Tony Perkins: Louisiana’s Governor Wants To Ban Gay-Hating Christians From Getting State Contracts

Via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

Government contracts available: Christians need not apply! That’s the unofficial motto of Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards (D), who’s taken it upon himself to exclude people of faith from partnerships with the state. In an executive order eerily similar to Barack Obama’s, Louisiana’s liberal governor decreed that any company or organization that wants to contract with the state government has to first adopt special privileges for people who identify as LGBT — including the unsafe (and unpopular!) policies on gender-free bathrooms and showers. Essentially, he gave applicants a choice: surrender their beliefs to partner with the government or make themselves ineligible by operating according to their faith.

Fortunately for Louisiana, Attorney General Jeff Landry saw the move for what it was: an attack on the First Amendment rights of Louisiana citizens. No free country — least of all America — should punish faith-based contractors for exercising their constitutional freedoms in hiring and firing. So Landry rejected dozens of state legal contracts, prompting Governor Edwards to sue Landry in state court. A judge sided with Landry in October, stating that the governor cannot force the attorney general to approve legal contracts.

But that wasn’t the end. This week, a second case was heard — this time a lawsuit brought against Edwards by Landry on the issue of executive overreach. The case, heard Tuesday by 19th Judicial District Court Judge Todd Hernandez, was a testy one (and at nine hours, long), as the state’s top officials duked it out over the fundamental principle of religious liberty. Elizabeth Murrill, solicitor general for Landry, told the court the governor’s directive “makes law. And that is an unconstitutional act.” Landry himself has been very clear, “I will not cower to executive overreach; rather, I will continue to defend our Constitution and the will of the people.”

Governor Edwards, meanwhile, insists that the attorney general is “is on the wrong side of the law and the wrong side of history on this issue,” which is laughable, since he’s the one trying to sidestep the legislative process by issuing an executive order in the first place! Let Governor Edwards know you’re fed up with his lawlessness. Tell him it’s time for the Left to stop penalizing people of faith! No one should be required to choose between doing business with the state or violating their conscience.

  • AtticusP

    “Tony Perkins: Louisiana’s Governor Wants To Ban Gay-Hating Christians From Getting State Contracts”

    And this is a bad thing because…?

    • Gerontophile

      I think that “JOE” agrees with it, but this article refers to Tony Perkins press release. It took me a while to work it out.

      • AtticusP

        Oh, believe me: I know where Joe stands politically. I was just saying that this news isn’t really “news” to me.

        I meant no disparagement of Joe.

  • Lazycrockett

    If I was a christian I might take issue with me wishing death on people so often.

  • Oikos

    If only.

  • another_steve

    The erosion of the separation between Church and State here in the U.S. is the major crisis affecting all non-theofascist Americans.

    It’s gonna get worse — much worse — with the Trump monster as President.

    • SFBruce

      And to add to the disgust, Trump isn’t religious himself; I truly believe he doesn’t really care all that much about gay people, one way or the other. He just sees kicking us to the curb as a way to enhance his never ending thirst for attention, mass idolization and power.

      • another_steve

        Perfect comment, Bruce.

        I agree with every word of it.

        • Ninja0980

          Just wait until they start passing laws dealing with adultery.. Trump will turn on them in a heartbeat.

          • another_steve

            I would do adultery, if I had the energy.

            I live with a manbeast-ravisher and can barely keep up with that, however.

          • I don’t think he will he will use them and use them and use them and if anybody points the finger at him will just lie. That’s what he does he lies

      • ColdCountry

        Trump does not care about ANYONE, except maybe some of his family. He will do whatever is expedient, regardless of who he hurts.

        • Jon

          He’s really only into Ivanka.

        • NancyP

          Yes, he is the classic manipulative narcissist. I cannot believe that people fell for him. The first time I encountered a video clip of him, I thought to myself “slimy used car salesman”.

          • Debraarodriguez

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      • McSwagg

        Don’t forget $$$$$ …

    • Ninja0980

      Would have been worse with any Republican in office, not just Trump.

  • Treant

    I wish.

