NORTH CAROLINA: Gov. Pat McCrory Now Contesting Results In 52 Counties, Alleges Dead And Felon Voters

The Charlotte Observer reports:

Gov. Pat McCrory’s campaign announced late Thursday that 50 more election complaints have been filed – bringing the total number of counties with contested election results to 52 of the state’s 100 counties, including Mecklenburg. The latest complaints say ballots were cast by people who were dead, were convicted felons or had already voted.

“With each passing day, we discover more and more cases of voting fraud and irregularities,” McCrory campaign manager Russell Peck said in a news release. “We intend to make sure that every vote is properly counted and serious voter fraud concerns are addressed before the results of the election can be determined.”

The expanded number of complaints will likely further delay the process of certifying election results, which currently have Democrat Roy Cooper leading McCrory by about 5,000 votes. Counties can’t finalize their election results until all complaints are resolved, according to a memo from the State Board of Elections.

  • DaddyRay

    Even dead people don’t want McCrory

  • Dutchlander

    I’m guessing it was the dead people who voted for McCrory.

  • Bared Bear

    He’s angry and surprised that he lost because it was supposed to be rigged in his favor. Somebody forgot to flip the votes. Nobody fights harder for a win than a republican who has rigged the system.

    • Chris Baker

      Trump won in NC by ~177,000 votes. McCrory is now down by 5,000.

      Not to say that those 170k Trump voters voted for Cooper, because a number of people in my precinct only voted for President. (“can I just vote for President, I don’t know who any of these other people are”). Sadly it was both Republican and Democratic voters who said that.

      • Alex Klebenow


  • DaddyRay

    Give it up McCrory – you lost

  • ceeenbee

    He’s hoping to extend his term 4 years with all these challenges.

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    LOOOOS-er… your such a loser…

  • Secure

    The dude sounds desperate.

    • John P.

      Or simply pathetic…

  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    He hasn’t blown through enough government funds with his bathroom bills, great way to make sure there’s even less money to run government. How many actual babies will go hungry because of McCrory’s latest tantrum?

    • Scott MB

      That is the Rethuglican way. Save the babies, save the babies, abortion is murder, have your baby don’t kill it, etc. But once the baby is born the mother is a mooch or a welfare rat because she can’t afford to feed her son/daughter because no one can live on the pathetic minimum wage today. It is shameful and I remind my anti-choice family of that every time I can.

  • Bad Tom

    Weren’t Republicans in charge of the North Carolina elections this year?

  • Michael R

    His BS is getting more expensive .

  • T-Batwoman

    I’ll bet he doesn’t dispute the red counties……

    • Chucktech

      No! Those were totes fair, doncha know…

  • Chucktech

    “With each passing day, we discover more and more cases of voting fraud and irregularities,”

    Proof? Where the fuck is your goddam proof?

    • Shy Guy

      “With each passing day, we discovermanufacture more and more cases of voting fraud and irregularities,”

      • Pearljford

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        • Alex Klebenow

          You are OBVIOUSLY a RepugnantCON scammer!!!! I bet you voted for His Odiousness!

    • Scott MB

      They said it out of their mouth so it is the truth. Don’t you know that when words come out of their mouths it is only the truth?! It is just like. “it has to be the truth because I saw it on the internet and the internet can’t lie.”

      • Chucktech

        Actually, we are now post-truth in this country.

        • Stephen Elliot Phillips

          yeah post truth= if it feels like the truth and it triggers emotions in me then it must be a fact.

          That and 20k will get you a home pumping system so your house doesnt flood when the sea rises.

          “But But I never FELT like there was any climate change. They said china made it all up!”

          Post truth= for people who dont want to use their brains

          • RoFaWh

            More simply, “I like post-truth because it confirms what I already believe.”

    • John Ruff

      Rethugs lie. That’s all that they do.

      • pj

        and the baggers are so tired of gridlock

    • Acronym Jim

      His neighbor’s Aunt Imogene posted it on Facebook, so it must be true.

      • Alex Klebenow

        I thought it was Aunt Imogene’s Hairdresser’s Brother’s Dog Groomer’s cousin… Silly me!

  • Treant

    Geez, and yet they come down on us for hoping the Electoral College does what it’s ethically, morally, and legally empowered to do in December.

    • Scott MB

      Hey maybe they will find more votes for Hillary or some shenanigans with the Presidential votes in favor of her. How would that be, McCrory’s disputes cost Heir Drumpf the Presidency. Who do you think will end up in the foundation of the next Drumpf building?!?

      • Treant

        Dare we hope? It would also set off investigations in other states.

