NORTH CAROLINA: Durham County Begins Recount

The Raleigh News & Observer reports:

Durham County will begin recounting ballots on Saturday afternoon, moving the date from Sunday to comply with an order from state elections officials to complete the task by Monday night.

The Durham County Board of Elections scheduled an emergency meeting for 11 a.m. Saturday and planned to begin the recount at 1 p.m. After the State Board of Elections set a 7 p.m. Monday deadline, Durham officials asked for an extension to complete the recount but the state board denied the request.

The state board voted 3-2 along party lines Wednesday to order a machine recount of votes cast during early voting and at several precincts in Durham County, backing a request from Republicans and Gov. Pat McCrory’s campaign.

The three Republicans on the board voted for the recount, saying that the late addition of about 90,000 votes to the statewide tally on election night constituted an “irregularity.” The state board’s decision overturned the Durham County Board of Elections, also controlled by Republicans, which had rejected the recount request as baseless.

Earlier this week McCrory declared that he will drop his demand for a statewide recount if Durham County’s recount produces no change.

  • bkmn

    Once this is over and done I hope we can permanently retire this asshat.

    • Sam_Handwich

      trump will appoint him Pussy Czar

  • WitlessProtection

    “Earlier this week McCrory declared that he will drop his demand for a statewide recount if Durham County’s recount produces no change.”

    Or if it goes against him any further…

    • SelectFromWhere

      Of course, it’s very likely that the total will change by a handful of votes–will he be petty and say “Aha! The totals changed! On to the state recount?” I wouldn’t put it past him. Meanwhile, we taxpayers get to pay for all of this…

  • William

    Let it go Lois.

  • Homo Erectus

    Maybe Duke Energy will hire him back as chief defender of “coal ash mounds next to the river”. What could go wrong?

  • Bj Lincoln

    One county’s recount is going to be so off that McCrory will be Gov. again? Riiiiight.

    • SoCalGal20

      What I want to know is if Cooper’s lead grows ftom the Durham County recount will he give up lol?

      • SelectFromWhere

        So far, all of the recounting he has insisted on in the past few weeks has only made Cooper’s lead grow, eventually surpassing the 10,000 differential that allows a statewide recount.

  • Rebecca Gardner
    • Bj Lincoln

      That is scary. I would be pulling my kids out and homeschooling them the old fashioned way. Without God.

      • Falconlights

        Same here if I had kids.

    • we’re still here

      If she wants to live under a king in a magic world in the sky, she should go live there. But she will not be taking the rest of us with her.

    • TrollopeReader

      I thought you were taking the weekend off from news and stuff?!!

      • Silver Badger

        It’s hard to take time off. Please remember, we are at WAR. War does not let you take time off because you’re burnt out. (friendly advice from one who likes your posts.)

        • TrollopeReader

          oh i know … but she was going to take a long bike ride yesterday and decompress a bit ! (which we all need to do at times) thanks for liking my posts!~

      • Dramphooey

        Yeah, and I was going to bed like five times Election night!

      • Rebecca Gardner

        I’m still home. Had to get a new tire on my motorcycle and some service before my trip. Will be leaving later and avoiding all news. 😀

    • joe ho

      And with Trump’s SCOTUS picks teacher-led Christian prayers will be back in the public schools.

    • Nychta

      Why can’t God advance his own silly kingdom? I mean, he’s God, right? He should be able to do anything by executive fiat.

      • John30013

        Sort of like Obama did?

        • Franciscan

          We couldn’t allow God to exceed His authority like that…

      • gothambear

        Let’s give him credit for destroying Tony Perkins’ house in the Louisiana flood!

      • cleos_mom

        The biblical god is rather obviously an Earth-bound one. He had to send scouts to report back to him on the moral climate of a city (Sodom) and, in general, is a prisoner of his own rules (“God can’t forgive without a blood sacrifice”).

    • Gigi

      How will gutting the public school system and funneling government funds to private schools for white, fundamentalist Talibangelists advance anything?

      • Lumpy Gaga

        Your average teabagger had three orgasms before your sentence got to “Talibangelist”.

        So, why ask why?

      • Falconlights

        It advances their agenda. Now they will be able to brainwash their kids–using our tax dollars to do it. The American people who oppose this bullshit NEED to band together. Maybe the people in Washington are willing to let the country over to these bastards. But I’m willing to bet a hell of a lot of us out here don’t want to see our country in enemy hands.

  • S1AMER

    There will probably be far, far fewer votes to count in future North Carolina elections, given that the Republican super majories in the General Assembly are likely to pass even more outrageously restrictive voter limitations next year. (And I wouldn’t be surprised to see voter suppression laws coming out of the federal Congress in the coming years.)

    Students, non-white people, get together and work harder for Democrats. Or give up on ever voting again.

  • FAEN

    OMFG-Give it up already McBigot.

  • Dirk Prophet

    Count away. If it’s good to count votes, it’s good to count votes.

    But machines? Machines rarely change a count when you press the button a second time. Unless…

    • SelectFromWhere

      The whole issue was a fubar in some of the machines’ tallying mechanisms; for election night, they had to use paper printouts. What’s very suspicious to me is that *six* such machines all happened in the more Democratic county in the state. But the (Rep) Board of Elections in Durham county doesn’t even think they will change significantly. Meanwhile, that county really needs more/new voting machines! It’s not the first time there have been “mysterious” voting machine problems in that one (very Blue) county. Now that we’ll have a Dem governor, all of the boards of Elections will have Dem majorities again.

      • Dirk Prophet

        National elections, new national voting machines with hard copy backup.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      I know. I was watching a report about Philly’s “recount”.

      “Press the button again!”