    As a sidenote, I give it about six months before Fox reports Trump’s latest fuckup with “Democratic President Donald Trump…”

  • fuzzybits
    • another_steve

      I am blessed with a cat who is an immaculate user of her litter box. Not all cats are, but my girl is.

      Of course, she and I have an understanding.

      You shit or piss on the floor, you die.

      • Acronym Jim

        Well, that would certainly teach you not to drink too much and forget where the bathroom is.

  • Mike C

    Oh, is he? Awesome. When and where do I donate to his reelection campaign?

    • Moebym of the Rebel Alliance

      Donate to Foster Campbell’s instead.

      • Mike C

        Oh yeah, done.

  • sherman

    The government has been “penalizing people of faith” for decades. The problem is you’re still butt hurt that you can’t have whites only lunch counters and neighborhoods, offending your deeply held religious beliefs that your god wanted to separate the races.

  • for anyone who thinks god doesn’t make mistakes…exhibit a) tony perkins.

    • McSwagg

      … or, as many traditions have it, god is a trickster.

  • Friday

    Hey, Pinocchio-face Perkins: No, treating all employees fairly is not “Christians need not apply,” ….you Christianists and Islamists wanting special rights to overtly discriminate against others do not *own* ‘people of faith,’ and it certainly isn’t ‘special privileges for LGBT people’ not to have to pay your lot out of taxpayer funds so you can play Inquisition in your wealthy businesses.

  • we’re still here

    40,000 denominations of christianity but Perkins thinks that the only version that matters is his.

    • another_steve

      And they all copied from us Jews. They stole from us.

      Like, where’s the copyright protections?

      Do not I and my ancestors deserve royalties or something?

      • madknits

        Honey, the copyright expired a long-ass time ago.
        It’s all public domain now.

      • Uncle Mark

        And they have added a whole new section to it as well, but apparently haven’t read the new section, let alone much of old copy written for the Jews.

        • another_steve

          Lol. I’m a cultural — not a religious — Jew, but I like to goof around on this stuff. 😉

          There was nothing wrong with the original (what the goyim refer to as the “old”) testament.

          Okay… so there’s a bit of mishegas in there with regard to certain sexes sleeping with certain sexes — and mixed clothing fabrics and shit — but my scribe people had bad days too…yes?

          Who among those reading here haven’t had the occasional bad day?

          • Uncle Mark

            Yep, too many of those “Christians” grab their favorite parts of the OT without understanding the historical context. (It explains a lot for those writings.) I’m still trying to understand why so many of those “Christians” who only seem to know cherry-picked excerpts from the 5 Books of Moses, yet seem to have problems with Jews too. (Yeah, I know that whole Jesus crucifying thing is their lame excuse, but Jesus and his gang were Jewish too. What an angry, confused & contradictory lot these “Christians” are.)

          • another_steve

            In Jewish cultural/religious circles we say among ourselves this:

            If the goyim think we killed their god and by doing so brought salvation to humankind, why don’t they love and adore us?

            Why, like, don’t I get a daily gift delivery with a note that says, “Thank you, Jew, for bringing us salvation”?

          • Statistics Palin

            “Salvation is from the Jews.”
            John 4:22
            Of course a Jew said that- Jesus.

          • McSwagg

            I never bought into the Abrahamic (Jewish/Christian/Muslim) condemnation, so I don’t need the Abrahamic salvation.

          • another_steve

            Neither have I and neither do I, McSwagg.

            But I think it’s human nature to await a messiah. Someone who will save us, rescue us, from the abyss. Human nature species-wise as well as in our personal lives.

            Who among us has not greeted a new love with the thought, “This one will be the one. This one will be the one who rescues me from my sorrows.”

          • McSwagg

            Sorry, I don’t buy into the Messiah bit either, whether based in religion or secular nature. Not all spirituality is based in guilt and sin. Many actually celebrate the wonder of the universe as a positive thing.

            To me, the need to believe in a god or gods is simply the inability to admit “I don’t know” to any number of questions, from the personal to the universal, combined with the attempt to con others by claiming that you and your group alone have the “true” answers. The need for someone to “save” you from your troubles is rooted in an inability to accept and take responsibility dealing with your own circumstances, even if you didn’t create that situation. I find that this “human nature” that you speak of has been cultivated in our species, especially Western culture, by those who want to control us and they have been very successful in this for millennia. I don’t find that yearning for a “savior” is in any way innate to our fundamental nature.