        Personally, I have my doubts about Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

        • Alex Klebenow

          I do also, as well as Florida. Hillary apparently got 65% of the write-in vote. STRANGE how suddenly His Odiousness got SO MANY same day voters…

  • Oikos

    The bad thing about this is that repugs control state govt. He could remain in office.

    • olandp

      And all of the election systems. He is just mad all of the “fraud” didn’t go his way. Perhaps there just wasn’t enough fraud.

      • Ninja0980

        If Cooper wins, Democrats would control the election system down there.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    Isn’t there any way to stop this kind of fuckery and personally penalize this guy?

    I also wish the voters of that state had a lingering hatred for the GOP for this crap.

    • B Snow

      Not Republicans, who vote with their feelings instead of their brains. EVERY Republican running for office could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and they would still get Republican votes, because the alternative is a godless, communist, atheist, Muslim, gay, abortion funding Democrat.

      I know we should find common ground with Republicans and try to make the US less polarized, but as the kids say, I can’t even right now. Maybe when they stop acting irrationally and deplorably.

      • thatotherjean

        “Maybe when they stop acting irrationally and deplorably.”

        None of us will live long enough to see that, unless they implode completely and are replaced by a more rational party. President Obama spent the first 6+ years of his presidency trying to get Republicans to be more cooperative and work on running the country somewhere besides into the ground, but they refused. I can see no reason that the rest of us should co-operate in their mission. I wish nothing but failure on President Trump/Pence.

        • B Snow

          I will give Trump exactly as much respect as the right gave Obama during his two terms.

  • kanehau

    What a fucking jackass.

  • John Ruff

    “We have proof that raccoons have cast ballots in 38 counties.”

    • Scott MB

      OMG that must be true, I saw that article too on the internet and you know everything on the internet is true. In the article Trump was quoted as saying, “they were tremendous racoons I am sure. They were the best racoons. We have only the best racoons in our country. No other racoons can be as marvelous as our racoons.” So if Drumpf likes the racoons then their votes should count too!

      • RoFaWh

        Drumpf is an ass.

    • B Snow

      They prefer to be called “racoon Americans,”

      • That was when we had pride in our country, now after electing dis hairball its back to just Raccoon.

        • B Snow

          Good point.

  • Josh447

    wow. some dead dinosaurs just keep blowing flames, out their ass!

  • MBear

    So shrill

  • Rex

    If they’re talking brain-dead, then yes, a lot of dead people voted.

  • Gay Fordham Prep Grad

    Eh, the President Elect will find some spot for him in DC

    • Gustav2

      The EEOC?

  • The Return of Traxley
  • SoCalGal20

    Jesus Christ, McCrory, contest the results in all counties and just get it over with already. Then go join Trump’s cabinet or whateverthefuck.

  • greenmanTN

    I’ve thought about this a bit. My mother died last December. But despite all the stuff that was going on we neglected to call the Voter Registrat Office. Silly us, but we really didn’t think someone could pull off 80+ year old woman drag and vote.

    We were so naive!

    • TexasBoy

      I’m sorry for your loss. When my Mom passed away out of state, even though Social Security and the Federal Government were notified, the info still hadn’t made it to our country voting office here in Texas. Of course, no one voted in her place, and I let the office know she had passed.

    • lymis

      That’s the thing. Trump kept talking about voter fraud and dead people voting, but what he was talking about was dead people who were still on the roll of registered voters, NOT that there was any indication that anyone voted in their name.

  • Uncle Mark

    McCory is desperately struggling against the reality of his loss…and it seems that he has no fallback plan. For whom the toilet flushes, Pat; it flushes for thee. Time for you to go. Don’t make us get the plunger

    • perversatile

      On a scale of 1 to10 for ”desperately struggling against the reality”
      Pat scored ‘Baby Jane Hudson’.

    • Uncle Mark

      One would think that he would accept defeat with some modicum of dignity, and find work with a number of the religious right lobbying organizations that were plying him…unless they don’t want him now or won’t pay him enough.

    • carrot festival

      Someone drop a square of tp on that floater and flush again.

  • TexasBoy

    He just can’t accept that Lord Trump won, but he as a down ballot Republican lost.

  • Gustav2

    1) He should be happy in a Republican controlled state that many dead Republicans voted.
    2) They really are stuck in pre-1960’s America.

    • RoFaWh

      The worst part is that the pre-1960s America they are stuck in is not real. Some of use had reached the age of reason by 1950 and remember the 1950s. They weren’t at all like the fantasy entertained by the right.

  • Blake Jordan

    He really is so pissed that he was not part of the red wave this election!!!

