Perkins: Boycott Pepsi Because Their CEO Fears Trump

Via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

A week after Donald Trump’s election, the comments by Pepsi’s CEO have been tough for a lot of voters to swallow. Like Grubhub founder Matt Maloney, who’s on the hot seat after an employee email showing Trump supporters the door, Indri Noovi must not have been thinking about her bottom line when the soft drink mogul bashed the new president-elect. Well, she’s certainly thinking about it now that #BoycottPepsi is picking up steam.

At a New York Times event last Tuesday, Noovi’s emotions were obviously raw from the defeat of Pepsi’s choice for the next generation: Hillary Clinton. In a sit-down with the paper’s Andrew Ross Sorkin, she was asked how she was feeling about the results. “Is there a box of tissues here?” she said. To anyone who thinks like Trump, she insisted, “Forget about the Pepsi brand. How dare you talk about women that way?” she fumed. “If we don’t nip this in the bud it is going to be a lethal force in society.”

Sorkin, who was sympathetic to Noovi’s frustration, went on to ask how others were coping. “I had to answer a lot of questions from my daughters, from our employees. They were all in mourning.” In what was no doubt an exaggeration, she claimed “Our employees were all crying.” While the executive staff may have been distraught, I find it hard to believe that there wasn’t a single Trump supporter in a company of 263,000.

Nevertheless, she went on, “And the question that they’re asking, especially those who are not white, ‘Are we safe?’ Women are asking, ‘Are we safe?’ LGBT people are asking, ‘Are we safe?’ I never thought I would have to answer those questions.” Noovi’s message to the country was simple: “We should mourn.” Next, she insisted, “We have to… assure everyone living in the United States that they are safe.”

Have they learned nothing from Target, Lands’ End, J.C. Penney, and Angie’s List? This kind of liberal elitism may fly in the board rooms of America, but not in its family rooms. And as last week’s election should have demonstrated, there’s a strong and powerful movement in this nation who are tired of being harassed, marginalized, and threatened for what are clearly mainstream values. (Natural marriage, after all, still has the majority’s support in this country!) After Trump’s election, this is an emboldened group of “deplorables,” and companies who are trading in intolerance do so at their peril.

Pepsi — and its Tostitos, Lays, Doritos, Gatorade, and Lipton brands — were already at odds with pro-lifers over its support of Planned Parenthood. Apart from the more than half-billion dollar haul from U.S. taxpayers, Cecile Richards’s group is enjoying hefty financial backing from Pepsi (and these 37 other companies). When you’re buying Pepsi, a portion of those dollars is already being wired to the bank account of the largest abortion provider in America. Now, we can add anti-American, anti-conservative rhetoric to the list. Unless Noovi and company see the light, maybe it’s time to take the real Pepsi challenge and start drinking something new.

  • If any of the RWNJs claim that Coke is Trump’s choice, the Little Caffeine Addict that lives in my head will scream in agony.

    • Treant

      My local grocery store has its own brand of cola. It’s not bad–a cross of RC and a bit of Pepsi with just the tiniest note of Mr. Pibb. Try yours!

  • perversatile
  • JaniceInToronto

    Lunatic says lunatic things. Quel surprise!

    • DaddyRay

      Must be a day ending in “Y”

    • tristram

      Get used to it. We’re living in a whole new world where the Tony Perkins’s have more clout in Washington than any of our lgbt advocates.

  • Blake Jordan

    So fearing for people’s safety is “liberal elitism”!?!?

    • Todd20036

      Actually, it rather is. The tea baggers are of the ilk, I’ve got mind, and if God won’t take care of the rest, fuck them

    • clay

      Yes, it’s “weak.”
      And wanting to make the world a better place? that’s anti-religious.

      • Tiger Quinn

        Denying services? That’s just “walking your faith.” Forcing other people to convert? That’s just “spreading the Good News” and “not keeping your light under a bushel.”

        • Mariaddurr

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  • Michael R

    Oh no , what if all One Million Moms stops drinking Pepsi ?

  • Tiger Quinn

    HA HA HA yeah you go ahead and do that, Healthy People of the Alt Right.

