketch, a loose drawing. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d1645adebfaec2172f43861dc5f1011d6b15960cc063bb4c3263741d18f42970.jpg

          • Lovely!!! You are quite the artist! That leather bag sounds like quite a lucky find, it holds all you need and then some. I’m still stunned and shocked that Vuitton is made of fake leather. But then Coach bags are nothing special in the way they are made and one of my daughter in law’s has 50 of them! I’m sorry, but if I’m going to buy a product, there is no way I want to be a walking billboard gathering them free ad space.

            I have a messenger bag from Timbuk2 that has been to hell and back and still manages to look new. When I used to live close to a grocery store, and while in Japan, it became my grocery bag, it has a special sleeve for my lap top, one for my ipad,a special pocket for my phone, plus enough room for whatever pair of socks I’m currently knitting, something to eat and a jacket, and a zillion pockets. My favorite pocket has a red ribbon with a small clip sewn on to keep your key ring on. It’s related to Mary Poppins carpet bag.

          • greenmanTN

            I started carrying a backpack when I was informed by a friend in Jr High that I carried my books the “wrong” way, against my chest instead of down at my side. (Who makes these rules?!) But I’ve had that leather one for years and it is seemingly indestructible, just gets more worn in like an old leather jacket.

            I did buy a smaller bag for just art supplies for drawing trips, which was really inexpensive, but it was made in China and has a really funny bad Chinese to English label on the front (Chinglish) which actually makes me like it more.


          • I loved this description from that website, Human-shaped Warm-keeping Windproof Sleeping bag.
            This was my favorite “translated” sign in Japan, “On top of the plate Do not ride in the shoes”

          • greenmanTN

            Well riding in shoes probably isn’t good idea…

            There is a group called Urban Sketchers and it’s really a rabbit hole (Alice in Wonderland) to fall into, though the only real rule is you have to do the sketches “live” not from photos, and there is some really great work out there. They endlessly discuss the bags they use, the pens, the paints, mediums and color palettes, etc etc, have conventions… It’s actually kind of interesting (to me at least).

            I actually prefer to work from photographs because I can take my time and not feel like people are thinking “What’s up with the dude with the little paint set and fountain pens sitting in the middle of the fucking sidewalk?!”


            And realism isn’t really my thing.


          • greenmanTN

            I was really tempted to buy a backpack that the local Apple store was selling by House of Marley.


            I mean I went to VISIT the damn thing! But I’m pretty good at talking myself out of making dumb purchases so I didn’t do it.

            When I lived in Houston I had an apartment fire and lost nearly everything I had, stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated. I don’t bring that up as a bid for sympathy, but as a statement of fact. But it changed me in a lot of ways.

            If there was a lesson to be learned from it, it’s that all the possessions we have that we think of as important are all just STUFF that we cart around and really aren’t that important. That isn’t to say I don’t regret the loss of some of it, particularly my first editions, but all those things were really an albatross around my neck that had to be moved, maintained, and protected. Then suddenly it’s all gone and you discover it wasn’t that important to begin with.

            I would never wish that experience on anyone, but it did teach me some lessons.

          • We lost most of our possessions to a house fire also. At first one is burdened by grief and then slowly the realization creeps in that nothing of true worth was lost, a life.

          • greenmanTN

            It’s a transformative experience. “Oh, remember that time I died?”

            I wasn’t terribly acquisitive before that, but over the years you gather this accretion of goods, books and dishes and knick-knacks and in some way you (or I anyway) start to believe those are the things that define us, make us who we are. But then POOF, all that stuff is gone, but you’re still standing. Or waking up in the hospital intubated.

            You can either make it a goal to replace it all or realize the those things were not you, just things, and maybe it was a relief of sorts, though not one of your choosing.

