NEW YORK: Gov. Andrew Cuomo Launches Hate Crimes Hotline In Reaction To Trump-Inspired Incidents

Via press release from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo:

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today launched a toll-free hotline to report incidents of bias and discrimination across the state. The hotline will bolster the state’s efforts to protect New Yorkers and allow those who are the victim of prejudice to file a complaint with the Division of Human Rights. Following an uptick in recent reports of discrimination, bias-motivated threats, harassment and violence, the Governor also announced multi-agency investigations into alleged hate crimes across New York. The Governor is also sending a letter to the State Education Department requesting schools hold trainings to combat intolerance and safeguard New York’s students.

These latest efforts follow two separate investigations into alleged hate crimes in Wellsville and Livingston County, NY that the Governor directed last week.

“New York serves as a beacon of hope and opportunity for all, and we will continue to stand up to those who seek to spread the politics of division, fear and hate,” Governor Cuomo said. “This state celebrates our differences because we know that it is the rich fabric of cultures and customs that makes this one of the greatest, most diverse places in the world. We will continue to work with our local partners to investigate all incidents of reported bias, and ensure that New Yorkers feel safe and protected. Any acts of discrimination or intimidation will be met with the full force of the law.”

New Yorkers who have experienced bias or discrimination are encouraged to call DHR’s toll-free hotline at (888) 392-3644 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday. If you want to report a crime or fear for your safety, call 911 immediately. The New York State Police currently has 46 investigators assigned to Troops across the state who have been trained as bias crime specialists. The investigators work on State Police cases that may involve bias crimes and are available to assist other law enforcement agencies statewide as requested.

(Tipped by JMG reader Drew)

  • safari

    Document, document, document.

    Put it in the press, report it to the police, post it on social media. Record the hatred, it’s the only way to show it’s real.

    • Cylux

      And if that doesn’t work you can always get a black marker or spray can and make one of your own to take pictures of.

      • greenmanTN

        Yeah, because there really aren’t cases of gay people bring beaten and murdered, lesbians raped, homes vandalized and property defaced, it’s all made up.

        Luckily for you, scientific studies show that men who have the most anti-gay attitudes are most likely to get a woody over gay porn, so chances are you’ll get fucked at the next Trump rally, then yell some more about how awful queers are whlle his jizz is running down your legs.

        Hallmark should make a card for such sweet moments.

      • Palto

        You should tell that to your mother if somebody smashes her face in.

  • Bared Bear

    This needs to be nationwide. With pie charts and shit. Oh, damn… people are looking at me to start one, I bet.

    • Blake Jordan

      It could find traction in the 13 blue states, but the red states will probably stop any of their cities / towns doing it…

      • Joe in PA

        Stop it? They’ll brag about the abuse…and call them snowflakes. Arrrggghhh.

  • Do Something Nice

    Speaking of hate inspired incidents, she wore a scarf on her head for the hike because she has lupus. She came back to her car to find it vandalized and an anti-Muslim note. She’s not Muslim, not that it excuses the note.

    Making America great again, one stupid act at a time.—-Out-Anti-Muslim-Mexican-Notes-Left-in-Fremont-Campbell-401491465.html?_osource=SocialFlowFB_BAYBrand

    • The Return of Traxley

      According to the report, the SPLC has recorded 437 hate crimes since November 9. That’s only eight days ago.

    • NancyP

      I never thought that the right wing would make ski hats with pompoms on top, or “Fargo” earmuff hats, or “Ranger Rick” hats into the only acceptable fashion. She was slightly brown-skinned and was wearing a “Buff”, a lightweight convertible muffler-scarf-hat that is popular with outdoorsy types that might shop at REI instead of Bass Pro Shop.

  • Brooklyn Joe

    This is great (even if Cuomo is a bit of a sleazebag and he’s probably doing this to bolster his re-election and nationwide profile) – We need to document – so that when we are called “snowflakes” we can point out the reality

  • PickyPecker
    • Gerry Fisher

      Is that a donkey with a horn on its head? /s

      • Acronym Jim

        That is a shell-shocked unicorn. Or a mule in unicorn drag.

