Chris Wallace Battles Jill Stein: There’s No Chance In The World Your Challenges Will Change Results [VIDEO]

Via Mediaite:

Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace engaged in a pretty combative exchange today while discussing Stein’s recount efforts, with Wallace trying to get Stein to admit that there have been no recounts that have switched tens of thousands of votes.

“There’s not a chance in the world here, Dr. Stein, that the vote is going to change in those three states,” Wallace exclaimed, pointing out the margin in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. She continued to bring up Ohio and claim that with a hand recount thousands of votes can be counted and change the results in Michigan and Wisconsin.

The conversation eventually switched to the amount of money Stein has raised for her recount efforts with Wallace wanting to know if this was really just a fundraising effort by Stein. She contended that all money raised was specifically for recount efforts and kept in a separate account.

  • JT

    Chris Wallace must be an endless source of embarrassment for his father.

    • Lazycrockett

      Mother, siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, neighbors, high school class, etc.

      • Joe in PA


      • The Return of Traxley

        …supermarket cashiers, toll booth clerks, restaurant servers, the UPS driver, call center workers, the cable guy…

        • Lazycrockett

          family pet.

          • The Return of Traxley

            I wouldn’t trust Chris Wallace or any conservative with caring for any kind of living creature.

            See also: Romney, Mitt

          • agcons

            Dust mites.

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      I would have totally disowned his ass or at least say “You’re not a journalist. You’re a pap peddler.”

    • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

      Mike Wallace isn’t alive to see this….and I think we now know why his son Peter was his favorite.

  • Sam_Handwich

    Stein won that argument.

    and those Detroit ballots really stink.

    • grada3784

      The ones from Flint are so slow coming in.

      It’s almost as if they were leaden.

      • The_Wretched

        What you did there, i see it.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    The more the Mush Spew Media whine about this, the more in favor of recounts I get. I know it’s a long shot it’ll affect anything but honest to God, I just want to flip the bird at the media for ignoring so much that is wrong with our voting system like the gerrymandering & the vote suppression and god knows what else happens behind the scenes.

    • The Return of Traxley

      But that’s boring! Nobody wants to hear about stuff that makes you like, think or something.

      We need to find out the latest on Crooked Hillary’s emails! Nobody talks about that anymore!


    • The recounts are getting ratings so they aren’t for them. That’s all the broadcast and cable news shows care about. The country be damned.

  • Joe in PA

    So Chris Wallace is worried about a candidate making money from rubes. Huh, go figure.

  • Dirk Prophet

    What a rude fuck!

  • SoCalGal20

    Here’s my position on it. I don’t expect recounts are going to flip any of those states. But, especially in WI and MI, some shady shit went on and I would like to see a recount for that reason alone. Add to that, the concern from the Trump camp all of a sudden to get the recounts shut down. Something is very, very rotten. And anything we can do to make them squirm and show them for who they really are, I am all for. If they actually can find smoking gun evidence of vote tampering in any of those states, it’s icing on the cake.

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      Also, there would always be an asterisk next to Trump’s presidency.

      I don’t think the GOP base really gives a shit anymore how they win. But goddamn, people outside the base should be really angry about the skullduggery.

      • JT

        He’s already an ass too risky, so that would be well deserved.

  • As we move forward the following should happen:

    1. Make a constitutional change for the requirements of the President; I mean seriously it is more difficult to be a school custodian than President of the USA. There has to be more than the following: The Constitution gives three eligibility requirements to be president: one must be 35 years of age, a resident “within the United States” for 14 years, and a “natural born Citizen,” a term not defined in the Constitution.

    2. Make EVERY state have mail in ballots (for all elections) as it is essential with an aging population as well as a population that is spread out; can not afford to take off work lastly this action would revitalize the United States Postal Service.

    3. Stop the electoral college as so to make EVERY vote count with EQUAL weight from Rhode Island to California; thereby increasing voter turnout nationwide and reducing voter apathy.

    • Moebym of the Rebel Alliance

      Agreed on all points. We can’t let just any old Joe (or Jane) Schmoe have the most powerful job in the world, and we must make it as easy as possible for people to cast their votes. Stopping the EC will be next to impossible, but there needs to be a workaround.