            Not everything was damaged, just had to have the soot cleaned off, but pretty much all my clothes were ruined by smoke damage, so co-workers gave me hand-me-downs and leftovers. One piece was this brown leather jacket by Calvin Klein that I’m sure was very expensive originally, but it had tucks, pleats, and epaullets, zippers everywhere. Not my style at all, but at least it was warm. But I always felt like I should be wearing a single sparkly glove with it, like Michael Jackson. 😉 It was very disco, and I actually still have it.

          • Our log cabin burned to the ground, the only thing we found was puddles of gold that had been Krugerrands. Hubby knew where the the coins were stored and dug around in the ashes until he found it. Luckily our doggie was tied outside that evening and managed to break the mega cheap dime store chain we had her tied up with.

            LOL! That had to be one fancy jacket, to cry out for single sparkly glove.

            For a few years I walked around with a large blue T on my back pocket due to still wearing handme down clothing we gratefully received after the fire.

          • greenmanTN

            I really should take a picture of it because I always felt like Joan Collins wearing it. 😉

            I stopped breathing that day and they resuscitated me, so technically I died, though I didn’t get the whole “Go into the light, Carole Anne!” experience.

          • Holy Smoke! You are lucky to be alive! Glad you are!

          • greenmanTN

            I might exaggerate for comedic effect, but I don’t make things up.

          • greenmanTN
          • That is one sure fired fancy jacket!

          • greenmanTN

            I folded it to get the sleeve pleats, a few zippers, and the neck snaps in. Good god! In that picture it looks like something from one of the Alien movies!

            That jacket would definitely gotten me into Studio 54.

          • Oh it would have! You would have been waved in and thru the velvet rope.

          • greenmanTN

            My momma would have been so proud! 😉


          • greenmanTN
          • greenmanTN

            And Robson Green, who plays Tony on the TV show, kinda hits all my buttons…


            He reminds me a bit of Mike Rowe, who also pushes said buttons.


          • Mike Rowe is adorable! He is cute and hot and sweet and oh my…. Jeremy Wade also is a button pusher for me…. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/889c37cd18ce481f3d7b5e8e7056809cbd2689772f43a5174ed57af79be40261.jpg
            As is Colin Ferguson from the tv show Eureka

          • greenmanTN

            I can see why Colin Ferguson might draw your attention.(Why the long face? Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

            I’m a sucker, so to speak, for a hairy chest.


            I actually have a hairy chest, but I have to keep it trimmed back or I get this weird puff-ball right in the middle the same shape and size as one of those shower scrunchies. Unattended, it looks like a guest star visit from Get Christie Love.


          • greenmanTN

            Other than a Christian Carol I don’t think I’ve read anything by Dickens.

            Funny story, but my dad read westerns mostly. He really liked a series called Longarm, written by various authors but under the same pseudonym. One day I got bored and decided to give them a try. They were about a half-step from being porn and the Long Arm in question didn’t have anything to do with his arms!

          • Hubby read Longarm’s back in the day too, he also commented on how randy and R rated they were. He is a lover extraordinaire of western novels and history his favorite author being Louis L’Amore

            Dickens books are long, long, long. All of his books were first published in magazines, so it behooved him to write wordy long books. I love all of his books except for A Tale of Two Cities. Maybe its time i give that one another try?

          • greenmanTN

            This is a copy of thay message, ai hope.

            1 Reply

            greenmanTN biki
            2 days ago
            When I went back to college in Houston I worked in a mystery-only bookstore, Murder By The Book, so I know a LOT about that genre. I suppose the sub-genre I lke best is psychological thriller, and I don’t mind a bit of gore so long as it isn’t gratuitous. Serial killers and all that hoo-hah. Mo Hayder is an author I like, a British writer who can be creepy as hell.

            One of my favorite books, and probably much more up your alley, is Ruth Rendell’s, writing as Barbara Vine, “A Dark-Adapted Eye.” It’s an inversion of the regular mystery because you know from page one who the killer is, but Rendell skillfully hides who the victim was until the end of the book so it isn’t a whodunnit, but a who-got-did. The way she hides that information and the WWII England world she creates is nothing short of brilliant. If you haven’t read it, I guarantee you would like it.


