Reince Priebus: Jill Stein’s Fraudulent Recount Effort Is a Hypocritical Joke And Total Waste Of Time [VIDEO]

RealClearPolitics reports:

On this week’s edition of ‘Fox News Sunday,’ RNC Chairman and incoming White House chief-of-staff Reince Priebus says that the effort from Jill Stein’s campaign to recount votes in Michigan and Wisconsin is a waste of time, money and effort.

“It is a total and complete distractions and a fraud,” he said. “Look, they will waste our time. We will staff up with thousands of people, we will sit there and look through ScanTron ballots, we will win again for the second time, and they will lose again for the second time. But our country doesn’t need it.”

“It was their team that cut a deal with our team that said when the AP called the race, they would call within 15 minutes and concede– and they did. It is a total and complete hypocritical joke that the group of people that thought they were nervous about President-elect Trump not conceding are the people that are conducting recounts in states where we won by 68,000 votes.”

  • PickyPecker
  • bkmn

    Of course he had no comment about McCrory’s electoral challenge in NC.

  • Giant Monster Gamera

    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” – Hamlet

  • j.martindale

    They colluded with the Russians during the campaign. With this group of crooks, nothing is unimaginable.

    • Tiger Quinn

      There’s got to be a way to prove that.

      • 2patricius2

        I’m sure the FBI could uncover the evidence, if they are not already in Putin’s pocket.

  • Lazycrockett

    Drumpf’s team seems to be really upset bout something that is perfectly legal.

  • Paula

    No, Reince, as my Army buddies used to say. No! the joke is in your hand. HAHAHA!

    • Mark

      hey now! I resemble that remark…..
      I mean…uh….for whatever might you mean? πŸ™‚

  • Taylor

    If the results will remain the same, the question remains as to why Trump and his team are blowing a gasket about a recount? Time, money, and effort have been wasted before, this won’t be the first or last time that has happened.

    Don’t these stupid ass people realize that the more they whine about it, the more it looks like they have something to hide? If there is nothing there…then let’s prove it, and be done with it.

    If he wants to talk about wasted time, money and effort, let’s talk about the $1M a day it’s going to cost NYC to guard Trump’s wife and kid, while they remain in the city, while he goes to his playhouse in Washington, to pretend to be President.

    • Silver Badger

      It doesn’t make sense. Republicans LOVE wasting tax dollars.

      • Chucktech

        And it’s not even tax dollars funding this effort, their “wasting money” meme rings pretty fucking hollow.

        • IamM

          How many millions of taxpayer dollars did they waste just on doing the Benghazi hearings over and over?

          How many billions did Cruz’s debt ceiling crisis cost on its own?

          How many people have been bankrupted because their Republican controlled state refused to role out the ACA’s Medicaid expansion?

          • Chucktech

            Off the top of my head, I know #2 was $27 billion.

    • Ray Taylor

      You spelled Presidunce wrong.

  • Remember how you vow to contest it if Hillary won? (btw she totally fucking won).

  • thatotherjean

    And if the votes had apparently gone the other way, Trump would be screaming for a recount in every single state–maybe twice, if the first one didn’t work out. Shut up, Reince.

    • Chucktech

      Not to mention, all those 2nd Amendment Remedies popping off all over Christendom.

  • Is it really a waste of time? The Wisconsin recount hasn’t even begun, and yet Trump’s total in Wisconsin has already dropped by almost 5,000 votes as three counties correct “errors” in their totals that they reported immediately following the election. Meanwhile Hillary’s total has only declined by 199 votes. Why is it that twenty-five times as many “errors” that had to be corrected favored Trump? What will happen as more counties check for “errors”? And if it turns out that Hillary actually won Wisconsin even before the recount takes place, then wouldn’t it be Republicans who would be demanding a recount?

    • Mike Solo

      I don’t see why the Republicans would fear a recount if they are really sure about their win. If it shows that Trump did actually win, then it just reinforces how we should trust our voting systems. If not, then it will be terrible news not just for the Republicans, but for all of the US as it demonstrates that it can be rigged… and how far down the rabbit hole will it go with investigations?

      • I think they are getting nervous. Trump’s electoral lead may not be as big as he thinks. And not only that. He has to worry about “faithless electors”. Yes, it would be terrible if we discover that our voting system can be and has been hacked. But it would provide the impetus to fix it.

        • olandp

          Nothing to fix, as long as the hack goes the right way.

        • Mark

          It’s not really ‘hacking’ if somebody just kinda ‘padded’ the votes…. Sometimes those loyalists do the darndest things.

  • another_steve

    Fearin’ something, Rince Penis honey?

