NRA To Gun Control Activists: Vote On Wednesday

CNN reports:

The National Rifle Association thinks gun rights supporters and gun control advocates should vote on different days. The NRA posted a photo on its Instagram page showing two election dates. The picture shows the side of a building with a sign that says, “Remember your assigned voting days! Second Amendment supporters: Nov. 8. Gun control activists: Nov. 9.”

The sign is a take on a popular election meme. Election Day for all voters is Nov. 8. The NRA has actively supported Donald Trump this election, buying ads and spending more than it ever has on an election. Ironically, earlier in the campaign Trump gave the wrong date of the election during a rally. He told supporters, “Go and register. Make sure you get out and vote Nov. 28.”

Vote like your freedoms depend on it. Vote freedom first! #NRA #DefendtheSecond #2A #guns

A photo posted by The official NRA Instagram (@nationalrifleassociation) on

  • Martin

    There only working gun is a metallic prop.

  • eric1743

    So if I’m reading this right it’s not an actual building they painted, just a tonedeaf picture on Instagram. Meh I guess.

  • Boy Elvis

    Sometimes it’s as if the entire NRA is a fundamentally dishonest organization!

  • JTC

    Typical right-wing humor: Lack creativity by using an original joke and then taking all the comedy out of it.

  • Slippy_World

    Brain wash for the entire season -The World’s HOTTEST Math Teacher ,Pietro Boselli seeing how many times he can take his shirt off and on in one minute

    • ShawnSwagger

      Math is fun-damental.

    • Lazycrockett

      He seems kinda anal.

      • ShawnSwagger

        I volunteer to fact-check that.

      • jmax

        My partner is a math major. Being anal comes with the territory, believe me:)

    • teeveedub

      The answer should be 1. Take the shirt off once, and leave it off.

    • TK

      Here is his Ted Talk about how difficult it is being hot and a teacher.

      Actually it’s a discussion about his teaching career. He’s so nervous throughout it I kept wishing someone would give him a glass of water for his cottonmouth.

      • Ray Taylor

        Well he is adorable. Love his accent.

        • Ray Taylor

          Halfway through his voice be comes very irritating.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      I lost count; need tutoring.

    • EweTaw

      Math is hard (and has rippled muscles). 😛

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      I want him to do that again, but with his pants next time

    • TerryInIowa

      How many times can he take his pants off in…. my bedroom? =D

  • Kevin Perez

    Poe’s Law, but with nefarious intent.

  • Guest

    So funny I almost forgot to laugh.

    • Thorn Spike

      As a pal of mine used to say: I laughed till I stopped.

  • Mike C

    Such a nasty message.

  • Blake Mason
    • What the fuck is subversive about supporting a party that wants you to disappear into the closet? You bleach blond fuck-nugget. . .

      • agcons

        Someone here coined the phrase “frosted twat” a while back. I wish I could remember who it was.

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      What conservative, especially an alt-right one, supports RuPaul? Milo is such an attention ho.

    • Adam King

      You have it inside-out, Milo (as usual, probably because you store your head in your colon.) The transgressive/subversive culture includes gay people because it includes the marginalized. Kind of the opposite of your perverted alt-right circle-jerk buddies.

      • pch1013

        Who would gladly send Milo to the ovens if given half a chance.

    • Acronym Jim

      I see Milo wants to Take America Back…to the days when gay people were forced to be subversive by lying to their families and forced to marry people for whom they had no romantic attachment in order to be accepted into society.

      He apparently also thinks the “T” in LGBT stands for transgressive.

    • Chuck in NYC

      Either Ru doesn’t know how to spell “accelerate” or she’s subversively promoting a Microsoft product.

      • agcons

        I’m quite happy to give her a pass for that. RWNJs, not so much.