  • olandp

    As far as I know Tonette, Target, Lands’ End, J.C. Penney, and Angie’s List are all still in business. The restaurant where I go for Sunday breakfast doesn’t serve Coke (I don’t drink coffee) so I have to have Pepsi for caffeine. I won’t complain again.

    • Butch

      I wuz gonna say – I didn’t even know those companies had been boycotted. Yes, Tony old chap, keep on going with that kind of “success.” I don’t drink pop or coffee, though, so I’m kinda stuck here.

      • IamM

        Pepsi owns lots of food brands and fast food chains.

    • The Return of Traxley

      Pepsi also owns the Starbucks brand coffee drinks (like frappes) that you buy at the grocery store.


  • Rex

    Boycott! It’s their go-to answer when anyone disagrees with them.
    I’ve been boycotting Perkins, I refuse to give him any business, or credibility.

    • Tiger Quinn

      So much for that free market they like so much.

    • olandp

      Or cock.

      • McSwagg

        I hear he gets plenty of koch.

  • Enrico Webers

    PerKKKins. It’s spelled PerKKKins.

  • Ninja0980

    So much for the free market and freedom of speech eh?

  • Tony, the dry cleaner called. They cannot get the ash stains out of your sheet.

  • The Return of Traxley

    Good Morning!

    Today’s sanity break is courtesy of HuffPo.


  • Todd20036

    That boycott will work as well as the Disney one, the Ford one, the Google one, and the Apple one.

    • Uncle Mark

      I’m toasting the boycott by popping open a Diet Pepsi right now. Going out to buy a couple 36 packs of Diet Pepsi later.

    • Jake

      Starbucks stock went up after their boycott of them. It’s good for business!

      • EweTaw

        Enjoying my 24 oz black iced Starbucks coffee right now. Sugar and cream are for pussies.

    • grindstone

      I was just at Disney World. If that’s what results from a boycott I’d hate to have to navigate a real crowd! (And there were plenty of personal expression jesusy shirts in the crowds, so maybe it ain’t workin?)

  • thom

    Lindsey Graham calls for Senate investigation into whether Russia hacked DNC, affected US election. #

    • Gene

      I actually have to respect Lindseybell….and the world turned upside down

    • The_Wretched

      Lindsey is an odd duck. He points out real things when they are in fact embarrassing to the republicans (like Trump) but also does extreme BS like being one the prosecution team for the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

    • Dagoril

      Apparently not offering her a plum assignment in the New Drumpf Order has got her in a snit.

  • Jerry Kott

    Do I need special Boots or can I Goose Step in street shoes?

    • McSwagg

      As long as they have regulation heels, your good.

  • Secure

    If Trump picks a lot of openly gay men & women for his administration, Tony’s head might explode.

  • djcoastermark

    Well tony, it looks like it’s Stars And Stripes 3 liter cola sold at Dollar Tree Stores everywhere for you then.

  • Mark

    there’s a boycott of Pepsi?
    since when?
    says who? 🙂

    • djcoastermark

      Since Joan banned wire hangers in their offices.

    • The Return of Traxley

      Since his office vending machine stopped stocking Sierra Mist.

  • Brad Lathem

    Oh noooo…another Christianist boycott! *rolls eyes*

  • Silver Badger

    While we’re speaking of boycotts, what if they had an inauguration and nobody came?

  • dcurlee

    Wasn’t Perkins just the other day bitching about Trump?

  • Time to buy Pepsi stock!

  • canoebum

    Yeah, right Tony. Like the goobers are going to give up potato chips, salsa and Gatorade. Good one!

    • The Return of Traxley

      And Mountain Dew!


      • canoebum

        At thousands of high schools all across the South, football teams are buying Gatorade by the case, 20, 30 at a time. That’s not going to change, no matter what the Grand Wizard says.

        • The Return of Traxley

          I’m thinking Tab. So many millions of lives depend on it. ; )

  • clay

    It must chafe, being on the same side as people in favor of sugarry-drink taxes. Perkkkins must have a fire-wall in his brain to keep from rubbing up against those conflicts.