            I also like the books of Reginald Hill, particularly “Child’s Play,” which is both funny and touching (and not gory), and the Scottish lesbian writer Val McDermid’s Carol Jordan/Tony Hill books, which were made into the British TV series “Wire In The Blood.” Those can be a bit gory, but not too bad.


            Maybe in your wheelhouse is the American writer Sharyn McCrumb, whose books are fairly genteel and often very funny too. Her “ballad” series, starting with “If Ever I Return” is a bit heavier but set in the part of Tennessee where I live and it’s not like a lot of books are set here, so… And they really are very good.

          • The “A Dark-Adapted Eye” sounds great! Its on my list of coming books, and may very well toss some other books further down the list.

            Child’s Play sounds great!!!

            Mega thanks for both of these recommendations.

          • greenmanTN

            Thanks to Disqus messing up I sometimes only get messages hours or days later, so I just saw this.

            I think you would like Reginald Hill’s books. They sort of follow the traditional English mystery mold but are also entirely modern. They were turned into a TV show, “Dalziel and Pascoe” (or was it “Pascoe and Dalziel”?)

            Pascoe is college educated, partnered with a large, rude and kind of obnoxious detective without a degree, Andy Dalziel. Dalziel is the real work of art though, because on the surface he’s kind of a jerk, but as his actions show he’s actually very sensitive and very very smart and manipulative. The reason I like “Child’s Play” in particular is because there is substantial amount of gay content and demonstrates how he skillfully manipulates his superiors to protect a gay policeman.

            There is a sub-genre known as tartan noir, Scottish writers who write pretty dark mystery novels. Stuart MacBride is a particular favorite because his books can be screamingly funny but also very dark. They feature a poor abused policeman and his (in later books) truly awful lesbian boss, lazy and mean as hell, who is continually pursuing him to artificially inseminate her wife. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuart_MacBride

            Another author I like a lot is John Connolly, an Irish writer, though I suspect they might be a bit too bloody for your tastes. One thing I like about them is that the main character’s best friends are a black and hispanic gay couple, a former thief and an assassin, who are totally bad-ass. When the going gets tough, call in Angel and Louis, because they’ll do the killing and hide the body and their interaction is funny. Those books stray a bit into Stephen King territory though, with a quasi-religious undertone, wherein Charlie, the main character, might or might not be a fallen angel. (It makes sense when you read them.) Though it isn’t the first book in the series, “The White Road” is very very good.

            At some point Connolly started including CDs with his books, soundtracks as it were, and I like them, mellow yet alternative. https://youtu.be/cSgd1CugnfQ

            I have always had a problem with insomnia and it seems to be worse these days (Trump!) so that’s why I’m up at 5AM telling you this inconsequential BS, so please forgive.

          • greenmanTN

            Did I do this twice” I can’t tell from Disqis.

            “Maybe in your wheelhouse is the American writer Sharyn McCrumb, whose books are fairly genteel and often very funny too. Her “ballad” series, starting with “If Ever I Return” is a bit heavier but set in the part of Tennessee where I live and it’s not like a lot of books are set here, so… And they really are very good.

            What I collect is ghost and/or “horror” short story collections, the older the better. Not gory or gruesome stuff mostly, more along the lines of M.R. James, though there are newer things that can be absolutely chilling without a drop of blood being shed. Just as an aside, Poppy Z Brite’s “Drawing Blood” is a decent ghost story but also a very nice romance story between two young men in the south.

            It’s never a good idea to get me started talking about books, as you can see, unless you’re ready for it. I’m much more spotty about the non-fiction books, reading whatever grabs my interest, and a lot of art books. My aunt’s BF asked her if I was Satanist because of books like “The History Of Hell,” which is a rather scholarly examination of the idea of Hell in various cultures and other books about witch-hunts in history, etc. “

          • Sharyn McCrumb book looks promising. Hopefully, they will have a copy at the library. Have you read Drake Braxon’s “Missing”? It was a good mystery. I also really enjoy Neil Plakcy set of Hawaiian mystery books. I think if you live right, there will be people who wonder if one is a Satanist due to living outside the “box”.