    Sounds to me like you’re fearin’ something.

  • Ross
  • Tiger Quinn

    Thanks Rinse, but we’ve got this. You toddle on home now.

  • Pohaku

    They are nervous as hell because they know where this is going.. the Supremes. In a recount the provisional ballots will be challenged… and all 3 states have records of voter suppression with Republican governors.

  • Lazycrockett
    • Tiger Quinn

      Retweeting Hillary’s entire concession is way too OCD for a President.

      • Lumpy Gaga

        “No backsies!” really would have been much more to the point.

    • Moebym of the Rebel Alliance

      Someone call the waahmbulance.

      Oh, hell – just have a waahmbulance on standby wherever he happens to be.

    • Michael R
  • Ta-er al-Asfer

    All the Nazi hate crime stuff gets brushed off, but Trump and the Republicans are certainly upset about *this*.

    • Dramphooey

      That’s the problem. We’re being distracted.

      • Juanarhall

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  • greenmanTN

    Says hypocritical joke and ambulatory waste of space Rience Priebus….

  • Tiger Quinn

    THIS, Trump has time for. And dinners at golf courses. Not security briefings, those are boring and sad!

    • Chucktech

      Besides, he’s mentally unable to pay enough attention to comprehend what they mean or what he should do about them.

      • Mark

        he has to let it all sift through his sharp mind .. and then about 3 in the morning…he regurgitates the important stuff…

  • BobSF_94117

    Assuming he’s telling the truth about a deal regarding AP calling it, what the fuck were the Dems doing making a deal about that at all?

    • Stephen Elliot Phillips

      Agreed. Its probably semantics and not the exact wording.

    • Chucktech

      Any “deal” regarding concession is predicated on a fair election having been held. If that premise is shown to be false, that “concession” will be deemed “inoperative.”

      • IamM

        Exactly. Neither the candidates, the parties, nor the media get to call the election results. Voters vote and we’re entitled to have the votes and the election process verified. Assuming they are, then in the case of the presidency the electors so chosen get to choose the president.

      • BobSF_94117

        I just wish pols of both parties would just dial it back and concede/declare winning when the VOTE is counted, not just because some “news” organization calls it. It’s particularly galling when the West coast hasn’t finished voting.

  • Michael R

    Fixed it :

    Reince Priebus Is a Hypocritical Joke And Total Waste Of Time

  • Btw, conservatives want you to report university professors that hurt their special snowflakes feelings. They created a website called “professor watchlist” and their complaint is as stupid as their beliefs. One even went as far as to say a professor had a “I’m with her” bumper sticker as proof of discrimination against conservatives.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      Husbot pivoted from reading from his tablet about Hitler building the autobahn to this particular story.

      I literally had to ask, “Izzat 1934 or now?”

    • Exatron

      Well, time to flood it with fake reports.

  • Nick in Pasadena

    I’m one of the last to subscribe to tinfoil-hat theories, but when someone whose campaign lies were as transparent as Trump’s–you know every accusation he hurled at an opponent was something he was guilty of himself–claimed the election was rigged, then BELIEVE HIM!!

    • Listen to his accusations against Clinton. He’s been telling us what he’s done/planning on doing from day one

  • Silver Badger

    With a little luck, enough malfeasance will be discovered to trigger a recount in all 50 states.

  • DaddyRay

    Republicans seem to be really concerned about a recount – wonder why

    • Silver Badger

      That alone is enough to recount all 50 states.

  • Robincho

    Rancid Shortbus is so cute when he tries to get people to notice him…

  • Lumpy Gaga

    Reince and Bernie: BFFs.

    No girlz alowd!

  • Silver Badger

    He’s trying to figure out how to rig the recount.

    • Mike__in_Houston

      Maybe Comey can come up with another revelation. Oh, wait…

    • Giant Monster Gamera

      It’s going to be difficult when the Russians and WikiLeaks weren’t prepared to be staffed up with rat fuckers after the election ended.

      • 2patricius2

        Amazing how WikiLeaks has vanished from the horizon since election day.

  • Treant

    Rancid: What did you know and when did you know it? The American people are going to need to know that.

    I love that they’re fighting these recounts. Any irregularities can be laid directly at their feet and pointed at repeatedly while shaking our heads.

  • Lumpy Gaga

    Time for some upturned-rock problems in WI and MI.

  • PickyPecker
  • Cuberly

    Yawn. STFU Pubis!

  • JT

    Reince Priebus: Jill Stein’s Fraudulent Recount Effort Is a Hypocritical Joke And Total Waste Of Time

    And he added, “It’s wrong. And even if it’s right, it’s wrong.”