  • Sam_Handwich

    was just browsing NC election results. pleased to see that the Dem candidates also won Sec of State and A.G.

    also, Cooper beat McCrappy by about 2 to 1 in Mecklenburg county, where Charlotte is

    • TrollopeReader

      i wonder if they will have “live” updates this afternoon?

    • SelectFromWhere

      The Sec of State is a popular incumbent; we’d *really* have been in trouble if she lost.
      NC actually typically votes more Dem than Rep in statewide elections–the fact that the Rep Lt Gov won this time is an anomaly and likely due to a very lackluster campaign by his opponent and lots of money for him. It means we’ll have a Dem governor and a Rep Lt Governor which will be odd–Cooper better watch his back for assassins.
      Yes, the Secy of State race is a particular relief because Josh Stein has long been a friend to the LGBT folks (he was a state Senator representing downtown Raleigh including the gayborhood) and the guy he beat is one of the authors of odious HB2. That was a true “Good vs Evil” race.
      It’s still going to be hard to make much change with the ridiculously gerrymandered state legislative map the way it is, through that is going to get changed next year in a special election.

      • ajchar

        It was a wacko election. I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard Cooper (Gov), Stein (AG), and Marshall (Sec of State) won. Plus Woods for Auditor to keep the Republican Treasurer honest.

        Lunatic Pat seems to think the Dems were cheating. Get a clue, buy a vowel, Pat. If they were going to cheat they would have done a better job and the state would have gone for HRC and Senator Ross. He’s just mad that enthusiastic, crazy defense of HB2 that the psychos in the Legislature passed cost him the election.

  • Paula

    I will be very surprised if he drops this matter. He is going to drag this out as long as he possibly can. He won’t be satisfied until a court rules he is still governor.

    • fuzzybits

      We learned that with Miss Rowan County.

  • SoCalGal20
    • Moebym of the Rebel Alliance

      He does NOT care for Stein voters at all. Good for him. As I recall, he told one Stein voter he’d punch him if it weren’t illegal.

      • Dramphooey

        I loved that piece by him. It was the first paragraph and he said that something struck him about the arrogance of the person speaking to him so he asked him who he voted for. “Well, Stein, but …” and he cut him off. I loved it.

        • Mamierrathbun

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    • ericxdc

      love that – and his comment a bit further down. So true. So pathetic.

  • dcurlee

    As you republicans say about the presidential election. Give it up you lost


    And he’ll still lose, both literally and figuratively.

  • TrollopeReader

    O/T bad warehouse party fire in Oakland …. lots of unaccounted for attendees and nine dead.

    • fuzzybits

      Oh wow,that’s terrible.

    • Silver Badger

      Thanks for the information.

    • SoCalGal20

      I saw a story that said that makeshift stairs were made from wooden pallets and that at least 15 people are missing. Awful.

      • TrollopeReader

        and that there were manikins there (sp?) that made rescue somewhat unnerving …

        • fuzzybits

          Sounds like it was an artist space and residence.

    • fuzzybits
    • Moebym of the Rebel Alliance

      How much tragedy can be crammed into one year?

      (Just so you know, 2016, this is NOT a challenge.)

      • TrollopeReader

        one of my doctors is a very mellow, wholesome nerdy type (in a good way) … the other day he said “Fuck 2016” ….

        • zhera

          Last weekend I rewatched ‘The Martian’. At one point Matt Damon says ‘Fuck you, Mars’.

          He got out of there. We’ll get out of 2016 but will it be as victorious as in the movie? Doubtful.

          Anyway… Fuck you, 2016.

          • Lumpy Gaga

            He got out of there.

            Spoiler alerts, please…..

          • zhera

            Old movie. Deal with it.

          • Beagle

            I wish I could believe that 2017 will be better….

      • Lumpy Gaga

        New Year’s Eve is gonna be teh BOMB!

        • Moebym of the Rebel Alliance

          Despite what I said, I’m still hoping for either a supervolcano eruption or a meteor strike.

          • canoebum

            Keep your hopes up. Yellowstone is 40,000 years overdue.

          • Moebym of the Rebel Alliance

            Fingers crossed.

    • Silver Badger

      The thumbs up for the information.

    • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

      Anyone with information about attendees are supposed to contact the Sherriff’s department to help identify the dead and locate the missing.

    • SelectFromWhere

      There’s a whole thread posted specifically about that.

  • Silver Badger

    Instead of dropping his demand, McCrory should do us all a favor and simply drop dead. (Of natural causes, of course. Perhaps terminal Syphilis.)

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    How the fuck do we make him stop?

  • Michael McReavy
  • zhera

    Yes, early votes added to the D’s. That’s old news, and you knew it would happen before the election, which is why you tried your best at suppress early voting.

    Sore loser is sore. And a loser.

    • Falconlights

      You know, I’ve pretty much always disliked the Rethuglican Party, after this last election, I loathe and despise them, along with their con artist candidate and his slut wife.

    • Falconlights

      All you have to do to figure the Rethugs out is to see what they DON’T want and work like hell to get that in play, like early voting, vote-by-mail, etc.

  • Dale082

    I live in this little liberal island in a sea of fucking idiots, and I can tell you that the recount is a waste of time. We always vote overwhelmingly Democratic.

    • SelectFromWhere

      They’re hoping to find enough “Questionable” ballots to throw out, not necessarily find more R ones. But they aren’t going to find 10K, or even 1 K.

    • Chris Baker

      Would be nice to say, “yea, you asshat, you REALLY did lose”.

  • Silver Badger

    Does America’s election thief think *this* recount is a waste of time and money?

    • Falconlights

      Of course not. It’s Rethuglicans doing the asking.

  • LovesIrony

    Pat, time to throw the towel in in the Governors race and throw your hood into the Grand Wizard race.

  • rednekokie

    Betcha it doesn’t — and he doesn’t either!