  • ChrisInKansas

    I boycott Pepsi, but only because it’s disgusting compared to Coke.

    • Cousin Bleh

      It tastes like flat Coke.

  • Richard B

    I wish we knew where The Family Research Counsel money came from so we could focus on boycotting them ….

    • McSwagg

      I thought perKKKIns had the KKK grift list.

  • Mike Knife

    Crazy Christians use fear to control people. How sick and twisted is that?

  • Cousin Bleh

    Her name is Indra Nooyi.

    Tony can’t get anything right.

  • TrollopeReader

    Tony — boycotts are lame. They show no imagination, zero effort, and are the product (intentional) of a weak mind.

  • pkb10r

    It is interesting to me that TP thinks he holds such sway in this country. Most of my family (and it’s a large one) and several other people I know are true Trump supporters. Not a single one of them knows who TP is, or what his organization is. When I explain what the FRC does, and has done, they are appalled. I don’t think TP is reaching the people he thinks he is reaching…

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      Why are they appalled? I can believe they don’t know who he is (my mom had no idea who Kim Kardashian is until very recently) but what appalls them? I’m saying this as someone who loathes Perkins.

  • Rex

    Fear is our thing, don’t try to infringe on our marketing plan.

  • I thought Pepsi was being boycotted because the board of directors drove Al Steele to an early grave. Serves me right for watching the LOGO channel endlessly since all they have are Mommie Dearest reruns on whenever I turn the channel on!

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      Honestly, if the electors actually did vote her in, that’s the tone Hillary should take with the GOP even if only in private.

      • I bet Elizabeth Warren could do it for her!

        • Skeptical_Inquirer

          I’d settle for that.

          • Shame Lindsey Graham is not a Democrat. He is Scarlett O’hara reincarnated and would let every Republican know that as God was his witness the Democrats will never go hungry again in elections. Can’t you see him doing this scene on the Senate floor?

  • M Jackson

    But Tony, the majority of voters like Hillary Clinton and chips and other tasty snacks. They also hate the stench in the room when you’re around.

  • mikeinrkfd

    Expect their profits to rise.

  • IamM

    Indri Noovi spoke against bigotry and for the rights of all Americans, that makes her an American patriot.

  • zhera

    Have they learned nothing from Target, Lands’ End, J.C. Penney, and Angie’s List?

    On the contrary, Perkkkins. They have learned plenty! And they know what the right thing to do is for both the company and for the country.

  • Djurisk
  • kareemachan

    Tony, reading you say this is making me want to stop into work and buy a six-pack.

  • Matt

    Never been more happy to say my soda of choice is a Pepsi product. Suck it, PerKKKins.

  • Tiger Quinn

    I’m a little astonished at the attempt by the Right to co-opt PRODUCTS now. New Balance is the official “white” shoe? Coke is Der Real Thing? That’s fine – if you guys want to have that war, The Gays won it a million years ago and we’re happy to show you how it’s done.

    • david fairfield

      Agreed. Tony, take a gander at North Carolina.

  • Wow, Perkins is really stretching and it’s really showing.

    Desperation ain’t pretty. (I guess his neo-fascist president-elect isn’t as neo-fascist as he had thought.)

  • TimJ

    What is anti-American or anti-Conservative about what Noovi said? For a guy who gets his panties in a bunch about the alleged oppression of Christians, he sure seems sensitive.

  • Tom G
  • Nick Abner Poff

    Mommie Dearest must be rolling over in her grave.

    • david fairfield

      Nah, she was VERY loyal to her fans. That would be us.

  • Sean Taylor

    Dammit, now I have to go back to drinking soda again…shit.

    • Michael White

      Me, too, and I never liked Pepsi

    • david fairfield

      Or dine out at Taco Bell or KFC…

      • Sean Taylor


  • DirtyPierre

    Hmm if they are GOD fearing, does that mean they have to choose another deity?

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Not going to happen Tony, just like it didn’t with Starbucks, JC Penney, etc. Hell, even the Target boycott fizzled.

