New York Daily News Pleads With America In Final Message: Bar The White House Door To The Grifter

From the editorial board of the New York Daily News:

Fearing for the fate of the republic as never before in an election, the Daily News Editorial Board fervently hopes that reason conquers passion among those who, in their loathing of Clinton, are prepared to hand the nation to the most outrageously successful con man in presidential history.

Trump is a master salesman and nothing more.Flaws and all, Clinton is the real deal with real ideas for leading the nation at home and abroad to a brighter future. Her campaign is the logical culmination of a life’s work.

Meanwhile, Trump has spun the fantasies that he is both a man of wonder and the giver of all wonderful things.

Please, America, think of all the Presidents from Washington through Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Roosevelt, Truman, Reagan, Bush, Bush and Obama. They led based on what they believed, not solely on who they were. Not a single one ran a con, let alone the destructive con of a demagogue.

Please, America, bar the White House door to the grifter.

  • Do Something Nice

    This: “Please, America, think of all the Presidents from Washington through
    Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Roosevelt, Truman, Reagan, Bush, Bush and
    Obama. They led based on what they believed, not solely on who they

    • bambinoitaliano

      Unfortunately, many of Trump voters are ignorant to the existence of previous presidents. If they know their history and other factual data, Trump would not be that close to the White House.

      • Gerry Fisher

        His supporters are a hodgepodge of people with different agendas. That being said, one common sentiment seems to be that someone who “let’s it fly [verbally]” and who “isn’t like typical politicians” is desirable. Maybe a dash of “he’s a successful businessman, and he’ll use business skills to fix things” and a huge dollop of stubbornness thrown into the mix, as well.

        One of the reasons why it’s almost impossible to debate these people is because these stated reasons are not why they’re voting for him. They’re voting for him because of terror and fury, and Donald is the best way they can think of to flip a big middle finger at “the system.” Any attempt to debate them logically means that they can’t throw their fit, and they’re hellbent on having a tantrum.

        To put it mildly, “lack of emotional intelligence.” As Michael Moore said in his recent film and stage presentation: you’re using your vote as an anger management technique…it’ll make you feel better for a few days, but you’re not going to like how it feels a few months later.

      • Traxley Launderette

        George Washington cut down an apple tree. Madison’s wife made cupcakes. Lincoln killed vampires. Teddy Roosevelt rode a bear. Obama’s a gay muslim terrorist.


  • Butch

    Well, for what it’s worth, we were voter numbers 5 and 6 at our polling place this morning. And of course voter number 4 was the contractor who started our living room 17 months ago and never finished. It wasn’t an awkward encounter at all.

    • ericxdc


    • CanuckDon

      What’s with all of these contractors and home renovators that never complete their work?! I just can’t believe how many stories I’ve heard over the past couple of years from people who have suffered the same fate as you. One guy that I recently met has boxes of tiles sitting in his kitchen for two years waiting for his contractor to finish the backsplash. He just laughs about it because he knows how busy the guy is.

      • Butch

        I found out later (actually from the guy, also a contractor, who had recommended him) that this contractor has a reputation for not following through. It’s happened to me before; now I try to do most things myself. Actually on Sunday repaired a wood stove myself; I kinda surprised myself but it got done.

      • TuuxKabin

        Waiting for back splash to be installed as well, but only the last four or five months. Maybe the easiest part of the re-do in the kitchen and it can’t be done. And it’s the littlest thing, but man am I pissed off at the non-response requesting it to be completed.

    • Was there a battery involved?

    • Cboulder

      I’ve been laboring under the assumption that every half-assed contractor is an active Trump supporter

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    My problem is that the GOPers are currently in denial about their party and are basically going “My party is OK, it’s TRUMP that’s the problem.” And that’s not true.

    Messages like this should go WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY past Trump and say, “The Southern Strategy needs to stop. Voter Suppression needs to stop. Pandering to racists and bigots by making other people feel like shit and taking their rights needs to stop. Stop trying to make women little more than milk cows. Not everybody believes in Christ. And to the base, stop sacrificing others to make yourselves better. One day, you’re going to be outnumbered and you should really concentrate on building karma points instead of making yourself vulnerable to the well-earned grudges you are creating instead.”

    • Bruno

      That’s why, assuming he loses, tRump may ultimately become the new GOP. The only way the establishment can win is by threatening to remove themselves from the equation. They don’t have the guts it seems, and will go quietly into that good night while extremism flourishes.