    • California pays more taxes than Wyoming and yet our vote count less.

    • cleos_mom

      Forget the “aging population” factor: paper ballots are essentially hard copy. People aren’t talking about every polling place needing to use them just to be courteous to Granny.

      But never underestimate the popularity of blindly following technology wherever it leads, even if it’s into a burning building or off a 1,000-foot cliff.

    • Phillip in L.A.

      Totally disagree with your numbers 1) and 3) WebSlinger, but thx for posting a thoughtful and interesting comment.

      Every time party politics produces results unappealing to the Nation, calls for constitutional amendments abound. It’s not a good idea to make reactive changes imo: (a) so close to an election; (b) without thinking about what is being replaced; and (c) without trying to catch “unintended consequences” before they happen.

      Furthermore, why do folks today think they know more about politics, government, and constitutional law than the politicians, scholars, and constitutional lawyers who extensively drafted, discussed, re-wrote, thought about, published about, and basically “lived” the provisions of the Constitution for years? ;}

      • IamM

        We have two-hundred some years more investigation & experience to go on than them. Particularly with the shortcomings of the system they designed and how unscrupulous politicians and modern technology can exploit those.

        Scrapping the electoral college entirely might or might not be an ill advised reaction to the current situation. But the electoral college’s designers never intended and actually opposed electoral votes being given en masse to the winner of a state’s popular vote and we have both the mathematical demonstrations and practical experience showing why that is a bad system. I’m no expert on the matter but I strongly suspect over representation of rural states in the electoral college is much less of a problem than the effective voter suppression of awarding them to candidates in winner take all manner by state or district.

        Likewise it is probably a good idea to give many of the traditional protections that Trump has chosen to ignore, like candidates releasing their tax records and office holders divesting to avoid financial conflicts of interest, the force of law.

        Anyway the point is that, contrary to “conservatives”, blind reaction and complete stasis are not the only options. We can make careful informed changes sufficient to address known problems while also minimizing risk of undesirable side effects.

        • IamM

          We’ve been ignoring the flaws in our system so long, because it was the easy choice, that they’re on the verge of destroying it. So now we’re stuck trying to fix it under the least opportune circumstances.

        • Phillip in L.A.

          Not really arguing with you–don’t know enough about election laws. But the States can make whatever regulations they want about apportioning (or not) their Electors, can’t they? Wasn’t that supposed to be part of the federal-State sovereignty exchange? Also, why do you think rural States are over-represented in Electoral College? Do they not get Electors equal to the number of Senators plus one per Congressional district (or w/e it is), just like every other State? ;~

      • Thank you for the reply however if my comments are in the same arena as those people who do not know politics, government, and constitutional law than the politicians, scholars, and constitutional lawyers who extensively drafted, discussed, re-wrote, thought about, published about, and basically “lived” the provisions of the Constitution for years…

        Then the same can be said about your dismissive and/or negating comments regarding my suggestions …

        Just something for you to ponder or not…as this is the internet and while there is an exchange of ideas I am not invested in what you do with them.

  • Election integrity is vitally important no matter the outcome to increase voter confidence and future voter turnout.

    • cleos_mom

      Which might be exactly what has Wallace’s cheap undies in a wad.

  • What I want from Stein’s recount is an exposure of the real election rigging by the GOP. That way the Dems and anyone on the left will have its proof that our strategy works, that we don’t need brown nose racists in the rust belt. We won that damn election based on popular vote alone.
    I don’t expect Trump supporters to be changed by it. They don’t care for fact. You can lead these idiots to water and they’d take a diarrhea pill to further dehydrate themselves while yelling that you’ve done nothing to bring them water.

  • Moebym of the Rebel Alliance

    I’ve had two Clinton-supporting friends tell me they think the recounts are a waste of time and money. I’d rather that they carry out the recounts and find nothing amiss, than not do the recounts and possibly miss something important.

    • The_Wretched

      We see the hard-core dems here poo-pooing the recounts too. I don’t get it. They complain that it’s bad optics …which is weird bs.

      • Skeptical_Inquirer

        We need some street fighters in the party.