        • Chuck in NYC

          Oh me, too. I just hadn’t seen anyone make a spell-check comment yet. 🙂

  • ShawnSwagger

    Well, it’s the final day of polls and Clinton is looking good in the national polls: Monmouth +6, Angus Reid +4, Fox News +4, Times Picayune +6, Cvoter +3, ABC/WaPo +4, CBS/NYT +4, SurveyMonkey +6, Selzer +3 and even Rasmussen has her at +2. The USC Dornsife/LA Times poll is the only outlier, as usual.

  • bkmn

    The NRA thinks liberals are as dumb as the GOP base. Funny.

  • m_lp_ql_m

    Whoever created this image tried to skew the words to fit the angle of the building, but they skewed them too much.

  • Blake Jordan

    It is ironic, since the NRA supporters are the idiots that would fall for stupidity… unlike those who believe in gun control…

  • RainbowPhoenix

    This kind of thing really should be illegal if it isn’t already.

    • ShawnSwagger

      Trump himself did it at one of his campaign rallies when he told his supporters to vote for him on Nov. 28. (That’s the day the Low v Trump University case is scheduled to begin in court)

      • Lumpy Gaga

        How can he preznint and manage all his lawsuits at the same time? He’ll probably want to do all his communicating on one device…

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    Have Trump’s spawn registered to vote?

  • Gun Control Activists to the majority of America: If the NRA supports it, vote no.

  • Chucktech

    “He, He, He, way-el ain’t that funny! Awl ’em libtords ‘ll vote own the wrowng day!!11!”

  • Rex

    The NRA is nervous.
    They should be.

    • ShawnSwagger

      Tim Kaine in particular is one of their arch-enemies.

    • Todd20036

      Nervous NRA members make me very nervous,

  • Rex

    Isn’t November 8th the day Obama’s coming to get their guns. They’d better stay home.

    • NMNative

      That’s what some people are saying. The best people. People you can trust. So, yes, just stay home on November 8th and protect your guns.

  • PickyPecker
  • David in Palm Springs

    Ah, that’s cute how they think their members know how to read.

  • PickyPecker
  • Jean-Marc in Canada
    • PickyPecker
      • JustDucky
        • Lumpy Gaga

          Two adverse events at campaign stops – a hostile sign and a tap on the leg – and his reaction both times is that of a man with zero constitutional bravery. (At least he didn’t topple the podium this last time).

          Some people are calling him the ‘P’ word. That’s what I’ve read.

          Now don’t get me wrong… some of my best friends are Nervous Nellies…

        • LackofFaithify

          Soon my pet, you feed on Wednesday.

        • seant426

          Seen it before but I still can’t stop watching this. It’s so symbolic and prophetic.

  • TallBearNC

    Isn’t this shit illegal?

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Oh yeah, don’t fuck us on this, America!

    • Acronym Jim

      I particularly laughed at the snarky little touch at the 49 second mark.

  • Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed decibillionaire shitgibbon, who also kept repeating that he’s self-funding his campaign, can’t even be bothered to pick up the tab for pizza for his unpaid volunteers:

    • lymis

      I bet that further investigation will prove that he’s been saying all along that he’d fuck his own campaign, and everyone misheard.

      • Yeah… I love the pure distilled journalism David Fahrenthold’s been doing, calling up 450+ charities to ask if they ever received a personal donation from Donald — not his ‘foundation’ which hasn’t received a penny from him for many years now — and basically David’s come up dry.

        So far, the only donation of any significance from Donald was the $1m he was shamed into finally ponying up after being caught.

        What’s clear by now is Donald covets money. What he has, he wants to keep. If someone else has money, he wants to make it his. And if someone else is feeling charitable, Donald is desperate to slap his own name undeservedly on the donation.

        Frankly, after this sham of a campaign is over with, I would not be at all surprised to learn he’s siphoned off tens of millions of dollars into his own businesses and bank accounts.

        • Grumpy Old Man

          And the president of that charity is on his campaign staff – I’d look up his name but ‘too much work’.