            Have you read much Wilkie Collins? In some odd way his books feel very modern.

          • greenmanTN

            I have not read Wilkie Collins. “Lady in White” is one of his, yes?

            Though I did read a non-fiction book a while back about how obsessed the proper Victorian British public was with the crime/murder stories and the how the true stories, even if only tangentially, served as the basis of those early “gothic” novels.

            OT, but I can’t read a news story about Eugene Delgaudio without picturing him running across the moors in a diaphanous night gown, chased by long haired men with earrings. It’s just all so… torrid! 😉

          • Yes, that is one of Wilkie’s books, one of his more famous ones.

            LOL! hahahahaha! I love that vision of Eugene! Torrid indeed!

          • greenmanTN

            But my email is [email protected] in case you would prefer email.

          • Damn! I can’t find the post where you talked about all the wonderful books to try!!! Grrr stupid disquis is really mucking stuff up. Would you like to try email?

          • greenmanTN

            In the meatime, I’m still waiting for my Oscar Wilde action figure! 😉

          • OOOH! I hope it gets here soon! giggle, giggle, hahahahahahaa!

          • greenmanTN

            Is that a Gutenberg in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

          • vorpal

            Ahhhh this is almost as bad as I used to be! I would bring about 10 books with me anywhere I went for more than a night because I couldn’t predict in advance what I wanted to read, and they were such a space hog in my luggage!

            I’m not crazy about reading on a backlit screen and find it challenging, but I love my eInk reader.

          • greenmanTN

            With the Kindle app, on iPad at least, you can switch the background so the screen is black and the letters are white. To me that makes it easier to read at night because in a dark room it feels less like the light from the screen is poking you in the eye with a finger.

            The bad thing about iPads is if you take them outside you get a lot of surface glare and you can’t really see it well enough to read. eInk tablets are black and white only though, right? How could I watch porn on that?!

            Dilemmas, dilemmas… 😉

          • Jerry

            Hah! My carry-on got pulled for additional screening at Logan, on my return trip from P-town this summer, because of a hard-back book…I usually just bring a kindle. I’m not sure what TSA thought of the various undergarments that were in that bag…

          • vorpal

            I always pack incredibly horrifying and embarrassing things in each piece of my luggage to make their lives more difficult if they decide to enhance-screen me.

            I have no shame and them touching my “toys” isn’t going to embarrass me.

          • Jerry

            Though not embarrassing, last year it was the checked bag that had a TSA note when I got home from New Orleans (Southern Decadence). I told my friend, who lives there, that the “weapons-grade cajun spices would have to go in the suitcase, rather than the carry-on…it would never make it through security. I guess the 1-lb. plastic containers of powder required additional scrutiny.

        • HZ81

          I do miss all of that stuff, truly. I loved the new smell, the clingy wrap over the album… God, I am getting flashback goosebumps.

    • Tube (valve) based amplifiers are making a comeback also. They are perfect for vinyl– or any sound. I have an old Jolida 102b (below) — they can be picked up used– that sounds incredibly natural and warm compared to modern electronics. Listening to sound through one of these is hearing music all over again. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2b5c910682d879c35f5af340de8d5dce89714fe6053087b4dac83d6a871f7d57.jpg

      • Nic Peterson

        That’s a classic! I’m in the McIntosh camp, but please don’t hold it against me.

      • Megrim Twist

        That is soooo sexy!

        • It is! And the tubes glow when it turns on i love it!!!!

          • basedonfact

            I have friends who mod PCs One of them has a sick PC with two old radio tubes on top to hold the coolant for his liquid setup

  • Oikos
    • glass

      That is fucking Epic!!! Love it!

    • cleos_mom

      And, at that, elected by the dumbest voters EVER.