    • Friday

      ROFL. πŸ™‚ Typical Rightie.

  • Sam_Handwich

    Hillary got more votes than any white man who ran for president. Ever.

    • Moebym of the Rebel Alliance

      She’s only second to Obama’s 2012 total now.

    • Silver Badger

      to be fair we do have a larger population.

    • IamM

      Or orange.

  • Silver Badger

    You know trump isn’t smart enough to pull of stealing an election. pence must be fully investigated and deported.

  • David in Palm Springs

    Hey, Henna Rinse! We’re only following through on Donald’s claim last month that the election is rigged — or are you saying that Donald Trump is a pathological liar and can’t be trusted?

  • Mike__in_Houston

    Why do I get the impression that Priebus is thinking, “Our playbook didn’t say that the compliant American sheeple were going to push back against our lying, cheating, and stealing our way into office.” Also, I swear to God, if I had a name like Reince Priebus, I would have sued my parents for everything they were worth.

  • Ben in Oakland

    Well, Rancid, since you are neither doing the recount nor paying for it, I’m not sure what your problem is, exactly?

  • JellyDonut

    Well, if all was above board why would the Trump camp be so against the recount. If there was no tampering they should have nothing to fear.

  • Martin

    They MUST know something. Because, they are very much more worried than we are hopeful.

  • Lazycrockett
  • Mark

    No bubba. You are the Hypocritical Joke And Total Waste Of Time

  • andrew

    At least Priebus is talking about two topics he is an expert on: Fraud and Hypocrisy.

    • Gianni

      Good point!

  • zhera

    Dear Priebus:

    Calling something a fraud doesn’t make it a fraud. They are paying for it, not you. Not the tax-payers. If you’re so sure of winning a second time, why aren’t you welcoming this recount?

    Considering your party’s morals and past actions I can only conclude that there are indeed enough voter fraud to disclose to turn the result. I’m looking forward to watching you eat your words in a few weeks.

    • Friday

      I doubt there is ‘voter fraud’ …more fraud *against* voters, …it seems all the Republicans who tried to vote fraudulenty got turned up by the system as usual, but it’d be interesting if we found more. In person fraud’s generally pointless to do, but that hasn’t seemed to stop a few of them.

  • The_Wretched

    Just annoying Priebus is enough reason to do recounts.

    • Gianni

      Yes. Plus there’s the added benefit that it annoys and irritates ALL of that crowd. Funny how it was perfectly alright to threaten to do just this when Trump said he might not accept the results of the election. Hillary has conceded the election. She’s just not going to stand in the way of this nice piece of retribution. I have no doubt that Jill Stein talked this over with Hill and her campaign to get their OK and quiet backing. Afterall, she stands to win nothing from this.

  • saucetin

    Has this ass can w/ a train wreck of a name looked in a mirror? He’s the hypocritical “waste of time.”

  • justme

    Must be something there that they are afraid will be found…
    Lets investigate for the next say 25 years… And we need to ask EVERY conspiracy theorist to add things to “investigate”

  • Kim K’s Kute Koochyβœ“α΅›α΅‰Κ³αΆ¦αΆ αΆ¦α΅‰α΅ˆ

    and ranting about someone else’s “total waste of time” is what? such a productive GOP time???

  • Friday

    This coming from the party that’s been wasting the country’s time for sixteen years, particularly the last eight. Trump and his supporters as much as threatened *violence* when they didn’t win, not to mention lawsuits…. You can hardly call Jill Stein ‘Hillary’s Team’ since she is one of the people responsible for this mess in the first place. Obviously, a lot of people are very anoyed at Republican election malfeasance and encouraging Russian and other hackers and poll-intimidators and who knows what other kinds of cheating in the actual vote counts, so I think the fact the money came in for this so fast, presumably from people *pissed at* Jill Stein is saying something.

  • Steverino

    Methinks Reich Priapus doeth protest too much.

  • SoCalGal20

    Something rotten in the state of Wisconsin. What is it, Reince? We supposedly live in a Democracy where recounts are a right. What’s the problem?

  • Gerry Fisher

    Asking for a recount in a close election is standard operating procedure. Why the over reaction, Mr. Pubous?

  • MoonlightUnkindledOne

    For all the Trump supporters out there who are whining and moaning about HRC “cheating”, especially if the words “illegal immigrant voters” or “recounts” come up, you’d be wanting recounts too if the situation were flipped. Fuck off to your rotten holes.

  • sword

    Stein is just trying to prove Trump was right…the election was rigged.

  • DesertSun59

  • JCF