        • Lawerence Collins

          Not some, millions

          • The Return of Traxley

            We need young, passionate men and women who are not afraid to step up to the media and call Republicans bald-faced liars who are working tirelessly to maintain their party, fleece the public to make the rich richer and the poor poorer, drag our military to serve as fodder in wars that accomplish the enrichment of themselves and their cronies, destroy civil rights and civil liberties, and just be complete assholes while doing it.

            They also need to push back HARD at the MSM for consistently and deliberately ignoring the critical issues.

      • The Return of Traxley

        “Bad optics” to who?

        They can’t be referring to us pissed off at them for sitting over in the corner, picking their ears and sniffing their fingers. They just. don’t. get. it. They’ve refused to go on the offensive and instead play nice while the far right beats the shit out of them. I’d call it masochism, but since they don’t seem to enjoy it, I’d call it cowardice.

        • cleos_mom

          “Bad optics” is a 21st century equivalent of “what will the neighbors and Preacher BillyBob/Father Kiddiediddle say?”

          • Xiao Ai

            Bad optics is, “Don’t look here, we’ve things to hide too!”

          • The Return of Traxley

            I know, right?

            Who gives a shit what the neighbors think when THEY’RE the ones always trying to burn your house to the ground!!!!

          • agcons

            Q: “What will the neighbours think?”
            A: “You’re assuming they can.”

            I don’t know where that came from, but I remember hearing it over 40 years ago.

          • AtticusP

            Somehow I can hear Bea Arthur in her “Maude” voice in the answer, with the word “Walter” at the end of the sentence .

            If not, it seems to fit.

        • If Trump had won the popular vote and lost the EC, the outcry would be 100x anything Democrats are doing.

          • Lawerence Collins

            The Democrats have been well trained and paid to be losers.
            Just look to Barney Franks comment on not taking life keep lobbyists and donor money.

          • The Return of Traxley

            But they’re justified in doing that because Crooked Hillary got on her private server and hacked all the voting machines herself!!!

          • Gianni

            That is so true! The whining and bitching and recount demands would be deafening.

          • Ragnar Lothbrok

            You left off 23 zeros

        • Chucktech
          • The Return of Traxley

            Uh…. gross.

        • JPH

          Worrying about “bad optics” is one reason that we get our asses handed to us. Republicans don’t give a fuck about bad optics and look where they are now.

      • Marc

        Might as well do the recounts and see what happens. Republicans are going to paint us as sore losers one way or the other.

        • Jeantbyrne2

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      • Lawerence Collins

        Those would be the same Democratic thinking that lost Clinton the election in the first place. The same ones blaming everyone and everything but the DNC and Clinton.

      • Daniel Jenkins

        They’d rather have the two-party system remain in place than allow a third party to shine the light on any wrongdoing. Democrats always cave while dutifully playing the “good cop” to the GOP “bad cop.”

    • To be sure, I still think Stein is a crank. But I’m not a purist. If Stein can in anyway help drag the GOP down, I’m in.

      • Gianni

        In this case, I’m also given to going with that. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      Also, it’s not tax money. The money is from people who voluntarily gave to it.

      • Lazycrockett

        Don’t hear a word from Faux when tax money is gonna be used to pay what’s left of the Carrier workers do ya?

        • The Return of Traxley

          Over eight grand to retain OWN worker, paid for by the public.

          And there’s NO guarantee Carrier won’t change it’s mind (or had already planned) to leave Indiana. It’s like a kidnapper who gets the ransom but kills the victim anyway.

          • Dave_in_PDX

            Carrier already has come out and stated that 1300 jobs are still moving to Mexico. I can’t remember the exact numbers, but Trump little scheme saved roughly 800 of the 1100 additional jobs that were slated to leave. 300 of those 1100 jobs were R&D jobs and were never slated to be moved to Mexico in the first place.

            Besides, why isn’t anyone touting Obama for saving 805,000 jobs from the auto industry when it was bailed out. This PR stunt from Trump makes me totally ill to have to constantly listen to. It doesn’t even hold a candle to what Obama has accomplished. And Trump has now caused an issue where companies will now threaten to leave unless they receive the same tax subsidies that Carrier received under this supposed “deal”. That will then turn into a bully match and Trump will then threaten tariffs. There goes free trade.

