SNL Makes Final Dig At The Election [VIDEO]

The Huffington Post recaps:

“Saturday Night Live” poked fun at Donald Trump’s relationships with the FBI, Russian President Vladimir Putin and the KKK in its final pre-election show. Alec Baldwin as the GOP nominee and Kate McKinnon as Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton appeared on the spoof “OutFront” show.

But instead of asking Baldwin as Trump about his scandals, show anchor Erin Burnett (played by Cecily Strong) just kept questioning McKinnon as Clinton about her emails. It didn’t even matter whether Baldwin as Trump planted kisses on the lips of an FBI agent, a Klansman or a fake Putin.

“Erin, you saw that, right? He kissed an FBI guy?” McKinnon’s character asked Strong at one point. “It doesn’t seem like enough of a story, let’s get back to your emails,” Strong as Burnett replied.

Baldwin and McKinnon later broke character by saying they felt “gross” about the election, before running out into the streets of New York City to hug passersby. “None of this will have mattered if you don’t vote,” Baldwin, as himself, said after they returned to the studio.

“We can’t tell you who to vote for, but on Tuesday, we all get a chance to choose what kind of country we want to live in,” McKinnon added.

  • Bill Post

    Did the fake Vlad grab his pussy?

  • SockMikey

    My idea of a perfect skit would have been Trump in a *HUGE* bed holding a white sheet that covered it.

    One by one people’s head’s would start popping up from under the sheet and saying one-liners.

    Such as:

    Dozens of Women
    And finally the sheet would itself popup and have a KKK hat.

  • bkmn

    SNL can see how pathetic the media is, why can’t, or won’t the media look in the mirror?

    • Gustav2

      Just once I would like them to make a joke of the constant coverage of small town America when that is not were most Americans live.

      Edlit: Finally just now, ABC showed a suburban AA.

    • BearEyes

      manipulated click bait driving ad revenue

      • Rachelmsteverson2

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  • LackofFaithify

    I want some more coffee, get back here!

  • rusty57

    “It’s like giving up weed for a job interview and losing out to a crackhead.”

    I can’t wait for next Wednesday.

    • sam

      AS does many of us and the World……………..
      But IF TRUMP does win, I figure he’ll get Putin and Pres Zuma from South Africa within his Cabinet……………..Blues Skies Above my nerves and not sure if I m into Taco’s. Maybe something a bit lighter to snake on.

      • sam

        opp’s……………….early in the AM and doing the laundry
        I meant “snacks”.

        • rusty57

          Oh honey, snake away. I don’t mind at all.

  • Dot Beech

    Any reason to get the shirt off Beck Bennett is fine by me.

    The screen grab above of Trump and Putin can live on line for a long, long time. It immediately looks like them both, yet the faces are obscured. May it support conspiracy theories for the next 100 years.

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    AlecTrump should have given Erin Burnett a kiss too.

  • Canadian Observer

    Geo-blocked. You can, though, find it on youtube:

  • Dave Babler

    If you have twitter, tweet the picture of fake Donald kissing Fake Putin and tweet it to @realdonaldjtrump get your friends to tweet it at him, do not use retweets, get it to show up in his feed as much as possible. Open up fake accounts to do it, we know he’s a heavy twitter user, we know that Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him pisses him off, THIS WILL DRIVE HIM OVER THE EDGE AND HE WILL START TWEETING STUPID CRAP AGAIN.

    do it!


    • Between my own and other accounts I administrate, I have five Twitter accounts. Good idea! Great idea!

      New York Times reported today that Trump agreed to let his campaign (Kellyanne Conway?) lock him out of Twitter until after the election. This will be an interesting way to test if that’s true.

  • Ore Carmi

    That’s pretty amazing! Glad I watched this one.

  • That actually made me cry. This has been one roller coaster of an election season.

  • pebouky

    unfortunately this will in no way be over after tues. nov. 8……