MEXICO: Congressional Committee Votes To Reject President’s Plan To Expand Marriage Rights Nationwide

Fox News reports:

Mexico’s congressional committee rejected a measure on Wednesday that would’ve legalized same-sex marriage throughout the country. The measure on enshrining same-sex couples’ right to wed in the constitution was defeated 19-8, with one abstention, in the Commission on Constitutional Matters. President Enrique Pena Nieto proposed the measure back in May, sparking demonstrations from both supporters and opponents.

Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled last year that it was unconstitutional for states to bar same-sex marriage. The decision did not have the effect of overturning or rewriting any laws. Individual couples in Mexico still have to sue for the right to get married. Some jurisdictions in Mexico have legalized same-sex marriage.

Commission chairman Edgar Castillo Martinez said the vote means the matter is “totally and definitively concluded,” according to a summary published online by the Chamber of Deputies. Pena Nieto’s party suffered setbacks during the midterm elections in June, and largely sat on the issue afterward. The measure would have codified the principles of the Supreme Court ruling in the constitution and extended the right to all of Mexico.

Same-sex marriage in currently legal in ten of Mexico’s 31 states and in Mexico City. Marriages conducted where they are legal are recognized nationwide. Last month Mexico’s newly formed anti-LGBT hate group delivered hundreds of thousands of petitions calling for a constitutional ban.

  • TexasBoy

    A missed opportunity for Mexico. Especially if things get much worse here. You need to live in Mexico 5 years, learn the language, and National history. Then you can apply for citizenship. Imagine what in influx of talented and skilled labor could do for them. Along with the US dollars it would bring.

    • gaymex1

      Hubby and I are considering applying. On this topic, I ran into three friends yesterday in Costco. All were U.S. citizens who are now considering applying for Mexican citizenship. As with folks who live in the U.S., Trump traumatized a lot of expats yesterday. A Mexican couple from a small nearby village dropped by this morning on their motor scooter. The wife handed me a flower and gave me a big hug and said the village knew that I would be very sad with the election results. She also told me that we will always be safe with them.
      I’m still crying.

      • TexasBoy

        You must live very close to the border that the couple could get to your house by scooter.

        • gaymex1

          I live in the Yucatan. They were from a village even smaller than the one I live in. Husband, wife and two kids–all with helmets–on the same scooter.

          • TexasBoy

            Oh, so you are already living there. How do utility costs, insurance costs, property and general living expenses compare to the US. I would imagine it is quite a bit cheaper…but I could be wrong.

          • gaymex1

            It’s so different from the States. CFE is your electricity provider. It can get expensive if you don’t conserve, however, the government often pays half of the bill if you are frugal. It’s complicated and different areas have diferent maximums allowed (depending on heat index) before the government labels you as a high user. Without using air conditioning–which I don’t like–my bill is about 75USD every two months. My water bill is about 20 USD per year. I don’t have a water meter so I usually pay it in advance in January. I also have a pool with the pump running during daylight hours. Insurance is reasonable. Property taxes are loooooowwww. My place is between 4500 and 5000 sq.ft. and my property taxes for it (along with some nearby lots I own) total less than 30 USD/year. Obviously that varies from location to location.
            We eat most of our meals at home and shop in the local market for products from local vendors. Once a month we go to nearby Merida for large supermarket purchases. All in all, very reasonable. As I’m typing, hubby is dealing with a fish vendor who just stopped in front of the house with freshly caught fish and shrimp. The citrus vendor was here earlier this morning…USD for 50 oranges $1.50. We use about 100 a week for juice. Lots of things come to your door. If we don’t drive or walk the 1/2 mile to the center of town for shopping, we pay about 25 cents for a moto taxi (motorcycle with space in back compartment for two or three people.) Gas for a car is a little more expensive, but bottled gas for cooking is quite reasonable and the truck goes by daily. If you buy a house you don’t have a house payment and many, many expats live well on just social security. Health care can be reasonable or expensive, depending on what you want. If you are over 60 you buy a senior’s card (can’t remember the price, but not much at all.) Good for all sorts of discounts, expecially transportation. I used mine last week for museum entrance…entrance fee was approximately 75cents. And on and on. I love it here. The people are simply wonderful. There are very few folks who behave in a spoiled, entitled manner, but you can easily avoid them. If you hang out with a bunch of the spoiled gringos who came to drink their lives away you would not be seeing Mexico and you would probably hate it in short order.
            My advice to anyone considering relocating is—-visit different areas and stay for a few months before you buy property. Take your time.

          • TexasBoy

            Great. I’ll be 60 in a couple years. My primary income is 4 duplexes and a 2/1 rental house, which are managed by a real estate company, so I could still maintain that income. I rarely drink, but I’m not an absolute teetotaler. Thank you so much for the info. Sure beats my property taxes, my largest duplex, about 2400 sq ft total is over $4000.