            My guess is that there were contract promises also made to Carriers parent company for future Federal contracts. Knowing Trump, that’s exactly how it went down. The tax breaks were orchestrated by Pence. He of course remained Gov just long enough to get this through and show that they were keeping their campaign promises. It smells and is disgusting any way you look at it.

          • Lazycrockett

            Obama’s Black. That’s why.

          • The Return of Traxley

            Republicans, including Donnie, were against the auto bailout because they believed that the government “shouldn’t be in the business of picking winners and losers.”

            However, nobody said much about bailing out the banks that were “too big to fail.”

            Fucking lying hypocrites.

      • Xiao Ai

        I’d rather it be tax money. At least it’s going to education instead of war.

    • cleos_mom

      “Taking the high road” has been about as fruitful as “being the better person.”

      • Skeptical_Inquirer

        It’s just intensely aggravating. Where the hell are the attack dogs?

      • Exactly. And what has that gotten us? Nothing.

      • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

        Along with “Cheaters never prosper”.

    • Gerry Fisher

      Recounting in a close election is not a “sore loser” response. It’s part of our system–or should be.

    • SoCalGal20

      And your friends’ attitude (and many in the DNC) is why Dems can’t have nice things.

      I know it’s difficult for many Dems to not be nice and not take the high road but there’s a line that’s been crossed in this election. No more sitting back and being nice.

      • Moebym of the Rebel Alliance

        The thing is, these two are not people who voted for Hillary reluctantly or just out of fear of Trump. One is my close, long-time friend, and loyal supporter of Hillary even in Bernie-obsessed Seattle. The other is a lifelong Democrat who caucused for Hillary, and who I got to know while both of us were volunteering for her campaign.

    • Gianni

      Ohhh…..we wouldn’t want to look like sore losers now, would we. The Reps might stop liking us as much as they do.

    • 2patricius2

      Agree 100% with you.

    • Christopher Street

      Last I checked Jill Stein was a member of the Green party not the Democrats.

    • JPH

      The recounts may ultimately prove a waste of time, if they even happen, but we are not sore losers for wanting some follow up on what has proven to be very suspect qualities to the outcome of the vote.

    • Trog

      The Dems always seem eager to give up and play nice (they never really went to battle for LGBTQ rights–those were mostly the result of activists and courts).

      And the Dems never really promote their successes.

      I donated to Stein’s recount campaign, and not because I think Hillary will win–though that’d be awesome–but because I want voter integrity. I mean, why not double check. The numbers have already changed quite a bit.

      • Moebym, Resistance Pilot

        I was just thinking of how, if anything’s going to change for the better, good people like us should get loud and demand to be seen and acknowledged. No one hears us because we barely speak up in our own defense.

  • The_Wretched

    Were the vote free, fair and easily audit-able, I”m not sure Trump would have the EC. Evenso, the recounts are worth doing so we can see where errors and crimes happened in order to have better elections later. This is governance 101 Wallace.

    • Gianni

      Besides, there are those millions of illegals who voted in this election. Trump’s crystal ball says so. That being the case, for his own peace of mind, we need to uncover all this fraud that took place. I like the idea mainly because it really rankles him. Plus, if that pop vote divide grows more in Hillary’s favor, he’ll be furious.

  • Xiao Ai

    I’ll point out that, in the polling place where I worked we were unable even to use our disabled voter machine. It was the only machine in fact that we had. It went down due to a printer issue at 6AM. Fuck you, Chris Wallace.

  • HZ81

    The right is sure nothing will change but they keep attacking recounting efforts. Okay, guys., Sure.

  • bkmn

    Gee Chris, then why are so many worried about what a recount in Michigan might find?

  • DaddyRay

    Why not the same questions for McCrory in NC

    • Yixing’s Fluffer

      He has the luxury of hiding behind Art Pope’s front groups and the state board of elections.

    • Exactly. And I’m fine with that recount as well. Count all the votes. My fear in NC is that if he can get a judge to rule that the election is contested, they can throw the election to the legislature which is strongly Republican.

  • Yixing’s Fluffer

    Damnit. I hate that Fox News has no trouble calling people/ideas out, but every other news organization feels the need to coddle obvious lies or lunacy. And the public editor of the NYT still can’t stop blaming readers or the public for her terrible, terrible decisions.