      • bambinoitaliano

        The only reason for a con man to participate in anything if there is money to be made. Classic lesson dealing with con man is never greet, meet or entertain someone like Trump. Slam the door, hang up the phone, walk away or go the other direction.

    • Treant

      He probably is a decibillionaire, but I think you meant “self-proclaimed decabillionaire” above.

      • David Gervais

        Deci is one tenth, deca is ten. I think even 1/10th of a billion is overestimating his supposed wealth.

      • you’re correct

    • Todd20036

      They deserve it

      Your candidate won’t even pay for pizza money. But hey, he’ll make America great. Right?

  • lymis

    This is why they’re so afraid of dead people voting. They are responsible for their deaths, and expect them to be pissed.

  • Capritaur

    Trump’s Nov. 28th gaffe wasn’t so much out of ignorance as his tendency to use extraneous syllables to pad his limited, monosyllabic vocabulary. And while I don’t think NRA actually thought anyone would fall for it, as a meme it is neither clever nor funny. In fact, it looks eerily 1984-esque.

    • pch1013

      Meanwhile, the alt-reich are STILL guffawing over Obama’s alleged “57 states” slip from 2008.

    • IamM

      Nov 28th was also the date of his Trump university RICO/fraud trial. Easily confused.

  • boatboy_srq

    Did we really expect anything else?

    BTW is there a single US voter in favor of responsible firearms legislation that pays any attention to the NRA?

  • bob

    They really are a disturbed bunch! You see how trump acts at these rallies when he thinks someone will harm him? If anyone will take guns from citizens, it’s HIM!

  • walterhpdx

    I encourage everyone to go onto Instagram and report this, and hopefully they’ll remove it.

    • Friday

      My assumption is it’s Photoshop. Painting that would have taken work or something.

      • yeah it’s me

        Doesn’t matter if it’s real or photoshopped. It’s still, in the words of some religious leaders, “an abomination”. We should treat it as such.

      • Tiger Quinn

        Of course it’s Photoshop, but it still needs to be reported.

  • turtle73

    People who attempt to sabotage federal elections should have their firearms forcibly taken from them by federal officials.

    • Friday

      At least they should be slapped really hard if they ever say ‘Constitution’ again.

  • Traxley Launderette

    Prime example of conservative “humor.”

    Not at all funny, completely inappropriate, and probably violates the rules.

  • pch1013

    In California we have an opportunity to poke the gun cult in the eye with a sharp stick. It probably won’t pass muster in the courts, but I’m voting YES on 63 tomorrow.

  • Michael R
  • TampaDink

    Nope. I don’t read anything that suggests violence in the wake of a loss to Hillary. /sarcasm.

  • William

    Trump supporters vote November 31.

  • JT

    NRA: Yes, we are scum.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Gun lovers! The only way to protect your second amendment is to stay home on November 8 and guard your collections.

  • Acronym Jim

    How cute, the NRA thinks second amendment advocates and gun control advocates are mutually exclusive.

    Perhaps if they went back to focusing on gun safety rather than arms profits, they’d learn that many of their members support sensible gun regulations.

    • Friday

      Frankly, I like a certain amount of guns just fine, …Trump and his fans sure ain’t exactly convincing me more of them is a good idea.

  • fuzzybits
  • Robert Flanagan

    Couldn’t this be considered Election Tampering?

  • Friday

    “Defend Murican Freedumb by lying to and threatening voters to stop them voting, …for Freedumb and more guns than You Already Bought The Last Three Times.”

  • Javier Smith

    What a unique and fresh bit of humor! Next the NRA will be doing ads featuring old knock-knock jokes.

  • TimJ

    Haw haw. The spent a whole lot of their stupid member’s money to change precisely zero minds. Let me guess, the money was paid to an agency owned by one of LaPierre’s kids….

  • Jerry
  • saucetin

    Everyone else to Wayne LaPierre: put the gun’s muzzle in your mouth and suck like it’s your touchy uncle.