            My view is based in my understanding of numerous non-Abrahamic spiritual paths that simply do not have these concepts and constructs as a part of their world view.

            I find it quite telling that the Party of “Personal Responsibility” needs a god and a savior to “take responsibility” for them. As our psychologist friends tell us, it’s all projections of their own inadequacies and insecurities.

          • another_steve

            Interesting, McSwagg. You’ve obviously thought long and hard on this stuff, and are an articulate spokesperson for your school of thought. Thanks for sharing your insights with me.

            Our thoughts intersect in some ways and conflict in others.

            “Not all spirituality is based in guilt and sin. Many actually celebrate the wonder of the universe as a positive thing.”

            Absolutely. I’m Philosophically Daoist and celebrate the wonder of all things. All things.

            The things we think of as being “good” as well as the things we think of as being “bad.”

            “To me, the need to believe in a god or gods is simply the inability to admit “I don’t know”…”

            I agree.

            When asked to categorize my spiritual belief set, I say that I’m an Apathetic Agnostic.

            “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

            “I don’t find that yearning for a “savior” is in any way innate to our fundamental nature.”

            There we disagree.

            I embrace our human fragility. I consider fragility to be part of the Way of Things.

            Sometimes we are strong. Sometimes we are not.

          • McSwagg

            I don’t discount human fragility, I just don’t think it automatically leads to a yearning for a savior figure. I see that as an easy psychological denial of reality. We can accept and embrace human fragility and work with things the way they are, acknowledging that we are often powerless or impotent to significantly change our situations or circumstances, without fantasizing about someone to rescue us. Sometimes, we can improve things by our own efforts, but things do not always get better, evidenced by the simple fact that we all eventually die. That may sound fatalistic, but it is a truth of life. Neither do I believe without evidence in an afterlife or reincarnation. We have one life to live to the best of our ability. That is the Way of Things that I embrace.

          • another_steve

            Thanks for this thoughtful exchange, McSwagg. Much appreciated.

            I’m not a theist and don’t look to gods for the answer.

            That said, I think I understand the human urge to seek out gods.

          • Mark

            In light of the recent….I must ask: Occasional?
            (I think I can count 1 ‘sorta good’ day since 11/8.)

          • another_steve

            Well I suspect that’s because you don’t do Beefeater martinis, Mark.

          • Mark

            You’re right there. I may…and even that’s iffy….have a beer up at the casino in Oklahoma once or twice a year….but past that, I don’t drink. Spent too many years with an abusive alcoholic….and stood at the end of a friend’s bed as they unplugged. Dead from alcohol poisoning. So, my relationship with a good stiff drink is at best strained. I’m ok with it.

          • another_steve

            Alcohol in excess is very bad, Mark. I have a couple of drinks every day, but that’s it. If I sense I’m getting sloppy, I stop. (Well, almost always. lol)

            I do however believe in the old custom/tradition that has a person taking a medicinal “shot,” a jigger, of booze every day. My maternal and paternal grandparents brought that custom with them when they emigrated from Eastern Europe to the states. One shot of whisky a day, for each of them.

            They all lived into their 80s. And that was in the 1970s — which was pretty good back then. 😉

          • William

            It made sense to avoid shellfish when living in the middle of a desert. Oysters carried in by camel caravan should be avoided.

          • another_steve

            Absolutely. And to eat pig meat thousands of years ago was, shall we say, a bit risky. It’s still risky today, if the pig wasn’t 100 percent healthy prior to slaughter and/or isn’t cooked adequately.

            Best for the Deity in Charge to suggest you not eat those things, back then. 😉

      • Matthew Delemos

        That won’t work, the Jewish people would then need to repay what they too, ripped off. Goes all the way back to Sumeria.

        • olandp

          Akhenaten did the one god long before the Sumerians.

        • another_steve

          This is true in certain historical instances, Matthew. The illegal Israeli settlements at issue in the Mideast today represent the theft of land.

          I’m culturally Jewish and acknowledge that, 100 percent.