    • SoCalGal20

      Liz Spayd is the fucking worst. Public editor, my ass.

  • Dave Babler

    Who the hell cares if they don’t change anything. I’m sorry but with something as important as an election, recounts and audits should be regular practice. In fact, after any election a computer should randomly select precincts for hand recounts and every precinct should be audited, every time.

    • Lazycrockett

      1,000,000 upvotes. Today’s internet is over.

  • Lazycrockett
    • HZ81

      Indeed. We’ve got 2,567,625 reasons for a recount now.

    • Tangentially related: So when people post factual stuff on twitter about how Hillary actually won the popular votes it only gets 100s of like. But when people post blatant lies about million of illegal voters, it gets 100000s of likes. Why do I think there’s a twitter bot out there making it look like conservative views are more popular?

      • McSwagg

        I think you just found dRumpf’s millions of illegal votes.

    • Moebym of the Rebel Alliance
  • karen in kalifornia

    Don’t forget to mention that “millions of people voted illegally” so have to check the count. he haw.

  • DesertSun59

    Funny how the Trump campaign is .:terrified:. that the results will be produced. No wonder they sued to call it to a halt despite the fact that Dr. Stein raised plenty of cash to manage the entire issue to completion.

    • fuzzybits

      Sort of like those pesky tax returns no one has seen.

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      It’s like the Streisand effect. If Trump had shrugged and said, “Proceed, losers” calmly and the media cheerily said, “Go on,whatever,” people wouldn’t side eyeing the election so hard now.

  • Silver Badger

    It’s pretty obvious the pence campaign stole another election, or is trying to. Why else all the fear?

  • I strongly support counting all the votes. We have a long practice of stopping the count when it’s not possible for the remaining votes to change the outcome, especially with overseas and absentee ballots. I think that sends a very bad message to voters that their vote doesn’t matter. Considering the embarrassingly low turnout even in elections where the turnout is considered “high” (like 2008) I don’t think that’s a good message to send. That said, the chances that this three state recount will flip all three states is very slim. I support it because I think accuracy is important, but I don’t think it will change the EC outcome.

  • Gianni

    As far as I’m concerned, as useless for changing anything any recounts may be, the bitch in me loves anything that burrows into Donald’s skin and gets him riled and distracted.

    • Silver Badger

      Oh yess. I am in close contact with my inner bitch. We both detest trump.

      • Gianni

        It’s gotten to the point that if I had to choose between Trump and Kellyanny Turdpolisher as to which I detest the most, I don’t think I could pick one over the other.

        • cleos_mom

          Just ask yourself which is the host and which the parasite.

          • Gianni

            True. As long as we have a host, we’ll have a parasite.

    • Ore Carmi

      The bitch in me loves anything that has even the slimmest chance of changing the outcome of this election!

  • IamM

    They complain an awful lot about recounts that they say are only going to confirm the legitimacy of their win. I mean unless they actually did rig the vote count the recounts are almost certain to confirm Trump’s winning of the electoral vote, plus it’s the only way to verify the trust we’ve been giving to our election process almost entirely on faith til now, so it’s really strange on both levels that they’re bitching so much about it.

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      Yes, they’re acting like it’ll cost them something. Hmmmm.

  • Michael R

    Chris Wallace really embarrassed himself here .
    He’s disgusting .

  • Queequeg

    Even if it doesn’t change the outcome,at least it shows Trump that he is despised by a large portion of the country. Stein raised millions of dollars in record time to finance the recount. That is a big “fuck you” to Trump.

    • justmeeeee

      And if they find that somehow the electronic voting was fucked with, it’s a whole new ball game.

  • justmeeeee

    Wait a minute–now I’m getting spam on disqus? What a world; what a world!

  • BobSF_94117

    Well, look at that! Chris Wallace can be combative! Who knew?

  • petewestcentral

    Jill Stein held her own in that interview. Strong, intelligent — did not permit more than a bit of nipping at her ankles. Very good.

  • SilasMarner

    If the shoe were on the other foot, you know Damn well Trump and the GOP would ask for recounts Mr. Wallace, so STFU!

  • Ore Carmi

    Hundreds of thousands of votes in California not getting counted during the primaries? What is she talking about? Anybody know?