    • david fairfield

      The Target boycott was very telling, it changed the tide of corporations with regard to support for lgbt’s. When their now ousted CEO gave a bunch of money on behalf of Target shareholders to Prop 8, there was an enormous backlash which not only caused a significant decrease in sales but enraged shareholders. But like McCrory, their CEO (I want to say Steinhafel but I don’t think that’s exactly it) dug his heels in and defended his actions. After they fired him and reversed their position sales began to go up again. When Perkins and the others started their bathroom boycott (and a couple in-between) it didn’t even make a dent in their bottom line. This has caused many businesses to understand where their allegiance is, ala North Carolina…..

  • Amanda B. Rekendwith

    Trump Cola, coming soon.

    • david fairfield

      GOP POP.

      • David Walker

        And if you got really sick after drinking it, the ER folks would have to use a Trump pump to get it out of your system.

        • Jimmy R

          What ER rooms? Paul Ryan is shutting them down cos too many poor people use them. The few remaining will require vouchers. Or maybe gift cards.

          • David Walker

            I like the gift card idea.

          • McSwagg

            The back alley practitioners may be able to fit you in between illegal abortions.

  • david fairfield

    Sorry, what did she say that has his panties in a bundle? What am I missing? Is this the best he’s got? #graspingatstraws.

  • David Walker

    I wrote this in response to a comment on the thread about Drumpf’s email diatribe. The question referred to was whether Drumpf’s political enemies are plotting his impeachment or otherwise getting him out of office.

    “I have no doubt that your question is being seriously pursued. That little light bulb over my head just clicked on. PerKKKins, Fisher, Robertson, and the other hate mongering grifters didn’t condemn Drumpf for his lack of morals because Pence is next in line…and the theocracy seriously begins. I am so slow sometimes.”

    I’m sorry. Something I couldn’t understand suddenly made sense. I tend not to be a conspiracy theorist, but consider whom we’re talking about. They have no morals either, and, of course, god is on their side and he’ll forgive a little skulduggery in his holy name.

    • david fairfield

      Holy crap David! I use “skullduggery” all the time and all I ever get is a perplexed expression. (which doesn’t deter me in the least) Thank you. Validation feels good! Also Pence as president, we’ve discussed this. Very ugly.

      • David Walker

        VERY ugly. But I hadn’t thought about The Truly Religious’ support of Drumpf being because one of their own would then be in place to do their bidding. As I say, I can be pretty slow sometimes.

        Another of my favorites is “dunderhead.”

        • david fairfield

          I like that. I try to refrain, but sometimes I let slip “twenty three skidoo”.

          • David Walker

            I arranged and orchestrated a revue of songs from the early part of the last century and called it “23 Revue.” 1923 is the latest year for music to be declared in the public domain…free music. It’s just that it’s free music that no one seems interested in.

          • david fairfield

            I am most definitely. My lp collection has passed 13,000.

    • McSwagg

      I’ve begun to suspect that the Breitbart/Alt-Right/White Supremacists orchestrated this overthrow of our democracy from the beginning. The Bannons and Ailes and others were too conveniently available at just the right moment in the campaign. They slid right in with out missing a heartbeat and the racism that was always in his campaign just got turned up to the next level. it all happened so smoothly because it was all planned out in advance. Trump’s transition is a complete mess because no one bothered to do any advanced planning or even basic research.

  • david fairfield

    My friend Joanie Sommers sang many of the Pepsi jingles in the 60’s and 70’s. I’ll let her know how much support the product will get now that Tony has endorsed it…..

  • CatCope

    My husband is a Pepsiholic. NOW, we have another excellent reason to stock up & ENJOY!!

  • BudClark

    Tony, look up the word “morals” … she has them; you don’t.

  • Things FRC & NOM want me to boycott = Additions to this week’s shopping list

  • JCF

    Oh good, I just bought a 20 pack (Diet Pepsi, plus Diet Lipton: love their green tea-Mixed Berry combo!)

  • glass

    Time to buy PepsiCo products because christians won’t!
    This stuff is like crack, I love it!

  • Grumpy Old Man

    Buy PEP! This boycott should be good for the bottom (line).

  • gothambear

    Submit or We Shall Vanquish You – sounds like Christian sentiment to me…

  • Mark