  • Scott MB

    Cooper should contest the results of all red counties just to be fair. It would be so great if they found the voter fraud in those counties and it was all Rethuglicans. Oh how sweet that would be! Yes there is voter fraud and the ones screaming the loudest about it are the ones committing it.

    • NancyP

      Yes. All counties should have a recount. They would turn up some Trump voters who voted twice.

  • pgarayt

    Who are the sore losers again?

  • ColdCountry

    Is he still governor while all this goes on? Maybe if they suspended his rights and duties until this is resolved, he would give it up. No? Oh, well, I guess some assholes are just determined to be the best assholes they can be.

    • And his paycheck?

      • ColdCountry

        Yup. And like some other lawsuits, if he loses, he pays the tab.

    • RoFaWh

      I still wonder if McCrappy is so determined not to lose because if he does, the new governor will uncover endless illegalities and irregularities in McCrappy’s performance.

      Wouldn’t surprise me one iota if McCrappy turns out to have accepted huge bribes.

      • djcoastermark

        Starting with Duke Energy.

    • JohnInCA

      As we saw in 2000, if you drag on recounts long enough eventually the courts will declare a winner. McCory’s hope is that by the time that rolls around he’s managed to edge his way back into a slight lead.

  • ColdCountry

    And another thing, if NC has THIS MUCH voter fraud, the the rest of the country must as well, so I think Hillery should demand recounts in every county in every state. Let’s keep Obama in office for years!

    • Xuuths

      That wouldn’t work. By law Obama’s out on January 20, 2017.

      • ColdCountry

        Hmmm. There must a way….

        • RoFaWh

          It’s called “a coup”.

          • ColdCountry

            Something I imagine Obama would want nothing to do with. *sigh*

  • Blake J Butler

    Can’t admit that they lost so now he has to claim that there is voter fraud because he lost and there is fraud if he lost and didn’t win.

  • He’s convinced there must be fraud because he can’t fathom how they could disenfranchise 35,750 minorities of their vote and still lose. Yup, even a lot of white people don’t like you.

  • 2patricius2

    He really is getting desperate. I wonder why. Did Trump refuse him a job in his administration?

    • boatboy_srq

      White House janitor doesn’t count.


    Knowing the Rethug pattern of projection, the GOP voter fraud must be in the remaining counties.

  • Wesinoregon

    I suppose he thinks all the votes for a Democrat were dead people while only live people voted for him. Or more probable, maybe only dead people voted for him. It works both ways.

  • Ninja0980

    Talk about a sore loser.

  • thatotherjean

    Stall and stall and stall, long enough to figure out how to fudge the results so you’ll come out the winner. Does cheating get any more blatant than this?

  • Gerry Fisher

    File this tantrum under “delegitimization of American civic life.” Can’t trust that government, don’tcha know! Both sides are the same! [yada, yada, yada]

  • boatboy_srq

    How soon before he jumps to “the entire state of North Carolina conspired to prevent my remaining in office as North Carolina’s governor”?

    Sooner or later his list of fraudsters will approach the total registered voters in that state…

    • Ore Carmi


  • boatboy_srq

    Wonder if all the noise is McCrony disbelieving he lost – or Pope pulling his puppet’s strings because HE can’t believe it?

  • JohnInCA

    Like seriously, isn’t he throwing his own administration under the bus here? He’s gone from alleging one county to over half the state is complicit in fraud, and quite frankly you don’t get fraud on that kind of level without insider help. It’s just not possible.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Ooooh, he’s in full pity party mode now. Stop clutching your faux-pearls by Ivanka and just go away already.

  • JWC

    I agree he fucked up and is now a sore loser

  • GeoffreyPS

    Well, maybe this will put the whole voter fraud issue to bed once and for all . It would be nice for the Rs to lose one of their race baiting talking points.

  • Priya Lynn

    The thing I like about this is that all these absurd claims of widespread voter fraud will be thoroughly investigated and show to be false. It’ll publicize that this popular claim is a lie.

  • Halou

    You can always trust a Republican to be confused by how elections work, and to complain that people voted.

  • JCF

    BIGLY Loser!

  • mikeinrkfd

    She sure is desperate isn’t she?

  • Alyssa

    he’ll never wear that smug look again

  • Gianni

    Wants to win at all costs.

  • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild
  • John Sherwood Jr

    Dear Pat McCrony,

    They’re just not that into you.

  • Ore Carmi

    I so hope he loses!

  • Pearljford

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  • Alex Klebenow

    BUT … when Democrats are claiming voter fraud we are just “whiney complainers”!!! They truly DO want it both ways!