      • Cattleya1

        I want my cut too – I got all the guilt and none of the benefits.

        • another_steve

          I assume you do the food, yes? Do you never eat a good knish?

          And please don’t tell me you don’t do gefilte fish.

          • Cattleya1

            Potato kugel for Rosh Hashanah, latkes with applesauce and sour cream for Hanukkah, and yes gefilte fish at Pesach. A different recipe of brisket at all three. you couldn’t buy a knish when I was growing up in KY… But, I make challah to die for.

          • another_steve

            Being a Jew in Kentucky must be quite the challenge.

            I make challah too. For some reason it took me a long time to get the final egg brushing down pat, but I mastered it. Still not sure if I prefer it with poppy seeds though.

            I once mentioned gefilte fish in a comment here on JMG and had to deal with several angry replies severely dissing the delicacy. Some goyim feel very strongly on the subject, or so it seems.

            Brisket, I of course love. But I don’t make it because all I have to do is remind my sister that our dead mother was a master of it and out of guilt and remorse, my sister will make it for me and my husband the next night.

          • Cattleya1

            I don’t do seeds – challah is too beautiful with just the egg wash to mess up with poppy seeds. At Pesach, we always had my grandfather’s dry-rub corned beef. I have the recipe and since I live in teabagistan, all my friends are repubs. Yet they come every spring and eat the corned beef – it really is the best I have ever had. A few of them eat the gefilte fish too – I make it from scratch. Perhaps, being a secular Jew is easier.

          • another_steve


            I am SO jealous. My bubbe did that. My mother tried. She was terrible at it.

            A good corned beef is, without doubt, the best meat dish ever devised by humankind.

            Served with the right mustard, of course.

          • Cattleya1

            Sure do! They are as easy to make as any small dumpling. You just need lots of bones and fish heads for the stock. I can have them ready in 1/2 hour with a food processor. It takes more of my time poaching them. The coarse Grey Poupon mixed with some mayonnaise is divine on my corned beef.

          • another_steve

            I’m married to a shegetz (a very good one), but he’s not 100 percent into the gefilte fish. So to spend that time and effort preparing it for him from scratch…hmm…I dunno.

            He’ll eat it out of the bottle, but only reluctantly.

          • Cattleya1

            The bottled stuff is awful. Make him some good ones.

  • Butch

    Yes, “eerily” similar. Requiring that gay people be treated like people. The horror.

  • ColdCountry

    Ya know, there are any number of Christians – I know several – who are NOT bigots, and I resent the fact that Perkins insinuates that if you are Christian, you are a bigot. Enough non-Christians do that, why is he trying to damage his own brand?

    Yeah, yeah, I know….

    • Friday

      More than that, he claims “people of faith” of any kind are synonymous with his Christian Dominionist hate-politics, particularly his demands to oppress LGBT people.

      • ColdCountry

        Yup. He truly is a narrow-minded, small-minded, near-sighted, raging bigot, who sees his own point of view as the only valid one. And the most prominent one.

    • JW Swift

      If you are a Christian who’s worthy of his (Tony’s) approval, then yes, you MUST also be a bigot.

      • ColdCountry

        And he, of course, thinks those are the only true Christians.

        • William

          They tend to think that only the members of their particular sect are “true Christians”. All others are misguided or possessed.

  • mikeinrkfd

    “Gender free showers” See they always build a lie on a partial truth. Tony is quite the whiny little bitch.

    • Mark

      “gender free shower”? I had no idea a shower was male or female. Tell me more about the male shower…..

  • JWC

    Tony Perkins, I can only percieve, is an intelligent man How he can take an item like this,that is inclusive and read it backwards to make it exclusive All this man said that it has to be opened to all!! Perkins, is the one throwing up the hurdles, saying ,in innuendo, that Christians cannot work along side LGBTQ or it sounds with anyone non white. This idiot hides it all behind religion! Pay your Church exempt tahes you fraud

  • eyechart

    Go home, Tony…oh, wait…

    • another_steve

      “Home,” for Tony, might soon be a White House office.

      • JWC

        that will Trumps next tease Getting Tony a position or into position Wouldn’t be a hoot if some young buck from tony’s past surfaced

        • another_steve

          His obsession with us and our community does suggest some unfinished / unresolved queer business on his part.