  • Moebym, Resistance Pilot

    I left Florida in 2008 and haven’t set foot in it since. It’s called America’s Wang for a reason, and I’m beyond not surprised that there were voting shenanigans going on in the state that elected a criminal governor to two terms and sent Marco Rubio back to the Senate to do a job he doesn’t care to do.

    • Oikos

      Many of my friends have moved their from the cold northeast but while I like the climate, the politics and the impending sea level rise in our lifetime have made it an unattractive choice to live.

      • cleos_mom

        And if you’re young, moving to a state that will be mostly underwater in a few decades just might not be the smartest thing you ever do.

    • Dave Babler

      I just moved here about a year ago; I fucking love it here, people aren’t as nice as Memphis, but the weather isn’t as bad as Cleveland (where I moved from) or Metro-Detroit (raised).

  • HZ81

    Go forth and recount, my children!

    Sure, I may be living in a dream regarding the election results, but I prefer that space to the orange reality we’re about to be consumed by.

  • FAEN

    If Trump et al are confident they won they won’t have a problem with a recount.

    • Gianni

      I am for anything that gets under DumDum’s skin and irritates him into ranting.

      • FAEN

        As am I.

      • cleos_mom

        That goes double for any of his supporters that it worries/annoys.

        • Gianni


  • bkmn

    I wonder when the FEC will crack down on Trump’s campaign soliciting foreign donations.

  • John P.

    Is it too late? If only…

  • Tom G

    I just don’t believe there’s tens of thousands or even thousands of illegal votes.

    • Gianni

      It’s not believable. For years now, no one has been able to uncover any proof or evidence of any large or even moderate scale vote tampering or illegal voting. The minuscule number of uncovered cases are as relevant as a spit in the ocean. (How many were there – four in the past number of presidential elections?)

  • Butch

    Well, in Michigan it’s turning out that a good number of voting machines were broken and attendants (not the right word) would simply run the ballots through again with no precautions for double counting, and there are “holes” (no explanation beyond that) in some of the ballot containers that make a recount impossible. It’s a mess, but of course voter fraud can be committed only by Democrats.

  • Blackfork

    Deja fuck-yew.

  • I look at it this way. Although the recounts are probably not going to do overthrow this travesty of an election, at a minimum, they are really, really pissing Trump off. They may even be causing him sleepless nights (sniff, sniff) and making him more of a sociopathic insomniac (tweet, tweet!) with nothing productive to do. This is serving to weaken whatever grip he has left on sanity, which ain’t much — and hastening his, and the GOP’s own demise. They do have value!

    • Jerry Kott

      Amen! His fuse is so short and it can be made shorter. He doesn’t have a clue how to Govern but only know how to rule. He will NEVER be at peace having not won the popular vote.

      Keep making noise!

      • I personally have to lighten up a bit — its been 4 weeks since the disaster on November 8. Being a bit hot tempered when driving, irritable, not going out as much — in general, more grouchy because of the prospects of President Asshole Trump for 4 years — is not doing me any good, nor doing the people I know any good. So I have to lighten up and move on and do what I can to cope for now. I am not sure if anyone else here feels the same way.

        • Gianni

          You have an awful lot of company on that ship. Feels like it should be called Titanic ll.

        • GeneInSJ

          I feel exactly the same way. I’ve pulled back socially, not that I was super-social anyway. I’ve done things like un-follow lots of people on FB, took the app off my phone, etc.

        • castaway

          I lost 11 pounds. The anxiety diet. Look for it soon on social media. Move over Tyler Oakley!

        • Jerry Kott

          We have to take deep breaths but the sad thing is that this has all the marking of getting worse before it gets better. Just be aware and keep the batteries charged on all your devices.

        • cleos_mom
    • HZ81

      Hillary should just continue to needle Orange Whip until he explodes over the next four years. I know our press wouldn’t never allow that because Democrats seem to vanish from Sunday shows after losing an election, unlike Mittens and McCain who have golden chairs every weekend, but…

  • The_Wretched

    As plead, that case won’t go anywhere. There’s State law requirements on who gets to ask for recounts and the scope of the recount and who pays for it etc.