        • glass

          No, it’s just miley cyrus doing her morning workout.

    • safari

      Melania’s having a rough time.

  • bkmn

    It is going to be very painful for quite a few years. I have an old sticker on my car from the marriage equality battle in MN and I am seriously considering removing it because you don’t know what will set them off.

    • Dirk Prophet

      I will keep my COEXIST sticker on my rear window and take my chances here in St. Tammany Parish, LA. But I understand everyone needs to access their own risk.

      • NancyP

        When the H> and the other Hillary magnets come off the car and onto my refrigerator, I will put an upside down flag in my car window. Yes, my state and city have had incidents. I am very pale and not likely to be beat up by the crazies. I will have to work harder to be a race traitor. Find a Black Lives Matter sticker?

    • JD

      Sadly, though understandable, your reaction is exactly what they want. Push us back into the closet where we are not visible in general, and knowing who and where we are, they can pick us off and round us up.

      I reflect on the rise of fascist dictators and totalitarian despots and wonder, at what point and how SHOULD the average person have done something. We look back on German hisory and there’s a general sense that all are culpable…but how, when could/would the average person stick the neck out to try to do something…would it work? At what point can you do so and at what point is doing so going to ensure you are among those lost?

      What…what to do?

  • another_steve

    There’s been an uptick in hate-related incidents and the man hasn’t even taken office yet.

    Imagine what’s to come when he actually does take office.

  • The_Wretched

    At least Cuomo seems like he’s trying.

    • The Return of Traxley

      It’s only going to get worse.

  • Rex

    The next mass tragedy linked to hate can be laid directly at the feet of Trump.

  • joe ho

    Soon the DOJ will be almost entirely in the hands of the Trump racists. No more protections or real investigations against bigoted police departments. Stop and frisk will become the law of the land again.

    And with a Trump SCOTUS minority protections will be wiped away for decades to come.

    Well played, all the SJWs who were too righteous to pollute themselves by voting for Clinton!

    • NancyP


      • ChrisMorley

        social justice warrior

        • JCF

          FYI (to whom it may concern): “SJW” for social justice warrior, is used as a smear by the far right. It’s intended sarcastically: extreme conservatives don’t believe in left-leaning concepts of “social justice” (usually the opposite), and they don’t believe anyone on the left is really a “warrior” (esp if they don’t own/carry guns). Joe Ho is, I believe, using this sarcastic term w/ additional sarcasm.

          JMO, but I think the best response to being called an “SJW” by the right (it’s certainly happened to me before) is tell the writer you’re flattered!

          • Ribb Rotgut

            It’s also used by moderates and non-regressive liberals.

  • MBear

    false sense of security for the time being

  • Villager

    Have they found the man who punched the woman in
    the restaurant in Brooklyn on Sunday?

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Fortress New York. The dystopian future begins…

    • JCF

      Sanctuary California.

  • joe ho

    If you are interested in voting rights, campaign finance, or federalism, Yale Law School Prof @GerkenHeather is sure to be a must follow.

    Heather Gerken ‏@GerkenHeather 45m45 minutes ago
    If Twitter is how we are going to organize, publicize, and resist Trump’s efforts to violate the rule of law, then count me in.

  • Oikos

    Added to my speed dial.

  • Jerry Kott

    What amazes me about reporting Hate Crimes is that the odds are is that the person who you reported the matter to may be someone with their own bias towards you. It appears that Caucasians tell Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics what hate is. That Heterosexual tell LGBT folks what bias is. White Heterosexual men tell women what bias is. Our perspective isn’t valued.
    Reporting Hate is very Political, Law enforcement is Political. I suspect this is all window dressing and heat of the moment. In many cases Hate isn’t taken seriously and the victims have to access the risk of even reporting because often the quality of the investigation is equivalent to being victimized again.

    Wear running shoes.

  • kaboobie
  • Yann

    What’s sad it’s that hate crime have also been on the rise in Canada since July this year… The hate is global, Trump just gave it a more prominent voice.