          Straight men who are secure in their straightness don’t obsess on things gay.

          • JWC

            he would not be the first Mega Bible Thumper to have a wet whistle in his past

          • another_steve

            I’m married to a very devout, very progressive, Christian.

            He’s very nice and very horny.

          • JWC

            as is my understanding what a Christian should be We were a farm Family from farm families (both sides)We did not attend church but or followed any type of organized religion (something I question at every turm) ALL this said we all turned out well

          • Uncle Mark

            You know a person of faith, would have other interests and organizations to help humanity. He has no organization that collects money for or takes care of:
            the homeless,
            the poor & needy,
            the sick,
            the elderly,
            the mentally ill,
            single mothers,
            counsels troubled marriages,
            counsels troubled families/children,
            creates community jobs

            Nope….none of that, which is supposed to be what a good Christian is supposed to care about. He simply has a lobbying org & legal org that he profits immensely from. Next time he (or his ilk) talks about Christian persecution and Christian belief, let’s remind them about how he’s ignoring so many other needs, yet taking hefty profits while wining & dining with pols about one or two issues that don’t effect his Christian base. It shuts people down fast.

  • madknits

    Geez, you have to be to the far right of Genghis Khan if you think Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards is a liberal.

  • Uncle Mark

    Tony, dear, it’s not just gay-hating Christians that get excluded from the contracts, but bigoted racists of all religious and nonreligious stripes. There are plenty of gay-friendly, nonracist, non-bigoted Christians, who can get those contracts. The problem is with you and your belief that your make-believe god made everyone, including the very people he has allegedly then told you to hate. I’m guessing that as a kid, your parents were always told that you “do not play nice with others” and you haven’t made any headway since.

  • JaniceInToronto

    Spin it Tony, spin it!

  • Nick Abner Poff

    I’m confused. I didn’t know Tony Perkins has a conscience.

    • agcons

      Put several exclamation marks at the end, then quotes around everything after the colon.

  • Lee Grupsmith-Pedersen

    Well technically speaking if they are gay-hating, they’re not really Christian. You know, whatever you do unto the least and all that.

  • JW Swift

    “…exclude people of faith…”

    Um, no. It’s not going to matter what you believe, only whether you discriminate or not. The two are not joined at the hip.

  • BlindBill

    I guess kkktony does not count the people who follow Christ – in that they do not want to discriminate against anyone – as Christians –

  • andrew

    Keep up the good fight Governor Edwards. Don’t let the bigots win.

  • EweTaw

    It’s so obvious that in Tony’s world there are only one kind of Christians: HIS kind of Christians. All the others are devil worshippers.

  • I’d be more willing to believe Perkins if there were any evidence that he had a conscience.

  • Mark

    Well of course he does. Look at the damned mess they’ve made of the state. Somebody has to clean out the turds.

  • Richard B

    Tony Perkins and his kind took a perfectly nice word, “Christian” and ruined it.

    • Gianni

      Turned it into something ugly and abusive.

  • CPT_Doom

    Oh, good, so Tony won’t mind when “Christians” refuse to recognize Melania as Donald’s wife?

  • Richard B

    yep! Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (my governor) is making certain knuckle-dragging hateful bigots don’t share in state business if they use religion to discriminate against law abiding LGBTQ folks.
    Any questions Tony ???

  • david fairfield

    Tony, special privileges, or… the same privileges? If you mean special, then you might look around and see who has those right now. Fucking shitwad.

  • twb6yz

    He presumes to speak for all Christians. There are plenty who consider themselves Christian who don’t discriminate that would be more than happy to apply.

  • Gianni

    Now, look! We, as Americans, have to protect religious freedom. Specifically, the freedom to use religion as a reason to stomp ass. However, please remember, the stomping is strictly limited to gay ass. As long as you adhere to that restriction, you’re off the hook for any possible legal repercussions.

  • Thomas Miller

    tony perkins is the super sad homophobe whos made it his lifelong ambition to destroy all civil rights for gay people,,kind of pathetic

  • Stev84

    And the problem is what exactly?