          • gaymex1

            If you have a general idea of where you want to locate, check out google for expat blogs in the area. They offer lots more information than I can offer off the top of my head. Mexico has many beautiful places. Belize is also beautiful and English speaking if that’s an issue for you. I have property there, but I feel more at home in Mexico. It’s a big world, but I always wanted to be where I could drive back to the U.S. if necessary. Good luck. Don’t wait too long to retire. Life is wonderful and you want to be able to fully enjoy your last years on the planet. IMHO it’s far better to make do on less and have a longer retirement. Besides, material things become less and less important. It really is the small everyday things that become important and significant…a smile, a kindness, helping someone who is struggling, etc.

          • Danieruw

            Isn’t Belize very anti-gay?

          • gaymex1

            Yes, the evangelicals have poisoned this beautiful place. It’s why I decided to leave–that and the fact that two good friends were shot in their home with the wife having to watch her husband killed before she too was fatally shot. There are spots which are relatively safe, but generally it is not a safe place–but where is? For sure, Belize City at night is not a place to wander around in and it’s only a bit better in broad daylight. The Belizean people as a whole are generous and friendly, but there is definitely a very hostile element lurking.
            That’s why I always recommend that people visit a place and live there for several months before making a permanent decision.

  • Blake Jordan

    Now with the USA taking the wrong turn, it is also going to set back several other countries…

  • shellback

    I guess I won’t be moving to Mexico. Time to come up with a Plan B. Any suggestions?

    • safari

      Wait until after the coming world war

    • Raising_Rlyeh


      • safari

        Maybe Musk has a secret island civilization he’d let us immigrate to for those of us who don’t want to leave the atmosphere.

      • shellback

        I want to get away from monsters. Mars is rife with them. Haven’t you seen any 1950s sci-fi movies?

        • Todd20036

          How about Titan?

    • M Jackson

      Ecuador is a serious destination for American emigrees. I have a friend who retired to Quinto from Los Angeles, she loves it and can’t wait for us to visit.

      • gaymex1

        Ecuador is truly fantastic as are many, many places south of the U.S. border.

  • Enrico Webers

    Sure. It’s not like this week wasn’t crappy enough already.

  • Marc

    Oh, shove it, Brown. You, your half-dozens of followers and your pathetic fundraising efforts had nothing to do with this.

    • joeyj1220

      I want to tell Brown to go shove a fucking burrito in his fat fucking mouth

  • Oikos
    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      Will take all we can get.

    • Paul

      McCain Jr. is gone. The neocon cabal is disappearing. Hallelujah!

  • Bluto

    So in other words the Constitution only applies for the right people. Fuck you Mexico.

    • TexasBoy

      Until recently, and if Trump gets his way, the same could be said of the USA.

  • sherman

    And the bad news keeps coming.

    My stomach is still in knots. I avoid any news shows.

    Winter is coming.

    Really, we got frost here this morning.

    • sherman

      Well, I do check my twitter feed occasionally. Some good news – the stock market didn’t tank as I assumed it had. Haven’t lost a bunch of money yet, so there’s that.

  • KnownDonorDad

    And it can’t just be enacted with federal legislation instead of a constitutional amendment? I’m not familiar with Mexican government, so maybe someone here can enlighten me. What a silly hodgepodge of laws and extra hoops to jump through. At least marriages are recognized nationwide.

  • worstcultever

    Catholics gonna Catholic. Oh, and thanks, groovy pope!

    • Todd20036

      At least no one in this forum fell for that crap with the pope.
      A fucking fascist in a white robe and a silly hat is still a fucking fascist.

  • RobynWatts

    Just think…they’ve couldn’t have done it without the thoughts and prayers of that glorious Christian hack Brian Brownshit.

  • joeyj1220

    Before this becomes an anti-Mexican flood… please consider that there IS good news in all this… 1). Mexico has a history of being very anti-clerical and anti-church establishment. This latest surge in anti-gay religion nonsense won’t last 2). Nieto is a very unpopular president and this result could simply be a backlash against him personally. 3).The majority of the Mexican people are actually quite progressive and are cultural Catholics… in other words, like many other modern Latin American places, the churches are very pretty and visited by tourists, but there’s not a strong church-going presence… 4). Fuck Brian Brown anyway

    • worstcultever

      thanks – comments like this are helpful and make me feel better

    • TexasBoy

      During my short vacations to Mexico, I have also found them to be a caring and loving people.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    Peña Nieto personally deserves some blame for being an idiot and giving Trump a platform to pretend to be a serious candidate. I wonder how much of this vote was a referendum on him and his abysmal approval ratings.

    As for Mexico as a whole, this would be a slow-down, but not an actual setback. Even if the nationwide expansion plan has been rejected, it doesn’t change the fact that marriage equality is the law in some Mexican states, and it doesn’t change the Mexican Supreme Court ruling that a marriage that is legal in one state must be recognized in other states. So, status quo. Not moving forward, but not really moving backward either.