  • Dave Babler

    Alright! Tampan (Tampon?) here…let’s do this!

  • WaltHawkNYC

    Forget Jill Stein. This story is awesome!

    • cleos_mom

      No; we need all the public annoying of Trump and his inbred Cracker supporters we can get.

  • fuow

    Probably true. Pity my party (this being the internet, I’d better mention that I’m a Democrat) is so fucking spineless. We now see where the ‘shut up and be the adult in the room’ policy waged against those of us who have balls got us. Time to man up and fight back.

  • Ron

    Hopefully instead of hanging chads, one of the guys counting will be Chad, who’s really hung!!!

  • Michael

    The irony of Clinton supporters suing because their candidate actually won in the race they voted in is totally ironic.

  • canoebum

    I’ve said it before, voter fraud is for chumps. Now, Election Fraud, that’s a GOP specialty! Part of their stock in trade. The sharpest tool in the box.

  • andrew

    So did President Gore.

  • 2patricius2

    Won’t be long before Florida is mostly underwater, and yet it has characters like Rubio and Scott who deny global warming.

    • cleos_mom

      Voters often get what they deserve.

  • joe ho

    Read it and weep–for America.

    Meet the Press
    The hustlers, hucksters, hacks, and cowards who helped elect Donald Trump


    Liberals need to turn off CNN, MSNBC, and network news. They would feel it.

  • mailericla

    Well if Law Newz is reporting it, it must be important! Eyeroll.

  • Brian in Valdosta

    Uh boy.
    This is gonna get lots worse before it gets better. Ain’t it?

  • Ore Carmi

    I hope this forces a recount! Maybe it’s wrong of me to do so, but personally I’m cheering all the doubt.

  • JCF

    The complaint also alleges that “tens of thousands of illegal votes were improperly counted,”

    I just don’t see how this helps. Drumpf is saying the same thing, and IT’S BULLSHIT.

    • John Mayor

      JCF, the issue is, who will benefit from a recount! When Drumpf asks for a recount, it’s simply a “slight of hand” on his part!… and to gain a “sympathetic ear”! This guy will come back with a retort no matter what!… that’s what he does, that’s who he is! Nevertheless, he DOES FEAR a recount shifting the count to the other side!… and, that you can be assured of!
      Look!… when a recount occurs, greater scrutiny is exacted in the process of the count!… and the DOJ is looking over somebody’s shoulder! And if somebody f*cks up here, JAILTIME can ensue!… and (and depending on the DOJ’s findings!)!… the recount could be expanded to other jurisdictions! This is not BULLSHIT, JCF!… this is where the rubber meets the road! And if you’ve been following the Lady Gaga Petition, Attorney John Birke’s filing on November 24th, the behind the scenes work of the NVP Compact Project cited at blueoregon.com (and etc.!), you would know that this race… THIS PARTICULAR RACE!… IS FAR FROM OVER!
      This ain’t done until the Electors meet on December 19, and actually cast their deciding vote!… AND CERTAIN ELECTORAL VOTES THAT HAVE BEEN CAST FOR DONALD TRUMP– AND THAT GAVE HIM HIS “TENTATIVE WIN”!– HAVE A-L-R-E-A-D-Y S-H-I-F-T-E-D TO HILLARY CLINTON (AND I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT HILLARY’S POPULAR VOTE!… I’M TALKING ABOUT THE ELECTORAL VOTES!)! In other words, the Trump “victory” IS ONLY tentative, until the Electors complete their process!… and, beyond that, the Congress has to ratify things when they meet, on January 6, 2017! This could wind up with Trump cursing Santa Claus!… and all his reindeer!… let alone, New Year’s Day! It ain’t over yet!… AND ESPECIALLY THIS RACE!!