NORTH CAROLINA: NAACP Promises Massive Protests If State Lawmakers Interfere With Election Results

The Winston-Salem Chronicle reports:

If state lawmakers insert themselves into deciding North Carolina’s next governor, or changing the state Supreme Court to nullify Justice-elect Mike Morgan’s victory, there will be mass demonstrations and civil disobedience, promises N.C. NAACP President Rev. Dr. William Barber II.

“We believe either attempting to stack the Supreme Court or deciding the governor’s race in the legislature is, and would be, a major civil rights violation of the right to vote and equal protection under the law,” Barber told hundreds of demonstrators at the state Capitol in Raleigh. “We pledge to fight with every legal and moral tool we have, including, if necessary, mass civil disobedience.”

Barber joined the ranks of those concern that the Republican majority in the N.C. General Assembly would appoint two new justices to the state’s High Court in order to offset the 4-3 Democratic majority Morgan’s Election Day victory resulted in. Thus far, GOP legislative leaders claim that they haven’t discussed it with their caucuses.

And this happened late yesterday afternoon:

The North Carolina state elections board approved Gov. Pat McCrory’s appeal to recount the votes in Durham County, giving a glimmer of hope to his last-ditch attempt to win reelection. McCrory, a Republican, had claimed that inaccurate ballot machines prevented a proper tally of 90,000 early votes in Durham County, a liberal hotbed that swung the race to Democrat Roy Cooper at the eleventh hour on the night of the election.

Members of the state board said there was sufficient doubt in the outcome to justify recounting the results there, and overturned a November 18 decision by the Durham County elections board that rejected McCrory’s request for a recount. The state board, consisting of three Republicans and two Democrats, voted 3-2 along party lines to authorize the recount.

“It’s necessary that the public have faith and confidence in the system,” James Baker, a Republican board member, said at the hearing on Wednesday. “Let’s get it all out in the open.” The decision is good news for McCrory, who is facing calls to concede from opponents, including Cooper himself. His initial Election-Day deficit of about 4,500 votes has mushroomed to more than 10,000 as absentee and provisional ballots are tallied.

  • Bess Watts

    We need more Rev. Barber’s…

    • Clive Johnson

      Hell yeah!

    • Smiley456

      Never knew of Rev Barber until six (?) months ago per Rachael Maddow Show. What a wonderful, strong, forceful yet peaceful man. Amazing, just amazing individual.

  • Todd

    Good. All Cooper voters should rise up if the results are changed.

    Funny how recounts are okey dokey when the candidate is a Republican.

    • EweTaw

      It’s high larry us.

  • TMA

    I remember watching Rev. Barber’s speech at the DNC and being completely overcome by hope and emotion. Sad that it wound up being completely overshadowed by Khizr Khan, who spoke directly afterward. But yeah, who feels like taking a Megabus with me from here in NYC down to NC? People all round the nation must stand with this man.

    • TuuxKabin

      I can not go, but will gladly ‘scholarship’ the fare. Please reply with instructions to purchase a ticket or two.

      • TMA

        Will let you know if and when he starts calling for protests 🙂

        • TuuxKabin

          okay. reply here and we can set up a plan as needed. thanks!

    • Do you have a problem with Mr Khan? He sure as hell knows more about the constitution than the donald claims to know more about the military than the generals do.

      Sure agree with you about Rev Barber. I’m generally not a fan of “evangelical” pastors, but the people who are on the side of what we used to call “liberation theology” … well, I am a polytheistic type, and I’m all for him and his Moral Monday thing which has grown into lots of other good things.

      • TMA

        No, I don’t have a problem with Mr. Khan. Just wished Rev. Barber’s speech had received more play. “We must be the moral defibrillators of our time!” is a line for the ages, and one I will personally never forget.

  • Scott Fitler

    McCrory is like that last call pick up (not that I’ve ever had one cough cough) who left you with a bad case of the bugs in your sheets. You went to the drugstore to get stuff for your body, washed all your clothes and sheets and they still come back. You scrub the house all over and they still come back. Maybe this time…

    Again I do not speak from personal experience rather a friend of mine’s.

    • TJay229


      You won the comment section today!

    • FTW^^^^^

    • Bob Conti

      Would bug bombing him work? And agree with others, you won the interwebs today.

    • EweTaw

      You need that prescription stuff that’s a lanolin lotion mixed with Lindane.

    • McSwagg

      May I suggest a good flea collar for your friend (based on your Avatar).

  • bkmn

    Good, stand up to them early and often.

  • Acronym Jim

    Leonard J. Pitts recently published a disappointing opinion piece criticizing Jill Stein’s recount efforts.

    Between the 5,000 (and counting) increase in votes for Cooper in NC, and the 5,000 (and counting) decrease in Trump votes in WI (before the recount even started), Mr. Pitts should be considering rethinking his stance.

  • olandp

    So, Durham county is a “liberal hotbed” and McCrory thinks he is going to pick up enough votes to overcome a 10,000 vote deficit? Right.

  • Derrick Johns

    Reverend Barber II is a wonderful man. He helped make a victory for progressive North Carolinians on election night. Why didn’t that victory spill over for Hillary? Child, I’ve been suffering for 3 weeks now.

    • Porkie


    • Bob Conti

      I have mixed feelings about Barber. He came out with all guns blazing during the Duke LAX case before any of the facts came to light. When all charges were dismissed and Nifong, the D.A., was disbarred and detectives indicted for falsifying evidence, among other prosecutorial misddeds, there was no acknowledgment of the rush to judgment and demonizing. Of course, Nancy Grace did the same thing but I pretty much hate her just for being her. On the other hand, he’s accomplished a lot and certainly trying to push civil rights in certain portions of North Carolina (i.e., anywhere but Asheville and Charlotte) is a daunting task.

  • Moebym of the Rebel Alliance

    I’m an atheist, but I admire the hell out of Rev. Barber, and I’m thankful he’s on our side.

  • LovesIrony

    If you think the hb2 boycott is hurting you,..

  • fuow

    When the mother-fucking rethuglicans lose, they fight to the end. When we lose (better add here that I’m a Democrat, sigh), we spinelessly give in.

    • EweTaw

      Speak for yourself. I’m sitting on my porch with guns and ammo keeping the Alt-Right Mormons at bay. 🙂

      • glass

        You just need a bucket of sticks to shove in their bicycle spokes. 🙂

        • EweTaw

          When I go hiking up the canyon behind my house I always take an old aluminum ski pole. Bicyclists on mountain bikes always think the “No Bicycles Allowed” sign at the trail heads don’t apply to them. A ski pole is great for jamming in a front wheel as they try to zoom by and hit me. 😀

  • EweTaw

    Time for me to send another white guilt check to the NAACP. It, along with the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center all make my life a better place.

    • ChrisMorley

      You can truly be proud of demonstrating your solidarity. It’s an admirable quality.

  • JellyDonut

    Vile evil deplorable GOP!!

  • JCF

    I love this man: Barber is the shiznit!

    McCrory, get out of Cooper’s house! (that is, the People of North Carolina’s house, their Governor’s Mansion).