      • Amandaenewsome

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    • Traxley Launderette

      You’re way over their heads with your logic and reason. ; )

    • Absolutely agreed. And other people keep saying “maybe this will finally split the Republican Party and the sane conservatives will have their own party away from the crazies.” To which my response is, “who on earth will they elect? All but maybe ten GOP politicians in higher office now are too cowardly to oppose Trump or fully support him.”

  • Blake Jordan

    Pres. H. Clinton needs to continually bring up how the GOP is the actual problem, drumpf was just too incompetent to try hide it like the rest do, for the next two years…

    Let 2018 be the midterm that democrat politicians wake enough “liberals” up, so they vote more rethuglicans out, instead of letting more in!

    • sherman

      Democrats need to do a MUCH better job at branding the Republicons. They should have been banging them on 2 years of total control on Congress and no action on infrastructure, no health care plan, no action on immigration reform, etc. Tell people that if they really want to “drain the swamp”, they can start with their local congressman or senator.

  • bkmn

    Trump is the GOP, the GOP is Trump, the religious right are Trump, Trump is the religious right, Trump is the KKK, the KKK is Trump.

    I now pronounce you man and hate.

    • Todd20036

      It wasn’t always that way, but it is now.

      • Steverino

        A common meme among Republicans is that they were the abolitionist party back in the day. My response is always simple: “yeah, so what happened?”

        • (((GC)))

          In fact, with tRump’s thinly veiled calls (plural!) to assassinate a President Hillary Clinton or her nominated judges or justices, the party of Lincoln has become the party of John Wilkes Booth.

  • Gustav2

    For those who need to schedule their evening

    Election night 2012:
    9:04 PM Obama wins Michigan (ABC, CBS, FOX)
    9:17 PM Obama wins PA (FOX, CBS)
    9:30 PM Obama wins WI (FOX, CBS)
    9:53 PM Obama wins NH (CBS, NBC)
    10:32 PM Obama wins all EV in Maine (AP)
    10:38 PM Romney wins AZ (AP)
    10:56 PM Romney wins NC (AP)
    11:00 PM Obama wins MN (AP)
    11:02 PM Denver Post calls CO for Obama (Andrew Sullivan blog)
    11:14 PM Obama wins IA (NBC, CNN); with CO it doesn’t matter what happens to OH, VA, FL
    11:17 PM Obama wins OH (AP)
    NBC, CBS, CNN and Fox said Mr. Obama won re-election shortly after 11:15 p.m.
    Megyn Kelly to Karl Rove “Is this just math you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better or is this real?”
    11:39 PM AP calls election

    • Bruno

      It’s going to be so nerve-wracking until Clinton has a few battleground states in tow.

    • safari

      11:50 PM: During his concession speech an non-human squeal is heard as Trump’s hair slowly blurs with a bluish-green light emanating seemingly from nowhere and fades to nowhere. The now bald Donald, looking out at the audience with an eerie, broad smile, simply fades away… his mouth being the last to blink out of our reality.

    • sherman

      4:00 PM Margarita
      4:20 PM Taco
      4:30 PM Margarita
      4:50 PM Margarita
      5:00 PM Nachos
      5:10 PM Margarita
      5:30 PM Margrita
      5:50 PM Margrita
      6:10 PM Mager
      6:30 PM Maaaaa
      6:50 PM MMMMMMMM
      7:00 PM Alcohol induced coma
      7:00 AM Wake to hopefully good news

  • greenmanTN


  • Blake Mason
    • Herald

      Thank you very much!!!
      Did you call it in?

    • ColdCountry

      I hope that got reported!

  • Hank
  • LibreV

    That bible-believing god-fearing Republicans will vote for the most profane American imaginable says all you need to know about the GOP.

    • (((GC)))

      GOP = Grabbers Of Pussy

  • sherman
  • TK
    • safari

      For all our lives, Don

    • Lumpy Gaga

      Hey! What about your children??

    • Steverino

      Yep. It’s all about him. Textbook NPD.

  • ByronK
    • (((GC)))


  • Lakeview Bob

    Love the poisoned KoolAid reference.

  • KCMC
    • Acronym Jim

      Of course, Lady Stark WOULD say that.

      (I know, I know…not the same person, but the resemblance is remarkable).

  • EweTaw

    One comforting thing: I nptice that NYC has armed police in riot gear at the entrance of the polling places to supposedly thwart any terrorist attacks. :-

  • karmanot
  • andrew

    Fareed Sakaria said it best: “Donald Trump is a cancer on American democracy.”